Word Bank – increases as each letter sound is taught

! Some words are underlined. These words tend to give an inaccurate pronunciation. However, the pronunciations are so close that the children are able to 'tweak' them and read them, especially if the words are in their vocabulary. Initially it is sensible to make sure the children know how to blend the words that are not underlined before using the underlined ones. The underlined words fall into different types, such as:• as, resist, is etc. – the /s/ sound is more like a light /z/ sound • pasta, lemon, attack, packet etc. – in many words a vowel is not always pronounced accurately and makes an /uh/ type of sound. This is known as a schwa. Sometimes it can even sound a bit like a different vowel, as in packet /pacit/. This causes few problems with reading but makes spelling much harder. • ink, tank, sunk etc. – the <nk> is pronounced /ngk/ - there are few problems for reading and the spelling difficulties can be overcome by teaching the children to write <nk > when they hear /ngk/, and learn the odd one that does not follow this advice, such as 'uncle' . • sense, sneeze, mouse, cassette, opposite etc. – the <e> on the end gives no sound but the word can be heard after blending the letter sounds that come before the <e>. • apple, kennel, devil, royal, cheerful etc. – these all have an /l/ sound at the end. The children cope well for reading but have to remember which alternative to use for spelling. • catch, pitch, hutch etc. – the <t> is not pronounced. • doctor, collar, - the <or> and <ar> have an /er/ sound. Again spelling is more of a problem than reading. • salt, alter, walrus etc. – the <al> gives an /or/ sound but the <l> is also pronounced. • bold, told, sold etc. – the <o> is not a /o/ or an /oa/. It is in-between these two sounds and only becomes more difficult when spelling. • blue, grew, rude etc. – have an /oo/ sound rather than a /ue/ sound. • fast, class, path etc. – children with a northern accent have no problems with these words. In the south the words are pronounced with an /ar/ sound. Most southern children can 'tweak' the pronunciation and cope well with these words, especially when it has been explained in class. !

! !

arrest. cap. antiseptic. hip. assistant! tan. kit. pink. rink! trip. its. spin. span. resist. packet ! hen. panic. neck. attack. net. ticket. tap. span. rent. tact. sick. in. tent. spank! sack. pasta. cricket . transparent. nit. sip. it. pest. pet. nip. kiss. ant.k! e! h! r! Words in this column are The words in this column are suitable for younger children. tin. stack. prick. act. ! provides suitable words for blending s! a! t! i! p! n! c. test. crack. spirit. peck. racket. actress. strip. pant. pack. pan. napkin. crept. hiss. hit. hint. picnic. an. antenna. honk ! rat. tick. pin. tip. snap. rinse. rip. speck. kick. trespass. nest. rest. print. risk. pat. sent. skin. at ! ! sit. track. sank.! Word Bank – practice. ten. insist. skip. tennis. attract. pants. sense. stick. respect. press. hectic ! happen. hat. trap. pen. pit. tense. strict.! more appropriate for older children or children with a more advanced vocabulary.! kitten. present. pick. sap. is! assist ! pip. insect. ink. strap. trick. sink ! set. spit. tank. scrap. ran. inspect. stink. spick. rack. cassette step.! ! ! as. snack. attic. stress. snip ! cat. ! ! sat. pass! spat ! nap. can. crisps.

spun. ham. hunt. hid. addict. god. crop. rag. mint. incorrect. rig. trim. pram. ticktock. dip. cotton. egg. panda. kiosk. correct. suck. timid. rump. undress. tend. us. tram. hem. handicap. ram. protect. den. hot. drum. sun. rucksack. mad. pig. map. haddock. undid. dent. sum. topic. maggot. product. mat. nonsense. cannon ! u! rut. grin. imp. trunk. run. mimic. gram. stop. rod. hum. tempt. opinion. deck. mass. cost. hug. adopt. sunk. madam. across ! up. dentist. add. pump. dump. tantrum! . cannot. kid. drop. had. rug. cup. gap. send. tug. drug. trust. rid. duck. admit. moss. spotted. drink. puppet ! rim. carrot. smack. spot. reckon. cross. dress. stem. desk. dust. mud. hump. errand. cut. grip. rapid. pot. pumpkin. stuck. truck. tusk. attend. tuck. skid. grand. adapt! o! tag. dog. discuss. stand. cod. comic. dragon. hut. suntan. disk. snag. upon. dock. mend. drastic. recommend. must. magnet ! cog. grunt. unpack. odd.m! d! g! ! man. end. drank. desktop. parrot. him. dot. nun. spaghetti! top. putt. anagram. stamp. pun. eggcup. sad. scrub. gran. rock. grandad. crust. mink! dim. nut. hiccup. mumps. intend. stag. trod. second. upset. dug. sag. crisps. pod. mop. crag. hippopotamus. drip. stump. red. pond. din. trot. sunset. trumpet. mist. drunk. prim. nag. minimum. pocket. attempt. hop. rocket. snug. gust. pad. damp. mock. got. mess. mattress ! dad. camp. mum. gum. rust. disc. pretend ! gas. on. sand. connect. tramp. address. pop. dig. miss. spend. pregnant. hand. skunk. hog. pup. mid. men. opposite. rot. drag. sock. cot. sudden. get. grim. instruct. mug. peg. did.

