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China is the third largest country in the world after Russia and
Canada. It has one fifth of the world population and over 1.2 billion of
people. Han and other 55 minorities Chinese have been living in
China for over 5000 years.

Chinese contributes great deal to the mankind with the invention of

paper, printing, powder and compass in the early days. In the last
100 years, the governments of British, Europeans, America, Russians
and Japanese had done a lot of harmful things to Chinese. After
China's loss of Opium War to British in 1884, all the world powers
gang together attempting to slice up China. Chinese had to suffer 80
years of internal turbulence, continuous civil war, foreign interference
and Japanese invasion until a communist state, People's Republic of
China, was established on October 1, 1949.

Communist China went through many hurdles, reforms, hardships

and difficulties in the first 30 years of its establishment. These may
include the land reform, Anti-corruption movements, Hundred Flowers
Brooms, Great Leap Forward, Culture Revolution and etc. Soviet tried
to control China in one hand and in another hand, America, together
with Europeans and Japanese, has been trying to block Communist
China since its early establishment.

Communist China did make mistakes in the past. But one thing for
sure, this government makes all Chinese proud of being Chinese.
China can stand up again. Chinese learned from the past history how
the major powers play in the world stage. China has every reason to
be cautious not to fall into the same trap again.

China started the economic reform with open door policy in late 70.
Since then, China has set the stages of rapid economic growth with
continuous experimentation and multi-staged market reform.
Although China today is still a poor country, Chinese believe that the
economic booming will continue for some time in its own pace.

Politically the West and Japan led by America continuously use

Human Right, Democracy, Tibet, Taiwan etc. to against China.
Notwithstanding the skepticism and interference, China forged ahead
to take back Hong Kong from British on July 1, 1997 and Macao
December 20, 1999. Japan is the only country today that still
occupies Chinese land and not willing to give it back to China.
Taiwan is being governed by the Republican, which retreated to
Taiwan from Mainland China in 1949. Taiwan and Tibet are both
belonged to China ever since ancient time, long before America's 200
years of history. Thus any international movement of Taiwan or Tibet
independence is not against the government in power. It is against
Chinese as a whole. It will fail as the history has proved many times.

Chinese is peaceful, humble and non-invasive The nation has survived

for 5000 years and the unique culture, rich heritages in arts,
medicine, religions and philosophies have attracted a lot of the
attentions. It is a fundamental mistake to label China as a communist
state. China is China, a state cultivated by Taoism, Confucianism and
Buddhism. To understand China, it will be better to know Chinese
history and philosophies, (Chinese People-philosophies & Religions).
Travel to China and see it with your own eyes (Scenery and Travel).