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Did the~ssaiie;tstI;arn, Neil


Armstrong offthe.Moon?
THE Americans have captured a crashed UFO (unidentified flying object) with four dead aliens Insideit, claims the author of a' startling new book about flying saucers, Timothy Good.
. American spaceships have constantly been shadowec;1 by UFOs, he says, but astrolUlouts have been forbidden to talk about it. And when astronauts Neil Armstrong and " Buzz" Aldrin stepped on to the Moon in 1969, he claims they were watched by two huge UFOs that were sitting on the edge of a crater. Just another flying saucer crank? Not at all, says Admiral of the Fleet and ex-Chief of Defence Staff Lord HillNorton In a powerful foreword to the book. ' Lord Hill-Norton denies that Mr Good is " a nut-case" and says he Is a thorough researcher whose book .... is based" soundly upon fact and a great deal. of most convtncIng evidence which I have not seen In print before." MlIJestic 12;..;..that investigateli reports of UFO slghtlngs, then covers them up to prevent publlc panic. • That although NeU Anll. strong continually denies the report about UFOs on the moon, he has privately. confessed that the Americans "were warned ofr' the Moon by the UFOs. and that "there was never any question then of a space station or a Moon city" .because "their ships were far superior to ours." copy of Mr'QoOd'spJ:'evious UFO book ~o'VeA,damskiThe Untold Story~.:.i; . His uncle Lord Mountbatten was also. faSCinated by UFOs and seems to'have been convinced tl1at a flying saucer landed on his estate at Broadlands In Hampshire In 1955.


Mountbatten, yet another Admiral of the Fleet and Chief of the Defence Staff, even sald of UFOs:"U they really come over In a big way, that may • That In Brltaln there are so settle the capltallst-communmany hundreds of UFO stghtist war. If the human race Ings each year thata· secret wishes to survive they may 30·man Ministry of Defence have. to .bandtogether"-a UFO tracking station and .....point that was reiterated two Mr Good's clalms are so research centre at RAF Rudyears ago by President R.eagan sensational that even he 10e Manor In Wiltshire. is In a' conversation ..' with admits at one stage that many manned 24 hours a day-and Russian leader Gorbachev at readers may " I have that he was arrested at. mtdGeneva. teken leave of my senses."He night when he started nosing . Does Reagan know ,omeclalms:around the area. thing sensational about UFOs? • That he obtalned early this Does Gorbachev? Are our • That Prince Phlllp believes leadershiding something from year a top secret 1952 in UFOs and has told him: 'us all? American Government docu"There are many reasons to ment confirming that a UFO Timothy Good Insists they crashed In New Mexico In 1947 believe that they do exist. are-and the wild, weird case There Is so much evidence and that the Americans he argues In ABOVE TOP from reliable witnesses." retrieved the saucer itsllif and SECRET: The Worldwide the corpses of "four small Prince Phlllp Is so InteresUFO Cover-up (Sidgwlck, human-like beings." £14.95. Includes scorils. of ted In the subject, says Mr stories of world wide ..UFO Good, that he regularly • That each American slghtlngs and contacts (by President Is briefed about a receives the magazine Flying secret Intelligence groupSaucer ~~1!t~ and ordered a ordinary mortals,' Russians,


Chinese, even President Jimmy Carter)tbat are . sometimeS difficult to explain ":.-'-like ...the 1984 sighting over Stanmore in Middlesex by no fewer than eight policemen, for as long as two boure, .' :What to make of it au? :I'm' still sceptical;' but millions aren't. Even AIr ChIef Marshall LqrliDowdingonce said of UFOs: ."1am convinced that theseobJeets do exist and. ijlat they are' not manufac· tUred by any nation. on Earth." : And as recently as 1985 tbe Zimbabwe air foree scrambled two Hawk Jets to try to intercept, In vain, a UFO that was tracked on radar; above Bulawayo. . Zimbabwe AlrComtncidore David Thome told Mf Good: "As far as my AIr Staff are concerned, we. believe implicitly .that the unexplained UFOs are from some civilization beyond our planet."