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Making sense of everyday life

The world was supposed to be a great mass initially. However, as God commanded, everything
came into order. First, air and water are separated, light and darkness are separated, animals are
named, plants are named. That’s why we are able to recognize different vegetables, insects, etc.
Because God want to create an image of himself to glorify himself, he created man and that’s why
man exist.

Whenever we walk or take a ride on cars, we can observe that trees are always around us. They
absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen at daytime while the process is interchanged during

Men are from mars, women from venus

The author arranged both parties to meet on Earth, and this made the parties forget each other’s
differences in personality. Men liked to gain support, to gain sense of achievement through meeting
goals. Asking for help in Mars is an act of weakness and therefore men like to solve problems
themselves. The author mentioned that men liked to enter their own ‘caves’, which meant that they
are actively finding solutions to the problems they come across. When men kept silent after women
said something to them, it doesn’t mean that the men got mad. It’s that men are working out a
method to communicate in a more effective and soothing way. On the contrary, women like to
‘open’ themselves – to express their ideas and feelings freely. They enjoy the sense of security
men offer them. Very often, they like to grief. When men misunderstood that women need solution
after griefing, women are actually enjoying the process of addressing the problem and convert the
process into feelings instead of really seeking a resolution.

Morrie: In his own words

This was a good book written by Morrie Schwartz. He gives so much useful advice to people
around him that it’s hard for people to forget his name. He wrote with many metaphors, which
includes the messages to be delivered. These are some points that he offered: 1stly, people should
be allowed to grief because it’s a sign of ventilation. People should’nt always bear their burdens
themselves, but during their breathe-in-and-outs, they will tap into their subconscious minds and
learn more about themselves. When we learn to live, we learn to die? Vice versa? It’s an insightful
statement: only when 1 prepares for death will one treasure life, and only when you treasure life
will you be prepared to die and to laugh, to be satisfied with what you’ve done for the whole of your
life rather than to cry because of the numerous regrets made throughout your life. Sometimes, it’s
perfectly alright to be childish rather to be like an adult always. Having to chances to be taken of is
quite an enjoyable experience and we can gain opportunities to escape from the hustle and bustle
of our daily lives. ‘Isness’ is a term invented by Morrie, meaning the essence of something that is
enough to distinguish it from other stuff and gives meaning to something. I consider it a good
question, for instance: Who is Terence? Why am I here? What should I hell with mother nature?
These questions may seem trivial, but indeed puzzled many individuals. Ask help if needed is
something Morrie emphasized very much.

For One More Day

It was a book that mentioned if 1 more day is allowed for a boy to get in touch with his loved ones,
like his best friend or his parents, the likely conversations take would take place between them and
it expresses how great mothers are like.

The Present
Very often, people are resentful and can’t possess great skills and have low productivity because of
the fact that they lack the balance between the past, the present and the future, where the present
is the most important of all. To improve the present, one must have learned something from the
past so that mistakes won’t be committed twice. To plan for future is beneficial for the present
because you’re using your present time in a more purposeful and worthwhile way. A young man
came across an old man and that’s what useful information the young man gets from others. I bet
that I can benefit from this book greatly for the time being. The HKALE exam is over and the 3
years of undergraduate study is going to start. Whether I can learn why my AL exam flinched will
certainly determine how I perform in the academic results in undergraduate. For the part of
planning my future, I will continuously improve this aspect through planning a good time schedule
for myself. For instance, when to rise when to sleep, how much my transportation cost is, how
much my living expenses will be and so on.

The five people you meet in heaven

This is a book full of imagination. It’s soul-soothing and extremely encouraging. The author puts 5
people together with Eddie in a context of a theme park, with Ruby Pier, White Ferris Wheel and so
on. Eddie is quite an old character whom devoted his life to fix machines, to think of provocative
methods which are useful in increasing the income of the theme park and to twist pipe cleaners
into interesting shapes which can amuse children. Though Eddie was always regret that he was
unable to save a little girl, the little girl became the fifth character amongst the people Eddie met in
heaven, forgiving what Eddie had done, calling his nickname and brought all of the sorrows and
fears Eddie had. Some characters didn’t even meet Eddie face to face, but had been the
characters to meet Eddie due to the fact that they were still alive, posing an impact in Eddie’s life.
For example, the Captain, suffering from the harms during war periods, taught Eddie how to endure
harsh lives. What I have gained from the book is that what we might think of worthless and time-
consuming may turn out to be beneficial in others’ perspectives. I can sense that the author is
brilliant in expressing emotions, revealed by the part where Eddie met his wife. Touches and voices
are stimulating my nerves to make me enjoy the weight the sensational words carry. Besides, this
book has actually made me learn more about how amusement parks operate, particularly in the
part of the maintenance of apparatus and rides and other operational management. Being in
heaven helps a human understand his/her role in the world by hearing what others said.

Tuesdays with Morrie

Morrie is an old professor teaching Mitch 16 years ago. They talked about different life issues every
Tuesday. Concerning marriage, Morrie thanks that one would miss a lot and would regret in is life
and if he hadn’t experienced it. About culture, Morries expressed that one should create his own
rather than t be conformed by societal values. For example, when the majority of people life to buy
things of famous rbans such as Gucci and Prada but doesn’t offer the feeling of love to people,
people then have to stop and think about from what sources they can experience love fully, like
finding a comrade, etc. Morrie once reminded that only when we learn to die will be able to learn to
live. Peace of mind is important for everyone and if we trust that humans are part of the nature and
death is the nature of humans, we should not possess much fear throughout our lives.