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Treatise on Metallic and Mineral Medicines

By Quercetanus
(Joseph Du Chesne)

A Collection of the Most Precious and Rare Secrets, Ta en fro! the Manuscripts of the late Monsieur Joseph Du Chesne, Sieur de la "iolette, #fficer and Physician in #rdinary to the $in%&

Paris, '()'

Produced *y R&A&M&S& (Restoration of Alche!ical Manuscripts Society) '+,( ---&ra!sdi%ital&co! info.ra!sdi%ital&co!

Contents Chapter / -- The True Preparation of Philosophical Salt for a General Solvent and a Universal Medicine ~ A Good Way to Freeze the Spirits of Brandy and to a!e a "he ical "oncordance #ith an Astrono ical $ne% that is% to &oin the Terrestrial A'uafortis #ith Aereated and "elestial Brandy (Water of )ife*% #hich is a Marvelous Solvent ~ Another Wonderful Solvent ~ Another Solvent% Which is the Ardent Metallic Water ~ Another Universal Solvent% "alled Philosophical +ine,ar ~ Philosophical Water for -issolvin, the T#o )u inaries ~ A Solvent for all .inds of Precious Stones ~ /0traction of $ils and Tinctures fro Minerals1 Chapter // 2 Gold The Way to Ma!e Pota3le Gold% Accordin, to the Method of 4ay ond )ully ~ Use of the Precedin, Philosophical Sulphur ~ Another Use of the Sa e Philosophical Sulphur ~ Another Use of the Sa e ~ Second Method of Ma!in, Pota3le Gold ~ Third Method ~ Fourth Method ~ Fifth Method ~ Si0th Method ~ Seventh Method ~ /i,hth Method ~ 5inth ethod ~ Tenth Method1 ~ The Gold $il of 4udelius% Physician of Scue3er, in Misnia ~ Another $il of Gold% Accordin, to the Special Method of the Sieur de la +iolette ~ /ssence and Tincture of Gold Sudorific Gold ~ Pur,ative Gold ~ Gold of )ife +e,eta3le Gold ~ "alcined Philosophical Gold 1 Chapter /// 2 Silver A Good Preparation of )una for the -iseases of the Brain ~ Another Preparation ~ Moon $il ~ Moon Mercury ~ "alcination of )una Chapter /" 2 6ron Preparation of 6ron called "rocus Martis ~ 4e,ulus of Mars ~ Tincture of Mars ~ Salt or "rystal of Mars1 Chapter " 2 "opper The Way of /0tractin, the +itriol of +enus ~ Mercury of +enus1 Chapter "/ 2 Tin Specific 4e edy /0tracted fro Flo#ers of Tin a,ainst "ra ps of the Wo 3 ~ An /0cellent Po#der for Flushin, the /yes% Prepared #ith Tin1 Chapter "// 2 )ead Preparation of Saturn #hich is /fficient a,ainst the )epra of 7u ans and Metallic Bodies% and of #hich an $ily Solvent can 3e ade ~ Another Solvent of Gold 3y "rystals of Saturn ~ $il of Saturn ~ Another /0cellent $il of Saturn Flo#ers of Saturn #hich are a Specific 4e edy for $pthal ias1 ~ /0traction of the Mercury of Saturn ~ Another Method of /0tractin, the Mercury of Saturn ~ A Method of a!in, the Glass of Saturn1 Chapter "/// 2 Mercury Purification of Mercury ~ Another Purification of Mercury ~ Su3li ation of Mercury ~ Another Su3li ation of Mercury ~ Another /0cellent Precipitate of Mercury ~ Precipitate of Mercury #ithout A'uafortis ~ 4ed Precipitate of Mercury 3y Means of Gold ~ 4ed Mercury Precipitated 3y Means of 8uic!li e ~ Mercury Precipitated in all .inds of "olors ~ -iaphoretic and Fi0ed Precipitated Mercury ~ Another -iaphoretic and Fi0ed Precipitated Mercury ~ Mineral Turpeth ~ Another Mineral Turpeth ~ Another Mineral Turpeth 3y a Fle ish Physician ~ /ssencified Mercury ~ Mercurial Brandy ~ Another Mercurial Brandy ~ S#eet $il of Mercury ~ Another /0cellent S#eet $il of Mercury ~ Mercurial Water ~

Another Mercurial Water ~ Another Mercurial Water or +ir,in9s Mil! of Su3li ated Mercury1 Chapter /0 2 Anti ony /li0ir of Anti ony ~ /ssence of Anti ony ~ Another /ssence of Anti ony ~ Anti ony Precipitate ~ Sudorific of Anti ony ~ "rocus or Sulphur of Anti ony (7epar Anti on* ~ Mi0ed Tincture of Anti ony ~ Flo#ers of Anti ony ~ 4e,ulus of Anti ony ~ "rystals of Anti ony ~ Salt of Anti ony ~ $il of Anti ony ~ Another $il of Anti ony ~ Mercury of Anti ony1 Chapter 0 2 +itriol The Ma,istery of +itriol ~ Separation and "on:unction of the /le ents of +itriol for a Universal Medicine ~ /0traction of +itriol fro all Metals ~ /0traction of the Sulphur of +itriol ~ "rocus Martis of +itriol ~ An /0cellent $il of +itriol ~ $il of +itriol and Salt To,ether ~ S#eet $il of +itriol ~ Another S#eet $il of +itriol1 Chapter 0/ 2 Sulphur Soverei,n Balsa of Sulphur for all )un, -iseases ~ Flo#ers of Sulphur ~ Mortification of the Sulphur ~ Tincture of 4ed Sulphur ~ $il of 4ed Sulphur for the Pest ~ Another $il of 4ed Sulphur1 Chapter 0// 2 Arsenic Preparation of the Arsenic~ Su3li ation of Arsenic1 Chapter 0/// 2 "inna3ar Mineral "inna3ar ~ /0traction of Mercury fro Anti ony1 "o on "inna3ar ~ "inna3ar of

Chapter 0/" -- Precious Stones /ssence of "orals and Pearls ~ -issolution of Pearls #ith the +ine,ar of Saturn ~ Ma,istery of Pearls and "orals /ssence of Medicinal Stones ~ /ssence of 7e atite ~ /ssence of 7yacinth ~ $il of "rystal for "alculi1 Chapter 0" -- "rystal1 Chapter 0"/ 2 Talc Preparation of Talc for 4educin, it to $il ~ Another $il of Talc ~ Another /0cellent $il of Talc1 Chapter 0"// -- Special Secrets The Author;s Anti-Poda,ral (Anti-Gout* Water ~ The True )audanu or 5epenthe of the Author ~ The Author;s /li0ir or Mercury of )ife (Mercury Brandy* ~ The Author;s Panacea ~ The Great Panacea or the Polychrest Anodyne of Montanus1

The Printer to the Reader The estee in #hich all of /urope held the late Sieur de la +iolette% #hose #ritin,s a!e hi i ortal as lon, as science has credit% has ade e 3elieve a3solutely that #hat ca e fro his hand could not 3e investi,ated #ith too uch care or received #ith only ,eneral appro3ation1 7eaven does not perfor iracles every day% nor does 5ature 3rin, forth such ,reat en of ,enius to #ho she reveals her secrets1 7ere is the rarest she has% and 6 can say #ithout 3oastin, that nothin, can 3e added to this co pilation% as #ell as other #ritin,s issued fro this sa e study% if you on your part evidence as uch interest in this 3oo! as it has erits and as 6 have ea,erness to serve you1 Fare#ell1

Chapter / The True Preparation of Philosophical Salt for a 1eneral Sol2ent and a 3ni2ersal Medicine4 A 1ood 5ay to 6ree7e the Spirits of Brandy and to !a e a Che!ical Concordance -ith an Astrono!ical #ne, that is, to Join the Terrestrial A8uafortis -ith Aerated and Celestial Brandy (5ater of 9ife), -hich is a Mar2elous Sol2ent4 Another 5onderful Sol2ent4 another Sol2ent, 5hich is the Ardent Metallic 5ater The True Preparation of Philosophical Salt for a 1eneral Sol2ent and a 3ni2ersal Medicine Ta!e pe33les that are as #hite and lucid as those #hich are found alon, the )a!e of Geneva and the 3an!s of so e rivers1 Pulverize the coarsely% then put si0 parts of this #ith one part of Sun or Moon cal0% ade either #ith Mercury% #ith a'ua fort% or so e other #ay1 Melt this i0ture over a fire such as is used to a!e artificial stones% and your atter #ill 3e converted into a ass li!e a 3all of ,lass% #hich pulverize su3tly1 After that% put your po#der in a #ell-stoppered ,lass vessel and di,est it in a sand fire for ei,ht days1 6n this #ay the sulphur #ill 3urst forth sooner fro the earth and #ill ore easily su3li ate1 Accordin,ly% you #ill su3li ate the sulphur of your ateria in a #ell-luted and #ellstoppered cucur3ite% and #hen it is su3li ated% you #ill separate it and !eep it apart1 <See Ge3er ;s )i'uor Silicis -- 7W 5intzel% ed1= The earth that does not su3li ate and stays at the 3otto of the vessel is solid and 3lac!% 3ut it #ill 3eco e 3eautiful% #hite and al ost of the consistency of salt 3y eans of the rever3eration% in the course of #hich you #ill see it ta!e on all !inds of colors1 After this earth has 3een rever3erated at your discretion% pour on it so e e0cellent vine,ar% acerate the to,ether for >? hours% and the vine,ar #ill attract the salt that is in the earth and #hich is the true root of etals1 Thereafter% separate the thus i pre,nated vine,ar 3y inclination% and pour it a,ain on the sa e earth #hich you had previously rever3erated1 $nce ore i pre,nate your vine,ar and let it di,est as 3efore1 Finally% separate this vine,ar and a,ain rever3erate your earth% upon #hich you ust pour so e ore vine,ar1 Proceed thus three or four ti es1 Then separate all your vine,ars% evaporate the at a slo# fire till one-third has 3een consu ed1 5o# put your ,lass in a cold cellar #here s all stones #ill 3e for ed #hich can truly 3e called the Philosophical Salt of etals1 This is a secret #here the curiosity of so any philosophers has not 3een successful1 They only found in it a sha eful confusion after efforts that #ere as lon, as they #ere useless1 After the last separation of the vine,ar% ta!e your earth% #hich you #ill still find oist% and put it in a hu id place for ? or @ #ee!s or ore1 Fro there% put it in a furnace over a fire of hot ashes or lu!e#ar sand% #here li e is used <i1e1% solar li e or lunar li eA su3stitute cal0 for li e -- 7W5= and you #ill see e er,e fro this earth the spirits or the salt flo#ers in the for of transparent crystals1 Separate the carefully fro your earth% dissolve the in vine,ar% and if you evaporate one-third of this vine,ar% you #ill a!e crystals as 3efore1 The earth that re ains after the separation of the crystals ust once ore 3e #etted #ith so e vine,ar% so as to a!e it oist1 Put it in a hu id place for ? or @ #ee!s% as 3efore% and fro there re ove it to a slo# ash or sand fire% and salt flo#ers or crystals #ill for for% the second ti e1 Bou ust repeat this several ti es% as in this #ay the ineral salt #ill ,ro# and increase fro day to day1

The sa e effect can 3e noticed in the vitriol ines or #hen #or!in, #ith saltpeter% for in this #ay salt is e0tracted every day fro the earth of nitre and vitriol1 This applies to the true salts e0tracted philosophically fro Sol and )una1 6ndeed% it is such an e0traordinary secret that it #ould 3e cri inal to despise it% since it is a edicine as soverei,n as it is ,eneral% and #hich can un'uestiona3ly 3e considered the asterpiece of all che ical operations% 3ecause this salt dissolves i ediately in every li'uid no atter #hich% and 3y its ad ira3le effect penetrates all !inds of 3odies% dissolvin,% drivin, a#ay% and healin, anythin, ali,nant and in:urious1 The author see s to have touched on this point in the Treatise he has #ritten on the Medicine of the Ancient Philosophers% #hen he spea!s as follo#sC What door to the Garden of the 7esperides have 6 opened 3y spea!in, so clearly a3out saltpeterD What free access have 6 ,iven to the stupid and i,norant #hich should only 3e ,iven to scholars and lovers of the MusesD Therefore% in order to prevent your 3ein, deceived 3y ta!in, y #ords literally% !no# that saltpeter or the fusi3le salt of the philosophers% #hich has at all 3raes ,iven alche y its na e% is not co on saltpeter1 5evertheless% its co position and its #onderful nature are li!e the patron or the )es3ian rule of our Wor!C After this% 6 can say that 6 have spo!en ore clearly and ore openly than any of those #ho ca e 3efore e1 A 1ood 5ay to 6ree7e the Spirits of Brandy and to !a e a Che!ical Concordance -ith an Astrono!cal #ne, that is, to Join the Terrestrial A8uafortis -ith Aereated and Celestial Brandy (5ater of 9ife), -hich is a Mar2elous Sol2ent : Ta!e so e vitriol of "yprus or of 7un,ary% the latter 3ein, second in 'uality% > l3sA su3li ated Mercury and co on cinna3ar or anti ony% E l3 each1 -istill the in the usual anner1 Ta!e E l3 of this a'uafortis and distill it a,ain #ith fresh cinna3ar or su3li ated Mercury1 -o this three ti es% re ovin, the feces each ti e% until the #ater is 'uite clear1 Put it aside and ta!e care that it does not ,et spoiled fro e0posure to the air1 This done% ta!e F oz of the feces of the first a'uafortis #hich contains the vitriol% put on it E-EG> l3 arc #ei,ht of a very e0cellent 3randy rectified H ti es1 This is to 3e pulverized% #ell i0ed% and put to di,est in oisture in a #ell-closed vessel and distilled #ith a s all fire to 3e,in #ith1 Then% at the end% use a stron, fire till all the spirits have co e out1 5ote that the feces of the a'uafortis #ill 3e red as corals and #ill 3e reduced to vapors% even if you #ere usin, cinna3ar of anti ony1 Ta!e a lar,e retort or a ,lass cucur3ite i ersed in cold #ater and attached #ith a cor! or arran,ed in such a #ay that it can neither lean to one side nor to the other and stays i ersed in the said #ater1 After that% ta!e t#o s all even 3ottles and put into each of the E oz of these #aters% fillin, the co pletely1 Then put one after another in a vessel and you #ill see a ,reat 3u33lin, up1 )et it settle and add to it t#o other phials of the sa e size as the others% full of the sa e #ater1 A,ain the sa e 3u33lin, #ill arise1 "ontinue thus to ,radually :oin all your #aters to the last drop1 Thereafter let it settle% and di,est everythin, in the cold state for >? hoursC then distill your #aters in the B1 M11 They #ill leave you a salt at the 3otto li!e ice or ,u 1 5ote that you ust not distill to dryness% and the said salt ust stay li'uid1 5o# coho3ate #hat you have distilled (3y repeated distillations* till your distilled #ater has no ore po#er and has left all its spirits con:oined #ith the salt% and then the #or! of your plant salt #ill 3e acco plished1 5ote that you ust carefully store this #ea! #ater to use it for the dissolution of 3odies1 As to the salt% dry it very ,ently in a s all retort% closed and stoppered in such a #ay that

the spirits cannot e0hale% and #hen your her etically to 3etter preserve your salt1 Another 5onderful Sol2ent

atter is dry% you

ust seal the retort

Ta!e cinna3ar of anti ony% co posed of even parts of crude anti ony and su3li ated Mercury driven throu,h the de,rees of the fire1 With the first de,ree% a ,u #ill appear% and #ith the second -- #hich #ill 3e a dou3le fire a3ove and 3elo# -- the ateria #ill su3li ate as uch on the sides as on the nec! of the retort1 Thus you #ill produce a 3eautiful cinna3ar% of #hich ta!e E partA also E part each of vitriol and saltpeter1 Put everythin, to,ether in a retort #ith a lon, nec!% on an ash-fire% till all the oisture is e0haled1 5o# stopper your retort #ell #ith cotton% continue the fire of your su3li ation 3y de,rees for >? hours% and the atter #ill all su3li ate into a ass #hite as sno#% havin, the for of hair1 Ta!e this ass and i 3i3e it #ith oil of tartar on a ar3le or ,lass ortar till it turns into a soft paste1 Put it in a 3i, tall ale 3ic to #hich its head is attached% lute it% and !eep it in B1 M1 for I or H days% durin, #hich ti e your ateria #ill turn into li'uid Mercury1 6t is the Mercury of the sulphur of anti ony and can pass throu,h leather1 5o# add to this Philosophical Mercury an e'ual 'uantity of co on Mercury that has not 3een prepared in any #ay1 These t#o Mercuries% i0ed to,ether and put in a proper vessel% are put in the #ar 7orse;s Belly for I days1 Then distill the on an ash-fire% and the 'uic!silver #ill distill in the for of #ater #hich is the true ercurial #ater1 .eep it separate1 Thereafter ta!e #hat is left at the 3otto of the vessel in the for of a crystalline salt1 -issolve it in B1 M1 #ith so e ,ood 3randy1 What is left is a per anent and clear oil of 'uic!silver1 Thus you #ill have t#o different li'uids of ercurial oils% ade in t#o different #ays% #hich are the !eys for openin, the etals of the Sun and the Moon% of #hich you #ill 3e a3le to prepare the ,reat edicines for the health and conservation of hu an 3odies1 Another Sol2ent, 5hich is the Ardent Metallic 5ater Ma!e an a al,a of > oz of tin #ith as uch co on Mercury% in the usual anner1 "rush this a al,a #ith an e'ual part of su3li ated Mercury% put everythin, into a ,lass in a da p place% and one part #ill turn into #ater in a fe# days1 A al,a ate I oz of Saturn #ith I oz of co on Mercury% to #hich add as uch su3li ated Mercury as the #ei,ht of the t#o to,ether% that is% E> ozA pulverize it and put it to,ether #ith your tin paste1 6n a short ti e% the #hole #ill dissolve into a soft paste covered 3y a cloudy #ater and i0ed #ith so e revivified Mercury1 Press this partly stic!y and #atery solution throu,h a cloth% 3y #hich you #ill separate the li'uid Mercury1 The rest of the cloudy #ater is to 3e put into an ale 3ic to 3e distilled in sand1 By ,ivin, fire 3y de,rees% you #ill see so e transparent #ater co e out% #hich !eep separate1 Then% 3y increasin, the fire% the rest of the ateria #ill 3e a3undantly su3li ated at the head% li!e needles or tufts of #ool% of a s#eet taste% and this su3li ate is the true Salt of Saturn1 This do#ny and soft ateria ust 3e i0ed #ith its #ater% and 3y eans of repeated

di,estions and distillations an ardent etallic 3randy (#ater of life* can 3e e0tracted fro it% or this do#ny ateria can 3e elted in a ,ood spirit of #ine (alcohol*1 Then you can put Salt of ,old or silver in one or the other of these t#o #aters% as uch as your #ater can dissolve1 -i,est everythin, and o3serve the ethod 3y #hich the enstruu are ade% that is% the rectifications and coho3ations% to turn it into a etallic ardent #ater #hich #ill 3e a true natural solvent% for 5ature loves 5ature and re:oices in 5ature% as the philosophers say1 With these s all crystals and the do#ny su3stance a ,reat edicine can 3e ade of it1 6t you i 3i3e this su3stance #ith oil of tartar and follo# the #ay #e have descri3ed a3ove concernin, the Mercury of anti ony% you can even true your do#ny su3stance into li'uid Mercury% #hich is still an ad ira3le secret1 6n fact% 6 a ,ivin, you here for further philosophizin,1 any fine !eys and open to you a field that is very favora3le

Another 3ni2ersal Sol2ent, Called Philosophical "ine%ar Ta!e J 'uarts of ,ood vine,ar% the stron,est you can find1 After distillin, it t#ice% put it on J l3s of #ell-calcined salt of tartar% then distill it stron,ly to a!e it surrender all its spirits1 By this you #ill dra# out one-third of your ateria #hich #ill 3e capa3le of dissolvin, pearls1 6nto the re ainin, t#o-thirds put another > l3s of salt of tartar and distill as a3ove1 As soon as you have distilled one-third% put it aside to 3e used later to dissolve coral and calcined anti ony1 Add yet another pound of fresh salt of tartar to the leftovers in the vessel% and distill a,ain1 "ontinue your distillation in this #ay to the end% till all your spirits have 3een dra#n out1 Then you #ill have a arvelous solvent for all !inds of calcined etals and for e0tractin, their salts% oils% and even the Mercuries1 Therefore% if you have dissolved so e etal in this #ater and have e0tracted its salt% re e 3er to distill t#o parts of it after the re'uired di,estions and to put the rest in a cold spot so that s all pieces of ice ay for % #hich you ust separate 3y inclination1 After that% #ash the several ti es either #ith co on #ater or #ith 3randy% and finally try to resolve the 3y oisture% so as to transfor the into oils1 Philosophical 5ater for Dissol2in% the T-o 9u!inaries Ta!e nitre and sal a oniac% E l3 of eachC s all river pe33les% pulverized% half a pound1 Mi0 everythin, #ell and thro# the into a ,lazed earthen#are vessel% pierced on the sides% only% E oz at a ti e1 This done% i ediately stopper the hole #ith a da p cloth1 First the spirits #ill rise and the #ater #ill distill1 After this% open the hole and thro# in yet another ounce of your po#der1 "ontinue #ith this till you have a reasona3le 'uantity of #ater #hich you ust carefully preserve as% 3y an occult property% this #ater dissolves the t#o lu inaries and turns one into a 3ri,ht red and the other into a sapphire color1 6f you #ish to ,et a fine oil fro your dissolved salt% even redder than 3lood% you #ill do so successfully if you separate the #ater fro it 3y a ,entle distillation1 -o this till you o3tain an oily su3stance1 4epeat this three ti es% al#ays puttin, your #ater 3ac! into the vessel1 6t #ill finally co e out #ithout any taste% leavin,% as 6 have said% the finest ,olden oil in the #orld at the 3otto of the vessel1 6f you pour on it fresh #ater for the fourth ti e% you #ill see the solar oil rise very red and very 3eautiful throu,h the ale 3ic1 To separate the phle, of this last solvent fro the oily su3stance% put everythin, in a cold cellar% and there s all pieces of red ice-li!e crystals #ill for 1 "ontinue as lon, as that con,ealin, ta!es place% for in this #ay you #ill ore easily preserve the phle, 1 Besides% as these crystals elt in co on #ater% you can still pass the throu,h the ale 3ic and e0tract fro the the tincture #ith the spirit of salt% #hich #ill leave the 3ody of your ,old at the

3otto of your vessel as #hite as the Moon% and #ill ,ive you an e0cellent tincture for all hopeless illnesses1 A Sol2ent for all $inds of Precious Stones Ta!e so e of the freshest 'uic!li e% pulverize it coarsely in a ,lass vessel and pour upon it so e e0cellent spirit of #ine #hich ust 3e #ithout phle, % test the cal 3e spoiled1 )et it float over it 3y three or four fin,ers; 3readth% then let it di,est in the cold till the li e has a3sor3ed the spirit of #ine and is co pletely fer ented 3y it1 After that% cover the vessel #ith a head to separate in B1 M1 the spirit of #ine% #hich #ill 3e s#eet and al ost insipid% 3ecause the cal #ill have retained the sal a oniac of the spirit of #ine1 This done% put so e ore ,ood spirit of #ine on the arc at the 3otto of the vessel and di,est and distill as 3efore% continuin, doin, this till the li e refuses to a3sor3 ore spirit of #ine1 6t #ill 3e the si,n that it has ta!en as uch of it as it needs1 Bou ust distill the last i 3i3ition at a slo# fire% ho#ever% and this ti e the spirit of #ine #ill co e out as sharp and 3itin, as it #as for erly1 As to the rest of the ateria% put it to,ether #ith its #ei,ht in 3ole or tripod% and distill everythin, #ith a stron, fire% li!e that used to prepare the spirit of salt1 6n this #ay you #ill e0tract a very po#erful solvent% capa3le of dissolvin, crystals% pearls% and all !inds of precious stones1 ;<traction of #ils and Tinctures fro! Minerals Ta!e so e ,ood pu ice stone% the #hitest that can 3e found% po#der it su3tly% then saturate it #ith so e ,ood distilled vine,ar% and desiccate it1 Bou ust repeat this four ti es% and the last ti e you ust rever3erate it #ith a fla e fire that ust not 3e stron,% to prevent it fro eltin,1 5o# ce ent #ith this po#der so e la inae that are #ell rid of any etal #hatever% even of the Sun% and this 3y stratification in a rever3eration de,ree of the fire or of any other !ind% for >? hours% and your po#der #ill assu e the color of the etal1 4epeat this ce entin, till it has eaten a#ay your etallic la inae1 5o# ta!e your colored po#ders and put the five ti es in distilled vine,ar vitalized #ith saltpeter% ta!in, ? oz of the said salt to E l3 of this vine,ar1 )eave this vine,ar and this salt to putrefy to,ether in a retort% throu,h #hich distill thereafter your vine,ar #ith a stron, fire% coho3atin, it till it has re oved al ost all the feces1 When the vine,ar has 3een thus prepared% put your colored pu ice stone into it1 6t #ill lose all its tincture1 )eave everythin, in the 7orse;s Belly for t#o #ee!s% and durin, this ti e your vine,ar #ill dra# out the color of your pu ice stoneC Then e pty it and add other vine,ar1 "ontinue doin, this till the e0traction of the color is co pleted1 After that% let your enstruu e0hale in the 3ath% and it #ill leave the tincture of your etal at the 3otto 1 6f you #ish to e0alt it further% you #ill have to pour on your tincture so e e0cellent 3randy #hich you ust putrefy so as to attract the soul of the etallic and ineral tinctures that you #ish to o3tain1

