Pell City Composite Squadron 118—Alabama Wing Civil Air Patrol
From Our Commander,

The only constant is change

Have you ever heard this statement made? I
certainly have. Many times.

There has always, and constantly will be change.
Change occurs everywhere. In our work, our school,
in our community, in our nation. This is unavoidable.
Anything or anyone that refuses to change is at risk of
following the path of the dinosaur. Change is scary.
We do not know what the future holds. We want to
keep things as they are. Where we are comfortable.
The old saying "Better the Devil that you know, than the Devil you don't know" is
used as an excuse to resist change. Unfortunately, this is not good, it is not
healthy. There will always be resistance to change. This is normal. Resistance is
usually caused by not knowing or understanding the need for a particular change.
Resistance usually ends up giving way to progress and improvement. There have
been significant changes in the way that the CAP operates over the years. There
will continue to be changes.

We have an opportunity to get a glimpse of what the future holds for the Alabama
Wing and for CAP in general at the upcoming Wing Conference. There will be
many sessions at the ALWG Conference. Sessions that will show us where we
are, where we need to go, and how we plan to get there. We need to get this
information so that we can work together to achieve our goals.

I want to encourage everyone to make every effort to attend the upcoming Wing
Conference. I also want to encourage everyone to take notes and come back and
share the information with our members. I would like to have articles from several
members about the Wing Conference in our upcoming Newsletters. This will allow
us to distribute the most information to the most members.

It is great to look back at what we have accomplished, but we must keep looking
ahead to avoid obstacles in our path.

Keep looking ahead!

Jim Gosnell, Commander

Vol. 4, No. 3 March 2013
Maj. Jim Gosnell

Deputy Commander for
Cadet Programs -
Capt. Cindy Bennett
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Lt. Elizabeth


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Leadership Leadership Leadership
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Birthday Birthday Birthday
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Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace
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March 2013
March 2013

Calendar . . . Page 2
Cadet Schedule and Uniform for March 2013:
March 7 — Leadership (Blues)
March — P.T. 18:00 at Lakeside Park
March 21—Character Development (BDU’s)
March 28—Aerospace (BDU’s)
March 22—24—WESS
WESS Training March 22-24
Safety . . . Page 3


Last year about this time, I informed you that contrary to common belief March was not the windiest
month of the year, and that April was instead. Well, I must have used the national average for this
determination since my recent inquiry into the NOAA files actually reveals somewhat different results.
It appears that, using only the four AL reporting points (Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and
Mobile) that March average winds actually do exceed April’s by a slight amount. My apologies for
manipulating facts to make my point at the time. Maybe, I should really be in politics! Anyway, it allows
me to again emphasize the upcoming winds as a factor in our flying activities and, not only for March,
but in April as well. Alright, we already knew that March was the best for flying kites, but how about
I have always believed that a pilot must be able to reasonably negotiate all normal conditions that may
confront them and, even though they may not be as expert at some situations as others, they must
persevere in their attempts to master all situations. March weather, and especially the strong and
gusty winds, will give us all a really good chance to master the art of crosswind landings and handling
gusts as well. Of course we cannot exceed the CAP regulation of a maximum of 15 knots of crosswind
component in our practice but you may want to brush up on how that is calculated for a given runway
and reported wind condition (if you haven’t done that since getting your private, you may want to dust
off that rotary slide rule or electronic equivalent).
We operate out of a single runway airport (PLR) and most of the other ones we use are somewhat of
the same bent so selecting another runway to take off or land on is really not an option. There will
probably be some crosswind component to deal with during a large percentage of our flying activities.
Where to find them if you are looking for them? You need not go far away. If the winds are right down
the runway at PLR, Anniston (ANB) with a 5-23 runway offers a variation and if that is not enough try
Sylacauga (SCD) with a 9-27 or Gadsden (GAD) with 6-24 and 18-36 runways. Again, I will remind
you to not exceed the 15 knot crosswind rule. If you aren’t feeling confident enough to challenge some
robust crosswinds on your own, by all means grab one of our excellent CFI’s and take them along.
The point is, don’t hobble your flying opportunities with a fear of crosswinds when they should be
entirely within the capabilities of your aircraft and your pilot’s rating.
So you don’t feel too bad about your crosswind and gust capabilities, but you want to know the best
techniques to handle them? Again, I defer to our CFI’s on this but here are some things I like to do
and they have been endorsed by a least some of our CFI’s.
On final, I prefer to use the crab method at a few hundred feet and then switch to the forward slip just
a few feet above the runway. The ultimate goal, of course, is to have the nose of the airplane pointing
directly down the runway at touchdown. If you don’t, you most surely will be in for a sharp turn on the
runway in one direction or the other. My justification for delaying the slip until the last moment is that
crosswinds are almost greater in strength at altitude and my strongest maneuver is the crab and my
weakest is the slip. Some will say that you should use the slip at a higher altitude and you will find out
if it is strong enough to counteract the crosswind or not and you can make a go-around at higher
altitude. Both methods have merits, and you should practice them enough to make your selected
method second nature and not something you should be deciding on short final in gusty conditions.
Speaking of gusts, you should allow a few knots (half of the runway direction gust factor) when you
are on final and realize that a squeaker landing in these kind of conditions is not something to pursue.
A good, firm, main wheel landing with the nose pointed down the runway is really perfection in most
of these conditions.

