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Important Committees related to Banking and Finance 1. Abid Hussain Committee : On Small Scale Industries 2.

A C Shah Committee : Reforms Relating To Non Banking Financial Companies (NFB C) 3. Aditya Puri Committee : Dissemination of Credit Information 4. Anil Kaushal committee : To examine the recommendations made by the TRAI on p ricing of Spectrum. 5. Arvind Mayaram Panel : Report on the alleged irregularities at the National S pot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) 6. Arvind Mayaram Committee : For giving clear definitions to Foreign Direct Inv estment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) 7. Athreya Committee : Restructuring Of IDBI 8. Basel Committee : Banking Supervision 9. Bimal Jalan panel : To scrutinize applications for new bank licenses. 10. Bhandari Committee : Reconstruction of RRBs 11. B. Mahapatra Committee : To review the existing prudential guidelines on res tructuring of advances by banks/financial institutions 12. Cook Committee : Capital adequacy of banks. 13. C Rangarajan committee : For poverty scale estimates in the country 14. C Rangarajan Panel : Recommended the pricing of natural gas by a complex met hodology of arriving at an average of International gas hub prices 15. Committee On Uttarakhand Floods : The committee headed by AK Ganju 16. Damodran Committee : On improvement of customer services in banks 17. Dave Committee (2000) : Pension Scheme For Unorganized Sector 18. Deepak Parekh committee : For Financing Infrastructure sector 19. Janakiraman Committee : To investigate the security transactions of the bank 20. JS Mathur committee : To revise Newspaper Advertisement Rates. 21. Justice A.P. Shah committee : To head panel on road safety 22. Kelkar Committee : Tax Structure Reforms 23. Kirit Parikh panel : On fuel pricing has suggested that the diesel prices sh ould be increased by Rs 1-1.50 a litre every month as against the 45-50 paise mo nthly hike followed currently. 24. K M Chandrasekhar committee : For rationalization of foreign investment norm s 25. K. Ratna Prabha : Committee on indecent depiction of women in media 26. K U.B. Rao : The idea of setting up Bullion Bank or Bullion Corporation of I ndia 27. K.U.B. Rao Committee : Recommended aligning gold import regulations 28. MBN Rao Committee : To prepare the blueprint of India s first women s bank 29. MB Shah committee : For inspection of illegal mining activities 30. Mckinsey Report : Merger Of 7 Associate Banks With SBI 31. M. Narasimham Committee : On Banking Sector Reforms 32. Mukul Mudgal member panel : To probe IPL spot-fixing 33. Mukul Mudgal Committee : To look at process of film clearance 34. Mukul Mudgal Committee : Looking into US giant Walmart's lobbying activities to enter India 35. Nachiket Mor : Committee on comprehensive financial services for small busin esses and low-income households. 36. Naresh Chandra committee : 14 member task force on security issues 37. Narismhan Committee : Banking Reforms 38. N Rangachary committee : To examine taxation policies for I.T. sector 39. N R Narayana Murthy committee : For evaluation of corporate sector participa tion in Higher Education. 40. Parthasarathi Shome. : For Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC), Sugg est a system to enforce better tax compliance 41. Parthasarathi Shome committee : Implementation of GAAR (General Anti Avoidan ce Rule) 42. Percy Mistry Committee : Making Mumbai An International Financial Center

Y B Reddy Committee (2001) : Review Of Income Tax . Rekhi Committee : Indirect Taxes 49. RS Gujral Committee : Suggest measures to boost MSME exports. SN Verma Committee (1999) : Restructuring The Commercial Banks 55. Vasudev Committee : NBFC (Non Banking Finance Corp) Sector Reforms 60. Raja Chelliah Committee : Tax Reforms 48. Urjit Patel Committee : To examine the current monetary policy framework 58. 50. Suma Verma Committee : To update.43. 2 006 56. Shyamala Gopinath Committee : Suggestions on Post office Small saving scheme s 52. Sitakant Mahapatra committee : For inclusion of Bhojpuri language in eighth schedule of constitution 51. Vaghul Committee : Money Market In India 59. Raghuram Rajan Committee : On Financial Sector Reforms 46. R V Gupta Committee : Small Savings 47. SK Srivastava Committee : To formulate a policy on public-private partnershi p model to raise coal output 53. S P Talwar Committee : Restructuring Of Weak Public Sector Bank 54. Pulak Kumar Sinha Committee : To study the feasibility of Aadhaar as an addi tional factor for authentication of card present transactions 45. Prasad Panel : International Trade And Services 44. UK Sharma Committee : NABARD's Role In RRB 57. and revise the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.