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Information Displays - Autumn 2004



Efficient 50" display with 1280 x 768 (WXGA) resolution, Stylish 42" plasma display with 1024x788 (XGA) resolution for Affordable 42" plasma display with 852x480 (WXGA) resolution
designed specifically for multimedia applications. exceptional colours and clarity. for digital signage and entertainment.
• Advanced burn-in prevention system (all white mode, grey • Perfect for non-static information display • Excellent for showing customers animated entertainment
background for 4:3 picture and auto brightness saver) • Low-reflection coating gives people a clearer picture on busy floor environments
• Reproduces over 1 billion colours • Sturdy design make sure your newly innovative • High performance scan converter creates exceptionally
• Exceptional brightness and contrast output for any application communication lasts smooth playback of video and PC signals
• Sony digital process technology (Dynamic Picture Taste) • Easy connections with a wide range • Wide range of optional interface boards ensures
ensuring accurate picture reproduction of optional interface boards ultimate connectivity
• Possibility to combine with network options for dynamic • Smooth playback of video and PC signals possible with high • Guaranteed high contrast and brightness with
content and asset management performance scan converter low-reflection coating
• Wide range of optional interface boards (optional accessory) • 1 billion colours produces incredibly vivid colours • Durable design to guarantee a long product lifetime
• New design with anti-scratch protection • Easy control with remote commander (included) • Easy control with remote commander (included)
• Smart cabling

Sony has always been at the forefront of innovation, developing screens of superior quality. And now that we’ve brought together our expertise * Conventional screen
in TVs and computer monitors with our new Pro Picture Engine, we can add more exciting features for an even better viewing experience. ** Sony screen

* Taking Resolution * Outstanding Colours * Smooth Visuals * Incredible Sharpness * Impressive Image
to New Heights The high performance panel If you want to avoid rough The Pro Picture Engine Enhancement
With the Pro Picture driver in our information edges or characters, our from Sony gives you the Your picture will never be
Engine, we can now displays reproduces incredibly Digital Smoothing function ability to maximise resolution too bright or dark with our
** achieve outstanding ** vivid images, creating ** gives you natural looking ** and depth perception for **
bit panel driver, giving you
screen resolution. up to 1 billion colours. visuals - whatever resolution ultimate sharpness. a perfectly natural contrast.
you’re using.
Model Specifications
Model PFM-42V1N PFM-42X1N FWD-50PX1N
Accessories Size
Viewable Area
42" 42" 50"

Stands & Brackets (measured diagonally) 1058 mm 1058 mm 1270 mm

Maximum resolution 852 x 480 1024 x 768 1280x768
SU-42B: Panel Brightness 1000 cd/m2 800 cd/m2 1000 cd/m2
Table stand for PFM-42V1N and PFM-42X1N. Contrast Ratio
(in dark room) 1200:1*1 3000:1*1/5000:1*2 1000:1
SU-SP50FW: Pixel size (HxV) 1.08 x 1.08 mm 0.90 x 0.676 mm 0.86 x 0.81 mm
Table stand for FWD-50PX1N. Displayable Colours 16.77 Million 1060 Million 1070 Million
Display Area (HxV) 920 x 518 mm 920 x 518 mm 1098 x 620.5 mm
FS-LP1NL: Input Connectors
Floor stand for PFM-42V1N, PFM-42X1N and PC Analogue (1xHD15) Analogue (1xHD15) Analogue (2xHD15)
Audio Stereo Mini x1 Stereo Mini x1 Stereo Mini x 2
FWD-50PX1N (available from October ‘04).
Control RS232C/Control S RS232C/Control S RS232C/Control S
MB-42B: Output Connectors
Speaker Speaker (L/R) Speaker (L/R) Speaker (L/R)
Wall bracket for PFM-42V1N and PFM-42X1N
Audio Stereo Mini Stereo Mini Stereo Mini
(discontinued from October ‘04). Control Control S Control S Control S
PC Input
fH/fV Analogue: 15~96kHz/48~85Hz Analogue: 15~96kHz/48~85Hz Analogue: 15~96kHz/48~85Hz
Wall bracket for PFM-42V1N, PFM-42X1N and FWD-50PX1N Maximum input
(available from October ‘04). signal resolution UXGA 1600x1200 UXGA 1600x1200 UXGA 1600x1200
Video Signal
Ceiling bracket for PFM-42V1N, PFM-42X1N and FWD-50PX1N NTSC4.43/PAL-M/ NTSC4.43/PAL-M/ NTSC4.43/PAL-M/
(available from October ‘04). PAL60/PAL-N PAL60/PAL-N PAL60/PAL-N
Audio Output
2 x 7W/6 Ohm 2 x 7W/6 Ohm 2 x 7W/6 Ohm
Input Boards
Power requirements
BKM-V10: Requirements AC100~240V, 50/60Hz AC100~240V, 50/60Hz AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 360W (Max.) 400W (Max.) 380W (Typ.)
Component & S-Video input board for the PFM-42V1N and
Dimensions (WxHxD)
1033 x 631 x 83 mm 1033 x 631 x 102 mm 1256 x 753 x 112 mm
BKM-V11: Weight
27 kg 29.7 kg 43 kg
Component/RGB input board using 5-BNC connectors for the
Burn-in Prevention
PFM-42V1N and Picture inversion Yes Yes Yes
PFM-42X1N displays. Picture orbit Yes Yes Yes
Picture All White No No Yes
BKM-V12: Gray background No Yes Yes
RGB/Component active loop through for PFM-42V1N and PFM-42X1N P and P
models. Yes Yes No
Pro Picture Engine
BKM-FW10: No Yes Yes
Component & S-Video input board for the FWD-50PX1N display. *1 With 4% window. *2 With 1% window.

Component/RGB input board using 5-BNC connectors for the
FWD-50PX1N display. Accessory Compatibility Chart

BKM-FW12: Input Boards Stands & Brackets Speakers







RGB/Component active loop through for FWD-50PX1N display.



Speakers for FWD-50PX1N . PFM-42V1N • • • • • • • • •
SS-SP20B: PFM-42X1N • • • • • • • • •
Speakers for PFM-42V1N
and PFM-42X1N. FWD-50PX1N • • • • • • • • •