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Course 5. Fluid Mechanics (Web Course) Faculty Coordinator(s) : 1. Prof.

Gautam Biswas Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Kanpur - 208 016, Email :
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Telephone : (91-512)


Prof. S. K. Som Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur-721302,
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Detailed Syllabus : Lecture 1 Definition of Stress Definition of Fluid Concept of Continum Fluid Properties Lecture 2 Distinction between Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid Compressibility Surface Tension of Liquids Lecture 3 Forces on Fluid Elements Normal Stresses in a Stationary Fluid Fundamental Equation of Fluid Statics Lecture 4 Units and Scales of Pressure Measurement Lecture 5 Hydrostatic Thrusts on Submerged Surfaces Stability of Unconstrained Bodies in Fluid Period of Oscillation Lecture 6 Kinematics Scalar and Vector Fields Flow Field and Description of Fluid Motion .

Lecture 7 Variation of Flow Parameter in Time and Space Material Derivation and Acceleration Streamlines. Rate of Deformation and Rotation Vorticity Existence of Flows Lecture 9 System Conservation of Mass Lecture 10 Stream Function Conservation of Momentum Lecture 11 Analysis of Finite Control Volumes Lecture 12 Application of Moment or Momentum Theorem Euler's Equation Lecture 13 Conservation of Energy . Path Lines and Streak Lines Lecture 8 One. Two and Three Dimensional Flows Translation.

Lecture 14 Bernoulli's Equation In Irrotational Flow Plane Circular Vortex Flows Free Vortex Flows Forced Vortex Flows Losses Due to Geometric Changes Lecture 15 Measurement Of Flow Rate Through Pipe Lecture 16 Concept of Static Pressure Concept of Stagnation Pressure Flow through Orifices and Mouthpieces Lecture 17 Principles of Physical Similarity Lecture 18 Magnitude of Different Forces acting on a Fluid Element Dynamic Similarity of Flows with Lecture 19 The Application of Dynamic Similarity .Dimension of Physical Quantity Buckingham's Pi-Theorem Rayleigh's Indical Method Lecture 20 Analysis of Incompressible Flow Elementary Flows in aTwo-Dimensional Plane .

Lecture 21 Vortex Flow Combination of Fundamental Flows Lecture 22 Flow About a Cylinder without Circulation Lecture 23 Flow Past a Source Flow About a Rotating Cylinder Aerofoil Theory Generation of Vortices Around a Wing Lecture 24 General Viscosity Law Navier-Stokes Equations Lecture 25 A general way of deriving the Navier-Stokes equations from the basic laws of physics Exact Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations Lecture 26 Couette Flow Hagen Poiseuille Flow Flow between Two Concentric Rotating Cylinders Lecture 27 Low Reynolds Number Flow Around a Sphere Theory of Hydrodynamic Lubrication .

Lecture 28 Introduction to Boundary Layer Equations Blasius Flow over a flat plate Lecture 29 Wall shear and boundary layer thickness Momentum-Integral equations for the boundary layer Lecture 30 Karman-Pohlhausen approximate method for solution of momentum integral equation over a flat plate Integral method for non-zero pressure gradient flows Lecture 31 Entry flow in a duct Control of boundary layer separation Mechanics of boundary layer transition Lecture 32 Introduction to Turbulence Characteristics Of Turbulent Flow Laminar-Turbulent Transition Correlation Functions The Mean Motion And Fluctuations Lecture 33 Derivation of Governing Equations for Turbulent Flow Turbulent Boundary Layer Equations Boundary Conditions Shear Stress Models .

Lecture 34 Universal Velocity Distribution Law And Friction Factor In Duct Flows For Very Large Reynolds Numbers Fully Developed Turbulent Flow In A Pipe For Moderate Reynolds Numbers Skin Friction Coefficient For Boundary Layers On A Flat Plate Lecture 35 Introduction to Pipe Flows Concept of Friction Factor in a Pipe Flow Concept of Flow Potential and Flow Resistance Lecture 36 Flow Through Branched Pipes Lecture 37 Flow Through Pipes With Side Tappings Losses In Pipe Bends Losses In Pipe Fittings Power Transmission By A Pipeline Lecture 38 Introduction to Compressible Flows Thermodynamic Relations of Perfect Gases Internal Energy and Enthalpy Lecture 39 Speed of Sound Pressure Field Due to a Moving Source Basic Equations for One-Dimensional Flow .

Lecture 40 Stagnation and Sonic Properties Effect of Area Variation on Flow Properties in Isentropic Flow Lecture 41 Normal Shocks The Physical Picture of the Flow through a Normal Shock Calculation of Flow Properties Across a Normal Shock Oblique Shock .