single. muddle. bet. grill. limit. eldest. miracle. riddle. goggles. lad. carol. embarrass. slug. bob. bundle. impossible. list. melon. reflect. lid. responsible.l! f! b! lap. tub. until. twinkle. gulp. pal. collect. bag. cold. battle. ripple. bed. flip. helpless. mill. kettle. blank. click. stiff. subtract. dill. hill. ample. ill. saddle. beg. cub. cabin. millennium. tell. spectacles. cattle. frock. scroll. planet. unplug. fell. splendid. stub. handle. plank. fold. lit. smell. solid. puddle. loss. triplet. rob. log. control. frantic. tiff. flannel. electric. sill. spell. drill. rabbit. flock. offend. fill. tackle. fond. gorilla ! bad. result! sift. topple. bit. cob. ankle. spelt. smuggle. bud. crumble. felt. skill. stroll. confident. dustbin. talent. pill. tingle. spill. tangle. self. wiggle. sold. blunt. infect. fun. difficult. slip. infant. fit. bottom. insult. frank. snub. minicab. golf. dell. pulp. pollen. pebble. fist. unfold. hull. middle. paddle. unlock. select. hold. held. milkman. frog. lipstick. incredible. belt. clock. lend. bib. melt. gallop. plimsolls. . grub. bulb. lollipop. slap. plus. temple. glum. pelican. fluff. grab. stilts. pub. adrift. camel. clip. sell. loft. slab. plump. giggle. elastic. slit. best. traffic. lemon. lass. fuss. allotment. frost. clump. clarinet. tunnel. lick. from. fog. ban. blend. leg. flap. stab. font. black. flat. minibus. frill. milk. rib. gruff. boss. toboggan. candle. hospital. flick. off. freckles. roll. clamp. bog. kilogram. luck. slim. bell. scuffle. lips. fantastic. lot. seldom. cliff. lift. kennel. help. silk. unless. lump. dull. atlas. simple. elf. link. public. clap. huff. catapult. forest. bun. hob. angle. bug. salad. rub. album. biff. left. cuff. slot. adult. rumble. rattle. bat. marigold. kill. fan. robin. crab. nil. plum. big. kilt. affect. fossil. laptop. muffin. drift. film. bold. lost. fiddle. tinsel. fact. puff. gold. brick. plan. fin. talon. funnel ! nib. plug. blond. slam. plot. club. old. told. fat. drab. sample. gobble. flag. split. animal. little. doll. lip. pimple. sniff. bump. troll. lock. habit. flan. electronic. gill. plastic. skull. trickle. soft. till. daffodil. gull. block. sob. gift. apple. back. settle. tentacle. tilt. tickle. limp. cuddle. slid. fed. blob. bin. omelette. rectangle. skeleton. elk. sprinkle. led. blot. sulk. let. petrol. glad. neglect. slept. uncle ! if. fungus. helmet. bend. prickles. flop. still. less. bill. struggle. lesson.

