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(Jos. D uc hesne)

Mineral and Metallic

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Page of a P h ilo s o p h ic a l S a lt Th e Tr ue P reparation fo r a General S olvent & Un iv e rs a l Me d ic in e . A go o d way to freeze S pirit s o f B ra n d y . Ano the r W onderful S olvent . Ano the r S olvent which is E h . e A rd e n t Me t a lI ic Wa t e r, Ano the r S olvent called P h i I o s o p h i c a l V i. n e g a r . Philo sophical W ater for Dis s o lv in g T wo L u min a rie s . A So lvent for all K inds o f P re c io u s S t o n e s . Extr a ction of Oils & Tinc t u re s f ro m t " lin e ra ls . I 2 3 4 5 5 6 7

G 0L D Cu r p r e RI I
Raymond Lullyrs Method Making Potable Gold. Use of the Preceding Sulphur. Philosophical Another Use of t,he Same Philosophical Sulphur. Another Use of teh Same. II Method of Making Potable Gold. III Method of Making Potable Gold. IV Method of Making Potable Gold. V Method of Making Potable Gold. VI Method of l"laking Potable Gold. VII Method of Making Potable Gold. VIII ttlethod of Ivlaking Potable GoId. IX Method of lvlaking Potable Gold. X Method of Making Potable Gold. The Gold Oil of Rudeliusr Physician of Scueberg. according Gold Oi1 Violette. de La to -,-Another Essence and Tincture of Gold. Sudorific Gold. Purgative GoId. Gold of Life. Vegetable Gold. Calcined Philosophical GoId.

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S I L V ER CHr p r e n III
of Luna for Pr e p a r ation An o the r P reparation. I'loon Oi t . M oo n Mercury. Dis e a s e s of the B ra in . 23 23 23 24


Calcination of



I R0 t{ Cu a p r r RIV
Pr ep a r ation of Iron calle d R eg u lu s of Mars. Ti nctur e of Mars. Sa lt or Crystal of Mars. Cro c u s Ma rt is

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C 0 PPER CHa p r e n V
The Way of Mercury of

E xtracting V enus.

the V it rio l



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T II{ CHr p r e n VI
Remedy for Cramps of the A Powder of Tin Excellent Womb from Flowers for Flushing the of Tin. Eyes. 28 28

LE AD Cu r p r p n V I I
useful Preparation of Saturn against Lepra of Human and Metallic Bodies. 30 Another Solvent of Gold by Crystals of SaLurn. 32 OiI of Saturn. 33 Excellent Oil of Saturn. Another 33 Flowers of Saturn: Specific Remedy for OphLhalmias.34 Extraction of the I'lercury of Saturn. 34 Another Method for Extracting Mercury of Saturn. 34 A Method of Making the Glass of Saturn. 35

IIE R CURY Cu a p r p nV I I I
Pu r ifi cation of Mercury. Ano the r P urification of Me rc u ry . Su b lim ation of Mercury. An o the r S ublimation of I' le rc u ry . P recipitates of Me rc u ry . Exce lle nt Ano the r E xcellent P recipit a t e o f Me rc u ry . Pr e cip itaLe of I'lercury Wit h o u t A q u a f o rt is . Re d Pr ecipitat,e of Mercury . and Fixed Me rc u ry P re c ip it a t e . D i ap h o retic M i ne r a l Turpeth. Mercury, Mer c u ry a l B ra n d y . Esse n cified O i I o f Mercury. Water. t'le r cu r ial Milk . An o the r Mercurial W ater o r V irg in rs 37 37 37 3B 39 39 40 4I 42 43 45 46 47 48



by Jor.Quercetmur Chrotcr I
(trornsfrn French bytz L6one '-ller)

Saltfor a generalsolvent d Philosophical Thetrue preparation aad a Universal rtlediciae. Iate pebblesthat are as white and lucid as those which are found and the banks of somerivers. Pulverizethem aloagthe Lake of Ceneva ooarsely, then put sir partsof this vith onepart of Sunor Mooncah (oride), madeeither with Mercury,with aquafort,or someother way. Melt this andyour matter mirture over a fire suchasis usedto male artificial stooes, vill be convertedinto a masslife a batl d glass,vhich pulverize subtly. glassvesseland digestit in After that, put your powderin a vell stoppered a sandfire for eight days. In this way the sulphurvill burst ftrth soooer you vill from the earth and vill more easily sublimate. Acoordingly, sublimatettre sulphur of your Bateria in a vell luted aad vell stoppered you vill separate it and keepit apart. cucurbite, and vhen it is sublimated, (see Gleuber s 'Iiguor Silicis"- EVIU) T[e earth thrt doesnot sublimsteand stays at the bottom of the vesselis solid and blac,t,but it vill become beautiful,white and almostd in the courseof vhich the consistency of salt by means d the reverberation, you vill seeit tafe on all kinds d colors. pour on it After this earth hasbeenrwerberated at your discretion, some eroellent viaegar, maceratethem together for 24 hours, and the vinegarwill attractthe salt that is in the earth andwhich is the true root of metrls. the thus impregnatedvinegar by inctiaation, Thereafter,sepaf,atc (decant)and pour it againon t[e sameearth vhic.h you had previously reverberated. Onceotre impregnateyour vinegar and let it digest as this vinegar and again reverberateyour earth. befme. Finally. separate uponvhich you must pour somelnorevinegar. hoeed thus three or four all your vinegars, waporate them at a sl6t fire till tines. Then separate ooe-third has beenoonsumed.Nov put your glassin a old ellar vhere Salt smrll stones will be formedwhich cantruly be calledthe Philosophical philosophers has so many of metals. This is a secretwhere the curiosityof confusion after effmts not beensuccessful. Theyonly fouadin it a shameful that vere aslonSasthey srereuseless.

