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06 January, 2014 1.

Give 3 examples of how scholarship in Sweden affect your personal and professional/academic development [max 500 words] Studying in Sweden will affect my personal and professional development in the following ways: a. The program will give me the exposure to know the cultures, beliefs and thoughts of other nations and nationalities who are participating in the program. I will get the better chance to share experiences with my colleagues in the study program. Hence I will broaden my personal understanding and knowledge in relation to cultures, thoughts and beliefs of the different nations and nationalities. b. I will be familiar with the modern technologies, methodologies and knowledge of molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. I will become to be the one who specializes in this interdisciplinary field of study from Ethiopia. Moreover, my study in Sweden will enrich me with modern methods modern technologies. Hence I will get the opportunity to contribute my share to alleviate my countrys problem as a professional by conducting advanced researches on plants and animals , c. This program will give the chance to become an international professional in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Molecular Genetics field of study. This will further open a way to my future career path to pursue my PhD and post-Doc. Finally I can become a good model for my students and transfer my knowledge and make some good addition in the endeavor to change the image of my country. 2. IN what way would your intended study in Sweden contribute to the capacity building of your home country [max. 500 words]. As I am currently working in AMU, College of Natural Science, Department of Biology as a Graduate science in Genetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory and AMU is one of the biggest known Universities in Ethiopia; my study in Sweden will contribute to the institutional capacity building of AMU in the following way: a. My home university is working toward fulfilling the millennium development goal among which one is the institutional capacity building by empowering the staff members. So my study in Sweden is in line with the development goal of the university and in addition this program will enable me and my institution AMU to find out global, continental and multilateral ways of cooperation and setting the right targets to safeguard systems and methods in Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology under appropriate environmental condition for sustainable development and food security in Ethiopia. b. I will arrange a number of seminars and workshops for staffs of AMU to build their capacities to use and operate effectively those materials found in the Genetics and Molecular Biology labs. c. After completion of my study program, my institution and my country will get appropriate professional in Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology and I will be the immediate input for the newly launched Biotechnology program which has no local expert

to run it. Moreover, I will use my potential to transfer what I get from the study program in Sweden to my students and colleagues to help them develop their capacity. 3. Give three examples how you estimate your future role as a link between Sweden and your home country[max. 500 characters] a. Since I am working in higher institution my study in Sweden will serve as a bridge for the formation of collaboration and multilateral agreement between Sweden institutes and AMU. b. I will arrange seminars, and workshops and invites different Sweden institutes to find a way to the formation of close relations, agreements and collaborations with Ethiopian institutes. c. I will try to find a way for the flow of new technologies, systems , research methods and different good cultures of Sweden to Ethiopia so that there will be a new way for the formation of variety of new links between Sweden and Ethiopia.