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University of Tennessee Health Science Center


College of Nursing! DNP Open House

University of TN Health Science Center

Memphis, TN

Our Mission
The mission of the College of Nursing is to prepare nurse leaders and to advance science to meet the health needs of the people of Tennessee, the region, and the nation through education, research, clinical care and service.!

Our History
1972 Advanced Practice Nursing Program begins at UTHSC


One of the rst Advanced Practice Doctorate Programs (DNSc) in the country


DNSc becomes the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

..the DNP is the next logical step toward clinical excellence, leadership and political acumen in advanced practice nursing. With the exploding knowledge base in health care, technologies and informatics, new proposed paradigms - to say nothing of population needs, demands and desires for curative, restorative and preventive health care that additional (DNP) preparation has become imperative.
- Loretta Ford, co-founder of Nursing Practice role

The Seven Sisters

The DNP Pioneers!

UTHSC! Case Western Reserve! Columbia University! Rush University! University of Colorado! University of Kentucky! University of South Carolina


Anesthesia! AG-Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP)! Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)! Neonatal Nurse Practitioner! Pediatric Nurse Practitioner! Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMN-NP)! Dual Concentrations: PMH-NP/FNP or AG-ACNP/FNP! Dual PhD/ DNP

Department and Program Administration

J. Carolyn Graff! Associate Professor ! PhD Program Director

Jackie Burchum! FNP Coordinator

Irma Jordan! DNP Director

Yolanda Hibbler! DNP Coordinator

Wendy Likes! Associate Dean

Jill Oswaks! Nurse Anesthesia Director

Carol Thompson! ACNP Coordinator

Susan Patton! Pediatric & Neonatal Coordinator

Pat Speck! Forensic Coordinator


Post-BSN and Post-MSN w/wo APN! Full-time as well as part-time schedules for all but nurse anesthesia and dual programs.! BSN to DNP (single option) 60-70 credits with exception of Nurse Anesthesia! MSN to DNP (post-certication) 30-45 credits (option dependent).


Web-mediated including opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous learning. ! On-campus 3-4 times yearly (July, Dec., Jan., & April) for 5-7 days each session."! Clinical courses completed close to where students live. Minimizes commute.

Jackie Burchum ! DNSc, FNP

Michael Carter! DNSc, FNP

Margaret Hartig! PhD, FNP

Irma Jordan! DNP, FNP, PMHNP

Cheryl Stegbauer! PhD, FNP

Stephanie Plummer! DNP, PMHNP

Family Nurse Practitioner and! Psychiatric Mental Health ! Nurse Practitioner Concentrations


Virginia Betts! MSN, JD

Stacy Emerson! MSN, FNP

Katleen Gaffney! MSN, PMH-CNS, PNP

Dona Clarin! DNP, FNP

Adult! Gerontology! Acute Care

Carol Thompson! PhD, DNP, FNP, ACNP Sheila Melandar! DNS, ACNP Donna Lynch-Smith! DNP, ACNP Jane Ann Sullivan! DNP, FNP, ACNP

Nurse ! Anesthesia
Dwayne Accardo! DNP, CRNA, ANP Jill Oswaks! DNSc, CRNA, ANP Loree Thompson! DNP, CRNA, ANP

Is work experience required?

One year of Experience is needed for Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Anesthesia applicants.! No experience is needed for application to the other DNP Concentrations:!

FNP, PMHNP, PNP, AG-ACNP ! Dual Concentrations!

All applicants should be able to clearly articulate understanding of the advanced practice role for their practice specialty.

Application Process
Prospective students MUST apply to the BSN program through NursingCAS, a national nursing centralized application service endorsed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. !

Specic instructions are provided at the NursingCAS portal at!


The application fee through NursingCAS is $65 for the rst designation and $35 per additional school chosen for undergraduate programs.

Successful Applicants

Somewhat program (concentration) dependent! GPA >3.0 or >3.2 recent course! Ofcial Transcripts: (highly recommend no Cs) in clinical coursesif have Cs address them.! Recommendations: 2 from faculty who can address applicants academic ability and 1 from employer who can address work performance. ! Essay (concise, well-written, answers the question)


Individuals with competitive applications interviewed.! Poised, professional ! Articulate regarding role of advanced practice nursing! Reason for seeking DNP degree! Expand on involvement in leadership activities and professional organizations! Discuss strategies to be successful in the DNP Program

DNP Admission Timeline

Jan March-April June July August

Application Notice of Deadline Acceptance Jan. 15th mid-March to April 1st

Mandatory Orientation June TBD Mandatory Orientation July 29th

Classes Begin Aug 1st

Your Decision is Due: 3 weeks after acceptance Acceptance Form & $200 Guaranteed Enrollment Deposit must be received by UTHSCs Office of Enrollment Services

Getting Ready
Step 1! Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by May 1st! For Academic Years 2014-2015! This is a big deal No FAFSA, no Financial Aid of any kind (scholarships, loans)! FAFSA website is; UTHSC school code is 006725.! Step 2! UTHSC Ofce of Financial Aid will receive your FAFSA info. ! The Ofce of Financial Aid will access your FAFSA application & inform you by email if additional documents are needed (i.e. copy of tax returns, etc.)." ! Step 3! Amount awarded, the sources of aid awarded, and instructions on how to proceed will be communicated by the Ofce of Financial Aid.! Step 4! After all forms/signatures are received, loans will be processed.! Funds are typically available by the 1st or 2nd week of class.

Financial Matters
! ! ! ! ! !

Tuition! Fees ! Books! Supplies ! Scholarships! Later & Other

DNP In-State Tuition

Tuition per Credit Hour (Part-Time)

~$685 per Credit Hour

Semester Tuition (Full Time)! Fall & Spring Terms

~$6,164 per Semester

*Tuition is determined yearly for the next academic year at the June UT Board of Trustees meeting.!

Estimated Fees
Fee Item
Student Malpractice Insurance Student University Fee Student Parking Total Only needed if student does not have: Health Insurance*! Hepatitis B Series**
* Not necessary if student already has health insurance (proof required). ! ** Not necessary if student has had Hep B Series (proof required)

1st Year Est.

$38 $650 $198 $886

$2,126 $253

Estimated Cost of Books

Book costs vary from class to class and term to term, year to year, and depend upon rental or purchase of new or used textbooks.

Cost Estimate for Entire Program


Students who delay obtaining books jeopardize their progression in the program.

Estimated Supplies
Computer/Handheld Device Software Nursing Attire (pre-licensure)!
3 sets recommended at $100 each. Includes Uniform, Shoes, UT Emblem & Lab Coat

1st Year Estimate

$1,000 $300 $300 $400 $2,000

Stethoscope/Otoscope/Ophthalmic TOTAL

2012 RWJF Scholarship Recipients

Loans! Scholarships via UTHSC College of Nursing/Financial Aid!

Limited number and $ amounts of scholarships available! Scholarship criteria scholarship specic (need vs. performance)! Scholarship amounts and recipients vary from year to year! Completing FAFSA immediately ensures scholarship consideration!

Scholarships through External Funding Agencies (e.g., HRSA, RWJF)!

Continually changing list often nursing education related

Licensure Costs (Estimated)

Graduation - Cap & gown - $0! Certication Review Course - ~$400! Certication Exam - ~$250! APRN License (check your state) - ~$200! DEA License - $731 (for 3 years)


UTHSC COLLEGE OF NURSING! Ofce of Student Affairs! 920 Madison Avenue, Suite 1020! 901-448-6125 or 1-800-733-2498!