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10Mar99 10-2-99 20-12-9 19-11-9 9-10-9 DATE

Modified as indicated Issued for Construction Issued for !""ro#a$ Issued for Coordination Issued for Coordination REASON FOR REVISION






M.C. M.C. M.C. M.C. M.C. PEM MSK


JOB N!. 24017




I'(2)01*+,o-2)01*+ Desi.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.+r,r 01/00/1)

Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#. 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1.0 2.0 5.0 ).0 ;.0 0.0 *.0 .0 9.0 DESCRIPTION IN32OD4C3ION 6O782NIN6 COD8S1 2864L!3IONS !ND 289828NC8 DOC4M8N3S SI38 IN9O2M!3ION :L!N3 !ND D8SI6N 28Q4I28M8N3S CI7IL SI38 'O2K C2I382I! S324C342!L D8SI6N C2I382I! D8SI6N &!SIS CONS324C3ION M!382I!LS 32!NS:O23!3ION LIMI3S &< 324CK PAGE 5 5 0 10 10 1; 25 20 29 1

I'(2)01*+,o-2)01*+ Desi.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.+r,r 01/00/1) :a.e 2 of 2*

reCuire>ents -et=een codes and standards1 t/e >ost strin.1 68N82!L 4n$ess s"ecifica$$B stated ot/er=ise1 t/e desi. Cua$itB standard 2.B Mini>iAe on-site construction acti#ities and reduce on-site $a-or Li>it ca"ita$ e@"enditure -B inno#ation =it/out $o=erin. s"ecific e$e>ents of t/e "ro.n s/a$$ co>"$B =it/ anB $a=s or re. !$$ desi.0 INTRODUCTION 3/ese criteria s/a$$ .n >ar.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.+r.o#ernin.o-2)01*+ Desi.ent s/a$$ a""$B. 3/ese criteria s/a$$ -e a""$ied in con.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. ICD! NC/.e 5 of 2* .u$ations $isted -e$o=1 t/e desi.ainst t/e fo$$o=in. 2.2 COD8S !ND S:8CI9IC!3IONS C/.& a""ro"riate for t/e ris? in#o$#ed Ma@i>iAe safetB Mini>iAe ris? -B e>"$oBin. In addition to t/e codes and re. "ro#en tec/no$o.u$ations of t/e $oca$ aut/orities. NC/ )52.ns s/a$$ -e tested a.0 GOVERNING CODES# REGULATIONS AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTS 2.r 01/00/1) :a.unction =it/ ci#i$/structura$ s"ecifications . 1 1.Of *1 OrdenanAa 6enera$ de Construcciones 4r-aniAaciones Instituto C/i$eno de !cero Nor>as C/i$enas Oficia$es ENC/F1 -B Instituto Naciona$ de Nor>a$iAaciGn EINNF( CH$cu$o de $a !cciGn de$ 7iento So-re $as construcciones I'(2)01*+.n of a$$ structures and faci$ities s/a$$ -e -ased on t/e a""$ica-$e "ortions of t/e fo$$o=in.n of structures and faci$ities.o#ern t/e desi. criteria( • • • • • Insure t/at critica$ faci$ities /a#e a desi. In t/e e#ent of conf$ictin.ect. codes1 s"ecifications1 industrB standards1 re.u$ations1 and ot/er referenced docu>ents1 -ased on t/e $atest re#ision or edition t/ereof.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.

1-90 !>erican Concrete Institute KStructura$ 'e$din.a 90 4&C !ISC DiseIo SJs>ico de 8dificios DiseIo SJs>ico de 8dificios Industria$es Internationa$ Conference of &ui$din.r 01/00/1) :a.9 K'e$ded Stee$ 3an?s for 'ater Stora.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.n and :$astic Desi. Officia$s1 K4nifor> &ui$din.0-95 !''! !>erican 'ater 'or?s !ssociation KStee$ :i"e Desi.ineerin. !:I !>erican :etro$eu> Institute K'e$ded Stee$ 3an?s for Oi$ Stora. 1 NC/ )55.n of Di. 5*1 KDesi./=aBs and Streets1 !!SD3O-9) Standard S"ecification for Di. SocietB Code1L !'S D1.nL E19 9F1S55.Manua$s 2e"orts on 8n.e1L D100. :ractice No. Of 95 NC/ 2509.n Loads for &ui$din.9 !SC8 !!SD3O Mini>u> Desi.e ) of 2* ./=aB &rid. !'S !CI !>erican 'e$din.o-2)01*+ Desi.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.n and Insta$$ation1L M11.s and Ot/er Structures1 !SC8 *-9.e1L !:I 0. CodeL1 199) !>erican Institute of Stee$ Construction KS"ecification for Structura$ Stee$ &ui$din./=aB and 3rans"ortation Officia$s :o$icB on 6eo>etric Desi. K&ui$din. !>erican !ssociation of State Di.es1 !!SD3O-92 N9:! !SC8 Nationa$ 9ire :rotection !ssociation Standards to >eet MSD! reCuire>ents !>erican SocietB of Ci#i$ 8n.s !$$o=a-$e Stress Desi.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.ineers .+r. Code 2eCuire>ents for Structura$ Concrete1L !CI 51 -9.n and Construction of SanitarB and Stor> Se=ersL I'(2)01*+.

Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.n .4.o-2)01*+ Desi.:. 151 1991 . O"erations Occu"ation1 SafetB and Dea$t/ !d>inistration OSD! 2e.e .u$ations and Standards !""$ica-$e to Meta$ and Non>eta$ Minin.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.4 O3D82 289828NC8 DOC4M8N3S 2.o SecretarJa B Su"erintendencia de Ser#icios 8$Nctricos B Co>-usti-$es Ser#icio Naciona$ de Sa$ud ESNSF Manua$ de Carreteras O M.ares de 3ra-a. 2o=e P !sociados 2.+r." 2864L!3IONS MSD! Mine SafetB and Dea$t/ !d>inistration 2e.uides de#e$o"ed -B &ec/te$ =i$$ -e used on t/is "ro.O.r 01/00/1) :a.$a>ento so-re Condiciones &Hsicas Sanitarias B !>-ienta$es en $os Lu.ation 2e"orts1 -B 8. 1 !IS8 !ssociation of Iron and Stee$ 8n. of 2* . and Mi$$in.uas DirecciGn de O-ras Sanitarias Ser#icio Naciona$ de O-ras Sanitarias ES8NDOSF 2e.C.s 2.1 6eotec/nica$ In#esti.4.u$atorB !ut/orities for C/i$e as fo$$o=s( • • • • • • • • • Ministerio de O-ras :M-$icas B 3rans"ortes EMO:3F OrdenanAa 6enera$ de 4r-anis>o B Construcciones DirecciGn 6enera$ de !. CM!!Crane Manufacturers !ssociation of !>erica 2.n and Construction of Mi$$ &ui$din.6uide for t/e Desi.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.ineers1 3ec/nica$ 2e"ort No.2 Ci#i$/structura$ s"ecifications and ci#i$ desi.ect I'(2)01*+.

