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FUNERAL - A Strife A Victory Shirt

Sices: M, L, XL, XXL are available

MOONBLOOD - ....the Winter falls over the Land Shirt
Size:M, L and XL are available.
ORNAMENTS OF SN - Still Figthing Hooded Sweat
Sizes: M, L and XL are available.
ORNAMENTS OF SN - Still Figthing Shirt
Sizes: M and XL are available.
AVSKED - Livets roni CD, Limted to 400 Units
Depresiv and Misantrophic Black Metal from Germany.
BURZUM - Den store samligen Compilation CD
1. Et hvitt lys over skogen 2. Lost wisdom 3. Once emperor 4. Spell of destruction 5. Depressive visions of
the cursed warrior 6. lords of the depths 7. Feeble screams from forest unknow 8. A lost forgotten sad
spirit 9. Channeling the power of souls into a new god 10. My key to the purgatory 11. Rite of the
cleansure 12. Seven harmonies of the unknow truth
A caustic portrait of crumbling urban decay, enigmatic splicers of extremity DISIPLIN return
with the highly anticipated Radiale Randgruppe!
Led, as always, by the twisted genius of mainman "eltenfeind, DISIPLIN here mesmeri#ingly
mash up radiation$sic blac metal, industrial$strength sheets of sound, and the darest dub
dragged through the gutter! %he result &
%he truly radical Radiale Randgruppe' a disturbingly dense, multi$layered, and sinisterly
hypnotic (ourney into a netherworld both primiti)e and premonitory!
No future, * submit to the nuclear catharsis+
DUNKELHEIT - Frozen in Eternity 3D, limited to .444 3opies! Support this 5R6A%
Newcomer ++
7iller Debut Album of this great 8orde from 8ungary! 6xcelent 9isanthropic and grim :lac
9etal in the )ein of old :ur#um Albums with great long atmospheric %racs! ;1 minutes, 1$pages
b,w boolet!

ETERNUM - "Veil of Ancient Darkness" CD
Killer Debut full length of hateful, epic, and barbaric Black Metal from this Australia Horde.
n the vein of the infamous Polish hordes of the 90s!
GESTALTE - Gestalte CD, limi to 1000 Units numbered from Hand!
Great BM from the Netherlands.
HEGEMOON - Szaty Kamstw CD
Raw Black Metal from Poland.
LIKVANN - Drevet Av Raseri Wooden Box CD , LAST 3 COPIES
!i"ited to #$ Wooden %oxes &it' %randed Band Lo(o on t'e )ront, a six sidet *+!! ,o!o+red )o!der
Cover and a *+!! ,o!o+red A- Poster.
Ki!!er Ne,ro B/ *ro" Nor&a0.
LINDIS)ARNE 9D0san(e!i+"9 DI:IBOOK /CD, !i"ited to 333
Ne& ;i!!in( "ateria! *ro" %!as1'e"ers LINDIS)ARNE
/ONS VENERIS 9Vi,it sat'anas 1ater...e+" se<+a"+r9 ,d
9Re-re!ease o* t'e ta1e 1revio+s!0 a!so re!eased on anti'+"anis" %+t t'is ti"e &it' ori(ina! "ix o*
t'e re,ordin( &i,' &as intended *or vin0! re!ease. B!a,; "eta! +nder(ro+nd ,o"in( ,!ose to B!a,;
!e(ions =)ra> so+nd. ?#$ ,o1ies9
MORKT HEDENSK - "For an Obscure World Pt." Pro - Cd-r in Audio DVD BOX
Atmospheric Black Metal like Xasthur,limited to 100 copies.
NHASA - Brahamanda Xul Grimoire Digi CD, limited to 500 copies
Occult and atmospheric Black Metal from ACHERONTAS / STUTTHOF Members!
NOVAE MLTAE - Affliction Of The Divine CD, limited to 500 Copies
Great Black Metal from France!
NARBELETH - Dark Primitive Cult CD Slim DVD case + 4 pages booklet, Limited to 200
Raw Black metal , total Darkthrone Worship! Support or Die!
Seven years after the debut album (Vertus Guerrieres) on NYKTA, Athros returns with 3 long duration
tracks in a limited MCD. After his contribution in acts like Ur Falc'h and Forteresse, it's time to awake the
Nordmen beast again. Raging Heathen Black Metal dedicated to the cold winters and howling northwinds.
Balancing magic folk melodies with Pure Black Wrath, this MCD is definitely worth checking.
NEKROKRST SS (Fin) / FAAGRM (Ger) - Strike Of The Northern Legions CD
New Great Stuff from both Bands..!
Necrokrist and Faagrim Sample:
NACHTFALKE - Wotan's Return Digi CD
New 2011 album! Killer Germanic Pagan Black Metal feauturing Occulta Mors from Moonblood.
Comes in great digipack version!
The Cold vision of the rising northlands, the shadow from the past. The Opening of the Primordial Whirl is
the new chapter by the Ancient Dolomitic
Forests band Near, one of the few bands active today that incarnates the corrupted unholy atmosphere of
the early days of the Black Metal recall.
Expect nothing but gloomy tones of coldness, a monumental atmosphere created by the echo of nature
strength and immortality .
Featuring (Tenebrae in Perpetuum & Beatrik member)...A REAL UNDERGROUND KLLER RELEASE!
OMTR - "Res, Non Verba" Pro - Cdr
Unique one-man band project from Portugal . Split of depressive, misanthropic and raw black metal with
dark ambient elements, fulfilled of symbolism and hate to life.
Many individuals parts of vocals, guitar riffs and live drums with extremist and experimental sounds.
All lyrics in English language. Over 33 minutes of ills strong, frustrate sounds, intensive hateful poetry, and
all fulfilled by deprave and self-destruction. Something for fans of nihilist music. (CD-r is Professionally a
printed and has a printed supplement/Tray)
POSSESSON RTUAL - ncense Of Opened Gates CD, limited to 500 copies.
Satanic Black Metall from Acherontas, Crimson Moon, Melechesh, Zemial Member!
PLAGGHA - Xi CD, Limited to 100 coie!, Slim DVD case + a 4 pages booklet
Raw Occult black metal with ambient parts!! Awesome band from Spain!
STORHET AV MORKE - Grandeur of Eternal Cold Digi CD, limited to 500 copies
Great raw and cold Black Metal in the vein of the early 90s !
SVY YAR - %he Night CD
Natural Pagan :lac 9etal! In the )ein of Isengard and In the "oods with ambient influences!
SPIRE - Metamorph Digipack-MD!
Atmospheric cold blac metal from australia!their brandnew mini album!comes on nice digipa
frmat with 1 paged boolet
SARKRSTA - The Acheronian Worship CD
True German Black metal Horde, Sarkrista's 1st Full-length. Cold and Grim!!! Maniacs Only!!!
For fans to Vargsang, Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Horna, Baptism...!!!!
SEA OF TREES - Aokigahara MCD
Great Atmospheric Black Metal. Amazing new EP, project of Nachtvorst, Endig Member.
SEPULCHRAL CRES - Misery Exhibits CD
Occult Black Metal from Denmark. Pest(Blodarv)'s Solo project 1st Full-length!
Occult Black Metal from Denmark. Pest(Blodarv)'s Solo project 2nd Full-length!
"#$PH%N&C %' BLAC( "C)LPT)RE" - Demo*ic %ccult Ceremo*ie! CD, Slim
DVD case + 4 pages booklet, Limited to 200 copies
Raw black metal from Thailand, nice Stuff..!
SORGELDOM "...From Outer ntelligences" CD
Atmospheric Post-Black Metal album with influences from VED BUENS ENDE, SENGARD and certain
shoegaze elements. Brilliant melodic raging Black Metal collides with strange cosmic atmosphere of
coldness and obscurity. SORGELDOM features members from LK, WHRLNG, GRFTESKYMFNNG
Raw experimental Black Metal from Sweden. Recorded in an isolated cabin in Northern Sweden, this
haunted work harkens back to the old Scandinavian sound. Primitive and progressive, the ghosts of the
past are very much alive on this work of art.
SVART "Namnlos Og Bortglomd" MCD
The best Swedish Depressive Black Metal act for the last years presents two brand new slow songs with
firm emotional arrangement, negative lead melodies, expressive harsh vocals and piano composition in
the vein of early SHNNG and SLENCER. ncludes member of APAT, LVSNEKAD, PROMENA.
SVARTHYR - Manifeftation of the Antchrist CD
Eight killer Songs of pure satanic Black Metal Tyranny, support this young German BM Act..!
TRSKLE - Les Murmures De La Fort... CD in DvD Case, 100 copies
Great BM from this Canadian Act
TOBC - Heart Of Darkness CD, lim. 500
The best atmospheric and hypnotic black metal Album in the last Years... Support this Band, 100%
TROU NOR - "Trou Noir Vortex" CD, limited to 450 Copies
Obscure and atmospheric Black Metal
UPR - Possesion' limited Digi Pack Cd
Archaic, raw and primitive Black Metal from the forest depths of Pomeranian darkness.
One of the most evil recordings of the last few years. This possession ritual summons the ancient glory of
TTF Legions.
Great Stuff!
UNHELGE RELQUEN - Compilation Digi Pack CD
with: Aegrotum, Blutkult, Ewiger Wald, Faagrim, Gratzug, Hatul, Lebenswinter, Mordak, Nordfrost, Temple
of Oblivion, Waldesschrei and Dechristianisierung Europas
Cover Picture:
ULFHETHNAR - Reawakening the Wrath of Yore CD
Great new Stuff from this Argentinian Horde...100% Support!
ULVEGR "Where the cecold Blood Storms" CD
Atmospheric Black Metal in vein of BLAZEBRTH HALL projects and HATE FOREST. Harsh and freezing
cold storm of primordial hatred. Line-up consists of ex-NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ex-KHORS, YGG and
UTERUS - Christian Slut CD
Raw Christian Ripping Black Metal..good Album..!
VNTERKRG "Ashes of Non-Existence" DG CD, limited to 666
Respectable incarnation of old and raw recordinds of true underground horde VNTERKRG, project ov
VARHHORN "Labyrinths of Darkness" CD, limited to 1000
Old School Gem from the landscapes of Great Ural. Black Metal as it is. The Cross Won't Save!
VERGE (fin) "Sex & Violence" CD
After the dynamic & diverse debut "Hatemagic", Finnish Verge offers their second full-length album. "Sex
& Violence" is a concept album of melancholic
cold Black Metal; calculated & sharp, yet organic and even raw, supplemented with sublime keyboards &
walls of analog ambient/noise. Contemplating on the
physics & metaphysics of the ingenious interplay of masculine and feminine aspects of evil in this world,
"Sex & Violence" is an ambitious attempt to
approach from various angles the divine mystery of Lucifers fall. The artwork is carefully built on
alchemistic symbolism and occult correspondences, yet open
to many interpretations.
VERGE - To Rest the Last Timein our Filth CD
Great Finnish Black Metal...!
VERVALA - Kalliolle, Kukkulalle CD
5 years after the sold out debut "Voittomme", this duo from Finland composed 8 new tracks in their
blasting Black/Thrash style.
"Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" is far one of the best releases for 2009.
VENTEARS - "Redemption of the Soul" Pro - Cd-r in Audio DVD BOX
Cold Depressive Black Metal, limited to 100 copies...
VOLVEN - "Desiderium" Cd-r
Dark Ambient/Neo classica
Xero Cover..Cdr comes in Slim Case!
WACHT - ndigen Digipack CD, Limited to 500 Copies
New Stuff from the great BM Act from Swiss!
WOLFTHRONE - 10 Years in His Name CD
German Black Metal from Bavaria!
WARWULF - The Archetype Of Destruction CD
The new Masterpice from the Amerikan Werewolves... Killer Album and a Must Have!
WARWULF / SAD - Walking The Paths Of Despair . Split CD
Unholy Crshing !elleni" #la"k $etal % ra& % pri'iti(e ) SAD intente* to play *is'al an* pessi'isti" ra&
#la"k $etal as 'ini'al as it gets % &ith no key+oar*s an* sa'ples . lyri"al "ontent *eals &ith the *ark
aspe"ts of life an* +eyon* ) ,iller Work . WARWULF play Si"k an* Ra& O""lt -(il $isanthropi" #la"k
$etal % not for the ears of 'ass ) Tre F"king ./0s #la"k $etal in the (eins of Seigner 1olan* an* Ol*
Satani" War'aster ))) Real $ania"s Only )))
Sa*2 http2//&&&.yot+e."o'/&at"h3(4k56/*eTU78
War&lf2 http2//&&&.yot+e."o'/&at"h3(4+h#C!*skWn89playne:t4;9list4PL<F=>.?>-.?D>D>8?
!""DS "F DES"L#TI"N - The Darke$t Day$ %&Digi$'ee(e D!
Double Digi$3D!A rare compilation of all old demos,split tracs and unreleased stuff!3omes on
nice double cd digipac format
+%L')NERAL - Rei,* o- Decade*ce - CD, Digisleeve 6 panels!
Dark Black metal from Italy
Released on Killer Stuff , what unholy Alliance, both groups fascinate with magnificent
new songs, am inspired, long wait has been worthwhile!
1. Wacht - Excelling Aesthesia, 2. Wacht - dealistic Elitism, 3. Wacht - Unveiling Desecration, 4.
Dunkelheit - Leviating Amongst The Stars, 5. Dunkelheit - Ride To The Realm, 6. Dunkelheit - Black Sun
Rising, 7. Dunkelheit - Dissolving The Mysteries
WOLFENHORDS - White Power For White People Fight CD
Third album of croatian Cult BM act.
WOLFENHORDS - The Truth Shall Set You Free CD
Croatian Cult BM.
WALKNUT "Graveforests and their shadows" CD
Northern nature and mystics. Spiritual wandering in the vein of BURZUM and STRD (NOR). ncludes
WOTANORDEN - 'The Hands of Fate' CD
"The Hands of Fate is a concept album about the past, present, and future of a certain Germanic Warrior
who fought for his land and his folk against the forces of Christendom, and though when odds looked
hopeless, the Gods led him once again onto the path of Honor and Victory!
WOLFNACHT - Zeit der Cherusker CD
The new Opus from Wolfnacht contains 7 Hymns of Bombastic Black Metal dedicated to the Victory of
Hermann's Hordes in Teutoburgerwald.
WEHRHAMMER - Wir ziehen in den Krieg - CD
CD re-issue of Wehrhammer's first full length album from 1998, back then limited to a few CD-R copies. n
addition to the original album, the CD includes 8 Bonus songs, resulting in a total playing time of 79:36
This release is limited to 500 copies.
ZWARTPLAAG (Hol) - Haatstorm CD
Band With Huge Balls !! High Caliber Music ,Truely one of Nowdays strongest Black Metal Horde, after
their excellent and Amazing Demos , their bring us more complex tracks yet with their personal
atmosphere ! Frozen Unholy Hateful Agressive and melodic riffs Piercing vocal performance and
dedication to the Black flame that once more is burning strong. Zwartplaag is not a project that is taking its
first step into the Black Metal realm, this project has been lurking deep underground for a long time and
this debut full-lengther will give you a taste of what the Dutch Mighty Black Metal underground Scene has
to offer US! A pure Masterpiece!
ZAKLON - Whisper of Black Foliage Digi CD
Autumn. Weaving its curses, Autumnnow poisons all things in existence. Sombre lake waters are
likeeyes of the dead. Gazing at leaden skies, the cities stand doomed. Mortification. Decay.
Silence. Void.Waiting for the Gates of the most ferocious and gloomy Winter to open.Vanishing in the
thickets, and the forest, and the swamps covered in autumn fogs. Heeding the whispering of black rotten
foliage. That which covers the feet of the trees like a carpet.
Nine anthems of sombre Black Metal saturated with dampness and poison of the autumn's withering.
Straight from the heart of Kryvia's forests.
ZORN Menschenfeind CD
The sledge flies over here substantially the last and album topical nowadays of the Swabian grimly men
and the misanthropy becomes with full fervour in your bleeding ears how the nails to attach of the God's
son on the cross unters/ins people threshed .!
Top album what one can lay the heart . to everybody only in cold verfressene from darkness!
LPs :
A mandatory release 5atefold LP relic of 6soteric, Sumerian :lessing+ A386R<N%AS , 3RI9S<N
9<<N , A7RA:? , S8I:AL:A
8a)e Raised the Serpentine @orce and in)oed the 5ods beneath decrepit sands! 3hanted from within the
/ spheres and entitled
AAna 8arrani Sa Alatasa La %aratA
WEHRHAMMER Wir ziehen in den Krieg DoLP
The official re-release of Wehrhammer's furious Demo CD-R "Wir ziehen in den Krieg. The demo was first
unleashed in 1998 and has not seen a proper vinyl release until now. We extend a big FUCK OFF! to all of
the cheap, shitty bootlegs and the maggots behind them.
The first LP contains the original material from 1998 plus two unreleased songs. The second contains four
old songs which have been re-recorded (Satans Rechte Hand, Christentod, Soldat and Der Hass ist
unser Sieg and four more unreleased tracks from 2003-2008).
The double LP comes in a great looking gatefold cover and is limited to 300 hand-numbered pieces.
AESR - WOTANSM Pro - Tape,
Heathen Black Metal from Argentina.
New album.
AESR - El Llamado De Nuestra Sangre Tape
W.A.R. Black Metal from Argentina. Compilation tape.
AESR - La Estirpe del Sol Vuelve a Resurgir Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
Black Metal from Argentina.
ALCEMYST - Nekromanteion Pro - Tape
Orthodox Death Metal/Black Metal from East Germany, great Tape!
Finnish Black Metal in the vein of Dimmu Borgirs - For all Tid, killer Stuff.
ARVET - Elvn Kuoleman. TAPE
Depressiv Black Metal from Finland.
ARS DAVOL - The Absence of Light TAPE
Real Depressive Suicidal Black Metal from Portugal
ARSONST LODGE - Perkele, Antikristus ja vr profeetta TAPE
Cold and Raw Finnish Black Metal! Killer Tape !!!
Kult Stuff. Back in Stock.
APAT "Eufori" Tape
Suicidal Black Metal in the vein of Lifelover....
AGALLOCH "Marrow Of The Spirit" Tape
"Marrow of the Spirit", the fourth full length from the American Dark Metal band Agalloch.
