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Academic Programs

St. Rita of Cascia High School is completely committed to a College Preparatory curriculum. All
students are placed in an academic program that is tailored to meet their needs. Our course of studies will challenge each
student to fully develop his intellectual talents.

The Augustinian Academy allows qualified students the opportunity of accelerated course work. The Mendel
Academic Program provides students all the essential tools for success at the college level. The program structured
through the Villanova Academic Study Center provides individual attention, small group work, and advice
regarding study and organizational skills to those who need some assistance.

All students, regardless of their academic program, may avail themselves of the services offered by the Villanova
Academic Study Center.

Diploma Requirements Class of 2009

All Students, including those involved in the Villanova • ACT Composite of Honors Students – 29
Academic Study Center, must meet the same college
• 97% of Graduates Currently Enrolled
preparatory graduation requirements of St. Rita High
School: in College
• $10.6 million in merit-based scholarships
• 3 Years Theology
• 4 Years English ▷ 333 Scholarships Awarded
• 3 Years Math • 61 Members of the National Honor Society
▷ (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II required)
• 30 Illinois State Scholars
• 3 Years Science (Biology required)
• 3 Years Social Studies • 43 Presidential Education Awards
▷ (U.S. History and American
Government required) St. Rita Graduates are currently enrolled in
• 2 Years Foreign Language (Same language) prestigious universities across the country,
• 1 Semester Health
including: Annapolis, University of Notre Dame,
• 7 Semesters of Electives (minimum)
• Pass a comprehensive exam on the University of Chicago, Northwestern University,
United States and Illinois Constitutions University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Cornell University, Yale University, University
In addition to the academic diploma requirements,
of Southern California, Villanova University,
students are required to complete service hours and
write a reflection paper in each of the freshman, University of Virginia, U.S. Air Force Academy,
sophomore, and junior years. among many other fine institutions.

“The teacher’s function is to develop a gradual approach for the student to the truth, especially for
those who, while they may have a love of learning, have yet to develop a sharpness of mind. Without
a careful and progressive plan, success cannot be achieved.” – St. Augustine (Soliloquies, 1, 23)

St. Rita of Cascia High School An Augustinian College Prep School Since 1905
7740 S. Western Avenue | Chicago, Illinois 60620 | 773-925-6600 |
Augustinian Academy
A Rigorous Academic Program
for Gifted and Motivated Students
Enrollment in the Augustinian Academy is based on: Entrance exam score, 7th and 8th grade
reports, discussion with 8th grade teachers, and parental input.

Program Guide

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

• Theology I • Theology II • Theology III / Health • Theology IV /
• Foreign Language I • Foreign Language II Honors • Foreign Language III Honors Physical Education
• Algebra Theory Honors or • Geometry Honors or • US History Honors • AP US History
• Physics Honors
Geometry Honors Algebra II / Trig Honors • AP English
• AP Calculus or
• Biology Honors • Chemistry Honors • Choices: Six AP Elective
Algebra II / Trig Honors
• Geography Honors • English II Honors • English III Honors Courses
• Advanced Technology • AP World History • Honors Visual Basic
• English I Honors • Art / Music • Choice: One of Three AP Courses

Advanced Placement Courses St. Augustine (354-430) was born in the fourth
century and devoted his life to the monastic ideal of
• AP Art: 2-D Design • AP French nurturing and spreading
Christ’s way of life. Along
• AP Art: • AP Latin with being a prominent figure
Studio Drawing • AP Music in the religious spectrum,
Augustine was also very
• AP Calculus • AP Psychology influential in the history
• AP Chemistry • AP Spanish of education. For fifteen
centuries the Augustinians
• AP English • AP U.S. History have patterned their lives
• AP World History after St. Augustine. This is the
legacy of those who teach at
St. Rita High School.

