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Head of Development – Bodleian Libraries Information for Candidates 1. 1.

1 BACKGROUND INFORMATION The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s leading Higher Education institutions undertaking teaching and research across a very wide range of academic subjects, to the highest international standards. Its mission is to achieve and sustain excellence in every area of its teaching and research, maintaining and developing its historical position as a worldclass university, and enriching the international, national, and regional communities through the fruits of its research and the quality and skills of its graduates. In addition to well over 100 departments and faculties in its academic and other divisions, the collegiate University comprises 30 undergraduate colleges, 7 graduate colleges and one college which admits only fellows (All Souls). There are over 20,000 students at Oxford, including 11,765 undergraduates and 8,701 postgraduates. One third of Oxford’s students and academic staff, including 63% of full-time graduate students, come from outside the UK and more than 130 nationalities are represented amongst the student body. In addition, the University offers one of the UK’s most extensive programmes of lifelong learning. A full description of the University can be found at 1.2 About the University of Oxford Development Office

This job is in the Development Office, which is based at University Offices, Wellington Square, but the incumbent works closely with Bodley’s Librarian and colleagues in the Bodleian Libraries. This role is an integral part of the University of Oxford Development Office (UODO), which together with the Public Affairs Directorate and the Alumni Office, forms part of the External Affairs Directorate of the University of Oxford, led by the Pro-ViceChancellor (Development and External Affairs), Professor Nick Rawlins. The Development Office exists to secure private gift support for the University’s academic priorities. In 2008, the University of Oxford embarked on the largest philanthropic campaign in European history, aimed at raising a minimum of £1.25bn to transform the 800-year-old University for many generations to come. Gifts totalling more than £960m have now been received for Oxford Thinking: The Campaign for the University of Oxford. This represents the largest fundraising Campaign ever undertaken by a European University. Led by Sue Cunningham, Director of Development, UODO currently consists of around 75 members, both fundraisers and staff providing support in terms of administration, proposal preparation, research, accounting and database. Oxford also has three overseas development offices – in New York with 14 staff, and Hong Kong and Tokyo, each with three staff. The duties of the post are set out as they are envisaged at present, but it will be important for the person appointed to be a development professional who is flexible and adaptable, and able to contribute to the development of the fundraising function of the Collegiate University. For further information visit:


and to contribute to the development of a 21stcentury library located within the larger Humanities Building on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. £64 million has been secured. • • 2 . and subjects. The Head of Libraries Development will work closely with Bodley’s Librarian and the Keeper of Special Collections to achieve the gifts necessary to meet the target of £15 million by 2015. preservation and conservation. and to open the ground floor of the library for public access to exhibitions and programming. the second largest library in the UK. notably through a donation of £25 million from the Garfield Weston Foundation and £6. with the most prominent manifestation being the renovation of the New Bodleian Library. Thousands of visitors come every year to the reading rooms. historical papers. to develop the Libraries’ capacity in digital initiatives. languages.1. centuries. The collections today number in excess of 9 million printed volumes. In an era when university and government funding is declining. the Libraries expect to achieve an increasing proportion of their ambitious plans to preserve their valuable heritage and integrate their services effectively into teaching and research as well as appreciation by a broad public through the raising of funds from external sources. The £80 million renovation is being funded through donations and a subvention of £25 million from Oxford University Press. Preparations are underway to develop this library into a centre for special collections research and teaching. maps. The Head of Libraries Development will therefore play a critical role in this. scores.3 About the Bodleian Libraries For nearly seven centuries. political archives. The Bodleian houses many priceless treasures including: • • • • • • JRR Tolkien’s drawings One of the most important collections of Hebrew manuscripts in the world A distress message from the sinking Titanic The oldest surviving map of Britain Handel’s autograph and the score of Messiah The earliest known surviving book written entirely in the English language These great intellectual and historical treasures are not reserved for the students and academics alone and with the help of the Bodleian’s supporters the collections are made as accessible as possible to members of the public. Oxford’s libraries have supported students. A unique heritage of manuscripts. 1. exhibitions and events. musical. many of these are available to anyone anywhere in the world.4 • Fundraising priorities The Libraries are embarking on a dramatic transformation of their services. formally reopens. These collections grow by over 200. With the digital age. at any time. The Bodleian today is a national library of legal deposit. to create a quality storage environment for rare books and special collections which are among the major assets of the university. processing. of course books – spanning continents. and. when the Weston Library. to secure funds to support acquisitions. Other fundraising priorities are to endow positions in the Libraries. academics and researchers from around the world with unparalleled intellectual resources in buildings and rooms of unsurpassed beauty. photographs. as it will then be known.000 volumes each year.2 million from Julian Blackwell.

