Stampin’ Up!

Project Halloween Tree Card

Basic supplies and tools: Paper trimmer Scissors General Adhesive plus pop-dots Paper piercer Chalk Black pen Yellow colored pencil Needle and gold thread Removable office tape or small sticky notes Jack-o'-lantern confetti Plastic spiders (Note: confetti and spiders can be purchased at party supply stores)

Stampin’ Up!® supplies: 113439 Big Shot™ Die-Cut Machine 113478 Extended Cutting Pads 117630 Extended Premium Crease Pad (if needed) 116822 O Christmas Tree Pop-up Bigz™ XL Die by Karen Burniston 114510 Stampin’ Up! Billboard Alphabet Sizzlits™ Decorative Strip Die 113443 Pumpkin #4 Sizzlits™ Die 113445 Pumpkin Faces Sizzlits™ Die 104294 Sticky Strip tacky tape 104832 Black Gingham Ribbon 101179 Basic Black Classic stampin’ pad 106532 Basic Black 12x12 Cardstock (1/2 sheet) 115666 Web Roller Stamp 108017 Arachnophobia Roller Stamp 102971 Stampin’ Around Roller Handle 104581 Basic Black Standard Roller Cartridge 115223 Medallion Stamp 115677 Cast-a-Spell Designer Series Paper

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Halloween Tree Card Instructions
1. Cut a 5” (12.7 cm) horizontal strip of the black/green white skull paper, and place the strip, skulls-side-up, over the O Christmas Tree Pop-up die, covering all pieces on the die. Run it through the Big Shot machine. (Note: test the die first with scrap paper - if the creases are cutting through, use a crease pad in place of one of the cutting pads) From the remaining piece of patterned paper, cut a 3.5” (9 cm) horizontal strip. Cut that strip into three equal 4” (10 cm) pieces. Lay one of the pieces, skulls-side-up, over the medium tree part on the O Christmas Tree Pop-up die and cut it. Repeat with the other two pieces (pieces with creases must be die cut one piece at a time) placing the paper skullsside-down over the medium tree part on the die. From the remaining piece of patterned paper, cut a 2” (5 cm) horizontal strip. Cut that strip into four equal 3” (7.6cm) pieces. Stack three of the pieces over the smallest tree part on the die and run it through the Big Shot machine. Construct the pop-up tree according to the package instructions. Glue jack-o'-lantern confetti randomly on the tree for decoration. Paper pierce a hole through the rear ends of several plastic spiders and use a needle and gold thread to hang them from the tree. Set the finished decorated tree aside. Cut a 6” (15.25 cm) strip of orange patterned paper and stamp the Medallion, using Basic Black ink, in the center of the strip (just get close to the center - no need to measure). Score directly down the middle of the Medallion and fold the paper strip on the score line. With the card folded, trim the ends of the paper so they are even. Use the Web roller stamp with the black ink cartridge to roll spider webs along the top of the card and in the bottom two corners. Use scratch paper under the card and start rolling on the scratch paper and then onto the card for the best results. For the spiders, use the Arachnophobia wheel without the handle. Make sure that the stamp is very clean. Choose a spider and cover the spiders on either side of it with removable tape or sticky notes. By hand (no handle) roll the chosen spider across the Basic Black ink pad to thoroughly ink the spider. Ink will also end up on the tape/sticky notes. Remove the tape so that the chosen spider is inked cleanly. Carefully roll the spider onto the paper. Clean the wheel and repeat the process with two more spiders. Draw the hanging web lines with a black pen and color the eyes with a yellow pencil. From the scraps of patterned paper in Step 1, cut out one white skull and set it aside. Die cut the letters for HAPPY HALLOWEEN! using the Billboard Alphabet strip. Glue the greeting inside the card, substituting the skull for the “O”. For added contrast, trace around the title with a black pen. Attach the tree to the center of the Medallion stamp using Sticky Strip tape and following the die instructions. Trim the back branches of the tree as necessary to make it open and close smoothly. Cut two 5.5” x 6” (14cm x 15.25cm) pieces of black cardstock and adhere them to the front and back of the card, leaving 0.5” (1.3 cm) of patterned paper showing next to the fold. Cut a 2.75” x 5.75” (7 cm x 14.6 cm) piece of striped patterned paper with horizontal stripes. Cut 0.5” (1.3 cm) from the right side of the piece and glue it to the front of the card, all the way to the right, leaving a thin strip of black showing top, bottom and right. With the remaining piece of patterned paper, glue it to the left side of the black cardstock in the same way. Die cut three pumpkins from orange patterned paper and faces from black cardstock. Highlight the pumpkins with orange and brown chalk and glue the faces as desired. Glue the completed jack-o'-lanterns in the strip of black cardstock, using pop-dots under the centers for dimension. Adhere strips of black ribbon across the front of the card between the pumpkins.

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10. Use a 6.5” square envelope (16.5 cm) for mailing. Extra postage will be required.

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