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Anthony W. Batts POLICE COMMISSIONER Lt. Eric Kowalczyk Me ia Relations Section

Passing of Police Commissioner Bishop L. Robinson
Baltimore, Md., January 6, 2014 – It is with great sadness that the Baltimore Police Department announces the passing of former Police Commissioner Bishop L. Robinson at the age of 86. Commissioner Robinson was the first frican merican Police Commissioner in the histor! of the Baltimore Police Department ser"ing in that role from #$8% – #$8&. 'hen Commissioner Robinson (oined the police department in #$)* the role and scope of frican merican officers was se"erel! restricted. frican merican officers were not allowed to patrol white neighborhoods or use patrol cars. During his career the +nited ,tates saw the ad"ancement of the Ci"il Rights mo"ement- opening the door for Commissioner Robinson to ad"ance in ran.. /is ascendanc! to command the Baltimore Police Department is a testament to his perse"erance- character- and dedication to dut!. 0ighting through a culture that was in the midst of changing- Commissioner Robinson gained the respect and admiration of his peers and subordinates. Commissioner Robinson ser"ed in a "ariet! of assignments throughout his distinguished career- and in *11&- the nne2 /ead3uarters Building located at 0a!ette ,treet and President ,treet was named after him. 4'e ha"e lost a true pioneer in the histor! of the Baltimore Police Department-5 said Police Commissioner nthon! Batts. 4/is legac! is one of ser"ice and continues to be a source of inspiration for officers toda!. I sit here in this position as a result of his strong leadership as a trailbla6er. I7m humbled b! this giant of a man- a police leader.5 Commissioner Robinson was one of the founding members of the 8ational 9rgani6ation of Blac. Law :nforcement :2ecuti"es. 89BL: is recogni6ed as one of the nations largest and most effecti"e public ser"ice organi6ations dedicated to ser"ing the law enforcement needs of frican merican communities. /is in"ol"ement as a founding member helped cement the position of the Baltimore Police Department as a leader in the field. 0uneral arrangements are pending at this time. n!one needing further information contact the ;edia Relations ,ection at %#1<=$6<*1#* <:8D<