au.4 SOIL D!3! 3/e .ra#e$ $aBers inter>i@ed =it/ sandB >ateria$.e rai$road fro> !ntofa.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#./ sa$t content and =i$$ -e re>o#ed to e@"ose t/e un=eat/ered surface -e$o=. 3/e "$ant site is at a""ro@i>ate$B 5200 >etres a-o#e >ean sea $e#e$. I'(2)01*+. 3/e surface soi$s at t/e "$ant site are co>"osed of =eat/ered #o$canic as/1 under$ain -B .asta "asses =it/in 0.e 0 of 2* .ect 6eotec/nica$ In#esti.ation 2e"ort.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. ?i$o>etres sout/east of t/e siteF and at Sa$ar MonturaCui Ea""ro@i>ate$B *0 ?i$o>etres nort/east of t/e siteF.+r./ t/e -arren soi$ and is co$$ected in near-B -asins.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.C.o-2)01*+ Desi.acent to t/e Sa$ar de Da>-ur. 3/e surface >ateria$ in t/e concentrator area >aB /a#e a /i. ?i$o>etres of t/e site. ".r 01/00/1) :a.eotec/nica$ re"ort -B 8. >ine-site faci$ities.ra"/ica$ features are -arren1 roc?-co#ered /i$$sides s$o"in.C./=aB and M8LQs access road. 3/e s"ecific c/aracteristics1 t/ic?ness and de"t/ of t/e soi$ strata are defined in t/e :ro. narro= . 8@tre>es in te>"eratures /a#e =eat/ered t/e surface roc? e@tensi#e$B and co#ered t/e >ine-site area =it/ ta$us >ateria$.ect are $ocated at t/e Minera 8scondida Li>itada EM8LF faci$ities in t/e !taca>a Desert of nort/ern C/i$e at 5200 >etres a-o#e >ean sea $e#e$. 2o=e P !sociados1 issued in Dece>-er 199 1 s/a$$ -e used.ion recei#e rain and sno= t/at drain do=n t/rou.1 LOC!3ION 3/e >ine-site faci$ities for t/e 8scondida e@"ansion "ro. 'e$$s for fres/ =ater =i$$ -e $ocated at Sa$ar :unta Ne.ra Ea""ro@i>ate$B 2.asta1 C/i$e.. ".2 3O:O62!:D< 3/e >ine-site faci$ities are on t/e =estern s$o"e of a -asin for>ed -B t/e Cerro Co$orado C/ico and t/e Cordi$$era de Do>eB?o. 3o"o. 3/ese -asins are e#a"oration "onds and for> drB sa$t -eds./er e$e#ation of t/e Cerro Co$orado C/ico re.ect t/e 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort -B 8.0 SITE INFORMATION ". 1 ". 3/e /i. ". 2o=e P !sociados1 tit$ed Mine Site 9aci$ities 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort dated Marc/ 19 91 =as issued for t/e e@istin. 3/e site is surrounded -B a >ountainous area ?no=n as Cordi$$era de Do>eB?o and it is ad. !n e@istin. 9or t/e :/ase I7 8@"ansion :ro. do=n=ard to a s/a$$o= sa$t f$at or sa$ar.asta #ia a -ranc/ of t/e :ana>erican Di." !CC8SS 3/e >ine-site is accessi-$e fro> !ntofa.o1 1 0 ?i$o>etres sout/east of t/e "ort of !ntofa.

rid sBste>s are defined at t/e >ine-site -enc/ >ar? &M-2 as fo$$o=s( T T T N * 510 91.00* 8 . in order to /a#e t/e con#enience of a coordinate sBste> ort/o.rees to t/e east of 43M Nort/ 3/e :$ant coordinate sBste> is ort/o. ! Loca$ coordinate sBste> =as defined as detai$ed in a re"ort -B !.rid( • • • 3/e :$ant Nort/ is rotated 50 de.91 • 43M coordinates Loca$ coordinates 8$e#ation ! :$ant coordinate sBste> is used in t/e :$ant Desi.500 1 43M coordinates Loca$ coordinates :$ant coordinates 3/e Loca$ coordinate sBste> s/a$$ -e used to $ocate t/e :/ase I7 :$ant site and a$$ ot/er offsite faci$ities =it/ res"ect to t/e >inesite -enc/ >ar? &M-2..000 8 )9) 1.9990*S to con#ert $oca$ .s for t/e :/ase I7 :$ant !rea1 e@c$udin. 110.1 DO2IRON3!L !$$ coordinates s/a$$ -e in >eters and s/a$$ -e -ased on t/e 43M E4ni#ersa$ 3rans#erse MercatorF .10 N 10 )9).ona$ to t/e :$ant Nort/ and a#oid t/e "erce"tion of a "$ant rotated =it/ res"ect to t/e coordinate .Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.$ :2OJ8C3 D!3! ".. 1 ".0)9 T N 99 02*.o-2)01*+ Desi.s I'(2)01*+. 3/e :$ant coordinate sBste> s/a$$ -e used e@c$usi#e$B in t/e :DS and in a$$ t/e desi.rid sBste>.r 01/00/1) :a.rid distance -B t/e . 8 )95 9*).n SBste> E:DSF >ode$$in.rid correction factor is 0. offsite dra=in.n dra=in.2 8 1* 52.6.09 5 09.rid Nort/ is t/e sa>e as 43M Nort/.. 3/e .2*5 8 1* .*. Co>>on coordinates for t/e t=o .$.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#..ona$ to t/e :$ant Nort/ 3/e corres"ondence -et=een coordinate sBste>s is esta-$is/ed at a >aster "oint in t/e :/ase I7 :$ant defined as fo$$o=s( T N * 50 0. In.02.rid correction factor.0.1).*95 T N 1 000.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. 6eo>ensores !sociados1 dated Ju$B 19 ( • • 3/e Loca$ .rid distance to 43M distance1 >u$ti"$B t/e $oca$ .+r.e * of 2* .

0 >>/d 5.2 . ".2 7823IC!L !$$ e$e#ations s/a$$ -e s/o=n in >eters a-o#e sea $e#e$.$.round=ater ta-$e is dee"1 in t/e ran.12 8!23DQ4!K8 Minesite( 3/e desi.round=ater ta-$e s/a$$ -e considered as defined in t/e :ro.ect 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#..ust s"eed of 1*.* Minesite Ma@i>u> Su>>er Di.round surface.rade ".1 e@"osure C1 =it/ a 5 second .n s/a$$ -e -ased on t/e reCuire>ents of NC/ )551 NC/ 2509 and 4&C codes Esee ). ". ". ?i$o>eters "er /our =i$$ -e used.* !M&I8N3 !I2 38M:82!34281 D2< &4L& Co$oso 2* * UC UC UC 22 10 -20 1 1 ." :2OJ8C3 S4278< CON32OLS 8@istin..e of )0 to 00 >eters -e$o= t/e e@istin.e of 2* >> . 9or eCui">ent su""$iers outside C/i$e1 !SC8 *-9. >>/d 10.*F.00 Co$oso 12.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.r 01/00/1) :a. 1 ".11 'IND 3/e desi. ".+r. . contro$ >onu>ents at t/e >ine-site s/a$$ -e used. 3/e definiti#e e$e#ation of t/e .' 92OS3 :8N832!3ION De"t/ -e$o= .% :28CI:I3!3ION 2ainfa$$ a#era.e annua$ 2ainfa$$ >a@i>u> for 2) /our "eriod >> Sno=fa$$ desi.n $oad ".n s/a$$ -e -ased on NC/ )52.10 > 0.o-2)01*+ Desi.. I'(2)01*+.Of *1.7 87!:O2!3ION 'inter EJuneF Su>>er EDece>-erF ".& 62O4ND'!382 3!&L8 3/e ./ Mean Mini>u> =inter $o= ". >> Minesite *.$.