-1 -

of the vinegar,take your earth,which you After the last separation vill still find moist,and put it in a humid plae fon { or J veeks or more. Fromthere, put it in a furnacewer a fire of hot ashesor lutevarm sand, vhere "lime" is usedandyou vill seeemerge from this earth the spirits on the saltflowersin the form of transparent them carefully crystals. Separate from your earth,dissolve themin vinegar,aodif you evaporate ooe-third of this vinegar,you vill male crystalsas before. Theearth that remaiasafter the separation d the crystalsmustoooemorebe vetted with somevinegar, so as to makeit moist. Put it in a humid placefor { or 5 veeks, as befotre, and from there removeit to a slov ash or sandfire, and salt flovers or crystalsvill fmm fm the second time. Youmustrepeatthis severaltimes,as in this way the mineralsaltwill grov andincrease from day to day. The sameeffect can be notioedin the vitriol nines or when working with saltpeter, for in this way sdt is ertmctedsvery dry from the eerth of aitre andvitriol. Thisapplies to tle true saltsertractedphilosophically from Soland Luna. Indeed,it is suc.h aa ertraordinary secrett[at it vould be oiminal to despise it, sinceit is a medicine as sovere8nas it is general, and vhich can unquestionabty be considered the masterpiece of all chemical operatioos, because this salt dissolves immediately in every liquid no matter vhich, and by its admirable effect penetrates all kinds of bodies, dissolving, driving away,andhealiry anything6qlignantaadiniurious. Tbe authoreoems to havetouc.hed on this point in the Treatisehe has vrittea on the Medicined the Aacieat Philosophers, vhen he speats as follovs: Flal door to tle Garded ol lle llesperides ltve I opeaed by spettiag so cletrly tboul siltpeter? Fttt free tccvss ltve I givea to fie stupid aad igaortal vhict should oaly be givea to scloltrs tad lovers of tle trfuses? Tfierefore, ia order to preveat yoar beiag deceived by ttting Dy vords lilerilly, taov thtl siltpeter or the fasible salt of the plilosop,hers, ulich las at all tiaes givea ilcheay its atac, is aot coamoa sallpeter (fned altilil. Ilevert.heless, its coapositioa tad its voaderlul dttute te tife lle ptlroa or t.Oelesbin rule of our Yort. Alter t.his, f ctn sty tltt I htve spoted more clerly tad aore opealy lhtn aay of lrtose ulo caae Defore ae. A GOOD VAY TOFREEZE THE SPIRITS OFBRANDY AI{DTOMAKE A (IIEMICALCoNCORDANCE WITHAN ASTRONoMICAL OI{8, THATIS , TOJOIN THE TENNBSTRIAL AQUAFORTIS VITH AIRBATED ANDCEIESTIAT BRANDY (VATER OF[,IFE), VHIAI IS A MARVETOUS SOLVENT. in Tafe somevitriol of Cyprusor d Hungary, the latter berngsecond quality, 2 lbs; sublimated Mercuryand common cinnabaf, or antimony,I lb each. Distill them in the usual manDer.Take I tb of this aquafortisand
-2 -

distill it againwith fresh cinnabarm sublimated Mercury. Do this three times,removingthe feceseachtime, until the water is quite clear. Put it asideand tale care that it doesnot Bet spoiledfrom erposureto the air. This done,tale 8 oz of the fees of the first aquafortiswhich mtaias the vitriol, put oo it I I lzlb marcveight d a very eroellentbrandy rectified 7 times. Thisis to be pulverized, vell mired,andput to digestin moisturein a \vell closed vesselaaddistilledvith a smallfire to beginvit[. Then,at tbe ead,usea stroogfire till all the spiritshavecone out. Notethat the fees d the aquafortis vill be red as coralsand vill be reducedto vapors,even if you vere uslngcinnabar of anrimoay. Iate a large retort m a glasscucurbiteimmersedin cold vater and attached vith a cord or arrangedin sucha vay that it can neither lean to onesidenor to the other and staysimnersed in the saidvater. After that, tate tvo smallevea bottlesand put into eachof them I oz of thesexraters, filling them completcly. Theaput oneaftcr anotherin a vesseland you vill seea great bubblingup. Let it settleand add to it two other phials d the samesizeasthe others, full of the sanewater. Againthe same6u[iling vill arise. Continuethus to gradually ioin atl your rraters to the last drop. Thereafter let it settle,and digesteveryt[ing in the cold state for 24 hours; your then distill vaters in the B. M.. Theyvill leaveyou a salt at the bottom lite ioe or gum. Notethat you mu$ not distill to dryness, and the said salt must stay liquid. Now oohobate what you have distilled (by repeated pover rnd has left all its distillrtioas)till your distilledwatcr hesno motre spirits onjoined with the salt,and then the work of your plant salt will be accomplished. Notethat you mustcarefullysttre this veat water to use it for the dissolution of bo<lies. As to tbe salt, dry it very gently in a small rettrt, closed and stopperedin such a afay that the spirits cannot elhale, and when your Eatter is dry, you must sealthe retort hermetically to better preseffe your salt. AI{ON{EN FOTDERFAT SOTTIEI{T Tafe cinnabar of antimony, oomposed of evenpartsof crudeaotimony aod sublimated Mercury driven throughthe degrees d the fire. Vith the first degree, a 8umwill appear, andwith the seond- vhich vill be a double fire aborre andbelov- the materiavill sublimate as muchoa tfie gidesas oo the neckof the retat. Thusyou vill produce a beautifulcinaebrr,d vhich part; part tate I also I eachd vitriol and saltpeter. Put everything together in a retort f,tith a longoeck,oo an ash-fire, till all the moisture is erhaled. Nov stopperyour retort vell vith cotton,oontinuethe fire of your sublimation by degrees for 2{ hours,andthe matterwill all sublimateinto a
-3 -