Chapter // 1old The 5ay to Ma e Pota*le 1old, Accordin% to the Method of Ray!ond 9ully : 3se of the Precedin% Philosophical Sulphur : Another 3se of the Sa!e Philosophical Sulphur : Another 3se of the Sa!e : Second Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old : Third Method : 6ourth Method : 6ifth Method : Si<th Method : Se2enth Method : ;i%hth Method : =inth !ethod : Tenth Method& : The 1old #il of Rudelius, Physician of Scue*er% in Misnia : Another #il of 1old, Accordin% to the Special Method of the Sieur de la "iolette : ;ssence and Tincture of 1old Sudorific 1old : Pur%ati2e 1old : 1old of 9ife "e%eta*le 1old : Calcined Philosophical 1old& The 5ay to Ma e Pota*le 1old, Accordin% to the Method of Ray!ond 9ully The ,reat secret of the 3oo!s of 4ay ond )ully% Asillius% and Kacharius in re,ard to the 'uintessence is the e0traction of an e0cellent distilled spirit of #ine 3y eans of the ,reat vessel sealed #ith cor! and paper% at a slo# fire1 When the spirit of #ine has co e out% the rest has to 3e distilled in lar,e ale 3ics till the feces 3e,in to thic!en1 Put the aside in a clean vessel and continue your distillations till you have a lar,e a ount of spirit of #ine% phle, % and feces1 Then ta!e the feces #hich you have separated and put the into an ale 3ic in a stea -3ath to re ove the rest of their oisture% so that they stay at the 3otto of your receptacle li!e elted pitch1 Put the feces that have 3een thus thic!ened 3ac! into another ale 3ic% to,ether #ith their phle, #hich floats a3ove the 3y four fin,ers; 3readth1 .eep the for four hours on a s all fire to e0tract their tincture% consistin, of co 3usti3le sulphur and the i purities of the #ine1 When your phle, is colored% e pty it ,ently 3y inclination% then put fresh phle, on it and continue doin, this till it is no lon,er colored and your earth is left #hite and crystalline at the 3otto 1 6f you should run out of phle, % you can ,et so e ore 3y separatin, the colored su3stance fro the tincture1 When you do this% there #ill re ain at the 3otto so e sulphur% or 3etter% so e 3lood red oil #hich you ust carefully preserve1 5ote that this preparation of the feces could 3e ade :ust as #ell #ith si ple a3lutions continued till their earth stays at the 3otto in the for of lapilli% as it happens #hen you purify co on tartar to a!e crystals thereof1 The thus prepared feces are put into s all lon,-nec!ed cucur3its% to,ether #ith their heads and receivers% #hich you ust her etically seal after pourin, redistilled 3randy on the 1 Boil and distill the for I hours on a s all ash-fire% then put the distillate 3ac! into the vessel and leave it there for an hour1 After this% e pty all this li'uid 3y inclination as carefully as you can% so as not to distur3 anythin,1 5o# pour so e ore of your redistilled 3randy over the feces% continuin, doin, this till they 3eco e 3lac! and no lon,er s o!e on silver foil1 To 3enefit fro the #aters that you have o3tained fro your earth 3y inclination% you ust put the into carefully closed containers in a cold place% lest they evaporate% 3ecause this #ater is the ani ated Philosophical Water1 5o# ,ather up all your earths and put the in a sealed lon,-nec!ed retort1 Bury it in sand and calcine it at a ediu -su3li ation fire% !eepin, it in the athanor for I #hole days% after #hich your earths #ill 3e #hite and very #ell calcined1 Thereafter ta!e your earth and divide it 3et#een t#o cucur3ites of the proper size% upon #hich pour one-fourth of their #ei,ht of the ani ated #ater of #hich #e have :ust spo!en1 After attachin, the heads and

receptacles% !eep the first for one day in a lu!e#ar B1 M1% then put the for t#o days on an ash-fire% to distill the slo#ly1 The #ater that #ill distill #ill 3e tasteless and po#erless% havin, left its spirit and all its virtue to its calcined earth1 $ther ani ated #ater ust no# 3e put on it% al#ays !eepin, the sa e proportion of #hich 6 spo!e a3ove% continuin, the di,estion at the B1 M1 and the distillation #ith ashes till each earth has a3sor3ed its ani ated #ater and has 3eco e volatile1 Bou #ill easily reco,nize it 3y the test of the red-hot silver foil% #hen you #ill see your earths ,o up in s o!e1 6f they are not totally evaporated% the precedin, operation ust 3e repeated and continued till the su3stance is co pletely e0haled1 6n the opinion of the ,reat )ully% the earth thus prepared is the true Sulphur and the true Philosophical Mercury1 When you see on the foil that your earth has 3eco e co pletely volatile% put it into t#o s all sealed ale 3ics% to,ether #ith their receptacles% and ,ive the a slo# su3li ation fire for one day% increasin, it 3y de,rees till the ?th day% #hen the #hite fu es no lon,er appear in the vessel and your ateria stron,ly adheres to the sides li!e foliated earth1 6t #ill 3e 3eautiful% clear% and transparent li!e pearls and talcu 1 Pulverize it in a s all ar3le ortar and pour on it so e distilled sulphurous spirit% not all at once 3ut in ,radual sprin!lin,s1 Finally% put it in a stron, athanor for J or ? days% durin, #hich ti e it #ill receive its perfect decoction and #ill turn into a pearly su3stance #hich #ill 3e the radical 3alsa of etals and each ti e an e0tract of a plant nature1 3se of the Precedin% Philosophical Sulphur Ta!e > or J oz of the earth of #hich #e have :ust spo!en and #hich is called Philosophical Sulphur% add to it I oz of e0cellent spirit of #ine e0tracted as a3ove% and put it in a lon,nec!ed retort1 7eat it for J? hours in the B1 M1% and #hen everythin, has turned into an azure-3lue #ater% pour into it @ oz of prepared Sun #hich #ill suddenly dissolve% reddenin, at the sa e ti e the #ater of its solvent1 After that% distill this solution I ti es in the Bath% each ti e pourin, the #ater 3ac! on the feces1 Finally% distill #ith an ash-fire% and your ,old #ill rise #ith the #ater% leavin, the Philosophical Sulphur at the 3otto of the receptacle1 .eep it for other dissolutions1 4epeat once ore the distillation in the B1 M1% and the tincture of the Sun #ill stay at the 3otto of the ale 3ic% to,ether #ith the e0tractin, a,ent% as a li'uid and a precious oil #hich so e alche ists dissolve a,ain #ith the ani ated enstruu of the Philosophical Sulphur1and pass throu,h the 3ea!-head of the vessel% so as to turn it into true pota3le ,old and a universal edicine1 Another 3se of the Sa!e Philosophical Sulphur -issolve in B1 M1 ? oz of our Sulphur in > l3 of the 3randy of #hich #e have spo!en% then distill it on ashes1 Pour I oz of this distilled #ater on E oz of calcined Sun% al#ays addin, fresh #ater% so as to o3tain a co plete dissolution1 When it is done% circulate it in a Pelican in the Bath% or else in the 7orse;s Belly% for ?L days% and you #ill have a ost precious li'uid1 6f you separate the hu or fro it on a s all ash-fire% your Sol #ill re ain at the 3otto of your vessel% li!e the other1 Another 3se of the Sa!e 4educe the Sun in Mercury and calcine it #ith co on a'ua fortis% e0tractin, the #ater and pourin, it 3ac! three ti es on the feces1 To finish this #or! properly% put the feces in a cruci3le on live coal till they turn all red and do not s o!e any lon,er1 Then your ,old is perfectly calcined or precipitated% and all you have to do is #ash it several ti es #ith de# #ater1 When this ,old li e has 3een thus prepared% put it in a vessel and pour over it ?

ti es as uch ,ood 3randy1 "oho3ate H ti es in B1 M1% the last ti e #ith a s all ash-fire% after #hich your Sun% at the 3otto % #ill 3e turned into as fine a li'uid as the others% and even ore su3tle1 Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old "hoose the 3est tartar of Montpellier and calcine it to perfect #hiteness% 3ut ta!e care that it does not elt1 Ta!e E l3 of the tartar thus prepared and pour on it > oz of very fine 3randy1 Then distill everythin, in an ale 3ic in a stea -3athA and as the tartar retains in itself the spirits and the sal a oniac of the 3randy% your distillate #ill 3e tasteless1 After this first distillation% you ust pour on it > or J oz ore of the sa e #ater and redistill as 3efore% and you ust continue distillin, in this #ay little 3y little till your 3randy co es out #ith the sa e stren,th as you had put it in% 3ecause that is a sure si,n that your tartar has a3sor3ed as uch fire and spirits of the 3randy as it needs1 Bein, full of these volatile spirits% it can 3e elevated 3y su3li ation into a su3stance #hich the philosophers call terra foliata (foliated earth*1 This done% ta!e ? oz of the thus alcoholized tartar and half a pound of a stron, 3randy% put the to,ether and circulate the in a proper vessel1 Then your 3randy #ill ta!e on the color of the s!y and #ill 3e capa3le of dissolvin, ,old in a perfect dissolution1 6n this #ay you #ill have a plant solvent that is less har ful that all the others1 Before puttin, Sol in this solvent% it ust 3e a al,a ated #ith Mercury1 This a al,a ust 3e put into a'uafortis #here your Sun #ill calcine into an i palpa3le po#der1 Wash it #ell in order to re ove the salt and the spirits #hich the a'ua fort ay have left #ith it1 5o# i0 this cal0 #ith t#ice as uch su3li ated flo#ers of sulphur and put everythin, into t#o earthen#are 3o#ls1 Bour Sulphur #ill evaporate and leave a spon,y and very su3tle ,old at the 3otto 1 Put it into your heavenly #ater and set it in B1 M1% and you #ill surely see the dissolution of your ,old in t#ice >? hours1 6t #ill 3e the true pota3le Sol% not only suita3le for ordinary diseases 3ut even for all !inds of lepra1 Second Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old First% prepare salt in the usual #ay1 Ta!e ,ood tripoli and ,ood 3ric!% > or J l3s each% accordin, to the size of your retort #hich ust 3e ade of ,ood clay that can stand the fire #ithout 3urstin,1 Put your ateria into this vessel% su3tly pulverized and i0ed to,ether1 .no# that your retort ust have a hole at the 3ac!% opposite its nec! and 3ea!% so that a 3lo#pipe can 3e put there and enter 3y t#o fin,ers; 3readth to 3lo# out the fu es of the salt in the 3ody of the receptacle1 Bou ust also lute your retort #ith its receptacle #hich ust 3e 'uite 3i, and a ple% such as is used to a!e oil of vitriol1 Besides% you ust put on a s all stove a container filled #ith #ater% such as a s all retort% #hich is called a s all fire% increasin, it every t#o hours% #ithout usin, the 3lo#er #hile the spirits of the salt are risin, of the selves1 Use it only #hen they no lon,er pass and #hen the ne# spirit rises up in s o!e1 That spirit ust 3e pushed to the 3otto of the receptacle 3y the action of the 3lo#er% #hich you ust continue to the end of the s o!e1 When all the spirit has passed (it can 3e reco,nized 3y the drops that 3e,in to distill*% it has to 3e rectified and separated fro the #ater of the 3lo#er that has passed #ith it1 When that is done% you #ill have a very #hite spirit% very fine% #hich you ust !eep apart in ,ood phials of )orraine% 3ecause it calcines the other ,lasses1 After havin, thus e0tracted your spirit of Salt% ta!e ,old leaves and a al,a ate the #ith t#ice as uch co on Mercury% previously purified #ith salt and vine,ar1 When your a al,a is thus ade% put it in a s all su3li atin, vessel to evaporate there half of the Mercury1 Thereafter crush your a al,a in a ,lass or ar3le ortar% addin, one 'uarter

of the flo#ers of Sulphur1 Put everythin, in a cruci3le luted #ith another1 Mercury and the Sulphur #ill disappear% and your Sun #ill re ain calcined1 There are so e #ho repeat this operation three ti es% 3ut once is enou,h1 Put this solar call in a lon,-nec!ed retort of )orraine ,lass% puttin, over it four fin,ers; 3readth of your spirit of Salt% and set it to di,est on hot ashes for one day1 -urin, this ti e your spirit #ill e0tract the tincture of Sol% and #hen it is #ell tin,ed #ith it% pour it into a retort 3y inclination1 A,ain% put so e of your spirit over the salt and leave it to di,est as 3efore till it is #ell colored1 Then pour it to,ether #ith the other into the sa e retort% and continue this procedure to the entire dissolution of your Sol and till you do not see anythin, at the 3otto of the retort 3ut #hite feces1 Ta!e your retort in #hich your colored spirits are ,athered and put it on a s all fire to distill slo#ly #ith three or four coho3ations% till the spirits co e out #ea! and #ithout stren,th1 Then ta!e so e fresh spirit and put it on the ateria left in the retort1 -istill several ti es as 3efore until your Sol rises and ,oes over into the receptacle% to,ether #ith spirit1 5o# decrease your fire and a!e it so s all that your Sol cannot rise #ith the spirit 3ut stays alone at the 3otto of the retort as a red salt or a thic! con,ealed oil1 Finally it ust 3e covered #ith so stron, a 3randy that it 3urns everythin, in the test1 -issolve your ,old salt #ith that 3y puttin, then to,ether to di,est1 6f the dissolution is not co plete the first ti e% repeat the process 3y !eepin, to that used for the operation #ith the spirit of Salt1 When your last dissolution is done% distill your yello# 3randy throu,h the retort% and your tincture of Sol #ill rise% or at least after several repetitions1 5ote that if all of Sol did not rise after several distillations% it #ould 3e a si,n that the spirit of Salt did not have the stren,th to decorporate as re'uired% and you #ould therefore have to put so e fresh spirit of Salt on the 3ody of the ,old% and a,ain do as 3efore1 When Sol has co pletely risen% separate the 3randy fro it% and pass the sa e #ater three or four ti es over its 3ody1 Finally% it #ill re ain 3y itself at the 3otto of the vessel as a yello# oil% #hich has nevertheless the po#er to tin,e red1 5ote that this ,old solution i0es #ith co is% #ithout revertin, to its etallic 3ody1 on #ater #ithout its 3ody 3ein, revivified% that

To rid your solar oil of any tartness that the spirit of Salt ay have ,iven it% you ust pour so e oil of tartar on it% #hich #ill so #ell correct the stran,e taste of the Salt that your pota3le ,old #ill 3e of such a s#eet and pleasant taste as li'uorice1 Third Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old "alcine ,old three ti es #ith Mercury and Sulphur% in the anner a3out #hich #e have already spo!en1 Ta!e so e e0cellent spirit of Salt% #ell prepared and rectified% to e0tract the tincture fro your ,old cal0% 3ecause it is characteristic of the spirit of Salt that it e0tracts the Sulphur or the red tincture fro this no3le etal and leaves its #hite 3ody at the 3otto of the vessel1 The infusion of this spirit into your ateria ust 3e repeated as often as necessary to co plete the e0traction of all of the tincture1 5o# 3rin, all your li'uids to,ether in an ale 3ic pot% to separate the spirit of Salt fro the 3y distillin, the to dryness1 After this operation you #ill find at the 3otto of your receptacle a very li,ht and very red po#der% al ost li!e Mars saffron1 Put it in a retort% pour so e ,ood spirit of vitriol over it% or rather so e ,ood oil distilled fro all of the su3stance of the sa e ineral -- or at least fro so e that has 3een sli,htly calcined% redistilled% and di,ested to the

point #here it does not contain any feces% so that the oil is 'uite pure% 'uite tart% 'uite #hite% and 'uite clear1 This oil #ill 3e such as is re'uired to e0tract all the color fro the crocus of our Sun% 3y the con:unction of #hich it loses all its tartness and 3eco es perfectly ild1 .eep this oil of solar vitriol and depend on it as an e0traordinary re edy% of #hich the dose of ? or @ drops in #hite #ine or 3ouillon does #onders for the cure of the stran,est diseases1 6ourth Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old Ta!e hold and dissolve it in the Philosophical Water that dissolves the t#o lu inaries and #hich is co posed of nitre and sal a oniac% as #e said a3ove1 After thus dissolvin, your Sun% distill the solution to the consistency of syrup1 Then pour so e ore Water on and distill a,ain as a3ove% doin, this three ti es1 Bou #ill see that the #aters co e out of the ale 3ic insipid% as they leave there their spirits #ith the 3ody of the Sun1 But in order to pass the Sun throu,h the retort or the ale 3ic% so e fresh solvent ust a,ain 3e poured on it #hich% ani ated 3y the solar spirit% #ill do ad ira3le thin, for the health% and especially for the cure of lepra1 7avin, thus calcined your ,old% thro# it into co on #ater to,ether #ith its solvent% and #hen everythin, is i0ed% put so e Mercury into it1 6t #ill cause an /clipse of the Sun% if you di,est it cold for so e ti e% as it #ill attract all of the solar 3ody1 Separate the #ater fro it 3y inclination and #ash the a al,a of these t#o 3odies several ti es to soften their tartness and to separate all the spirits fro the Philosophical Water1 7avin, done this% press the Mercury throu,h a leather in #hich your solar cal0 #ill stay 3ehind as an a al,a 1 Put it in the fire% that is% in a flat 3asin% to let the Mercury evaporate% and you #ill 3e left #ith a cal0 of crocus or solar cinna3ar% i palpa3le and 'uite red1 Fro it the tincture of the Sun can 3e e0tracted #ith so e spirit of Salt% and of the spirit of Salt saturated #ith this tincture ,ive three or four drops% #hich #ill do #onders for all inveterate diseases1 6ifth Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old -istill so e ,ood spirit of vitriol and pour it over &upiter on a stron, ash-fire% and you #ill e0tract fro it the ost 3eautiful yello# #ater in the #orld1 )eave it for a #hole ni,ht in an open 3ottle1 The follo#in, day% pour it on ,old leaves put at the 3otto of a ,lass ale 3ic% and add to it an e'ual a ount of very fine 3randy #hich ust 3e at least half dephle, atized1 5o# distill your 3randy in B1 M1% then your solvent on ashes% in the sa e ale 3ic1 6f your Sol has not yet turned into oil at the 3otto of your receptacle% pour so e ore of your solvent and your 3randy on it1 4epeat this till your ,old turns into oil #ith the first force of the solvents1 $n this oil put the solvent alone% #ithout the 3randy1 6t #ill ta!e on the color of the oil #hich has any uses% as it is ,iven for all diseases of the lun,s% the sto ach% and the heart% in short% for all !inds of illnesses and infir ities1 $ne spoonful or half a spoonful is ,iven% accordin, t the stren,th of the sic! person1 6t is also e0cellent for the prolon,ation of life and the prevention of all !inds of diseases if one of these doses is ta!en durin, three days in 3ouillon or other#ise1 This li'uid is so har less that it can even 3e ,iven to three-day old 3a3ies1 6f you #ish to ,ive it in the for of oil% ta!e only one drop in 3ouillon or distilled elissa1 Si<th Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old

Ta!e honeyco 3 of the onth of May% of a ,ood consistency% put it in a #ell-stoppered retort and let it stand for >L days1 Then put it in B1M1 and !eep it there for @ days% after #hich it #ill 3e pure and flo#in,1 When in this state% press it throu,h a cloth and distill the strained atter three ti es in a s all ale 3ic on a slo# fire1 6n addition% po#der so e ,old leaves on a ar3le sla31 Ta!e E oz of it% upon #hich pour ? oz1 of your honey #ater in a retort1 .eep it #ell closed in B1 M1 for EL days% and durin, this ti e a #onderful oil #ill for out of the 'uintessence of the honey and the ,old1 To do this perfectly% put it in an ale 3ic to convert your Sun into cal0 3y distillation on an ash-fire1 5o# #ash it carefully several ti es #ith pure #ell #ater and three ti es #ith de# #ater1 6n short% put so e ,ood 3randy on this purified cal0 and distill everythin, in B1 M1 in the sa e ale 3ic up to H ti es1 6n this #ay your etal #ill 3e radically turned into oil #hich #ill in fact 3e tur3id% 3ut you can also purify it first 3y fire and then 3y de# #ater% to a!e it suita3le for the preservation of health and the cure of any diseases1 Se2enth Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old "alcine pu ice stone in the ost recent de# #ater you can find% and a!e a ce ent of the po#der of this stone #ith the ,old call% prepared #ith a'uafortis% or salt% or Mercury% as you learnt 3efore1 Put your ce ent for >? hours in a rever3eration fire% and in this fire your Stone #ill e0tract a purple color fro the Sun% #hich is no other than the true tincture of ,old1 Po#der this colored stone and then pass it throu,h a very fine strainer1 To separate the su3stance of the ,old fro that of the pu ice stone% pour so e fine 3randy over all this po#der #hich you have rectified 3y distillin, it over e0cellent honey of 5ar3onne1 Bour #ater #ill attract all the tincture% provided you ,ive it several infusions of 3randy till it no lon,er ,ets colored1 When the tincture has 3een thus e0tracted fro these #aters% separate it 3y a ,entle distillation to the consistency of oil1 Bou #ill 3e left #ith a pota3le tincture #hose color #ill 3e enhanced as it a,es1 Give one drop of it on a ta3let of su,ar% or in #ine or 3ouillon% and you #ill restore the life of invalids1 ;i%hth Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old Get so e ,ood 4o an vitriol% or rather vitriol of "yprus or 7un,ary% and put it in a ,lazed earthen#are pot on an ash-fire to let the oisture of the vitriol evaporate1 To finish calcinin, it #ell% put it in a #ell covered and #ell-luted earthen#are pot on a live coal fire% #here it has to stay for less than ? hours to allo# it to calcine perfectly1 6f it does not loo! calcined enou,h% cover the pot once ore and put it 3ac! on the fire till it 3eco es as red as 3lood1 After this preparation% #ithout #hich this #or! cannot 3e acco plished% put the vitriolic cal% called colcothar (the caput ortuu M* into a #ell-luted retort on a rever3eration fire1 Bou #ill e0tract three su3stances% the last of #hich #ill 3e the oil% of #hich there #ill only 3e very little1 6nto this oil of vitriol% #hich you #ill pour into a s all ale 3ic pot% thro# the ,old leaves folded into rolls and !eep the on the fire for one hour or ore% to 3e dissolved and ade pota3le1 And #hile these leaves are thus 3ein, dissolved% pour on the so e oil of cloves and ca phor% that is% to > oz of oil of vitriol% for instance% ta!e E oz of oil of cloves and E oz of prepared oil of ca phor% as #e #ill tell you 3elo#1 Bou #ill notice that as soon as you have i0ed your oils of cloves and ca phor #ith the vitriolic solution of your ,old% the receptacle #ill ,et heated and a ,reat 3oilin, #ill arise due to the antipathy of the spirits of these three oils1 While this is ta!in, place% put your su3stances in the cold% and #hen they have so e#hat recovered% you can put the Non the fire to distill and to successively separate these three li'uids% the last of #hich to 3e distilled 3ein, the oil of ,old and the true pota3le ,old1 4e,ardin, the usa3le oil of ca phor of #hich #e have spo!en% it is ade as follo#sC Ta!e

ca phor% pulverize it and dissolve it on a slo# fire in oil of s#eet al onds1 When it is co pletely dissolved% pour on this oil a reasona3le a ount of ,ood spirit of #ine% and then pass everythin, throu,h the 3ea! of an ale 3ic% on a sand-fire1 Bour oil of ca phor #ill co e out 3eautiful% clear% and 'uite suita3le for the a3ove- entioned operation1 =inth Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old Ta!e ,ood pulverized candied su,ar% elt it on fire% then i 3i3e ,lo#in, 3ric!s #ith it1 When they are #ell i 3i3ed% put the in a retort or in an ale 3ic to 3e distilled on a slo# fire1 Then you #ill o3tain a very efficacious oil1 5ot only can its acridity dissolve several solid 3odies% 3ut even the 3ody of the Sun% if prepared #ith Mercury% a'ua fortis% and Sulphur su3li ated accordin, to the Art% can easily 3e dissolved #hen it is put to di,est for so e ti e in B1 M1 or in the 7orse;s Belly1 Finally% it can turn into oil if the li'uid of the su,ar is ,ently distilled in the sa e 3ath% #hich leaves 3ehind it the oil of the Sun or the pota3le ,old% the easiest and ost har less pota3le ,old that our Art has yet prepared1 Tenth Method of Ma in% Pota*le 1old Ta!e E oz of ,old and EI oz of 4e,ulus of anti ony1 Melt the 4e,ulus% and durin, the fusion% thro# the Sun on itO1 )eave the to,ether on the fire for a 'uarter of an hour% #ithout 3lo#in,1 At the end of this ti e% re ove your ateria% po#der it% and put it into t#o cruci3les% #ell sealed% lest your ateria% po#der it% and put it into t#o cruci3les% #ell sealed% lest so ethin, i,ht escape1 )eave it for a #hole day on the fire of a #ind furnace% and such a fire #ill cause your ateria to 3eco e al ost 3lac!1 )et it cool and crush it thereafter1 Then put it on the furnace and increase the fire1 6f the ateria can 3e easily crushed% it is a si,n that the ce ent ust 3e rene#ed and the ?th de,ree of fire 3e ,iven1 6n this #ay you #ill o3tain a fine #hite po#der% upon #hich you ust pour distilled vine,ar1 6t #ill e0tract as 3ro#n color fro this po#der 3y eans of the di,estion% and if you distill it in the Bath% there #ill 3e left at the 3otto of your vessel a red oil% al ost of the color of ru3es1 Another 1old #il, Accordin% to the Special Method of the Sieur de la "iolette Ta!e > l3s of elted salt% E-EG> l3s of fine saltpeter% re elt everythin, in a 3i, cruci3le% and thro# on it E l3 of pulverized Tripoli% stirrin, the ateria #ell1 Then put it in a ar3le ortar and pulverize it co pletely1 5ote that if you can o3tain so e of those #hite pe33les fro the )a!e of Geneva of #hich #e have already spo!en% or so e of those transparent flints% calcined and pulverized as is usually done 3y thro#in, the into the #ater% those thin,s% 6 say% #ould 3e uch 3etter than the tripoli1 Proceed #ith this i0ture as a3ove% e0tract the spirits throu,h an earthen#are retort% as is done #ith those of the a'ua fortis1 This #ater% #hich ay 3e called the spirit% or rather the 'uintessence of co on salt and niter% ust 3e rectified in B1 M1 #ith EL or E> coho3ations% puttin, the distillation over the arc% so as to e0tract fro it that part of the #ater that does not have any characteristics at all of the nature of the Fire and #hich is called the #atery phle, 1 This operation ust 3e continued till% for e0a ple% there is only half a pound or a little ore left of > l3s of li'uid1 Then your spirit is arvelously purified% heavy% and separated fro all its superfluous #ateriness1 This done% ta!e one part of the 4e,ulus of anti ony prepared #ith Mars% and > parts of su3li ated Mercury1 Pulverize the and put the to,ether in a retort to e0tract fro the a ,u y li'uid1 -issolve it in oisture% and redistill it a,ain throu,h the retort to e0tract fro it a clear and heavy oil li!e Mercury1 This #ill 3e happily acco plished% provided you separate the first oisture durin, distillation1