BROKEN SPRT - Promo 2013 Tape
Great BM Stuff from Australia.
BAEL KULTUS - 'Eoth' Pro - Tape, Strictly limited to 100 Units
Orthodox, chruch burnig Black Metal from the USA, an ice cold, menacing, sombre eulogy of the light
bringer in the style the old Judas scariot or Weltmacht Recordings.
Ave Sathanas! .
BALMOG - Pestilent Rats for your Moribound Children PRO-TAPE
Spanish Black Metal Cult.
BALMOG - The Discipline & Poetry of Pest TAPE
Spanish Black Metal Cult.
BLOOD OT THE MOON - Remnants Of Forgotten Past. TAPE , the last Copies!
Raw and unholy Black Metal from Newzealand...amazing Stuff.
BLACK ANGEL / SADOKST - Sadomatik Angel Attack TAPE
Great Split, no Words.
BESECT (Hol) "Heidenlrm" tape 2011
Old school rough and primitive black metal like Fimbulwinter, old Gorgoroth, Trelldom demo. Pre-Krocht,
though not quite so melodic as Krocht went to be. Besiect was also vocalist on the first Krocht demo.
BLASPHEMA PROPHETCA - Total Hatred Tape, Limited to 222 Copies
Raw Black Metal from Poland, Debut demo from 2012.
BLACK CRCLE (Swe) "Behold My Visions And Wisdom" Tape
Raw and primitiv Swedish Black Metal Cult!
BLACK CRCLE (Swe) "The Distant Wind" Tape
Raw and primitiv Swedish Black Metal Cult in the vein of Judas scariot!
BAHRREHT (Fra) "Lotharingen" Tape
Fucking Killer BM from France..very nice Support..with Winterhalter of Peste Noire,
Amesoeurs and Alcest!
CELESTAL BLOODSHED - Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed PRO-TAPE
True Black Metal from Norway, Cult Stuff!
DEAD REPTLE SHRNE (Fin) "The jewel throne" 3x Pro - Tape set, limitetd to 100 Units
"Compilation of the most important recordings from 2000 - 2001.originally released as 3xcdr by Brutal
horde. now released as 3xpro tapes consisting of the following 3 part's: The gates into the underworld.
Helvetenskap and Pohjanthden lapset. Shamanic ritual demon worship and some of the most obscure
Black metal undergound recordings ever to be heard. No boxset. 3 seperate pro black tapes with white
print and double sided covers. Available as set or by the bands wishes seperatly." Note: This repress is
100% identical to the first press!
DUNKELHET / WACHT - SPLT Pro - Tape 2012, limited to 333 Units.
DUNKELHET: from Hungary play sombre and frosty Black metal, they could persuade with your great
debut album ' Frozen in Eternity' quite completely.
WACHT: from Switzerland should be to many a concept, they play raw, cold Old School Black metal, a
certain charm from the hand do not assign is!
Wacht Sample:
DOM DRACUL - Attack on the Crucified TAPE
Raw and Satanic Black Metal
DOM DRACUL - Genocide in the Name of Satan TAPE
Raw and Satanic Black Metal
6BIL@6AS% $ "intermoon 6nchantment %ape, Limited to ;44 3opies!
Last Studioalbum from C4.. of this good polish 8orde!
@<R8A%% $ 7rig or 7amp %ape,Limited to 300 Copies.
%rue S)art 9etall from Norway!!7iller Stuff+
FROSSET SKOG - Debut Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
Great Heathen Black Metal from Russia. Track from debut LP, released by us on tape in 2011.
FROST brule mon criss Tape
Newest Stuff from Frost (Canada) called "Brule Mon Crisis!". Only 3 tracks and 6 minutes of raw but
melodic Black Metal, in typical style of this project, with xeroxed covers released on tape. Only for real
fanatics !
FROST - Hope? Pro - Tape, Limited to 150 Copies.
New Stuff from this Franco - Canadian BM Horde!
FURVA AMBGUTAS "Sacer" Tape, Artwork on luxurious gold Paper, limited to 250 Copies.
Occult Black Doom with Femal Vocals from Russia.
GRATZUG / VRVATULET - SPLT Tape, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Raw, cold Black Metal from Germany and Finland.
Occult black metal.
Cult Stuff.
GRAND BEAST SODOMY - Demo(ns) from Hell TAPE, limited to 100 Copies.
Satanik BM from Finland.
GONFANON / ZUARASZ - Whispering Swords...Tape, Limited to 250 Copies.
Pagan Black Metal from France and Poland, good Stuff!
HOLOCAUST STORM "...Das Experiment Gemacht" Tape, limited to 100 Copies.
First Album from this Polish Band. Killer Radikal Black !!!
H)P"THERMI# - Rak*'a+$(a'$en T#PE
S,e+i$h Depre$$i( -M .'t/
8A%6S"<RN , "<<DSPIRI% $ Split %ape, limited to .=/ hand$numbered copies!
:lac 9etal from 8el)etia and Dar Ambient from 8ungary!
86R9I%A56 $ 8ammer of Purity %ape, Limited to ;C4 3opies!
HARAG / VRAG - Split Tape, limited to 300
Raw Black Metal from Hungary. MC'11
NFER - nferi Pro - Tape, limited to 150
The magnificent NFER - nferi Mcd of 1995 becomes Republished one HAMMERBUND as on 150
copies limited Pro - tape.
Great dark, raw and violent Black Metal from the Netherlands with members of Funeral Winds, Domini
nferi, Liar of Golgotha.
JUDAS SCAROT - Of Great Eternity Tape, Limited to 300 Copies.
Tape Version from this Cult Album..the best Work of Judas scariot.
Misantrophic Black Metal from the Netherlands
KLL THE KRSTANS - The Final Solution TAPE
Great Black Metal from Australia
Raw Mexican BM!
KHORS - Return to Abandoned Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
The last Khors Fullalbum on Tape, Killer Bm from Ukraina!
KHORS - Winter Stronghold Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
Live Stuff from Kolovorot Festival 2009 in Kharkiv Ukraina.
KHORS - Cold Ways Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
Live Album from this Ukrainian Cult Act.
KATAXU - Roots of Thunder Pro - Tape, Limited to 514 Copies
The Re - Release from this great Album from Poland, no more Words!
LKVANN - VREDESKRK Tape, New EP limited to 500 copies.
Raw Black Metal from Norway.
LKVANN - Her Jeg Blir Til Jeg Dor Tape, Limited to 300 Copies.
Raw Black Metal from Norway. Track from second demo "Her Jeg Blir Til Jeg Dr" released on tape in
LGFAERD - 'Den Fjelslagne Nedmaning' Tape
One of the bands from the Order of the Nonagram. Raw Black Metal its best!
9?INAIN6N R?8%INAS * %usan)uorten Baltaistuin $ tape
Finnish Raw and Satanic :lac 9etal.
MAJESTAT - Pod Plaszczem...Tape, limited to 320 Copies
Pagan Black Metal from Poland. Track taken from MC'12 including unreleased demo and promo.
NORDRECH - Verschlungene Pfade Pro - Tape, limited to 50 Copies
Tape Version from Verschlungene Pfade with the Songs from the Nordreich/Branstock split
NORDRECH - .... und es bleibt nur Aas Pro - Tape, limited to 50 Copies
Tape Version from und es bleibt nur Aas with the Songs from Nordreich - Bilskirnir and Aryan Blood -
Flammentod - The True Frost - Nordreich
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSON - Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past TAPE
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSON - Soundtrack for a Suicide TAPE
NUCLEAR WNTER - Pain, Slavery and Desertion TAPE
A raw Black Metal Attack!
NACHTRUF - Schattengeister TAPE
Black Metal from Austria.
NACHTRUF - Pulvis.Cinis.Cultus TAPE
Black Metal from Austria.
NORTHWARD (Hol) "n sturmes Wind" tape 2011
Atmospheric black metal. Although not influenced by them at all, this demo sounds like a faster and more
aggressive version of (old) Drudkh their best material, also taking influences from bands like Lunar Aurora
and the Blazebirth Hall groups. Mostly instrumental, but the thundering full sound, a-typical bassmelodies,
overall guitarriffs and writing (alternating between midtempo mesmerizing parts, and fast and aggressive
parts) makes this far above average demo quality.
NECROSTRGS - Swamps Cult and Lunar Necromancy Tape, Limited to 222 Copies
Good Bm from Portugal!
OBTANED ENSLAVEMENT - Centuries of sorrow 2 Casette Box Set
comes with poster ... Kult BM from Norway with PEST from Gorgoroth on Vokills!
ORCUSTUS - Anthology 2 Casette Box Set
Limited to 100 copies, comes with booklet, button & sticker... Killer BM from Norway with ex Members
from Gehenna and Gorgoroth!
ORNAMENTS OF SN - Preparing War/ Oath To The Fallen Ones Pro - Tape, limited to 150 Copies.
This is no new album, but a ' Best of ' are offered 16 songs with a new Mastering! Who knows of
Ornament of Sin what knows Him expects, All the others get a fine Zyklon - B shower, extremist Black
Metals from France!
OSCULUM NFAME - Quwm PRO-TAPE, strictly limited to 100.
New Stuff from this Cult Act.
ORCUS TYRANNUS - Esoteric National Socialist Black Metal TAPE
XXBM from Spain in the vein of old Absurd!
OLD SLVER KEY - demo Tape
Old Silver Key is a new band born from the hyperactive mind of DRUDKH mainman Roman Sayenko and
consisting of four DRUDKH members plus French artist Neige (ALCEST, AMESOEURS) on vocals.
PUANTEUR DE CHARNER "Stammesherzogtmer" Tape, Limited to 88 Copies with Artwork on red
French Martial ndustrial Ambiant Music.
PUANTEUR DE CHARNER "Mitteleuropa" Tape, limited to 88 Copies with color Artwork.
Lothringer Pangermanist Electro ndus.
PESTE NORE "La Sanie...." Tape
Black Metal from France.. Full-length, 2006
PESTE NORE "Lorraine Rehearsal" Tape
French cult, hooligan and grotesque black metal, 2012 re-issue
PRAV - Beholding the Eternity of the wheel Tape, Limited to 111 Copies
Fantastic Polish Pagan Stuff!
RUTTOKORPP - Siivet Saatanan Armosta TAPE
Great BM from Finnish Underground..killer Stuff.
RETRA - RETRA Tape, Limited to 320 Copies.
Killer Pagan Metal, the Polish Version of Moonsorrow and Co.
R#99R#D#RH 1 :#N)#R - SPLIT T#PE;%<== Pro-Cassette with Sticker
8eathen :lac 9etal from :ulgaria and ?nited 7ingdomG
BANHAR' http',,www!youtube!com,watch&)-SbsfPIIpn8o
SEG ODER TOD - Demo tape No.2 , Limited to 100 copies.
On the demo are 9 songs be to be heard. 3 of it are from the demo a tape (which came before the first
demo and has none) then 5 which the disappeared ones were, plus a cover song.
SEGES FNDERE - Proclamation of blood vengeance Pro - Tape
No Words.... Cult Stuff from Brazil.
SVYATOGOR "Doctor Veritas" Pro - Tape
Third album of SVYATOGOR is a Death Black Metal with the unusual for this style arrangement, vocal
parts and melodic fragments.
The parts of the solo guitar cast the atmosphere of classical heavy metal and the saxophone gives the
music jazz and art-rock tendencies - but still having a solid Black Metal base. Lyrics are written in Russian,
Ukrainian, English and French languages and devoted to problems of society, preparation of human
emotions, reflection on the subject of contemporary history, structure of the universe, macrocosm.
Features Amorth .M. (ex-DRUDKH, ex-ASTROFAES, UNDERDARK) and Master Alafern
SORT VOKTER "Folkloric Necro Metal" Tape
Great and Primitiv Black Metal from Norway with ldjarn Members.. Killer stuff
SLENCER - Death, Pierce Me PRO - TAPE
Depressiv Black Metal, Cult Stuff!
SADOKST - Horrors from Hell PRO-TAPE
True Black Metal from Finland
STARA PESN - Jantarowa - Lza Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
Two tracks from upcoming (out in few days) compilation tape, including 15 unreleased tracks from this old
and forgotten Pagan Folk project from Poland.
SEVERE STORM - Follow the Paths of Darkness... MC, Limited to 200 copies!
Tape Version from the Full Album of this Polish BM Act, nice Stuff!
THUNDERKRAFT - Totentanz Pro - Tape
With this release, the band really went in an experimental direction, combining the "classical" styles of
Death and Black Metal with electronic music, folklore, epic and symphonic elements. The lyrics are written
in Ukrainian, Russian and German. Problems of the human relation to the past, the ideas of greatness and
boundless possibilities of the human spirit, strength of will and character are under consideration.
Cosmology problems also find their representation in the band's songs, but being slightly flavoured with
social aspects." With Members or Ex - Members of: Munruthel, Suppuration, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Nokturnal
Mortum, ex-Runes of Dianceht, ex-Crystaline Darkness,ex Dub Buk
THORS HAMMER - The Fate Worse Death Pro - Tape,Limited to 214 copies
No words ...CULT STUFF!
TANK GENOCDE "The Voice of Revolt" Tape, Tape limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on luxurious gold
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE / WHTE BASTARD split Tape, limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork.
French radikal and raw Black vs french raw Punk/RAC. Pure underground Release !!!
TANK GENOCDE "Dunklen StraSSen" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork.
A new Release the Beast !!! Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just pure
fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Deprivation" Tape, limited to 100 Copies.
An other Release for this french Band... With Covers of BURZUM, MAYHEM and MARDUK ! No
Compromise. Just pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Ein Kampf, eine Waffe, eine Lsung / Fight for Glory" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with
color Artwork.
2 Demos on the same Tape !!! Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Dsir funbre" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwotk on luxurious gold Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Honor and Blood" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwotk on luxurious gold Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Morbid Sensuality" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on red Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE / WHSPERSORROW "Misanthropie et rve" split-tape, limited to 100 Copies with
Artwork on luxurious Gold Paper.
Greece vs France !!! Radikal and...Radikal !!!
TANK GENOCDE "Fuck the Vatican" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on red Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Antichrist Supertrash" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on red Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Devil Temptation" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on silver Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
TANK GENOCDE "Sex, Violence and Blasphemy" Tape, limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on red Paper.
The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face ! No Compromise. Just
pure fucking Chaos !
USTHOR "st" Tape, Limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on luxurious silver Paper.
3 amasing Tracks of Great European Black Metal with Pagan Spirit.
USURPER "Diabolosis" Tape
Great Black/Thrash Metal from USA
USURPER "Threshold Of Usurper" Tape
1997 Ep on Tape..nice Stuff
USURPER "Skeletal Season" Tape
Full - Lenght from 1999 on Tape
3 Way Split Tape...killer Black Metal, nice Stuff!
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "Obsessed by War" Tape, limted to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork.
Hellenic Bestial War Metal Chaos !!! For Fans of ABHORER and CONQUEROR...Tape version of this
fucking great Album.
VOQKRRE - Malveillance TAPE
Nice raw BM fron France.
Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Russia. Newest album limited to 320 copies.
VRVATULET - DEMO'11 , limited to 250 hand-numbered copies.
Raw Heathen Black Metal from Finland. To Time the best Finnish BM Group, great Killer Stuff from this
young Band..100% Support!
WALLACHA "Wallachia" Tape
Great Black Metal from Norway..Re - Release from the 1997 Ep
WACHT - Tschinch ons samza cumpromiss Tape
Nice Rehearsal Session from 05.04.2011
WALD GEST WNTER - Des Nebels langer Weg TAPE
Good Black Metal from Germany
WALD GEST WNTER - Siegreich ist das Eis TAPE
WUNJO / VARG ORDER - Lupus in Fabula Split Tape, Limited to 320 Copies
talic - Hellenic Alliance ahaist Christianity, nice Stuff!
WNTERFRONT - Of ron And Blood Tape, Limited to 300 Copies
Raw Black Metal from Croatia. EP'11 with bonus track.
WNTERFRONT - 'Thrones of Eternal Winter' Tape
Raw, mid-paced Pagan Metal. Debut demo of the band
ZUARASIZ - Pogaski Pomi!i Za"wiat#w $a%& 'imit( to ))) C%ois*
Pagan Metal from Poland. Demo'11
ANMUS NOCTS - "Journey through a grotesque dream" Tape limited to 25 Copies
Good Black Metal Stuff...
ARMATUS - Armee der schwarzen Stiefel MC,Last Album,German Satanic BM, Limited to 314 Copies!
AMALEK - Sonnenrad MC,Limited to 300 Copies! Raw German BM, the Sold Out Debut Cd re-released
on Tape.
ARYAN ART - ... BEREM PLODOVETE NA NASHETO NEHAYSTVO,...New album of this well-know
horde from Bulgaria,Limi auf 500 Copien.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
ARYAN ART - "second" Demo MC..,Fantastic Black Metal, ice cold and fast, reminds sometimes even to
Hate Forest but with very good high pitched vocals!
Limi auf 500 Copies.
ARGHOSLENT - Galloping Through The Battle Ruins MC, Great Death Metal from USA with GBK
ABSENTA LUNAE (talia) "Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes" MC,Exelent Depressive Black Metal from
taly... debut Demo.with Ex - Belphegor Members on Drums.
AGAZGUL / ETTENMOOR - Finnish's Hammers Underground Black Metal - split Tape, Great
Underground Black Metal!
ACTUM NFERN - Birth of Black Aeon MC, Raw Black Metal from Poland. Reedition of debut demo..
ACTUM NFERN - Kres Panowania Ery Ludzi MC,Great, raw and agressive Black Metal from Poland.
Second demo. Limited to 333 Copies!
Raw Black Metal from Poland. Debut album, limited to 333 copies.
AZAHEL`S FORTEESS: secrets of the forest MC, Schwarz Metal for fanatics of cult heathenism-
influenced art; an impressive Blackened Battlesword filled with the fears of the ennemies, tasting their
blood and pieces of flesh with a strong Axe. This UG BM piece is filled with cruel grimmness. No
copmpromise, just purity and allegiance to what BM is all about. With member of ALASTOR!
ANT CHRSTAN ASSAULT - s/t MC, starts off where Parnassus' "in doloriam gloria" and Octinomos "on
the demiurge" ended. Highly recommended quality weapons' Black metal with shrapnel vokillz and stop
breathing guitars sound. Featuring Nae'Blis member!