n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.o-2)01*+ Desi.s.rind -ui$din.1 as defined on t/e desi.n s/a$$ -e -ased on 4&C code. and sidin. 6rade s$a-s and su>" -otto>s s/a$$ -e constructed of reinforced concrete "$aced on nati#e co>"etent >ateria$ or on co>"acted fi$$.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. Inc$ined =a$?=aBs s/a$$ -e of e@"anded >eta$ .2 and seis>ic i>"ortance factor IT1 s/a$$ -e used for 4&C. 3/e ore stora.7 I'(2)01*+." 4.1 and t/e Coarse Ore Stoc?"i$e -ui$din. 3/e e$e#ated concrete f$oors s/a$$ use nonco>"osite stee$ dec? as t/e for>=or? 8$e#ated f$oors and access "$atfor>s s/a$$ -e constructed of >eta$ . 3/e seis>ic reCuire>ents "er NC/ )55 and NC/ 2509 and t/ose "er 4&C >aB -e in so>e res"ects >ore se#ere t/an eac/ ot/er in ter>s of ducti$e detai$s and redundant force transfer sBste>s1 and t/e factors used to arri#e at 4.1 e@ce"t =/ere noted on dra=in.1 3/e Concentrator -ui$din. Seis>ic Rone )1 =it/ site coefficient S factor T 1. ".n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.4 4.e rec$ai> tunne$ s/a$$ -e constructed of reinforced concrete.n s/a$$ -e -ased on 4&C code.1 9$otation/2e. s/a$$ -e stee$ fra>e structures =it/ >eta$ roofin. f$oors and ot/er f$oors indicated on dra=in.0 PLANT AND DESIGN RE(UIREMENTS 4. 9or eCui">ent su""$iers outside C/i$e1 t/e desi. Co$oso( 3/e desi.n s/a$$ -e -ased on t/e reCuire>ents of NC/ )551 NC/ 2509 and 4&C codes Esee ).n dra=in.2 4.e. Seis>ic Rone 51 =it/ soi$ 3B"e I and i>"ortance coefficient IT1 s/a$$ -e used for NC/ codes. Seis>ic Rone )1 =it/ site coefficient S factor T 1.% 4.r 01/00/1) :a.e 9 of 2* .s or in areas =it/ "otentia$ for crus/ed ore s"i$$a. 9or eCui">ent su""$iers outside C/i$e1 t/e desi. O"eratin.2 and seis>ic i>"ortance factor IT1 s/a$$ -e used for 4&C.n refer to t/e :ro.s s/a$$ -e constructed of reinforced concrete.. 4.ect 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort.*F.$ 4.ratin.1" SOIL CONDI3IONS 9or soi$s data for ci#i$/structura$ desi.+r. 1 Seis>ic Rone 21 =it/ soi$ 3B"e II and i>"ortance coefficient IT1 s/a$$ -e used for NC/ codes.ratin.

/t.s..0 CIVIL SITE )OR $. 1EDF(5E7F for te>"orarB cuttin.niAant of suc/ differences and incor"orate t/e> into t/e desi.n.o-2)01*+ Desi. Cuts in >ine =aste Cuts in ori.n s"ectru>.1.7ertica$1 for te>"orarB cuttin.s =/en cut not e@ceed ) >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent .n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.1.e 10 of 2* . =/en cut not e@ceed 1>eter in #ertica$ >easure>ent. $. 3/e >ost se#ere reCuire>ents out of t/ose Codes s/a$$ "re#ai$1 and t/e desi. . .7ertica$1 for te>"orarB cuttin.n "ur"oses( Cuts in roc? .EDF(1E7F =it/ -enc/es ) >eters =ide "ro#ided eac/ 10 >eters /ei. .1EDF(1E7F for te>"orarB cuttin..r 01/00/1) :a.s =/en cut e@ceed 0 >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent./t.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. s$o"es s/a$$ -e used for desi.EDF(1E7F . 1 t/e desi.s. =/en cut not e@ceed 2 >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent.ineer >ust -e fu$$B co.EDF(1E7F for "er>anent cuttin.ina$ soi$s ..1 CRITERIA 8!23D'O2K 3/e fo$$o=in.1EDF(2E7F for te>"orarB cuttin. '/en cut e@ceed >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent1 -enc/es ) >eters =ide >ini>u> s/a$$ -e "ro#ided eac/ >eters /ei.s =/en cut e@ceed ) >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent .n en. 1 1 1 I'(2)01*+.s =/en cut not e@ceed 0 >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.1EDF(2E7F for te>"orarB cuttin.+r. '/en cut e@ceed >eters in #ertica$ >easure>ent1 -enc/es ) >eters =ide >ini>u> s/a$$ -e "ro#ided eac/ >eters /ei./t.1EDF(2E7F for "er>anent cuttin. Co>"acted fi$$s 1.

1 9i$$ Eore stora.rade s$o"e of t=o "ercent >ini>u> a=aB fro> structures and to=ard t/e stor> draina.4. > Maintenance roads and "ond ins"ection roads 2." Mini>u> /oriAonta$ cur#e radius s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( :rinci"a$ roads .e -er>F 2EDF(1E7F 3/e :ro.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. > $.% 2oad desi.0 > SecondarB roads 2.2 <ard .o#ernin.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. I'(2)01*+.4 2O!DS $.o-2)01*+ Desi. #a$ues for >at foundations and s"read footin.4. s/a$$ -e a >ini>u> of 1.acent f$oor s$a-s.+r.n s/a$$ -e de#e$o"ed in accordance =it/ t/e KManua$ de CarreterasL -B C/i$e M. 1 >etre s/ou$dersF 10 > SecondarB roads Maintenance roads and "ond ins"ection roads 0 > ) > Eone $aneF $. $.2.0 >i$$i>etres -e$o= t/e ad.ect 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort.r 01/00/1) :a.ect 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort s/a$$ -e consu$ted for additiona$ .4.4 Maintenance roads Mini>u> #ertica$ cur#e radius E"ara-o$aF s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( :rinci"a$ roads 50 > $.e 11 of 2* .O." 9O4ND!3ION C2I382I! !$$o=a-$e -earin.n s"eed $. $.$ Mini>u> road =idt/s s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( :rinci"a$ roads Einc$udin.e. s/a$$ /a#e a finis/ .:.4.2 Ma@i>u> .4. $.radin.2.rades s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( :rinci"a$ roads SecondarB roads 0V 10 V 00 ?>// $.2 <!2D 62!DIN6 $. reco>>endations t/at >aB -e a""$ica-$e.s s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ t/e :ro.4.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.1 <ard finis/ .radin. $.1 :$ant roads >a@i>u> desi.

