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Biogas Fuel Station in Pakistan

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Institute of Management Sciences, BZU, Multan.






Our idea is to introduce Bio Fuel Stations in Pakistan, A fuel Station that will utilize organic waste to produce Bio gas and the residual waste can be utilized as well because it contains the characteristics of natural soil conditioner. We ai to resol!e the issues that are currentl" faced b" #$% industr" and it will greatl" contribute the growth of countr"&s econo " because it will reduce oil i ports and fiscal deficit as well. As according to the Federal 'inister for Petroleu and $atural (esources, Shahid )ha*an is around + Billion #ubic countr" is facing serious gas shortage, which according to hi

Feet per ,a" -$o!,.th Business (ecorder/. 0his shortage will result in the gas load shedding of households and industries. 0his is leading towards the destruction of our established industries, there is an opportunit" to find alternati!e source of energ" and fuel. SO our plan is about to a!ail this opportunit" and pro!ide an alternati!e source in the for of bio gas. And the b" products will also be !er" helpful as Pakistan is an of b" product will be positi!e contribution. agriculture based countr" and we also i port soil conditioners, so local production of these fertilizers in the for

Pakistan and most of the developing countries are in energy crisis. Pakistan spends almost 7 illion US! on import of fossil fuels annually to fulfill its energy needs. "he rene#a le and sustaina le energy resources are est su stitute to the conventional fuels and energy sources. Pakistan takes the opportunity to have almost of its population rural. $aving a large amount of animals that give %&' million kg of manure daily from cattle and uffalo only this can e used to generate (%.) million m) iogas per day and '( million tons of io fertili*er per year. So y installing the iogas units #e can overcome the energy crisis #hich #e are facing to. "hey are lo#+cost and can small udget. "he need of a national policy farmer,s is imperative to ring this e run #ith very technology at

doorstep. "his io gas can e compressed into usea le fuel for automo iles, y a same

process as it is used for the compress the natural gas.

"he #ords of Shell -./ 0an 1er 0eer are that 2easy oil, is running out. -34 industry is collapsing due to shortage of natural gas resource in Pakistan. 5nd according to study the energy needs #ill increase to ) times till '6&6, so #e have to find out and look for the alternatives and rene#a le resources.

Biogas as a renewable energy source could be an alternate means of solving the problems of energy crisis. Agriculture has the key importance in the economy of Pakistan. Agriculture has remained the basis of the Pakistans economy as it provides employment to 45 percent population and provides input for agro based industry. The ma or limiting factor is energy which is responsible for the impede in developing economies. !n Pakistan almost "#$ of the foreign e%change is spent on import of fossil fuels . The given survey shows the increase in the energy consumption of fuels and electricity in Pakistan of last five years.

Overall Energy Mix Of Pakistan

Conversion Technologies Biomass can be converted into biogas by anaerobic digestion technology. circulation.

What is Alternative &ompressed Bio gas 'Bio (uel) is an alternative fuel for the automobiles* direct alternative for the &+, and substitute for the petrol.

1ow #ost. Sustainable. Best substitute for con!entional fuel sources. B"products are useable ,ecrease in deficits of B.O.P.

Business Canvas Mode

Key partners
)e" partner is the #$% station. 2t will help us in co pressing the biogas into bio fuel. -initial stage of business/. We will do a partnership at initial stage with the #$% stations. Will use there co pressing plant for the co pression and storage for bio fuel.

At initial stage (est of all da"s when #$% is not a!ailable then Bio Fuel will pro!ide the alternati!e fuel for the custo ers.

)e" suppliers is Far er with cattle or cattle&s far . 2t will pro!ide us the basic input aterial.As the b" products are the fertilizers,

we will barter fertilizer for the ani al dungs which far ers will pro!ide us.

Key Activities


ain product is Bio gas which will be co press for the use as fuel for the auto obiles.

0he b" products which will be separate later will be use for the other processes.

Value proposition
0he !alue which we are pro!iding is to pro!ide 3 da"s a week fuel for the auto obiles. 2t is4 Alternati!e for depleting resources. #heaper and Abundant

Importance for a Place

'ost of the areas of lower Pun5ab are like where cites and rural areas where we will install our bio gas plant. 0he ain reason for selecting these areas are that suppliers of ani al dungs will easil" be eet each others at highwa" intersections so we will do a partnership with the #$% stations in these areas and

accessed and input can easil" be transported to the plant for the process.

Exit Strategies
2f pro5ect of bio fuel not adapted b" the custo ers and if there will be no potential for this business then 4 Biogas is still there if biofuel is not accepted. #an be supplied directl" to %o!t. #an be supplied to households of areas with no natural gas. #an be supplied to industries for their operations.