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Working with Platinum Light

Making good use of the special Light

held for us by the dolphins

by Bryan James

Over the past five years or so, many Lightworkers around the world have become
increasingly aware of the phenomenal healing qualities of the Platinum Ray. Believed to
be of a very high frequency, it has reportedly been used quite successfully to aid various
planets and galaxies throughout the Universe. Up until recently, the ray had been being
grounded on Earth through our friends, the dolphins.
This ray is useful for healing, clearing karma, and restoring all living things
(including Mother Earth). It is a very powerful ray, which I can personally attest to, and
should be applied frequently for humankind and planet Earth. In my experience, its
healing qualities almost seem to work magically.
I remember on one occasion when my wife was eagerly digging in her garden with a
shovel and her rototiller. She must have overdone it because she came into the house
limping and aching all over. Lisa had twisted her ankle, thrown her knee, back and
shoulders out of place, and hurt her wrists. She crawled into bed and laid there moaning
and groaning, and seeking relief.
I offered to do a healing on her and it must have been inspiration, because I decided
to forgo the usual treatment and just use the Platinum Ray on her. To my complete
surprise and amazement, she was immediately able to jump out of bed, and all her aches
and pains were gone! I had seen the Light do healing work that fast before, but I was
surprised because she was such a wreck when she crawled into bed a few minutes before.
Anchored by the dolphins
For the planet’s sake, the dolphins have held this Platinum energy for many years. As
extremely advanced beings on our planet, they have anchored this vibration on Earth in
anticipation for when Lightworkers would begin to take this Light to the rest of the
planet. That time has now come and the Earth is greatly in need of its healing properties.
As we begin to call on this Light, we will still look to the dolphins for support, as well
as the elementals, trees and nature spirits, because you will need their support as you
bring the Light to Mother Earth, and all other living creatures.
You should also seek help from other beings of Light, such as Light beings from
Arcturus, Nomos, Sirius, Orion and Orionus. And consider soliciting support from the
special Light beings from Telos and the Hollow Earth, as they are very interested in any
efforts that support Mother Earth and raise her vibration.
These Light beings constantly watch over us as well as keep an eye on what is
occurring on the planet. While they may not interfere with various conditions or
situations, they are available to intervene if called upon. And they are always ready to
send the Light energies where needed. So provide them instructions on where and why
you are sending Light, and they will support you.
Sample meditation with the Platinum Ray
1. Establish protection - Surround yourself in a bubble of golden protective Light.
Ask for your angelic bodyguards and angels of protection to surround the room.
Imagine closing the ‘psychic door’ behind your right ear to avoid allowing any
negative energies to undermine the process.

2. Call for assistance – Call in the angels of the Christ Light and crystal energies,
along with the archangels. Ask for your spiritual teachers and guides to join you,
along with the angels and teachers that support those that are receiving the Light.
Also request support from the dolphins, elementals, trees, and nature spirits that
roam the Earth. Ask the Lightworkers from Arcturus, Nomos, Sirius, Orion and
Orionus to join with you, along with the advanced beings from Telos and the
Hollow Earth.

3. Position the Etheric Crystal Pyramids – Ask the angels in charge of the crystal
energies to position special Etheric Crystal Pyramids as necessary to support
yourself and those who will receive the Platinum Ray. Then imagine that these
crystal triangular-shaped objects are in place as requested.

4. Raise your consciousness – Imagine that your consciousness is rising to your

Higher Self and say, “Heavenly Father, Holy Mother God, I raise my
consciousness up to your holy consciousness that we can be one.”

5. Ask for the Light – Now access the Platinum Ray and send it to your desired
target, asking it to perform what you feel needs to occur. Guide it through the
various energy points for you and those you placed in the circle of Light.

Say something like, “Heavenly Father, Holy Mother God, as we enter your circle
of Light, love and peace, I ask in the name of our Lord Christ, that the holy Light
beings in charge of the powerful Platinum Ray, along with this distinguished
group of Lightworkers assisting us, now send this special Light to the following
(name persons, places, things as necessary) for the purpose of (explain what needs
to be done with the Light), according to all of the Platinum Ray’s special

“And let it release very powerfully from these great Light beings, and flow down
to and through (the various energy center points for individuals, through a certain
area for places and things) the receivers of this holy Light, that they might
experience the healing and rejuvenating properties of this blessed ray. Let it
surround them fully and completely in a large bubble of Platinum Light.”

(For persons) “Let it enter into their mental center, passing gently through their
conscious and subconscious mind, in order that they might experience a complete
and total healing to their thinking processes and attitudes, and release and
freedom from past karmic patterns that may still exist in their subconscious.”
“Let the Light flow to their throat centers so that the words they speak are purified
and truthful, and of a high vibration.”

“And as it rushes into their heart center, let the Light touch into all portions of
their lives, especially their health, personal relationships, business activities and
finances, and every other aspect of their earthly activities.”

“Let it continue down into their emotional centers, that their emotional feelings
and reactions will be healed and freed up from the debilitating experiences they
have suffered in this life and every other past life in their long existence as a soul
being on this planet and others. Let this ray also protect and seal their emotional
body that it might be spared from damaging thought forms and feelings that could
put it out of balance.”

6. Visualize the process – As you send the Light, imagine it streaming from the holy
Light beings above and around you, to each person, place or thing you sent the
Light. See the Light passing through the various energy points for persons and
around and through for places and things, effectively providing the healing and
rejuvenation you requested.

7. Closing – Close with, “Heavenly Father, Holy Mother, we thank you for this
Light and what it provides us and we know that this is so, and so will it always

I recommend that we use this special Platinum Light often, and with faith and
sincerity for the planet and all life that exists here. Remember to call out to those who
are also available to support us and together we will raise the frequency of this planet,
taking her to a whole new level as God has so ordained.

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