Stay Safe! Ron Harlan, 118 Safety Officer

Reminder: Read the newsletter and receive a Safety Briefing Credit.
Please email Ron Harlan at - reh1685@aol.com
Page 4

“Safety Beacon” - Official Safety Newsletter of the
Civil Air Patrol—March Issue

Click on the link below to see the latest copy of this newsletter:
Share the Joy
One of our responsibilities as Pilots is to share the joy we have of aviation with
others in a safe manner. In the CAP one of the opportunities we have to do that is
by giving Cadet Orientation Rides (O-Rides). These are aircraft flights that last
about one hour following a syllabus that has been approved. Each Cadet is
allowed five funded Powered Flights, and five funded Glider Flights. If you have
not had the pleasure of giving the “First Flight” to a Cadet you are truly missing a
great experience.
Major Jim Gosnell

Civil Air Patrol’s “Volunteer”
magazine for
is now available online!


If your household has more than
one CAP member and you
receive multiple copies of this
magazine, you may choose to
opt out to help save CAP money.

A digital version of the magazine is
available online –


“Did You Know?” . . . Page 5
Did You Know?
Did you know that there is a kidney stone season? No,
I’m not kidding you. About 30 years ago I began having a
terrible pain in my side. A friend of mine had recently
described his experience of having a kidney stone. My
pain sounded just like that. The pain began near the
kidney area and began moving around my side toward my stomach. Only it felt like it was
taking a shortcut through the middle of me.

I almost got into my car to drive myself to the hospital, when I suddenly realized that if
the pain got bad enough, I could pass out while driving. It was already hurting bad
enough that I was getting sick. So I got on the phone and called for someone to come
and get me. They came quickly and took me to the hospital emergency room. When I
walked in, all bent over, the nurse took one look at me and said, “you are either pregnant,
or you have a kidney stone.” They didn’t even make me wait. They took me straight back
to a gurney. Well after a few questions, they took an x-ray. Sure enough, I had a kidney

One the x-ray had confirmed my suspicions, the doctor came back in to tell me and to
start me on some “don’t care” medicine. I continued to hurt but, I didn’t seem to care
anymore. Then the doctor told me something that I had never heard before. He said that
it was “kidney stone season.” I asked him what he meant. He said that every year,
people start getting active in the early Spring and they start losing more fluids. It is
gradual and they don’t realize it so, they don’t replenish those fluids. Before they know it,
they have gotten dehydrated and if they have formed a kidney stone, it starts looking for a
place to go. He said that is what he calls “kidney stone season.”

Now I don’t know true that is or even if it will stand up medically. I do know that it
makes sense to me. However, I don’t want for you to think that you are okay the rest of
the year. The fact is, you can have a kidney stone any time of the year. Man or woman.
Many times they are caused by someone’s diet. The best way to find out what caused
your kidney stone is to strain your urine and to catch the stone and have it analyzed.
Hopefully, you will be able to pass it naturally and will not have to have surgery. By the
way, my kidney stone was smaller than an apple seed and looked like a porcupine. But it
felt like it was as big as a porcupine. The best thing you can do if you think you are
having a kidney stone attack is to go to the emergency room and get it checked out. They
can confirm that it isn’t some other problem and give you something for the pain. They
can also tell you how to avoid them in the future. And now you know.