stork. seem. saint. rain. sprain. jacket. oak. complain. bubble. seen. fail. foghorn. snore. cord. aid. keen. steer. absent. jet. load. bunk. stain. mirror. jeer. tremble ai ! aim. buckle. moan. coast. mail. feeble. main. snail. fries. acrobat. creep. soap. port. store. road. captain assemble. afraid. button. forgot. jut. abandon. again. horrible. trail. mumble. more. reel. bleed. street. subject. error. contain. brain.blossom. pail. faint. sport. forgive. croak. steel. screen. toffee. jeep. coat. forget. anorak. acrobatic. jangle. obtain. nibble. terrible. cork. inform. horn. Spain. agreement. ribbon. crossroads. canteen. scribble. seed. strain. foal pie. nimble. afloat float. lied. umbrella. aimless j jog. free. jingle. problem. for. greed. deep. tries. junk. roam. blink. groan. dries bee. indeed. remain. jump. raincoat. sensible. foam. paint. sort. scramble. heel. speed. laid. project. raid. tail. poach. popcorn. coffee. . moat. needle or. sleep. ignore. die. green. settee. grain. blanket. peek. raindrops. cloak. pigtail. jungle. toast. asleep. see. just. eel. peep. been. fork. leek. grumble. beetle. snort. transport. jug. boast. pain. stumble gain. agree. adjust. greet. score. abominable. flies. disagree oa ie ee or form. oats. goal. coal. keep. loaf. paid. tie. storm. nail. untie. meet. jumble. bucket. platform. need. bottle. keep. roast. feet. jazz. petticoat. toad. raise. sore. praise. abrupt. lies. jab. born. tore. albatross. lord. obstacle. horse. terrified cries. fort. plain. sail. jam. brilliant. rail. forbid. lie. beep. unload. magpie. hail. seek. goat. beef. reed. train. geese. pork. deer. soak. feed. landlord. ail. corn. steep. beer. drain. record. object. against. sweetcorn. feel. tumble. torn. job. juggle adjustment boat.

scorpion. kingdom w ng v van. sitting. wagon. zest. fizz. weeping. corridor. spelling. wind. wobble ring. wilt. sang. report. venom. sensitive. flung. ping-pong. anvil. stinking. fling. wicked. wig. vitamin. wept. caravan. maize sneeze. wooden. sailor. went. vent. invisible good. gang. west. willing. oblong. snoring wail. king. freeze. villa. singing. speeding. level. zap. hang. wore. wet. waistcoat. witness. well. wedding. windscreen. bang. buzz. twig. portrait. drizzle. song. restore. weep. involve. give. steering. tailor. bring. promising. hung. sleeping. olive. rung. painting. swim. vomit. solve. worn. soaking. twin. sweet. adjective. tractor ashore. cobweb. organ. belong. adore. offensive. actor. wigwam. develop. accordion. windmill. waist. oo . vest. strong. breeze. ornament. feeling. volunteer. training. victim. prevent. vivid. sleeve. waitress lung. swam. smuggling. seven expensive. massive. web. wing. aggressive. sportsman. swept. swelling. weed. wombat. dazzle. ding-dong. active. wellington. swell. meeting. sprang. cling. week. wink. seeing. between. portable. visit. vain. monitor. crook. shore. wag. unwell. soot. vet. foot. travel. sung. visible. swung. wood. along. wait. weekend. stung. wool. swift. sing. long. wick. afford. clang. wicket. freezing. adorable. available. stubborn. woollen. twist. terrorist. morning. velvet. enormous. brook. puzzle win. devil. invent. sling. important. zebra. have. swing. vanilla. landing. projector. string. wisdom. zigzag. railings. rang. attractive. sweep. sting. buzzing. ignorant.doctor. tweet. will. support. visitor z zip. spring. terror.

text. extend. room. children. experiment. mailbox. grandchildren ch sh ash. index. trench. fool. itch. ship. took. rash. gloom. astonishing . noon. toadstool. ostrich. chaffinch. munch. titch. shrill. bedroom. shin. choose. yank y x six. next. axle. stoop. cheerful. loop. poach. hexagon. sketch. hoof. brush. woodland cook. wax. shot. kitchen. footsteps. beetroot. shed. smash. chimpanzee. shellfish. droop. sheet. broom. shred. stretch. ditch. much. cockroach. sex. tax. posh. sheep. stitch. yap. noodles. sixteen. cool. moose. stool. hunch. shoot. chug. yet. oxen. shift. pinch. loose yes. shell. chicken. toot. blush. short. boot. cloakroom. toolbox. boxing. crush. cheer. expect. yuck. spoon. refresh. hush. shrank. switch. chipmunk. snatch fish. roof. fax. food. chat. rich. publish. stood. hunch. flash. chuckle. zoom. explore. pool. fix. soon. axe. bloom. cash. hutch. chick. chickenpox. expand. igloo. sandwich. porch. root. textbook. maximum. coach. yell. scoop. hopscotch. woof. moon. chips. goose. book. box. vixen. dash. shrug. dish. such. chopsticks. broomstick. baboon. screech. chill. too. express. slush. hook. bench. shrunk. swoop. inch. scratch. witch. drench. fox. polish. patch. rook. flex. taxi chin. pitch. mix. roost. exact. flush. hoot. chest. scrapbook oo zoo. shut. torch. relaxing. ketchup. relax. champ. rush. hoop. approach. cheek. shop. flesh. shall. exam. tattoo yak. cheese. chess. bunch. twitch. check. tool. attach. catch. sheriff. selfish. ox.hood. look. chump. wish. mash. chop. mood. chum. boom. exit. chap. finch. yelp boo. shelf. crunch. speech. moo. unexpected. duchess. shrimps. shook. fetch. match. shut. chain. raccoon. explain. vanish. punch. proof. shrink. shook. hatch. chimp. paintbox extinct. astonish. shock. crash. lunch. example.

