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-- 42 years old olive skin man came to your gp practice he came to u becoz of Tv advertisement of melanoma,no family history,no reassured him,patient said if he feel any symptom he ll come for check up but instead of that what u ll recommened him for follow up??? A.every 6 month B.2 yearly C.5 yearly D.put him on regular medication... E(NO OPTION OF NO SCRENNING)

2.hocm (old recall) 3.Picture of keloid 4.26 years old lady currently on ocp missed her pill day 6 n 7 next day came to what u ll do?? A.continue same pill B.Start new packet C.emergency contraception.

5.A 25years old man had his 2nd attack of epilepsy two weeks before, for how long he should not drive? a- 3months b- 6months c- 2years d-never drive e-surrender his license

6.csf values given (dnt remember )aked for treatment? A.ceftriexone b.erythromycin c.clotrimazole d.penicillin 7.Frey Syndrome picture 8.ecg of MI? different types were given in option asked.. 9.patient came with right side femoral pulse absent picture of angiogram ??next immediate management ? A.angioplasty

B.heparin C.clopidogril

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb book mammogram .. (malignancy) 11.X.ray og bronchitis? 12.ABG values ... asked D/o???? 13.42 wks 3 days pregnent lady h/o of previous lower segment cs what u ll do ?? A.Normal delivery with artificial induction B.24 hrs regular CTG C.CS

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa VBAC- vaginal birth after cesarian can be done provided.... 1) thr shld be only 1 previous low transverse c section 2) mother should have adequate pelvis and 3) thr shlb be facilities provided to carry out emergency c section!!! here we can induce
14.ECG of heart block?? 15.2 yrs old child came with 2 wks h/o of & cough rhinorrhea next investigation? A.x ray B.nasal aspiration C.ct D.usg

16.a pregnant lady came with h/o of multiple drug abuse? asked for tetrogenic effect? A.cocaine B.marijuana C.alcohol d.LSD


17.2 years old child reduced growth progress.. saying cooo n aooo something, playing alone,when u asked hello to him he just gave u smile ? A.autism b.asperger syndrome c.tourett syndrome

18.4 yrs old boy with fever 39 degree ,bruises on body ,urti from 2 wks blood values were given platelet 35? A.All B.ITP c.TB

19.multiple myeloma (tricky scenario) asked for d/o? 20.TOF (X.RAY) asked for d/o? 21.Mitral Regurgitation d/o?? 22.Helminth procedure (different scenario).. 23.apgar score asked for correct answere 24.Creutzfeldt Jackob disease (cjd) Scenario prognosis? 25.2,3 biostatics question (dnt remember) 26.30 years old lady came with complaint of flushes,body ache,bilateral wheezing,joint pain what ll be the investation lead to diagnosis? A.ANA b.dsdna C.c.x ray D.ECG E.anti-ribonucleoprotein antibody

27.patient admitted with 3rd attack of MI,oxygen given,morphine given ,ntg start Pt is stable he was talking to nurse n said nursing staff is very nice,faculity is very good,he have quality in hospitals facuility?

A.denial B.supression C.progression D.sublimation

28.Inguinal hernia scenario?d/o?? 29.picture of small bowel obstruction ? ng tube decompresion done after 24 hrs situation got worse what ll be ur next step? A.gastrograffin follow up B.sigmoidoscopic decompression C.send him to ot for surgery D.NG

30.scleroderma (Crest Syndrome)?? d/o?? came with complaint of 3 cm mass in right side fnac done values were given i couldnt find anything abnormal, after fnac size of mass decreased what will be the next step ??? after 6 month B.CT C.USG D.sialogram

32.Lft side lymph node asked for met? A.lung B.colon C.stomach

33.patient came with complaint bacterial vaginitis u treat ur pt what ll be ur suggestion?? she is in relation with only one person? A. Treat her partner B. ask her to treat her contacts C.ask her she is in risk of std