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11 in-depth news feature articles of CNS around ASICON 2013

With support from AIDS Society of India/ ASICON2013 and CNS, two CNS Correspondents Shobha Shukla and Bobby Ramakant - wrote 11 in-depth news feature articles around the 6th National Conference of AIDS Society of India (ASICON 2013). These articles got published in: Asian Tribune; The Island, Sri Lanka; Weekly Blitz, Bangladesh; Pakistan Christian
Post; Brunei Times, Brunei Darussalam; Modern Ghana News; World News Network (WNN); Elites TV, USA; Bihar and Jharkhand News Service (BJNS); Media For Freedom, Nepal; News Blaze, USA; The Mangalorean; among others. All content was also disseminated through Global Stop-TB eForum, SEA-AIDS, ITPC, and social media platforms such as Twitter (#ASICON2013) and Facebook pages/ groups.

"Co-infections and HIV beget each other": Dr Dilip Mathai CNS: Surgeons championing the cause of treating people living with HIV CNS: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and HIV co-infection pose a daunting challenge CNS: Partners-in-crime: HIV and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) CNS: How can you treat your illness unless you take your medicines? CNS: No excuse to not end HIV transmission to children CNS: Cardiovascular diseases threaten to reverse gains made in treating HIV CNS: Growing thrust for combination HIV prevention CNS: How has India done in its fight against AIDS? CNS: ASICON 2013 Calls for Mobilizing More Domestic Funding to End AIDS CNS: ART, preventing HIV spread to children and TB-HIV in-focus at ASICON-2013 CNS:

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