er . anthem. mousetrap. ventriloquist. boil. proud. thud. winter. about. three. cue. strength. pepper. quench. faith. joint. ointment. thump. found. topsoil. that. point. sprinter. thick. blender. think. tortoise. ground. squeeze squid. teeth. broth. count. quack. punish. them. request. quill. continue. slither. with. around. pouch. stern. thrush. fountain. quest. moist. quicksand. greenhouse. snout. quilt. without. kerb. thatch. arithmetic. noisiest hound. throb. fuel. quin. length. wound. equipment out. pound. squirrel. enter. throat. value. under. slouch.splash. bookshop. letter. goldfish th th this. thrilling. appointment. shouting. house. shampoo. butter. sister. poison. round. quit.rubbish. outing. tremendous. cruel her. supper. fatter. paintbrush. froth. advert. aground. fern. oilcan. soil. mushroom. asteroid ou oi ue due. pith. moth. tinfoil. thrill. hotter. shopping. herd. theft. thank. avenue clue. eggshell. bitter. avoid. sixth within maths. aquarium. spoil. account. shocking. adverb. spout. roundabout. background. litter. sour. quick. amount. cloud. blunder. tranquil. mouse. width. finish. toothbrush. coil. north. stout. outstanding. coin. mister. river. squint. glue. disappoint. obvious. untrue. loud. spoilsport. outfit. boiler. tenth. thorn. woodlouse. better. method qu quiz. south. cloth. shatter. flour. bother. perch. mountain. true. join. sound. toil. bluebell. summer. boiling. crouch. silver. blister. quail. than thin. thing. our. pathetic. toilet. tissue. queen. statue. noun. couch. aloud oil. perm. blouse. never. accountant foil. thimble. herb. scout. shout. amber. then. sprouts. thanks. tender. rescue. spoilt. mouth. herself. trout. liquid. tooth. blue.

bark. understand. bumper. stopper. potter. dagger. misunderstanding.splinter. anger. conkers. stretcher. painter. liver. scooter. slender. porter. gutter. part. hunger. lantern. spanner. shiver. farm. order. larder. clever. tar. pester. stagger. transfer. rudder. matter. rooster. hammer. proper. harp. barber. reserve. quiver. supporter. runner. person. arch. consider. serve. reverse. rubber. stutter. buttercup. hanger. toddler. father. garlic. term. gangster. ark. terrific entertain. far. thunderstorm. shopkeeper. charm. chart. nerve. sharp. monster. modern. march. serpent. folder. timber. otter. sticker. camcorder. internet. helicopter. cart. robber. tanker. copper. chatter. remember. desert. locker. gander. trainer. thunder. customer. member. twister. sooner. suffer. scanner. swimmer. lavender. afternoon. numbers. hamster. manners. September. shudder. understood. hoover. winner. soldier. toaster. border. jumper. gather. terminal. expert. antler. recorder. perfect. counter. upper. forever. herdsman. flutter. duster. darkroom. woodpecker. art. archer. dark. arc. mutter. Antarctic. interest. pier. angler. interrupt. rounders bar. ladder. evergreen. perhaps. corner. printer. tart. verb. trousers. . dart. harm. miserable. tweezers. different. shelter. scatter. waiter. slippers. tavern. harsh. temper. card. Arctic. were. butterfingers. snooker. miller. offer. perform. jar. asterisk. servant. star. trigger. lobster. barn. surrender. alert. dinner. nervous. smuggler. park. referee. underground. ar arm. mermaid. yard. glitter. pattern. shatter. painter. ever. singer. slither. car. camera. stammer. jerk. finger. cracker. verse. understanding. disaster. hard. chapter. cooker. shepherd. thermometer. mark. propeller.