AUSTERE - To Lay An Old Ashes MC, Cult Depressive Black Metal.
ANTPHRASS - unbekanntes Nichts MC, The second Demo from this German BM Group,with ex Absurd
and Totenburg Members.
ARCHANDRJA - Zimowy Brzask Zwyciestwa MC Limited to 444 Copies! Black heavy metal from Venedae
circle! Pro-Cassette
ARCHANDRJA / VENEDAE Split MC, Both bands contribute previously unreleased material, including a
Sodom cover by Venedae (yes you read it correct) and tracks from '98 and '99, Limited to 200 Copies!.
Pro-Cassette with Sticker
ANDRAMELECH Destroyers of Cosmic Order MC.Satanic Black Metal.
ASHTORETH NCEST Hypnagogic Hallucinations MC, Good BM,Limited to 300 Copies!
AKTSA - An crpscute de Tspperance, Tape-edition of the latest full-length of Akitsa, in the same
hysterical and primitive style as "Soleil noir"! Comes on totally pro tapes.Pro-Cassette 5,- Euro
ARYOS - Le Paroxysme MC, Good BM.
AD DESOLATUM ET SLENTUM tineris Exitium - Pro - Tape, Good Black Metal.
ABYSMAL (fin)- Demo 1 MC,Limited to 88 Copies!
From the depths of Finland comes Abysmal, seeking for the glory of Satan! This is their first demo, but it
was already recorded in 2003 and kept in darkness until now! Lyrics are in native tongue, and the
recording has a fantastic sound with riffs that sound fresh and strong. f you like cold, satanic and finnish
black metal, then this demo comes highly recommended!
ANTSEMTEX - No Hope,No Future....Just W.A.R ! MC,Polish Cult XXBM, limited to 6 Milionen Copies!
ABUSVENES - Krzyk Switu MC,Epic Polish Pagan Black Metal. Limited to 200 pieces only. Highly
recommended release.
ALGOR - der pohanseho hneve MC, probably the best album in Slovak Black Metal underground!
Essential atmosphere, catchy riffs, antichristian lyrics. Tape edition contains also bonus, cover of
Darkthrone. You can buy almost 60 minutes of excellent music for fantastic price!
ALGOR / RUN OF HEDONSM - SPLT Tape'11, Pro - Tape limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Raw Black Metal from Slovakia.
AGMEN - Tartarus MC, Killer BM from Slovakia with Maniac Butcher Members.
AGMEN - Eternal MC
AMAZARAK - Saeva Omina, Satanic BM from France in the Tradition iof Osculum nfame,Blessed in Sin
a.o....Pro-Cassette with Sticker
ARKONA mperium MC. Probably their most melodic / symphonic release, but awesome stuff. ncludes
two bonustracks not on the cd.
ARKONA - Bogowie Zapomnienia MC.Cult Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
ARKONA - Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes MC.Cult Pagan Black Metal from Poland. Third album on tape.
ARKONA - Zeta Reticuli MC, Cult Pagan Black Metal from Poland. Second album again on tape.
ARKONA Arkonia Resurrection MC.Cult Pagan Black Metal from Poland.Limited to 300 Copies!
ARKONA / MOONTOWER - Split MC. Cult Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
AVERNUM - The Nihilist Revelations - TAPE, Compilation of more than 10 years of Avernum. With
members of Panzerfrost, expect more Grim Black Metal, Nihilist Cold ndustrial/Black Metal.
ABGAL - Live MC, We got the CVLT here exclusively ! New hymns from the ancient japanese demon
worshippers... !!!
Abigail, the black force hailing from the far and distant Japan, unleash a new live recording on the world.
Nine tracks of blackthrash attack!
ASTROFAES - Those Whose Past is immortal MC. Re-stock of their latest album so far. 7 tracks, over 50
minutes of slavic pagan black metal. The original typical slavic influences are still present, but overall the
band has grown to a more diverse sound. Recommended to fans of for example Drudkh!
ASTROFAES - Ancestors Shadows MC.
ASTROFAES - The Attraction : Heavens and Earth MC.Well known band... Nature influenced Black Metal
from the cold eastern lands. Very wonderful soundscape panorama, where the nothingness is deep into...
ASTROFAES - "dea. Form. Essence." .Sixth album. Fast and harsh, yet still semi-melodic, Black Metal
from the Ukraine, featuring Thurios of HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KNGU and DRUDKH. Pure quallity
and rigid orthodoxy Pro-Cassette with Sticker
ARS NENA - Cantus nstinctus Tape. Wolfish Black Metal.
ANGELGOAT - U Slavu Satane - Serbian Black Metal Pro-Cassette
ANNHLATON 666 - Smash the Stones MC, German Killer Black Metal..a good New Comer!
AFFLCTS LENTAE (Fra) " No Escape from the Jaws of Hell " Pro - TAPE
BM from France ...including the tracks of the split with Zebarges (Gorification Music)
ANTCHRSTAN KOMMANDO - Vernichtungsfeldzug MC
A Swiss-Canadian combo. Aggressive Black `n` Roll with melodic elements.
The limited-edition of 100 pieces!
AD NOCTEM FUNERS "...Of Evil and Torment" Tape,Limited to 250 copies.Artwork on Gold Paper
Killer Evil talian Black Metal.
Tape Version of the Full Length 2009.
ANNO DOMN MORTUS Tape, limited to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork.
Grim Black from New-Zealand ! 26 min of pure Darkness and Chaos.
ATTRALA (Fra) - "La Nuit m'a Enseign..." Pro - Tape, Limited to 100 Copies.
Raw melancholic black metal in the vein of old Celestia.
AHNENERBE - Vril Pro - Tape
Great Polish black Metal,very good Newcomer !
APOKA (Bra) - kaos metal Tape
War BM reminidng the spirit of the Necropolis albums of Swedish War of the 90's .
4 grim Black Metal tracks + 1.Pro colour covers limited to 300 copies
AKASHAH - Dance Of Beltaine Fire Pro - Tape
Heathen Black Metal from Vinland. LP'10
Akashah's first full length album "Barbarous was originally released in 2007. This is a limited edition re-
release of 100 red cassettes, dubbed in stereo with high quality colored sleeves and labels.Thuriaz of
Peoria, llinois perfroms all instruments and vocals.
ABUSVENEES / SALTUS - Nowa Era Pro - Tape
Slavonic Black/Death Metal from Poland. .Split'10 on tape
ASENHEM - Sehnsucht Tape , Limited to 25 Copies..Tape comes with a big Poster!
1. Welcome Wonderland, 2. Lebwohl, 3. Der letzte Passagier, 4. Asenheim
German Pagan/Black Metal..good Stuff!
AGRAMON (hol) - n This Sickening World TAPE
Another hammer from the Netherlands! Agramon strikes with their furious and misanthropic black metal
leaving all mutilated and numb. 4 agressive tracks against the sickening world, prepare for total
destruction! With a member from Zwartplaag!
BARAD DR / GRAVEN - Split Tape, Limited to 250 Copies!
BARAD DR - DUNKELHET MC,German Cult BM, Limited to 300 Copies!
BESTAL MLESTOR "The Malefic Vomit of Satan" Tape, Pro printed Artwork. Limited to 250 Copies
Tape Version of the MCD. Chaotic Black Death from South America !!!
BLODSBAND (Swe) - "Svunna tiders sgner" MC, Limited to 300 copies with colour cover hand
Almost one hour of Brutal Pagan Black Metal from Swedish realms, The lyrics consist of quotations from
Erikskrnikan (Eric's Chronicle), a Swedish text from the 14th century. Additional vocals performed by Ulf
from Korpblod!
BLGHT "[heiled]" MC,Good Orthodox BM.
BORNE (Swi): MC, killer corpse painting nordic influenced BM in the vein of Dark Throne and Mayhem
with well portion of influences of
Xasthur, Dodsferd and Shining but with a better production. with extraordinary drummer of Enoid. Not a
weak follower of the forementioned bands.
BLODTRU - the death of the spirit MC, Debut album. 5 tracks. 53 minutes.Dark Thronish Pagan/Black
BUSTUM - THE RETURN OF HATE MC, Grim Polish BM with Othar and Selbstmord Members.
BLOOD OF KNGU - De Occulta Philosophia MC, Members of Drudkh playing the exact same music, and
with the same production, but faster.
BLODFEST - i kong skjolds navn MC, 9 Songs (50 minutes) of True Nordic Black Metal from Denmark!
BLODFEST combines the atmosphere and grandeur of classic EMPEROR and DARKTHRONE /
SENGARD, with the never-ending torrents of brutality that define bands such as DARK FUNERAL,
DSSECTON, early MMORTAL, and MARDUK-- but without resorting to the clichs of any of those
bands' imitators. Blasting, yet still atmospheric sometimes trance-inducing, other times causing delirium
amidst the violence and controlled chaos; overall utterly high-calibre and grim attack.
BLODULV - diatribe MC, Misanthropic Swedish Black Metal with some industrial influences.
BLODULV - Blodulv MC, Good Black Metal from Sweden. First album on tape.
BLODULV - kristkrossarre MC, Black Metal from Sweden, debut demo.
BELETH - Nienchronne Slonca MC, Raw Black Metal from Poland. Debut album on tape..
BELETH / THANATHRON Voice of nferno MC, Satanic Black Metal.
BLUTSCHRE The Voice of Forbidden Pride MC, BM with Horna and Sombre Chemin Members.
BESATT Triumph of the Antichrist MC,Cult raw Black Metal from Poland. Sixth album on tape. .
BESATT Czarici Majestat MC.Occult Black Metal by the unholy polish masters of BESATT !!!
BRANKALD Rausch der Misanthropie MC.Norsk Black Metal,
BRANKALD - Av VinterKald MC.Norsk Black Metal,
BLUTNACHT - Forets Sitambres MC,Heathen Black Metal from Belgium. Debut album., Limi auf 150
Copien, LAST COPES !!!
BLACKHORNED - Dawn of Doom MC,second full lenght album. Great old school BM. thundering drums,
heart-pounding guitars and anguished vocal, performed with passion and skill. Victimizer member.
BLACK ORBT - Monumental Mass Genocide MC
BRANDSTOCK - Lewwer duad s Slaav MC. Die letzen Exemplare !!!
BLSKRNR - Ahnenerbe MC ,Cult Black Metal from Germany. .
BLSKRNR / HUNOK - Alied by Heathen Blood MC, Heathen Black Metal, split of two cult hordes from
Germany and Hungarian.
BLSKRNR - "n flames of Purification" MCCult Black Metal from Germany... Tape version of first album...
BLSKRNR(Ger) / EVL(Bra) - "German-Southern Brotherhood". Pro - Tape
Excellent split of this two famous bands .
BLACK WOOD Religions MC.Satanic BM from Russia, Limitied to 200 Copies.
BLASPHEMOUS - Ripping Alive Christ MC,Raw Black Metal from Poland. Second demo..
BLACK ALTAR - Death Fanaticism - Tape, Satanic Black Evil Metal.
BAPHOMET / THORONATH - Split MC, Finnish Black Metal from Horna Members!
BLUTEN Years of Hate and Misanthropy MC, Primitive but traditional Black Metal misanthropy... Not
more, not less, just hateful views here, no place for any emotions..Grim and Misanthropic Metal. A
Compilation Tape of rehearsals.
BAEL Chaida de Christo (Bol), Tape, re-release of a southern cult demo.
BESTALZED "Annihilating the Judeo-Christian Generations" Tape
Brutal, speed and technical colombian Black Death. Tape version of this killer Full Length. Tape limited to
250 copies with pro printed Artwork.
BLOOD AND DSASTER "Tierras de Destruccion y Adoracion al Demonio" Tape, limited to 250 copies
with pro printed artwork
Colombian brutal and hysterical Black Metal !!! Tape version of this MCD + 3 old Tracks on Bonus !
BARRABAS (Bra) - Poison Fruit Tape
Ssouthern BM desecration,nice Stuff.
BLASHYRKH (US) - s/t Demo Tape
True BM heralding the aggressive dark and cold surrounding of early glorious MMORTAL days.
BLODTRU (DK) - the death of the spirit Tape
Debut album. 5 tracks. 53 minutes. Dark Thronish Pagan / Black Metal.
CROWN OV HORNS / SOUL DEVOUR (Mys/Sgp) : "Glorification ov War, Death & Destruction" Tape
limited to 200 handnumbered copies
Death Metal
CATACUMBA (Bra) : "Kratos" Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies
True Brazilian Black/Death Metal
COLDNGHT (Chile)/ NVERNO (Chile)/ NECROSADK(Mex) : Llevame Lejos Split Tape
COLD EMPRE - From The Ashes Of The Empire MC . Limited to 99 !
Blasting Crush Skull Unholy Black Metal From taly ! Attention for fans of Agressivity And Melody !
CELESTA (Fra) - "Archaenae Perfectii" Pro - Tape, Limited to 300 Copies.
3AR?<S $ :rista %ape,Atmospheric 8eathen :lac 9etal from @rance!Debut demo, limited to
C44!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
HUR - L)KH" Tape>Atmospheric Sla)onic heathen art+ @or those who are into ?rainian
Pagan stuff lie 7roda, Noturnal 9ortum and so on!! ! Limited to 044, Pro-Cassette with Sticker
CAPTOLLUM - "undivine antipathy " MC, Symphonic BM from Russia in the vein of the Cradel of Filth
Debut album.
CAPTOLLUM - "synphony of possession" MC, Symphonic BM from Russia in the vein of the Cradel of
Filth Debut album.
CULTUS - "our swords we rise" MC. Pagan BM from Holland.
CULTUS - Hymns of Descending MC,Four long tracks of new Cultus style, after few tapes (and cd, split ep
and split mlp) on his own label and Tour de garde (Can) he is back with 4 new slow BM pieces, even
better then his previous stuff, still typical for Cultus although the songs are much slower, ranging from
uptempo black metal/rock to ultraslow doom metal, although Cultus spirit is more then present... No
drumcomputer and relatively clear and epic production, some may say it sounds like a mix a between
Nargaroth , Woods Of nfinity and Forgotten Woods/Joyless. Pro double sided covers comes with long
motivation, photo's, etc. Released by Antihumanism.
CULTUS - Promo 2007 MC
CHUR / OPRCH - ..From the ghostly fog../The Firellower Split - MC.Russian Slav Pagan Metal/Heathen
Metal. Pro-Cassette with Sticker 5,- Euro
CAED DHU - By Tych,co nami ... MC,Limited to 300 Copies! Brutal and old school raw black metal from
Poland, mostly fast and uptempo, recalling the early days of Samael, Alastis and Ancient Rites.
CORNEUS (ger): teufelschmand, German Kult Stuff!
CRPTA OCULTA - ''Sangue Do Novo Amanhecer'' MC, BM from Portugal, Limited to 300 Copies!
CELTC DANCE - Regressus Ad Uterum MC,Limited to 250 Copies!.Tapeversion of the songs that
appeared on the very hard to find split cd with Wolfthrone. Musically their best material ever, both in
production and songwriting! Pure black metal with killer semi-melodic parts.
CRYSTALLNE DARKNESS - Melancolica Nostalgia MC
Two artistic entities offer up an unconventional course of community incorporating wailing post-punk with
dream ambience. Moving through the silent parts of thought and speech both parties take their leaps into
a shining & redoubtable stream without haste or hesitation. The entirety has a strong sense of
unexpectancy & wonder, like a wall with a door you never saw before or the end of a message you
thought you'd never receive.
Cold Black Metal from Poland. New album on tape, limited to 333 copies
D#RKTHULE 1 M#SSEN:ERNIHTUN9 - Sp'it >5reat "!A!R! :lac 9etal! Limited to
;C4!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
DAEMONOLTH - By Order of Decimation Pro - Tape Limited to 100 Copies!
DROWNNG THE LGHT - The Fading Rays of the Sun Pro - Tape, Australian Cult BM Act..
DROWNNG THE LGHT / NHASA / POSSESSON RTUAL - Split Tape, Limited to 300 Copies.
Killer must have this Stuff!
DARK AGES - Twilight of Europe MC. Medieval Dark Ambient.First album on tape.
DARK AGES - A Chronicle of the Plague MC. Medieval Dark Ambient. Second album on tape, with one
bonus track.
DER STRMER / TOTENBURG - Split ...Comes with a diferent Cover and full printed Tapes from
Pressfactory .PRO - TAPE !!!
DARKTHULE - Revolution Of Souls MC, Ancient Black Metal from Hellas. Compilation of two 7".
DARK THULE - Beyound the endless Horizons MC,Great Black Metal from Hellas. First full-lenght album
on tape.
DARKTHULE - WOLFORDER, Ancient Black Metal from Hellas. Second album on tape.Pro-Cassette with
DARK FURY - W.A.R. Pro - Tape
Newest album of cult Polish Black Metal. Limited to 100 copies only.
DARK FURY Final Solution MC. Limited to 260 Copies! Cult Horned Metal from Poland. Third album
with bonus tracks on tape.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
DARK FURY - Carnivore / Vea Victis MC.Polish Black Metal Cult.
DARK FURY - Slavonic Thunder MC.Cult Horned Metal from Poland. Second album on tape..
DARK FURY - Fortress of Eagles,Limited to 350 Copies! Cult Horned Metal from Poland. Fourth album on
tape. Pro-Cassette with Sticker
DARK FURY - Price of Treaseon, Cult Aryan Horned Metal from Poland.Limi auf 500 Copien! Pro-
Cassette with Sticker
D#RK FUR) - S#LI9I# >3ult 8orned 9etal from Poland! Last album on tape! Pro-Cassette
with Sticker
DE:I#T"R - :"IE "F THE N#TI:E -L""D Tape>:lac 9etal from ?raine! Limited to
C44 3opies!
#/M/S/9/ Hai' the French -'ack Meta' .n+ergro.n+? The participant$ o6 thi$ *an+ are ,e''-
kno,n mem*er$ o6 c.'t hor+e$ hemin +e Haine> -'e$$e+ in Sin an+ "$c.'.m In6ame/ Tape
i$ coming ,ith pro6e$$iona' printe+ *'ack1,hite co(er/
DRUDKH - Autumn Aurora MC, Cult Pagan BM from Ukraina, The Last Copies!!!
