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------------Shadow and light---------Vision and for this piece of writing Shadows are created when light from

a direct or indirect light source hits an object from one or any angle where only the face looking towards the light will shine and reflect light back to any kind of eye and become a visible object. The "dark side" shines not from direct light but from reflections (which are still light from the original source just a smaller amount) of light from the source from other objects (just like being taught from the source of knowledge, a man himself or by the reflection , a book or a student of that man, but if everything done well , evolution will not just forgive but make things better) Like cats evolved into seeing with a grate sensitivity because of evolution and that not just works for them but it is them! they have light sensitive and ability to see in low light conditions eyesight. but what i wanted to say is that a shadow remains in balance in that straight (exists but only in imagination, imagine the line of an aeroplane, its route or if people could leave lines while walking.) line as the line created from the source is on a completely aligned route that a light cell travelled to get to the object therefore creating a shadow that is the projection of the figure of the object on another surface. By observing shadows and light sources : ------------------------------------------------+when object moves then shadow moves and the sun (light source) isn't affected by that movement so sun is free (to move or not). +when object is still then shadow stays still and again the sun isn't affected by that movement so free again. +Now... when sun moves ([moves]=in space (metres - cm s) and time (because time alternation is part of the whole alternation like amplification and fade)) the shadow will move even if the object is creating a second shadow movement within the basic sun created shadow (and it will not affect the change in the angle and strength of suns light) It will only affect the shadow and the basic layer in which the basic shadow is created the secondary layer and secondary shadow is the one created by the (object's) shadow itself. +If the sun stays still then the basic shadow and layer remains steady and in that case we have the object's freedom. Conclusion (simplifying the analysis) : ---------------------------------------------The sun affects the and the existence of any objects shadow on the planet (not to speak about the energy it provides(another story)) But the object can only alternate its own self without caring of the total alternation the sun causes because whatever the sun wants to do it knows its just too far away to do more than give light

and objects are "independent", but also the and the self alternation by the sun never ceases to happen. All this describes the nature of (these) things , how they normally and harmonically are and should be. If the object is man than man then man has become (in his try to become a sun) a sun like light source and to control light it just gets buried deeper in a light proof jail inside the blackness of his light and his light is so dark he only blinds whoever cant see in the dark. Beware of the suns!...The eyes must learn to see in the dark. Search , never stop to search and never be sure of anything you find But the grater thing of all you should be aware of and "afraid" of finding is ( the truth) the light. But if you are strong , no mater what the extend of power and the extend of knowledge found… There's always grater and that alone is the motivation to all. Good and Bad. Simpler... a risk. Dedicated to the and any kind of “light”

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