lizard. tartan. silky. sporty. rocky. sparkle. hardy. scrollbar mummy. stuffy. sorry. spooky. robbery. study. entry. skinny. rate. silly. name. mainly. estimate. pale. late. curry. plate. a-e . territory. vicar. sharper. astronomy. greedy. grammar. rugby. game. poppy. sleepy. berry. flame. crockery. pardon. dummy. lorry. granny. possibly. same. hate. apartment. majesty. snake. daze. arson. carpenter. fussy. take. ordinary. argue. familiar. candyfloss. slippery. marry. teeny. mustard. shark. garden. plenty. misty. activity. factory. every. puppy. teddy. vinegar. armbands. partly. noisy. gale. blazer. carry. date. bargain. antibody. fame. indicate. party. make. nickname. speedy. farmer. artist. alarm. glossy. telly. sherry. sunny. soggy. penny. simply. family. filthy. gate. sharpener. county. made. academy. ferry. sadly. unhappy. foggy. frosty. stormy. pane. grubby. lily. pantry. invade. inflate. marbles. harvest. daddy. shortly. archery. carthorse. case. harmless y /ee/ sound scar. blizzard. merry. are. slave. cardigan. creepy. wonky. tape. safe. plane. spotty. male. ajar. cake. starve. dizzy. enemy. rake. pottery. gave. history. startle. starfish. hanky. frothy. spark. make-up. crane. funny. jelly. industry. nanny. tame. secretary. lake. body. grapes. cave. yummy. empty. jellyfish. salary. similarly. came. artery. dolly. grade. landscape. daily. memory. exterminate. carpet. willingly. sandy. remarkable. mane. carve. potty. satisfactory ale. darling. farmyard. hobby. caterpillar. save. frame. blade. cartoon. custard. ape. slate. fake. roomy. lottery. fade. muddy. blaze. jolly. apart. sticky. starling. wake. silvery. woolly. calendar. copy. agony. wave. grumpy. buggy. wizard. barbecue. majority. maze. cherry. wiggly. smart. target. very. elderly. partner. fuzzy. army. milky. anniversary. tubby. bunny. wobbly. storybook. story. runny. hobby. buddy. collar. imitate. hurry. tricky. terrifically. terribly. rusty. tale. similar. ugly. unlucky. tummy. market. floppy. victory. holly. soapy. lane.start. nappy. property. dusty. grave. tabby. mate. bake. irritate. kangaroo. cutlery. clumsy ate. happy. gaze. lame. gusty. sale. pity. scarf. lucky. windy. lumpy. daisy. handy.

unlike. throne. scales. event. bedtime. home. rope. antelope. marmalade. bonfire. upside. spike. blame. appetite. severe. wine. anticlockwise. beehive. hesitate. chocolate. demonstrate. decorate. brakes. pineapple vote. stole. milestone. slope. chase. wade. homemade. zone. translate. sunrise. cornflakes. terrorize. shine.brave. molehill. skates. wives. thrive. tired. advertise. roller-skate. shave. primrose. size. bite. fine. close. lemonade. bike. wafer. hillside. approximate. crocodile live. hole. concrete. pancake. alike. robe. even. stroke. mistake. satellite. umpire. antidote. trade. athlete. pantomime. i-e o-e bone. enclose. unwise. overlook. tone. divide. website. October. shame. pipe. five. scone. stove. wire. mole. completely. trombone. like. scrape. tide. fever. sole. stone. lampshade. silent. quite. eve. awake. arrive. leftovers. salesman. later. hike. dislike. nine. bedside. vine. explode. silently. operate. describe. sunshade. likely. choke. doze. theme park. prefect. file. fire. rose. shade. joke. telltale. invite. wife. evening interfere. arise. handshake. ripe. smile. title. tile. note. bridesmaid. owe. lobe. drove. line. time. woke. prize. . alcove. wise. dome. strike. lakeside. complete. admire. trapeze. pavement state. wide. dive. spire. hose. role. rise. mousehole. escape. November. refine. unlikely. spine. mile. hide. these. Pete. cone. here. clockwise. drive. lonely. extreme. underline. nose. tadpole. amaze. inhaler. flagpole. spoke. hive. outside. hope. meter. those. polite. stripes. graze. reptile. uneven ride. compete. globe. glider. provide. bridegroom. paper. hibernate. sunshine. opening. inside. shape. shaken. broke. slime. code. caveman. relate. spider. wipe. pole. sandpaper. stale. side. wove. tiger. prefer. pride. pile. organize. alive. vampire. times. kite. item. scale. complicated e-e Steve. poke. spade. glide. valentine. lively. slide. revise. smoke. ashamed. mine. separate. bride. tribe. life. lone. appropriate.

