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SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT: Windows 98 or higher version. E !e". #AR$WARE REQUIREMENT: %en&i'( )iii * +e"eron or higher version. Mini('( ,-M. RAM. +$ $rive. 80 !o"'(n $o&1(2&ri * in34e& or "2ser 5rin&er. INSTRU+TIONS TO USE TIME TA.6E SOFT WARE

This software is developed in Microsoft Excel because almost all teachers are very familiar with Microsoft Excel. This is developed to make the work easier for the incharges of the timetable. In this software the importance has been given to Class time table because ours is child centered education. It avoids clash in the time table. If you prepare the class timetable, the teachers time table will automatically be ready. o it avoids the mistake while posting the class time table to time table of the teachers concerned. This time table is prepared for five!section school of "rimary and secondary section separately. #ead the instructions and go through the power point presentations as well to prepare the timetable. Instructions$ %. There are five sheets in this timetable.xls file. They are TE&C'E#. ()*ECT C+& ,Tr,&++-T C+& .-# "#I/T TE&C'E# .-# "#I/T 0. TEA+#ER sheet will define Initials of teachers ince it is prepared commonly for all the schools, the teachers names were defined as "#I, 1#2. .irst, change the name of the teacher with their initials on seniority basis. a3 elect one row fully 4from & to .. column3 b3 Edit#eplace

c3 elect replace &ll to change particular row. d3 +ike wise change for all teacher with proper initials.

e3 Initials should not be identical. f3 5ou can delete unnecessary rows after changing the "#I,1#2. 6ith teachers initials. g3 $o no& de"e&e &he 7irs& row 8row No /9 2nd "2s& row 8row No.-29 because it contains a loop between first and last row. h3 5our last teacher7s initials must be replaced by T#89 i3 o first Teacher7s initial with T#% and last teachers initial with T#89. In between unnecessary rows can be deleted by using Editdelete option. :3 ;o not delete the formulas in the cell. k3 ;o not give identical names for teachers. <. SU.:E+T sheet will define the sub:ect names. (nnecessary rows can be deleted. The sub:ect name can be changed directly in the particular cell In case of any addition in the sub:ects, you can add it by inserting row. ;o not give identical names for sub:ects or sub:ects and teachers 4e.g Comp for sub:ect and Comp for Computer instructor in the teachers list3 8. +6ASS;Tr;A66OT sheet is the main sheet where the sub:ect and teachers will be allotted. There are two columns for one period. .irst column is for =Teacher7 and the second column is for =sub:ect7. If you click on the particular cell you will get ;rop down list to select the teacher from the given list. The teachers those who are free alone will be displayed in the drop down list. o it avoids clash. These details will be automatically posted in the Teachers time table. 5ou need not do any entry in the Teachers timetable 4 in row<>3. The fixed periods like CC& and M"T can be entered in the teachers timetable in sub:ect column. ;o not delete the first and last row of class timetable and similarly for Teachers time table. Columns 4;+ to E)3 will show the number of sub:ect periods allotted for one section. o it helps us to check the correctness of the allotment. If there is any change in name of sub:ect change must be implemented in 4;+ to E) rows3 4e.g ?C-(/TI.4@)<$@;*<,AC-M"A33 ;o not make any changes in Teachers time table in Class,Tr,&llot. B. +#E+<IN=$ heet is to check the everyday allotment. It will help us to verify the number of allotment sub:ect wise and teacher wise. It avoids allotment of more sub:ects to one sub:ect or to one teacher.

The number of free periods also can be tallied at the end of Class,tr,allot sheet. C. +6ASS FOR %RINT sheet is to take the print out of individual class time table. (nnecessary ection time table can be deleted by selecting the row. ;o not make any changes in Class print sheet. )ecause all fields were linked with others >. TEA+#ER FOR %RINT sheet is to take the print out of individual teacher7s time table. ;o not make any changes in Teachers print sheet, because all fields are linked with others