This clear and dephle, atized oil is put into a suita3ly lar,e retort% and the spirit of Salt% #hich you had previously preserved% is also put into the receptacle1 Then :oin the retort to its receptacleA lute the to,ether t he prevent anythin, fro escapin,1 Give a sand-fire 3y de,rees% and you #ill e0tract a ercurial li'uid for the retort1 Fallin, upon the salt% it #ill cause a 3i, and stran,e effervescence% of #hich you ust not 3e surprised1 This distillation finished% re ove the receptacle all at once and pour cold #ater into it to so e#hat restrain the ,reat ardor of the spirits1 After#ards% put the into a s all ale 3ic to,ether #ith its head and its receptacle1 Placed on cold sand% the ateria #ill distill durin, three days #ithout fire% after #hich you can ,ive fire to finish the distillation of the li'uid1 7o#ever% you #ill o3serve that a #hite po#der #ill rise #hich you ust put aside for other uses1 As to the ercurial li'uid% pour it into stron, #ell-stoppered 3ottles% carefully 3uried in #et sand% lest it evaporate 3ecause of the ,reat fire 3y #hich it is ani ated1 6n addition% prepare a philosophical #ater of sal a oniac and saltpeter% as 6 sho#ed you a3ove1 6nto ? oz of this #ater pour at ost E@ drops of your ercurial #ater% #hich #ill 3e an e0tractor for dra#in, out the tincture fro one oz of ,old% a al,a ated #ith t#o parts of 4e,ulus1 When it has e0tracted all the tincture% separate it ,ently 3y inclination% and add a,ain so uch that only a #hite 3ody re ains1 -o this in B1 M1 #ith very lo# heat1 "ollect all these colored #aters and distill in the Bath #hat is ost clear1 Put the rest in a retort% drive it% and finally ,ive it stron, fire% so as to su3li ate the Sun at the nec! of the retort1 6t #ill 3e 3rilliant and radiant li!e a ru3y and #ill turn into an oil #hose uses are ad ira3le1 6f you put e'ual parts of the said ercurial #ater and oil of vitriol or of sulphur to,ether and e0tract the li'uid throu,h a retort% you #ill have an oil that coa,ulates in the cold and dissolves in a #ar hand or in any other lo# heat% and is suita3le for dissolvin, the Sun and the Moon1 ;ssence and Tincture of 1old Ma!e an a'ua re,ia #ith co on salt% or sal a oniac% or spirit of Salt1 Add to E> oz of this #ater ? oz of specially prepared su3li ate% #hich has 3een su3li ated H ti es in the sa e #ay it #as su3li ated the first ti e% that is% it ust 3e i0ed #ith fresh vitriol in the usual proportion% so that it is co pletely saturated #ith it1 7avin, thus i0ed these thin,s% let the di,est to,ether for ? or @ days% then distill and drive the spirits till the Mercury su3li ates1 6f you carry this operation out li!e a ,ood artist% you #ill have very e0cellent ercurial #ater #hich dissolves and opens Sol #onderfully #ell% for it you put ,old into it!eepin, everythin, in putrefaction three ti es% each ti e separatin, the phle, fro the solvent your ateria #ill 3e #ell opened1 To open it to the ut ost de,ree% ho#ever% so e fresh ercurial #ater ust 3e poured over your ateria% and it is even necessary to coho3ate it up to three ti es1 After this% ,ive a ,ood su3li ations fire% and you #ill see your Sun rise over your ale 3ic% red as 3lood% e0alted% volatile% and #ell suited to turn into% tincture #ith the help of the alcoholized ani ated ve,eta3le spirit% and capa3le of achievin, the last e0altation of ,old1 Bou could also a!e it #ith the sa e a'ua re,ia if instead of the su3li ated Mercury you too! the sa e a ount of ,u and ercurial oil that is e0tracted #hen a!in, the Mercury of life% and proceeded as a3ove till your Sol 3eca e volatile% for it is in this that the #hole secret of this operation consists1 After e0tractin, your solar tincture in this #ay% you #ill ,et ahead even ore 3y addin, to J parts of this volatile ,old E part of Mercury of the sa e lu inary% e0tracted #ith revivifyin, salts1 Thus you #ill o3tain a perfect edicine% the effects of #hich are soverei,n and infalli3le for all diseases1

Sudorific 1old Ma!e an a'ua re,ia in the usual #ay% and in this #ater dissolve ,old leaves or filin,s% or ,old in s all la inae1 Then pour upon it% drop 3y drop% your solution of a fine oil of tartar ade 3y the dissolution of its salt1 All at once% a ,reat effervescence #ill arise fro the union of these t#o li'uids1 This sho#s that your oil of tartar ust not 3e poured on in one ,o% 3ut only drop 3y drop% as #e have said% a!in, s all effervescences each ti e1 "ontinue in this #ay till the ateria no lon,er 3u33les up1 Put the container #ith your ateria in a cold place for a #hile% and your calcined Sun #ill precipitate to the 3otto of the vessel1 When you see it in this state% pour all the #ater off% ,ently% 3y inclination% and #ash the residues #ith #ar #ater1 After that% dry the in the heat of the sun or in a dryin, closet% in such a #ay that the ateria cannot 3urst into fla es% 3ecause% 3ein, dry% it is as easily i,nited as ,un po#der% not only 3y the least 3it of heat 3ut even si ply 3y otion1 This happens at the 3otto % contrary to ,un po#der #hich pushes up#ard1 This is so uch so that if you #ere to put so e of this po#der on a very thic! piece of #ood and set fire to it% it #ould a!e such an effort that it #ould pierce the #ood co pletely1 Therefore% one could do #onders #ith it% if it #ere easy to carry it #ithout it ,oin, up in fla es% #hich it does 3y si ply 3ein, distur3ed1 Such is the solar ateria #ith #hich the philosophers teach us to co pose the ,reat Sudorific #hich they call Burnin, Gold and #hich they use #ith precaution and in the follo#in, anner1 Ta!e ? or @ ,rains of your ,old cal0% put it in a silver spoon filled #ith a fine spirit of #ine1 Thereafter% set fire to it #hile !eepin, the spoon 'uite strai,ht1 By coverin, it #ith a 3ell-shaped ,lass% su3li ate your Sun1 -urin, this su3li ation you #ill o3serve a s all noise and a s all dar! cloud around the ,lass1 Seein, this% put so e ore 3randy on the sa e po#der and continue as 3efore repeatin, the sa e operation for a #hole day% so as to o3tain a reasona3le 'uantity of your su3li ated Sun% #hich #ill 3e of a very su3tle consistency and s!y 3lue1 Scrape it #ith feathers and preserve it "arefully1 6f you ,ive > or J ,rains of it on su,ar or :a or in a suita3le li'uid% you #ill pur,e the sic! in an e0traordinary #ay 3y a thic! and unctuous perspiration% #hich #ill drive a#ay all !inds of putrid fevers and pestilences% and even the ost stu33orn and la enta3le diseases1 6 have several ti es o3served that this ,old po#der% 3efore 3ein, su3li ated and #ithout any preparation other than that of 3ein, si ply precipitated #ith oil of tartar% is an incredi3le re edy for pestilences% if one ,ives a fe# ,rains >? hours after 3ein, attac!ed1 6t drives a#ay the poison throu,h the perspiration% and is 'uite successful% provided one rests in 3ed and does not ove1 Besides% if you consider the ,reat effects of this solar cal0 and the ease #ith #hich it catches fire% you #ill perhaps thin! that it #ould 3e suita3le to a!e the Philosophical Fire% #hich the Trevisan (Bernard of Treviso* valued so uch% and #hich he !ept so secret1 Pur%ati2e 1old Ta!e so e oil ade of e'ual parts of purified anti ony% su3li ated Mercury% and oil of salt e0tracted in the usual #ay1 Put the to,ether in accordance #ith the Art% then distill the % and put so e ,old into the li'uid that you e0tract fro the 1 Bou #ill see it dissolve all of a sudden1 This li'uid% or solution of the Sun% is i0ed #ith a little su,ar or so e ,ood tastin, :a % and it #ill do ad ira3le #or!s if you ,ive of it at your discretion accordin, to the a,e and the stren,th of the sic!1 6f the li'uid of this ,old solution is dra#n throu,h the ale 3ic% a po#der #ill 3e left at the 3otto of the vessel1 As it retains the ercurial virtues of

anti ony and the su3li ate% it can 3e ,iven% either in su3stance or as an infusion% as a pur,ative edicine% after it has 3een s#eetened1 $r% if you precipitate the #hole solution into cold #ater as soon as it is prepared% you #ill a!e of it a coa,ulate that is uch ore e0cellent than the usual ones% 3ecause it #ill contain the ,old cal01 7avin, 3een ade ilder 3y various a3lutions% it #ill 3e a ,reat pur,ative re edy% #hether you ,ive it in su3stance or as an infusion #ith so e suita3le li'uid1 1old of 9ife Gold of )ife% or )ife Gold% is ade #ith E part of pure ,old and ? parts of Mercury% a al,a ated and dissolved to,ether in co on a'uafortis% 3ecause Mercury dissolves in that #ater and the Sun is precipitated into po#der1 5o# distill the a'uafortis to dryness% so that everythin, ay precipitate to the 3otto 1 Put fresh a'uafortis% on the dry atter% distil a,ain% and repeat this t#o or three ti es1 Finally% pile this su3stance to calcine it co pletely1 To drive a#ay all the sharpness of the a'ua fortis% #ash your call first #ith sprin, #ater% then #ith fine 3randy% and you #ill have a iraculous precipitate1 6f you ,ive of it only one or > dra s% #ith > dra s of essence of aloe and as uch essence of yrrh% separately e0tracted% and one dra of essence of theriac% you #ill drive a#ay the pla,ue% inducin, a3undant perspiration% and you #ill a!e a pur,ative and so eti es a ost e0cellent e etic1 6f one #ishes% one can1 e0tract a salt or a very fine essence fro this solar precipitate if% after softenin, it 3y several a3lutions #ith co on #ater% one puts it to di,est for so e ti e in vine,ar1 Bou can prepare an e0cellent edicine fro it1 After precipitatin, it #ith oil of tartar -- as ust 3e done to e0tract its essence -- soften it yet ore #ith co on #ater% and finally #ith ,ood spirit of #ine1 "e%eta*le 1old Ta!e E dra of ,old filin,s or ,old calcined in any #ay you li!e% and J dra s of lunar filin,s or lunar cal0% E> oz of Mercury of co on cinna3ar or of cinna3ar ade of anti ony and su3li ated1 Put everythin, to,ether in a 3i, retort% and after stopperin, it only #ith cotton% put it on a fire of oderate heat1 Bou #ill see your ateria ,ro# fro day to day in the for of leaves or sheets% and it #ill happen in less than J #ee!s% and #ill ,ive you as uch pleasure as a aze ent on seein, it1 Bou #ill 3e a3le to turn it into a fine co position for health1 Calcined Philosophical 1old A al,a ate E oz of ,old #ith H oz of #ell-purified Mercury% stir the #ell on the fire #ith a stic!% and after re ovin, the ateria fro the fire% continue stirrin, it for a 'uarter of an hour1 Then thro# it into a 3o#l of cold #ater1 After this% #ash your ateria #ith vine,ar and #ater% then dry it in a clean cloth% and finally put it into E l3 of ,old a'uafortis% !eepin, it in a retort a3ove the fire till the Mercury is dissolved and your ,old fails to the 3otto as cola or i palpa3le po#der1 Put the latter in another retort #ith vine,ar and 3oil it there for I hours1 After that% pour the vine,ar off and replace it #ith #ater #hich ust a,ain stay on the fire to s#eeten your su3stance1 "ontinue puttin, fresh #ater on it till all the spirits of the a'uafortis are out1 Thereafter% i0 your po#der #ith I oz of ,ood prepared co on salt% put it in a cruci3le covered 3y another pierced cruci3le% and set it in a s all furnace filled #ith live coal1 .eep it there for >? hours% then let the fire die a3ove the cruci3les1

Finally% separate the salt #ith several a3lutions of 3oilin, #ater% and your ,old #ill 3e left pure and clean% prepared and calcined accordin, to the ethod of the philosophers1 7ere you have several ,ood ethods of e0tractin, the spirits of ,old and the tinctures% and to turn the into a pota3le essence1 We could ,lue you several further descriptions #hich are contained in the #ritin,s of your author% #ho !ne# (as he hi self says in his tetrade* ore than @L ethods% 3ut #e #ill erely present these here% #ith the pro ise that #e #ill soon infor you of the others1

Chapter /// Sil2er A 1ood Preparation of 9una for the Diseases of the Brain : Another Preparation : Moon #il : Moon Mercury : Calcination of 9una A 1ood Preparation of 9una for the Diseases of the Brain To prepare the Moon and to a!e of it a suita3le re edy a,ainst the #orst diseases of the 3rain% it ust 3e calcined philosophically and then dissolved in fine oil of "yprus% #hich alone has the po#er to li'uify perfect etals #ithout the help of saltpeter1 When you have dissolved the Moon% evaporate or distill half of the dissolved ateria and put the rest in a cold place% #here s all pieces of Moon crystals #ill for 1 Bou can dissolve the in oil of sa,e% and use the for ental deran,e ent and other illnesses of this nature1 Another Preparation A certain philosopher friend of ine and a ,reat personality prepares an e0cellent re edy #ith the Moon in the follo#in, #ayC 7e calcines silver la inae #ith sulphur% puttin, the layer upon layer in t#o cruci3les% careful that the sulphur does not i,nite1 To a!e the sulphur 3eco e 3lac! as coal% he separates it fro the Moon filin,s #ith #ater% and after#ards finds his filin,s 3lac! calcined and ready to turn into a su3tle cal #hen ,round in a ortar1 When he has prepared this cal0% he puts it in a retort and pours so e #ater over it1 Then he distills and coho3ates several ti es1 7e says that in this #ay the spirit of the Moon ,oes over partly #ith the #ater% and if only a fe# spoonfuls of this #ater are ,iven to patients sufferin, fro ental trou3les% elancholy (depression* of other infir ities of the 3rain% they provide #onderful relief1 Moon #il Ta!e la inae of the Moon cut into s all pieces% and dissolve the in a'uafortis rectified #ith salt of tartar or co posed of the sa e salt1 When your Moon is dissolved in this #ater% pour so e ,ood 3randy on it and then let it stand for >? hour;s in a cold and hu id place1 -urin, this ti e% so e s all crystals #ill for at the 3otto 1 6n addition% ta!e so e #hites of e,,% distill the % and in this distilled #ater di,est your crystals for > or J days1 Then put everythin, into an ale 3ic% distill in the Bath% and at the 3otto very precious silver oil #ill 3e left1 Moon Mercury The Moon Mercury is e0tracted in various #ays1 So eti es lon, and tedious triturations of co on Mercury #ith the Moon are used till everythin, passes throu,h a cha ois leather in the for of 'uic!silver1 So eti es silver cal0 is used% ade #ith co on Mercury i 3i3ed #ith oil of tartar and vine,ar ani ated #ith sal a oniac1 6t is after#ards revived 3y the hot #ater that separates the salts fro the Moon cal0% causin, the Mercury to appear1 This ethod is uch 3etter than that of the putrefactions perfor ed 3y others in the revivin, salts% #hich they su3li ate after#ards1 Actually% the Moon Mercury can #ell 3e e0tracted in this #ay 3ut only in very s all a ounts1 of the vessel a

To e0tract Mercury ore easily fro silver% ta!e very thin silver la inae% put the in a retort and pour on the a plant resuscitator calcined to #hiteness% and on this put so e Flyin, /a,le and sal a oniac1 The proportion is such that on J oz of Moon la inae enou,h plant resuscitator is put to cover the la inae% also J oz of Flyin, /a,le and E-EG> oz of sal a oniac1 Put everythin, in an earthen#are pot on a fire #hich you ust control accordin, to the Art1 Bou #ill find at the 3otto your co pletely corroded Moon #hich #ill have left you > oz of li'uid Mercury% or at least E-EG> oz% if you #or! re,ularly1 Calcination of 9una A al,a ate E oz of cupeled )una filin,s or sheets #ith F oz of purified Mercury1 Grind this #ith co on salt prepared in one hour in a Wooden ortar% then re ove the salt #ith a3lutions of co on #ater1 This done% ,rind the sa e ateria a,ain for E hour #ith very clean si ple #ater1 After that% put salt in the #ater and ,rind this a al,a a,ain for E hour1 4epeat the sa e thin, #ith #ater alone% then #ith-salt% continuin, this process up to >L ti es1 The last ti e% leave the salt and put everythin, in a 3i, cruci3le on live coal% stirrin, and ,rindin, this i0ture continually till the Mercury is co pletely e0haled fro it1 Finally% #ash the re ainin, su3stance #ith #ar #ater to purify the salt% and you #ill find at the 3otto of your vessel a very su3tle Moon cal0% very #hite% and such as ust 3e the Philosophical cal0 of etals1

Chapter /" /ron Preparation of /ron Called Crocus Martis : Re%ulus of Mars : Tincture of Mars : Salt or Crystals of Mars Preparation of /ron Called Crocus Martis Ta!e steel filin,s or very thin sheets and pour urine or co on #ater on the 1 6n a short ti e rust #ill for over the atter1 As soon as you see it appear% thro# your steel into 3oilin, #ater #hich #ill attract all the rust if you stir the #ater for so e ti e #ith your hands% as 3y such stirrin, you #ill separate #hat is ost su3tle1 -o this several ti es to re ove a ,ood a ount of the rust1 5o# ta!e this ateria and put it in a cruci3le in a #ind furnace% and suddenly your Mars #ill ,et red1 6t #ill 3e very easy to dissolve it in an a'ua fortis ade of > parts of vitriol% E of co on salt% and > of 3ole1 6f you leave your red steel in this #ater for ? or @ days% it #ill dissolve co pletely1 6f you separate the #ater fro it #ith the ale 3ic and raise the fire at the end% your salt #ill #ithout fail su3li ate and% put in a hu id place% #ill turn into a very precious red oil1 Re%ulus of Mars The 4e,ulus can 3e prepared in various #ays% 3ut this one is considered the 3estC Ta!e ? oz of horse-shoe nails% put the in a cruci3le on a fierce fire to 3rin, the to a red heat% then pour on the F oz of anti ony #ith a little saltpeter% and all this #ill easily elt into #ater #ithout the addition of tartar% as is usually done1 5o# 3rea! the cruci3le% and you # find the 4e,ulus at the 3otto 1 Melt it once ore #ith E oz of saltpeter% then elt it a,ain t#ice% and you #ill find ? or @ oz of very fine 4e,ulus #hich #ill 3ear the i pression of the star of Mars1 Tincture of Mars Ta!e so e of the aforesaid 4e,ulus of Mars% any 'uantity you li!e% and #ith /ta pes sand or pu ice stone% prepared in the #ay #e have already indicated% put layer upon layer in a lured cruci3le1 Then put it to calcine on a rever3eration fire for >? hours1 When cold% po#der all your ateria and pour ,ood #hite vine,ar on it to e0tract its tincture% #hich #ill a!e your vine,ar 3ri,ht red and the ost 3eautiful in the #orld1 Give one spoonful of it in 3ouillon to #o en sufferin, fro leu!orrhea or the flu0 of aternal 3lood1 This sa e re edy is also useful for stoppin, all !inds of he orrha,es and overflo#in,s of the 3lood1 With this Mars 4e,ulus all etals can 3e ad:usted to e0tract their tincture accordin, to the ethod #hich #e have prescri3ed% so as to a!e of it a re edy for an infinite nu 3er of diseases1 Salt or Crystals of Mars Ta!e so e clin!er% po#der it as su3tly as possi3le% then rever3erate it for >? hours and pour on it so e ,ood distilled vine,ar to e0tract the salt or the crystal fro your ateria1 When your e0tractor is colored% pour it off 3y inclination and replace it #ith so e fresh1 When you have enou,h tin,ed vine,ar% distill it to dryness% and you #ill find a yello#ish su3stance at the 3otto of your vessel% #hich is the desired salt1 Bou can% if you #ish% a!e it as #hite as sno# 3y a,ain pourin, fresh vine,ar on it and lettin, it di,est and distill

as 3efore till your salt is 'uite #hite and crystalline% and the vine,ar co es out as tasteless as #ater1 6f you ,ive E or > spoonfuls of this #ater and a3out @ or I ,rains of this salt% you #ill produce an incredi3le effect a,ainst :aundice% dropsy% cache0ia (,eneral de3ility*% chlorosis or ,reensic!ness% and other si ilar diseases1 What appears to 3e ost #onderful is that this operation is done #ithout1 +iolence and does not anifest 3y any other effect than that of the urine1

Chapter " Copper The 5ay of ;<tractin% the "itriol of "enus : Mercury of "enus The 5ay of ;<tractin% the "itriol of "enus The vitriol e0tracted fro copper is considered 3y all philosophers the 3est of all% as for hu an as for etallic 3odies1 uch

The ethod of e0traction re'uires that one ta!e the 3est copper calcined #ith sulphur% or so e verdi,ris% or ,ood aes ustu 1 $ne or another of these three prepared coppers is put in vine,ar to e0tract its salt and crystals1 Thereafter% the vine,ar is evaporated to dryness1 The ateria left at the 3otto of the vessel is #hat is called the vitriol of +enus1 6t can 3e further prepared1 So eti es its oil is e0tracted% #hich is chiefly used for the precipitation of the Mercury of +enus1 When the latter is precipitated% it serves as an e0cellent sudorific and 3ezoardic a,ainst all !inds of pestilences #hen only one or t#o ,rains are ,iven1 Mercury of "enus The shortest preparation of this Mercury is to ta!e E part of the purest and freshest copper filin,s one can find% > parts of su3li ated sal a oniac% and as uch or so e ore of salt of ,old1 These three are po#dered as su3tly as possi3le% and #hen i0ed are put in a 3i, flas! #hich is 3uried in the sand and ,iven a dou3le fire% that is% a3ove and under it% till the ateria elts li!e #a01 Then re ove your flas! fro the sand and the fire% thro# it into a vessel full of fresh #ater% and all of a sudden your Mercury flo#s in the #ater clear and clean and of a ,reenish color1 Ta!e this Mercury of +enus% put it in an ale 3ic pot% pour so e ,ood spirit of sulphur or vitriol upon it% !eep it di,estin, for so e ti e% then distill it1 Put the distillate 3ac! on your copper arc and redistill1 "ontinue this operation till your ateria ta!es on the color of #orries (3lac!*1 To a!e it ore har less% s#eeten it and rid it of the i pressions of the salt 3y #ashin, it several ti es #ith the proper #aters1 6f this operation is done e0actly% you #ill have in hand one of the ,reatest sudorific re edies a,ainst the pla,ue% of #hich the dose is only a sin,le ,rain% or at ost t#o% #ith so e suita3le li'uid1