Eddie Shurbutt, Capt.
Pell City Squadron

Wing Training . . . Page 6
WESS 2012-2013


Achievement 1
Achievement 1
Achievement 1
Achievement 1
Achievement 1
Level 1
(seniors mem-
Level 1
(seniors mem-
Level 1
(seniors mem-
Level 1
(seniors members)
Level 1
(seniors mem-

General ES

General ES

General ES

General ES

General ES
WESS Medical
WESS Medical
WESS Medical
WESS Medical
WESS Medical






Safety Curren-

Safety Currency

Safety Curren-

Safety Currency

Safety Currency




18 Years Old
18 Year Old 15 Years Old
This is the last month for this cycle of WESS. Graduation ceremonies
will be held Sunday. If you are graduating, please invite your friends
and family to the ceremony. Directions to Vigilant Warrior are on the
WESS site. The date of the ceremony will be posted this week.
WESS 2012-2013 Schedule
22-24 March—WESS 13-05
All gear required by WESS

WARM clothing (thermal,
warm socks, gloves, stocking
cap) It will most likely be

Healthy Food and water!

CAP ID and 101 Card. If
you have not turned in your
medical form, you must do

A cup and utensils if you
need them. Hot water will be
available for making
chocolate, coffee, or soups.
You must furnish your own
0on' t ºor¿ct to follow H£55 on ºaccbook||
Alabama Hin¿ £mcr¿cncy 5crviccs 5chool

N.E.S.A. . . . Page 7

This message is being sent to all CAP cadet and adult members that will be at least 13 years of age by the
21st of July. We know some of you have only joined CAP in the last few months, and probably thought you
would not be able to attend any national events this summer. Or maybe you’re a long time member looking
to get additional training. Applications are now being accepted for the 2013 National Emergency Services
Academy (NESA) held at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana. Applications will be accepted through the
2nd of June for courses being held during our two session weeks from the 20th of July through the 3rd of
August 2013. There are courses for all members interested in emergency services, and this is a great op-
portunity for both new and old members to come train with hundreds of other personnel from across the
country that have already signed up to attend. Slots fill up fast though.

Apply online at: https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.eServices.Web/default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%

Slots will be filled on a first come first served basis through the 2nd of June or until slots are filled. We en-
courage you to apply soon to get into the course or courses you desire. Some courses only have a limited
number of slots and some traditionally fill up fast. NOTE: Registration is hosted in e-services, and you will
need to login in order to register.

Please note that participants can register to take multiple courses back to back, but not at the same time.

Additional information about NESA and the courses available this year can be found at: http://
nesa.cap.gov/. In addition to our normal complement of courses for ground teams, aircrews, and the inci-
dent staff we have several short courses this year to allow personnel to participate if they have limited vaca-
tion time or need training in varied areas.

There are also a limited number of staff positions available for the 2013 NESA as well. Generally, staff
members are prior NESA graduates, but some exceptions may be made by the NESA Director to ensure
the best qualified personnel are used to provide this training.

The current early bird registration fee to attend NESA available through the 17th of February is $90 for the
short courses, and $180 for a full course. In order to receive this discounted rate members must register
and pay their registration fee by the 17th of February. The registration fee includes, meals, lodging on site,
printed training materials and aircraft and ground vehicle sortie costs for training on site. Participants are
responsible for their own transportation to and from NESA, though many personnel are able to travel in cor-
porate vehicles and aircraft as they are needed on site for training.

If you have any additional questions please direct them to the NESA staff at NESA-ADMIN@nesa.cap.gov
or call 1-888-211-1812 extension 323.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 NESA!


AL/MS Summer Encampment . . . Page 8

AL/MS Wing Summer Encampment Announcement
June 22-30, 2013
Ft. McClellan, Alabama

I am excited to open the official staff slotting of the 2013 ALMS Summer
encampment held at Ft McClellan, Alabama June 22-30th.

The attached letter outlines the application process and deadline. Please do not
wait till the last minute, as this reflects on your initiative, motivation and desire
for the job. There have been many request to know how much this encampment
will cost. That information will be available, as soon as I have confirmation from
facilities management. You should get a reply to confirm that I have received
your application within 24hrs, if I have not, please call or txt.