enjoy. stolen. style. supermarket. butterfly terrifying. joystick. satisfy. pray. away oy boy. tyre. shy. salute. sly. seal. hay. dragonfly. heal. employer. year. crayfish. reply. June. beak. try. envelope. annoying oyster. spear. meat. apply. simplify. eager. include. amuse. player. mean. multiply. near. slay. meal. magnify. computer duke. least. voter. seafood. staying. pyramid. beam. terrify. runway. pylon. stethoscope. boyish. cry. Friday. east. pay. hurray. peak. sway. anteater. rule. lullaby y/i/ ea eat. dear. read. pure. fly. python. lean. rude. fear. fluke. joyful. woken. daytime. used. frozen. beach. team. real. fumes. use. unused. say. playtime. joy. attitude. cube. overtake. meantime. crayons. tube. myself.alone. weekday. display. deal. spy. beat. type. destroy y /ie/ by. rely. ahoy. Tuesday. supply. suppose. costume. ruler. cute. enjoying. flea. stray. capture ray. assume. refuse. fry. annoy. fuse. woven u-e mule. typist. mystery peacock. weak. excuse. may. my. broken. holiday. leaf. hear. oversleep. nearby. nylon. toy. pigsty. confuse. playpen. . accuse. open. typing. skyscraper. useless. ear. flute. feat. way. sideways ay day. Sunday. creak. seat. heap. stay. mayonnaise. skyrocket. nude. employ. perfume. tune. heat. pollute. absolutely. sound sty. play. telescope. each. super. sunrays. bleak. sneak. vulture. tea. midday. employment. speaker. subway. lay. propose. haystack. royal. railway. hooray. steamship. lead. yesterday. clay. supervise. yuletide. tray. seam. leak. steal. pea. prunes. over. playground. cure. seagull. overcoat spoken. spray. bay. volume. fortune. leap. driveway. dry. Roy. sea. amusement. neat. sky. layer. absolute.

elbow. Halloween. peas. stream. night. down. bow. upright. lower. overflow. howl. birthday. girl. flowerpot. increase. cream. owner. slowest ow/ou/ owl. appeal. lamplight. allow. might. shallow. shower. dreary. row. mow. trowel. narrow. overnight. eagle. sparrow. seatbelt. snowstorm. steamroller. tomorrow. thirst. rainbow. snowflake. borrow. window. slow. powder. teacher. rowing. underneath. town. vowel sir. seashore. blow. thrown. treat. squirt. lightning. songbird. thirty. bowl. sorrow. please. grease. willow. grownup. lighthouse. easily. peach. release. first. tights. downhill. birdseed. clean. treatment. weary. crowd. arrow. clown. windowpane. shadow. stirring. third. crease. nightdress. thirteen. right. windowsill. seaside. squeak. fight. shown. bright. showery. how. shirk. highlight. gear. reason. clear. peanuts. weaken. snowy. prowl. slight. brown. own. drown. slightly. tower. fellow. beads. however. below. easy. weave.teach. chirp. crow. glow. dirty. jeans igh tear. snowman. snow. overcrowded. dirt. fowl. swirl. beans. cow. gown. nightingale row. scowl. really. cowgirl. crown. birth. fortnight. sigh. midnight. tee shirt . dream. widow. sight. seashell. frown. shirt. firmly. teaspoon. bowling. sunlight. earwig. skirt. seahorse. season. follow. flashlight. now. yeast. steal. marshmallow. measles. weasel. flow. seaweed. cowshed. scream. talcum powder. sunflower bow. fright. hollow. stir. miniskirt. traffic lights tightrope. lowest. yearly. yellow. earring. disappear. tight. weakness. bluebird ow/oa/ low. tease. show. leave. teacup. leaflet. speak. thirsty. cheap. steam. light. tenpin bowling sow. blackbird. teapot. repeat. tow. fir. seasick. sow. appear. flight. thigh. growl. reveal. firm. teabag. grow. upside down. coward. treacle. overhear high. each. meaning. throw. bungalow. pillow. towel ir bird. marrow. seagull. daydream. widower. flower. twirl. reach. tighten. nearly.