Chapter "/ Tin Specific Re!edy ;<tracted fro! 6lo-ers of Tin a%ainst Cra!ps of the 5o!* : An ;<cellent Re!edy for 6lushin% the ;yes, Prepared -ith Tin Specific Re!edy ;<tracted fro! 6lo-ers of Tin a%ainst Cra!ps of the 5o!* The flo#ers of &upiter ust 3e e0tracted #ith an earthen#are vessel% ade up of several s all pots1 Put one on top of the other and seal the in such a #ay that they for only one 3ody and one tu3e1 6nto this !ind of vessel thro# the &upiter filin,s little 3y little% to,ether #ith pulverized saltpeter1 But 3efore thro#in, this su3stance% your vessel ust 3e 3rou,ht to a red heat% and you #ill i ediately see the spirit of the saltpeter rise% #hich #ill soon distill in the lo#er vessels1 6f you carry this procedure out accordin, to the Art% you #ill cause &upiter to su3li ate in the for of flo#ers% and finally you #ill see it distill in the other vessels that are underneath% so that you can e0tract at least EG> l3 of spirit fro E l3 of &upiter1 7o#ever% 6 #ould not advise you to ,o as far as to e0tract this spirit% 3ut you should rather stop at ,atherin, the flo#ers as soon as they appear #hen they see to 3e attached to the vessel #hite as sno#1 -o not ,ive the ti e to elt% 3ut distill the fro 3elo# #ith the po#er of the fire% as in these flo#ers &upiter is prepared in such a #ay that its salt can 3e e0tracted #ith vine,ar1 6t can 3e used for any edicinal and etallic #or!s% especially as this salt% #hen dissolved in oisture% turns into a #onderful oil for all fe ale illnesses1 6f you ,ive only ? to I drops in so e elissa cordial% or in any other suita3le li'uid% you #ill i ediately stop all cra ps of the #o 31 An ;<cellent Re!edy for 6lushin% the ;yes, Prepared -ith Tin Before usin, the particular re edy for flushin, the eyes% ore has to use ,eneral ones and #or!% especially on the re oval of the pri ary cause and the stoppin, of the dischar,es that fall fro the 3rain on this no3le part1 Thereafter% 3ath the eyes of the patient #ith the #ater #hich you #ilE prepare in the follo#in, #ayC Melt fine tin over a slo# fire and stir it as soon as it is co pletely elted into cal01 This done% ta!e ? oz of this cal0 of &upiter% > oz of Ale0andrian tutty <crude zinc o0ide 2 7W5=% and > oz of crystal po#der% i0 these J po#ders% and put the in a cruci3le in the center of a stron, coal fire1 )eave it there till the fire has reached a #hite heat1 Then re ove your spar!lin, cruci3le and pour the ateria% no# co pletely !indled% into distilled vine,ar out 3y inclination and put the ateria into another cruci3le to a!e it red hot on the live coal% as 3efore1 Finally% 'uench it in vine,ar% as a3ove1 But ta!e note that the redness of the second i,nition ust 3e ,reat and that the su3stance #hich is put on the fire a second ti e ust 3e po#dered% #ith the result that it is so dry and hot as to a3sor3 in t#o ti es half of the distilled vine,ar1 As this ateria has 3een e0tin,uished t#ice% you ust no# let it rest for so e ti e to let it settle at the 3otto 1 Then evaporate the vine,ar fro it on a s all ash-fire and a pasty su3stance #ill 3e left1 Pour de# #ater upon it% risin, a3ove it 3y t#o or three fin,ers; 3readth1 Put it in a #ell-luted retort on an ordinary 3ath% and circulate it for > or J days1 After this ti e% you #ill find a #ater #hich is% specific and suita3le for all flushin,s of the si,ht% and this cure is all the ore #onderful as it can 3e done in a fe# days1 All that is necessary is to 3athe the eyes ? or @ ti es to re ove the cause of those tears #hich prevent the 3eauty of their function1

Chapter "// 9ead Preparation of Saturn -hich is ;fficient a%ainst the 9epra of >u!ans and Metallic Bodies, and of -hich an #ily Sol2ent can *e !ade : Another Sol2ent of 1old *y Crystals of Saturn : #il of Saturn : Another ;<cellent #il of Saturn 6lo-ers of Saturn -hich are a Specific Re!edy for #pthal!ias& : ;<traction of the Mercury of Saturn : Another Method of ;<tractin% the Mercury of Saturn : A Method of !a in% the 1lass of Saturn& Preparation of Saturn -hich is ;fficient a%ainst the 9epra of >u!an and Metallic Bodies, and of -hich an #ily Sol2ent can *e !ade -istill a lar,e 'uantity of ,ood vine,ar% till you have a cas! full of it% 3ecause it is the 3asis and the foundation of this Wor!1 To stren,then it ore% distill it several ti es over the feces% then i0 everythin, you have distilled #ith as uch other non-dephle, atized vine,ar% and let the ,o over to,ether% so that the distillate #ill 3eco e all the ore efficacious1 The dre,s that re ain at the 3otto are put in a retort over a ,ood% fire 3y eans of #hich one can e0tract an e0cellent oil fro the % #hich can 3urn of its o#n and dissolve all !inds of inerals1 After preparin, this solvent% ta!e FL l3s of po#dered lithar,e -- and 5$T #hite lead or iniu of lead cal0 (o0ide*% as several artists do% especially 6saac 7ollandus1 Ta!e% 6 say% this lithar,e and put it in several 3i, and very stron, flas!s1 Pour on it as uch of your vine,ar that it #ill overfloat 3y I fin,ers; 3readth% and then put it on an ash-fire1 /0tract the salt of Saturn 3y a slo# di,estion% and on the feces that are left after the e0traction of the salt and the crystals% pour once ore the sa e a ount of enstruu as indicated a3ove1 "ontinue doin, this till all your lithar,e has turned into crystals #hich are% properly spea!in,% #hat the philosophers call the "haos or the etallic ateria pri a1 $n this crystalline su3stance% a,ain put for the last ti e fresh distilled vine,ar1 -issolve it over a slo# fire and filter it% so as to o3tain a perfectly pure and fla#less enstruu #hich% afterC passin, throu,h the stea -3ath% #ill leave a su3stance that elts li!e #a0 at the 3otto of the ale 3ic1 6t hardens in the cold as it elts in the heat1 Thereafter% divide this eltin, su3stance a on, several ale 3ics and little 3y little pour fresh enstruu upon it% as if to feed and #ater it only1 -o this 3y first pourin, on only t#o drops% then three% then five% then seven% increasin, the a ount in this #ay till the ateria does not a3sor3 any ore1 Bou #ill reco,nize this #hen you see the solvent co in, out as acid as it #as at the 3e,innin,1 Therefore% #henever you distill your i 3i3ed ateria% ta!e care that you continue till the phle, a is as acid as 3efore% 3ecause this is ho# the child refuses the nurse;s il! #hen its sto ach is full1 When the ateria has 3een prepared in this #ay and converted into an e0cellent and precious ,u % di,est it in the stea 3ath for JL or ?L days% till it 3eco es 3lac! and has a 3ad s ell li!e that of li'uid pitch1 6t is fro this li'uid and 3lac! pitch that you ust e0tract% 3y the sa e 3ath% an e0cellent phle, a #hich can serve as a proper enstruu for e0tractin, a precious salt fro calcined earth% as #e #ill #rite later1 $#in, to the continual distillation that you #ill a!e of the said pitch on sand% and 3y finally ,ivin, a stron, fire a3ove and 3elo# throu,h the usual de,rees up to a very violent fire% you #ill e0tract a red and 'uite ; thic! oil #hich% to,ether #ith the precedin, distillations% #ill constitute as stron, and violent a #ater as that e0tracted fro #ine% and #ill have the sa e ,reat po#er1 The philosophers call it #ater of life (3randy* of Saturn1 6ts

su3stance is so pure and su3tle that it evaporate1

ust 3e !ept in a #ell-closed vessel lest it

To co plete the perfection of this solvent% this #ater of life of Saturn ust 3e put in a ,entle 3ath% in a lon,-nec!ed ale 3ic% #here the purest spirit of this #ater #ill rise i percepti3ly till you see the appearance of so e lines and fila ents throu,h the ,lass of the head1 6t is an infalli3le si,n that all of the spirit has risen% and you ust therefore stop this distillation and e0tract this first precious spirit1 Preserve it carefully in a cold place and in a #ell-sealed container1 After this spirit% a il!y phle, a #ill appear in a stron,er 3ath1 6t #ill 3e uch 3etter for #ashin, your calcined ateria than the first of #hich #e spo!e a3ove1 Finally% 3y a stron,er de,ree of fire and after chan,in, the receptacle% you #ill still separate an ardent spirit #hich #ill first co e out #hite and #atery% then red and oily% 3ut it #ill 3e heavy and lie at the 3otto of the receptacle1 7o#ever% if you #ish% you can a!e it ,o over #ith a stron,er fire1 6n re,ard to the earth or the feces that are left at the 3otto of the retorts as a 3lac! po#der% they can also 3e dissolved #ith so e fresh distilled vine,ar and thus turn into ne# lapilli of a stic!y and ,u y consistency% and finally% 3y eans of the a3ove- entioned di,estions and distillations% into #onderfully active and 3urnin, spirits1 There are so e #ho divide this earth into t#o% 3ut althou,h 6saac (7ollandus* hi self adopts this division% 6 a nevertheless of the opinion that the 3est and shortest ethod is to calcine all the earth to,ether and to rever3erate it 3y a ,entle fla e till it 3eco es yello# li!e ochre1 When this earth has 3eco e yello# due to the coho3ation of the phle, as% the salt can a,ain 3e separated fro it% accordin, to the ordinary rules and operations of the Art1 7avin, achieved the e0traction of this rare and precious salt% ta!e the first salt #hich you have little 3y little e0tracted and #hich you have preserved1 Pour it on E oz of the last salt% repeatin, this i 3i3ition till E oz of this salt #ei,hs J or ? oz and has retained the #ei,ht of the sal a oniac of this spirit% till finally the volatile e0ceeds the filed1 6f you #or! this process e0actly% you #ill find an e0cellent earth at the 3otto 1 Su3li ate it in a very clear and #ell sealed ,lass vessel% and you #ill have the pleasure of seein, in it the su3li ation of a Philosophical Mercury in the for of a fine talc% #hich you ust !eep as a ost valua3le su3stance1 To cro#n this #or!% ta!e E part of this Mercury and add it to ? parts of the a3oveentioned spirit or to as uch ardent spirit to a!e of the a solvent for the Sun and the Moon% such as the philosophers i a,ined #ere capa3le of turnin, the into spirit #ithout destroyin, their 3odies or losin, ; their characteristics1 Therefore% #onderful #or!s can 3e ade #ith this truly philosophical solvent% 3oth for the health of hu an and of etallic 3odies1 6t can even 3e ade #ith coral and lithar,e% and in that case you #ill #ithout dou3t a!e the finest and ost har less of all solvents1 Another Sol2ent of 1old *y Crystals of Saturn Ta!e iniu % or 3etter% lithar,e1 -issolve it t#ice in vine,ar then filter and con,eal it1 4epeat this operation of dissolvin,% filterin,% and con,ealin, three ti es1 When at the last ti e you have con,ealed to the consistency of oil% put your con,elation in a cold place for F or EL days% durin, #hich ti e s all ice-li!e crystals #ill for 1 4e ove alt their hu or 3y inclination and dry the very ,ently near the fire on a piece of cloth1 After that% put the thus dried pieces of crystals in an ale 3ic pot #ith so e ,ood 3randy% three ti es rectified on co on salt prepared and elted% each ti e rene#in, the sa e salt or rather passin, it over sulphur or vitriol1 Then set everythin, to di,est in the 3ath for J or ? days1 Finally%

distill this 3randy thus rectified over the pieces of crystal of #hich #e have spo!en% to the consistency of honey or oil1 That done% coa,ulate your ateria a,ain into s all crystal cu3es and crush the #ith calcined ,old% that is% I #ei,hts of ice cu3es to E of ,old1 5o# put everythin, into a #ell-closed retort in the horse;s Belly for ?L days1 Then put your vessel on an ash-fire to ,ently distill all the oisture fro it1 By puttin, it on sand after#ards% e0tract the oil #ith uch #hite s o!e #hich the philosophers call enstruals1 -o this 3y raisin, the fire accordin, to the de,rees of the Art1 To 3rin, this #or! to a happy end% ta!e all the oil and put it in a s all ale 3ic in a very ,entle B1 M1% first to e0tract the 3randy and secondly the phle, a% #hich you can discern fro the 3randy 3y the tears that fall into the receptacle1 5o# ta!e this 3randy and% pour it on the feces of your oil% and leave 3oth thus in the 3ath for E or > days% till your #ater is colored1 Thereafter% distill your colored #ater% pour it 3ac! on the ateria% and distill it a,ain1 "ontinue distillin, and puttin, your #ater 3ac! on the feces of the oil till you have e0tracted all the tincture1 6f the #aters e0tracted fro your oil #ere not sufficient for the co plete e0traction of your tincture% put the 3ac! in a ,entle 3ath to dra# out one-third #hich is to 3e used once ore for e0tractin, the rest of the tincture contained in the feces of your oil% 3y the a3ove-indicated process1 Finally% #ithdra# fro your 3ath all your tin,ed 3randy (#hich can al#ays 3e useful*% and you #ill find a ,olden oil at the 3otto % e0cellent for health #hen flavored #ith oil of cinna on and ,iven #ith the specific #aters for the diseases you #ish to fi,ht #ith its po#er1 #il of Saturn Ta!e lead cal0 and dissolve it in ,ood vine,ar% then filter and evaporate J parts of your vine,ar #ith a slo# fire1 )et the rest coa,ulate for >? hours% or in the air if it is in #inter% durin, #hich ti e the salt of the lead turns into (crystals* ice cu3es1 Then separate your vine,ar 3y inclination and put the crystals on a s all ash-fire to separate the fro the rest of the vine,ar% #hich you ay have left1 This operation is done 3y eans of the 3ath% till your crystals are left co pletely dry-When in% this state put the % after po#derin, the % in a flas! and-pour on the fresh vine,ar of the sa e stren,th as the previous1 Then dissolve% filter% and evaporate > of the J parts of your enstruu 1 Finally% let s all pieces of crystals for in the cold air or in a cold cellar% as 3efore1 Thereafter% distill the rest of your vine,ar in a retort and at a slo# fire to 3e,in #ith% then at such a de,ree of heat that a red oil appears1 When this happens% ta!e i ediately another receptacle% and 3y increasin, the fla e-fire% you #ill e0tract all the oil of Saturn% #hich has various properties for the edicine of hu an 3odies and that of etals1 Another ;<cellent #il of Saturn /0tract the calcined salt of Saturn or of #hite lead accordin, to the ethod of the Art% then dissolve% filter% and coa,ulate it #ith h co on #ater till it is perfectly clear and crystalline1 5o# put it to circulate for so e ti e in B1M1 #ith a ,ood spirit of #ine% in order to a!e it purer than it is after ordinary preparations1 Finally% it has to 3e put 3ac! in the sa e 3ath #ith de# #ater and 3e circulated as 3efore1 The thus prepared salt turns into a precious oil of #hich ? or @ drops only% i0ed #ith a suita3le li'uid% are a very ,reat and very po#erful re edy for all internal infla ations% pneu onias% pleurisies% liver co plaints% fevers% and the li!e1 6ts po#ers are even ,reater 3ecause they put an end to all infla ations and heal even ophthal ias if a little of this oil is i0ed #ith tutty <crude zinc o0ide 2 7W5=1 6t is also e0cellent for all !inds of can!erous ulcers1 6lo-ers of Saturn -hich are a Specific Re!edy for #pthal!ias

Prepare a clay vessel ade up of F or P little pots% put one upon the other% as #e said in the chapter on tin1 After the vessel is red-hot% thro# so e lead filin,s i0ed #ith saltpeter throu,h the tu3e% little 3y little1 Then you #ill see the spirit of saltpeter distill throu,h the 3ea! of the first pot countin, fro the 3otto % and the s#eetness of Saturn #ill rise in the other% upper vessels in the for of flo#ers% of #hich you can a!e a salt #ith vine,ar1 When this salt is turned into oil% you #ill have an e0cellent re edy for ophthal ia and all diseases of the eye1 ;<traction of the Mercury of Saturn Ta!e > l3s of iniu % such as it is% #hen it can easily 3e converted into ,lass1 Put it in a cruci3le in the idst of a stron, fire and i 3i3e it I or H ti es #ith ,ood vine,ar1 Then add to the thus prepared iniu an e'ual a ount of crude tartar% and finally distill this i0ture of iniu and tartar throu,h the retort for E> hours% 3ut ta!e care to a!e the fire stron, fro the 3e,innin,1 Bou #ill have EH oz of Mercury in your receptacle #hich ust 3e half filled #ith cold #ater1 At the 3otto of the retort there #ill 3e real ,old1 $ne can reasona3ly i a,ine that it is the ,old #hich the philosophers call the fired ,rain separated fro its vieC curt;% and in fact such1 a Saturnian Mercury is uch li,hter and 3ris!er than vul,ar ercury1 Another Method of ;<traction the Mercury of Saturn Mi0 > l3s of iniu #ith as uch ,ood tartar% and put the in a ,lazed pot pierced 3y s all holes at the 3otto 1 Put this pot on another that is neither ,lazed nor pierced% and put it under,round to serve as a receptacle% 3ut only after you have carefully luted the :oints and put so e fresh #ater at the 3otto to attract the Mercury and prevent the 3rea!a,e of the vessel1 Finally% cover the pot that contains the ateria #ith another very ti,htly luted pot and ,ive it a oderate fire for the first I hours% then a stron,er fire for the ne0t I% and finally a very stron, fire durin, the last I hours -- and you #ill find the Mercury of Saturn at the 3otto of your receptacle1 A Method of Ma in% the 1lass of Saturn Saturn is a etal #hose effects are so ,reat and #onderful for the health of hu an 3odies that it can not only do ,reat thin,s in the state in #hich #e have :ust prepared it 3ut also if it is vitrified 3y eans of calcinations accordin, to the rules of the true philosophy1 Because ,lass is the e0tre e de,ree and the ulti ate perfection to #hich all thin,s can 3e 3rou,ht 3y the Art% you ust therefore not dou3t that the ,lass of lead has in itself not only a very pure su3stance 3ut% in addition% an a3undance of salt% even ,reater than can 3e found in any other etal1 This is so 3ecause Saturn a3ounds so uch in salt that the other t#o Principles% #hich are the li'uids and the sulphurs% disappear co pletely% #ith the result that usually only the pure salt is left 3ehind1 $ften it e0ceeds the #ei,ht of the etal fro #hich it is e0tracted 3y ore than half1 That is #hy the philosophers #ho see! the Mercury and the Sulphur of Saturn cry out so loud% "avete% cavete a vitrificationeO (3e#are of the vitrification*1 This teaches us that all etals #hich contain ore Salt than the other t#o Principles can 3e entirely vitrified1 A on, these there is Saturn #hich% 3ein, 3etter provided #ith Salt than #ith Mercury and Sulphur% can easily turn into ,lass1 This does not ean that the other etals cannot also 3e turned into ,lass 3y the len,th and the po#er of a continual fire1 The e0ception is ,old% #hich% 3ein, of a ore perfect nature than the other etals cannot also 3e turned into ,lass 3y the len,th and the po#er of a continual fire and due to the ,reat e'uality and co 3ination of the /le ents it contains% can in no #ay 3e

turned into ,lass% 3ecause it is so richly co posed of Water% /arth% and Air that nothin, can produce in it any alteration of rust or corruption% and even fire cannot i press any chan,e on its ass1 This is all the ore so as it is of a fiery nature and that instead of 3ein, destroyed 3y fire% it is rather preserved 3y it% accordin, to this a0io of 5atureC )i!e thin,s love and preserve their li!e1 6n re,ard to iron% it is not a3solutely 6 possi3le to vitrify it% althou,h it can only 3e turned into ,lass #ith ,reat difficulty1 This is so 3ecause it contains uch ore Sulphur% #hich has a fiery nature% than Salt #hich% as #e have said% is the 3asis of all vitrifications1 Salt havin, an earthy nature% is purified 3y the continual po#er of the fire and can easily turn into ,lass and a pellucid and transparent nature1 6t is hardly less difficult to turn silver into ,lass than iron% 3ecause it is of a very fi0ed su3stance% and it only occurs if it is partly driven to this perfection 3y the addition of salts and the len,th of stron, fires1 /ven then it does not 3eco e real ,lass 3ut rather a stone of a hyacinth color1 The violence of the fire #ill have caused it to lose its o#n sapphire color% 3ecause it is volatile and not co pletely fi0ed li!e the su3stance of silver1 But let us return to our Saturn #hich is the foundation for a!in, all !inds of artificial stones% after the artists have turned it into s all pieces of ice #ith the help of the acid plant solvent1 5o# then% the ,lass of Saturn is ade as follo#sC Ta!e ? parts of iniu % E part of /ta ps sand or s all #hite river pe33les% #ell-calcined1 Put the in a cruci3le over a stron, fire% and you #ill pro ptly a!e ,lass that is yello# in color and of a transparent nature% #hich can ,ive ,ood in,ress to edicines that are too fi0ed and too dry% conse'uently deprived of their inceration1 5ote that this ,lass of Saturn is in no #ay co posed of a i0ture of pe33les or of anythin, else that could 3e added to its vitrification% 3ut that it is such 3y its o#n nature1 To prove it% do as follo#sC 4estore the etallic nature that it had 3efore% and #ithout calcinin, it at allA put it% all lead that it is% in a ti,htly luted cruci3le in the furnace of a ,lass a!er or a potter1 After re ovin, your ateria% ,rind #hat has not vitrified the first ti e% and put it 3ac! in the furnace to 3e rever3erated a,ain1 "ontinue doin, this J or ? ti es% and you #ill find that your Saturn has co pletely turned into a very 3eautiful ,lass% 'uite suita3le for a!in, precious stones1 6f you #ish to avoid pulverizin, your ateria so often% you have only to put it in the fire of the ,lass a!er% and at the end of the @ or I days that it has 3een in this continual fire% it #ill not fail to 3eco e vitrified :ust as #ell as 3y any other ethod1 6 thin! that if one #ere to su3li ate this ,lass of Saturn #ith sal a oniac% it could 3e elted #ith a candle and thus 3e turned into transparent #a01 Also% if this sa e ,lass #ere first po#dered and then ired #ith ca phor or a 3er or #ith so e other resin or sulphurous and transparent ,u % one could a!e 3eautiful and pellucid sealin, #a0 fro it% #hich #ould in truth only 3e suita3le for )ords% as it #ould 3e e0tre ely costly1

Chapter "/// Mercury Purification of Mercury : Another Purification of Mercury : Su*li!ation of Mercury : Another Su*li!ation of Mercury : Another ;<cellent Precipitate of Mercury : Precipitate of Mercury -ithout A8uafortis : Red Precipitate of Mercury *y Means of 1old : Red Mercury Precipitated *y Means of Quic li!e : Mercury Precipitated in all $inds of Colors : Diaphoretic and 6i<ed Precipitated Mercury : Another Diaphoretic and 6i<ed Precipitated Mercury : Mineral Turpeth : Another Mineral Turpeth : Another Mineral Turpeth *y a 6le!ish Physician : ;ssencified Mercury : Mercurial Brandy : Another Mercurial Brandy : S-eet #il of Mercury : Another ;<cellent S-eet #il of Mercury : Mercurial 5ater : Another Mercurial 5ater : Another Mercurial 5ater or "ir%in?s Mil of Su*li!ated Mercury& Purification of Mercury Ta!e ,ood su3li ated Mercury and dissolve it in a'uafortis ade of e'ual parts of oderately calcined vitriol and saltpeter1 When your Mercury is #ell dissolved% put the solution into a s all ale 3ic to separate the three parts on a s all ash-fire1 After that% uncover your curcur3it and put it co pletely uncovered in a 3o#l filled #ith #ater to the ri of the ateria1 Then put everythin, in a very cold and very hu id cellar1 At the end of I days% you #ill find your Mercury #hich #ill ostly have turned into s all pieces of (crystals* ice1 The rest #ill re ain separate in the for of a 3lac! earth #hich is nothin, 3ut the sla, and the useless feces1 Another Purification of Mercury Ta!e co on Mercury and su3li ate it EL ti es% 3ut the salt and the vitriol ust 3e rene#ed each ti e% and it ust also 3e #ell #ashed #ith 3oilin, #ater after each su3li ation1 All forei,n thin,s attached to Mercury #ill there3y 3e dissolved% such as the spirit of vitriol and salt1 6n addition% this #ater #ill cleanse it of its poisonousness and 3lac!ness1 As a result% after these EL su3li ations and EL a3lutions it #ill 3eco e e0ceedin,ly pure and fla#less% and conse'uently suita3le for all 3eautiful che ical operations1 Su*li!ation of Mercury Ta!e so e ,ood stron, Mercury% 'uite fla#less and carefully selected% ortify it #ith a'uafortis and turn it into s all pieces of crystals (ice*1 Put ? l3s of these crystals to,ether #ith > l3s of salt and ? l3s of either 7un,arian or "yprian vitriol1 When everythin, is #ell i0ed to,ether and the Mercury can no lon,er 3e discerned% put it into t#o ,ood earthen#are pots% ti,htly fittin, and carefully luted% of #hich the upper ust 3e pierced a3ove1 Alter they are #ell installed on a su3li ation furnace% ,ive fire 3y de,rees% and #hen the atter no lon,er e0hales any phle, a% it #ill 3e the si,n that al; of the Mercury #ill rise1 Bou #ill reco,nize it on an iron !nife or a copper foil1 Then stopper the hole #ith so e paper% stir your coal fire and a!e it very stron, for F or P hours% and for J hours after#ards a!e a fla e-fire #ith #ood1 At the end you #ill have a very fine su3li ate% a #hite flour #hich #ill have risen to the hi,hest point% and a li'uid Mercury that has revived1