$. 3ra"eAoida$ ditc/es s/a$$ /a#e a 0. Cu$#erts Ditc/es/c/anne$s $.0-Bear freCuencB desi.n freCuencB s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( 9aci$itB In-"$ant stor> se=ers Criteria 10-Bear freCuencB stor> f$o=in.0 >eters1 e@ce"t for areas =it/ s"ecia$ eCui">ent o"eration1 =/ere it s/a$$ -e adeCuate for 500 ton truc?s to "ass =it/ t/e -ed u"1 or for ot/er s"ecific reCuire>ents.e. $. Man/o$es1 if reCuired1 s/a$$ not e@ceed a 90 >eter s"acin. t/e tri-utarB surface area. $..rade $ine for a . f$oor or ot/er critica$ e$e#ation.o-2)01*+ Desi. 10-Bear freCuencB =it/ t/e /ead =ater for t/e .4 Ditc/es s/a$$ -e of 7-tB"e or tra"eAoida$ desi.. f$oor or ot/er critica$ e$e#ation.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. 1 $.0-Bear freCuencB stor> =ater $e#e$s c/ec?ed to assure critica$ areas are not f$ooded.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#. S3O2M D2!IN!68 $.e 12 of 2* .$.n.$.eS t/e /Bdrau$ic . 3/e intersection of t/e ditc/ side s$o"es and t/e natura$ .ned at a >ini>u> of 500 >i$$i>etres -e$o= anB -ui$din.& Mini>u> #ertica$ c$earance under o#er"asses or o-structions s/a$$ -e ).Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.enera$$B s/a$$ -e a$$o=ed to fo$$o= natura$ courses -ut =/en necessarB s/a$$ -e con#eBed to draina. $.2 Stor> runoff Cuantities for s>a$$ areas in t/e "$ant site s/a$$ -e deter>ined -B t/e 2ationa$ Met/od usin." Desi.round s/a$$ -e I'(2)01*+. 10-Bear freCuencB =it/ .ned at a >ini>u> of 500 >i$$i>etres -e$o= anB -ui$din. /oriAonta$.+r.4. o#er cu$#erts and "i"es s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ !!SD3O-DS20-)) e@ce"t for areas of s"ecia$ eCui">ent o"eration Ei.1 >ine /au$ truc?sF =/ic/ s/a$$ -e considered on an indi#idua$ -asis. fro> rainfa$$1 .0 Bear freCuencB s/a$$ -e desi. a >ini>u> ti>e of concentration of 10 >inutes.4.0 >eters >ini>u> =idt/ at -otto>.1 2unoff1 resu$tin. 3/e ditc/ side s$o"es s/a$$ not -e stee"er t/an 1 #ertica$ to 1.7 Loadin.e ditc/es or stor> se=ers -B s$o"in.r 01/00/1) :a. fu$$ =it/out surc/ar.$.

$. $. $. $." 9ire /Bdrants s/a$$ -e "$aced at a s"acin. f$oatin. $.ra#e$ and roc?.rade. a $iner -ased on a . Lon.% S!NI3!2< S<S38M $. >eters "er second f$o=in.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.1 3/e Bard fire >ain s/a$$ -e a >ini>u> of 200 >i$$i>etres in dia>eter. -et=een >an/o$es s/a$$ not e@ceed 90 >eters. Liners are not reCuired in >ediu> to /ea#B .7.%. to t/e Mannin.2 "ercent >ini>u>S =/ere #e$ocitB e@ceeds 2 >eters "er second1 ditc/ $iners =i$$ -e considered1 -ut s/ou$d consider t/e conseCuences of erosion and cost -efore insta$$in.4 S"acin.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.n f$o=s s/a$$ -e ca$cu$ated on t/e -asis of( aF 1.n f$o= rate of four ti>es t/e a#era.%. I'(2)01*+.e 15 of 2* .0 $itres "er "erson "er daB for treat>ent sBste> o"eration1 and >aintenance =it/ a desi.2 3/e Bard "i"e for fire "rotection s/a$$ -e co>"$ete =it/ /Bdrants1 ..0 >i$$i>etres in dia>eter. Ma@i>u> #e$ocitB s/a$$ not e@ceed 1. 3/e >ini>u> de"t/ of co#er for t/e Bard "i"e s/a$$ -e 1 >eter -e$o= . 1 $ocated to a$$o= a 10 >eters >ini>u> c$ear distance fro> t/e e@istin.+r.est f$o= s/a$$ -e used. dune or =/ic/ su-seCuent f$o=s catc/ and e#entua$$B "$u. $.7." 3/e to" of a$$ sanitarB se=er $ine >ust -e 200 >> -e$o= t/e -otto> of anB =ater $ine.Qs 9or>u$a. $.%.* >eters -e$o= . so$ids -e/ind t/us for>in.7 9I28 :2O38C3ION $. $.enera$ criteria. >eters "er second to "re#ent t/e =ater fro> $ea#in.%.itudina$ s$o"es s/a$$ -e 0.$ O"en c/anne$ f$o= ca$cu$ations s/a$$ -e >ade accordin. 3/e >ini>u> #e$ocitB s/a$$ -e 0. $.o-2)01*+ Desi.2 !$$ sanitarB se=ers s/a$$ -e at $east 1.& 928SD '!382 3/e >ini>u> de"t/ of co#er for t/e fres/ =ater "i"e =i$$ -e 0.r 01/00/1) :a.ate #a$#es1 and "ost indicator #a$#es as reCuired.1 Desi. /a$f fu$$. t/e "i"e. of not >ore t/an 90 >eters. On t/e nu>-er of eCui#a$ent fi@ture units -F 3/e >et/od t/at resu$ts in t/e $ar. or conte>"$ated structures or foundations.rade.e for "i"e siAin..n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.7. $.

' :O3!&L8 '!382 3/e >ini>u> de"t/ of co#er for t/e "ota-$e =ater "i"e =i$$ -e 0. f$oors.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.r 01/00/1) :a.n un$ess ot/er=ise esta-$is/ed -B a s"ecific ana$Bsis of eCui">ent $oads in certain areas.*. 3/e eCui">ent o"eratin.1 LO!DS %.f/>2 .1./t of fra>in.2 LI78 LO!DS 3/e $i#e $oads ELLF s/a$$ inc$ude f$oor area $oads1 $aBdo=n $oads1 eCui">ent /and$in. $oads1 acti#e eart/ "ressure and truc? =/ee$ $oads.0 STRUCTURAL DESIGN CRITERIA %.1.n dra=in.s for t/e corres"ondin.1. 2oofs Eaccounts for sno= $oad at 00 ?.F. sections. Li#e $oads s/a$$ not -e o>itted under eCui">ent =/ere access is "ro#ided1 for instance under e$e#ated tan?s on four $e. $oads ELLuF and crane $oads ECLF s/a$$ -e inc$uded as descri-ed in Section 0. of !CI 51 -9.aF. 3/e static #ertica$ and $atera$ "ressures of $iCuids s/a$$ a$so -e treated as dead $oad Ein accordance =it/ Section 9.s.* >eters -e$o= ." MINIM4M D8SI6N LI78 LO!DS aF 3/e fo$$o=in.1.1.0 ?. %.n $i#e $oads -e $ess t/an s"ecified in Section *.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.rade.n $i#e $oads s/a$$ -e s/o=n -ot/ in t/e ca$cu$ations and on t/e desi.5.-1 c and e. Certain ot/er a""$ica-$e $oads are $isted se"arate$B in succeedin. In no case s/a$$ t/e >ini>u> desi.e 1) of 2* .f/>2F ?. %.1 roofs1 f$oors1 =a$$s1 "artitions1 "$atfor>s and a$$ "er>anent eCui">ent and >ateria$s Esee Section 0./t is s"ecifica$$B inc$uded in t/e dead $oad.1.2. 3/e desi. >ini>u> $i#e $oads s/a$$ -e used in t/e desi.1 D8!D LO!DS 3/e dead $oads EDLF s/a$$ inc$ude t/e =ei.f/>2 2. %.f/>2 100 Offices !sse>-$B and $oc?er roo>s ?.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi..*.00 1 1 • • • I'(2)01*+. 3/e f$oor area $i#e $oad s/a$$ -e o>itted fro> areas occu"ied -B eCui">ent =/ose =ei.+r.o-2)01*+ Desi. 1 $. $oads ELLoF1 u"set o"eratin.