mass srhite as snosr, havingthe form of hair. Tate this massand imbibe it vith oil of tartar on a marbleor glassmortar till it turns into a soft paste. Put it in a bb tall alembic to which its headis attached, lute it, andkeepit in B. M. for 6 or 7 days,duringvhich time your materiavill turn into liquid Mercury. It is the Mercury d the sulphur of antimony and cao pass throughleather. Nov add to this Philosophical Mercury an equal quantity of ommon Mercury that has not been preparedin any \yay. Thesetvo Mercuries, mired toSether andput in a propervessel, are put in the xrarm Horse's Belly for 6 days. Thendistill Oem on an asb-fire,aodthe quicksllver vlll rlisttll in the fmm d vater vhich is the true mercurial vater. Keepit separate. Thereafter takevhat is left at the bottomof the vesselin the form of goodbraady. Vhat is left is a crystallinesalt. Dissolve it in B. M.with some a peroanent and clearoil of quicksilver. Thusyou will hrve two different liquidsof mercurial oils,madein two differentways,vhich are the keys for op€ningthe metalsof the Sun and the Moon,d whicfi you will be able to prepare the great medicines for the health and conservation of human bodies. AT{ONIEfrSOTYEilT, YflTCT{$ NIE ATDENTilETATTIC YA fER. (SPIRIT) MaIe aa amalgand 2 ozd tin with as muchcommoo Mercury,in the usual manner. Gush this amaham with ao equal part of sublimated Mercury,put everythinginto a glass in a dampplaoe. and one part vill turn into water in a fev days. Amalgamale 6 oz of Saturnwith 6 oz of commonMercury,to vhich add as muc,h sublimated that is, Mercuryas the veight of t[e turotogether, 12 oz;pulverizeit aad put it togetherwith your tin paste. In a short time, the whole vill dissolveiato a soft paste overed by a cloudy vater aad mired with sone revivified Mercury. Pressthis partty sticly aad watery solutiontfirougha clotft,by vhich you vill separate the liquid Mercury. The rest of the cloudyvater is to be put itrto an alembicto be distilled in sand. you will se sone transparentwater oomeout, By givrngfire by degrees, vhich keep separate.Then,by increaslng the fire, tbe rest of the materia will be abundaatly sublimated at tbe head,lite needles or tufts of vool, of a sweettagte,aadthis sublimate is tfie true Saltof Saturn. This downy aad soft materir must be nired with its wrter, rad by meansof repeateddigestions and distillationsan ardent metallic brandy (waterof life) canbe ertractedfrom it, otrthis dovny materiacanbe melted in a goodspirit of wine (alcohol).Thenyou cao put Saltof gold or silver in ooeor the other of theset$ro sraters,as much as your vater can dissotve.

Digesteverything and observethe methodby vhich the menstrumaare and ohobalions. to turo it isto a metallic made,that is, the rectifications ardent varcrt vhich will be a true natural solvent, for lVtture loves say. Vith thesesmall Alature and rejoices ia lVtture, asthe philosophers great a crysuts andthe dovny substance medicine canbe madeof it. It you qrith oil of tartar and follov the way ve have inbibe this substanoe described aboveconerning the Mercury of antimony,you can even turn your dovny substaneinto liquid Mercury, vhich is still an admireble secret. In facl" I am giviagyou here manyfine leys and opento you a field that is very favorablefor further philosophizirU. AilONTER ANTTlENSAT SOTTEIVTCAUED PTTilOSOPTTICA T TryNEGA R Tate 3 quarts of goodvinegar,the shongestyou can find. After distilliagit twioe,put it on 3 lbs of vell celcined srlt of tartr, then distill it stronglyto male it surrenderall its spirits. By this you vill drav out onethird d your materiawhich vill be capable of dissolvingpearls. Into the remainiqgtvo-thirds put another2 lbs of salt of tartar and distilt as abwe. As soonas you have distilled one-third, put it asideto be used later to dissolve coratandcalcined antimony.Add yet aaotherpoundof fresh salt of tartar to the left-overs in the vessel,aod distill again. Continueyour distillationin this way to the end,till all your spirits hevebeen drevn out. Theoyou will have a marvelous solventfor ell kinds of celcinedmetelsend for ertracting their satts,oils, and even tbe Mercuries. Therefore,if you have dissolved some metal in this vater and have ertracted its salt, rememberro dhriil n'o parr of it afier the required digestions and to put the rest in a cold spotso that small pieces of ice crystals may form, vhich you mustseparate by inclination.After that,washtbem severaltimeseither vith coooon vater or with brandy, and finally try to resolve rhem by moisture, soasto transformtheminto oils. PTTilOSOPI]ICAT YATENFONDISSOTIryNG NT8 TVO TAMITUAilES Tate nitre and sal ammoniac,I lb of each; small river pebbles, pulverized, half a pound. Mir everyt[ing vell and throv them into a Slazed eartheovarevessel,piercedon the sides,only I oz at a timc. This done, immediatelystopperthe holewith a damp cloth. First tbe spirits vill rise rnd tbe water vill disti[. After this,openthe holeand throw in yet rnother
ut trdeai', but it neros "ardentspirit".
-5 -

ounce d your povder. Continuevttb thls till you have a reasonable quaotity of vater vhich you must carefully preserve a3. by an oeult property,this vater dissotves andturns oneinto a bright the tvo luminaries colm. If you vish to get a fine oil from red and the other into a sapphire your dissolvedsalt, even redder thao blood,you vill do rxl su@etsfulfyif you seperete the vater from it by a gentledistillation.Dothis till you obtain an oily substan€. Repeat this three times,alvays putting your vater back into tle vessel.It vill finally ome out vithout any taste,leaving,as I have said,the finest goldenoil in the vmld at the bottom of the vessel. If you pour on it fresh sraterfonthe fourth time,you vlll seethe solaroil rise very red andvery beautifulthroughthe alembic. To separate the phlegn of this put everything io a old ellar, and last solvent from the oily substaace, t[ere smallpieoes of red ie-lite aystals vill form. Continue as long as that plre, you oongeeling tatea for in this wey will more easily preservethe phlega. Besides, as thesecrystalsmelt in @mmon srrt€r, you can still pass them tbroughthe alembic andertractfrom themthe tiacture vith the spirit of salt.which viII leave the body of your gold at the bottom of your vessel asvhite asthe Moon,andvill give you an elellent tincture for all hopeless illnesses.

vessel andpourupon it some erellent spiritd vine vhich mustbe vithout phlegm, lestthe limebespoile<|. Lettt float orrer it by threea four fingers' breadth, thenlet it d8estin the coldtill the limehasabscbedthe spirit d vine andis completety fermented by it. After that,correr the vessel vith a
headto $parate in B. M. t[e spirit of wine, which vill be il/oet aad almost insipid,because tfte lime will haveretainedthe sd ammoniec d t[e spirit d put wine. This done, some Dtre Soodspirit of wine oa the marc rt the botton d the vesselanddigestanddistill asbefme,omtinuingdoingthis till the lime refuses to absmbmtre spirit of wiae. It vill be the signthat it has taten as muchof it asit needs.Youmustdistill the last inbibirion at a slov fire, horrever,and this time the spirit d vine vill comeout as sbarp and biting asit vas formerly. As to the rest of the materia,put it to6etherwith its wefht in bole or tripoli, and distill everythingvith a stroagfire,lite that used to propare the spirit of salt. In this wsy you vill ertrast a very poverful solvent,crpable of dis$olvrng crystrls, pearls, md ell linds of precious stoo$.