When I look back on my experiences at St. Rita,
Dan Moore many things come to mind: the high caliber of our
Class of 2009
achievements, the challenges we had to overcome, and

the journeys we prepared to embark upon. The biggest
thing that comes to mind though is the St. Rita Family. One of the most
important things St. Rita has taught me is how to appreciate people. I truly
believe we are all a family.
Mendel Academic Program
A Rigorous College Prep Program for
Dedicated and Motivated College Bound Students
Enrollment in the Mendel Academic Program is based on: Entrance exam score, 7th and
8th grade reports, discussion with 8th grade teachers, and parental input.

Program Guide

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

• Theology I • Theology II • Theology III / Health • Theology IV /
• Foreign Language I • Foreign Language II • English III Physical Education
• English I • English II • Algebra II • English IV
• Algebra I • Geometry • U.S. History • 20th Century US History /
• Biology • Chemistry or Chemistry in • Physics or Anatomy or U.S. Government
• Computer Applications / the Community Earth Science • Choice: Three Elective
Physical Education • World History • Choice: One Elective Course * Courses *

*Electives are chosen based on individual interests and abilities

Gregor Mendel (1822 – 1884) was an Austrian

Augustinian priest and scientist, and is called the father of genetics Program
for his study of the inheritance of traits
in pea plants. Mendel spent his life The course of studies for students enrolled in
teaching natural science to high school
students, and was not a renowned the Mendel Academic Program is determined
scientist of his day. It was only later on an individual basis based upon each
that his contribution to the field of student’s academic ability. Therefore,
science was recognized, as he was the many students may have a course of studies
first person to trace the characteristics comprised of some offerings found in the

of successive generations of a living
thing. The three laws of genetics he Augustinian Academy and other
discovered are now known as the offerings from the Mendel
Mendelian Laws. Academic Program.

I know St. Rita is preparing me to be

successful throughout my entire life. I Harry Zelek
Class of 2011
am encouraged and challenged each
day to strive for my best. St. Rita provides
me with an environment where I am treated as an individual and my
abilities as a student are recognized. I am confident I will be well
prepared for college and beyond.
Villanova Academic Study Center
Providing Individual Attention for Students
About Program
The Villanova Academic Study Center is rooted The sequence of studies is individually adjusted to assist each
in the Augustinian tradition of meeting students student reach his potential.
where they are, and offers:
Freshman Year • Daily Tutoring Available
• Individual Attention Double Period of Algebra I • One-on-one Conferences with Mr. Kurek
• Small Group Work
Reading / Critical Thinking Foreign Language is taken in
• Organizational Skills
Junior & Senior year
• Study Skills

Goals St. Thomas of Villanova

(1486-1555) was known for his
• For every student to be successful in his promotion of studies and missions in
high school career the Order of Saint Augustine, and for his
• For every student to meet all of the love and care for the poor. He professed
requirements for graduation his vows as an Augustinian in 1517 and
• To prepare every student for higher was ordained a Priest in 1518. Thomas
education grew into a deeply spiritual life. He lived
simply, giving away the small fortune that
he inherited from his parents. He became
Archbishop of Valencia in 1545.
Program Success
Four St. Rita students who have benefited from this program have received the Kevin Dowling Scholarship to be
applied to the college of their choice.

St. Rita students who have benefited from this program have gone on to higher education at institutions such as:
DePaul University, Quincy University, Eastern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, Northern Illinois
University, Southern Illinois University, and Moraine Valley Community College.

Mr. Richard Kurek – Director of Villanova Academic Study Center

• St. Rita of Cascia High School ’99
• Valparaiso University ’03 | B.A. Geography / City Planning
• DePaul University ’08 | M.Ed. Teaching & Learning
• Illinois Teacher Certification | Teaching experience in full inclusion classrooms

It’s rewarding to see students on day one come in for help and see how
they grow throughout the year. It’s even more rewarding when they
start to succeed and they’re proud of what they accomplished. School
has become less of a “hassle” for a lot of students in the program, and

they start to take more pride in their education.