r 01/00/1) :a.0 ?.f/>2 5200 ?.00 ?. 3/is $oad is not carried to t/e co$u>ns.0 ?.f/>2 . cF dF eF I'(2)01*+. or &a$$ >i$$ $iner f$oors Con#eBor . 3/is $oad is not carried to t/e co$u>ns.f/>2 12.f/>2 12.ratin.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#. ! concentrated $oad on t/e s$a-s of t/e o"eratin.ear roo>s Sa.s concentrated $oad a""$ied in anB direction at to" of rai$in.o-2)01*+ Desi.f s/a$$ -e a""$ied o#er an area of 0.f s/a$$ -e "$aced at t/e center of a stair tread.2) >2 and $ocated to >a@i>iAe stresses.00 :$atfor>s1 .f/>2 .2) >2 and $ocated to >a@i>iAe stresses.0 ?.f/>2 12. 3ruc? su""ort structures ?.0 • • • • • • • • ?.f/>2 12.a$$erB =a$?=aBs 2ai$in. of 2* . 1 • • • • La-oratories Stairs and =a$?=aBs ?.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.0 ?.f/>2 .f/>2 . >i$$s Ee@ce"t >i$$ $iner areaF 6round f$oors Surc/ar.rindin.e 1.irders and anB one "ane$ "oint of t/e secondarB trusses Ein addition to a$$ ot/er $oadsF of 1000 ?.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. ! concentrated $oad on t/e s$a-s of t/e office f$oors Eto -e considered =it/ dead $oad on$BF of 1000 ?.f 90 !!SD3O1 DS 20-)) or >ine /au$ truc?s as a""$ica-$e -F ! concentrated $oad on t/e -ea>s and .00 Mi$$ o"eratin.+r.f s/a$$ -e a""$ied o#er an area of 0.00 ?. ! concentrated $oad of 1)0 ?. f$oors Eto -e considered =it/ dead $oad on$BF of 1)00 ?. 3/is $oad is not carried to t/e co$u>ns1 and it is not a""$ied in t/e office1 $a-oratorB1 $oc?er roo>s or si>i$ar areas. f$oors and "$atfor>s around . and e$e#ated f$oors?.acent to "$ant structures Contro$ roo>s 8$ectric s=itc/.f/>2 2.e ad.f s/a$$ -e a""$ied to >a@i>iAe stresses.

.r 01/00/1) :a.2.s and s/a$$ inc$ude t/e =ei. 3/e u"set o"eratin.+r.% S8ISMIC LO!DS Structures s/a$$ -e desi. %.1 s/a$$ -e inc$uded in t/e DL ESection 0.4 LI78 LO!D 28D4C3ION Li#e $oad reduction on f$oors and roofs s/a$$ -e a$$o=ed as fo$$o=s( aF -F No reduction s/a$$ -e a$$o=ed for t/e =are/ouse1 stora./t of t/e "roduct to -e /and$ed.f/>21 t/e fo$$o=in. densities.*. and "$atfor>s su""orted fro> t/e eCui">ent and interna$ construction1 suc/ as $inin.1.1 =it/ >ateria$s at nor>a$ o"eratin. sca$e -ui$du"S e. 3/ese $oads >aB -e considered as s/ort-ter> $oadin.ned for =ind $oads E'LF deter>ined in accordance =it/ section 5. 1 fF ! concentrated $oad on anB one "ane$ "oint of t/e >ain trusses Ein addition to a$$ ot/er $oadsF of 5000 ?.11 . reductions s/a$$ a""$B for co$u>ns1 "iers and =a$$s su""ortin.f s/a$$ -e $ocated to >a@i>iAe stresses.2. 1 1 1 -F cF I'(2)01*+.1 "$u.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. 3/e desi.12 and ).00 ?.( 2oof T0V 2oof and 1 f$oor T 0 V 2oof and 2 f$oors T 10 V %.1.ed c/utes or scre= con#eBors1 etc. conditions1 =it/ t/e s"ecia$ considerations of Section 0. $i#e $oad ELLoF s/a$$ inc$ude t/e contents of fi@ed eCui">ent1 containers1 con#eBors1 "i"e=aBs1 etc.1.. 3/is $oad is not carried to t/e co$u>ns.( aF 8Cui">ent dead $oads1 inc$udin.ned for seis>ic $oads E8LF deter>ined in accordance =it/ Sections 5.1F.reater t/an .o-2)01*+ Desi.1. %.n $oads for eCui">ent su""orts s/a$$ inc$ude t/e fo$$o=in. %.11 and s/a$$ -e inc$uded as a s"ecia$ case of LLo in t/e $oadin. $oad ELLuF s/a$$ inc$ude dead $oads "$us eCui">ent fi$$ed to >a@i>u> ca"acities =it/ >ateria$s of >a@i>u> densitB1 inc$udin.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.e areas and tan?s.e 10 of 2* 1 . 9or $i#e $oads .7 8Q4I:M8N3 LO!DS 8Cui">ent $oads s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ t/e #endor dra=in.1. co>-inations "er Section *. "i"in.. 3/e o"eratin.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.$ )IND LOADS Structures s/a$$ -e desi.

crane V V 2./t • !t transfer "oints( V 2. 1 dF Materia$ $i#e $oad at con#eBor transfer "oints s/a$$ -e increased to t=ice t/e >ateria$ $i#e $oad a$on. eCui">ent. t/e $en.+r.1. 4n-a$anced dBna>ic forces for #i-ration ana$Bsis s/a$$ -e o-tained fro> t/e #endor and t/e "ro. t/e con#eBor for a $en.rou" for fans1 crus/ers and reci"rocatin.r 01/00/1) :a. >ass I'(2)01*+.itudina$ $oad s/a$$ co>"$B =it/ Sections !).2 and !).n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.e of of >ateria$ and con#eBor =ei.& IM:!C3 LO!DS 3/e >ini>u> increase in eCui">ent $oads for i>"act s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( aF Cranes1 >otor dri#en 7ertica$1 $atera$ and $on. 10 Con#eBors • !$on. 3/e crane $oads ECLF s/a$$ -e as defined -B eCui">ent #endors for =/ee$ $oads for cranes1 >onorai$s and ot/er tra#e$in. crane :endant-o"erated tra#e$in.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#. eF fF . eCui">ent.o-2)01*+ Desi.t/ of 0 >etres. screens or feeders.e 1* of 2* .ect >ec/anica$ . or centrifu.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.5 of t/e !ISC S"ecification( • • -F Ca--o"erated tra#e$in. Su""orts s/a$$ -e c/ec?ed for #i-ration for a$$ /ea#B reci"rocatin. eCui">ent1 "articu$ar$B >i$$s1 fans1 crus/ers1 #i-ratin. 1 7ertica$ i>"act O ca$cu$ated force reCuired to dece$erate t/e fa$$in.a$ o"eratin.t/ of -e$t con#eBors( 7ertica$ i>"act O none • S/utt$e and tri""er con#eBors( 7ertica$ i>"act "ercenta.F %.

