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ANSWERS TO INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: (Employee 1) 1. Definitely yes, an effective work relationship with co-workers allows me with a positive environment.

Yes, I enjoy my work, I challenge myself make it a goal to try something new everyday. Yes, our company has a comfortable atmosphere and work place which compose of a suitable work room, big room air-condition appropriate lighting and safety workplace and simple amenities. I feel valued, safe and in-control. Im in a healthy atmosphere that I can work in a positive way. We treat each other with trust, respect and fairness. We work comfortably because they have adequate resources, income and opportunities for personal growth through training and development. 2. Talking about supervisor, well they are our boss who lead the office to take care and manage in order to have a good relation with the employee. They can communicate easily to others and very approachable. 3. For me, I cant say Im not satisfied because I feel ok which I observed for 5 months stay in our company Maptan. 4. Sometimes worried, when I heard that walang pambayad sa supplier wala pang collection. thats life. Kasama po yan sa business, minsan Masaya, minsan malungkot. 5. Job satisfaction has a great effect on other performance of the business which is the achieving the goals of the company. Some implications that occur are: Positive work environment Employee expectations are realistic Develop skills Provide competitive benefits Employee orientation Work force engagement Recognition and rewards This is all a great help in improving the company business performance as well as helping employees o other daily needs. (Employee 2) 1. Appreciations from other people make my work enjoyable. Whenever they expressed how pleased and grateful they are for the task I have accomplished, I myself become more enjoyable and happy. With regards to my co-workers, some of them are pleasant to deal with. Some of them are my buddies that later becomes my great friends. The workplace for me is comfortable but there are times that the ambiance is not comfy enough, maybe because of pressures and other stress that is work related. 2. My supervisor gives me a lot to learn. The approach she has is always challenging. The instructions that are given sometimes are not clear but she still guides and monitors my work at times. She has a lot of things to do that is why I make it a point that if my work doesnt need a lot of supervision, I can make it up myself alone. But in time that I really need to have an advice before escalating my job/task, she ensures that she gives me ideas, options and various strategies to mitigate and implement the task or action plans I wanted to have. 3. Personally, I feel that the benefits or the mere salary itself is not really or fairly equated to the amount of work, task and pressure I have with me. Sometimes, sisihan always occurs in the workplace especially if things go wrong. Usually, if the things went right and yield to a nice outcome, I cant visibly see that the management recognizes the great effort made by the employee that accomplished it, but if things got in to trouble, the management clearly pinpoints the name of the employee that accounts for the action. That stuff I guess was a little bit unfair. They always point out whom to blame but never really remember whom to recognize. 4. Yes, it is indeed very stressful and demanding. I am working out the deliveries and deals to different kinds of people. I have no guts to turn off my phone at night or during holidays or weekends. My job seems to be my lifetime partner. The rules and procedures are not hard to

follow since I am the one implementing it (some). These are all set and clearly observed. But I admit, no one explained about the company policy to me at the beginning thats why I have to learn it by myself. 5. No, it wont motivate nor even drive them to push through things that will contribute to the continuous growth of the company. If only the company knows how to give even and ample praises as a reward to a job well done. The employees might work harder and enjoy each day. They may not treat each of their days as working days. (Employee 3) 1. Good and harmonious relationship with my colleagues makes my job enjoyable. The work environment can be demanding and stressful but can be manageable for employees. There are times that some of the companys rules are not followed thus bring confusing ideas for employees. 2. My supervisor is well knowledgeable in the field of work. She guides every member of the team towards the achievement of the organizational goals and accepts suggestions on how the normal day-to-day work can be easily accomplished. 3. The company provides the basic benefits as mandated by the law. As human resources of this company, we believe that we are assets of the company and the efforts that we give are not well compensated. There are benefits to recognize our good work but I guess its not enough to make us feel that we are important/considered as assets. For me, to make the employee feel that they are important and that their efforts are recognized are the following: i. Increase salary as money is the primary motivator for many employees ii. Additional fringe benefits (medical insurance, allowance [meal, etc.]) iii. Employee development programs like recognition activities (employee of the month), profit sharing plans, etc. 4. Because I am assigned at the Accounting department, tasks assigned to me are mostly paper works, analysis, and shared services for accounting the company and its subsidiaries. Sometimes it involves sales monitoring, asset management, and financial analysis. These works are perceived to be stressful as the employee shall meet deadlines, working under pressure and tasks are time bounded. Work includes lots includes lots of things to do in a day-to-day business. The companys rule and regulations may be strict but not hard to follow. Every employee shall have the clear understanding and interpretation of it. The result of the survey may be attributed to the load of work assigned to every employee. 5. Job satisfaction has a great impact on performances of business. Job satisfaction has a positive and direct relationship on performance. A satisfied employee is much more motivated to produce the best output for the company, thus will improve business performance. Job satisfaction will be one of the best motivators for employees. (Employee 4) 1. What makes your work enjoyable? the team work, the camaraderie among co-employees, the cooperation. Do you practice a good relationship with your co-workers? yes Is the atmosphere at the workplace comfortable yes Describe the work environment as well as your co-workers the work environment is excellent, every employee is provided with necessary tools like computers, office tables & chairs, uniform, etc. Employees are warm, friendly, compassionate, and ever ready to give assistance on work difficulty. 2. How is your supervisor? supportive, a leader, decisive, every ready to give assistance on work difficulty and decision making. 3. Maybe some work efforts are not recognized, and maybe job posts are not paid well. I Suggest management to improve job satisfaction.

4. Rules and regulations are just right. What could be stressful and demanding is doing a task that is beyond ones work principles, culture, capabilities, and the rules and regulations. 5. Having job satisfaction (i.e. at par salary base, excellent work environment, work recognition, excellent employee benefits, etc.) will produce excellent work output. Thus, it will result to excellent customer service that would generate higher profit for the business. I definitely agree that this will motivate the employees to work well and improve business performance. (Employee 5) 1. Its the people I work with who make my work enjoyable. The bonds being shared and the friendships that develop make our workplace comfortable despite the differences on beliefs and opinions. 2. Strict. 3. Better remuneration for deserving employees. 4. It depends upon the situation. Sometimes its stressful and demanding. Sometimes its not. 5. It will boost the morale of the employees making them more effective and productive at work.

(Manager) 1. Yes I agree, the atmosphere is very good and our employees are in good relationship with each other its because we are like sisters and brothers in our company. 2. Yes I feel a great sense of responsibility to guide each of our employees w/ regards to their respective assign task/duties. Yes some of our employees need extra effort to monitor their works to perform well and to meet the deadlines. 3. I dont think so; the benefits of the company are based on Labor codes of the Philippines. 4. No at all. It depends upon the position of the employee. 5. Job satisfaction of employees will help a lot for the business because if the employee was satisfied to her/his job the outcome will be positive. 6. Give them a job appraisal and adjustment of salary every year.