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Niveau: Intermediaire

(By Walid Boukraa) 1/ SPEAKING:

Lesson (8): Driving Lesson



 How old were you when you first learned to drive?  Was there anything difficult about learning to drive? Can you drive a car? Can you drive a manual shift car? Do you have a car? .

a standard or automatic shift car? What are the advantages of owning a car? What are the disadvantages of owning a car? Are you a good driver? Have you ever been in a car accident? Have you ever been pulled over by the police?  What happened? Have you ever driven a car in a foreign country?  If yes. which side of the road did they drive on?  Were the road signs different? Do you know anything about repairing or maintaining a car? Who taught you to drive? How long did it take you to learn to drive? Are men better drivers than women? Are women better drivers than men? At what age can you get a licence in your country? Do you think the age for driving should be raised or lowered? Should new drivers have a period of accompanied driving? What can we tell or imagine about a person by looking at the car they drive? Have you ever bribed a policeman in your country after he pulled you over? Is it common for traffic cops to accept bribes?  Who helped you? 2/ LISTENING: Vehicle Accidents . what kind of car do you have?  Is it a standard (manual shift) or automatic shift?  Which do you like best.If so.

a) made a mistake b) was not a fault c) ran from the police 4) The motorbike _______ on the road. a) went to hospital b) had to pay money c) went to traffic court . a) slid b) was hit c) broke down 5) Matthew _________ and broke his arm. a) some children b) a house c) a car 3) Lindsay says she ______ . a) she b) her sister c) no one 2) Amir hit _____ .1) Helen says _______ was injured. a) was hit by a car b) crashed into a pedestrian c) hit another bicycle 6) Shalini _______ because of her accident.

After he crashed his motorcycle he was really . shaken up Someone who is 'shaken up' is shocked. Driving is really difficult here. and there was a car coming towards me and it was actually going a lot faster than I thought. we say it 'pulled in front of me'. it would be. The race car slammed into the wall. He was a bit shaken up. People will just without looking. scared or slightly injured by something that has happened to them. Notice the following: 1. 3.I thought • slammed into • his fault shaken up • pull in 1. 2. Thankfully neither myself. I was driving in a parking lot and I was going through a small intersection and I looked to my left. The hijacked plane slammed into the building. Notice the following: 1. It's we missed the plane because he got lost on the way to the airport. front of you 2. He pulled in front of me without signaling. slammed into When we 'slam into' something. but OK. Notice the following: 1. 2. He was running so fast to get the ball that he couldn't stop and he the fence. that means we hit it with a lot of power or speed. . Living with her is very different than 5. It was just shortly after I got my driver's license. It's natural to be shaken up after an accident. pulled in front of When a car unexpectedly moves in front of us. A car suddenly pulled in front of me. nor my sister were injured. Helen / Canada Yes. 2. so it basically slammed right into my car. 4. I have actually.

. and after that I decided to become a very careful driver and I have not been in an accident since. I was only actually sixteen at the time. and yeah. and the front of their car was ruined. I had to pay. I stole a key from my mom and I drove this car although I couldn't reach the pedals. come up and then look at the window to see where I am going. and I hit the garage of one of my neighbors.a car accident. I rented a motorbike for the day with my girlfriend actually because we were planning to drive to the other side of the island to do some diving. I was riding my bicycle home from work somebody else pulled their bicycle in front of me and I hit them and flew over their handle bars and broke my arm. I was making a left turn. I shouldn't have made the left turn. the car was under the garage. I had to go down and reach the pedal. That was my accident and it was scary because a few minutes earlier. I have actually. It was completely my fault. and the car hit the side of my car. Matthew / England Yes. Paul / England A serious accident? OK. children were playing there and their mom asked them to wear socks because they were going to a party and as soon as the entered the house this accident happened. It was a car accident and it wasn't very serious but it was supposedly my fault. When I was in Thailand. That was it. It was scary. Lindsay / The United States I have been in an accident one time. I have. and the police had to come.. When I was sixteen. I don't know if you've been to Thailand but on the .. and my car was ruined. And I was really shaken up. I was screaming. It was coming straight at me. and we had to pull over. so they were screaming. the roads were .. but unfortunately it slipped from under me and we both fell off the bike. and so hard that the door was fallen and I was .Amir / Iran Yeah. although I tend to disagree. but I was pulling out into a busy street and I didn't see that there were two lanes.. It was my fault. they were not very safe and I started to slide and then I tried to control the bike. . Shalini / Canada Yes.. I had an accident when I was nine years old . the car came up and hit me on the side.

(Grammar) In L. the guy in the Honda tries to catch up to the Porsche. Then.. surface streets have their drawbacks.3/ READING: Driving on the Freeways Driving in a big city like L. What is it about getting behind the wheel that brings out people's aggressive side? The most mild-mannered mother of three turns into a race car driver when she gets on the road. I sometimes take surface streets. there are no stoplights and the speed limit is over 55 miles per hour so you can get somewhere in a flash. too. it can take you ages to get there. bike. They were speeding and changing lanes without looking or signalling. and crosswalks to deal with. As an alternate to the freeway. And. Of course. much less across town. I saw a guy in a Porsche get into the passing lane. I think driving on the freeway has it's good and bad. But.A. almost causing an accident. Now that I think about it. or rollerblade to work. stop lights. there are drawbacks. people rely on the freeway to commute to their jobs or just to get around town. If you have a long commute to work or school. They're both zipping in and out of traffic.A. There are stop signs. I was sure they were going to cause a big pile up. But as the famous song goes. can be so stressful. "Nobody Walks in L.A. It sometimes feels like I'm doing battle just to get to the grocery store. and cut that person off. on the other hand. People like to gun their engines and cut off other cars to get ahead. race ahead of the Honda that was in front of him." [by the Missing Persons] . On the one hand. people sometimes tailgate if they think you're not going fast enough. too. We need better public transportation and more people to walk.A. there's sometimes even more congestion on surface streets than on the freeways! There's no getting around it living in L. The other day.

(arrive) When you ………………. 1. ready. (get) I’ll phone you when I ……………….. etc. Grammar: When + ………………………………..Freeways Advantages a) b) a) b) c)        Disadvantages Surface Streets XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX a) b) c) Gentle and not usually getting angry or violent: …………………………………… To travel regularly between your workplace and home: …………………………………. (be) . I wonder when the rain will stop. I’m sure. 2. To go in front of another car : ……………………………. Moving very quickly: ……………………………… A road accident involving several vehicles crashing into each other: …………………………... to you.. We don’t use the future after “when” in most cases: When I’m old I’ll live in the country. your exam results? (you/know) I’m not sure when this letter ………………. We can use the future after “when” in the reported speech (after tell. We can use the future after “when” in questions: When will you come to see us? PUT THE SIMPLE PRESENT OR THE FUTURE:       Will you still love me when I ………… 64? (be) I wonder when I ………… you again. know. (see) When ………………………. To drive too closely behind another vehicle: ……………………………… The state of being crowded and full of traffic: ……………………………….) I don’t know when she’ll come. let’s go and have a drink.. in Belfast. 3. wonder.