Disaster Medicine

Disaster medicine

What is a disaster?

Disaster definitions
” Events that require extraordinary efforts beyond those neededto respond to everyday emergencies. ” ” Lack or not enough resources for the situation. ”

Disaster? Catastroph? Big accident? Serious event?

More disaster definitions
• Disasters are unwanted and undesired • Occur at a single moment in time • Imply lack of social adjustment to a hazard of given nature • Alter basic relationship, linkages and flows within society so that necessary requirements for health, safety, food, shelter and well-being are not met • Basic needs will be derived from outside

More definitions of disasters
• • • • • • • • Large number of people are involved Numbers of fatalities occur and are public Damage of homes or other essential property Children or other vulnerable people are involved Local resources are unable to meet needs Police or response agencies request assistance Public and media interest is high Horror element is high

Different kind of disasters
Natural Man-made

Natural disasters
• • • • • • • • Epidemics Famine Hurricane Tornado Storm Flood Earthquake Wind-driven water Tsunami • • • • • • • Tidal wave Vulcan eruption Landslide Mudslide Snowstorm Avalanche Drought

Man-made disasters
Technological diasters Material shortage War Chemical Radiological,Biological,Nuclear terrorism Transportation accidents Group violence – riots Food or water contamination Deforestation Building collapses Often complex emergencies

Natural and man-made disaster
• Accidental and/or man-made?????

Predisaster planning
• Risks? • Guidelines - laws/regulations • Government – local area governments and communities – different authorities • Hospital and other health care • Voluntary agencies • Organisation plans • Education – exercises

• What can happen???? • How true will it be???? Probability? • If it happens – which consequences?

Risk and vulnerability
• Vulnerability - how much and how serious community will be involved • Grade of vulnerability depends on the capacity to expect manage resist recover the event-disaster …..

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