and/or ca-$e traB $oads s/a$$ -e added.ned to acco>>odate t/e I'(2)01*+.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#./t 7o$u>e de. and >a@i>u> >otor torCue -e$t tensions1 s/a$$ -e considered in t/e desi. 1 %. '/ere a""$ica-$e1 "i"in.11 O28 :2O:823I8S 9or ci#i$/structura$ desi.. 9or $oad co>-ination "ur"oses1 con#eBor $oads =i$$ -e treated as eCui">ent $oads and eCui">ent o"eration $oads 3/e fo$$o=in. t/e >a@i>u> runnin.1. -e$t tensionF -F Sta$$in.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. for sCuirre$ ca.1. Dra= do=n DensitB for( 'ei. *0 2.+r.1..12 3D82M!L 8%:!NSION LO!DS !$$ structures and e$e>ents s/a$$ -e desi. -e$t tensions s/a$$ -e considered( aF 1.ned to carrB t/eir dead $oad1 >ateria$ $oads Einc$udin.rees de.2.n of truss >e>-ers s/a$$ ta?e into account t/e secondarB forces due to eccentric connections.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.1 1.' CON78<O2 LO!DS Con#eBor trusses and su""ortin. -e$t tensionF @ 9W 2. -e$t tension factor1 9W1 eCua$s( T Eo"eratin.n of t/e su""ort >e>-ers.$e of re"ose( Stac?in.rees t/>5 t/>5 5*.n s/a$$ -e -ased on t/e reco>>endations in t/e "ro.ed c/utes fi$$ed to ca"acitBF1 and t/e =a$?=aB $i#e $oad.e 1 of 2* . for DC >otor 2..o-2)01*+ Desi. %. %.1. In addition to t/e "ri>arB forces1 t/e desi.1. @ Eo"eratin. &e$t tensions1 inc$udin.e >otor 1 %.n1 ore "ro"erties s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( Crus/ed Ore !n.10 9O4ND!3ION LO!DS 3/e foundation desi.ect 6eotec/nica$ 2e"ort. >ateria$ $oads due to c$o. structures s/a$$ -e desi.r 01/00/1) :a. for =ound rotor >otor 1.

o-2)01*+ Desi. and su""ort fra>in.f/>2 =it/out t/e a$$o=a-$e stress increase.r 01/00/1) :a. %. In order to >ini>iAe #i-ration caused -B resonance in -raced structures1 t/e fo$$o=in.2 S:8CI!L CONSID82!3IONS 9O2 38M:O2!2</CONS324C3ION LO!DS %.1" MINIM4M L!382!L LO!DS EO3D82 3D!N 'IND !ND 8!23DQ4!K8F 3/e >ini>u> co>"ression $oads in struts1 used for $atera$ sta-i$itB in structures1 s/a$$ -e 2 "ercent of t/e a@ia$ $oads in t/e su""orted co$u>ns or -ea>s.0 or 0." M8M&82S S4&J8C3 3O 7I&2!3IN6 8Q4I:M8N3 LO!DS %.1. 1 $oads or effects "roduced -B a differentia$ te>"erature of 50UC.1 68N82!L Structura$ >e>-ers su-. 2.ree of freedo>. freCuencB Ef0F s/a$$ -e >aintained.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.. s/a$$ -e c/ec?ed for t/e =ei.55.2.ect to #i-ratin. %. or 0. s/a$$ /a#e a >ini>u> -ea> de"t/-to-s"an ratio of 1(12 un$ess a #i-ration c/ec? indicates a s>a$$er de"t/ can -e used.2. %.0 ?.+r. ratios of first natura$ freCuencB EfnF of su""ort -ea>s to forcin.".*. 3B"e of 8nd Su""ort Efra>ed toF Co$u>n Co$u>n S"an E>>F ≤ 0000 > 0000 fn/fo 1. I'(2)01*+.e 19 of 2* .n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. eCui">ent s/a$$ /a#e a >ini>u> t/ic?ness in >i$$i>etres eCua$ to 10. 9$oor "$ates ad. ti>es t/e s"an in >etres un$ess a #i-ration c/ec? indicates a s>a$$er t/ic?ness can -e used.acent to #i-ratin.t/ and def$ection of t/e >eta$ dec?in. %.2 3/e stren./t of =et concrete "$us 1.. 9or t/e resonance c/ec?1 >e>-ers s/a$$ -e considered to /a#e on$B one de.1 9or =ind1 eart/Cua?e and te>"orarB $oads caused -B u"set conditions or construction seCuence1 t/e a$$o=a-$e stress or $oad ca"acitB >aB -e increased -B a factor of 1.

7i-ration iso$ators can -e used =/ere "ractica$. I'(2)01*+.ned to /a#e a natura$ freCuencB sufficient$B different fro> t/e a""$ied freCuencB to a#oid resonance. 3/e reco>>ended criteria are as fo$$o=s( • • Structura$ freCuencB $ess t/an 2/5 of >ac/ine freCuencB1 or Structura$ freCuencB ..+r. screens Soi$/structure/interaction =i$$ -e considered1 =/en ca$cu$atin.n( • • • • • • 6BratorB crus/ers Cone crus/ers 6rindin..o-2)01*+ Desi. 9oundations s/a$$ -e desi. %. '/en a detai$ed e#a$uation is =arranted1 t/e desi. or >ass da>"in. >i$$s 9$otation ce$$s Con#eBors 7i-ratin. %.n of su""orts for #i-ratorB eCui">ent s/a$$ -e o-tained fro> t/e #endor. =i$$ -e used for ser#icea-i$itB of structures su-. t/e natura$ freCuencB and dis"$ace>ents.ner =i$$ ensure t/e se"aration of t/e funda>enta$ >ode structura$ freCuencB fro> t/e >ac/ine freCuencB.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s. 7i-ration =i$$ -e >ini>iAed -B $atera$ su""orts1 -racin.*. or 0.0 or 0.r 01/00/1) :a. co$u>n foundations -B 20 >i$$i>etre e@"ansion .".e 20 of 2* . 2.reater t/an 1.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.." S827IC8!&ILI3< 28Q4I28M8N3S !""endi@ & of !SC8 *-9.".2 M8M&82S S4&J8C3 3O 7I&2!3IN6 8Q4I:M8N3 LO!DS 4n-a$anced dBna>ic forces for t/e desi.oint >ateria$s =/ere "ossi-$e. >ac/ine freCuencB :articu$ar$B1 t/e fo$$o=in. 1 &ea> &ea> ≤ 0000 > 0000 2. 9oundations s/a$$ -e se"arated fro> t/e s$a.*.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.ect to #i-ration1 def$ection and drift. eCui">ent su""orts =i$$ -e for>a$$B addressed =it/ ca$cu$ations of freCuencB and a>"$itude of #i-ration to su""ort desi.and -ui$din.

