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In the horoscope of occultist
Aleister Crowley, all the planets are
between Rahu and Ketu, forming
Kalasarpa Yoga. Rahu is moving, in its
retrograde motion, towards all the
other planets. There is, therefore, a
theme of new initiations of events in
his life that he must go through,
experience and learn from, in order to
develop himself in a manner that
allows for the eventual completion of
the results of his karmas. New events and circumstances will be initiated in
his life for the purpose of his learning to develop the characteristics that are
unbalanced or developed lopsidedly. Other, more secure, things will be
taken away in order to make room for the new. Rahu is in Pisces. Pisces is
the rasi of completions, resolutions and liberation. Rahu in Pisces,
therefore, indicates that the theme of the Kalasarpa Yoga is to initiate new
events and circumstances that give him the opportunity to complete and
resolve the issues that remain from his previous karmas. Rahu is in the 9

house, which indicates that some things to spur self-knowledge, faith,
and/or meaning and purpose in life will be initiated, and that other ideas of
self, faith and/or meaning and purpose in life will be unsatisfactory,
unsupported or taken away in order to make room for the new. The lord of
Rahu, Jupiter, is in the 4
house, indicating that self-knowledge, faith,
meaning and purpose in life will be developed as happiness and inner peace
are established, and that lack of happiness and inner peace will spur the
search for self-knowledge, faith, meaning and purpose in life. His occult
works reveal a search for meaning and are psychologically insightful. He
was one of the many important figures at the beginning of the 20
who had a part in making occultism, readings, Tarot, etc. more insightful
and psychological, and not merely predictive and mundane. As mentioned,
Kalasarpa Yoga tends to give an element of uniqueness. Crowley was not
only an occultist at a time during which occultist were considered little
better than Satanists, he also deviated from classical occultism. His Crowley
Toth Tarot deck is decidedly different than other Tarot decks, he even
added some cards and renamed others.
Oct. 12, 1875
Leamington, UK
23:30 LMT
52N18, 1W32
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