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At-Will Bloodclaw: +15 Rage: +2 Brutal 2

Me lee Basic +24 1d12+17 29 +BC +Rage +5d6 +2d12

Ra nged +24 1d6+10 Range 10/20 16
How ling +24 1d12+2d6+17 41 +BC +Rage +5d6 +2d12, Rampage
Str ike
How ling +25 1d12+3d6+19 shift 1 49 +BC +Rage +5d6 +2d12, Rampage
Ch arge Rage: speed +2 Frost Charger Bracers
Pressing Shift2, +24 1d12+17 Push 2 29 +BC (Rage: 37) +5d6 +2d12, Rampage
Str ike Rage: +1d6+2
Th unde r +24 vs Fort Once per round, own turn: knock prone Rampage
Oak Hammer Every hit knocks prone, +5 damage on prone targets
Th unde rfury Reaction: MBA when adj. attacks
Co mba t S print Move Move speed +4. +4 defenses against OA

Sw ift Char ge Free Trigger: Enemy dies Charge an enemy, Frost Rampage
Charger Bracers
Cu rtai n of Reaction Trigger: Enemy adj. hits or misses +24, 3d12+17 (+BC +Rage) 53 (+BC +Rage) +2d12
St eel +5d6, Rampage
Ba ttle Interrupt Trigger: Enemy adj. shifts or makes MBA
Awar ene ss attack that doesn’t include you
La ugh it Of f Interrupt Trigger: Enemy hits Reduce damage by 5, gain +2 bonus to next attack and
damage roll before ENT
Fu el the Fire Minor Each adj. enemy can make OA. Until ENT gain +2 to attack rolls for each enemy that makes the OA.

Ma ster stro ke Standard +26, 2d12+17 (+BC +Rage) 41 (+BC +Rage) +2d12
+5d6, Rampage
St orm of Standard Up to 5 MBA’s Rampage
Bl ade s

Sh oul der Sla m Standard 1 st att ack: +30, 2d12+19 (+BC +Rage), Frost Charger Bracers 1st: 43 (+BC +Rage)
Use on Pus h 2, Shi ft +2d12 +5d6, Rampage
Charge 2 nd att ack: +24, 1d12+17 (+BC +Rage) 2nd: 29 +BC +Rage
+5d6 +2d12, Rampage
Daily Powers
Co mba t S urge Free Must be raging. Reroll an attack that missed.
Ult ima te Parry Reaction Trigger: Take damage from attack Reduce damage by 17
Th und er Hawk Standard Gain Thunder Hawk Rage attack +24, 2d12+17 Thunder (+BC 41 (+BC +Rage) +2d12
(4 W) +Rage), half on miss +5d6, Rampage
Oa k H amm er Standard Gain Oak Hammer Rage: Every hit knocks +24, 3d12+17 (+BC +Rage), 53 (+BC +Rage) +2d12
Ra ge (5W) prone, +5 damage on prone targets prone, half on miss +5d6, Rampage
Th und erfu ry Standard Gain Thunderfury rage: MBA when adj. +24, 3d12+17 (+BC +Rage), 53 (+BC +Rage) +2d12
Ra ge (6W) enemy attacks prone, half on miss +5d6, Rampage

Daily Items Powers (2 per day, additional usage after milestone)

Э Elixir of Spee d, minor, gain +2 speed for 1hour
Э Salve of Power , minor, healing surge for regaining level 5 daily power
Э Э Э Potio n of Cla rity , minor, healing surge, reroll d20 +3
Э Э Э Potio n of V itality , minor, healing surge, gain 25 HP, make saving throw
Potio n of Resistance , minor, resist 5, Э Necr otic , Э Fi re , Э Lig htning
Э Cl earsense P owder , minor, self or adj. Can make save vs blind or deaf, level 15
Э Alchemist’ s Aci d, standard, range 5/10, +14 vs Ref, 2d10 acid, 5 acid ongoing, on miss half damage
Э Antivenom , minor, gain +2 bonus to save agains poison level 20 or lower, EOE
AC 32 - Fort 30 - Reflex 23 - Will 23
+2 AC against enemy I hit last time
Initiative: +9
HP: 141, Bloodied: 70
Surges: 15
Surge Value: 40 (+5 when bloodied, + # of surges spent)
Acrobatics +14, Perception +14, Athletics +19, Endurance +20
Arcana +7, Bluff +8, Diplomacy +8, Dungeoneering +11, Heal +9, History +7, Insight +9,
Intimidate +8, Nature +9, Religion +7, Stealth +9, Streetwise +8, Thievery +9
+5 saving throw vs poison
2nd wind as minor action
Stand your ground: Forced movement reduced by one, immediate save vs prone
Enemy shifts or attacks someone else
Battle Awareness MBA interrupt
Add 1d6 damage
use Howling Strike or Shoulder Slam
enemies adj. to target take 6 damage
shift after charge
Tattoo: Extra HP equal to surges spent
When bloodied: Surge Value is +5 (Belt of Blood)
When hitting a target:
Swift Charge
10 temp HP
When hit
Laugh it off, damage –4 +2 attack/damage
Ultimate Parry (daily), damage –17
Combat Surge
Potion of Clarity (+3)
Spend Action Point (Kensei Control Action)
+2d12 +5d6
(Charging) Rampage
Action point:
+1 to all attack and damage rolls during action (Chessenta)
Spend AP to reroll attack, damage, skill, ability check