000 over time. Bodley’s 3 . The post holder will be responsible for the identification. solicitation and stewardship of potential donors. External: the Libraries Development Board and volunteers.For further information on the Libraries please see http://www. trusts and foundations. one of University’s major development priorities. drive and imagination is required to have overall responsibility and accountability for the successful delivery of all aspects of fundraising activity for the Bodleian Libraries. and Bodley’s Librarian. typically in the range of £50. Purpose An experienced fundraising professional with tenacity. companies and other institutions). It will also be critical that the post holder has oversight of all Bodleian Libraries events and publications where potential donor interaction is concerned. Senior Campaign Heads of Houses and the Development Forum. the Vice-Chancellor. the Curators of the University Libraries. to ensure the highest quality of delivery and interaction. is responsible for the solicitation planning of principal and many major gifts. THE ROLE Head of Development – Bodleian Libraries Oxford Works under the direction of the University’s Director of Development. The post holder will work with the Bodleian Libraries team in line with the University’s current fundraising priorities. The Bodleian Libraries provide excellent opportunities for a variety of events for donor cultivation and stewardship. cultivation.000-£2. keepers and academics within the Bodleian Libraries and other divisions when necessary.500. the Director of the Bodleian Libraries. UK and overseas donors and prospects (individuals. Fundraising Programmes Officer (50%). Alumni. 2. For further information visit: http://www. and a talent for maintaining donor interest in the Collegiate University. and the Job Title Location Reports to Direct reports Key relationships The post holder will manage a portfolio of more than 100 major gift prospects. to identify and work with professional and academic colleagues in the cultivation of prospects and in the solicitation of major gifts. Central Administration.ox. Development Assistant (50%) Internal: Development Office. working with the leadership of the Bodleian Libraries and the Director of Development. China and Japan Offices. the Friends of the Bodleian. University of Oxford North American. Bodley’s Circle. The post holder will be responsible for managing a team of staff to secure private gift support for agreed initiatives across the Bodleian Libraries and to contribute to the University’s broader development strategy. The oversight of the highest quality of delivery for donor driven events is key to this role. it might be necessary to work within another team within the University Development Public Affairs. the Chancellor. Key requirements for this post include an ability to plan strategically. Alumni Office.bodleian. senior librarians.ox. the principal research libraries of the University of Oxford. It is important to recognise that if the University’s priorities were to change. The Head of Development.