phantom. prawn. ph Soft c mice. trophy. murmur. cauliflower. yogurt. chalk. . disturb. unhurt. wall. ballpoint. mall. drawer. iceberg. newspaper. screw unscrew. sacrifice. alright. thaw. photographer alphabetical. Jew. halt. jawbone. autograph. space. stalk. sunburnt. simplicity. salt. murder. hamburger. raw. new. haul. fall. burn. face. cause. cell. ice cream. creepycrawly. turtle. elephant. because. pawn. turf. seesaw. awfully. nursery. shawl. screwdriver. call. Saturday. burger. photo. photograph. survive. hawk. city. sincere. pew. draw. surprise. turnip. ball. lawn. fascinate. small. brace. basketball. burnt. shrewd. surname. sphere. grew. withdraw. false. scent. furry. phrase. jewel. princess. alter. microphone. turning. jaw. audible. twice. always wallpaper. lawnmower. Paul. burst. further. purse. paragraph. alphabet. ice. yawn. surround. dawn. pause autumn. outlaw. furthest. curtain. stew. corkscrew fault. criticise. burglar. walnut. claw. triumph. further. participate. drawing. newt. curl. race. vicinity. hawk. hawthorn. dice. haunt. threw. automatic. saucer. awful. haunted. spawn. talk. chalky. cancer. nephew. church. amphibian. curve.ur turn. laundry. dew. launch. jigsaw. fallen. trawl. photocopy. blew. strawberry sawmill. launderette. Saturn. surf. ace. churn. trace. alternative. view. August. vault. orphan. penalty. phone. centipede. return. nice. flew. hurt. scald dolphin. spaceship. walk. chewing. walrus. hyphen lace. prophet. altar. beefburger. slew. falcon. flaw. altogether. hall. scene. awkward au aw al all. fur. absurd ew few. crawl. drew. rice. cigar. officer. telegraph pole. nurse. alternate. chew. hurtful. skewer. turban. dawdle. faulty. paw. purple. law. sawdust. tall. suburb. excite. drawn. place. cent. trawler. crew. physical. phonics. restaurant saw. Thursday. author. taunt. purr. anticipate. telephone. straw. astronaut.

dungeon. dinghy. process. stranger. suggest. page. lounge. accept. ginger. dance. exaggerate. bodge. bandage. germ. decide. gem. concern. hedgehog. choice. scissors. change. exciting. charge. sentence. fascinating. bracelet. century. simple. advantage. pigeon. succeed. introduce. energetic. except. changing room. medicine. badge. engaged. office. fridge. ceremony. generous. concern. peace. cancel rage. angel cylinder. large. manage. dodge. bridge. circus. success. recent. sauce. gigantic. since. cygnet. scenery. recently. celebrate. image. fidget. notice. vaccinate. menace. lettuce. original. digital. gentleman. appliance. fence. general. intelligent. huge. abundance. rejoice. geography. palace. budge. badger. incidence. legend. replace. residence. hedge. instance. stage. cemetery. policeman. accent. audience. village. lance. edgy. electricity . exercise. surgery. cottage. cellar. reduce. plaice. accident. bounce. imagine. ancestor. certificate. exchange. energy. register. balance. voice. tangerine. luggage. advance. giraffe. fridge. ingenious. recite. stagecoach. gadget. access. passenger. society. pharmacist. plunge. region. religion. margin. cereal. advice. damage. prince. icing.excite. cement. pounce. fleece. receive. ascend. carriage. wage. celery. pencil. ledge. disadvantage. surface. semicircle. noticeable. cycle. genius. chance. spacing. gesture. edge. pence. entrance. cigarette. danger. racing. justice. force. greengrocer. origin. practice. certain soft g cage. range. pierce. bulge. excellent. hinge. judge. strange. garage. innocent. orange. exciting. marriage. bicycle. gentle. sorcerer. engine. magic. decimal. college. mince pie. divorce. saucepan. decide. engineer. ambulance. substance. graceful. racist. circle. science. define. pronounce. passage. oxygen. fringe. digit.

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