Separate the and then calcine the li'uid Mercury to,ether #ith that #hich has risen li!e #hite flour in fresh a'uafortis1 6 3i3e also the su3li ate #ith fresh a'uafortis1 Finally% ta!e everythin, and i0 it #ith fresh salt and fresh crude vitriol% in the sa e proportion as a3ove% then put your ateria 3ac! into the sa e earthen#are pots as 3efore and ,ive fire throu,h the de,rees of su3li ation1 At last% ta!e the su3li ate% the one that you #ill find hard and fir % and also the one in the for of flour or a #hite po#der% crush 3oth #ith an e'ual a ount of vitriol% #hich ust 3e prepared in such a #ay that after 3ein, dephle, atized and i 3i3ed #ith its o#n phle, 3y repeated distillations% it finally turns into philosophical colcothar (caput ortuu or death;s head*1 When this su3li ate and this colcothar are #ell illed% they are put to,ether into a ,lass 3ottle% or 3etter% into a very 3i, flas!% and 3uried in the sand in a su3li ation furnace1 5o# increase the fire so uch that the vessel #ill finally 3e red-hot% and in I or H hours your Mercury #ill rise very 3eautiful and very crystalline% carryin, #ith it the 3est essence or the 3est sulphur of vitriol1 "ontinue thus till your Mercury does not a3sor3 any ore% #hich you #ill reco,nize 3y the #ei,ht of your su3li ateC After it has 3een co pletely prepared% it no lon,er increases as 3efore% 3ecause until then the su3li ate% a3sor3in, the spirits of vitriol and salt% had increased in #ei,ht 3y > oz% or at least 3y E-EG> oz1 Ta!e note of this% as it is the true #ei,ht and the true easure of the philosophers and sa,es% #hich they never #ished to reveal and al#ays !ept secret1 Another Su*li!ation of Mercury "alcine > l3s of 4o an vitriol over a very slo# fire% or 3etter% ta!e 7un,arian vitriol1 Put this vitriol into a ,lazed earthen#are 3o#l% al#ays stirrin, it #ith a spatula% lest the dryin, vitriol adhere to the sides of the 3o#l1 When it loo!s li!e a paste% ,radually pour it into E l3 of ,ood Mercury of cinna3ar throu,h a linen cloth% and 3lend everythin, so #ell to,ether that the Mercury can no lon,er 3e seen1 Then add to it E l3 of prepared co on salt% ,rind everythin, #ell to,ether on a ar3le sla3% and put this i0ture into t#o 3o#ls1 Give the sa e de,rees of fire as #e have said in re,ard to the precedin, su3li ation% and you #ill a!e a very fine su3li ate1 5o# add fresh ateria to this su3li ate and resu3li ate it as a3ove% up to H ti es1 6t is not necessary to add salt to the last su3li ations% it 3ein, sufficient to add philosophically desiccated vitriol% that is% i 3i3ed #ith its phle, a 3y several distillations1 6n this #ay you #ill a!e one of the finest and ost perfect su3li ates in the #orld1 ;<cellent Precipitate of Mercury To a!e an e0cellent precipitate of Mercury% ta!e > parts of oil of vitriol or sulphur and E of Mercury% cinna3ar% or silver1 -issolve the to,ether #ith a slo# heat% and #hen you have dissolved EG> E3 of Mercury in E l3 of oil% add ? oz of sea salt or colcothar salt% accordin, to so e alche ists% or of salt of tartar% #hich is the only one capa3le of softenin, the a'uafortis and the sharp spirits of vitriol1 By addin, so e co on sprin, #ater% the Mercury is precipitated to the 3otto in the for of a fine coa,ulate1 5o# it is #ashed #ith as uch soft #ater that it 3eco es pleasant to the taste1 Then add a sti ulatin, #ater% and finally so e 3randy #hich is to 3e 3urnt over it and an e0cellent precipitate #ill 3e left1 $thers% after addin, one or another of the salts of #hich #e have spo!en% pour into it sprin, #ater distilled to dryness1 They rene# these distillations several ti es #ith co on #ater% and #hen the ateria is dry at the 3otto of the ale 3ic% they su3li ate it% 3ecause in this su3li ation the Mercury attracts the sharp spirit of vitriol% so that it cannot disappear in any distillation1 "onse'uently% it is held in suspicion 3y the edical doctors and is dan,erous for the sic!1 Therefore they pass it throu,h the #hites of e,,1 7o#ever% the first ethod of these precipitates see s to e to 3e the 3est1

There are others #ho pass the a'uafortis fre'uently over the Mercury% as #e #ill e0plain later in connection #ith the turpeth ineral of the Fle ish (7ollandusD* As far as 6 a concerned% 6 #ould prefer to su3li ate Mercury 3y precipitatin, it #ith the oil of sulphur and puttin, on it prepared sea salt% so as to let the Mercury 3e saturated #ith the fire of 5ature1 Then% #ith the sa e #ater% that is% the Mercury of )una% 6 #ould a!e of y true Mercury of life an e0cellent re edy for the po0es% scrofula% and all other deplora3le diseases1 Another ;<cellent Precipitate of Mercury, Co!posed and 3sed *y the Sieur de la "iolette -issolve so e Mercury in a very special a'uafortis ade of true 7un,arian vitriol% ,ood saltpeter% and those s all 7un,arian ,arnets that are full of solar sulphur1 Pass the #ater J or ? ti es over the feces till it ta!es on the color of a hi,hly-colored hyacinth and is saturated #ith the sulphur of the aforesaid ,arnets 3ecause% #hen you thro# your Mercury into this #ater% it attracts the solar sulphur of these ,arnets% and in this #ay you #ill a!e of it an e0cellent re edy% #hile it #ould other#ise 3e ore har ful than useful1 The Mercury to 3e precipitated ust necessarily 3e that of cinna3ar or of anti ony1 -issolve it in this a'ua fortis till it is co pletely chan,ed into #ater1 5o# precipitate it in sprin, #ater in #hich you have previously dissolved so e prepared co on salt% or 3etter% the salt e0tracted fro the colcothar1 Bou #ill suddenly see your Mercury coa,ulate at the 3otto 1 Thereafter% pour off the clear #ater 3y inclination and #ash the coa,ulate #ith as uch soft #ater that no sharpness is left1 5o# 3oil this soft cal0 #ith coral 3randy% then #ash everythin, #ith de# #ater% and #hen the ateria is 'uite dry% pour so e ,ood spirit of #ine over it% 3urnin, it on the atter to dryness1 The sa e #hite cal0 or the sa e coa,ulate can 3e ade #ith co on a'uafortis% then precipitated into salt #ater% and finally softened and dried1 This last precipitate can 3e used for cancer and e0ternal ulcers% 3ut 6 #ould not ,ive any of it internally% unless it #ere first su3li ated and resu3li ated several ti es1 The 3est precipitation of Mercury is ade #ith% the oils of co on salt or nitre% or #ith the acidifies of sulphur and vitriol% #hich are the true ountain vine,ars #hose effects% even #hen :oined to those of Mercury% are not as har ful or e etic as those of sal a oniac or distilled vine,ar% #hich can only 3e re oved #ith difficulty% even if they are #ashed 3y several and different a3lutions1 Therefore% if you #ish to precipitate the Mercurv of cinna3ar or anti ony #ith the a3ove- entioned oils% ta!e > parts of one of these oils to 6 part of Mercury% put everythin, in a flas! on a slo# fire till all of the Mercury is dissolved and has co pletely turned into #ater1 Thereafter% first pour on it J or ? oz of ,ood prepared salt% and secondly% sprin, #ater% so as to coa,ulate your Mercury into a #hite coa,ulate1 Then soften it as uch as you can 3y passin, it several ti es throu,h sti ulatin, #aters and finally throu,h 3randy% and thus you #ill a!e an e0cellent precipitate of Mercury1 There are so e #ho su3li ate it on prepared salt and the soft su3li ate% and thus ,et a very useful pur,ative fro it1 Precipitate of Mercury -ithout A8uafortis Ta!e 'uic!silver and ,old% a!e an a al,a of the as the ,olds iths do% then separate the Mercury as uch as possi3le throu,h a leather1 Put the atter that did not pass in a flas! #hich% sealed or not% is put in an athanor #here your ateria #ill soon rise to the top of the ,lass and #ill ,radually 3eco e red1 Ta!e care not to increase the fire% lest the Mercury evaporate 3efore it is co pletely di,ested1 6n this #ay you #ill have a Mercury

precipitated 3y ,old% #hose po#ers are #onderful and 'uite nu erous1 The the follo#in,C

ain ones are

First% this po#der is e0cellent for the cure of ,out% if you ,ive once a Month half a dra #ith > oz of 3u,loss preserve in the for of pills1 6t is also #onderful for venereal diseases% 3ecause if you ,ive only ? or I ,rains #ith so e preserve or #ine for F days% you #ill co pletely cure syphilis1 6f you use silver instead of ,old #hen a!in, your a al,a % and you ,ive ? ,rains of it to,ether #ith 3etony or elissa preserve% you #ill assuredly cure ental deran,e ents% elancholy (depression* and even epilepsy% provided you add to this precipitate so e peony #ater1 Red Precipitate of Mercury *y Means of 1old Ta!e I parts of Mercury of cinna3ar or so e other% E part of calcined ,old1 A al,a ate the to,ether and put only E-EG> oz in each flas! on a continuous athanor fire1 They ust not 3e her etically closed% to allo# the hu or of Mercury to evaporate1 6n three #ee!s at ost you #ill see the ost 3eautiful red precipitate and the ost useful for health that can 3e i a,ined1 Red Mercury Precipitated *y Means of Quic li!e With the help of 'uic!li e that has only 3een coarsely ,round one day% it is possi3le to a!e an e0tre ely red precipitate of co on Mercury1 The ethod of a!in, it #ell is to put co on Mercury in an ale 3ic and upon it enou,h of this ne# cal to cover the Mercury 3y ? fin,ers; 3readth1 Give fire 3y de,rees% to a!e it co e out into the receptacle half filled #ith #ater1 The Mercury #ill leave a portion of its su3stance inter i0ed #ith that of the caE01 Then ta!e #hat has passed into the receptacle% #hich you #ill find uch purer and ore fla#less than 3efore1 Wipe it clean and put it 3ac! into the ale 3ic% in such a #ay that it sin!s to the 3otto % #hich #ill easily happen o#in, to its heaviness1 4aise the fire further 3y de,rees and repeat this operation I or H ti es% for the ore you repeat it% the 3etter the result #ill 3e% 3ecause Mercury #ill al#ays decrease in #ei,ht1 Finally% ta!e this atter% that is% the cal0 at the 3otto of the ale 3ic% and dissolve it in a 3i, 3o#l of #ater% stirrin, it 3y hand and a!in, the li,htest part co e out% in the sa e #ay as iniu is prepared1 By several a3lutions your cal0 #ill pass fro one earthen#are pot to another% #ith the result that at the 3otto of your 3o#l only the Mercury precipitated 3y the spirits of the salt #ill re ain as red as field poppies1 Mercury Precipitated in all $inds of Colors Mercury can 3e precipitated in any color one #ishes if% after dissolvin, it in a'ua fortis% you thro# into it all the thin,s that can precipitate and color it1 Thus you #ill a!e it #hite as il! if you thro# sea salt in the a'uafortis that has dissolved it1 Bou #ill a!e it 'uite red if you thro# urine into the sa e a'uafortis1 Bou can a!e it tan-colored red 3y pourin, on oil or salt of tartar% and you #ill a!e it 3eco e 'uite ,reen 3y puttin, so e salt of +enus (copper* into it1 6n short% you can eta orphose it into all the colors you #ish #ith the various salts #hose properties are tau,ht 3y philosophy1 Diaphoretic and 6i<ed Precipitated Mercury First you ust a!e an a'ua fortis of saltpeter% alu % and vitriol% E-EG> oz of each1 After it

is #ell dephle, atized% dissolve in > l3s of this #ater E oz of anti onyA of talcu % cinna3ar% and sulphur E-EG> oz eachA of the su3li ate% the verdi,ris% and the "rocus Martis EG> oz each1 When everythin, has 3een soa!in, for >? hours% re ove all the #ater #ith a very stron, fire till all the spirits have passed1 After havin, #ell dephle, atized it% dissolve very ,ood Mercury in it% #hich #ill precipitate at the ?th distillation% and if you raise the fire for the last% you #ill find your Mercury at the 3otto of the ale 3ic% turned into a very red and fi0ed po#der1 Bou can soften it #ith several a3lutions of fresh #ater% and if you #ish to a!e it #onderful for the health and even for che ical #or!s% pour up to P ti es tartarized 3randy over it% till it co es out insipid or soft1 6nstead of co on Mercury% so e ta!e Mercury of cinna3ar #hich they revivify or else #ea!en #ith sulphur% resuscitatin, it after#ards #ith 3randy or 3randy of tartar1 Another Diaphoretic and 6i<ed Precipitated Mercury Bou ust #ell purify the a ount of Mercury of anti ony or of cinna3ar that you #ish to ta!e% then precipitate it all 3y itself 3y puttin, it on the fire in a flas! of ,ood ,lass% her etically closed% lettin, it thus ,ently 3oil in an athanor for >L or >@ days% or the ti e needed to precipitate it co pletely1 After that% dissolve it in t#ice distilled vine,ar% pourin, fresh distilled vine,ar over the precipitated ercury till it is co pletely dissolved1 When you have reduced it to this condition% put it in a ,lass 3o#l #ith a flat and 'uite s ooth 3otto % so that it settles in the center 'uite con,ealed% discardin, around it the evils ellin, e0cre ents and scoriae #hich are not ho o,eneous1 6n the eanti e% rectify a ,ood oil of the Green )ion and pass it three ti es throu,h the 3ea! of the vessel% to,ether #ith its spirit1 The fourth ti e% pass the oil alone throu,h the ale 3ic #ith a oderately hot ash-fire% and #hat #ill stay in it is the ,er or the salt of the oil% #hich is 'uite suita3le for e0tractin, the spirit of ,old1 What has co e out is the phle, a #hich #e need to soften our Mercury1 This phle, a% or this rectified oil% is put on the purified Mercury% so as to float over the ateria 3y J fin,ers; 3readth1 This ust 3e done in a s all ,lass ale 3ic on a oderate and te perate ash-fire1 .eep your vessel on it for H hours% then separate your oil 3y distillation accordin, to the de,rees of the Art% and your Mercury #ill 3e left con,ealed in #hiteness at the 3otto of the vessel1 Put the sa e oil 3ac! on the con,ealed Mercury% distill it a,ain% and continue doin, this till the oil has lost all its po#er1 When this has happened% stren,then the sto ach of the $strich #ith so e fresh li'uid of the Green )ion% di,estin, it as often as you did 3efore% and repeat this till the rectified -Mercury 3eco es 3lood red1 This done% ta!e this ru3ified Mercury and po#der it su3tly in a her etically sealed flas! of very stron, ,lass1 .eepin, it in an athanor on a suita3le fire% you #ill have a fi0ed Mercury in H days% #hich can 3e called the true diaphoretic Mercury and can 3e used as an e0cellent re edy for several ,reat diseases1 Mineral Turpeth Ta!e Mercury of cinna3ar or anti ony% put it in a flas!% pour on it enou,h oil of vitriol to overfloat it 3y > or J fin,ers; 3readth% and leave everythin, in the cold till the Mercury turns into cal01 -istill this Gala to a li'uid throu,h the retort or the ale 3ic% pour so e ore fresh oil of vitriol% on it% then distill1 5o# a,ain pour so e fresh oil on it and distill once ore1 -o this ? or @ ti es% and you #ill find a yello# po#der1 After it is #ell dried% #ash it carefully #ith co on #ater to re ove its acri ony% then finally add so e spirit of #ine and distill1 6f you #ish to a!e it ore har less and perfect% pour so e de# #ater on it and distill it li!e the spirit of #ine1 Thus you #ill have an e0cellent turpeth% of #hich the

dose is I to E> ,rains at Another Mineral Turpeth


Ta!e E oz of rolled ,old leaf and E> oz of Mercury% dissolve the ,old in a'ua re,ia and the Mercury in co on a'uafortis1 Unite these t#o solutions% and an /clipse #ith result1 Thereafter distill 3y de,ree% and increase it at the end as uch as you can1 Brea! your retort% pulverize the precipitated su3stance at the 3otto % put the latter 3ac! into an another retort% and pour all the #ater that you have distilled J or ? ti es over it1 The last ti e% increase your fire to a!e everythin, rise that can 3e su3li ated1 Ta!e only #hat is at the 3otto % po#der it and put it in a cruci3le over live coal to e0pel the spirits of the a'uafortis as uch as possi3le1 Ta!e this po#der% triturate it #ell on a ar3le sla3 and then in a ,lass ortar% pound it #ith co on distilled #ater% and you #ill see so e ,rease floatin, over your po#der1 Pour it out and preserve it1 4epeat this a3lution #ith fresh #ater till nothin, ,reasy floats on top and your #ater co es out as soft as #hen you poured it on1 This #ater is such that it you touch can!erous or syphilitic ulcers #ith it% it #ill consu e the dead flesh 3y pric!in, the live a little% and #ill certainly cure the 1 6n re,ard to the re ainin, po#der% ta!e care to #ash it #ith cordial #aters and finally #ith the theriacal #ater of Paracelsus% #hich he a!es #ith theriac% yrrh% saffron% and 3randy% 3ecause your po#der #ill dra# out their fra,rance and #ill 3eco e ore restorative 3ecause of it1 This po#der is used to cause a ild vo itin,% #hich is necessary for the treat ent of syphilis and the po0es% and it #ill cause at least H or F ove ents of the 3o#el% if you ,ive I or H ,rains in su3stance #ith so e rose preserves1 $ccasionally% its action continues to the follo#in, day% and therefore the second dose ust not 3e ,iven till the third day% as the latter #ill not only pur,e till the follo#in, day 3ut so eti es for three or four days ore1 Accordin,ly% you ust not ad inister any #hile it is #or!in, and ust #ait #ith the third dose till the pur,ation of the second is over% at Which ti e you can confidently ,ive the third% #hich #ill pur,e for any days1 By this ethod the 5aples sic!ness (cholera* is cured% even if it #ere acco panied 3y a thousand ulcers% for even the first dose stops all pain% and the others cut the root of the illness1 Another Mineral Turpeth *y a 6le!ish Physician 7e a!es his ineral turpeth 3y precipitatin, Mercury into a ,ood oil of vitriol or sulphur% #ell dephle, atized% passin, this oil t#ice or three ti es over the Mercury1 To soften it ,reatly% he #ashes it #ith various #aters and turns it as he pleases either into a pur,ative or a sudorific1 To a!e it pur,ative% he i0es it #ith sca ony or so e other cathartic% and he ,ives only a fe# ,rains of this i0ture1 To a!e it sudorific% ho#ever% he fi0es it 3y the addition of saltpeter #hich he i,nites and #ashes #ith several a3lutions1 The ordinary dose is EF ,rains% and the e0traordinary E scruple% #hich is ,iven to those one #ishes to perspire a ,reat deal1 ;ssencified Mercury Ta!e co on Mercury% purify it #ell 3eforehand 3y distillin, it J or ? ti es throu,h the retort #ith crude Montpellier tartar1 Then a!e a precipitate #ith a'uafortis% coho3ate it three ti es% the last ti e ,ivin, a stron, fire to drive out all the spirits1 5o# dissolve it in vine,ar% and continue pourin, fresh on till the atter is co pletely dissolved1 -o this on an ash-fire% #here you #ill finally distill the vine,ar to dryness1 Upon this dry atter pour co on #ater and distill it1 4epeat this ? ti es% each ti e rene#in, the #ater% then distill

it to dryness and put your dried ateria for% t#o #ee!s to di,est #ith spirit of #ine1 After this ti e% separate this spirit 3y distillation% 3ut 3e careful not to open the vessel 3efore t#ice >? hours% 3ecause durin, this ti e the atter #ill dissolve co pletely1 "rystals #ill for at the nec! of the retort% and at the 3otto of the retort you #ill find an ash-colored oil in #hich you can dissolve the call of the Sun accordin, to the Art% that is% 6 part of the ,old cal in J parts of oil1 After that% it con,eals into a red po#der in an athanor #ithin >L days1 $f this po#der one ,ives the dose of E-E G> ,rains in #ine1 6t pur,es fro 3elo# and throu,h perspiration% and one can cure syphilis% dropsy% and several other illnesses1 Mercurial Brandy Ta!e ? oz of anti ony% so e tin and so e lead% of each half a pound1 Melt the tin and the lead in a cruci3le% then add the anti ony% and #hen everythin, is 'uite hot% add E l3 of tartar and E l3 of saltpeter1 Pulverize and a!e a 4e,ulus1 When cold% cast it into an in,ot% pulverize this ateria and put it in a retort #ith a sand-fire1 Add > parts of su3li ate1 5o# attach a 3i, receptacle and increase the fire% so that nothin, can co e out any lon,er1 5ote that there #ill 3e so e revivified anti ony at the 3otto of the receptacle% #hich you ust separate1 To ,ather the ercurial 3randy% one has only to pour #ater into the receptacle% and it #ill i ediately turn #hite1 Pour everythin, into a 3i, earthen#are pot% and after% your flo#ers have settled at the 3otto and the #ater has cleared% pour this #ater off and replace it #ith fresh one till it 3eco es tasteless1 Then your ercurial 3randy is ready1 6t can even 3e 3etter prepared for the sic! 3y coo!in, it for J or ? days in a her etically closed flas! on very hot sand% then 3urnin, on it H or F ti es very carefully rectified 3randy1 (ordinary 3randy% 5ot ercurial 3randy*1 The dose is fro > to ? ,rains in so e preserve% and is ,iven for scrofula% syphilis% ulcers% #or s% and other illnesses1 Another Mercurial Brandy Ta!e so e ,ood Mercury su3li ated #ith vitriol in the #ay #e have tau,ht1 -issolve it in a'uafortis ade of vitriol and saltpeter% distill it to dryness% and then ,ive a ,ood su3li ation fire1 Ta!e #hat has 3een su3li ated% dissolve it a,ain in fresh a'uafortis% distill and resu3li ate it i ediately1 "ontinue doin, this till there are no ore feces at the 3otto 1 Bou ust al#ays separate the latter% and 3y these repeated dissolutions and su3li ations you #ill prepare a su3li ate teat is very 3eautiful% transparent% and crystalline% #hose feces are as 3eautiful as the su3li ate1 By this process you #ill o3tain a 'uintessence of Mercury1 So e a!e it in another #ay 3y su3li atin, the Mercury H ti es #ith salt% #ithout usin, a'uafortis1 6 find% ho#ever% that the Mercury al#ays ta!es the spirits of vitriol a#ay% 3eco in, a3undantly saturated #ith the % and this is #hat you have to #atch out for as the ost i portant thin,1 When you have turned this su3li ate into such a 'uintessence% put it in a her etically sealed flas! in an athanor fire or a fire that does not e0ceed the heat of the sun% and calcine it for >L days1 Thereafter% put the thus calcined po#der in an ale 3ic in a stea 3ath% a!in, sure that the #ater does not touch the ale 3ic1 Bour su3li ated Mercury #ill dissolve and distill into a ercurial #ater or +ir,in;s Mil!% #ith #hich the spirit of vitriol #ill ,o over% #hich is a #onderful solvent1 Another ;<cellent S-eet #il of Mercury Ta!e so e ,u of Mercury 3randy% saturated as uch as possi3le #ith the fire of 5ature1 -istill and purify it :ust once1 With this clear% heavy and ercurial li'uid #hich coa,ulates in the cold1 into crystals% i0 so e e0cellent spirit of salt previously circulated #ith ,ood spirit of #ine1 Then separate it fro your chilled ercurial ateria till it is co pletely dissolved and no lon,er freezes1 When it is in this state% ta!e this i0ture and put it to putrefy in B1