To identify prospects with whom the University will aim to develop significant philanthropic relationships. and other bodies from whom funding may be obtained. To manage and work closely with a volunteer board who have been brought together to assist in identifying potential donors and to endorse and support approaches to these individuals. particularly with international prospects Bodleian is known for the high standard and success of its events for which the Head of Development has oversight when they are donor. To create. providing input to strategic planning and team leadership for the wider office. trusts and foundations. implement and maintain solicitation strategies to secure private gift support and where appropriate to ask prospects for gifts and to support academic champions and volunteers in this process. The appointee will be asked to look to recruit new members for this board. To act as an ambassador to promote the interests of the University on a global level. • • • • Fundraising Responsibilities • • To work closely with Bodleian senior leadership in the planning and delivery of major donations. To have a University-wide interest to develop philanthropic relations for the University as a whole. The appointee must be familiar with managing highly confidential and sometimes sensitive material. 4 • • • • .2 Strategy and Leadership Responsibilities • • To lead and manage the fundraising and advancement needs of the Bodleian Libraries on a strategic and day-to-day basis To lead and manage the Libraries development team to ensure consistent delivery of the highest standards and close engagement with colleagues in the Libraries and the Development Office To ensure co-ordination between the Development Office support teams and cooperation with international offices. To ensure that an accurate and current record of development strategy and activity which the post holder is responsible for is maintained on the Development Office database. To play a crucial role in ensuring that philanthropic income to the University of Oxford rises in a steady and sustainable manner year on year through the successful acquisition of new gifts.2. These will be drawn from several groups: high net-worth individuals (both alumni and non-alumni). Key Responsibilities After twelve months in post the successful candidate will have ensured: • • • • • 2. or prospective donor driven Effective and constructive working relationships have been built with college partners A strong infrastructure is in place for dealing with all aspects of the donor life cycle. To be a member of the Development Office Leadership Team.1 Key Criteria for Success Bodleian’s income targets are on course The prospect pool has been enlarged. to ensure a good working relationship with College fundraisers and promote the sharing of information. To be involved with the Development Council (the group of University and College Heads of Development). the corporate sector.

personal development. 3. Tokyo and Hong Kong). This will involve working out how to publicise priority projects. To be aware of budgetary requirements within the Development Office and Bodleian and to ensure that these are adhered to. To identify mutual interests between the philanthropic needs of Bodleian Libraries and other Divisions (especially Humanities) and to work together when appropriate. including a degree or equivalent Proven major gifts fundraising and/or marketing experience. objective setting and appraisal. To offer regular reports to the Friends of the Bodleian on development progress and to ensure and maintain a close relationship with the Friends Council. supervision. To ensure that all potential donors comply with the University’s ethical procedures. by both documentary and verbal means. Knowledge of equal opportunities will be needed. • • Donor Stewardship Responsibilities • To be responsible for formulating and implementing stewardship strategies for all donors for whom the post holder is the primary relationship manager. as appropriate. 3. To expand and develop the legacy programme (Bodley’s Circle) with support from the Secretary to Bodley’s Circle. It also requires spotting potential fruitful links between projects and the interests of specific donors. also a strong natural drive towards getting out into the field and a demonstrable ability to ask successfully for significant gifts The capability of representing the Libraries and the University at the highest levels of society 5 • . To monitor fundraising progress and present this information at various boards and committees. • Managerial Responsibilities • To provide leadership to the Bodleian development team including induction. Communication and External Responsibilities • To be able to understand complex academic projects and explain and promote them to potential non-specialist donors. To assess and offer. commensurate with the level of this position. as agreed by both the University and the Bodleian Libraries. This will be undertaken in close collaboration with Bodley’s Librarian and senior University officials and with senior fundraising personnel in the overseas offices (New York.1 PERSON SPECIFICATION Experience and knowledge Essential • • An excellent general level of education. To ensure that all administrative duties are carried out by the team and that the University and College protocols are adhered to.• • • • • To attend and oversee the arranging of events held internationally and nationally as part of the solicitation and stewardship process. To carry out such other functions as from time to time the Director of Development might require. development training to academics in the Libraries to help them to participate as fully as possible in a successful development programme.