The website is not up at this time. If you require information that is not covered in
this attachment, feel free to contact me.

Sam Ogilvie Major
Encampment Commander

(See attached letter on next 2 pages)

AL/MS Summer Encampment . . . Page 9


SUBJECT: Request for Staff Applications for the 2013 AL/MS Summer Encampment

I. Purpose: The Alabama Wing Civil Air Patrol invites you to submit a staff application for the positions of the 2013
AL/MS Summer Encampment. A successful application and selection will result in a position on the cadet staff. This
application process will remain open until February 28, 2013 at 11:59pm. This Request for Applications is for all the
positions of Cadet Staff, except those of the Encampment Commander, Encampment Deputy Commander,
Commandant of Cadets, Chief of Staff, Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, and Cadet Executive Officer.

II. Qualifications (Cadets Only): In order to be considered, a prospective cadet must meet
the following minimum qualifications:
1. Cadets must be at least a C/SSgt.
2. Cadets must have successfully graduated from a previous encampment (not necessarily a past AL/MS encamp-
3. Cadets must have completed the Cadet Protection Course if they are over the age of 18.

III. Complete Application: In order to be considered, cadets must submit an application consisting of the following
1. Cover Letter – Please briefly address interest in desired positions and qualifications.
2. Resume – Please address not only CAP qualifications or achievements, but applicable non-CAP qualifications,
achievements, or education. Cadets, include current accurate PFT score, medical category and date of last promotion.
(Be prepared to back it up at staff training)

IV. Responses: Completed application packages should be emailed to Major Sam Ogilvie at sas-

V. Open Cadet Positions: These are the cadet positions open by this solicitation and the number of positions availa-
ble per position. The format will be: Open position (Number of
Positions) Minimum Grade Preferred
1. Line Staff
a) Squadron Commander (2) C/Capt
b) First Sergeant (2) C/MSgt

AL/MS Summer Encampment . . . Page 10

a) Flight Commander (4) C/2d Lt
b) Flight Sergeant (4) C/SSgt
2. Support Staff
a) Standardization and Evaluation (5) C/2d Lt
b) Public Affairs (4) C/SSgt
c) Administration (4) C/SSgt
d) Transportation (2) C/SSgt
e) Logistics (6) C/SSgt
f) Communications (2) C/SSgt
g) Safety (1) C/SSgt
h) Medical (1) C/SSgt

VI. Open Senior Positions: These are the senior positions open by this solicitation and the number of positions available
per position. There are no minimum grade requirements for Senior Staff. The only requirements are the completion of the
Cadet Protection Policy and to have completed Level I of the Senior Development Program. The format will be:
Open position (Number of Positions)
a) Chief Tactical Officer (1)
b) Tactical Officer (4)
c) Public Affairs Officer (1)
d) Administration Officer (1)
e) Transportation Officer (1)
f) Logistics Officer (1)
g) Communications Officer (1)
h) Finance Officer (1)
i) Safety Officer (1)
j) Chaplain (1)
VII. Staff Training Weekend: Applicants selected as staff will be expected to attend a Staff Training Weekend to be
held at a later date.

VIII. Suspense: Responses must be received no later than the closing of the solicitation on February 28
at 11:59pm.
Late applications will not be considered unless a need arises by the Encampment to fill positions or add positions as
Character Development and PAO’s CORNER . . . Page 11



David Taylor to Capt
Beth Shurbutt to 1st LT
Thomas Searcy to 1st LT
Rebecca Gosnell to 1st LT
Donald Brown to 2nd LT
Charles Carlisle to 2nd LT

Capt Jeannie S Scott LOENING LV3
Capt Jeannie S Scott LOENING AWARD LV3
Capt Jeannie S Scott LOENING AWARD LV3

Capt Brenda Iddins DAVIS AWARD LV2


Lydia Searcy C/SMSgt 24 Jan 2013
Noah Thomas C/A1C 11 Feb 2013
Character Development and PAO’s CORNER . . . Page 12

Civil Air Patrol

Cadet Services

Alabama Wing of Civil Air Patrol

Pell City Civil Air Patrol

Wing Emergency Services School (WESS)

Photo Files on Flickr

On Facebook: Civil Air Patrol, AL Wing—Civil Air Patrol, Pell City
Composite Squadron, SER-AL-118, Civil Air Patrol

A Yahoo Email group has been set up to
make communication between members
easier. Invitations were sent to all the cadet

If you are not receiving updates and
reminders from the Yahoo Group, you most
likely are not a member of it yet.