DRUDKH - Forgotten Legends MC, Cult Pagan BM from Ukraina, the Last Copies!!!
DEMONC SLAUGHTER - Cold Disease of Reality MC,Black Metal from Poland. First full-lenght album..
DAWN OF THE ANTCHRST - Compilation MC with: Todfeind, Permafrost, Epithalium, Amalek,
Annihilation 666 u.a. Limited to 200 Copies!.
DEMURG - From the Throne of Darkness MC, Raw Black Metal from Poland. First album on tape..
DESASTER - Stormbringer MC, Tape-version of this quite rare mini-album. Six tracks, over 20 minutes of
their most "black metal" release in my opinion, meaning it has less thrash metal parts then on the other
albums. Killer!!
DESASTER - A Touch of Medieval Darkness MC, Tape version from this album; the last one with Okkulto
on vocals. Mandatory release of black/thrash metal attack, no more words needed
DEMURG / BLODULV / MONOMANA - Total Human Demise MC,Raw Black Metal... Good Split Tape
DAWN OF DVSON - "Outrage of desulation MC. Hellenic Somber Mournful Black Metal
DEMONCY Faustian Dawn MC, Next uncompromising act from Demoncy! Harsh and Dark Unholy
Black Metal with strong occult atmosphere. Original released as limited 12 LP. This MC is official
licence /Sombre records/ from this vynil. MC is limited only to 500 copies! Profi gloosy B/W cover!
DUB BUK - Yna wy bh MC, Great Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine. First album on tape. with Nokturnal
Mortum Members .
DEVATHORN - Diadema, debut full lenght. Grim BM with Ex Dodsferd member!
DREVO VELCHE MC, Experimental, neoclassical Dark Ambient/Neofolk with Black Metal touches...
Second album of this Russian project, limi auf 320 copien.
DUNKELHET - Endless Dream About... MC, Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary. Demo'09... , limi auf
200 Copien !!
Germany and France, Limi auf 250 Copien!
DYSTER - Reflet D'Outre Tombe MC, Misanthropic Black Metal from France. Demo'08
DEAD REPTLE SHRNE - sth Narai Ja MC, Finnish Ambient !
DEAD REPTLE SHRNE - Burning Black nfinity MC, Finnish BM and Ambient Mix..!
Shamanic ritual demon worship.Obscure and filthy, definately not for everyone.
You do not classify this stuff by instrumentation, composition or sound, simply because it is NOT musik.
And it's not a matter of whether or not you like this; it's a matter of whether you are able to handle it.
f you are able to, you will probably cast it aside as "unlistenable" musik. The blessed chosen ones whose
1st attention has been weakened enough so as not being able to handle it, will be thrown out towards
the event horizon of self-consciousness and control, and cannot help but succumb to the pure energy that
flows from this aural experience. t will force you to meet nfinity in all its beauty and terror.
Very obscure stuff which personally like very much, so recommended for anyone who is searching
something outstanding! Very limited.
DEAD REPTLE SHRNE - Nocturnal Thelema Kruzifixion MC, Finnish BM ..!
DEMONC FOREST - Endless Silence of Desolation MC, Raw Satanic BM!
DRENGSKAPUR - Von Nebel umschlungen..MC, Great German Black Metal!
D?N7L6N "ALD J:raK, N<R%86RN @<R6S% J:raK' Distant 3old Land %ape
D"6LLIIN5 J?S,3AK' Pierced %houghts <f Desolation %ape
Depressi) and Suicidal :9!
DUSK (Hun) - beginning Tape
Both 2 first demos. True Carpathian Black Metal. This band shares the closest feeling/relationship to the
spirit of Dead/ MAYHEM. No clich.
DEVL ANCESTRY - "Unleash" tape
Debut demo offering from this new Australian band. Primitive and crushing barbarian black/death from
Australia, heeavy and necro as fuck. magine barbarians wielding instruments for the first time.... Low
death vox, heavy distortion and pounding drum beats. Limited to 200 copies.
DARK PARANOA - 'Dark Paranoia' Tape
Depressive and Suicidal Black Metal. Sadness, emptiness and total support for you to cut open your veins
4 tracks of depressive black metal in the Xasthur's vein + a Nortt cover / 3 tracks of melancholic and dark
instrumental suicidal ambient black metal.
DECAYNG CTADEL (USA) - "Sacrifice" Blue Pro - Tape, Limited to 100.
Mixing influences from funeral doom to sludge, Decaying Citadel delivers almost half an hour of heavy, riff-
driven, rusty doom with a truly crushing sound.
DOMNUS RA - Ferocia Animi Tape
Okkult BM, nice Stuff!
DEADWOOD (Swe) "819" Tape
Martial Ambient in the vein of MZ. 412 , Deutsch Nepal or Brighter Deaht Now
DEADWOOD (Swe) "Ramblack" Tape
Martial Ambient in the vein of MZ. 412 , Deutsch Nepal or Brighter Deaht Now
DRP - Hrskarorden Pro - Tape, limited to 100 Copies
Fucking Killer Release, pure Swedish Black Metal...nice Stuff!!
Dark Ambient from Ukraine. Latest album, limited to 320 copies.
ETTENMOOR - Winter of Supremacy MC, Raw BM from Finnland.
EVLFEAST / MARBLEBOG - senheimen / Abyss Calls... MC, Misanthropic Black Metal, Poland /
EMPRE OF HATE / MORTHOND - "Split" MC.Long awaited but finally released during the last dark days
of 2003. Both bands play the purest black metal. Empire Of Hate contributes five tracks, which are the
band's first ones to see the dead of the night. These morbid songs will appeal to those who like Mtiilation
and Maniac Butcher with it's dissonant riffs and insane and extremely hateful vocals. Morthond's tracks
are previously released as "Somber Deathwinds" cdr, by Profane Productions in the early days of 2003.
Their music carries the freezing cold atmosphere of the old Darkthrone releases to new, haunting levels,
through the use of keyboards and sickened and tortured vocals.
ENDLESS BATTLE - From the Thicket of Times Tape (HAMMERBUND Release)
Endless Battle celebrate dark Black Metal from the depths Woods of the Ukrainian!
Since icy north winds and blizzards in the style of Branikald, Forest, Ravendark, Nitberg und Co., let
cultivated your corpse at the polar nights solidify to an ice column...
And even Grandfather Frost does not come here all around to nibble sometimes a strong train from the
however, thus warmth making a donation vodka bottle....
Since coldly it was already, however, now it becomes icy ...!
E:ILFE#ST - M)STERIES "F THE N"TURN#L F"REST Pro-Cassette with Sticker
5rim, misanthropic :lac 9etal from Poland! Second album finally officially on tape!
EXHALATON (Pol) : "Whorecaust" Tape limited to 333 handnumbered copies
Exelent Death/Thrash Metal from Poland!
69P%HN6SS $ As,tA Pro %ape!!! Limited to .44 copies
%he lp wich was released by 7;0 inc! released as pro tape, brutal @rench :lac metal
EPDEMA MORTALS (Fr) : "When the Epidemic Arrived" Tape lim.200
God Black Metal from France
ENORDRE (Fr) : "Eternal Winter" Tape lim.200
Black Metal
FAAGRM - ...Und Winter Kam MC, Limi auf 200 Copien.
FLAMMERSJEL THE HALLS OF STARSHNNG, Years after recording, finally released... Pagan Black
Metal from Ukraine. Debut demo, Limited to 314 Copies!.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
FLAME OF WAR - Transcendence MC, Third album of this great horde from Wroclaw with Dark Fury
Member. Three long tracks in the vein of Burzum and old Polish Black Metal, almost 60 minutes.Limited to
500 Copies!
FLAME OF WAR - The Flames are Rising MC. Heathen Black Metal with Dark Fury Member.
FLAME OF WAR - Europa;or,The Spirit...MC. Heathen Black Metal with Dark Fury Member .
@LA96 <@ "AR , 5ASS%?R9 , BIA D<L<R<SA , RA55ADAR8 , "<L@S%ANDAR%6 $
Split %ape,No "ords for this )erry nice Split %ape! Limited to ;./!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
F#ETH"N - IMM"RT#L #NIENT SPIRIT>8eathen :lac 9etal from 8ellas! Limited to
C11!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
FAETHON - Pagan Rivival MC,Heathen Black Metal from Hellas. Reedition of second demo with two
bonus tracks.Limited to 300 Copies!
FJORD - VOR TRU, Folk Metal from northern Vinland. Debut album. Pro-Cassette with Sticker
FREEZNG MOON Sumrak Ldstava MC, Misanthropic Black Metal from Slovakia..., Limited to 66
FNST - Crosses shall Burn MC, Great Black/Heavy Metal from a Member of Nokturnal Mortum, the last
FOLKVANG - World of Wisdom MC, Slavonic Black Metal from Belarus. LP'04, comes with a Slipcase!!!
FOLKVANG - "On the Wings of Destiny" MC,Slavonic Black Metal from Belarus. Second album on tape!
FORGOT - Sic Luceat Lux MC, Misanthropic Black Metal from Russia. Third album.
FOREVER WNTER - "Let your Arrows fly MC, Black Metal with Heavy Metal Parts from Finnland.
FOREVER WNTER - "of battles unseen MC, Black Metal with Heavy Metal Parts from Finnland.
FROZEN DARKNESS (Fr) : "Suprmatie Sataniste" Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies
Black Metal
FORLS (DNK) - 13 Torture Traps Tape
The aim of Forlis is first and foremost to create hauntingly dark and mellow music without any regards for
conventional methods of song-writing.
The music of Forlis moves between melancholic ambient parts and obscure guitar-driven parts.This
release contains both unreleased material and
material from their demo Hellseeker that was released back in 2004. Bandmembers Vuml and Svest also
appear in bands like Sick Room 7, Sangtid,
Church Bizarre and Victimizer.
GRAVELAND - Drunemeton MC. Re-release of this old and VERY primitive demo.
GRAND NOCTURNE - despair and demise MC, with mpious Havoc members,great BM in the Burzumian
GASSTURM - Zeitenschlacht MC, German old school BM in the vein of the first Absurd Demo Releases!
GRMORC - "Devils Touch" MC.Slow monumental Black Metal.
GOATSNGNAL - Marriage of Eve and the Serpent MC;Goatsignal hails from Finland, but doesn't play the
typical Finnish black metal. nfluenced by Satan, semen and blood they bring 2 tracks of hateful sadistic
black metal and 3 tracks of insane noise/plague/vomit. Mutilate and inflict pain upon yourself, crush your
life in devotion to our master! This tape is a magnetic piece of virus that will leave you infected...
GERMANEN BLUT - Wandelnd in der einsamkeit abgrundtiefer gedanken MC,second full lenght. 60 min.
long of True Germanic blood following their debut CD on Nebelfee Klangwerk !
GRMFAUG - Blood upon the Face of Creation / Defloration of Lives Essence MC. Both Albums one
Tape! Quite typical and standard black metal, vein of new Krieg and Nargaroth.
GROMM - Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism MC,Misanthropic Black Metal from Ukraine...
Latest stuff.
GROMM - Sacrilegium MC, Misanthropic Black Metal from Ukraine. LP'08 on tape.
9NIEU @ D#RK!"RLD "F "LD LE9ENDS> New minialbum!!! 5ood :lac 9etal from
:elarus!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
GNEU N THE VORTEXES OF EXSTENCE AWARENESS MC,..Latest stuff from this Belarussian
horde... Dark, atmospheric Pagan Black Metal. Limited to 320 copies.
9)"TRELEM - TELAES -ETELAESULES 0 H#L#L Pro-Cassette with Sticker
9orbid :lac 9etal from 8ungary! Latest demoG
GOAT THRON - Decade of Rebellion MC, Limited to 33 Copies.
Great of hateful dark industrial/noise project from Lower Silesia(Poland).
GOAT THRON -Aktion T4 - Vernichtung von Lebensunwertem Leben MC, Limited to 33 Copies.
Experimental demo with military, industrial and war elements....!
GOAT THRON - Hate Cult MC, Limited to 33 Copies.
Controversial dark industrial with noise elements...!
GRMNR (Austria): Kreuzzug in der tod Tape
Cassette album. Grim and cold for fans of Godless North
5<DL6SS JPRIK $ %herianthropic Lust %ape, Limited ;44 hand numbered 3opies!
/ tracs of raw satanic blac metal in the old way!
5ILLIN5R AAms)artnerA %ape, Limited to C04 3opies! Artwor on special luxurious gold Paper!
%ape Bersion of the first Album of this swedish :and!
GRATZUG - Pestabtei Tape, Limited to 100 Copies.
Great german old school BM.
GRATZUG - Vor dem Tor Tape, Limited to 50 Copies.
Great german old school BM.
Excellent W.A.R. Black Metal from Ukraine. Debut demo limited to 188.
8A996RB<L7 $ <@ PR<@<?ND AN36S%RAL "ISD<9!!!Debut demo limited to C04
hand$numbered copies!
8eathen Ambient from Southern "oods+
HUMUS - "Art Noir Clandestin" Pro - Tape, limited to 100 Copies
French forest BM,featuring dunkel from sale freux,drakonhail,saatkrhe etc...
HELSEFYR / FUNEREUS (SWE/MEX) - Aquilonius Frigus Vorago Pro - Tape, limited to 100 copies!
Old school Black Metal split! Helsefyr from Sweden plays old school Black Metal in the vein of old
Darkthrone. Funereus from Mexico plays really
grim and old school Black Metal in the name of Satan.
HEKATE - Darkness Enshrouds All Rays Of Hope Tape Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.
14 tracks of raw and dirty monotonous German black metal in the vain of ldjarn.
H#R#9 - E-ER #LM"K UTA#IN Tape> 8eathen :lac 9etal,Ambient, 8ungary!
HREMM9IEFST"L - !HEN THE !IND -L"!S FR"M THE N"RTH > 5ood 8eathen
:lac 9etal from ?7! Limietd to C04!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
HELLEWACHT - Euvele Daeden MC Depressive Black Metal with Members of Lugubre, Striid, Salacious
Gods, Satanic Funeral (US), Mord (US), Grimfaug, Paragon mpure, Corpus Christii (Port).
HORDAGAARD - Ravenblod / Trollskap - Tape,Raw Black Metal from Norway...
HELLCULT Wiszacy las/rehearsal 1999 - tape, Polish Satanic Black Metal,Two cult demo`s from the
90`s banned on one tape.
HLLS OF SEPHROTH - of disease and desesperation, Black Metal from U.S.A.!
HLLS OF SEPHROTH - the neglected ancestry, Black Metal from U.S.A. Third album on tape.
HK-ZUG - Centurions of Thule MC. XXBM from France, Restock - demo "Centurion of Thule" + "Promo
112" on one tape.
HORNA - Vuohipaimen MC. Probably the most nationalist recordings of Horna finally available again.
HORNA Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne MC
HORNA Talismaani MC
HOLOCAUST The Call of Thuringian Woods MC, German BM with Barad Dr Members!
HEGEMOON - $+o! Za MC& Goo( ,-a.k Mta- /+om Po-a!(* 01----!g2t a-31m o! ta%
HEGEMON - still raping after all these years MC,Raw Black Metal from France... Second demo.Ex
Mutiilation Members.
HELL MARY Belanglo Burial MC,Black'n'roll - Australia. Third demo.Limited to 300 Copies!.
HELVETESPNE - Frykten og Mennesket Tape
Tape Format from this grandios norwaigian BM Album.
HERDRAN (Can) : njustice Tape
HERDRAN (Can)/ SATANC FOREST (Bra)/ NORTHERN FOREST (Bra): Fullmoon On North Sky Split
Black Metal and Ambient Split Album..!
HRZG (sp): oaken path of grief Tape Lp
HASSERBEN "Chants d'Automne tape (Last Copies)
Tape 8 tracks. Great intense french Black Metal. Pro printed artwork. limited to 250 copies.
HEMATLED (Austria): Rehearsals 1999-2000 Tape
HADER "Ascheregen" Tape, limited to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork.
German Black Metal. "Ascheregen" Demo 2008 (6 Tracks) + Demo 2006 on bonus (3 Tracks).
Tape limited to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork.
HATUL "Lichtjger" Tape Limited to 250 Copies.Artwork on special luxurious gold Paper.
Traditionnal Necro Black Metal from Germany.
HMYS (fin) - kuisuuteen TAPE, limited to 99 Copies
A new howl from the forests of Finland. This release from Hmys offers 7 tracks recorded between 2008 -
2011 but not released before. By now you know what to expect from this young but promising band; raw,
minimalistic, melodic black metal.
HMYS (fin) - Kirkkaus Yll Maan Hmrn TAPE, limited to 99 Copies
A new opus from Hmys. This release offers 8 tracks, including one cover, with the same forest inspired
black metal as on their earlier releases. Two of the tracks were also released on the 'lon ja Surun Mets'
tape, the other tracks are all new recordings.
HMYS - Hamys . MC Limited to only 99 !
AMAZNG FNNSH And UNQUE BLACK METAL ART ! Cold Cold Cold ! Quality Music , from Cold
Finnish Forest !
HEXENWALD - "Nordland Okkult Mysterium" Pro - Tape
Debut stuff of black metal hordes from Germany . Cold occult and misanthropic old-school black metal.Full
of hate and depressive music about bloody rituals and war against judeo-christianity.
Limited to 333 hand numbered copies and 3 bonus tracks!!!
HANGED GOST (Por) - "Remembrance Part " green Pro - Tape, Limited to 100 Copies.
Punishing, heavy and sorrowful doom/death, with thundering drums and cavern-like growls. This demo
features a new song, in the vein of the first part of "Remembrance". A prelude for the album, coming
somewhere this year.
8I69AL ODemos I and IIP %ape, Limited to == 3opies with Artwor on luxurious sil)er Paper!
C Demos on same %ape! 3old and 9ysterious :lac Ambient from New Lealand!
8I69AL ODemos III and IBP %ape, Limited to == 3opies with Artwor on luxurious sil)er
C Demos on same %ape! 3old and 9ysterious :lac Ambient from New Lealand!
86LLQS B6INS O6ternal "arriorP %ape! Limited to C04 3opies with Artwor on red Paper!
%rue <ld School and Biolent %hrash Attac from 3hile!%ape )ersion of this 93D!