Tate some of the freshest quictlime, pulverize it oarsely in a glass


FROT{ iITT{ERAIS EXTRACNOI{OF OTIS AT{DilT{CTARSS the vhitest that can be found, povder Tate someSoodpumioestooe, it subtly,then saturateit with somegooddistilledvinegar,aad desiccate it. you it must reverberate Youmustrepeatthis four times,andthe last time to preventit from melting. Nov vit[ a flame fire Oat mustnot be strotrg, ement vith this povder somelaminaethat are vell rid of any other metal vhatever, even of the Sun, and this by stratiflcationin a reverberation degree of the fire or of any other kitrd,fq 24 hours,and your povder vill assume the colorof the metal. Repeat this cementing till it haseaten away your metalliclaminae. Now tate your ooloredpowdersand put them five timesin distilledviaegarvitalizedvith srltpeter,taling 4 oz d the said salt to I lb of this viaegar. Leavethis vinegu aadthis salt to putrefy togetherin a retotrt,through vhic,h distill thereafteryour vinegar with a strong fire, cohobating it till it hasremovedalmostall the feces. Vhen the vinegarhas prepared, put your colored pumicestoneinto it. It will loseall irs beenthus tincture. Leaveeverythingin the Horse's Belly for tvo weeks,and during this time your vinegarvill drav out the oolc of your pumicestme. Then empty it and addothervinegar. Continue doingthis till the ertractionof the your ooloris completed.After that,let menstruum erhaleia the bath, and it vill leavethe tincture of your metalrt the bottom. If you vish to eralt it further, you will haveto pouron your tincture someercellentbrandyvhici you must putrefy so as to attract the soul of the Eetallic aDd mineral






-7 -

GOIO Chtpter II I. fhe Vay to atte Ponble 6old, tccorfuag to tlc tVcltod of .Peyaoad lully The Breat secretof the bmks of Rtyaoad LuIIy, Assilius, and Zacharius in regard to the quintessence is the enraction of an ercellent distilled spirit of vine by means d the great vesselsealedvith cork and paper,at a slov fire. Whenthe spirit of wine has comeout, the rest has to be distilled in larye rlembicstill the feoesbegin to thicken. Put them rside ia a cleaa your distillations vesselandcontinue till you havea largeamountof spirit of witre,phlegm, andfeces.Thentale the feceswhici you have separated and put them into an alembic in a steam-bathto remove the rest of their moisture,so that tbey stay at the bottom of your receptacle lite melted pitch. Put the feoes that have been thus thickened back into another alembic, together with their phlegm whichfloatsabovethem by four fingers' breadth. Keepthem for four hourson a smallfire to ertrast their tincture, consisting of oombustible sulphur and the impurities of the wine. Vbea your phlegmis colored,empty it gently by incliaatioo,then put fresh phlegm m it and oatinue doing this till it is ao longer olored and your earth is left vhite and crystallineat the bottom. If you shouldrun out of phlegm,you can get somemore by separating from the olored substance the tincture. Vhen you do this, there vill remain at the bottom lnEe sulphur,or better, somebloodred oil which you must carefully preserr/e. Note that this preparationof the feoescould be made iust as vell vith simpleablutions oontinued till their earth staysat the bottomin the form of hpilli, as it happensvhen you purify commontartar to mafe crystrls tbered. The thus preparedfecesare put into small long-necked cucurbits, to'gether vith their headsand receiversvhich you must hermeticallyseal after pounngredistilledbrandy m them. Boil and distill them for 6 hours on a small ash-fire,then put the distillatebackinto the vesseland leave it therefor an hour. After this,empty all thir liquid by ioctinatioaas carefully 18 you cla, 8o rs not to disturb anything. Now pour sone motreof your redistilled bmndy over the feces, continuiag doine this till they beome blac,k and no looger smokeoa silver foil. To bmefit from the vaters that you haveobtained you must put them into from your earth by inclination, carefultyclosed containers in a ooldplace. this lest they evaporate, because vater is the animatedPhilosophical Vater.
-8 -

Nowgatherup all your earthsand put them in a sealedlonS-necke<l fire, keeping retort. Bury il in sandand calcineit at a medium-sublimation it in the athanon for 6 vhole days,after vhich your earthsvill be vhite and very vell calcined. Thereaftertake your earth and divide it betveen two cucurbites of the propersize,uponvhich pour ooe-fourthof their vebht of the animated vater d whichwe haveiust spofen. After attaching the heads and receptacles, keepthem first for one day in a lutewarm B. M., then put themfor two dayson aa ash-fire,to distifl tbem slowly. Thevater that vill <listillwill be tasteless and posrerless, havrngleft its spirit and all its virtue to its calcined earth. Otheranimated T'ater must nov be put on it, alvays keeping the sane proportion of vhich I spoke above, ontinuing the digestionat the B. M. and the distillation vith ashestill each earth has absorbed its animatedvater and has beoome volatile. You vill easily reoognize it by the test of the red-hot silver foil, when you will see your earths Bo up in smoke. If they are not totally evrpomtcd, the preceding operationmust be repeatedand continuedtill the substaace is ompletely erhaled. In the opinionof the Sreat truIlN the thus preparedearth is the true Sulphurandthe true Philosoohical Mercury. When you see on the foil tbat your earth has becomecompletely volatile, put it into tl'o small sealed alembics, together with their receptacler, aodgive them a slov sublimation fire for one day, increasing it by degrees till the 4th day,vhen the white fumes ao loager appearin the vesselandyour materiastronglyadheres to the sideslile foliated earth. It will be beautiful, dear, aad transparent lite pearlsand talcum. Pulverizeit in a smallmarblemmtar andpour on it somedistilled sulphurous spirit, not all at oncebut in gra<lual sDrinklings. Finally.put it in a strongathanorfor 3 or { days, during which time it vill receive its perfect decoctionand will turn into a pearly substanevhich will be the radicalbalsamof metalsand eachtime ao eilract of a plant aature. ASEOFTHEPRECEDTT{G PITilOSOPTITCAT SAIPfiAN Tate 2 q 3 ozof the eartfi of rrhich ve haveiust spokenaad vhich is called Philosophical Sulphur, add to it 6 oz d eroellent spirit of vine ertractedasabove, andput it in a loog-aecked retort. Heatit fot 3l hoursin the B.M.,aadwheneverythinghasturnedinto an azur-blue vater, pour into prepared it 5 ozof Sunvhich vill suddenlydissolve, reddenint at Oe same time the weter of its solvent. After thet, distill this solution 6 tines in the Bath,eachtime pounngthe vater back on the fees. Finelty,distilt vith an ash-fire, and your gold vill rise vith the vater, leaving the Philosophicat Sulphur at the bottom of the reeptacle. Keep it for other dissolutions. Repeat mce mtre the distillationin the B.M.,andthe tinctureof t[e SunviII

