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// Welcome to ToCopy.exe version 1.0 :) // How it works? Simply.

You can Copy/Move/Delete file(s)/Folder(s) with this co nfiguration file. // A line that is starting with "//" will be a comment and will not be executed, like these... // A command like "[DeleteDir]" will delete a folder and subfolders. For example , the following line // will delete my SpeechRegions folder, supposing that current command is "[Dele teDir]" // \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions\SpeechRegions // Of course we can use multiple deletes by adding multiple lines // \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions\SpeechRegions // \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions // \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions\123 // If I want to delete all subfolders from a folder, I can use a "*" character a t the end like this // \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions\SpeechRegions\* // and all subfolders of "SpeechRegions" will be deleted. "SpeechRegions" folder will not be deleted. // You can also copy or move folders with "[CopyDir]" or "[Movedir]" // Let's copy from a source to a destination.... // First, we set the command that copy folders, which is // [CopyDir] // on a single line in this file and then we write source and destination. // \Storage Card\MapRegions\SpeechRegions \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapReg ions // ATTENTION!!! // Source and destination are separated by a TAB character and NOT a space!!! In this mode, you can // use space character in source and destination folders. // Same idea for moving a folder, specify source and new destination separated b y a TAB, but the command will be // [MoveDir] // You can use a "*" character to move subfolders of a folder like this ( suppos ing that current command is [MoveDir] ): // \Storage Card\MapRegions\SpeechRegions\* \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapReg ions // So, available commands for folders are [DeleteDir], [CopyDir] and [MoveDir] // To copy/delete/move files we use commands like [CopyFile], [DeleteFile] and [ MoveFile] // So, the following lines will copy some files: // [CopyFile] // \Storage Card\MapRegions\SpeechRegions\ \My Flash Disk\ // The previous line will copy file named to "My Flash Disk" with same n ame. // Indeed, as you remarked, source and destination of copy files are also separa ted by a TAB and NOT a space character :) // \Storage Card\MapRegions\SpeechRegions\ \My Flash Disk\123.456 // The previous line will copy file "" to "My Flash Disk\123.456", which mean that a new file was created ( 123.456 ) // \Storage Card\MapRegions\SpeechRegions\*.dll \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapReg ions // The previous line will copy all dll files from that location into the destina tion. // So, we can copy multiple files with a single line by specifying files extensi on. You cannot use "?" // Same procedures to move or delete files.

but the following lines will be executed.// All the lines above this line will not be executed because these are comments . [DeleteDir] \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions\SpeechRegions [CopyDir] \Storage Card\MapRegions\SpeechRegions \My Flash Disk\Navigation\MapRegions .