86A%86N LI@63<D6 $ R5enocideultR %ape
:estial outburst of hate+ :estial 3haos :lac 9etal+
86E6N NA38% $ RSatanic Ritual @ucR %ape
RSatanic Ritual @ucR from ?SA the most low$fi release e)er+ %otal in)ocations to the Darness
spread upon the ritualistic orgy+
UGULATUS 'Call of the Horned God' Tape
Debut album of polish horde which stands for total old school Black Metal in vein of early '90s.
Only for maniacs.
NFECTUS - TULVLAG Tape Demo'11, limited to 222 hand-numbered copies.
Raw Black Metal from Hungary.
MMEMORATUS - "Empireum" - MC, Limited to 222 Copies.
Re-released first demo on tape. Black Metal in old school style with keyboard parts. nspired by first
releases of old Rotting Christ and Satyricon.
NSALUBRE (Por) "Vozes do passado" MC
Raw black metal from the dephts of the portuguese underground.
C REX - Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia MC, 2009 remixed and remastered version of the sold out debut
album released on CD through Hammer of Hate.Don't miss this true jewel of Luciferian Black Metal.
C REX - valonkantajan alkemia MC, 2009 remixed and remastered version of the second full lenght.
C REX - Vedenjakaja MC,Third album.
C REX - Lunar Possession MC,re release of the demo tape.
NFERUM - Demo 2.008 MC, Satanic Black from Portugal..
NDOMTUS / MORTNATUM - split tape,an occult pact between two satanic lodges practicing evil
madness. Great Black Metal from Spain.
SKALLA - Eternal Coldness MC, Black Metal from Netherlands.!
SOLFUR - Schrei des Wolfes MC, Great Demo from a Good German BM New Comer ! The last Copies !
NTROVERSON - "Mde" Pro - Tape, limited to 100 handnumbered copies
Suicidal downtempo black metal.real emotions.ready to bleed?
GNS URANUM(Ger) - Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency Tape
Killer Black metal from Germany, with Paria Members!
NFERUS TORMENT - 'Your god Liar' Tape
Russian Satanic Black Metal with the Drummer of Belphegor.
K#T#BU @ HUN9ER "F ELEMENTS> Last album finally on tape!!! Limited to 044 copies,
Pro-Cassette with Sticker
KRODA - Fimbulvinter MC,..Great Pagan Metal from Ukraine. Third album on tape. Limited to 500.Comes
in a SLPCASE !!!
KRODA - Live in Lemberg MC,.Livetape. Great quality layout, limited to 500! Comes in a SLPCASE !!!
KRODA / OPRC - Legend/Wolfen Loyality MC,..Great Pagan Metal from Eastern Slavonic countries...
Beautiful high quality layout ! Comes in a SLPCASE !!!
KRODA / VELMOR - By the Hammer of Spirit...MC,..Great Pagan Metal from Eastern Slavonic
countries... Beautiful high quality layout,limited to 500 copies.
Comes in a SLPCASE !!!
KRODA - Cry me to River MC, Great Slavonic Pagan Folk Metal from Ukraine.
KAGAN Debut MC.Slavonic Black Metal from Serbia. Compilation of previous works, Limited to 88
KOLDBRANN - "Nekrotisk inkvisition" MC.Black Metal from Norway comes with Live Bonustitles.
KOLDBRANN Moribund MC, Second Album of this BM Terrorists!
KAL YUGA - First MC.
KRAFT - Twilight Halls of Sorrow MC.Misanthropic Black Metal from Portugal...
KRAFT - Lusitanian Pride MC,Misanthropic Black Metal from Portugal... Debut demo..
KRAFT - Black We Stand at the Dawning Moon MC. Misanthropic Black Metal from Portugal...
KRAFT - And The Land Turns Dark MC.Misanthropic Black Metal from Portugal... Third album.
KRAFT - The Ruins of Time MC.Misanthropic Black Metal from Portugal... Fourth album..
KORUM - "Uraddy samoty" MC.Slavonic Black/Doom Metal.
KORUM - "Mrazivia noc" MC.Black Metal from Slovakia. Debut demo.
KORUM - Tma Pred Smrt'ou MC, Black Metal from Slovakia. Reedition of fourth demo.
KORUM - The Pendulum of Sorrow MC, Black Metal, Slovakia. LP'09
KRGAR (Swi): s/t MC,Black Metal side project of Enoid's drummer
KOLTUM (POR) ''Course Of Evil'' MC,Raw Black Metal from Portugal. Demo'07, Limited to 150 Copies!
KOLTUM (POR) ''The Story Of Death'' MC, Luciferian order envoking the wisdom of the demons ! Limited
to 150 Copies!
KRYPTA (fin)- Satanic Possessions MC, Limited to 166 Copies!
Krypta hails from Finland and is the one-man creation of Marquis Gomorrah who is also the mastermind of
Ruumisvaunut, and other projects, and the current vocalist of Torture Killer and Funeral Feast. Formed in
2004 and delivered one demo back in 2005, this is the new christ-hating demo featuring 4 tracks recorded
2006-2007. Dark and eerie black metal with melodic touches.
KHORS COLD TAPE..Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine,mit Drudkh,Astrofaes,Hate Forests Mitgliedern
... Limi auf 500 Copien.
KHORS THE FLAME OF ETERNTY'S DECLNE TAPE..Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine with
Drudkh, Astrofaes, Hate Forests Members ... Limi auf 500 Copien.
KHORS MYSTCSM TAPE.. Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine with Drudkh, Astrofaes, Hate Forests
Members ... Limi auf 500 Copien.
KLADOVEST ESCAPE N MELANCHOLY MC..sideproject of Thurios known from Astrofaes, Drudkh,
Hate Forest... sorrowful Black Metal in the veins of Drudkh.... Limi auf 500 Copien.
KLADOVEST - Kladovest MC, Raw Depressive Black Metal from Ukraine... First album on tape.
Depressive Black Metal from Ukraine...with Drudkh and Hate Forest Members, Last album on tape, limited
to 320 copies.
KRYPTEA - Hellenic martial virtue (Gre), Tape Black Metal with Members of STUTTHOF and DER
KBM - "Katharos" tape
Second full-length masterpiece of purveyors of Australian mournful doom gods, and again they manage to
surprise with something new. Well-constructed layered melodies and song structures, this album is still in
the same vein as 'The monad of creation' album, yet the songs have further evolved. The album contains
eight tracks, mixing long songs with short interludes and instrumental tracks almost in one big "song". n
this concept the album focuses on highest quality songwriting and compositions, rather then blatant and
dull repetitions. Top quality printed cassette with fold out, glossy, colour, double-sided cover with lyrics.
KROCHT - "Vaandeldrager / Actum" tape
Second press of this tape, compiling the band their first two, now mastered demo's on one tape.
Krocht plays melodic and fast black metal, but still totally harsh and hateful. Think of Summoning or
"Nattens madrigal" but with added keyboards and stranger and more technical guitar parts.
KULT OF TAURUS (Gre) - taurokathapsia / once fallen Tape
Both 2 Albums on 1 Tape.... Ancient Mystical BM.
KULT OF TAURUS (Gre) / STHENOS (Gre) - forces of the nightside Tape
Nice Split Tape from 2 good Hellenic Bands.
Tape version of their debut album.8 Black Metal tracks + 1 extra tacks.Pro colour covers limited to 300
KREUZFEUER - Blut fr Blut Tape,Tape is limited to 300 Copies comes with full coloured Pro - Cover and
coloured Tape Sticker !
KRKEBRANN (Nor) - Vinterblod Tape, Limited to 300 Copies
KORPBLOD (Swe) - "Hymner" MC, Limited to 300 copies with colour cover hand numbered!!!
Re-release of their long ago sold out EP, near 37 minutes of cold & aggressive Black Metal, a call for the
KORPBLOD (Swe) - "Uraldrig Samklang" MC, Limited to 300 copies with great layout on pro covers!!!
Highly recommended!!!
Killer latest album now on tape version by this premiere Swedish band! Cold Northern Black Metal, forged
on Mother Earth cy entrails like a freezing blaze to cut all religious sins of mankind! Featuring members
of: Turdus Merula!
KVELE (Gre): Dawn Of The mpaler Tape
Mardukish Black Metal with SAD Members
KHAOZ "Salvation Through Bloodshed" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies with Artwork on bloody Red Paper.
Tape Version of the new album of this Death Metal Band.
Death Metal with (ex) Members from Sinister/Pleurisy/The Embodiment/Houwitser and Dead Head.
KOMMANDANT "Stormlegion" Tape, Pro printed Artwork, Limited to 300 Copies.
Tape Version of this full length... Killer black / Death from USA.
KOMMANDANT "Kontakt" Tape, Limited to 300 Copies, Pro printed Artwork.
Tape Version of this MCD... Killer Black / Death from USA.
KRGULL THE EXTERMNATOR "War of the Voivodes" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies. Poster Artwork on
luxurious gold Paper with Band Picture, all nfos and Lyrics...
Tape Version of the full length... Fucking Old school black thrash from Hell !!!
LUROR - Lucifers Dawn/ Triumphant - walk the infernalpath forever Pro -Tape,The best German
Underground BM Acts, no Words...Killer Stuff!
LUROR - Cease to Live ..The Second Album from the Great BM Band, Pro-Cassette with Sticker!
LASCOWEC - Unbrocken Spirit Pro - Tape
LORD OF THE ABYSS (Por) - "s/t" MC, Limited to 100 Copies.
Satanic ultra raw extreme Doom...!
LORD WND - Rites of the Valkyries, Cult Heathen Ambient from Poland. Third album..Pro-Cassette with
LORD WND - Atlantean Monumetnt , This is the 4th full-length originally released in 2006. Now re-
Lord Wind is a side project of the NFAMOUS black metal band GRAVELAND from Poland. This is Rob
Darken's solo project delving solely into Neo-Classical music. There is no metal influence here at all. Nor
is this graveland stripped of its "metal" elements. LORD WND music stands all by itself, and holds its own
VERY well.Pro-Cassette with Sticker 5,- Euro
LORD WND - Forgotten Songs MC.Cult Heathen Ambient/Folk from Poland. First album again on
tape..Limited to 300 Copies!
LORD WND - Heralds Of Fight MC. Cult Heathen Ambient/Folk from Poland. Second album again on
tape..Limited to 300 Copies!
LECHA - AKT WOL, Pagan Metal from Poland... new stuff, after years of silence....Pro-Cassette with
LEFT DREAR - Dissonant Screams..Suicidal BM from Germany,good Newcomer...Limited to 100 Copies,
Pro-Cassette with Sticker
LUGUBRUM - De Zuivering MC.
LUPUS NOCTURNUS - SUCDAL THOUGHTS Pt MC, Satanic Black Metal from Spain, Limited to 500
LUCFUGUM - "Vector 33 MC, Satanic Black Metal from Ukraina!
LASCOWEC / MARBLEBOG / VERZVTAR - Deep Horizons of Eternity MC,the last Copies!!!
LAS3<"I63 , 5NI6? $ 9arching with the :li##ards Rage, 5reat New Split from this Polish
and :elarussian 5roups+ Limited to 044!Pro-Cassette
LEPR# 1 9)"TRELEM @ LI:E #T INNER #!#KENIN9 FEST> Split li)etape!!! %rue
3arpathian :lac 9etal! Limited to C44!Pro-Cassette
LECHENGOTT - Psalmy Przeklenstwa MC. Pro - Cassette with Sticker
Six tracks of pure, intolerant and Satanic Black Metal supporting all kinds of religious Satanism and
possibilities of life's destruction. ncludes a VON cover.
LUPULO - Cuero, Sangre, Sudor y Alcohol MC.
LOTS - Ei Kahetse Midagi MC.Black Metal from Estonia... Reedition of third demo, with one bonus track.
LUTOMYSL - De Profundis MC,Cold Black Metal from Ukraine... Excellent sixth album on tape.
LUTOMYSL - " Decadence MC, Cold Black Metal from Ukraine... Excellent album on tape.
LORD FOUL - "Triumph Wolfen" MC, Raw Black Metal from Brazil... Latest demo.
LUGUBRE / MSANTHROPY- United in Mankind's Annihilation MC
nfernal Hate:
LUPUS NOCTURNUS - Suicidal Thoughts MC
LABTUT- Yeomanly MC, debut full lenght. Originally released on Australia's Asgard Music on ltd 500 CD
print. Cult Black Metal!
LAURARENA - s/t MC,Dark Heathen Ambient from Hungary.
LEDER VON LEB' UND LED Pt. " DSBM-Tape Sampler, Limited to 200 Copies
A - Side:
1.Snohvit - Hypotermi, 2. ntroversion - Tief in mir in Ketten, 3. Euphrasia - Trost, 4.Grimlair - nsane
feelings from Melancholy, 5. Coldnight - Apophemia,
6. Morn Guruth - Life leaves my Body, 7. Psychonaut 4 - Have a nice trip, 8. Eternal Abyss - Cursed
B - Side: 9. Mirage Asylum - Another glance into the Mirror, 10. Nightforest - PreApocalyptic Signs, 11.
Beyond Life - Wounds of cold Past, 12. Klr - Towards shores of bliss 13. Verdun - Gloria, 14.
Schattenfang - Mentale Disharmonie, 15. Niederleib - Schmerz, 16. Larmes de la Lune - Monde Bleme
LEDER VON LEB UND LED - " DSBM Compilation Tape limited to 100 Copies
with Garden of Grief, Faulen, Herbstregen, Pest Nacht, Misanthrop, Seelenpfade, Trauerquell, Varganocte
LA FORET DES BRUMES - La Mort Horrible . MC ..Tape Limited to only 150 !
The Return of ( La Fort Des Brumes / The Forest Of Mist ) !!!
Second Demo of this French Awesome One Man Band ! Quality Black Metal !
MOONTOWER Black Metal Terror MC.Raw Black Metal from Poland. Reedition of first demo with two
bonus tracks.
MOONTOWER - To the Dark Aeon.. MC,Raw Black Metal from Poland. MCD'08 on tape.Limited to 333
Copies! Pro-Cassette with Sticker
MOONTOWER / TARAN - Devils ncarnate Split MC.Raw Black Metal, Poland.
MOONTOWER - Fourteen Years of...MC,...Raw Black Metal from Poland. Demo/reh recorded and
released because of 14 years of existence.,limi to 88 Copies!
MOONTOWER - Praise the Apocalypse MC, Raw Black Metal, Poland. Second tape edition of first album.
MOONTOWER Antichrist Supremacy Domain MC.Raw Black Metal, Poland. Second tape edition of
second album.. Violent black metal.
MOONTOWER - n the Shadow of the Wolf MC.Raw Black Metal from Poland. MCD'03 on tape.
MOONTOWER - Unholy Reheasals MC.
MRKHALL - winter of tragedies reign MC. Pagan Metal from Finland. Demo'98 with Horna/Sargeist
MRKHALL - "Heathen heatred MC.Pagan Metal from Finland... Compilation of both demos. with
Horna/Sargeist Members.
MOON - Moon MC, A dark new entity from Australia named 'Moon' created a mystical and new opus, for
those who like an audio yourney into the unknown and occult. Deep synth layers, blasting drums,
tormenting shrieks and an atmosphere that can only be experienced! Spawned from the mind of one,
Miasmyr, this nightly travel is one that will not be forgotten soon!
MRKER - den sista utfrden MC, Originally released on CD-R by the band. Released on tape on May
11th by Raging Black Records, limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Released on CD on August 10th by
Northern Silence Productions. Released on tape with a different layout on December 23rd by Wulfrune
Worxx, limited to 300 copies.
MORAVSKA ZMA / SLAVGROM Split MC.Limited to 300 Copies! On this tape, M.Z. contributes a bit
more thrashy songs, with also a bit better production. Slavigrom is more midtempo black metal like
Moravska Zima:
MORAVSKA ZMA - Pod Praporem Vtzstv MC, Great Black Metal from Czech Republik... Second demo.
MORAVSKA ZMA National Moravian Black Metal MC,Limited to 300 Copies! Aggresive Czech black
metal, with quite typical Czech sound too. Especially vocals remind of nferno, but the music is a bit more
diverse and slighly more melodic.
MARBLEBOG - Forestheart MC, Great new album and also the cd-debut from Marblebog! Once again this
is in the style of old Nargaroth and old Veles, highly recommended!!
MARBLEBOG / VORKUTA (Hun) "Wanderings" Split Tape.
The Marblebog / Vorkuta split EP has already been released as a 7" cinyl by the US label Autopsy Kitchen
Records. t has the very same songs as the 7" and is a very good split release, showing everyone that
Marblebog is still at their peak witheir take on minimalist, atmospheric and Epic Black Meta, those who
loved Forestheart will love "Uttalan Utakon" that is as good as everything they did. While Vorkuta does
"Prophecies" written in 3 parts (War/Cleansing/Triumph) as the track blazes through everything and
complements well the Split Tape.
MARBLEBOG - "Winds of Moors MC.Third album of this Hungaryan project... dark ambient.
MANAC BUTCHER - "Epitaph MC. Title says it all, the last album from the great Maniac Butcher from
2000! This is the tape version - get it now!
MESLAMTAEA - "llusion" MC.Heathen Black Metal from Netherlands...
MSANTHROPC ART - "Possed by.... MC.Misanthropic Black Metal from Russia.
MOLOTH - "By the Wing of Black" MC, Agressive and violent BM, one of the best russian BM bands,
classic release!. First album on tape.
MOONCULT - Descend Upon Us MC,Black Metal from Greece. Second demo. Limited to 150 Copies!
MOLOCH - 456755 458 9:8; 93!:lac 9etal from ?raine!
9<R * ? Spo#na(i $ MC, Heathen Black Metal, Russia. Demo'96.
MRKWOOD - Journey's End MC..US fantasy BM ala SUMMONNNG, EMPYRUM....
MAY RESULT - "Blasphemy" MC. Raw Black Metal from Serbia. Third album.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
MUSTA SUNAUS - Edenist Tuhoon MC.Raw Black Metal from Finland...
MARAS - Raskol MC, Raw Pagan Black Metal from Macedonia. Full-lenght album on tape.
MYSTES / DAGON - Satanic Calamity - split , Raw Black Metal from Poland and Czech Republik.Pro-
MYSTES - Land of Satan, Raw Black Metal from Poland. Second demo. ... Pro-Cassette with Sticker
MOLOK - "Molok" Pro - Tape, limited to 100 Copies
Black metal featuring live members from ANGANTYR.