vith the ertracting agent,as a to'gether stay at the bottom of the alembic, precious dissolveaSainsrith the oil which some alchemists tiquid and a Sulphur and pass through the animatedmenstruumof the Philosophical beat-head of the vessel,so as to turn it into true potable Sold and a uaiversalmedicine. SAIPEAR AilOfiTEX ASEOF TEESAIIE PTTilOSOPT]ICAI Dissolve in B.M. 4 ozd our Sulphur lo 2 lb of the brandyof whichve then distill it on ashes.Pour6 ozof this distilledvater on I oz havespoken, of calcinedSun, always adding fresh rrat€r, so as to obtain a complete in the Bath,or else in dissolution.Whenit is done,circulateit in a Pelican liquid. If the Horse's Belly,for 40 days,andyou vill hrve a mostprecious your Solwill remainat you separate the humorfrom it on a smallash-fire, t[e bottomd your vessel, lite the other. AITONTRN USEOF NTESAfi{E Reduoe the Sun in Mercuryand calcineit vith coomon aquafortis, ertractingthe weter andpouringit back three timeson the feces. To finish this wort properly,put the fecesin r crucibleon live corl till they turn all red and do not smokeany longer. Then your gold is perfectly cdcined or precipitated, andall you haveto do is vash it several timeswith dev vater. golrl prepared, put Vhen this calr hasbeenthus it in a vesseland pour orrer it { timesas muchgmd brandy.CohobaleT timesin B.M.,the lasttime vith a small ash-fire,after vhich your Sun,at the bottom,vill be turned into as andevenmoresubtle. fine a liquid asthe others, PO|A.BIE GOID U. ilEfiloD OFTUAKII{G Choosethe best tartar of Montpellier and calcine it to perfect vhiteness,but take carethat it doesnot melt. Take I lb of the tartar thus preparedand pour ot it 2 oz of very fine brandy. Then distill everything in an alembic in a steam-bathandasthe tartar retaiasin itself the spirits aad the sd ammoniac of the brandy,your distillatevill be tasteless.After this first distillation,you must pour oo it 2 or 3 oz mae of tbe srme vater rnd redistill asbefore,andyou mustcontinue disti[ing ia this vay little by little till your brandy comesout vith the samestren8th as you had put it itr, as muchfire and because that is a sure signthat your tartar has absorbed full of thesevolatile spirits,it can be spirits of the brandyasit needs.Being
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ciallterrt vhich the philosophers into a substance elevatedby sublimation foliata (foliatedearth). This done.tale 4 oz d t[e thus almholizedtartar rnd half a poundof a strongbrandy,put them togetherandcirculatethem in a propervessel. Thenyour brandy will tate o'nthe oolorof the sky and will gold in a perfectdissolution. In this vay you will of dissolvrng be capable havea plant solventthat is lessharmfulthat all the others. vith Before puttitrg Sot ia this sotvent,it must be amalgamated your put Sun vill into aquafatis vhere must be Mercury. This amalgam povder. Vash it vell in order to removethe salt calcine into an impalpable and t[e spirlts vhlch the aquafort may have left vith it. Nov mlr thls catr flovers of sulphur and put everythinginto vith tl'ice as muchsublimated tvo earthenvarebovls. Your Sulphurvill evaporate(upon heating) aad leavea rpongyandvery subtlegotdat the bottom. Put it into your heavenly d your gold water and st it in B. M.,andyou vill surely seethe disoolution in tvie 24 hours. lt will be the true potableSol,aot only suitablefor but evenfor all linds d lepra. ordinarydiseases ruTAOTE GOTO ITT. ilETilOD OFTTAKTT{6 First,preparesaltin the usualway. Takegoodtripoli and goodbricf, to the sieeof your retort vhich must be maded 2 or 3lbs eech,aocording gmd chy that canstandthe fire vithout bursting. Put your mrterie iato this vessel,subtly pulverizedand mired together. Kaowthat your retmt must its neck aod beat, so tlat a blovpipe can have a bole at the back,opposite be put t[ere andenter by tvo fingers'breadthto bloxt out the fumesof the salt in the body of the receptacle.You must alsolute your ret6t vith its asis usedto makeoil of suc.b vhich mustbe quite big andample, receptacle you mustput on a smallstovea ontainer filled vith Trater, vitriol. Berides, suchasa smallretort, (vhich is calleda blorrer). Keepit ontinualty boilins on the fire, ts vithout it, it vould not blov aadvould haveno effect at 8ll. it every tvo hours, At first you mustgiveyour retort a smallfire, increasrnS vithout usttr8 the blorrer vhile the spirits of the salt are rising d themsetves.Useit onfy when they no longerpassandvhen the new spirit rises up in smoke. That spirit must be pushed to the bottom d the reeptacle by the actim of the blorrer, vhic,h you must mtinue to the end (it can be reoogaizod by the of t[e smofe. Vhen all the spirit has passed from the drops tbat begin to distill), it has to be rectified and separated with it. Vheo that is done,you will wrter of the blover thet hes passed have r very vhite spirit, very fine, vhic.h you must keep apart in Sood phialsof lcraine, because the otherglrsses. it calcines After havrngthus eilracted your spirit of Salt,tale gold leavesand themvith tg'iceas muchq)mmonMercury,previouslypurified amalgamate
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is thus made,put it ln a small vith salt andvinegar. Vhen your amalgam therehalf of the Mercury. Thereaftercrush vesselto evaporate sublimating your amalgam adding onequarterd the flowers onmarblemortar, in a glass of Sulphur. Put everythingin a crucibleluted vith another. Mercury and the Sulphurvill disappear, aod your Sunvill remaincalcined.There are three limes,but onoe is enough. somewho repeatthis operation retort of Lorraine glass,putting Put this solar calr in a long-necked over it four fingers'breadtbd your spirit d Salt,and set it to digeston hot ashes for one day. Duringthis time your spirit vill ertract the tincture of Sol,and vhen ir F vell tinged vlth lt, pour it into a retoft by inclination. Again,put someof your spirit over the cah and leaveit to digestas before till it is vell colored. Then pour it togethervith the other into the same of your Sol and retort, and oontinue this procrdureto the entire dissolution you till do not seeanythinget the bottomof the retort but vhite feoes. Takeyour retontin vhich your oolored spirits rre gatheredand put it on a smallfire to distill slovly vitb tfuee or four oohobatiom, till tbe spirits @oe out weal andvithout strength.Thentakesome fresh spirit and put it oo the materialefi in the retort. Distill several timesasbeforeuntil your Sol vith spirit. Nov decrease rises and goesover into the reoeptacle, to,Bether your fire and makeit so smallthat your Solcannotrise vith the spirit but oil. staysaloneat the bottomof the retort as a red salt or a thick oongealed Finallyit mustbe covered vith so strooga brandy that it burns everything your gold srlt vith that by putting them togetherto in the test. Dissolve by digest. If the dissolution the first time,repeatthe process is not complete keepingto that usedfor the operation vith the spirit of Salt. Vhen your last dissolutlon ls done, <listillyour yellow brandy through the retort, and your tincture of Sol will rise, or at least after several repetitioos. Notethat if atl of Sol did not rise after severaldistillations,it would be a 3lgn that the spirit of Salt did not have the strength to deoorporate as required,and you vould thereforehave to put somefresh spirit of Selton the bodyof the gold,eodrgain do rs befone. the brandy from il, and pass Vhen Solhasoompletely risen,separate sraterthreeor four timesover its body. Finally,it vill remainby the same the irsefi at the bottomd the vesselas a yellov oil, which has nevertheless porrerto tingered. Notethat this goldsolutionmireswith ommon vater vithout its body berngrevivified,that is, without revertingto its metallicbody. To rid your eolrr oil of rny tartneee thrt the epirit of Srtt mry have givenit, you mustpour some oil of tartar on it, vhich vill sovell orrect the straagetasted the Saltt[at your potablegoldwill be d sucb a sveet aod pleasant tasteasliquorioe.
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POTAEIE GOT,D I Y. ilEftTOD OFTTAKTIVG g,oldthree times vith Mercury and Sulphur,in the manner Calcine ercellentspirit d Salt,vell aboutvhich we havealreadyspoken.Tafe some prepared it andrectified,to ertract the tincturefrom your goldcalr, because is characteristic of the spirit of Salt that it ertracts the Sulphuror the red tiacturefrom this aoblemetalaodleaves its vhite body at the bottomd the your vessel. The infusionof this spirit into materia must be repeatedas often as neoessary to omplete the enraction of alt of the tincture. Nov pot,to sparat€ the spirit of Satt brrngall your liquidstogetherin an alembic you vill find from them by distilling them to dryness. After this operation povder, your at the bottomof reoeptacle a very light and very red alnost lite Marssaffron. Put it in a retort, pour somegood'spiritof vitriol over it, or rather sone gmd oil distilled from all of the substaae of t[e same miaeral- m at least from somethat has been shghtty calcined, redistilled, and digested to the point vhere it doesnot contaiaany feces,so that the oil is quite pure,quite tart. quitevhite, andquite clear. This oil vill be suchas is required to ertract all the color from the 6ocus of our Sun, by the coniunctioo of v[icb it losesall its tartn$s and beomes perfectly mild. Keep this oil of solarvitriol anddepend on it as an erraordinary remedy,of which the doseof 4 or 5 dropsin white wiae or bouillon doesvonders for tbe cured the strangest diseases. Y. T{aftTODOFT{AKITTG POTAEIE GOtrD Takegoldanddissolve it in the Philosophical Vater that dissolves the tvo luminaries andvhic,his oomposed asve said of nitre and salammoniac, your Sun,distill the solutionto the consistency above.After thus dissolving of syrup. Theapour somemoreVater on and distill againas above,doing this three times. You vill see that the vaters come out d the alembic insipid,asthey leavethere their spiritsvith the bodyof the Sun. But in order to passthe Sunthroughthe retort or the alembic. some fresh solveatmustatain be pouredon it vhich, animated by the solarspirit, vill do admirable thints for the health,andespecially for the cureof lepra. gold, your thus calcined Havrng throw it into commoo vater together with its solvent, aadwheneverythingis mired,put someMercuryinto it. It will causeea Echpse of t.0e Saa lf you digestit old for sometime, rs it s'ill attract all d the solar body. Separate the vater from it by indination and wash the amalgam of these two bodiesseveraltimes to soften their tartnessandto separate all the spiritsfrom the Philmophical Vater. -r3-