3 • • • • • • 4. TERMS 3. Attitudes A passion to preserve the world's growing cultural heritage through literary collections and buildings An interest in how scholarship impacts on our understanding of the modern world and its important role in addressing pressing contemporary issues A combination of the personal sensitivity. and a very high level of literary and communication skills.2 • • • • • • • 3. both oral and written Evidence of being able to lead and motivate others also involved in fundraising for the project Experience of the delivery of a holistic fundraising programme including publications. creativity and tact that is needed when working with senior academics. but not essential Skills and abilities An ability to “think on his/her feet” to change planned proposals to meet donors’ needs in situations where it may not be possible to refer or seek guidance from the Director of Development or the Director of the Bodleian Libraries Ability to manage a small team as well as to work as part of a wider professional team and to contribute to the development of fundraising for Oxford as a whole Be highly opportunistic and to take initiatives on his/her own when the situation demands it An ability to think strategically An ability to solicit significant gifts for the cause A talent for developing and maintaining donor interest in the University Libraries and the University as a whole. 6 . An ability to identify and work with professional and academic colleagues in the cultivation of prospects and the solicitation of majors gifts. To discuss salary parameters please contact Lyndsay Lewis at Richmond Associates on +44 (0)20 8392 6654. its mission and its need for external funding in order to set the work of the Development Office in its proper context Excellent social skills and cultural understanding.• An interest in higher education and in particular an understanding of Oxford University. events and strategy development • • • Desirable • • Experience of an institution which is both international and complex Proficiency in one or more foreign languages would also be desirable. development colleagues and prospective major donors to the University The candidate must have a flexible attitude and be prepared to work out of regular hours and to travel A desire to be actively engaging with donors and potential donors to the Collegiate University A high level of self-motivation.

providing evidence of your ability to match the criteria outlined in the Person Specification Telephone contact numbers (preferably daytime and evening/mobile) which will be used with discretion. if you are called to interview) you must state this explicitly alongside the details of the relevant referee(s)). SELECTION PROCESS The applicants with the most relevant experience will be invited to have initial exploratory discussions with Richmond Associates. The University of Oxford will normally reimburse reasonable receipted expenses for attendance at formal interview. For full and current details please see www. We therefore ask applicants to provide proof of their right to work in the UK before employment can commence. The University undertakes not to discriminate unlawfully against any applicant on the basis of any information revealed. or to contact them only under certain circumstances (for example. We will assume that we may approach them at any stage unless you tell us otherwise. Applications should include: • • • • • Your referees will be asked to comment on your suitability for the post and to provide details of the dates of your employment.The wide range of employee benefits is continuously reviewed and extended. 5. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a panel interview at the University on 10 December. If you wish us to ask for your permission before approaching a particular Am I eligible to apply to work for the University? All appointments are made in accordance with the University of Oxford Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice and applications are welcomed from a wide range of candidates. your attendance during the last 12 months. Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 makes it a criminal offence for employers to employ someone who is not entitled to work in the UK. Details of your latest salary and notice period Names and contact details of 3 referees. together with a brief statement of the capacity in which they have known you and an indication of when in the process they can be contacted. HOW TO APPLY A comprehensive curriculum vitae giving details of relevant achievements in recent posts as well as your education and professional qualifications A covering letter that summarises your interest in this post. Interviews with Richmond Associates will be taking place between 22 – 26 November.admin. The 6. and of any disciplinary processes which are still considered ‘live’. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 12 NOON ON FRIDAY 19 NOVEMBER 7 .

Subject to statutory provisions. POLICY STATEMENT The policy and practice of the University of Oxford require that all staff are afforded equal opportunities within employment and that entry into employment with the University and progression within employment will be determined only by personal merit and the application of criteria which are related to the duties of each particular post and the relevant salary structure. and those with disabilities are all treated fairly. If you have any questions about equal opportunities at the University of Oxford.Please send your application for the attention of Nina Chu. racial group.ox. no applicant or member of staff will be treated less favourably than another because of his or her sex. marital status. Business Support Administrator: By email: By post: nchu@richmond-associates. ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration.admin. the University positively encourage applications from people of different people of different races. In all cases. which helps to make sure that men and women. sexual orientation. As an Equal Opportunity employer. All jobs are filled in line with the University’s equal opportunities code of practice. 8 . or Richmond Associates UK Limited 20 Mortlake High Street London SW14 8JN 020 8392 6654 020 8392 6653 Equal opportunities at the University of Oxford Tel: Fax: 7. please visit the website at