M1 or in the 7orse;s Belly for ?> days% #hich is one philosophical onth1 -urin, this ti e you #ill see #onders happen #ith the% colors1 Thus your pun,ent ateria #ill 3eco e soft (s#eet* throu,h the con:unction of the spirit of salt and the di,estion in heat% and it #ill of itself 3eco e a ,reat and soverei,n edicine1 As it is not e etic% it is very e0cellent for health1 The nor al dose is > or J drops in any suita3le li'uid% or i0ed #ith so e syrup or pleasant preserve1 Mercurial 5ater Ta!e E E3 of ,ood su3li ated Mercury% E> oz of crude anti onyA ,rind% i0% and put everythin, to,ether in a retort on ashes% in a fire of de,rees% and you #ill distill a su3stance li!e il!1 -istill this il! separately and you #ill e0tract a clear #ater1 Put this #ater in an ale 3ic and re ove its phle, a in the 3ath1 Then you #ill find at the 3otto a ineral ercurial #ater #hich dissolves all 3odies and causes the Sun to pass throu,h the ale 3ic1 6nstead of crude anti ony% ta!e so e 4e,ulus% and you #ill do 3etter1 Another Mercurial 5ater Ta!e E l3 of ,ood su3li ate% E l3 of su3li ated sal a oniac% i0 the % su3li ate the ? or @ ti es% each ti e pourin, the su3li ate 3ac! over the feces% then ,rind the to,ether1 4e e 3er to ate the su3li ation in a 3i, retort attached to a fairly 3i, :ar for receivin, the sal a oniac and everythin, that ,oes over1 .eep this ateria oist in order to dissolve it% and #hen it is dissolved% distill it as an a'uafortis1 Then ta!e the feces% pound the and resu3li ate the #ith a 'uarter of the sal a oniac1 .eep it oist a,ain and distill it% then add the #aters of #hich you #ill have a lar,e a ount and #hich are really ercurial #aters1

Chapter /0 Anti!ony ;li<ir of Anti!ony : ;ssence of Anti!ony : Another ;ssence of Anti!ony : Anti!ony Precipitate : Sudorific of Anti!ony : Crocus or Sulphur of Anti!ony (>epar Anti!on) : Mi<ed Tincture of Anti!ony : 6lo-ers of Anti!ony : Re%ulus of Anti!ony : Crystals of Anti!ony : Salt of Anti!ony : #il of Anti!ony : Another #il of Anti!ony : Mercury of Anti!ony& ;li<ir of Anti!ony Anti ony is her aphroditic% ale and fe ale% of 3oth natures% Sulphur and% Mercury% fi0ed and volatile% the first-3orn of the etallic nature% iddle su3stance 3et#een Mercury and etal% the only natural solvent and natural fire #ith #hich all thin,s can 3e i0ed% the -ra,on and the devourin, )ion% the solvent and the coa,ulant1 6n this su3stance are e0pressed the :uice and the 3lood% 3ecause it is the 4ed )ion of #hich Paracelsus spea!s% #hich is nothin, else 3ut this precious ateria of #hich a pure sus3stance is e0tracted 3y separatin, all its i purities% 3oth 3y the operations that follo# the trails of 5ature and 3y various a3lutions% as #e #ill sho# in the Great Triad of Paracelsus Therefore% in order to carry out this Wor!% you ust first of all separate the 4e,ulus% add as little saltpeter as possi3le% elt this 4e,ulus% pulverize it and #ash it as often #ith its #ater that no 3lac!ness is left% so that% #hen you pound it a,ain% it stays heavy% 'uite #hite and fla#less li!e silver% 3ecause #hen it is in this state it can 3e a al,a ated #ith the perfect 3odies1 Ta!e E part of this 4e,ulus% > parts of ,old ,one throu,h anti ony in the nor al anner% ? parts of su3li ated Mercury% prepared as it is sho#n in the chapter on Mercury1 6t ust 3e so #ell prepared and so #ell purified of its salts and all its arsenical spirits% that you could ,ive so e of it orally #ithout any inconvenience1 The ,old ust 3e i0ed #ith the elted 4e,ulus% as in this #ay it #ill 3e calcined 3y a philosophical calcination1 Add also the su3li ated Mercury1 Ma!e one sin,le 3ody of these three #ell purified and cleansed su3stances% a triad or che ical concordance1 By su3li ation you #ill turn these three into one and the sa e su3stance% 3ecause% as Arnold of +illanova saysC 111#hich is done 3y repeated su3li ations% in #hich consists the #hole secret of the ancientsA 3ut the oderns% li!e Paracelsus% add to it the astrono ical concordance of the #ine1 Thus is ade a ,reat /li0ir and a universal edicine for the health of hu an 3odies1 ;ssence of Anti!ony 6t ust 3e calcined 3y itself% in an earthen#are pot over the fire% al#ays stirrin, it #ith an iron spatula and ta!in, care that it does not elt 3efore it turns ,reyish-#hite1 6f it #ere to curdle -- #hich ust 3e prevented as uch as possi3le -- it has to 3e po#dered a,ain and i ediately calcined% as in this #ay the arsenical and poisonous part of the anti ony #ill vanish1 Ta!e this cal0 of anti ony% po#der it su3tly and e0tract its salt #ith very stron, vine,ar1 When your enstruu ta!es on a hyacinth color% pour it off 3y inclination and add fresh one% and continue doin, this till it is no ore colored1 All these tinctures ust 3e put in an ale 3ic on an ash-fire till they are evaporated to dryness1 4e,ardin, the ateria or the salt #hich is left over after the e0traction of the vine,ar% #ash it #ith distilled #ater to soften your ateria as uch as possi3le1 6f it is put to,ether #ith hard3oiled #hites of e,,%

it #ill i ulcers1

ediately 3e converted into an oil suita3le for the cure of all rodent and can!erous

But #e ust proceed further and pour so e e0cellent spirit of #ine on this ateria softened 3y a3lutions% #hich #ill 3eco e red li!e a ru3y in the course of the di,estion and distillation #hich you #ill a!e of it1 Pour so uch spirit of #ine 3ac! on the ateria that #ill not attract any ore tincture1 After its perfect calcination% separate the spirit of #ine% and you #ill 3e left #ith a red po#der that is #onderful in its effects1 Give H or F ,rains of it to purify the ass of the 3lood% rene# and restore the person% cure lepra% the po0es% scrofula% in short% the physical and spiritual ( ental* diseases% epilepsies% dropsies% etc1 To ,o even further #ith the sa e re edy% ta!e so e of this red po#der and circulate it i ediately in a Pelican #ith a very ,ood spirit of #ine% then heat everythin, on a very stron, fire1 A 'uite red oil #ill 3e the result% endo#ed #ith ,reater virtues than the po#der #hich has no# 3een separated fro its i purities1 The oil is 'uite spiritual% 'uite positive% and 'uite active1 Another ;ssence of Anti!ony Su3tly pulverize E l3 of anti ony and incorporate it #ith F oz of saltpeter1 After this% calcine it in a cruci3le over hot ashes% ta!in, care that the fire does not touch it1 Then pound it a,ain #ith ? oz of saltpeter% calcine it a,ain over ashes% proceedin, thus up to three ti es1 5o# that it is su3tly pulverized% pound it in a ,lazed 3o#l #ith very hot #ater #hich you ust re ove 3y filtration1 "ontinue in this #ay till it no lon,er co es out salty% and you #ill find your no# #hite anti ony1 When it is dried in the sun% put it for ? hours in a lon,nec!ed flas! on slo# ashes% #ith ,ood spirit of #ine1 4epeat this di,estion and infusion @ ti es% till the enstruu has attracted all the essence of anti ony1 /vaporate all your spirits of #ine in B1 M1% and you #ill have at the 3otto a po#der% salt% or essence of anti ony% of #hich only E ,rain #ith rose preserve #ill do #onders1 $thers ta!e all this po#der and rever3erate and fi0 it for >? hours to a!e a edicine of it% 3ut the essence is uch 3etter 3ecause it pur,es #ithout vo itin,1 The secret lies in the calcination on ashes #ithout the fire touchin, the ateria1 Anti!ony Precipitate Ta!e oil of salt% ade #ith 3ole Ar eniac% and di,est it for a fe# days #ith so e crude anti ony or a 4e,ulus of anti ony% then distill #ith a stron, fire1 Bou #ill o3tain a red oil #hich #ill co e out in a rather lar,e a ount1 6f you put this oil in sprin, #ater% it #ill precipitate into a po#der as #hite as that of Mercury of )ife (5oteC 3randy is called% literally% Water of )ife*1 6f you ,ive I% H% or F ,rains of it% it #ill pur,e #ithout vo itin,1 Sudorific Anti!ony Ta!e E l3 of anti ony% > l3s of saltpeter% i0 everythin, #ell and put it ,radually into a redhot cruci3le1 6 ediately% ta!e the ateria at the 3otto of the cruci3le% #ei,h it and add the sa e a ount of saltpeter% then put it 3ac! into the cruci3le as 3efore1 -o this J ti es1 Wash your ateria very carefully several ti es% and a #hite po#der #ill 3e left1 Soften it and i0 it #ith an e'ual a ount of saltpeter1 Put everythin, 3ac! into the red hot cruci3le% as 3efore% and finally #ash your ateria very #ell and edulcorate it1 Ta!e E scruple of it% #hich you ust infuse for one ni,ht in the #ater of holy thistle her3% and you #ill o3tain an e0cellent sudorific1 This po#der is sufficient to a!e several infusions #hich can still

stron,ly affect the perspiration1 Crocus or Sulphur of Anti!ony >epar Anti!ony Ta!e e'ual parts of anti ony and saltpeter% i0 the #ell% then ,radually thro# this po#der into a ediu red-hot cruci3le1 Ma!e of it 7epar or )iver of Anti ony% pulverize and 3oil it in #ater till the latter turns red1 4un it throu,h 3ro#n paper or filter it other #ise% then pour either si ple or distilled vine,ar into it% and suddenly the tincture or the red sulphur #ill separate and precipitate to the 3otto 1 The thus prepared and dry sulphur can serve as a ,reat re edy for purifyin, the ass of the 3lood% and even as an e0cellent pur,ative1 Mr Wolfius% physician in ordinary to 7is Serene 7i,hness Prince Maurice% )and,rave of 7essen% ade an interestin, e0peri ent #ith it in connection #ith a youn, ,irl #ho had ,alls (s!in sores* on her le,s% so u,ly and tryin, that he #ondered if it #as not so e sort of lepra1 By ru33in, the #ith Sulphur and Mercury% the ,alls disappeared 3ut ca e 3ac! later1 To achieve a co plete recovery% he ade her ta!e so e of this crocus of anti ony for one onth% i0ed #ith a diuretic e0tract% only in the proportion of I or H ,rains to E dra of diuretic% #hich she too! in the ornin,1 So eti es she had > or J 3o#el ove ents% #ithout any distur3ance or vo itin, -- due to the aforesaid i0ture1 After ta!in, this re edy for one onth% she #as co pletely cured1 This e0perience has ade hi praise all re edies ade of anti ony ore than those ade of Mercury1 Mi<ed Tincture of Anti!ony Ta!e anti ony ,lass% pulverize it% and i0 > oz of it #ith E oz of candied su,ar% add to it so e e0cellent spirit of #ine% set it on fire% and stir it #ith a spoon till it is co pletely e0tin,uished1 Separate #hat is ost clear 3y inclination% pour so e ore spirit of #ine on it% li,ht it% and let it ,o out1 -o this several ti es% al#ays separatin, the clear ateria1 6f you ,ive one spoonful of the resultin, li'uid% #hich is an oil of the su,ar i pre,nated #ith the tincture of anti ony% you #ill cause t#o 3o#el ove ents #ithout vo itin,% and t#o spoonfuls #ill cause four1 To prepare it in another #ay% the tincture of anti ony is first e0tracted #ith spirit of #ine1 Then add to it as uch su,ar as is necessary% and set fire to it to turn it into oil% #hich #ill 3e 3etter i pre,nated in this #ay1 6lo-ers of Anti!ony Ma!e the flo#ers of anti ony in the sa e #ay as you a!e those of tin and lead1 An e0cellent pur,ative is ade of these flo#ers in the a ount of I% H% or F ,rains infused in #ine% or in su3stance% #ithout any vo itin,1 But you ust distill acid spirit of vitriol to,ether #ith its phle, a over these flo#ers% several ti es - then dry everythin,1 Re%ulus of Anti!ony To a!e a 4e,ulus% 7er es puts ? oz of horseshoe nails in a cruci3le1 When they are red-hot% he adds F oz of anti ony and so e saltpeter% elts everythin, #ithout tartar1 7e lets it cool% then finds the core of the 4e,ulus% elts it still ore% addin, this ti e a3out 6 oz of saltpeter1 7e lets it cool a,ain% then elts it a,ain t#ice 3y itself% and e0tracts ? or @ oz of this 4e,ulus% #hich has the i pression of Mars% #hich is e0cellent1 4ead a3out the properties of this 4e,ulus in the chapter on iron1 But to a!e a still ore e0cellent re edy of it% ta!e ? oz of this 4e,ulus prepared as a3ove% elt it and add to it 6 oz of the Sun1 "alcine everythin,% pulverize it and put it in a flas!% pourin, enou,h of an e0cellent spirit of

salt upon it to float over it 3y J or ? fin,ers; 3readth1 6n a fe# hours it #ill 3e tin,ed 3ri,htred% due to the dissolution of the ,old1 When this solution is evaporated% you #ill 3e left #ith a po#der #hich% #ithout causin, vo itin,% is #onderfully effective in the evacuation and pur,ation of 3odies #hen ,iven either 3y itself in su3stance or as an infusion1 6t is ,iven #ith so e preserve 3ut #ithout separatin, it fro its enstruu 1 Given in s all a ounts of ? or @ drops i0ed #ith so e li'uid% it is a soverei,n re edy for several deplora3le diseases1 Crystals of Anti!ony Ta!e J oz of 4e,ulus of anti ony and ? oz of ,ood saltpeter of three #aters% calcine the to,ether accordin, to the Art% at the end ,ivin, such a stron, fire that your ateria turns #hite% then pulverize it and let it rever3erate for F or EL days in a her etically closed flas!1 Pulverize your ateria on a ar3le sla3% then put it in a flas!% pourin, so e spirit of ,uaiacu on it% #hich should float over it 3y ? fin,ers; 3readth1 Put it to di,est on an ash fire% let the ateria 3oil for J or ? days% then re ove your spirit of ,uaiacu i pre,nated #ith part of the salt of anti ony1 Put the rest in a da p place% and it #ill turn into crystals #hich you ust separate #ith a pierced #ooden spoon1 5o# evaporate one-third of your spirit% put it in a hu id place% and it #ill turn into lapilli (s all stones* #hich you ust collect as 3efore1 When you have a ,ood a ount of these lapilli% dry the ,ently on the ashes to perfect dryness1 6t is an e0cellent pur,ative% the dose 3ein, F or EL ,rains% #ithout it causin, any nausea or vo itin,1 Salt of Anti!ony Po#der so e anti ony as finely as possi3le% dissolve it in its o#n #ater #hich is nothin, 3ut the a'ua re,ia1 Put this solution into a 3o#l ,lazed over hot ashes% #here it #ill evaporate till your po#der is 'uite dry1 Boil it in rain #ater for > hours% then% after it has settled% e pty it 3y inclination and put fresh #ater on it till it co es out very soft and clear1 When your po#der is dry% put it in a spotless ,lass vessel and calcine it on a s all fire till it ta!es on the color of cherries1 .eep it on such a fire for 6 onth1 Then reduce it to an i palpa3le po#der on a ar3le sla3% put it in a flas! #ith vine,ar #hich ust float over it 3y > fin,ers; 3readth% and 3oil it in B1 M1 for E day% addin, fresh vine,ar as the previous di inishes1 5o# pour this vine,ar into a ,lass retort and let it evaporate% or distill it% till a #hite po#der is left at the 3otto 1 Pour fresh vine,ar on the latter% and #hen it has 3oiled for > hours% let it rest for 6 day till the vine,ar 3eco es 'uite clear1 5o# e pty it into a retort% pour fresh vine,ar on the feces and proceed as a3ove till it is #ell dissolved1 -istill all your vine,ars in B1 M1% and you #ill find your #hite salt at the 3otto 1 Boil it in rain #ater for > hours% then% after the #ater has rested for E day% e pty it into a retort #ithout distur3in, the feces at all and #ithout any of the flo#in, into the #ater1 After#ards% re ove the #ater 3y the 3ath% and you #ill find your perfect salt at the 3otto % #hich is called Philosophical Salt and can serve as a no3le edicine for all diseases of the hu an 3ody% 3oth internal and e0ternal ones1 #il of Anti!ony Ta!e so e salt prepared as a3ove% put it in a lon,-nec!ed ,lass flas! her etically sealed and very #ell luted% lest it 3rea! and the virtue evaporate1 Then calcine it #ith the fire of the athanor1 To 3e,in% ,ive it a fire #hose heat is e'ual to that of the sun in March1 )et it stand thus for F days% then increase the fire so that your hand can stand it durin, F ore

days1 When you see your ateria 3eco e yello#% increase the fire 3y 6 de,ree and leave it thus for another F days1 6t #ill 3eco e tanned li!e a chestnut1 .eep it in this or a sli,htly ,reater heat till it turns scarlet1 )eave it thus for F days% and you #ill see its color 3eco e half 3lac! and half red1 5o# ,ive it the stron,est possi3le heat% and 3e not afraid of ,ivin, it too uch% 3ecause your salt is fi0ed and fire could not har it1 After this% let it cool1 To turn it into oil% pulverize it su3tly and filter it throu,h the sieve of the cordial po#ders1 When this po#der has 3een ade% put it into a flas! #ith vine,ar over it% dissolve it in B1 M1 for ? days% then let your ateria rest for E day1 Thereafter% drain off #hat is ost clear of the vine,ar% put fresh on for the ?th ti e% and stir your ateria ? ti es a day1 What is left at the 3otto is useless for edicines% 3ut ta!e your three solutions% distill the vine,ar in the retort% and you #ill find at the 3otto a po#der #hich you ust put in a ,lass ale 3ic #ith its receptacle% #ell-luted to its head in cold #ater% lest the spirit escape1 Give a s all fire for ? hours and !eep it thus till you see the spirit rise red as 3lood1 5o# a!e the fire as stron, as possi3le% and !eep it thus for E hour1 When you see that your ale 3ic 3e,ins to 3e full of sno#% a!e a ,ood fire till it 3eco es as clear as 3efore1 When everythin, has cooled% the oil of anti ony #ill 3e perfect1 6t is inco para3le for the cure of hu an 3odies% especially for lepra% pestilence% and all the other deplora3le diseases1 Another #il of Anti!ony Po#der% very su3tly% E l3 of anti ony% such as it co es out of the ines1 Put it in a lar,e cruci3le ,lazed inside and saturate it #ith a ,ood oil of tartar till 3oth are #ell incorporated1 After this% dry your i0ture on a slo# fire for > or J hours% then i ediately soa! and dry it till it has a3sor3ed as uch as its #ei,ht and you have > l3s of ateria1 5o# su3tly pulverize your anti ony i 3i3ed #ith tartar and put it in a 3i, ,lass flas! #ith so e ,ood 3randy #hich ust stand over it 3y ? fin,ers; 3readth1 5o# close your flas! #ith another (flas!* and lute it her etically so that nothin, can enter it% set it in a dun,-hill for ? days% and you #ill find that your #ater is of a le on-yello# color1 Pour it off 3y inclination% and i ediately replace it 3y fresh #ater1 Proceed in this #ay till it is no lon,er colored1 This done% distill 3y the 3ath all the strained ateria that you have !ept% and put the #ater 3ac! #hich ust distill up to H ti es over your feces1 The last ti e% the oil #ill 3e 'uite red% thic!% and very s#eet1 6t cures all cancers% neoplasias% and #hen circulated #ith ,ood 3randy% is an ad ira3le re edy for all internal diseases of the hu an 3ody1 Mercury of Anti!ony /0tract the 4e,ulus of anti ony% then turn it into Mercury #ith resuscitatin, salts 3y eans of ordinary di,estions and su3li ations1 To this end% reduce the 4e,ulus or the cinna3ar of anti ony to a very fine po#der% then i0 it #ith as uch 7un,arian vitriol and so e salt in order to su3li ate it accordin, to the Art1 Bou #ill o3tain a 3eautiful Flyin, /a,le in the for of su3li ated Mercury #hich you can revive into li'uid Mercury% :ust as the co on su3li ate is revived1 7o#ever% the cinna3ar of anti ony cannot easily 3e converted into li'uid Mercury #ithout su3li atin, it1 This is done 3y i0in, it #ith its #ei,ht of halfcalcined tartar% or 'uic!li e% or half-3urnt 3read crusts% and so e sal a oniac1 For the rest% follo# the rules of the Art% distillin, 3y the retort #ith fire and in the sa e #ay as you a!e the anti onial cinna3ar1 Thus you #ill e0tract a dou3le Mercury #hich #ill flo# in the receptacle filled #ith cold #ater% and you #ill have a ost e0cellent /a,le #hich can truly 3e called the Philosophical Mercury1