Havingdonethis, pressthe Mercurythrougha leatherin vhich your solarcalr vill stay behindasan amalgam. Put it io the fire, tiat is, in a flat basin,to let the Mercuryevaporate, andyou vill be left vith a cah of crocus quite or solarcinnabar, impalpable and red. Fromit the tincture of the Sun can be ertractedwith somespirit of Salt,and of the spirit of SaIt saturated vith this tincture give three or four drops,vhich vill do vonders for all inveterateddiseases. vry.ilEftIOO OFT{AKIT{G POTAETE60T0 Distill sone goodspirit of vitriol and pour it orrerJupiter on a strong as[-fire, andyou vill ertract from it the mostbeautifulyellov vater in the world. Leaveit for a wholenight in an openbottle. Thefollowingday, pour it on goldleavesput at the bottomd a glassalembic, aad add to it an equal anount of very fine braady vhich must be at least half dephlegmatized. Nov distill your brandy in B. M., then your solventm ashes, in the same alembic. If your Sol has not yet turned into oil at the bottom of your pour somemoreof your solventandyour brandy on it. Repeat receptacle, this till your gold turns into oil vith the first force of the solvents.0n this oil put the solventalone, vithout the braady. lt vill tate on the colonof tbe oil vhich has manyuses, esit is givenfor all diseases of the luags,the stomach, andthe heart,in short,fm all kindsof illnesses and infirmities.Onespoonful given, or half a spoonfulis acoording to the streagt[ d the sicl person. It is alsoercellent for the prolongation of life and the prevention of atl tinds of diseases if me of tbese dosesis tatea durirU three days in bouillon m othervise. Thisliquid is soharmless that it caneven be given to three-dayold babies. If you vish to give it itr tle form of oil, tate only one drop in bouillonor distilled melirra. YII. ilENIOD OFMAKIT{6 POTAETE6OTD put i[ in TaIe honeyoomb of the monthof May,of a goorlconsistency, put a vell-stoppered retort andlet it stand foc 20 days. Then it in B.M.and keep it there for 5 days,after vhich it vill be pure and floving. Vhen in this state,pressit througha cloth anddistill the strainedmatter three times io a smallalembic on a slov fire. In addition,povder somegold leaveson a marbleslab.,TateI ozof it, uponvhich pour 4 oz d your honeyweter in a retorl Keepit vell dosed in B. M. for l0 days, and during this time a vonderful oil vill form out of t$e quintessence of the honey and the gold. To do tfiis perfectly,put ir in an alembicto @nvert your Sun into calr by distillation on an ash-fire. Nov vash it carefully severaltimes vith pure