MATAR (fin) - Tyhjt Lupaukset TAPE, limited to 166 Copies
Productive Finnish one-man project Matar delivers his first full-length. After several demo's and splits the
hate propaganda continues on cassette. 8 tracks of destructive black metal with trash and punk influences
and distorted vocals.
MAY RESULT (Serbia): gnoramus et ignorabimus Tape
Re - release of the legendary Demo from this great Serbian BM Act.!
MALVOSE "Necro Molestor Tape
Last copies for the first Version on Gold Paper, Version on Red Paper available
MEMORE DE NEGE "Aux funrailles de l'hiver tape
French Raw Pagan Black MetalArtwork on silver Paper. Limited to 200 copies.
MALVOSE "Black Cult" Tape
Second Tape of MALVOSE. nsane Fucking Black Terror !!! Tape limited to 250 copies with Artwork on
special gold Paper.
MALEVENTUM "Rotten & Fucked Bastard (our bestial redesecration of christ)" Tape
7 Tracks of Colombian Bestial and Chaotic Raw Black Metal !! Tape limited to 250 copies with pro printed
MENSCHENTOD "Staub" Tape, limited to 250 copies with pro printed
German Black Metal in the vein of MUTLATON , VLAD TEPES, LDJARN.... A prodigious Descent into
Hell for 24 minutes. This Band offers an unhealthy and morbid Music.
MNENWERFER "Volkslieder" Tape.Limited to 250 Copies. Artwork on special luxurious gold Paper.
Tape Version. Killer Band from USA.
MSANTHROPC POETRY - nhaling the Wind of the Burning Grim Dreams Tape
Russian black metal, this being the Beverina version of the tape's re-release had in hand (the other was
released by Pussy God recs) and if you could not tell by having a look at the long, long songtitles they
were heavily influenced by older mmortal, the "Battles in the North" and "Blizzard Beasts" albums
especially being the reference here soundwise and perhaps musically as well, though the feeling is more
primitive and savage. There's a bit of shift on the sound from middle of 4th track on (to better), not sure if
it's just my tape or some glitch.
M"RKR - 9R#:ES F"R9"T M) N#ME Pro-Cassette with Sticker
9isanthropic :lac 9etal from Poland! Debut demo limited to CCC!
MORTFERA (Fra) - "Maledictiih" Pro - Tape, Limited to 200 Copies
Necro-melancholical black metal.
MORDAEHOTH - 'Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart Pro - Tape
After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the 'Bloedwraak' debut album, Mordaehoth
returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their all new full-length album.
Carved, burnt and built during years, 'Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart' (not to be confused with the
same titled 1998 demo) offers the ultimate grim pagan metal opus from The Netherlands: long and dark
warhymns, blending bitter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hate for the postmodern world; and
pride in taking action in the revolt against it! n a truly overcrowded scene Mordaehoth deserves your
attention by standing out with a mix of pagan and black metal and influences of dark folk with added
atmosphere of occasional keyboards and clean vocals.
MC on pro-printed, high quality cassettes, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
MOURNFUL CONGREGATON (Aus) - "The June frost" Pro - Tape
Second full-length masterpiece of purveyors of Australian mournful doom gods, and again they manage to
surprise with something new. Well-constructed layered melodies and song structures, this album is still in
the same vein as 'The monad of creation' album, yet the songs have further evolved. The album contains
eight tracks, mixing long songs with short interludes and instrumental tracks almost in one big "song". n
this concept the album focuses on highest quality songwriting and compositions, rather then blatant and
dull repetitions. Top quality printed cassette with fold out, glossy, colour, double-sided cover with lyrics.
MORGVR (Fin) - Conquering Shadows Tape
Great Primitive BM from Finnland.
MORGVR (Fin) - Gathering the evil Part . Tape
A collection of previous works and unreleased material. Great Primitive BM.
MORGVR (Fin) - Gathering the evil Part . Tape
A collection of previous works and unreleased material. Great Primitive BM.
MRK (ta) - Unholy Presence Tape
BM from taly,the Debut album courtesy of No Colours.
MORTUUS CAELUM "Ad libertatem per mortem MC, Limited to 200 Copies. Artwork on luxurious silver
Tape version for the new album of this killer Black Metal Band from Greece.
MALVOSE "Krankheit" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies with Artwork on luxurious gold
New Release from this fucking underground Black Band !!!
MALETRE "Rituals" Tape, Tape limited to 250 Copies, Artwork on luxurious gold Paper
Obscure and Raw Black.
MOURNNG FOREST "Au coeur de l'ombre" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies,Artwork on luxurious gold Paper
Tape Version of the first Album...Great and exelent Black Metal with the french Touch !
MOURNNG FOREST "De la vermine..." Tape, Limited to 250 Copies with Artwork on gold Paper.
Tape Version of the second Album from this french Band.A very great Release for one of the best French
NARGAROTH "Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare Pro - Tape
Limited Edition of 100 Black cassettes with patch, sticker and pin!
N<3%?RNAL 9<R%?9 $ 5oat 8orns 93! 3ult Sla)onic :lac 9etal from ?raine! LPR>D on tape!
N<7%?RNAL 9<R%?9 $ Lunar Poetry 93, Cult Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine.
N<7%?RNAL 9<R%?9 $ Ne 3rist , 8expucum 93! 3ult Sla)onic :lac 9etal from ?raine! LPR>> on tape!
N<7%?RNAL 9<R%?9 $ Return of the Bampire Lord , 9arble 9oon 93! 3ult Sla)onic :lac 9etal from
?raine! :oth 6PR>D on one tape, with two bonus tracs!
NH7%AL5IA $ Peisithanatos 93, Great misanthropic Black Metal from Germany... Second album on tape.
NH7%AL5IA $ Same 93!5reat misanthropic :lac 9etal from 5ermany!!! @irst album on tape!
NI%:6R5 $ Donnerwetter, Donnerwyrd 93, Cult Black Metal from Russia... LP'07
NI%:6R5 * Nitsanger 93! :la#ebirth 8all!!! Nothing more needed to say!
NI%:6R5 , B<L7<%6N * 8ammerhrte Split MC.Great Black Metal from Russia... BlazeBirth Hall Cult!
NAZXUL - Totem MC, Great Black Metal from Australia. First album on tape.
NAZXUL - Black Seed MC, Great Black Metal from Australia. EP'98 on tape.
NAZXUL - conoclast MC, Great Black Metal from Australia. Last album on tape.
NA%%@<5 $ Demo C441 93!"!A!R! :lac 9etal from @inland! DemoR41 with Norns Members! Last Copies+++
NALR<%8 , B?%RID6 * Split 93!
N?3L6AR RAP6 * Nuclear Attac 93,Limited to 250 Copies!
NECRO ALTAR $ Ogoat ritualP 93!
NA6R 9A%AR<N $ Aup from the ashesA93!3ult :lac 9etal from 8ellas! @irst album on tape!
NAER 9ATARON $ ASotos AeonA 93!3ult :lac 9etal from 8ellas! Second album on tape!
NA RASPUTE - de Cemnho MC,
NEZAGOL - Nezagol MC,Slav Pagan Metal
NORD - Nord MC. Great Heathen Black Metal from northern Vinland. First album.
NORD - Sombre jour MC. Great Heathen Black Metal from northern Vinland. Compilation of tracks from
both splits.
NORD N COMMANDER - Sacred Spear ofter Sound MC.Experimental Electro Folk from Russia.
NORTH - Wojna Trwa MC. Cult Slavonic Black Metal from Poland.
NORTH / GROMOWLADNY - Lechia, Slavia, Aria... Great spit which gathering two infamous underground
hordes. North is one of
the oldest Polish bands and needs no further introduction. Gromowladny (which includes members of
Perunwit/Minas Morgul) make a surprising return
after the famous split with Wineta back in 1995.Crushing Pagan Black Metal in the traditional Polish way!
Pro-Cassette with Sticker 5,- Euro
NUKLEAR ANNHLATON - Horns Up Pro - Tape..Raw and ugly BM form Bulgaria....5,- Euro
NARTVND - Mist, Limited to 250 Copies. Pro - Tape 5,- Euro..One of the very few bands coming from
Belgium wich plays BM as it should sound coming with 2
new tracks wich were recorded during the "Ruinous" album session (wich will be released on lp and cd by
NEDERGANG HANYATLAS MC, True Carpathian Black Metal from Hungary. Compilation tape
including unreleased first demo, sold out second demo and unreleased tarcks.Limited to 333 Copies! Pro-
Cassette with Sticker 5,- Euro
NEDERGANG - MEGHASADAS Pro - Tape, Limited to 222 hand-numbered copies.
Raw Black Metal from Hungary,Compilation of two unreleased 7".
NEBELKORONA (Ger) "Reminiszenzen an das Morgenrot/Relikte des... Tape, The perfect sound for
misty autumn nights. Emotional, illustrious and atmospheric.Mystic sound-landscapes in crystal clear
sound full of thrilling melodies, haunting moods and Dark Romanticism. Vinterriket side project!
NECROMORTUM - evil coming winter MC
NOX NFER - Adverse Spheres MC..Australian BM with NAZXUL and DROWNNG THE LGHT
Members, Comes with a Slipcase
NOTREBEGA - Agerbetion MC, BM from Spain.
NHASA - Brahamanda Xul Grimoire Tape, Great Hellenic cold BM with ACHERONTAS / STUTTHOF
Members. Limited to ;44 3opies!
NARGOTHROND (Gre): Following The Frostpaths Of The Hyperborean Landscapes Tape
NE9#TH"R - NE9#TH"R Tape
Raw, blasphemous :lac 9etal from Poland! Debut demo limited to CCC!
N<R%86RN @<5 J?S,3AK ' Songs <f 9isanthropy %ape
:9 in the )ein of %emno#or and :ur#um!
NEBRUS - "Twilight of Humanity" MC
"Twilight of Humanity" is the debut stuff of horde from taly. Blasphemic black metal in strictly form, with
original, possessed and ill vocal of Nocturia from dark ambient Flusso Delirante Persecutorio.
Limited to 100 hand numbered copies tapes with stickers.
NU S ALLES ANDERS - "Het eeuwige leven" Pro - Tape
Hypnotic and monotonous black metal, that is not necessarily minimalistic. Often close to ten guitarparts
are layered to create riffs without clear beginning and ending, into an almost cacophonous whole, but still
vast and epic as the cosmos itself. Escapism put in music - listen to this and ascend into total darkness
and let nothing but the stars show your way. No keyboards, no drumcomputers, no artificiality, no humans.
NARFARUS (US) - At A Time of Misery Tape
Great Tortured Black Metal from United Staates.
NEZGAL - Kali Pahasnie Sonca Tape
Great BM Stuff...Sick BM!
NOKTURNE - 'Kruely Kampaign' Tape
War and filled with Hate Black Metal from USA. This the thrid album of Nokturne.
NOKTURNE - 'Embracer of Dark Ages' Tape
Debut album. Hateful, taking no fucking prisioners. Simply die you worthless human scum!
NAVROG - 'Pogled' Tape
Croatia another great NSBM act.
Cold black metal from Nova Scotia, Canada. Written in 2006 and recorded in 2010, Charioteer of the Dark
Gods is Nightfall's first release.
NightWolf writes all songs, and performs all instruments and vocals. 6 Songs, 25 minutes
NEAR - The Dark Art of Death Hidden in the Castle Pro - Tape
True Black Metal, one of the better Acts from taly.
NATON WAR - Ancient Wolf Pro - Tape, limited to 50 Copies!
Raw NSBM from Brazil..nice Stuff!
NORDRECH - Skartvals Nordreich / Heilger Brand Pro - Tape, Limited to 200 Copies
NORDRECH - Am Hnengrab / Auf heimischen Pfaden Pro - Tape, Limited to 200 Copies
NEKROMORPHNE "Senseless Ecstasy Tape, limited to 100 Copies,Artwork on special luxurious gold
Experimental and strange Dark Black with ambient, psychedelic and "avant-garde Parts.
OHTAR - PETRFED BREATH OF HOPE ...After the decent reviews regarding Ohtar`s 2nd album, finally
the 3rd is underway. Back with vengeance and pretty much a new line-up. Necro has now a new drummer
& guitarist amongst the ranks of Ohtar and the outcome is more aggression and some new elements
unknown in the previous recordings. Also a re-recorded version of "Song of War". Here you`ll get a bit of
depressive behaviour, melodic passages with more aggressive outbursts and even Death metalish like
vocals. Limited to 500. Pro-Cassette with Sticker
OHTAR - WHEN CUT THE THROAT First album finally on tape. Grim, hateful Black Metal. Limited to
500.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
OHTAR /DARK FURY - Split ...das erste Split Album..nicht verwechsel mit der zweiten Split CD!
ODAL - Einst verehrt von allen/ ... und auf Erden tobt die Schlacht MC, Heathen Black Metal, Germany.
EP'03 and the "Germansk" Demo on Tape.
ODAL - Wilde Kraft.. MC, Heathen Black Metal from Germany... LP'05
OSKAL - Stahlkrieg MC.Raw Black Metal from Russia. Both demos on one tape.
OUROBOROS - Spear Of Destiny MC, limited to 333 copies. Canadian Holocaustik Black Metal in the
best Form,with thr ledgendary "Cirlcling the Coils of Chaos" MCd as Bonus on this Tape!
OLD WANDS - Unholy Norland Fire MC,Cult Black Metal from Russia.
ORLOG - "Reinigende Feuer" Heathen Black Metal from Germany. First album on tape.Pro-Cassette with
OATH OF CRON - king of the dragon throne MC, Mystic Black Metal from Finland. Full-lenght album.
with Azaghal / Hin Onde members!
OATH OF CRON - dragonmagic MC, Mystic Black Metal fron Finland. Debut demo with Azaghal/Hin
onde members!
ORDEM MALGNA - "auomated universal" MC.
OCCSOR "Visions in the Vile Spirit" MC
OMEGA "The Beginning of the End" MC, Black/Thrash Metal from Greece. Debut demo.
OBSCURE ANACHRONSM- 'Transcending mundane obstacles' tape Dreamy, midtempo black metal in
the style of Nargaroth's "Rasluka" albums, Nyktalgia, Odal at slower speed, etc.
ORDER OF THE WHTE HAND - Pagan Victory MC, Great Finnish BM.
OES GALLATH "Ad Galliam Et Mortem" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies.Artwork on special luxurious gold
French Grim Black.
"PRIH - N"RTH THE -"UNDLESS Pro-Cassette with Sticker
Sla)onic @ol :lac 9etal from Russia! New album on tape+
ORDER OF THE LGHT - Ancestral Knowledge MC
Ritual music from the ruins.
OAKENSHELD (UK) - Gylfaginning Tape
Epic Pagan Metal in the vein of Forefather and Falkenbach.
ORCRST (ta) / URUK HA (Austria) - Split Tape
Realy good Split Release from 2 good Bands.
Tape Album 2010 version.8 unholy Black Metal tracks from Barzil.Pro colour covers limited to 300 copies
OBSCURA MONOTONA ANMAE - 'n Solitudinem me recipio' distorted Tape
Raw Ambient Black Metal, album contains a cover of french Movt.
ODN'S COURT - REGN OF OLYMPUS New Tape MLP limited to 250 hand-numbered copies.
Heathen Black Metal from Hellas.
OMEN / AWCHA / BLACKSPELL (...) "The Msanthropic Trinity" Tape
3 way split tape on pro b/w covers limited to 300 copies.
Omen (Mal) Black Metal ; Awicha (Tai) Black / Thrash Metal ; Blackspell (Sir) Black Metal
OMEN (MYS) - Those Within The Shadows Tape
Raw and Satanic Black Metal from Malaysia. This demo release features 6 new tracks and 2 covers from
Malaysian legends Nebiras and Langsuyr.
PERMAFROST - Vergewaltigt und Verflucht.... Tape, The cassette is limited on 300 pieces Pro - cover
PERMAFROST / MENNESKERHAT / ANNHLATON 666 - Split MC, the first 150 Copies comes with a
PERMAFROST / MENNESKERHAT / ANNHLATON 666 - Split MC, the normal Version
PERMAFROST - LVE in Zeits MC. Limi auf 200 Copien!
PRMEVAL MASS - "Atermon" MC.
PAGAN HELLFRE - SOLDARTY MC. Tape version of the newest album "Solidarity" on Thor's Hammer
Productions. New Amazing Album.
7 Songs of pure Unholy Heathen Black Metal from the Eastern Shores of Vinland.
PAGAN WRATH Ancestral Warrior MC
PORUN (Pol/Ukr) - Stajemy Jak Ojce - Tape, Slavonic Pagan Folk... First CD on tape.
PRPEGAL - slavia antiqua MC.Pagan Black Metal from Poland. Debut album on tape.
PANTEN - "Tetrade ncendiaria" MC.
PROFANE SOLTUDE - "Awakening in Emptiness MC.Cold, raw Black Metal from Ukraine. Compilation
of both demos.
PD... TOTENKOPF - Northern Winds/Sny Wauka MC
PAGAN FLAME / FROST - Vinnland Alliannce MC,limi auf 300 Copien!
PANTHEON - Vargstrike MC, Cult Black Metal from Vinland. CD'01 on tape, as bonus "Thangorodrim"
PAGAN HAMMER Pagan Wolfes / Foresight MC
P#LE MIST - IN THE :#LLE) !HERE THE MIST NE:ER F#DE>Bery good, moody and
misanthropic :lac 9etal from ?7! New demo+ Pro-Cassette with Sticker
P#9#N-LUT @ DIE KUNST DES KRIE9ES> Limited to C11 copies!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
Li)etape of this radical horde from :ulgaria!!! +
PESTFEROUS (fin) - From Beyond the Sleep of Death TAPE, Limited to 80
'From Beyond the sleep of Death' Pestiferous returns with a compilation of lost and forgotten material.
This tape contains their 2004 demo 'When Shadows Swallow the Candles' as well as unreleased tracks,
early versions, a rehearsal track and a King Diamond cover! Fuzzy, atmospheric black metal from the
nocturnal woods of Finland.
PESTE NORE - Folkfuck Folie Tape, Limited to 300 Copies.