Chapter 0 "itriol The Ma%istery of "itriol : Separation @ ConAunction of the ;le!ents of "itriol for a 3ni2ersal Medicine : ;<traction of "itriol fro! all Metals : ;<traction of the Sulphur of "itriol : Crocus Martis of "itriol : An ;<cellent #il of "itriol : #il of "itriol and Salt To%ether : S-eet #il of "itriol : Another S-eet #il of "itriol& The Ma%istery of "itriol Ta!e vitriol% distill the phle, a% spirit% and oil fro it 3y the retort1 After that separate the oil fro the phle, a and the spirit 3y distillation% #hich do accordin, to the Art1 Better still% add to J or ? l3s of vitriol EG> l3 or ore of po#dered coral and @ or I oz of seed pearls1 Fro the po#dered colcothar% #hich contains the cal0 of the coral and the pearls% e0tract all the salts #ith co on #ater distilled accordin, to the Art1 This salt is a,ain several ti es dissolved and coa,ulated #ith the phle, a of the vitriol% till it 3eco es #hite and transparent as sno#1 Put the spirit and the oil on this salt in a her etically closed flas!% to di,est and circulate in a hot B1 M1 for several days1 6n the sa e 3ath% or on ashes% distill all the li'uid #hich #ill leave all the spirits #ith its o#n salt% and it #ill co e out of it al ost tasteless1 .eep it nevertheless% to ,ive E spoonful of it to feverish patients and to use it for red spots on the face% and any other trou3les1 5o# reduce the a,istery left dry and as a salt at the 3otto % and !eep it as a very precious re edy for all o3structions% ,eneral de3ilities% dropsies% hypochondriac elancholies% and an infinite nu 3er of other disorders1 6t is ,iven 3y itself #ith the proper li'uids1 To a!e a ,reater a,istery of it% ho#ever% distill the tartar crystals in our #ay1 When the fetid oil is separated fro the and the li'uid is purified 3y redistillin, it #ith the colcothar and the coral% you #ill e0tract all the salt fro the feces accordin, to the Art1 Add it to the li'uid% di,est and circulate this li'uid in the 3ath% and then distill it1 6t #ill leave a a,istery in the for of salt% #hich does #onders for all o3structions and ,eneral de3ilities1 But if it is i0ed% #hile li'uid% #ith the li'uid of the vitriol i pre,nated #ith its o#n salt% and everythin, is di,ested and circulated to,ether% it #ill 3eco e the a,istery of a,isteries1 Seaparation and ConAunciton of the ;le!ents of "itriol for a 3ni2ersal Medicine Ta!e 7un,arian vitriol% as uch as you li!e1 -issolve it in co on #ater in a #ar spot% filter it throu,h paper and coa,ulate #hat you have filtered1 4epeat this J ti es% then calcine and coa,ulate the vitriol 3et#een the yello# and red color% then dissolve it in vine,ar% filter and coa,ulate it J ti es% as you did #ith the #ater% or till it leaves no ore feces1 5o# coa,ulate it in the 3ath% and i ediately calcine it to a ,olden color1 6n a ,lass retort distill the spirit #ith a sand-fire1 Pulverize the -eath;s 7ead% pour its o#n spirit 3ac! on it% and 3y distillin, it #ith an open fire% you #ill ,et #ater and oil1 4epeat this 3y coho3atin, its spirit J ti es1 Al#ays pulverize the ateria and put its spirit 3ac! on it1 Thereafter% e0tract the salt fro the feces #ith vine,ar% filter% coa,ulate the filtered salt and dissolve it i ediately1 Filter and coa,ulate J ti es% and #hen the /le ents have 3een thus separated% unite the in this #ayC Ta!e J parts of spirit% > parts of oil% and E of salt1 Put all three in a ,lass ortar to di,est in the athanor for JL days1 The result #ill 3e a Stone% of #hich E ,rain only #ill 3e enou,h for

spas s% paralyses% palpitations% disorders of the #o 3% as also for epilepsy and all hopeless diseases of the hu an 3ody1 ;<traction of "itriol fro! all Metals +itriol can 3e e0tracted fro all etallic 3odies calcined 3y sulphur #ith distilled rain or sno# #ater% 3ecause 3y calcination these 3odies are i pre,nated #ith the vitriolic spirit of the sulphur% #hich is the only eans of e0tractin, the vitriol1 $thers distill the phle, a% the spirit% and the oil #ith ,ood vitriol% then they ta!e J oz of these three co 3ined to,ether% #hich they i0 #ith J l3s of distilled #ater1 6nto that they put the calcined etal fro #hich they #ish to e0tract the vitriol% till this li'uid has attracted it1 When the li'uid can attract no ore% they separate t#o-thirds of it 3y distillation1 When cold% the vitriol is coa,ulated% and they finally separate it several ti es1 But to do 3etter% ore #ater #ould have to 3e consu ed% till it 3eco es thic! in the end% #hich happens variously accordin, to the state of the vitriol1 Fro E l3 of copper% ore than E-EG> l3s of vitriol are e0tracted% all the ore so as the #ater that is added coa,ulates and increases the #ei,ht1 +ery precious oils for health are e0tracted fro these etallic vitriols1 $thers reduce all etals to vitriol% after calcinin, each in its proper #ay1 Then they i 3i3e the #ith spirit or oil of vitriol% #hich has the peculiar 'uality of turnin, calcined 3odies into its o#n nature solely 3y i 3i3itions and di,estions1 Beautiful and ,reat operations can 3e ade #ith it for health1 ;<traction of the Sulphur of "itriol Ta!e vitriol% the ,reenest and finest of 7un,ary1 "rush it and e0pose it to the su er sun in 3o#ls% stirrin, it t#ice or J ti es a day1 When it has 3een 3leached 3y the rays of the sun% dissolve it in #ater% and you #ill separate fro it an ochre% or rather a sulphur% #hich stays at the 3otto 1 "oa,ulate the rest in vitriol and set it a,ain in the sa e sun to 3lanch1 Wash it in several #aters% and your sulphur #ill separate1 "ontinue this procedure till al ost all your vitriol has turned into sulphur and settled at the 3otto 1 Pain-!illers can 3e ade #ith this sulphur1 Crocus of Martis of "itriol Bou have only to ru3efy the vitriol in all its parts and to pour on it sprin, #ater% then to i0 this ateria #ith a stic! in an earthen#are vessel1 )eave it there for J or ? hours till the #ater is clear1 Pour it off and repeat this procedure till the #ater is s#eet1 At the 3otto you #ill find a purplish po#der% #hich is the "rocus Martis1 So e call it ochre% 3ut it is the true Philosophical "rocus Martis1 An ;<cellent #il of "itriol Ta!e vitriol and distill it in the ordinary #ay to e0tract its phle, a% spirit% and oil1 /0tract all the #hite salt fro the colcothar #ith hot #ater1 Upon this salt (purified #ith its phle, a% if you #ish* put the phle, a% spirit% and oil 3ac!% then set everythin, to di,est in B1 M1 for several days1 -rive the pure a#ay #ith the i pure% and after a fairly lon, di,estion% distill the oisture1 All the virtues% 3oth of the oil and of the spirit% #ill co 3ine and i0 #ith the salt% of #hich ,ive a fe# ,rains in 3ouillon or in #ine or in any other suita3le li'uid% for all

o3structions and for several other diseases1 #il of "itriol and Salt To%ether 6f you cannot find any ,ood ,lass vessels that can stand the fire% the oil of vitriol and salt can 3e ade 3etter and ore easily 3y dryin, the vitriol to a yello# color% and the salt to decrepitation% and 3y puttin, > parts of su3tly pulverized vitriol to,ether #ith E part of salt and > of coarsely crushed 3ole1 Process the #ith a stron, fire% and the salt #ill help the vitriol ,o over% and you #ill o3tain ore li'uid suita3le for e0tractin, the sulphur fro arcasites than you #ould ,et #ith ordinary a'ua re,ia1 To separate 3oth spirits% put everythin, in a 3oilin, 3ath1 The oil of the salt #ill co e out first% of an acid taste and such as if you had distilled it alone1 The oil of vitriol% sli,htly acid% #ill stay heavier in its full stren,th1 6t is suita3le for #hat it is ordinarily used1 The oil of vitriol can 3e dephle, atized and purified so as to dissolve )una1 6 #ould use this #ater to precipitate Mercury% as it is neither as corrosive nor as har ful as others1 S-eet #il of "itriol Bou can e0tract the oil of vitriol if you ta!e E l3 of phle, a to E> oz of colcothar% put everythin, in a her etically closed flas!% 3uried 3et#een t#o pots filled #ith ashes% lute% and place it in an athanor to di,est slo#ly for F days1 At the end of this ti e% your ateria is purified and di,ested% so that it turns into a !ind of udpie1 5o# it has to 3e put into a ,lass lute and distilled #ith a rever3eration fire1 Fro the 3e,innin,% E or > oz of s#eet oil #ill 3e distilled for every pound of colcothar1 6t is a soverei,n re edy for fevers% dropsies% and even for painless infla ations% polyps% and car3uncles1 6f you chan,e receptacles and increase the fire% you #ill distill a very pun,ent and violent oil% in the 'uantity of J to ? oz per pound1 6t is suita3le for precipitatin, Mercury% ta!in, EG> l3 of Mercury to E l3 of oil and% after it is #ell dissolved in #ater% pourin, on it ? oz of salt e0tracted fro the colcothar #ith co on sprin, #ater1 Thereafter% 3oil the #ater fast in the ale 3ic% and in this #ay the acid sulphur of the oil of vitriol #ill rise1 6f you rene# the #ater several ti es and distill the % you #ill separate all their acidity1 AnoTher S-eet #il of "itriol The oil of vitriol can also 3e ade as s#eet as honey and capa3le of perfectly dissolvin, the Sun% in the follo#in, #ayC Ta!e as uch vitriol as you li!e1 Add to it EG? of its #ei,ht of Mars filin,s% i0 everythin, accordin, to the Art1 Put it for E hour on an ash-fire% and the oil #ill 3eco e s#eet1 Thereafter% filter this oil throu,h a cloth% and in this #ay you #ill o3tain an e0cellent oil for dissolvin, ,old1 $thers dissolve in oil of vitriol as uch salt of tartar as it #ill dissolve% and i ediately redistill the oil over it% then repeat this dissolution and redistillation till it can dissolve ,old leaf or calcined ,old1 For calculi% redistill the oil of vitriol over crystal1 To stop 3leedin,% distill the oil of vitriol over the "rocus Martis1 As a tonic% distill the oil of vitriol% over corals and pearls1 There are so e #ho add E l3 or E-lG> l3s of corals to > or J l3s of vitriol and distill everythin, to,ether% for #hich corals are #onderful1

Chapter 0/ Sulphur So2erei%n Balsa! of Sulphur for all 9un% Diseases : 6lo-ers of Sulphur : Mortification of Sulphur : Tincture of Red Sulphur : #il of Red Sulphur for the Pest : Another #il of Red Sulphur So2erei%n Balsa! of Sulphur for all 9un% Diseases Ta!e E oz of flo#ers of sulphur% or co on sulphur% J oz of oil of tartar% put everythin, to,ether in a 3i, flas! on an ash-fire% or 3rin, it close to the fire to 3oil the oil till all the sulphur is dissolved1 This is achieved #ithout the addition of hot #ater% provided the oil of tartar is not used up too uch1 When the sulphur is #ell dissolved in the oil% re ove it fro the fire and let it cool1 A#ay fro the fire% pour #hite vine,ar on it little 3y little% 3ecause of the 3u33lin, that #ill occur to,ether #ith very evils ellin, fu es1 Then let everythin, settle and a curd #ill for at the 3otto 1 4e ove the vine,ar 3y inclination% and pour so uch hot #ater on the curd that all the spirit of vine,ar co es out1 Bou #ill 3e left #ith a s#eet curd1 With the tip of three fin,ers put as uch of it as you li!e in so e e,,% and you #ill see #onders for asth a% pul onary consu ption% and ulcers of the lun,s1 6lo-ers of Sulphur Ta!e sulphur% alu % and saltpeter% E l3 each1 Put everythin, in a very stron, ,lass ale 3ic #ith its head% ,ive fire 3y de,rees in an athanor% and a #ater #ill co e out #ith #hich you can precipitate Mercury1 When the flo#ers 3e,in to rise% put on a 3lind ale 3ic and increase the fire% and your flo#ers #ill rise1 Fro E l3 you #ill al#ays ,et E> oz or ore1 Mortification of Sulphur 6t has to 3e pulverized and i0ed in a retort #ith ,ood 3randy for I hours% till it is dissolved over hot ashes1 Then% after dra#in, the #ater off 3y distillation% pour ore #ater 3ac! on it% and do this up to J ti es% so that your ateria stays 3lac!1 Then #ash it as often #ith hot #ater in a ,lazed 3o#l till -- it co es out s#eet and 'uite clear1 5o#% after #ell dryin, your ateria on hot ashes% put it in a #ell-luted cruci3le and !eep it in a rever3eration fla e fire for ? hours1 When it is cold% you #ill find that it is #hite1 Put it 3ac! into another 3i, cruci3le to rever3erate it still ore% and you #ill find it yello#1 When you have i ediately pulverized and rever3erated it in another cruci3le for ? hours% you #ill find it red li!e cinna3ar% and fi0ed1 6t is #onderful for health% accordin, to Paracelsus% #ho prepared it as a3ove1 $thers e0tract the tincture #ith 3randy 3y the sa e process used to e0tract the tincture of anti ony1 Tincture of Red Sulphur Ta!e sulphur and dissolve it in oil of turpentine1 To this solution add so e z#ie3ac!% al#ays stirrin, till the ateria 3eco es dry and li!e po#der1 Put this po#der in a flas!% our ,ood spirit of #ine on it% #hich #ill attract its red tincture% leavin, the oily part at the 3otto #ith the z#ie3ac!1 #il of Red Sulphur for the Pest Put > oz of spirit of turpentine in a vessel on hot sand and dissolve there% at different ti es%

P dra s of flo#ers of sulphur1 Bou #ill 3e left #ith a ass as 3lac! as pitch1 Pour so e ,ood spirit of #ine on this ass% then put it on an ash-fire% and in ? hours you #ill e0tract the red tincture1 Put so e fresh spirit of #ine on it% so uch that it no lon,er attracts the redness1 -istill all your spirits on the sand in an ale 3ic% and a very red oil #ill distill1 6t is chiefly used for pestilence% and it operates throu,h perspiration1 Another #il of Red Sulphur Ma!e a vessel of ,lass or Beauvais earth in the for of a lute1 To 3e,in% ,ive a very s all fire to elt the sulphur #hich you have put in it in s all pieces% i0ed #ith as uch pu ice stone% #hich is a #onderful eans for activatin, all thin,s1 6t can neither ,ive the ateria its 'uality nor i press it on it1 5ote that later you ust ,ive a stron, fire (3ecause this is ho# sulphur% resins% and all oily and sulphurous ,u s distill*1 A3out ? oz #ill co e out of E l3% so eti es a little less1 This oil dissolves 3oth )una and that #hich is e0tracted 3y the 3ell :ar1

Chapter 0// Arsenic Preparation of Arsenic : Su*li!ation of Arsenic Preparation of Arsenic Arsenic rese 3les Mercury% 3oth in its peculiar 'uality of #hitenin, and in the occult virtues of its nature1 That is #hy Paracelsus repeats in his )i3ru de Aurora #hat he said a3out Mercury and all its preparations% and ta!es in its place #ell prepared arsenic% purified of all its i purities1 To purify and prepare it as the Philosophers do% ta!e e'ual parts of crystalline arsenic and ,ood vul,ar sandarac% po#der the and put the in a retort #ith so e co on #ater1 Give distillation fire till the #ater has ,one over and ta!en #ith it all the 3lac!ness and i purities of the arsenic% and everythin, that can su3li ate has risen1 Then% #hen you open your retort% you #ill find that the su3li ate is nothin, 3ut fa!e #hite flour% #hich is all the i purity of the arsenic1 At the 3otto you #ill find all the ,ood su3stance in the for of a 3eautiful crystalline 4e,ulus1 7avin, 3een prepared in this #ay% it can su3li ate #ith anti ony and vitriol instead of su3li ated Mercury% and thus a!e the Triad of Paracelsus1 Arsenic can 3e prepared in several #ays% for so e separate the floury su3stance 3y su3li atin, it #ith Mars or soap1 $thers use other eans% as #e have indicated in our Boo! on the Spa,yric Preparation of edica ents1 Su*li!ation of Arsenic Ta!e very ,ood arsenic and fi0 it 3y calcinin, it #ith saltpeter accordin, to the Art1 Ta!e I oz of this calcined arsenic #ith% as uch ,ood su3li ate% and ? oz of co on salt% prepared or decrepitated1 Put everythin, in a su3li ation furnace or in a proper flas! in an ash-fire% and #hen the oisture has co pletely vanished% stopper it #ith cotton% continuin, and increasin, the su3li ation fire till the su3li ate has co pletely risen into the nec! of the vessel1 6t #ill happen in E> hours if you ana,e the fire correctly1 Finally% e0pose the phial or the flas! to the air% so that it 3rea!s of its o#n and you can then separate your ateria all the 3etter1 Ta!e this su3li ate and resu3li ate it another J or ? ti es #ith fresh ateria1 This is to ,ive it a coa,ulative i pression and the #hite tincture of arsenic% #hich is a ,reat secret1 When this su3li ate has 3een prepared in this #ay% i0 it #ith half the po#dered tartar% addin, so e vine,ar and al#ays proceedin, as is done in the reunification of cinna3ar1 Thus you #ill prepare a Mercury #ith this su3li ate #hich% #hen clean and purified% is prefera3le to the vul,ar in all !inds of che ical operations1

Chapter 0/// Cinna*ar Mineral Cinna*ar : ;<traction of Mercury froM Co!!on Cinna*ar : Cinna*ar of Anti!ony Mineral Cinna*ar $f all the cinna3ars% the ineral is al#ays the 3est% and #e find a very e0cellent one of this !ind near Mar3ur, in Ger any% #here there is a ine of 'uite red cinna3ar% the ost 3eautiful in the #orld1 A li'uid Mercury is e0tracted fro it #hich ,ilds silver% and this Mercury is easily e0tracted and in an ade'uate 'uantity1 6f you add to E l3 of this pulverized cinna3ar :ust a little 'uic!silver% you #ill e0tract at least E G> l3 of li'uid Mercury1 6t is of a no3ler nature than the vul,ar% 3ecause it su3tilizes the etals so very uch that if it is a al,a ated #ith ,old% the ,olds iths cannot use it to ,ild 3ecause the ,old is softened too uch 3y it1 ;<traction of Mercury froM Co!!on Cinna*ar Ta!e co on cinna3ar% as uch as you li!e% and after turnin, it into po#der% i0 it #ith half of its #ei,ht of pulverized tartar1 Pound it very stron,ly% then put everythin, in a 3i, retort #ith very sharp vine,ar% enou,h to stand a3ove the ateria 3y J or ? fin,ers; 3readth1 When the vine,ar has 3een re oved 3y a slo# distillation% ta!e it fro the receptacle and half fill the latter #ith co on #ater1 Add it to the retort #hich has previously 3een put on the furnace and 3uried in sand1 Ma!e a ,ood fire underneath% and to#ard the end also a3ove% and you #ill see your li'uid Mercury distill in a lar,e 'uantity into the #ater of your receptacle1 Thereafter% separate it fro the #ater% and after you have #ell dried its oisture off% !eep it to use it for a!in, your precipitate Mercuries and other thin,s1 5ote that crushed 'uic!li e can 3e used instead of tartar to revivify the cinna3ar into li'uid Mercury% :ust as su3li ated Mercury% if it is i0ed #ith it in the sa e 'uantity as the tartar1 The thus prepared Mercuries are of 'uite another nature than vul,ar ercury #hich% 3ecause of its coldness and crudeness% in no #ay a,rees #ith hot and 3oiled thin,s% such as are the perfect etals% the Sun and the Moon1 Cinna*ar of Anti!ony Ta!e e'ual parts of crude anti ony and su3li ated Mercury% i0 the #ell and put the on a sand-fire in a retort adapted and luted #ith its receptacle1 /0tract fro it% 3y de,rees% a ,u #hich is the 3utter of anti ony% and #hen the ,u has stopped distillin,% a!e a fire 3oth a3ove and underneath it% and your ateria #ill all su3li ate at the sides as #ell as at h nec! of the retort% as 3eautiful cinna3ar of anti ony1 6n this #ay you #ill a!e a 3eautiful cinna3ar of anti ony1

Chapter 0/" Precious Stones ;ssence of Corals and Pearls : Dissolution of Pearls -ith the "ine%ar of Saturn : Ma%istery of Pearls and Corals : ;ssence of Medicinal Stones : ;ssence of >e!atite : ;ssence of >yacinth ;ssence of Corals and Pearls "orals are calcined #ith saltpeter% then their essence can 3e e0tracted #ith 3randy1 The latter ust not touch the saltpeter% 3ut should it do so% 6 do not thin! that it could do any har in vie# of the e0cellent re edy that is o3tained fro saltpeter reduced to ,lass #ith sulphur1 5o#% to carry out the calcination of corals% they ust first 3e pulverized% then i0ed #ith three ti es as uch saltpeter% and set on fire till the calcination is perfect1 Bou could do the sa e #ith pearls% 3ut it is 3etter to dissolve those #ith the acid solvent of dephle, atized sulphur 3ecause% althou,h it stays in,led #ith the essence% it can only 3e very useful for it1 Dissolution of Pearls -ith the "ine%ar of Saturn -istill the vine,ar saturated #ith the s#eet salt of Saturn% and dissolve the pearls in it1 Then distill the vine,ar over the pearls% and #hen it has ,one over% chan,e receptacles and ,ive a slo# fire1 First you #ill see a #hite and very ethereal spirit co e out1 After that% increase the fire so e#hat% and you #ill o3tain a reddish li'uid1 Ta!e all these li'uids and put the in a s all retort on a pierced plate% so that it can receive the hot stea of a 3ath1 The #hite and ethereal spirits can there3y separate fro the others #hen the receptacle is chan,ed% and a red% oily% and sulphurous li'uid #ill 3e left at the 3otto 1 6f then you pour a fe# drops of the #hite spirit of Saturn on the thus dissolved% filtered% and purified pearls% you #ill see ho# the 3ody of your dissolved pearls coa,ulates #ith the enstruu into a very transparent su3stance% al ost li!e oriental pearls% 'uite suita3le for the e 3ellish ent of #o en and the stren,thenin, of all the no3le parts of the hu an 3ody1 When the fiery oil #ith all its spirit has 3een e0tracted fro lithar,e or iniu % it ust 3e rectified accordin, to the Art1 First distill the pure and true fiery ecurial spirit% then a reddish and oily #ater% and finally the salt in the for of a corrosive vine,ar% #hich is the phle, a #ith #hich the pearls are dissolved1 Because of the added ercurial spirit% they coa,ulate #ith their acid phle, a1 The sa e spirit% #hich has the coa,ulative virtue% in it and 3rou,ht it close to a li,hted candle% #ould i,nite #ithout your fin,er feelin, it1 $n the contrary% you #ould feel your fin,er colder than #ar er% althou,h it #ould 3e co pletely infla ed1 Ma%istery of Pearls and Corals The a,istery of pearls and corals is ade #ith vine,ar and spirit of tartar1 After you have co pletely dissolved 3oth in vine,ar and have added a fe# drops of oil of tartar% that is% salt of tartar dissolved in sprin, #ater 3y puttin, ? oz of salt in > l3s of #ater% thus ,ivin, it a stron, taste to a!e it ore penetratin, (other#ise the essences #ould ,o to the 3otto and turn yello# there*% separate your pearls fro your enstruu % then s#eeten the #ith several a3lutions% and you can a!e ,ood use of the in different #ays in edicine1 6f the a,istery of pearls is i0ed #ith so e #ater of euphrasy (eye 3ri,ht* in the for of

a lini ent% it re oves the spots that cover the pupil of the eyes% provided they are not too deep-seated and are not covered 3y a e 3rane1 ;ssence of Medicinal Stones The essence of e,,shells% shells% pe33les% spon,es% and stones called lynceus and :udaic stones is e0tracted in the sa e #ay as #e have :ust tau,ht1 Such essences have a #onderful po#er for dissolvin, and drivin, calculi out of the 3ladder1 But the essences of the &udaic stone and the lynceus are inco para3ly ore suita3le than the others% 3ecause if you ,ive only > ,rains of the #ith #hite #ine or so e suita3le #ater% you #ill ,ive a diuretic #hich causes a patient to urinate al ost to urinate 3lood1 6nstead of vine,ar% 6 thin! one could ta!e the acid spirit of vitriol or sulphur% and if they #ere processed as a3ove #ith the tincture of the salt of the &udaic stone% an e'ually po#erful diuretic could 3e ade of the for dissolvin, calculi% provided in:ections into the 3ladder #ere ade #ith it% usin, a syrin,e and the #ater of the #hites of e,, or% after dissolvin, the said stones in vine,ar% they #ere dissolved once a,ain in hardened #hites of e,, ;ssence of >e!atite The essence of hae atite (iron ore* can easily 3e e0tracted #ith pu ice stone% as #e have said in several places% or #ith vine,ar prepared #ith roses1 $f this vine,ar i pre,nated #ith this stone% one can a!e a syrup #ith the :uice of red-currants or plantains% or a !ind of a specific and very suita3le potion for those #ho urinate 3lood1 6f you do not find any hae atite% ta!e corals or "rocus Martis% and prepare it :ust li!e the hae atite1 ;ssence of >yacinth Ta!e the purest hyacinths (the ,e * that you can find% po#der the su3tly% calcine the J ti es #ith flo#ers of sulphur% then e0tract their essence or tincture #ith the spirit of salt 3y eans of a di,estion in the 3ath or the 7orse;s Belly1 This tincture is #onderful for nervous diseases% if an ade'uate dose is ,iven every t#o #ee!s1 The e0perience of it has 3een ade #ith a patient #ho #as co pletely cured% 3ein, t#ice or three ti es pur,ed #ith this re edy% 3ecause it has the property of pur,in, and fortifyin, at the sa e ti e1 Bou can e0tract the essence fro other stones in the sa e #ay1

Chapter 0" Crystal #il of Crystal for Calculi Pulverize the crystal and heat it several ti es red-hot in a cruci3le% then sla!e it in vine,ar1 4epeat this calcination and sla!in, several ti es% the ore the 3etter1 6t #ould even 3e ,ood to rever3erate it a little lon,er in a furnace and thereafter to steep the red cal0 several ti es in vine,ar1 5o# pour fresh vine,ar on the thus calcined crystal% ? fin,ers; 3readth a3ove it% to e0tract the salt1 Then separate the vine,ar fro it% and the salt #ill 3e left at the 3otto % the color of lee!s1 Put this salt on a ar3le sla3% to 3e dissolved in a da p spot1 Give a fe# drops of this li'uid for calculi in a suita3le vehicle1 +enetian ,lass sla!ed several ti es in spirit of vine,ar and #ell po#dered has the sa e property as crystal% even ore so for the hardenin, of calculi% especially as it also contains al!aline salt1