ve[ vater and three times with dew vater. In shmt, put some gmd in B. M. in the same brandy on this purified calr and distill everyrtfiing your alembic up to 7 times. In this vay metalvill be radicalfyturned into you but oil vhich will in fact be turbid, can also purify it first by fire and thea by dev vater, to mate it suitable for the preservation d healthandthe cureof maoydiseases. POTAEIE GOTD Wil. MEN{ODOFI{AKITYG Calcinepumicestooein the mostreent dev vater you can find, and makea ement of the povder of this stooe vith the Soldcah, preparedvith aquafortis, or salt,or Mercury,asyou learnt before. Put your oementtoc 24 hoursin a reverberation vill ertract a purple fire, andia this fire your Stone colorfrom the Sun,vhich is ao other than the true tindure of gold.Povder this coloredstoaeandOen pass it throug[ a very fiae strainer. To separate the substane of the gold from thrt of the pumie stone,pour somefine braa<lyorrer all this povder vhic.h you have rectified by distilling it over ercellent hmey of Narbonne. Your vater vill attract all the tincture, providedyou give it reveralinfusims of brandytill it no longergetsoolored. vhen the tincturehasbeenthusertractedfrom th$e vaters, separate it by a gentledistillation to the ooasistency of oil. Youwill be left vith a potable tiacture whosecolm vill be enhanoed as it rges. Give one drop of it on a tablet d sugar,or in wine on bouillon, and you will restore the life d invalids. IX ilENTOD Of T{AKTTV6 POTARTE 6OTD GetsomegoodRoman vitriol, or rather vitriol d Cyprusor Hungary, pot on an ash-fireto let the moistureof rnd put it in a glazed earthenware the vitriol evaporate.Tofinish catcinias it vell, put it in a vell oorrered and pot vell luted earthenvare on a live coalfire, vhere it has to stay for less than 4 hours to allov it to calcine perfectly. If il does not look calcined enough, c(ryerthe pot onoemtre and put it backon the fire till it beomes as red as blood. After this preparation, vithout which this work cannot be put aooomplished, the vihiolic calr, called coloothar(the caput nmtuuml) into a vell luted retmt on a reverberationfire. You vill ertrast three substrnces, the leet of which will be the oil, of which there wilt only be very little. Into this oil d vitriol, vhich you vill pour iato a snatl alembic pot, tfrow the gold leavesfolded into rolls and keep them on the fire for me and madepotable.And vhile theseleavesare hour or more,to be dissolved pour on them someoil of clorres t,batis, and camphor, thus beingdissolved,
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to 2 oz of oil of vitriol, fon instance.take I oz o[ oil of clovesand I oz d preparedoil of camphor, asrre vill tell you below. You vill notice thal as soonasyou have mired your oils of clovesand camphorvith the vitriolic solutionof your gold,the receptacle vill get heatedand a Breatboiling will arise due to the aatipathyof the spirits of these three oils. Vhile this is tekiry plae, put your substanoes in the oold,aadvheo they have somevhat put you recovered, can them on the fire to distill and to successively separate thesethree liquids,t[e last d vhich to be distilled berngthe oil d goldandt[e true potable gold. Regar<ling tbe usableoil of camphorof vhich ve have spoken,it is putverize madeasfollorrs: Tate camphor, it anddissolve it on a slov fire in pour on this oil a oil of sureetalmonds. Vhen it is ompletely dissolved, reasonable amountof goodspirit of vine, aod then passeverythingtftrough the beakof an alembic, on a sand-fire. Your oil of campborwill cone out beautiful,clear,and quite suitable for the above-mentioned opemtioa. r. M&fiTODOFT{AKTN6POTAETSGOTD Take good pulverizedcandiedsugar, melt it on fire, then imbibe glovtq bricksvith it. Vhea they are vell imbibed,put them in a retontor in an alembicto be distilled on a slov fire. Then you will obtain a very efficacious oil. Not only can its acridity dissolveseveralsolid bodies,but eventhe bodyd the Sun,if prepared vit[ Mercury,aquafatis, and Sulphur sublimatedaccordiag to the Art. can easily be dissolved vhen it is put to digestfor sometime in B. M. or in the Horse's Belly. can turn into oil if the liquid d the sugaris gentlydistilledin the samebath,vhich leaves behind it the oil d the Sun or the potable gold, the easiest and most potablegoldthat our Art hasyet prepared. harmless fEE GOID OII OF.PADEIIAS,PIIYSICIAI,I OFSCAEDE&G I t ilISiryl Tate I ozd goldand 16 ozof Re8ulus of antimony. Melt the Regulus. andduringthe fusion,throrr the Sunon it. Leavethem togetheron the fire fm a quarterof an hour,vithout bloving. At t[e end of this time, remove your materia,porrder it, and put it iato two crucibles,vell realed,lest something might escape. Leave it for e vhole day on the fire of e windfurnace, and sucha fire vill cruseyour materiato become rlmost black. Let it od and crushit thereafter. Thenput it on the furnae and increase the fire. If the materiacan be easily crushed, it is a sign that the ement mustbe reneved and the 4th degree of fire be Biven. In this vay you vill povder, obtaina fine vhite uponwhich you must pour distilledvinegar. It
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of the digestion, and if vill ertract a broxfncolon from this povder by means you rlistill it in the Bath,therewill be left at the bottomof your vessela red oil, almost of the olor of rubies. TO NIE SPECIATT{ETHOD OF NTE ANOfiTEXGOTD OII,, ACCONDIAIG SIEURDE IA VTOTETTE Take2 lbs of melted salt,I I /2 lbs of fine saltpeter, remelteverythinS in a big crucible,and throv on it t lb of pulverizedtripoli, stirring the vell. Then put it in a marblemortar and pulverizeit completely. materia Notethat if you can obtain someof thosevhite pebblesfrom the Lake of Cenevaof vhich ve have already spolen, or someof those tra$parent flints, cdcinedand pulver'tzed as is usuallydoneby throwingthem iato the water, thosethings,I sly, vould be muchbetter tban the tripoli. Proceed with this mirture as above,ettract tbe spirits through an earthenvare retort, as is donevith thoseof the aquafortis. This water, which may be calledrhe spirit, otrrather the quintessence of oommon salt and niter, must q putting the distillationover be rectified in B. M. vith l0 12 oohobations, part themarc, so as to ertract from it that of the vater that doesnot have aay characteristics at all of the nature of the Fire and which is called the watery phlegm.Thisoperatioa there is Dust be oontinued till, for erample, pound only half a or a little moce left of 2 lbs d liquid. Thenyour spirit is marrrelouslypurified, healry, and separated from all its superfluous wateriness. This done,ta[,e one part of the Regulus of antimony preparedvith Mars, and 2 parts of sublimatedMercury. Pulverizethem and put tfiem togetherin a retort to ertract from them a gummy liquid. Dissolve it in moisture, and redistill it a3rio through the retort to ertract from it a clear providedyou andheavyoil lite Mercury. Thisvill be happilyaocomplished, separate the first moistureduriagdistillation. This dear and dephlegmatieed oil is put into a suitably targe retotrt, and the spirit of Salt,vhich you had previoustypreserved, is also put into the reoeptacle. Thenioin the retort to its receptacle: lute them togetherto prevent anythinefrom escaplng.Givea sand-fireby degrees, and you vill ertract a nercurial liquid from the retort. Faltinguponthe salt,it vill cause a bB and strengeefferve$oenoe, of vhic,h you nust not be ruprised. This distillationfinished,renove the reeptacle all at ooe and pour oold vater into it to somewhet restrrin the great ardonof the spirits. Aftemrerds,put them into a small alembictogethervith its headand its receptade. Plaed on cold sand,the materiavill distill durin8 tbree days vithout fire, after vhich you caogive fire to finish the distillation d the liquid. Hovever,you vill observethat a vhite povder vill rise vhich you must put asidefc
-L 7 -