Cult BM from France.
POGROM 1147 "Black Metal Complete Tape.
Artwork on silver Paper.
PARAMNESA "llumination" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies, Classic Black & White Artwork.
Obscure & Esoteric Black Doom Ambient (with a CURE Cover).
PTAHL " Anti-Flesh Existence" Tape, Tape limited to 250 Copies. Artwork on luxurious gold Paper.
5 Tracks of Ritualistic Black dedicated to the Anti-Cosmic Force (from USA).
0 nice :lac 9etal traks realy good Stuff.
PERMXTO - n ctu Oculi / Finis Gloriae Mundi Tape, limited to 200 Copies with Pro - Coloured Cover
and Tape Sticker.
Occult and Depressiv Black Metal from taly, this Mini Tape Album will drive to madness all those in to
early Austere, solation, Lyrinx, Woods of nfinity.
PAGAN - "Monument of depression" Pro Tape, Limited to 200 copies
Old cult band from Belarus, true BM how it was meant to be, his latest album on pro tape!
PROFUNDAE LBDNES / NSSECT split-Tape, Limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on special luxurious
gold Paper.
Split Tape with two French insane Black Metal Bands
PROFANE CONGREGATON (Fin) "Tormentor of divinity" tape Limited to 100 copies
Harsh Black metal underground one-man band with real drums presenting his first demo tape
Heathen Black Metal from Canada. LP'06 on tape, limited to 320 copies.
Heathen Black Metal from Canada. EP'10 on tape, limited to 320 copies.
RUNENTHOR - Valaskjalf MC,Heathen / Viking Black Metal from Germany. Demo'10
RAUTARUTTO (fin)- Monument of Despair MC, Depressive Black Metal, limi auf 111 Copien.
Rautarutto from Finland has been around since 2003, and they have released 4 demo's by themselves.
Their last recorded demo 'Monument of Despair' dates back to 2005, but will now finally be available on
tape, to be unleashed upon the masses. Well-played filthy and primitive black metal with a depressive and
anti-christian view.
RAVEN DARK - Berustett av Kriegsdronner MC, Cult Black Metal from Russia. LP'97
RAVEN DARK - Autumn Roar - tape, Blazebirth Hall... Nothing more needed to say.
RAVEN DARK - Verdandi MC, Cult Black Metal from Russia. LP'97
RAVEN DARK - Ruler's Age MC, Blazebirth Hall... Nothing more needed to say.
RAVEN WNTER Ozveny Casov .... MC,Heathen Black Metal from Slovakia. Second demo. Limi 66
RDDLE OF MEANDER Orcus MC. Misanthropic Black Metal from Greece. Second album on tape.Pro-
Cassette with Sticker
RAGGRADARH - "Cold Foggy Hills" MC, Ancient Black Metal from Bulgaria.
RAGGRADARH - Towards the Eternal Night MC, Ancient Black Metal from Bulgaria.
RAGGRADARK Arise the Pagan Forest MC.Limi. Auf 150 Copien.Ancient Black Metal from Bulgaria.
Reedition of previous demos.
RAGGRADARH - The Mower MC, Limi auf 100 Copien.Ancient Black Metal from Bulgaria.
ROT / MORTCUM Split MC.Limi. Auf 100 Copien.
REGNUM / SVARTHAL - split MC. This is not a re-release from the Regnum / Svarthal split tape from
2003, but this tape contains new songs by both projects. Svarthal contributes three tracks of fast, storming
and chaotic black metal with graspy vocals, not unlike old mmortal. Regnum contributes the first new
material since the project went on a temporary break in 2005. The style is a continuation of the selftitled
mcd, this time one lengthy track of sorrow and desperation: monotonous and hypnotizing doomy black
metal. Comes with highestquality professional doublesided covers. Last copies !!!
RAVENNG - Exordium Niedergang MC
RTUALMORD / MATAR - Split MC, Black Metal from Austria / Finland.
RTES OF CLEANSNG Nemesis MC, Slow melancholic hymns for the loneliness...with Total Hate
SAD (Gre): Enlightened by Darkness MC, the third full lenght album and the most impressive one, though
the earlier works were excellent.
SEG / NA RASPUTJE - Sonnenkreuz / Ledyanoe Plamya Hyperborei MC, W.A.R. Black Metal from
SAMMATH - Strijd MC, No denying Sammath is definitely a band
that no one could disclose to the historical BM movement of the Netherlands in the mid 90's. For the band
stands for the same choices since the begining,they can be seen as people who really care about values,
honour,comradship. For that too Sammath remains untypical to the scene, not following trends nor trying
to betray their original state of mind. This is the debut album, primarly released through Folter rec. back in
1998. Courtesy of Folter rec. and the band's agreement, it brings shadows over the contemporary bleak
BM scene and reveal what most of the bands around try and fail: spreading Darkness. The album is
presented in its primal form, yet with an alternate cover, pictured in this 90's era. Old Pride New Glory.
SAMMATH - Verwoesting MC,Sammath the Second Album!
SAMMATH - Dodengang MC,Sammath the Third Album!
SKYFORGER - Latvian Riflemen MC
SALTVND - Eternal Whisper of Celestial North Chamber MC.
SKULLCRUSHER - storming onslaught MC Raw, agressive Thrash Metal from Finland. Second
demo.with Horna Members.
SKULLCRUSHER - bestial evil MC. slow Finnish black metal like Barathrum and Heretic live with very
raw sound,with Horna Members.
SVARKRST - total blasphemy MC, Raw Black Metal from Belgium.
SOLGRAV Pimeys Yll Pohjolan 2001 2006 MC.
SLAVGROM Navrat Slovanskej MC, Slavonic Black Metal, Slovakia. Second demo.limi auf 66 Copien.
SLAVGROM Kraj Temny MC, Slavonic Black Metal, Slovakia. Third demo.limi auf 66 Copien.
SOLA SVORTNAR Conquete MC, limi auf 300 Copien.
SLAVE CRUSHNG TYRANT Heathen Black Metal MC, limi auf 250 Copien.Excellent new projekt from
the Flame Of War members. Just as F.O.W., this reminds a bit of old Thor's Hammer too, especially the
vocals. But with Slavecrushing Tyrant there are hardly any keyboards so it's much more focused on
creating killer guitarmelodies. Highly recommended! Pro-Cassette with Sticker 5,- Euro
SEPULCHRAL CRES - A Sombre Soul MC. Satanic Black Evil Metal with Blodarv Members.
SEPULCHRAL CRES - Misery Exhibits MC.Satanic Black Evil Metal with Blodarv Members.
STUTTHOF - From the Ashes...MC.
SKULLTHRONE - "all for Satan MC.The second destruction from this Russian nsbm horde, much more
straight-forwarded fast and raw black metal, and no experimenting stuff like on first tape.
SAMHEN - "Saligia" MC.
STORMNATT - "resurrection ov the kult" MC.Tapeversion of the new attack. Much better then the debut,
better production, better written songs. Violent and brutal total black metal attack.
SOMBRE CHEMN - Notre Hritage Ancestral MC, W.A.R. Black Metal from France. Latest album on
SOMBRE CHEMN - Doctrine MC, W.A.R. Black Metal from France. CD'05 on tape.
SLVA NGRA - "Cerny Kult" MC.Raw Black Metal from Czech Republik. Third album on tape..
SLVA NGRA - "Chlad noci" MC.Raw Black Metal from Czech Republik.
SVARGA - Symbol of the Will" MC. Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine. LP'03
SVARGA - Jav' Arising" MC.Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine. EP'04.
STRM KOMMAND / ABSTRACT SATAN - Ar..n Blitzkrieg Union MC,W.A.R. Black Metal,
Bulgaria/Russia.Limi auf 200 Copien. LAST COPES !!!
SONS OF NORTH - THe Death of the White Race MC.
SALTUS - mperium Slonca MC, Cult Slavonic Black/Death Metal. Second album..
SALTUS - Symbols of Forefathers / enxplorntus Saltus MC, Cult Slavonic Black/Death Metal from Poland.
Compilation of tracks from demo and split with Legacy of Blood..
S#LTUS @ TRIUMF %ape )ersion of new, long$awaited album of Saltus + Limited to 044
copies!!!Pro-Cassette with sticker
SLAVLAND - Piesn Gromu Slavonic Pagan Metal. LP'02 on tape. Pro - Tape
SRN - The Dawn of Freedom Pro -Tape
SARIN $ 9y @atherland !5reat Polish :9!!!Limited to ;C4! Pro-Cassette with Sticker
SKOGEN Polnocne Nieswiete Sztormy - tape, Solid Polish black metal, like the first Graveland album
with a bit better sound mixed with some old Burzum.
SWAROST - Oblicze Kultu Cieni, Polish Kult Pagan BM, Pro-Tape
SKALDC CURSE - Contagious Psychic Misery MC, Killer BM from England!
SCULCDUM - Utolso Vagta... MC,great heathen BM from Romania.
SZRON - FREEZNG EYES OF HATE Pro-Cassette with sticker.
Compilation including stuff released never before on tape format. Tracks from splits with Arkona, Total
Genocide and both with Kriegsmaschine. Over 60 minutes of cold, hateful Black Metal... limited to 333
copies.Pro-Cassette with sticker.
STERBEND - Dwelling Lifeless MC,Grim, depressive Black Metal from Germany...with Nyktalgia
SACCAGE - La Drape Tabarnak MC
SERMON OF FOULNESS "The Jericho Drifter" MC
SKULLFACE "Halloween Sacrifice" MC
SERPULA "Grande Sance" MC
SADOKRST - Evil Sado Fuckin Metal MC,limited to 150 Copies!
SATOR MARTE s/t - tape, War Black Metal.
SPEARHEAD - Deathless Steel Command - tape, Hell is on the battlefield ! Fast War Black/Death with
amazing sound. Well known for their cult !!!
SUCDAL WNDS - Discography 98-07'' Tape..
SUN!HEEL @ M"NUMENTS "F THE ELDER F#ITH .%he great Debut from this Polish
7ult Act !!! Limited to 044 copies! Pro-Cassette with sticker
SHBALBA - Debut demo Tape, Ritual ambient from ACHERONTAS/ STUTTHOF Member. Limited to
S67896% $ <ularis Infernum J3#eK, %ape 8ighly recommended cassette from the c#ech band
S67896%! Intense, satanic and occult blasphemic :lac 9etal that awaes the unholy spirit of
the ancient demons +++
SAGNTD (DNK) - Socialt Opbrugt Tape
Depressive Dark Ambient from Denmark. These songs where recorded and mixed between 2004-2006.
The songs on this release are one of the most
personal works from J.N.(Sick Room 7, Forlis, Vornoff).
Compilation with only Suicidal/Depressive artist. The compilation features tracks from Void of Course,
Nosvyr, Yhdarl, Dwelling, Obskure Torture,
H418ov21.C, Beyond Light, Release, To Mourn The Living, Karg, Funus and Permafrost. More then an
hour of pure negativity.
Not for the week minded!
SAGN (FRA) - Folter Demo Tape,Limited 300 hand numbered Copies.
5 new tracks of their Gallic folk pagan black metal + outro + an Absurd cover 'Mourning Soul'.
SOLUS (HUN) / CE THUNDER (RUS) - Altar Of The Ancient Woods Split Demo Tape, Limited 300 hand
numbered Copies.
Melancholic Hungarian pagan black metal / Atmospheric Russian pagan black metal.
SVETOVD( USA) - Valhallan Dreams Pro - Tape (HAMMERBUND Release)
B-B-Hallish BM from Vinnland
SAD (Gre) /WARWULF (US/Ca): Walking The Path Of Despair Tape
Tape Format of the cult sold out 500 copies CD print.
Sa*2 http2//&&&.yot+e."o'/&at"h3(4k56/*eTU78
War&lf2 http2//&&&.yot+e."o'/&at"h3(4+h#C!*skWn89playne:t4;9list4PL<F=>.?>-.?D>D>8?
SALCOUS GODS (Hol): Piene Tape
Great Stuff from this Cult BM Act ....!
SLAUGHTERED PREST (Gre): World Wide War Tape
Tape Title is Programm... with Sad / Nargothrond Member
SORTS (Estonia): Made n Nightonia Tape
SALE FREUX - "Subterraneus" Pro - Tape. Limited to 100 Copies.
True french black metal.highly recommended !!!
SEALED N BLOOD - "Secret Forest" MC, Limited to 100 Copies.
Five years ago in GodNeptun's mind was born sounds and the Sealed n Blood (Dark Ambient) was
We wish to present you cassette release, limited to 100 hand numbered copies with tracks from 2004-
2006 when the Sealed n Blood was two persons project.
Split album between talian Flusso Delirante Persecutorio and Polish Sealed n Blood. t is 70 minutes of
ritual, psyhodelic and cold dark ambient with elements from the natures. Flusso Delirante Persecutorio
"Visioni di Morte is Nocturia's solo project from black metal horde Nebrus, which we glad present also
released his debut stuff in our label too. Sealed n Blood "The Ritual it's renewed and remastered tracks
from the past, special prepared for this split.
Limited to 100 hand numbered copies of tapes with stickers.
SACRFCA MORTUORUM (Fra) - "Damnatorium Ferrum" Pro - Tape. Limited to 200 Copies.
Great French Kult BM Act..!
Tape Album 2010 version.13 Black Metal tracks + extra tracks.Pro colour covers limited to 300 copies
SHADOWTHRONE - 'Vacuum of Horror' Tape
Raw and minimalistic Satanic Black Metal from Hungary
SANTAGAR - 'River without Shores' Tape
Raw Black Metal, very dark and minimalistic that is going to overtake your emotions. - "skald" Tape limited to 100 Copies
German Black Metal
SLAVLAND (Pol) - "Lechita" MC
Slavonic Pagan Black Metal in the best Polish tradition, perhaps one of their best works so far! Tape
version of their latest album limited to 350 Copies handnumbered with a fantastic coloured cover with
diferent design from the CD version!!!
STORMHET (Fin) - Calling the Spirits of HateTape, Limited to 300 Copies
STORMHET - Kvenland Tape, Limited to 300 Copies
SU CAEDEDERE - "Thrne" limited, Pro - Tape
Great depressiv BM in the vein of Abyssic Hate, Gris, Sombres Forest and others..Tape comes with a
killer Sound!
SORCER DES GLACES - "Monuments Anciens" Pro - Tape
Killer BM from Canada..on the Tape is "demos & unreleased" Stuff ...Support this Band
SPEAR OF LONGNUS - Nada Brahma re-issue Pro - Tape, Limited to 300 copies!
Legendary Australian Warlike Metal in the unique S.O.L. style. CULT NAZ OCCULT METAL!
SEELENFROST - "Nostalgia: Zwischen Zukunft und Vergangenheit" Pro -Tape LAST COPES!!!!
KLLER of the best raw and melancolic Black Metal from Germany!
The Tape comes with a great and luxerios Tape Paper Box for the Plasic Case!
Tape Box Picture: or http://www9.pic-
SUPPLCUM "Magna Atra Missa" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies, Poster Artwork on luxurious gold Paper.
Tape Version of the first Album of this fucking killer french Black Band.
TOTENBURG - Endzeit Tape Lp 2011(HAMMERBUND Release)
The last TOTENBURG Album released on a Pro - Tape comes with coloured Pro - Cover and big full
printed Tape Stickers, limited to 500 Copies!
TOTENBURG - Winterschlacht MC, Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany. LP'02 again on tape.
TOTENBURG / DER STRMER - Split MC, Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany / Hellas. LP'08 again
on tape.
TOTENBURG / MENNESKERHAT - Waffenbrder MC, Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany / Austria.
LP'06 again on tape.
TOTENBURG - Mit uns das Blut MC, Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany. All Totenburg Songs from
the split with Antiprasis..LP'05 again on tape.
TOTENBURG - Art und Kampf MC, Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany. EP'05 again on tape.
TOTENBURG Weltmacht oder Niedergang MC.Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany. LP19999 again
on tape.
TOTENBURG Pestpogrom MC.Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Germany. LP'04 on tape.
TOTENBURG Peststurm MC. First Demo from 1998!
THUNDERBOLD - The Sons of the Darkness MC, Black Metal from Poland... First full-lenght album again
on tape.
TAAKE - Helnorsk Svartmetall MC, Great Black Metal from Norway. Compilation of early recordings.
TAAKE - ... Doedskvad MC, Great Black Metal from Norway. LP'05 on tape..
TEMNOZOR SORCERY OF FRAGMENTS MC, Reedition of first album with additional unreleased
experimental minialbum. Great Pagan Metal from Russia.
TEMNOZOR HORZONS MC, Second album on tape... Great Pagan/Black Metal.
TEMN"C"R - T!ILI9HTS #T !INTER FUNER#L Pro-Cassette with Sticker
Li)e album of this cult hordeG No further comments needed! 3omes in Slipcase+
THY BLACK BLOOD Unmerciful Shades MC,Solo project of Sabaoth (FLAGELLUM DE) featuring 4
hymns of cold Black Metal, representing one of the best & darkest acts nowadays in Portugal!!! Limi auf
500 Copien
TRSKELE Triade Nordique MC, Raw Heathen Black Metal from northern Vinland. Third album on tape.,
Limited to 333 Copies.
TURMOL Grandeur Lementation MC, limi auf 200 Copien.
TROLLSKORGEN - vom vergessen' en land MC,Misanthropic Black Metal from Austria... First demo. the
last Copies !
THUNDERSTORM - "Hatred Burning Northern Sky"MC.Heathen Black Metal from Russia... LP'05
THE ONE - The One MC, A bestial attack of Black Metal, chaotic structures. This band is created by the
mastermind behind MACABRE OMEN. A tape that wont sound like anything else you have heard before, a
truly original sound. A band to be on the lookout for, this debut album will send shockwaves through this
crumbling fucking scene! KULT!.
TOD - "Black vegeance" MC.Black Metal, taly. Debut demo.
TODESSTOSS - eine verlorene seele MC,Raw Black Metal from Germany... Second demo.Limited to 300
Copies. The last Tapes.
THORS HAMMER - Three Weeds From The Same Root MC.Cult W.A.R. Black Metal from Poland. Last
album on tape.
TRAGEDY BEGNS - Thanatos & Katastrophe MC, Tape version of this cd album. Tragedy Begins is a
very old Greek band that 've been following for some years already. They play pure raw satanic black
metal which is quite original and definately recommended!
