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Sabbath, December 22, 2012 The powers in the earth have everyone looking at all these independent staged

d events and this disconnects us from the real issue that they are all sacrificing to their god Lucifer, the fallen one. The gentiles were sacrificing to Moloch and our people were not a part of this at one time the Most High warned Israel from this particular practice. Satanic is working on every level to distract us from whats going on in his world government. Shooting: its all theatre they have screenwriters writing that junk this is what is required child sacrifice. All staged, when the government brings out their legislation Look at the law thats going with the legislature Leviticus 20:1 1Corinthians 10:20 (The Most High doesnt want us to have fellowship with demons thats what guiding the powers that be. Babylon was founded on slave labor and it was built on the children of Jacob according to a curse to serve the gentiles for a time The illuminist powers came over to America and constructed a plan under Satan that would build a one world government to eradicate Israel and to set up Satans kingdom forever in the earth). All the corporations are generals under Satan and our people are being run over. How is this done? You set up a government with a president, which is a CEO, also a cabinet senators, etc. but they all work just like a pyramid President at the top, then his counsel, then Senate, then congress and they are spread out like tentacles throughout the entire united states as so called representatives, but they are really in collusion with the lucifarian doctrine which includes the destruction of the children of Israel. They setup armies NASA space stations in which they have set up to fight the Most High this is under the Army, which is under the Pentagon, which is the five-pointed star. They initiate generals who are part of the satanic bloodlines over all the top positions and they recruit the low for war. The low who are least on the totem pole never gets the memo of what the war is really about. But the top understands the true mission. Then they go into the communities and set up a system to separate parents from children by lying to us saying that we need a school in which we can teach the Bible. This made the parents trusts society that is the teachers to teach the children right, then they move the system into separation of the church and state now the parents are so busy, you cant have the bible in the school this puts your children into learning a satanic system. Then, they form organizations and then separated the people who started these organizations, moved them out and put pagans, witches and sorcerers and sodomite over every high position to control the people. All these people are under one belief. Then they switch the churches into 501C3s (corporations) that is an all-seeing eye with the Doctorate at the top, just like your President, and a board of Directors (could you imagine Christ having a board of Directors?). So the system works in which all of our people are absorbed into a society and now we are part of their sacrifice we are celebrating their days, we are operating like them they can do what they need to do to us. they had to set up an education system to program us to

accept our programming there are so many levels of this and the onlyway to wake from the truthis to walk away from it all. 2 Cor. 11:14 Titus 1:14 1 Tim. 6:20 Book of Jasher Ch. 18:11

Bro. Gabar Acts 15:7 Acts 15:12 Amos 9:12 Acts 15:17 Galatians 2:1 Gal. 2:3 Gal. 2:5 Gal 2:20 Romans 6:1 Romans 6:11 Acts 20:1 Acts 21:17 Acts 21:23 Acts 21:20 Acts 21:25 Acts 21:27 Rev 2:1 Rev 2:12 2Peters 3:1