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The 3D Food Printer will revolutionize the
world of food. Imagine a piece of equipment
that can make any dish you want, even
those that do not exist yet.
The possibilities for tasty but healthy
personalized nutrition or simply fun food
would be endless.

Kjeld van Bommel
The 3D Food Printer
A 3D food printer is a device
that can produce (any kind of) food product
starting from a series of basic ingredients
using printing or other deposition technologies
Why print food
image: Wikipedia, Husky
1: Global population increase
image: Scott Woods, Western News
Food now
image: Wikipedia, Jon Sullivan
image: Wikipedia, Bob Embleton
Food future
image: Wikipedia, VirtualSteve
image: Wikipedia, Arnaud Muller-Feuga
image: Wikipedia, Takeaway
2: Personalized food
image: Wikipedia, Ricardo bob 8
image: Wikipedia, Marg
image: Wikipedia, Andrew Vargas
Health status
image: Wikipedia, Naoll
image: The Doctors Visit - Jan Steen (1625/6 1679)
image: Wikipedia, Materialscientist image: Wikipedia, Regani
3: Convenience
image: Wikipedia, hugovk
Robotic chef
image: Wikipedia, Pavel evela
images: Wikipedia, GeorgeRexTA, Len Rizzi
4: Fun!
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Mash, again...
image: Wikipedia, Ra Boe
New food concepts
images: Philips
Commercial status
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2D food printing
image: Wikipedia, Ulrike Spierling
2D food printing
movie: Pascal de Grood, Foodjet
3D chocolate printer
images: Chocedge
Design concepts
Cornucopia - image: MIT Molculaire - image: Electrolux
Food printer - image: Philips
Food is complex
image: Wikipedia, Jeremy Bronson
image: Wikipedia, FotoosVanRobin image: Wikipedia, Jim10701
image: Wikipedia, Raoul654
image: Wikipedia, Phil Parker
image: Wikipedia, Mikani
cellulose fibres swollen starch granules
gluten network bundled protein fibres airy structure
spongy structure
How to print food
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Star Trek
century technology
Food synthesizer: food is prepared in high-speed
equipment and moved to a food slot via a small
turbo-lift technology

image: Star Trek the Original Series Paramount Television

century technology
Food replicator: food is prepared by rearranging
subatomic particles, to form molecules and
arrange those molecules to form the food object.

image: Star Trek Voyager Paramount Television
Rapid manufacturing
rapid manufacturing, a.k.a.
3D printing
additive manufacturing
additive layer manufacturing
rapid prototyping
freeform fabrication

selective laser sintering (SLS)
direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)
fused deposition modeling (FDM)
stereolithography (SLA)
laminated object manufacturing (LOM)
electron beam melting (EBM)
powder bed printing
inkjet head 3D printing
images: Fab@home (Cornell University )
and Seraph Robotics
images: TNO
images: MIT
movie: TNO
images: TNO
images: TNO
Worlds smallest
fried egg
image: TNO
= 300 m
High speed production
movie: TNO
The future
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Future scenario
images: Wikipedia, Tom Patterson,
Roguegeek, Orange-kun, Marce79,
images: Wikipedia, Pander
image: Wikipedia, PoiseWinsTitles
Too futuristic?
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image: Star Trek the Original Series Paramount Television
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