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THE CHICKEN The chickens have slowed down

considerably….winding down for

CHRONICLES the year I think. Martha’s going to


August 25, 2009

t’s 6:53 a.m. and Hudson and
Denton are here. We are in the
play room with Matilda, Coco,
Maybelline and three Malaysian
Serama chickens. It seems to be a
bit overcast and alittle warmer
than yesterday. Perhaps it’s
because there is no breeze; the to settle for one dozen eggs
temperature is in the 60s and the instead of four, but Lilly will have
high today should be around 90. the privilege of breaking that news.
Joel comes in this evening so I think It’s almost time to pick up Sandra
I’ll cook…maybe stir-fry. and head for the pond. Sue won’t
It’s really turning out to be a be back for another week so
beautiful day. The boys played in Sandra Tayler is still at the helm.
the sand pile for a while and Yesterday Sherian Reedhad
Matilda helped with the digging. surgery. Tumors on one ovary were
found to be malignant and the
cancer had spread. Pathology
report will be back on Friday. We
all hope and pray for the best for
Sherian and Woody.

Well, I cooked the stirfry only to

discoverthat we are supposed to
meet Kermit and Cheryl at Cow
Punchers for supper. Guess what
we are having for lunch tomorrow.
Well I’d better finish feeding the
animals and get ready for bar-b-

Ran into Marcia and Rick Hardy at

Cow Punchers and we all shared a
table and good conversation. It
was nice to spend time with Marcia
The rose bush was beautiful this
again. She no longer has birds and
spring; full of pink flowers. I’m
will give me her cage for my
hoping it will run over the gate and
Malaysian Suramas. Can’t wait.
onto the fence on the south side.

August 26, 2009

Well, it’s 67degrees this morning

and partly cloudy. Should be
another nice day. That’s good
because there are some things that
I need to do outside after I get
home from the gym.
Adam cooked a roast and brought it
over to share. It was delicious.
Had a good workout and upon After supper Josh and Hudson and
returning home I tied up the rose Denton went into the kitchen.
bush on the east fence of the pen Denton came back to the table and
where Abraham and Sara, my first announced, “He panked my little
Malaysian Suramas, and Hudson.” Oh well.

Everything returned to normal and

the day ended with the twins
picking muscadines

Magic and Fluffy, two of the

rabbits, live.
and going for a walk in the clouds
with Papa.

So today I’m making it a point to

see each moment as a gift to open,
hold and relish.
At 6:15 it was 68 degrees on the
thermometer that I hung outside.
August 27, 2009 It’s been getting a little warmer
each day since Sunday, but that’s
The earth seems to be spinning o.k. because fall is on the way.
faster. Maybe it’s because we stay
so busy. Maybe it’s because God
has stepped on some celestial
accelerator causing one season to
suddenly stumble upon the next
and times and people to transform
before our eyes. Nothing stays the
same for very long and as it
disappears from sight there comes
the realization that time was never
taken to enjoy it. God gives us
Hudson and Denton are here this
each moment as a unique gift that
morning and are spending time
so often is never opened, held or
with Maw Maw in the play room
relished. The thought of how that
while we are fixing lunch.
must sadden Him moves me to
Joel is going to give the garden
spot a good tilling so that we can
go ahead and start planting.

For some reason the duck

population at Adam’s has dwindled
to two, so today I ordered a dozen
day old mallards. I will keep them
in the chicken/rabbit pen since it
has a smallpond. They will stay
there until they are able to fly.
Currently the Malaysian Surama
chicks and I cleaned the goat stall and raked
out the turkey pen. The turkeys
had molted earlier in the summer
and the pen was strewn with

Willie came today. She was

Mama’s sitter. It was so good to
visit with her. We looked at
pictures, rode the cart, visited all
the animals and picked
muscadines. We decided that soon
we would meet in town for ice
Maybelline are sharing the play room cream.
with the boys.

About 3:15 I heard Sara cackling to

beat the band. I thought that she
was announcing the arrival of
August 28, 2009 today’s egg, but when I got to

oday is overcast and there
have been some occasional
sprinkles. We’ve been
talking about putting in a fall
garden, although we’ve waited a
little late for some things. If the
rain holds off, and we need rain,
going you will be wearing
them. This morning I watched
this spider eat a yellow jacket
for breakfast…..seems a bit
spicy for that early in the

the pen I found a garter snake

eating tadpoles. It looked like he
had already scarffed a few down. I
have seen that snake around that
little pond before, but I never
The muscadines are starting
guessed that he was just out to
lunch. All in all it’s been a good to get ripe. I think that
day; can’t wait till tomorrow. Georgie is going to pick
enough to make a batch of

Joel was able to till the garden

August 29, 2009 spot yesterday. The ground is
so dry that this morning we
decided toturn the sprinklers
They’re back and that means
on before we till it one final
that fall is almost here. These
time and make rows. I have a
spiders position their
feeling that we are going to
multilayered webs between
have to fence in each end to
two trees in such a way that if
keep the rabbits out.We went
you don’t look where you’re
to Petrus and bought seeds
and plants, some of which are
herbs for an herb garden that
I plan to make closer to the
Let my television be the night sky
and my entertainment a circular story that never grows old.
There are no commercial breaks interrupt the steadily moving plot.
Entertainment, history, prophecy, it’s all there.
The show starts as the crtain of darkness begins to lower
and lasts till dawn.
A marathon of God stories – a gift too wonderful to miss.

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