TTAN MOUNTAN - Above Fangs of..MC.
THALLUM - A Howling from Thousand Years MC.Cult Black Metal from Brazil. Debut album.
THALLUM - Armanenschaft MC, W.A.R. Black Metal from Brazil. Lastest album on tape.
TUNDRA - Ansia MC,Raw Black Metal from taly. Debut album. with ex-Maniac Butcher vocalist on roarrr.
TETRAKTYS - 'Voreion sellas' tape Minimalistic ambient like Vinterriket, from The Shadow Order member.
TETRASKELON - Walking On Heathen Soil" MC,Heathen Black Metal from Hellas.limi auf 300 Copien!
TOMHET (CAN/USA) ''Desolate Palace'' MC,Depressive Black Metal from Canada. limi auf 300 Copien!
TOTAL GENOCDE / KREL KMMANDO - 'Kamp Satan' tape Last copy! TG: As you can expect from
them by now: extremely primitive and shrill headache-inducing insanity as it should be; KK: A bit slower,
but no less primitive, bit like ldjarn but more chaotic sound.
Total Genicide:
Krpel Kmmand:
TEMNOHOR - Do Ponurch Smren Hmla Sa Zakrda - tape,Black Metal from Slovakia. Demo'05 .
THE FROST - Between ce and Fire ..... Misanthropic Black Metal from Croatia... Tracks from split with
Black Fire.. Pro- Tape
THE FROST - Sounds Of The Frozen Hate MC, Misanthropic Black Metal from Croatia... EP'07 on
tape.A uncompromising and cold Ritual .
THRNENKND - eine Momentaufnahme - der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit Tape, depressiv Black Metal in the
vein of Austere,Lyrnix..a.o.
T"RS9#RD - =887-%<=< >3lassic Swedish RA3 band! 3ome bac album, with unreleased
tracs from silent years +Pro-Cassette with Sticker
Limited to ;./!
THE HOWLNG WND (US/NY): Pestilence and Peril Tape
THE STONE (Serbia): Slovenska Krv Tape
Slavonic Black Metal
THE STONE (Serbia): Neke rane krvare vecno Tape
Slavonic Black Metal
THE STONE (Serbia): Zakon Velesa Tape
Slavonic Black Metal
THRALLDOM (US/NY): A Shaman steering the vessel of vastness Tape
THRALLDOM (US/NY): Black sun of resistance Tape
THRALLDOM (US/NY): Beast Eye opened to the sky Tape
TRANSTUS MORTALS (Can) : Overwhelmed By Hatred And Disguise Tape
TODESSUCHT - "Kalt & Leer" Pro - Tape. Limited to 50 Copies.
Depressive and Cold black metal,rerelease of their first sold out demo,here with a bonus track!
TEMPLE ABATTOR "Nechronicles" Tape,limited to 250 copies with Artwork on special gold Paper.
Spanish Black Attack !!! 4 Tracks.
TAPHOPHLA (Fra) - "Sinistres Emanations" Pro - Tape
Raw somber black metal in the vein of classic Mutilatiion.
TREBTAT (Ger) / Herbstraugen / Das Zwelicht (Ger) - Moment der Stille Tape
Great depressive BM with Faulnis member...!
THORNS BLADE "s/t" tape Limited to 100 copies
Raw Black metal underground sounding a bit like old US black metal bands, previously only distributed
demo cdr in Australia now available with bonus track.
THE ARRVAL OF SATAN (Fr) : "Darkness Dealer" Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies
Pro Void Black Metal
TOMHET (CAN/USA) - Astral solation Tape,Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.
6 tracks of desolated astral harsh black metal with ambient passages + a Misfits cover.
TYMBOS (GRE) - ...For The Wars To Come Tape, Limited to 250 copies.
Hellenic war black metal, tape version, with different artwork, of the album out on Deathsquad
TOTER WNTER - Oncoming Storm MC .Tape Limited To Only 150 Copies !
Toter Winter is an Unique U.S Nazi Style ! Highly nfluenced by the Mighty European Scene ! T.W play
Cruel Hateful cold Black Metal !
For fans of : The True Frost , WOLFNACHT , old TOTENBURG , ARYAN BLOOD . old ABSURD .............
TOTALE VERNCHTUNG - Die pechschwarze Artillerie Pro - Tape
Kult Stuff!
UNLEASH HELL - "Nocturnal Carnage" Limited to 100 Copies.
12 tracks of Black/Death Metal from Canada,BEYOND THE NNTH WAVE side project.
ULFHETHANR Essensce of Syperiority MC,W.A.R. Black Metal from Argentina. Full-lenght album on
tape. Limited to 300 Copies.
URGEHAL - Massive terrestrial strike MC.
URGEHAL - Arma Christi MC.
UNDERDARK - "the truth that lives MC.Raw Black Metal from Ukraine. Misanthropy only on this satanic
unholy tape...Second demo.
UNDERDARK - Satanic Wehrmacht..MC.Misanthropy only on this satanic unholy tape !
UNDERDARK am Above All - tape, Raw Black Metal from Ukraine. First album on tape. with Drudkh /
Astrofaes Members.
UNGERN -One Litre of Blood MC. Anti-communist Black Metal, featuring .Z.W.E.R.G. (Dub Buk,
UNGERN - Shambala" MC. Anti-communist Black Metal, featuring .Z.W.E.R.G. (Dub Buk, Svyatogor).
UTHARK - War Horde MC. War Black Metal.
UNGOD - UNGOD MC,limited to 333 copies...German Kult Black Metal...Pro- Tape with Sticker
VELES - Night On A Bare Mountain MC.Cult Black Metal from Poland. First album again on tape.
VELES - Black Hateful Metal MC.Cult Black Metal from Poland. Second album again on tape.
VLKERMORD / BURNNG BLOOD ''Death Cult Of The Totenkopf'' MC, Limited to 188 Copies!
Burning Blood:
VNTERRKET Finsternis MC, Ambient Black Metal.
VNTERRKET - ...Durch Neblige Wlder NC, Ambient Black Metal.
VNTERRKET Winterschatten MC, Ambient Black Metal.
VNTERRKET Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit MC, Ambient Black Metal.
VNTERRKET Retrospektive MC, Ambient Black Metal.
VNTERRKET / ORODRUN split MC, Ambient Black Metal.
VNTERRKET / NORTHAUNT split MC, Ambient Black Metal.
VA DOLOROSA - La Pace Una Fase Temporanea MC.Limited to 88 Copies. LAST COPES !!!
VODO QUONTUR Wolfes are .. MC.Great Black Metal from taly...
VOTAC OMEN - Electric Omen MC, Black Metal from U.S.A. Compilation of two demos with one bonus to 150 Copies.
VENEDAE / GROM - split MC.Slavonic Black Metal from Poland / Russia.
VENEDAE - The Silenced Boulders MC. Cult Slavonic Pagan Metal. LP'97...with members of Gontyna
VENEDAE - Dekada Slowianskiej..MC.Re-recorded old and new songs from this killer black/folk metal
project with members of Gontyna Kry!
VALHALLA - Winterbastard MC.
VARGLEDE Only Ashes... - tape, BlazeBirth Hall Cult!
VELMOR - "Rujan" MC, Fierce slavic pagan metal, good stuff except the horrible out-of-tune
flute.Slavonic Black Metal from Russia. Demo'01
VERVALA - Uuden Aamun Sarastus ,limited to 100 Copies.Pro - Tape 5,- Euro..True finnish BM,
previosuly released 7"ep by Grievantee now on tape
VULTURNE - Cathartes Aura - tape, Hateful Black Metal.
B<9I%<R $ De)ils Poison ! Australian 7iller Death 9etal with' Spear of Longinus,:estial
"arlust and 5ospel of the 8orns 9embers!!+PR< $ %AP6
Limited to C04!
B<L7<LA7 $ Sla)a Harile 93, Pagan @ol 9etal from Russia! Second album on tape!
VSPOLOX - Dusk MC, Heathen Black Metal from Russia...
VOLTAC OMEN "Funeral Psychosis Tape
First Version with gold Paper sold-outVersion on Red Paper available
VERKMMERT - "Stille" Pro - Tape, Limited to 100 Copies
Depressive and Hateful black metal.
VNTERSLAV "Obliteration" Tape, Limited to 250 Copies,Artwork on special luxurious gold Paper.
Tape Version of the first Release of this Band.
Obscur, insane & brutal Black Metal.
VARGANOCTE - Als die Nacht anbrach . MC
Amazing German Black Metal ! a perfect mix of Melancholic Melodic Black Metal and coldness !
V - KAOS (Swe) - Demo MC
A strange mix between Black Metal and twisted ambient music.
VREDEHAMMER (Nor) - 4. September Tape
Pure Norwegian Black Metal.
VALEFAR (US) / MSERY (US) - Evil Miserable Hate Tape
Black Metal.
VNTERRKET (Ger) / URUK HA (Austria) - Nachtschwarze moments/the uruk hai Split Tape
Nice Ambient / Black Metal Mix..!
VEL (US) - Sombre Pro - Cassette with big Tape Sticker
Tape Version of this great Atmospheric Black Metal Album...extrem nice Stuff!
V/A Voices of Eternal Morbidity' vol 01 Tape
a compilation tape including songs of bands like: Kommandant, Acherontas, Kingdom of Agony, Cryptic
Throne, Bestialized, Hexen Nacht, Wolf, Angrepp.
Almost 90 minutes of Darkness, Hate and Obscurity.
WARWULF - Forgotten Dreams Of A Lost Empire MC,
Embracing the black arts of the cold and glorious nostalgic B.M.Warwulf guides the journey to the dark
hymns over the holocaust landscapes with this vampiric demo. Summonings and Howls, chanting upon
the desolate ruins where war is the is the only answer and the left hand path is the only way" Bonus
(Seigneur Voland cover) Highly and 100% influenced by the old school 90's French black metal Scene
(Kristnacht / Seigneur Voland) Fucking good work , This War ugly grim act is Manipulated by Wulfskrieger
also member from Battle Dagorath, Limi auf 300 Copien.
WOTANORDEN FROM THE STORM COME THE WOLVES ...Vinlandic Hammer Metal... Limited to 500
Copies.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
WOTANORDEN ARYAN CULTURE PRESERVATON ..Vinlandic Hammer Metal... Limited to 500
Copies.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
WOODS OF DESOLATON - Toward the Depths MC, Depressive Black Metal from Australia. Tape version
of the album.
WEREWOLF- THE ORDER OF VRL , A call to traditional Polish nsbm. Pure hateful black metal in the
style of Veles, first nfernum and old Graveland. A must-have!!!limited to 350.Pro-Cassette with Sticker
WELTMACHT THE Call for Battle MC.
WARMARCH Noc Bez Konca MC, Raw Black Metal from Slovakia... , limited to 66 Copies.
WARMARCH - Bestial Rehearsal For Master Satan MC, Raw Black Metal from Slovakia. Third demo.
WYRD - unchained heathen wrath MC, Great Heathen Black Metal from Finland... First demo.
WYRD - Songs of the northern gales MC, Great Heathen Black Metal from Finland... Second demo.
WARFST - Tunes of Hell MC. Black/Thrash Metal from Poland. Second demo..
WELTENBRAND - Radiance of a ..MC. Militant and nihilistic nuclear black metal, members of Funeral
WELTENBRAND - The Cloud of..MC. Militant and nihilistic nuclear black metal, members of Funeral
WLK - Hammer of Hate MC. W.A.R. Black Metal from Poland. Compilation of two EPs..
WOODS OF YPRES - Against The Seasons MC. Absolut Killer Melodic Black Metal from Canada. First
stuff on tape version., Limited to 300 Copies.
WALLACHA - "from behind the light" MC.Great Heathen Black Metal from Norway. Second album on
WNTERFROST / WOLFTHRON - "Split" MC. Good Black Metal from Spain.
WONJNAR- Demo MC .Slavonic Folk / Ambient from Poland...
WNTERFROST - The Return of North - Eastern .
WORVHALLAG - Worvhallag MC.
WOLFTHORN / ERHABENHET Split MC, Black Metal from Germany.
WND - Woodland Spirits MC
WNTERBLUT - Der 6. Danach MC, Lost and hidden in older times, this release see again the dark light.
Re-release by Wulfrune Worxxx here. Back to 1999, Darker Than Black released the album on CD. Many
bootlegs were done on cassette and CD after the release, but this release is official. Eerie Black Metal
with a strong ghostly atmosphere.
WTH HATE BURN - Plutonium Scarlet Fields MC
!IN9S "F !#R - -att'e Hymn M> Ra, -'ack1Thra$h Meta' 6rom Po'an+/ MDD<E on
!IN9S "F !#R @ PREP#RE F"R !#R Raw :lac,%hrash 9etal from Poland!!! New 6P
on tape!Pro-Cassette with Sticker
!SHFD 1 H"N"S #GUIL#E - F"EDUS #URE#E LI-ERT#TIS "!A!R! :lac 9etal
from Poland and @rance! Limited to C./! Pro-Cassette with Sticker Aquilae:
WOLOK "Caput Mortuum" Tape,Limited to 250 copies. Artwork on Gold Paper.
Strange & Terrific French Black Metal. Tape Version of the Last Full Length.
WNTERGERWTTER(Ger) - Operation Wintergewitter . MC
Based on the military Wintergewitter operation ! when German attack Russians at Stalingrad ! , Excellent
German Mysterious War Underground and Ugly Melodic Black Metal Art . (Quality Music) , Attention this is
not a kids band !! in the undergorund since 2001 ! Wintergewitter consists of three individuals , Totally
Unknow !
WODULF - ...From The Corpsegates Pro - Tape
Wodulf returns with a full-length album of Ancient Gruesome Black Metal from Hellas, inspired by the
darkest passages of Homeric poetry, HellenoRoman Necromancy, Oskoreian Terror & Germanic Werwolf
Cults! 8 Stygian Psalms to the Realm of Hades, a dreadful descent to the forgotten catacombs of the old
European lore... with Der Strmer Members !
WALDGEFLSTER (Austria) - Herbsklagen Tape
Grim and Cold Black Metal. Playtime over 60 min.
WARNSKARPT (Vnz) - Hatred Vol Tape
Killer Southern BM.
WNTERKREGE - B. u. E. Tape
Ambient / Raw Black Metal good Stuff...!
Tape is limited to 55 handnumbered copies on quality covers!
WOLFHERR (Bra) / ZEPHARNECRON (Mex) / NHRBRATH (Vnz) - pact of lycanthroplic blood
Southern BM War..!
WOJNAR - The Book of Veles Pro - Tape, Limited to 500 Copies.
Polish Kult Stuff!
WOJNAR - Epos O Woju Z Krainy Mrozem Spowitej Pro - Tape, Limited to 500 Copies.
Polish Kult Stuff!
<O=ANR - Z !a>g?3szy.2 3o+#w %i"!i <am !ios? P+o - $a%& 'imit( to @AA Co%is*
Polish Kult Stuff!
WNDSTORM - ETERNAL GODS FORGOTTEN Tape limited to 250 hand-numbered copies.
Raw Black Metal from Hellas...Debut Tape MLP
WOLFENHORDS - 'Wolves of the New Begining' Tape
Debut album of one man band from Croatia.
WOLFENHORDS - 'Pathway to Lunar Utopia' Tape
Second album of croatian NSBM act.
WOLFENHORDS - 'White Power for White People Fight' Tape
Third album of croatian NSBM act.
XERON - Na Busqueda do Primixenio MC, Heathen Black Metal from Spain. Demo'07
XUL - Zlo.MC, Agressive Black/Death Metal from Ukraine...with Ex-REUSMARKT Member
Yaotzin: Black Metal legends from the Netherlands.
nfernal Damnation: Death/Thrash band from the USA.
Adversary: Unholy Black Metal from the UK.
Nattsvargr: Cold and grim Black Metal from the USA.
ZUMTOT Occident MC.This is one of those underground bands that only have a single tape released,
limited to 300 copies, and you don't expect it to sound unique at all, but then you get pleasantly surprised
and find a little gem that you end up really enjoying. There are some folk influences here, but well-done,
and overall a very nice atmosphere.
ZMERZCH - Wicher MC, Depressive Black Metal from Poland... Debut demo.
ZWARTPLAAG (Hol) - 'Haatstorm' . MC . 2010 ! Amazing .
Truely one of Nowdays strongest Black Metal Horde , after their excellent and Amazing Demos , their
bring us more complex tracks yet with their personal atmosphere ! Frozen Unholy melodic riffs Piercing
vocal performance and dedication to the Black flame that once more is burning strong . Zwartplaag is not
a project that is taking its first step into the Black Metal realm , this project has been lurking deep
underground for a long time and this debut full-lengther will give you a taste of what the Dutch Mighty
Black Metal underground Scene has to offer US ! A pure Masterpiece / 2010 Gift !
ZAGHAROS Golden Horn Tape, limited to 250 Copies, Artwork on special luxurious gold Paper. ,
Grim and Radikal Black from NL... 8 Tracks!
ZWARTPLAAG "Haatstorm" tape
A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of
demos, this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in
the Dutch underground that matter.
1x CD : 2.00 EURO Deutsche Post (Versandzeit 5-7 Werktage deutsche Post)
2x CD bis 6x CD : 2.50 EURO Deutsche Post
6x CD - 19x CD : 4.40 DHL Pckchen
1x LP - 2 LP 4.40 DHL Pckchen
ab 3x LP 6.90 EUR DHL Paket
1x CD - 3x CD : 1.90 - 4.00 EURO ARMAL
3x CD - 8x CD : 1.90 - 7,00 EURO ARMAL
8x CD - 12x CD : 14.50 EURO ARMAL
1x LP - 2 LP : 7.00 EUR (not registred) Airmail
2x LP - 3 LP : 9.50 EUR (not registred) Airmail
1x CD - 4x CD : 7,00 EURO ARMAL
4x CD - 10x CD : 4.90 - 12.50 EURO ARMAL
8x CD - 12x CD : 24.50 EURO ARMAL
1x LP - 2x LP (1xDLP): 7.00 EUR (not registred) Airmail
2x LP - 3x LP: 12.50 EUR (not registred) No Airmail
3x LP - 6x LP: 24.50 EUR (registred) no Airmail