1 and 1921. condition( O#erturnin.0 =ind E2F Crane /oo? $oad need not -e considered for >aintenance tB"e cranes in co>-ination =it/ =ind or eart/Cua?e.F X LLoE. "ressures for t/e actua$ $oads s/a$$ -e c/ec?ed a.2 =it/ seis>ic $oadF 1.1 t/e >ini>u> dead $oad1 =/ic/ >aB occur durin. I'(2)01*+. 7..n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.*. S$idin. NO38S E1F Ma@i>u> crane $oads need not -e co>-ined =it/ >ore t/an 0. 3/e >ini>u> factor of safetB "ro#ided for a$$ structures s/a$$ -e as s/o=n -e$o= for eac/ $oadin.1 68N82!L !$$ stee$ structures s/a$$ -e desi.2. stress >et/od. 1 7..o-2)01*+ Desi. 9or >a@i>u> u"$ift1 s$idin. E1.2.. aF -F cF dF eF DL X LL X LLo X CL DLE5F X LLoE)F X CLE2F X 8L DL X LLE.t/ desi.F X CLE2F X 8L DL X LL X LLo X CLE2F X 'LE1F DLE5F X 'L Eor 8LF 9or stee$ structures1 a$$o=a-$e stresses >aB -e increased for certain co>-inations in accordance =it/ 4&C1 Di#ision I%1 Section !.ned -B t/e u$ti>ate stren.ainst t/e a$$o=a-$e "ressures. and o#erturnin..n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.. co>-inations $isted -e$o= s/a$$ -e considered for t/e desi. E1. construction or =it/ eCui">ent e>"tB1 s/a$$ -e considered in co>-ination =it/ t/e =ind $oads. 3/e footnotes $ist t/e reduction factors t/at s/a$$ -e a""$ied to t/e indi#idua$ $oads to ref$ect t/e i>"ro-a-i$itB of si>u$taneous occurrence for infreCuent or transient $oads.r 01/00/1) :a. &uoBancB 1.2 LO!DIN6 COM&IN!3IONS 3/e $oadin.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.+r.e 21 of 2* .0 DESIGN BASIS 7.n >et/od.ned -B t/e =or?in. !$$ reinforced concrete structures s/a$$ -e desi. Soi$-earin. 9or concrete structures1 $oads s/a$$ -e factored in accordance =it/ 4&C Sections 1909.n of structures and e$e>ents of structures.2 =it/ seis>ic $oadF 1.

n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.00 S"an/1 0 S"an/200 S"an/2)0 S"an/2)0 eF Con#eBors 7ertica$ def$ections of trusses due to -e$t $i#e $oads DoriAonta$ def$ections of trusses due to $atera$ $oads DoriAonta$ def$ections at t/e end of stac?er trusses due to $atera$ $oads E>a@i>u> def$ection s/a$$ -e $i>ited to S"an/000 S"an/000 S"an/ 00 I'(2)01*+. and .F '/en used in co>-ination =it/ seis>ic $oads1 ELL X LLoF s/a$$ -e >u$ti"$ied -B 0.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. stress "rocedures are used1 dead $oads s/a$$ -e >u$ti"$ied -B 0." D89L8C3IONS Def$ections due to $i#e $oad and =ind $oad or eart/Cua?e $oad s/a$$ not e@ceed t/e fo$$o=in.o-2)01*+ Desi. 3/e u"set $oad LL4 s/a$$ -e inc$uded as a s"ecia$ case of LLO.( aF 2oofs 2oofin.*S t/is factor does not a""$B =/en usin.ratin. and secondarB >e>-ers E"ur$ins and .+r.e 22 of 2* .irts dF Crane .ns =/ere =or?in. E=it/out i>"actF 7ertica$ DoriAonta$ S"an/1000 S"an/./t of t/e eCui">ent as s"read out on t/e f$oor s/a$$ -e considered E.irders and >onorai$ -ea>s. 7.oistsF -F 9$oors 9$oor "$ate and . to >a@i>iAe t/e net u"$ift caused -B seis>ic $oads E)F In $aBdo=n areas t/e actua$ =ei. 9$oor -ea>s cF 'a$$s E$atera$ =ind $oadF Sidin.r 01/00/1) :a. . LLo a$one E=it/out LLF in co>-ination =it/ seis>ic $oads. 1 E5F 9or >ateria$s or desi.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.

/t of t/e tan? and its contents.& &2!C8D 92!M8S &raced fra>es and -racin.' 9LOO2 D2!IN!68 3/e >ini>u> f$oor s$a. 7.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.ents or /u>id at>os"/eres. crane . t/e "rocedures in 4&C Section 10521 for ri.4 C2!N8 6I2D82S Crane . 7..1 I'(2)01*+.ned in accordance =it/ !IS8 3ec/nica$ 2e"ort No. 7.s$o"e s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( S!6 >i$$ area V &a$$ >i$$ area V 9$otation area V 2ec$ai> tunne$V 1).id structures1 considerin.r 01/00/1) :a..6uide for t/e Desi. 1. to !""endi@ K of t/e !ISC Code. >e>-ers s/a$$ -e desi. 7. S"an/ 00 7.or structura$ e$e>ents1 inc$udin. :ota-$e =ater tan?s s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ !''! D100.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s..o-2)01*+ Desi.+r. 11.n and Construction of Mi$$ &ui$din. t/e entire =ei. ! corrosion a$$o=ance s/a$$ -e "ro#ided.0 >i$$i>etersF Stee$ su""ortin.irders s/a$$ -e desi. :rocess =ater tan?s s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ !:I 0.s.e 25 of 2* .ned in accordance =it/ 4&C Section 2211.irders and con#eBor trusses1 s/a$$ consider t/e effects of fati.0.$ 9!3I648 S328SS8S Connections of a$$ >a.rade1 s/a$$ -e desi.ue accordin.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. /ead "u$$eB fra>es1 s"eed reducers and >otors 7.ned to resist t/e seis>ic forces ca$cu$ated -B usin. 1 ±1. 151 1991 .% CO22OSION S328SS8S 8ffects of corrosion s/a$$ -e considered in areas =/ere stee$ or concrete is in contact =it/ t/e ore1 rea.7 3!NKS 'I3D S4::O238D &O33OMS 9$at -otto> tan?s or ot/er tan?s =it/ su""orted -otto>s founded at or -e$o= . ).

dis? fasteners as defined on "ro.".L !$$ -o$ts s/a$$ -e fu$$B ti. 1 !$$ ot/er f$oors su-.1 S324C342!L S388L &.r 01/00/1) :a.1 6ratin.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi. &o$ts for secondarB Enonstructura$F >e>-ers s/ou$d -e !S3M !50* or !)2-25 ENC/ 200F. &o$tedS fie$d =e$ded on$B =/en indicated on &.". !5*-2)8S ENC/ 205F stee$ &. -ars &.s. or !)90 &o$ts.2 9ie$d connections( dra=in.ect standard dra=in. &o$ts for a$$ >e>-ers s/a$$ confor> to !S3M !52.enera$1 s/o" connections =i$$ -e =e$ded. !S3M !52.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.-tB"e connection =it/ t/reads inc$uded in s/ear "$ane.+r.1.1 Structura$ stee$ s/a"es1 "$ates and -ars s/a$$ confor> to !S3M !501 !)2-2*8S ENC/ 205F1 or as a""ro#ed.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.". surfaces of t/e connection s/a$$ -e -$ast-c$eaned and uncoated or -$ast-c$eaned and coated =it/ a C$ass & coatin. >i$$i>etre s"aced at 50 >> c/c Cross-sectiona$ area of not $ess t/an )0 >>2 and t/ic?ness not $ess t/an 0 >i$$i>etres s"aced at 100 >> c/c 9astened -B DIL3I %-9CM .2.2 2ai$s s/a$$ confor> to !S3M !1./tened un$ess noted ot/er=ise on t/e dra=in.2 S324C342!L S388L CONN8C3IONS &. &.".1 S/o" connections( In .s.ratin..e 2) of 2* . &.s.2. &.4 6ratin." 62!3IN6 &.2 &earin.o-2)01*+ Desi. and -andin. as defined in t/e KS"ecification for Structura$ Joints 4sin. In so>e cases1 s/o" connections s/ou$d -e -o$ted and e$e>ents s/ou$d -e s/o" asse>-$ed as indicated on dra=in.s !$$ connections =i$$ -e -earin." Cross -ars 52 @ . &.ect to freCuent =as/do=ns or occasiona$ "rocess s"i$$s s/a$$ /a#e a >ini>u> s$o"e to drain of 5 "ercent. &. sections I'(2)01*+. '/ere s$i"-critica$ connections are reCuired1 t/e faBin.0 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS &.1.

