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2014 Keystone Progress PAC State Candidate Endorsement Request Form

Keystone Progress PAC Endorsement Process
What an endorsement means: Name recognition and campaign support Keystone Progress PAC (KPPAC) endorses progressive candidates running for public office. Once a candidate is endorsed, the Keystone Progress PAC may decide to support the campaign with staff time, volunteer activity, and other resources. The KPPAC Seal of Approval is sought by candidates at all levels of government in Pennsylvania. That’s because KPPAC is seen as a highly credible source of information on candidates’ progressive records. When we communicate with voters, they listen. How the endorsement process works: Questionnaire and interview Any candidate seeking a Keystone Progress PAC endorsement must first fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. The questions cover a variety of relevant issues considered as priorities for to PA’s progressive agenda. The questions are also geared to help us assess what kind of progressive leader they intend to be if elected. Following review of the questionnaire, KPPAC may conduct a face-to-face interview, if deemed necessary. We consider each candidate's progressive record (if they have one) and their level of commitment to building a progressive future for Pennsylvania. We also endeavor to determine if they are a serious contender for the office they are seeking. Questionnaire responses and endorsement interviews are kept confidential to ensure that candidates can speak freely. All endorsement recommendations are reviewed and finalized by the KPPAC Board of Directors. An endorsement requires 60% of the Board Members in attendance. Identification of candidates who best embrace the goals of KPPAC mandates that KPPAC members conduct open, fair, and consistent evaluations. To preserve this impartiality, KPPAC members who are candidates, who are contemplating becoming candidates, or who are significantly involved in a candidate's campaign, such that their efforts would leave a question as to the integrity of their evaluations, should refrain from involvement in endorsement process. Why the Keystone Progress PAC endorsement matters: Voter education and proven success Our endorsement is critical information voters can use to decide which candidates to trust. The vast majority of voters simply don’t have time do in-depth research on the candidates -- KPPAC does that important work for you.

Keystone Progress PAC Endorsement Form
Please return form to or KP PAC, 1500 N. 2 St., Ste. 11, Harrisburg, PA 17102. Questionnaires will be reviewed as received.

Candidate Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Office Sought: ___________________________________________________ District #___________ Party: _____________________ Seat Status (Circle One): Incumbent / Challenger / Open Seat

Opponent(s) in Primary and/or General Elections: __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Campaign Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________ City State Zip Code: __________________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ E-Mail: __________________@__________________ Campaign Manager: __________________________________________________________________ Campaign Manager Phone/email: _______________________________________________________ Other Key Campaign Staff (w/phone/email):_______________________________________________ Website: ___________________________________________________________________________ What is your overall campaign budget? __________________________________________________ Please list your qualifications for seeking office:

Please list any key endorsements:

Answer the below questions honestly, and explain your answer where requested. The questions below are not in any particular order of importance, and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Do you support a women’s right to choose an abortion? Do you support marriage equality for same sex couples? Is there a role the Commonwealth can play in reducing racism? Do you support nondiscrimination legislation that includes LGBTQ people? Do you support comprehensive immigration reform? Do you support a PA Dream Act? What reforms would you make to PA’s criminal justice system?

How would you balance PA’s budget while addressing the need for increases in programs that affect working families? How would you address widening income inequality in PA? What would you do to encourage economic development? Do you support the right of all workers to freely organize a union? How would you address the need for affordable, quality healthcare for all Pennsylvanians? What is your solution for assuring the funding of PA’s pension obligations? Do you support a statewide paid sick days standard? Do you support a living wage for PA workers? What are your views on the importance of manufacturing? What would you do to advance those views? Do you support legislative proposals that provide a reasonable preference for American-made items in public purchasing? What will you do to assure no one goes hungry or without shelter in PA?

How will you assure that PA fulfills the Pennsylvania Constitution requirement of “a thorough and efficient system of public education?” Do you support or oppose private school vouchers? Would you assure that charter schools are held to the same standard as public schools? How would you address the problem of classroom size?

What would you do to protect PA’s environment? What would you do to address transportation/transit issues? How should PA handle Marcellus Shale drilling?

Do you support the repeal of Voter ID? Do you support requiring PA’s voting machines to have a recountable paper audit trail? Do you support equal ballot access for all candidates, regardless of party affiliation? What legislation would you support to increase voter participation?

This space is for additional comments you would like to share:

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Please return form to or KP PAC, 1500 N. 2 St., Ste. 11, Harrisburg, PA 17102. Questionnaires will be reviewed as received.