Please contact Beth Shurbutt at:

LTooney@cableone.net and request that she
add you to the group.

You can also go to the Yahoo Group site and


This why I love to volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol:

Civil Air Patrol inspires youth to be responsible citizens who embody the organization’s core values of
respect, integrity, volunteer service and excellence. In school- or community-based squadrons, cadets
ages 12-20 benefit from a complete curriculum that teaches leadership, physical fitness, character
development and aerospace education. Cadets serve their communities by helping with CAP’s
humanitarian efforts.

CAP helped save 32 lives across the nation using such high-tech tools as in-flight video equipment as
well as radar and cell phone forensics software developed by CAP members.

CAP’s unpaid professionals representing 20 wings from the Great Lakes, Middle East and Northeast
regions helped make sure the hungry were fed and the cold sheltered, as other CAP members and
cadets did earlier in the year when Hurricane Isaac struck the Gulf Coast.

CAP aircrews in the skies along with image evaluation teams on the ground, cadets whose own lives
were shattered by Sandy, captured and processed more than 158,000 photos of the hurricane’s
destruction — one of the largest missions in CAP’s history. The images helped provide FEMA as well as
state and local responders with an accurate picture of the damage and where help was needed.

Volunteer hours totaling $155 million in value -- better than a 5-to-1 return on $27.8 million in federal
operations and maintenance funding and $1.9 million in state funding -- in serving their communities &
nation. Too bad the US Government can’t work this good.

Just think if we all did little volunteer work in our community now great a country we would be. Join the
Civil Air Patrol. (Used by permission from Senior Member Laurence Rose, 2012)

Lt. Elizabeth Shurbutt

Cadet Focus. . . Page 13
Cadet Trip to Huntsville Space and Rocket Center

Thanks to all those who planned and made this trip possible. Those
attending Zach Wyatt, Nathan Searcy, Rachel Shurbutt, Brian Scott,
Alaina Howard, Peter Randolph, Allison Howard, Maj. John Randolph,
Tiffany Chandler, Noah Thomas, Maj. Cindy Bennett, Lt. Thomas Searcy,
Jonathan Watkins, Esthen Lambert, Gabriel Sweat, Thomas Bracker, and
Noah Thomas.


Cadet Commander Corner . . . Page 14
From the Cadet Commander:

If you have sent in a staff application and have not been interviewed, you will be
interviewed next Thursday. Selections will be made and the change of command
will take place Thursday March 28th.

Also, next week is Character Development. Uniform will be BDUs. Come
prepared to learn and have fun!

If you have any questions feel free to email, txt or call me. My number is (205)

C/Lt Col Randolph
Cadet Commander
Pell City Composite Squadron


2013 Alabama Wing Cadet Scholarship . . . Page 15


2013 Alabama Wing Cadet Scholarship . . . Page 16

Dear Alabama Wing Members,
I would like to thank all of those that have donated to the Alabama Wing's Cadet Scholarship
Fund for 2013. Although we have done well so far to meet our goal of providing 2 x scholarships
worth $1500 each to 2 well deserving AL Wing CAP Cadets, we are short about $1100. I would
like to ask those of you within the wing that would like to contribute to the education of a promis-
ing young man or woman wishing to attend a university, to please contact me as soon as possi-
ble. I truly believe in taking care of our own. The deadline is quickly nearing and we cannot an-
nounce the application request until the scholarships are funded. If you make a donation, the
ALWG Finance Officer will ensure you receive a receipt signed by the Wing Commander for your
Send your donations to:
ALWG Finance
P.O. Box 1626
Bessemer, AL 35021

Please make your checks out to "Alabama Wing CAP" with a note in the memo section of your
check "2013 Cadet Scholarship Fund"
I have also attached the scholarship requirements to this e-mail. Thank you and Semper

Brett Lewis, Lt Col, CAP
Director, Cadet Programs
Alabama Wing
"Semper Vigilans"
Cell: (334)791-6911

2013 Alabama Wing Cadet Scholarship . . . Page 17


2013 Alabama Wing Cadet Scholarship . . . Page 18

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