&. >i$$i>etre "$u.7. &.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.ratin.o-2)01*+ Desi. 1 &.2 Inter>ediate rai$s )0 >i$$i>etre E1-1/2 inc/F dia>eter stee$ tu-e )0 >i$$i>etre E1-1/2 inc/F dia>eter stee$ tu-eS c$ear o"en s"ace -et=een inter>ediate rai$s s/a$$ not -e >ore t/an 500 >i$$i>etre )0 >i$$i>etre E1-1/2 inc/F dia>eter stee$ tu-e1 s"aced at 1 00 >> c/c >a@i>u>. &.$ 8%:!ND8D M83!L 62!3IN6 8@"anded >eta$ .ratin.ect desi.s.$ Dea#B dutB .n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.1 4n$ess ot/er=ise noted on dra=in.% !NCDO2 &OL3S !nc/or -o$ts and anc/or "$ates s/a$$ confor> to !S3M !50/!50M or !)2-25 ENC/ 200F.4. 3oe "$ate 100 @ 0 >i$$i>etre t/ic? >ini>u> =it/ 10 >i$$i>etre c$earance a-o#e f$oor or "$atfor> &.n co>"ressi#e stren.".0 ?./t fro> "$atfor> to to" of rai$. 1200 >ini>u> /ei.4. >i$$i>etre fi$$et =e$ds at 500 >> c/c and to inter>ediate >e>-ers =it/ 1.0 >> c/c.1 C/ec?ered "$ate s/a$$ -e !5*-2)8S ENC/ 205F stee$ and s/a$$ /a#e a four-=aB safetB "attern.7. =e$ds at ).1 3o" rai$ &.&.7 D!ND2!ILS &.05 and round =as/ers s/a$$ confor> to !S3M 9)50.a$#aniAed. s/a$$ -e .f/c>2 E502. &. s/a$$ -e "ro#ided for areas =it/ /ea#B #e/icu$ar traffic( as indicated on t/e "ro.s1 concrete desi.7.7.4 CD8CK828D :L!38 &." :osts &.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.s1 iso$ated eCui">ent NC/ Cod D50 f Zc 2.t/s s/a$$ -e as fo$$o=s( 4se Structura$ concrete E>isce$$aneous footin. Nuts s/a$$ confor> to !S3M !.+r."siF I'(2)01*+.e 2.2 C/ec?ered "$ate s/a$$ -e fie$d =e$ded to end su""orts =it/ )0 >i$$i>etre $on. Mini>u> dia>eter of -o$ts s/a$$ -e Y inc/es. -B .& CONC2838 &.n dra=in. of 2* .r 01/00/1) :a. &.4 &.

1" '8LDIN6 M!382I!LS 'e$din.rade and e$e#ated retainin. &."siF 2.f/c>2 Ea#era.0 ?.+r. &.. 6rade00 or !05-)2D ENC/ )5)F un$ess s/o=n ot/er=ise on t/e desi.&.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#.11.Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.f/c>2502.0DENC/ 21 and 219F1 =it/ a >ini>u> Bie$d stren. D5.2 Co>"ressi#e stren.2 !$$o=a-$e stresses in concrete >asonrB s/a$$ -e deter>ined in accordance =it/ t/e 4&C or NC/ 192 .0"siF 500 ?.2 4$ti>ate $oad ca"acities for reinforced concrete desi. or !3.F 8$ectrica$ duct encase>ent &ui$din.t/ *0 ?.12 62O43 9or co$u>n and eCui">ent -ases1 t/e .11 CONC2838 M!SON2< &." 4$ti>ate $oad ca"acities for reinforced concrete desi.f/c>2E)5. ?.at .1 Concrete >asonrB units s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ NC/ 1 11 C$ass !1 =it/ a >ini>u> co>"ressi#e stren. -aB Lean concrete fi$$ and >ud>ats D20 D50 D5.&.f/c>2E21*. 1 foundations1 >i$$ foundations1 etc. D10 1.0 M:a for =ire dia>eters of 5 >i$$i>eters and . unitsF.s S$a.s.f/c>2E)5.11.n s/a$$ -e deter>ined in accordance =it/ t/e !CI-51 Code.rindin. =a$$s1 rec$ai> tunne$ and t/ic?eners O"eratin.reater &. >ateria$s s/a$$ confor> to t/e fo$$o=in.10 '8LD8D 'I28 9!&2IC 'e$ded =ire fa-ric s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ !S3M !1 . &.rout s/a$$ -e nons/rin? and non>eta$$ic and s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ tec/nica$ s"ecification 2)01*-6C-00.e of .r 01/00/1) :a. &.n s/a$$ -e deter>ined in accordance =it/ t/e !CI 51 code. &. f$oor at .f/c>2E10 "siF &.o-2)01*+ Desi. foundations and footin.' 28IN9O2C8M8N3 S388L &.e 20 of 2* 1 .0"siF *.0 ?. &.1 2einforce>ent stee$ s/a$$ -e in accordance =it/ !S3M !01.'."siF 500 ?.t/ of ). s"ecifications( I'(2)01*+.'.t/ at 2 daBs.0.n dra=in. &.n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.t/ Ef ZcF refers to stren.

.!'S !-.+r.a$#aniAed corru.o-2)01*+ Desi.1 >i$d stee$ co#ered arc =e$din.ed arc =e$din...0 5.1 >i$d stee$ e$ectrodes for .n Criteria+Ci#i$+Struct+!rc/itect+CN+s.t/ Ma@i>u> =ei.14.2 Cu$#erts s/a$$ -e of . '..e 2* of 2* . 5./t > > > t 2. &.ect to s"ecia$ "er>it1 and s/a$$ -e confir>ed t/rou.1* -are >i$d stee$ e$ectrodes and f$u@es for su->er. I'(2)01*+.. .1 Stor> se=ers s/a$$ -e of reinforced concrete "i"e =it/ a 500 >i$$i>eters >ini>u> dia>eter. 1 .Ci#i$ Structura$ Desi.0 1).14 S3O2M S8'82S !ND C4L7823S &..!'S !-./t Ma@i>u> $en.14.0 >eta$ arc =e$din.!'S ! di>ensions and =ei.r 01/00/1) :a.n Criteria 2)01*-DC-0011 2e#. e$ectrodes for s/ie$ded >eta$ arc =e$din./ts are "ossi-$e su-. &./ t/e Construction 3raffic De"art>ent.ated stee$ "i"e outside coated =it/ -itu>en 1 000 >i$$i>etre >ini>u> dia>eter. .0 TRANSPORTATION LIMITS BY TRUC Nor>a$ di>ensions and $oad $i>its for trans"ortation -B truc? s/ou$d -e considered as fo$$o=s( Ma@i>u> =idt/ Ma@i>u> /ei.