Chapter 0"/ Talc Preparation of Talc for Reducin% it to #il : Another #il of Talc : Another ;<cellent #il of Talc Preparation of Talc for Reducin% it to #il Ta!e po#dered talc% tartar% and saltpeter% in e'ual a ounts% and calcine the in a stron, fusion fire till your su3stance is #hite1 Then re ove the salts% and the talc #ill 3e left over calcined and reduced to a #hite po#der1 Finally% e0tract the salt fro it #ith very ,ood vine,ar on a di,estion fire1 5o# put these vine,ars saturated #ith the salt of your talc into an ale 3ic to 3e distilled to dryness1 Put the re ainin, su3stance to resolve in a da p place% and in this #ay you #ill o3tain oil of talc -- if it is true #hat they say that the vine,ar attracts the salt of the talc as #ell as that of other inerals1 As far as 6 a concerned% 6 #ould distill it to half or t#o-thirds and let s all pieces of ice for in the cold% and the resolution #ould 3e done sooner1 Another #il of Talc Pulverize talc or crush it as uch as you can% put it in an earthen#are pot #hich ust 3e neither coo!ed nor ,lazed1 )ute it e0actly% and put it in a rever3eration furnace for F hours to calcine co pletely1 5o# put it in a s all 3a, of ne# linen% tie it #ell and cru ple it a lon, ti e 3et#een your hands% so that the ateria can easily pass throu,h the sieve of the cordial po#ders1 When it has turned into a po#der as su3tle as flour% put it in a ,lass retort and 3ury it in the earth in a cellar% #ith its 3ea! turned up#ard and covered #ith parch ent1 )eave it thus for >L days% #ithout touchin, it1 -urin, this ti e your talc #ill 3e reduced to a paste1 When this is done% put your retort on the furnace in an earthen#are 3o#l% over > fin,ers; 3readth of sand% #hich ust cover it all around to the top1 5o# add the receptacle and ,ive it a s all fire% ,radually increasin, it till a #hite li'uid co es out% then a red% and finally a tan-colored1 Thus you #ill see various colors and different and viscous su3stances co e out of one and the sa e ateria1 The first% #hich is co pletely edicinal% is called /arth 3y the alche ists 3ecause of its oisture% and the second% Fire 3ecause of its su3tlety1 Thereafter% pile your re ainin, feces and 3oil the in a 3oiler or a pot #ith #ell #ater1 Filter it and !eep it apart in a #ell-closed phial% :ust as the other oils1 This last #ater 3lanches the #hole 3ody% cures the s#ellin,s of the le,s and sca3ies% softens and #hitens the hands and cleans the of all spots if they are #ashed in it several ti es1 But this li'uid not only re oves spots 3ut also #arts% scars% and other ar!s% it #hitens the teeth and re oves the #rin!les of the face forever1 6f you ,ive > drops of it to drin! in #ine or 3ouillon% it drives a#ay 3ad 3reath due to putrefaction1 6n addition% it fortifies the 3ody% arouses the appetite% and corrects all the defects of the sto ach1 Another ;<cellent #il of Talc Ta!e ? l3s of ,ood su3li ate% specially prepared #ith ? l3s of 4o an vitriol% > l3s of prepared co on salt% and > l3s of Mercury of cinna3ar #hich has previously 3een ortified in salt and vine,ar for @ or I days1 Filter this throu,h a linen and s'ueeze it out

little 3y little into your vitriol and salt ateria #hich you have previously elted on a ediu coal-fire and half-dried1 5o# ,rind everythin, till it is reduced to po#der and the Mercury can no lon,er 3e seen1 Then put your ateria on a ar3le sla3 and pound it till everythin, has turned into an i palpa3le po#der1 Put it 3et#een t#o ,lazed earthen#are 3o#ls and su3li ate it1 Thereafter% ta!e this su3li ate% so e colcothar% +enetian ,lass% and prepared co on salt1 Put everythin, 3ac! to 3e su3li ated as 3efore% and the su3li ate ust a,ain 3e resu3li ated #ith as uch talc as it #ei,hs% and as uch salt prepared I ti es1 Al#ays i0 the feces under the su3li ated su3stances% each ti e poundin, the to,ether and puttin, one fin,er;s 3readth of fresh prepared salt over the 1 6n this #ay you #ill a!e a 3eautiful% crystalline su3li ate% #ell stripped of its poison% #hich is suita3le 3oth for health and the 3eauty of the face1 4e,ardin, the left-over feces% dissolve the in #ater to separate the salt% and you #ill have a perfectly 3eautiful and philosophically calcined talc #hich can 3e dissolved in this state and converted into oil #ith spirit of #ine1 6t is #onderful for i provin, a person;s loo!s1 So ta!e E l3 of this su3li ate% > l3s of very fine crystalline salt of tartar ade 3y several dissolutions% additions% and distillations #ith 3randy% ,rind and i0 everythin, #ell to,ether% then put it to dissolve in the cellar on a ,lass plate1 After that% dephle, atize it in the 3ath% and finally distill it on ashes1 All your Mercury #ill turn into a precious and transparent #ater% #hile your salt of tartar #ill stay in the retort and 3e uch 3etter than 3efore for identical #or!s1 /ven 3y itself this oil #ill ,ive a lustrous surface to yello# pearls1 6f i0ed #ith the proper #aters% it is one of the 3eautiful decorations of 5ature1 But to prepare of it the true and soverei,n oil of talc% ta!e the re ainin, calcined talc and saturate it on a ar3le sla3 or in a ,lass vessel #ith dou3le its #ei,ht of your oil% put everythin, 3ac! in the 3ath to di,est for F days% then pass it throu,h the retort% and part of the talc i0ed #ith the oil of Mercury #ill ,o into the receptacle1 At the 3otto the talc #ill 3e left in the for of )u en perlaru ()i,ht of pearls% or pearly li,ht1*% #hich dissolves of itself in all !inds of li'uids1 6t is the true and ad ira3le oil of talc% #hich #hitens #onderfully% nourishes the co ple0ion% and preserves one;s 3eauty1 6n addition% it re oves all spots and 3le ishes fro the s!in% rids the face of red 3lotches even if they are natural% and i ediately 3lanches a scarlet co ple0ion1

Chapter 0"// Special Secrets The Author?s AntiBPoda%ral 5ater : The True 9audanu! or =epenthe of the Author : The Author?s ;li<ir or Mercury of 9ife (Mercury Brandy) : The Author?s Panacea : The 1reat Pacacea or the Polychrest Anodyne of Montanus& The Author?s AntiBPoda%ral 5ater The 3asis of this re edy is a #ater co posed of F 'uarts of river #ater% in #hich are e0tin,uished (sla!ed* EI ti es ? s all steel 3alls% each #ei,hin, E l3% and E 3all of copper #ei,hin, EG> l31 Thereafter% infuse into > 'uarts of this #ater EE> oz of anti ony ,lass for >? hours1 6n the other I 'uarts dissolve > oz of precipitated Mercury1 When these t#o #aters have 3een thus prepared% i0 the in a flas! to 3e used as #e #ill e0plain 3elo#1 Prepare precipitated Mercury in the ordinary #ay% 3ut to ? oz of Mercury and as uch a'uafortis add E G> oz of pulverized sulphur% dissolved in #ater 3efore addin, the Mercury1 After this% evaporate the a'uafortis to dryness% and you #ill o3tain a precipitated Mercury as #hite as sno#1 There are others% such as 4ulandus% #ho prepare a re edy for ,out #ith a decoction ade #ith leaves of d#arf elders (3lood#ort*% the inner 3ar! of elders% flo#ers of cha o ile and elilot (s#eet clover*% and the ri,ht a ount of #ater to #hich iron nails have conveyed a certain proportion of rust% or #ith old farrier;s #ater% or #ater in #hich you have several ti es sla!ed red-hot copper1 Thereafter% they add to each pound of this decoction E G> scruple of su3li ated Mercury1 They a!e this #ater ore or less tart% in proportion to the dissolved copper or su3li ated Mercury #hich they add1 The physician ust ad:ust the dose accordin, to the condition of the disorder and the state of the patient1 For the sa e disorder others use a'uafortis in #hich silver has 3een separated 3y a decoction of elilot% to #hich they add so e su3li ated Mercury1 1 There are others #ho prepare a specific re edy for this disorder #ith the phle, a and the spirit e0tracted fro vitriol% and chiefly fro the acidity of sea salt% #hich they apply #ith #ar 3anda,es on the painful part1 $thers successfully use the #ater into #hich they have several ti es thro#n lead% copper% ,old% and silver% after they had elted the 1 Finally% they infuse and acerate in B1 M1 lithar,e% anti ony% iniu % and arcasites of ,old and silver1 Still others prepare a re edy #hich they consider re ar!a3le for pains that cannot 3e controlled 3y anodynes (pain-!illers* and pare,orics (tinctures of opiu used especially to relieve pain*1 They a!e it #ith co on #ater in #hich they acerate 'uic!li e for EL or E> days% then 3oil in it flo#ers of #hite 3uds of elders% add so e colcothar% or feces of a'ua fortis1 They use this co pound in various #ays% accordin, to the nature of the disorder1 $thers add to the recipe of 4uland9s calcined 'uic!silver or 'uic!silver reduced to salt #ith a sufficient 'uantity of a'uaforts1 When Mercury is thus prepared% it is li!e a ferret and penetrates to the roots of the disorder to resolve there the tartars% the salts% and the

,ypseous su3stances at the :oints% #hich "ause such ,reat pains% 3ecause it chec!s and te pers the ,reat acri ony and stops the flo# of fresh su3stances #hich nor ally fall on these parts% so that it can ri,htly 3e called the specific re edy for arthritic pains and the ,reat dissipater of the ,u s that acco pany the 1 5ot only does it re edy the pains of ,out 3ut also those of s allpo0 and nodes% provided it is only applied e0ternally and is very #ell and correctly prepared% and not at all crude% such as apothecaries are used to prepare in their oint ents% plasters% and poultices1 $ne can also distill the #aters in #hich the Mercuries have 3een calcined and dissolved% and use these #aters saturated #ith their essence as a very po#erful re edy1 6t is% therefore% not #ithout reason that so e etallic or ineral su3stance is added to all anti-poda,ral #aters% all the ore so as they all contain so e ercurial su3stance1 The latter is the true refri,erant #hich drives a#ay the infla ations and the acri ony of the su3stances held in the :oints1 And this is not done as do the o0ycrats% the plantain :uices% and the ordinary narcotics #hich stop the pores% clo, the coarse hu ors and the hardened ,u s% and conse'uently a,,ravate the disorder instead of alleviatin, it1 8uite to the contrary% 3ecause of the ercurial salts #hich they i part to the #aters #here they are infused% they te per the acri ony of the fluid su3stances% dissipate% attenuate% resolve and consu e the ,ypseous and ,u atous ones% and si ultaneously re ove the coe0istin, cause of the disorder #hich 3rin,s a3out the pain1 "onse'uently% they cure ,out totally and radically% to,ether #ith all its pain1 The #ay to use this anti-poda,ral #ater is to soa! a cloth in it in the for of a slin,1 Tie it a3ove the sic! spot% and it #ill drive the trou3le do#n#ard1 Gradually lo#er the 3anda,e to follo# the ail ent till it has co pletely disappeared1 The True 9audanu! or =epenthe of the Author The preparation of this re edy re'uires as its 3ase the narcotic of vitriol and the Moon1 To prepare such a re edy% one has therefore to ta!e ? oz of #ell ru3efied vitriol and the #ei,ht of EL ecus <old French coin -- 7W5= in calcined )una1 Mi0 the to,ether and put the in a ,lass retort in a violent ash-fire% after previously pourin, very ,ood distilled vine,ar over the (four liters*1 -istill this vine,ar H or F ti es over your ateria% and it #ill 3e left viscous and stic!y at the 3otto 1 5ote that for such distillations it is necessary to have a 3i, receptacle of #hich the nec! openin, and the 3ea! of the retort ust fit into each other up to the !no3% so that nothin, can enter or ,et out1 6n addition% the :oints ust 3e luted and the head of the receptacle ust 3e cooled #ith a #et cloth1 When these distillations are finished% pour the last one over your ateria1 Then re ove the all pure and clear% put the in an ale 3ic on a very ,entle ash-fire to separate the vine,ar1 The stic!y su3stance that stays at the 3otto is the true narcotic and the true 3ase of #hich #e have spo!en1 Aside fro this% prepare so e oil of ,old and silver% that is% that of the Sun #ith oil of :uniper% and that of the Moon #ith oil of sa,e1 Moreover% prepare a lar,e a ount of tincture of coral% and thus you #ill have the foundation and 3ase #hich you re'uire for this ,reat and ad ira3le secret1 By several sprin!lin,s and e0siccations i 3i3e the s#eet sulphur of vitriol #ith at least its #ei,ht of the tincture of coral% #hich is vitriolic and in #hich you have previously dissolved so e ,old-leaf1 When E oz of this sulphur has a3sor3ed E G> oz of this tincture i pre,nated #ith ,old% add EG> oz of the a,istery of pearls% ade in our #ay and as #e have descri3ed it in our Panacea of the oil of the Sun and the Moon1 Ma!e% as said a3ove%

E E G> dra s1 Add to this i0ture% #hich #ill 3eco e 3lac!er and thic!er than pitch% the essences of 3alsa % theriac% and ithridate% confections of al!er es% and hyacinth% and sandal#ood% of each E G> dra sA essences of cara3us and ca phor% of each 6 scrupleA real 3ezoar and 3ezoardic earth% prepared deer horn% unicorn (MMM* and si,illated earth% of each E scrupleA essence of saffron% > dra sA oils of cinna on% nut e,% ace% cloves% pepper% of each E> dropsA oils of anise% s#eet fennel and le on peel% of each >L dropsA li'uid sulphur% distilled over pas'ue-flo#er and stren,thened #ith oil of sa,e% > scruplesA essences of a 3er and us!% of each E G> scruple (note that for #o en neither us! nor a 3er ust 3e added*1 Pour over everythin, E oz of the #ater #hich co es out first fro the cores of the deer horn% and circulate it in a her etically closed vessel for JL days% the 3etter a!e the con:unctions1 Bou #ill o3tain the 3est )audanu in the #orld% of #hich the dose of > ,rains #ill acco plish #onders #ithout any narcotic% for all pains of ,out% syphilis% epilepsy% and other #ea!enin, diseases% continuin, fevers% confections% sto ach trou3les% nephritides% etc1 4ead on this su3:ect the #or!s of the author #here you #ill find of the ad ira3le effects and virtues of this 5epenthe1 The Author?s ;li<ir or Mercury of 9ife (Mercury Brandy) Purify the little .in, (4e,ulus* 3y several fusions and a3lutions till you see it rid of its 3lac!ness and have ade it 'uite heavy and starred1 Ta!e part of this su3stance% so e su3li ated Mercury% especially prepared and edulcorated #ith salt% > parts1 -istill everythin,% and if it does not all ,o over% add ore su3li ated Mercury% redistill as 3efore% and everythin, #ill ,o over as ,rease1 Set the receptacle #ith the ,rease in a cellar for a fe# days% and your ateria #ill 3eco e li'uid% or rather a heavy ercurial #ater1 Thereafter% put this #ater in B1 M1 to purify it% then calcine and precipitate it in the #ater !no#n 3y the Philosophers% and in one instant you #ill o3tain a precipitate as #hite as sno#1 Aside fro this% you #ill see the spirit of vitriol suddenly dissolve1 5o# separate the #ater and replace it #ith fresh #ater as often as is necessary to re ove all acidity1 Ma!e the separation 3y distillation% so that the distilled #ater leaves an e0cellent spirit of vitriol for epilepsy at the 3otto of the vessel1 As to the s#eet cal0 at the 3otto % dry it #ell and su3li ate it #ith your vitriolic sulphur1 Then circulate this su3stance #ith a ,ood spirit of #ine to a!e an e0cellent re edy of it1 Better% ta!e J parts of this #hite cal0% > parts of the 4e,ulus #ith #hich you had elted the ,old and silver (3ecause in this #ay your ateria #ill ore easily su3li ate* and E part of vitriolic1 sulphur1 Su3li ate and resu3li ate everythin, t#ice or three ti es and as lon, as there is 3lac!ness1 Bou #ill o3tain a soverei,n re edy #hich #ill have a ,reat and #onderful effect on epilepsy if you ,ive of it a dose of ? ,rains1 But to do 3etter still% circulate everythin, #ith spirit of #ine and then distill1 The Author?s Panacea Ta!e E part of sal a oniac% > parts of 'uic!li e% i0 the #ell and put the in a ,lazed earthen#are pot% or 3etter% in a 3i, ,lass flas!% the !no3 of #hich ust 3e co pletely luted1 Surround it #ith fire% 3rin,in, it ,radually closer to the fire1 Finally% cover it #ith the fire1 After the fire has lasted for ? hours% let it cool% and you #ill find sal a oniac at the 3otto 1 Separate and dissolve the cal0% filter and coa,ulate accordin, to the Art% then pound it and i0 it #ith dou3le its cal01 Put it in a flas! on fire% as you did the first ti e% and at the end of this operation you #ill find it at the 3otto of the vessel considera3ly increased and fi0er than it #as 3efore1 -issolve it a,ain% filter and coa,ulate it as 3efore in a ,lass or earthen#are vessel of Beauvais1 4epeat this operation J ti es1 ore a ple descriptions

Finally% ta!e your fi0ed sal a oniac and elt it in a cast-iron cruci3le% pour it into in,ots such as etals are cast in% ,rind it and put it on a ,lass in the cellar #here it #ill dissolve into a #hite #ater as clear as crystal1 Bou #ill see it happen in a fe# days1 -ephle, atize this #ater in an ale 3ic in the 3ath or on an ash-fire% and ta!e care that instead of dephle, atizin, it% you do not re ove all its oisture and thus 3rin, it 3ac! to its first for of salt1 Ta!e > or J parts of this dephle, atized #ater% put it in a s all ale 3ic and heat it1 5o# add E part of su3li ated Mercury% reduced to po#der% and #ith a slo# heat% you #ill see it dissolve in a 'uarter of an hour1 This done% ta!e 3ro#n paper folded into s all pieces% and let it a3sor3 this #ater of salt and Mercury1 Put each such saturated piece in aNretort or in another ale 3ic% till the paper has a3sor3ed all the #ater% then distill on a sand-fireC Bour ercurial spirit #ill co e out of the vessel sli,htly red% due to the paper and the stron, fire #ith #hich you have driven it out1 6f this is so% rectify it throu,h the ale 3ic% and it #ill 3eco e clear% 3eautiful% #hite% s#eet% and of a s ell al ost rese 3lin, that of us!1 This is your solvent of pearls% corals% etc1 6f ,iven 3y itself% it can serve as an e0cellent sudorific1 6f no# you #ish to dissolve pearls in this enstruu % ta!e E oz of the ost oriental% #ash the #ell and pulverize the % then put the in a s all ale 3ic of #hich the nec! is only E inch #ide1 Stopper it #ith a ,lass cover and put it on a very slo# ash-fire #here the pearls dissolve in one hour% leavin, 3lac! feces at the 3otto 1 5o# separate #hat is ost clear of your solution% distill it throu,h the ale 3ic% and you #ill ,et a solvent that can still 3e used another ti e1 As to the dry residues at the 3otto % distill ,ood spirit of #ine J or ? ti es over the % then distilled #ater% 3y #hich you #ill dissolve all ercurial spirits of the solution #hich ay have 3een left in the ateria1 6n this #ay you #ill turn your pearls into a philosophical solution that s ells as s#eet and delicious as us!1 5ote that you ust let the solution cool as soon as it is done1 Then filter it throu,h a 3ro#n paper cone put in a funnel1 When everythin, has 3een filtered% separate your enstruu to dryness throu,h the ale 3ic% as you already did a3ove1 This ercurial spirit not only dissolves pearls 3ut also the "rocus Martis1 An e0cellent red tincture can 3e e0tracted fro the latter #hich% #hen it is separated fro its solvent li!e the pearls% can 3e used for health and chiefly for the liver1 6t not only rectifies it 3ut cures its ,reatest illnesses% such as dropsy% and the ost o3stinate dysenteries1 5o# ta!e so e 4e,ulus of anti ony% saturated #ith the spirit of H etals and of su3li ated Mercury% e'ual parts1 Pound the to,ether and put the in a retort to distill in the for of ,rease or a con,ealed oil1 Thereafter% thro# the into 3oilin, #ater in #hich you #ill first see your oil precipitate as a #hite po#der1 Wash this H or F ti es #ith cold #ater to a!e it s#eet and #ithout tartness1 After#ards rectify it #ith spirit of #ine1 After you have prepared and dried this po#der #ell% i0 it #ith as uch crystalline saltpeter and flo#ers of sulphur% and thro# everythin, into an iron cruci3le or ortar% then li,ht the fire #ith a ,lo#in, coal% and the saltpeter #ill i,nite and leave your ateria calcined at the 3otto 1 Ta!e this cal0 and dissolve it in hot #ater to e0tract the salt fro it1 Put so e fresh saltpeter on the re ainin, po#der and i,nite it a,ain1 4epeat this procedure ? or @ ti es% to drive out the arsenical poison of the anti ony #hich is #hat a!es your po#der vo itive1 When these flo#ers of sulphur are #ell dried% dissolve the #ith the sa e ercurial solvent as is used for pearls% follo#in, the #hole process of the dissolution of pearls1 6f the

solvent does not dissolve the

co pletely% use coho3ation1

Ta!e oriental saffron% the 3est you can find% dra# its e0tract fro it #ith very fine spirit of #ine% in accordance #ith the Art1 Separate it 3y distillation% then distill your saffron > or J ti es #ith co on distilled #ater to attract the scent of the spirit of #ine and the saffron% #hich so e find unpleasant1 When you a!e the last distillation% ta!e it to dryness% so as to dry the essence of the saffron so thorou,hly that it can 3e pulverized1 Ta!e so e essence of pearls% essence of flo#ers of anti ony% and essence of saffron% as uch of one as of the other% i0 the #ell% and pour an e0cellent spirit of #ine over the 3y t#o fin,ers; 3readth1 5o# di,est everythin, in B1 M1 for >? hours1 Finally% distill the spirit of #ine% and your edicine is ready1 S all children are ,iven J ,rains of this re edy% the E@-year-old @ ,rains% the a,ed H ,rains% and stron, persons P or EL% #ith a little #ine or so e other suita3le li'uid1 $ne dose of this edicine can operate EL ti es i percepti3ly throu,h perspiration% #ithout in any #ay alterin, either the constitution or the te per1 That is #hy it is :ustly considered one of the ost e0cellent re edies for all deplora3le diseases and chiefly for pul onary consu ption% ,eneral decline% dropsy% hectic fever% ,eneral de3ility% and feversA in short% it is a ,eneral edicine #hich not only drives a#ay all the disorders of the hu an 3ody 3ut also preserves health1 Give E@ to >L consecutive sniffs to uproot the ost re3ellious diseases% 3ecause the chief property of this re edy consists in the restoration of the radical 3alsa 1 So eti es 6 added to this co position so e oil of the Sun% #hich ,oes into our 5epenthes% and so e of y tincture of salt% #hich did #onders1 The 1reat Panacea or the Polychrest Anodyne of Montanus The preparation of this re edy consists chiefly in t#o factors% #hich are sulphur and vitriol% and the true essence of ,old1 To prepare the vitriolic sulphur correctly% ta!e 4o an vitriol or rather crude vitriol of 7un,ary1 "oo! it in co on #ater in a 3oilin, B1 M1% till a s all s!in is found on the surface1 Then pour a fe# drops of oil of tartar on it to force the sulphur of vitriol to the 3otto % #hile you are pourin, the rest into a #ooden vessel 3y inclination% addin, a fe# #ooden stic!s to allo# the vitriol to coa,ulate and the sulphur to ,o to the 3otto 1 When the vitriol that adheres to the stic!s is dried 3y a slo# fire% it turns into a yello# po#der1 -issolve it a,ain in #ater and 3oil it as 3efore till it develops the little s!in% upon #hich pour at once a fe# drops of oil of tartar1 6n short% continue #ith this procedure as you did the first ti e till all your vitriol has turned into sulphur1 Finally% circulate this sulphur several ti es #ith an e0cellent spirit of #ine till it is perfectly s#eet1 Thus is ade a ,reat re edy #hich% #hen philosophically calcined #ith an al!alized spirit of #ine% turns into a li'uid that is suita3le for all ,eneral de3ilities% dropsies% inter ittent fevers% dysenteries% sto achaches% and especially for pestilence1 4e,ardin, the essence of ,old% #hich ,ives the na e Polychrest to this panacea% it is ade as follo#sC Ta!e philosophical #ater ade of niter and sal a oniac% #hose preparation #e have indicated else#here1 6n I oz of it dissolve E oz of ,old% distill1 Then distill J oz of this ne# #ater over the ,old cal0% and repeat this J ti es1 Thus% to dissolve E oz of ,old% E l3 of philosophical #ater is re'uired1

When your Sun is dissolved% distill the #ater on ashes in an ale 3ic that is narro#er 3elo# than a3ove% 3ecause in this #ay the ,old #ill ,o over 3etter and ore easily1 Ta!e care not to distill to dryness 3ut only to the consistency of honey or syrup% and to rene# the philosophical #ater each ti e -- J or ? oz% as #e have already said% till at last you see your ,old rise to,ether #ith its solvent% and only a #hite% so e#hat ,reyish cal0 is left at the 3otto 1 This done% ta!e the receptacle into #hich your ,old has filtered to,ether #ith its solvent% and pour on it J ti es as uch co on #ater as your solvent #ei,hs1 After #ell i0in, everythin,% pour on it ? oz of Mercury of cinna3ar to E oz of the Sun% and this #ill first result in an /clipse1 .eep it in the cold for >? hours% durin, #hich ti e the Mercury #ill a al,a ate #ith the #ater1 Pour the latter off 3y inclination% each ti e addin, enou,h sprin, #ater to #ash the a al,a several ti es1 Thereafter% it rene#s the #hole 3ody 3y penetratin, to the arro# of the 3ones% and 3y unitin, #ith all natural% vital% and ani al spirits frees the principal parts of the hu an 3ody fro all ,reat evils that can attac! it% especially fro epilepsies% apople0ies% paralyses% contractures% syncopes% palpitations% and fro all stran,e and feverish sensations of heat% as also fro all pains and o3structions caused 3y cache0ies% dropsies% hysteric and li!e sufferin,s - in short% it is the universal edicine and the ,reatest after the Azoc% #hich can cause even ,reater #onders if one adds the tinctures of corals and the all-ani atin, salt1