liquid, pour it into strongvell-stoppered other uses. As to the mercurial of the great because bottles,carefullyburied in vet sand,lest it evaporate fire by vhich it is animated. vater of sal ammoniacand In addition, prepare a philosophical saltpeter,as I shovedyou above. Into { oz of this water pour at most 15 dropsof your mercurialvater, vhich will be an ertractor for draving out vith tvo parts d Regulus the tincture from one oz of gold, amalgamated antimony. Vhen it has ertracted all t[e tincture, separateit gently by inclination,and add againso muchthat oaly a vhite body remains. Dothis in B. M.s'ith very lcry beat. Co[ectall theseolored waters and distill in the Bath vhat is most clear. Put the rest in a retort, drive it, andfinally give it strongfire, so as to sublimatetbe Sunat the neckof the retort. It will be brilliant aod radiant lile a ruby aadwill tura into an oil whoseuoes ere adnirsble. If you put equalpartsof the said mercurialvater and oil of vitriol or of sulphurtogetherandertract the liquid througha retort, you will have an oil that coagulates in Oe cold and dissolves in a warm hand or in any other lov heat,andis suitable the Sunandthe Moon. for dissolving

ESSE]{CE OF GOI,.O AIID NA|CTANE Makeao aquaregia with oommon salt, or sal ammoniac, or spirit d vhich Salt. Add to 17ozof this water 4 oz 6 speciallypreparedsublimate, has been sublimated 7 times in the samevay it vas sublimatedthe first time, that is, it must be mired vith fresh vitriol in the usual propmtion,so that it is completely saturated vith it. Havingthus mired thesethings,let .{ them digesttogetfter for or 5 days,thea distill aaddrive the spirits till the Mercurysublimates.If you carry this operation out life a gmd artist, you vill have very ercellent mercurial vrter vhich dissolvesrnd opens Sol vonderfully wel[ fm it you put gold into it- feeprng everyOing in putrefaction threetimes,eachtime separating the phlegmfrom the solventyour materiavill be vell opened.To openit to the utmostdegree, hovever, somefresh mercurialvater must be poured over your materia,and it is even neoessary to ohobate it up to tbree times. Aftcr this, give a good sublimations fire, andyou will seeyour Sunrise over your rlembic,red as blood,erslted,volatile,aadvell suitedto turn into tincture vith the belp d the aloholizedanimated vegetrblespirit, and capable of achievingthe last gold. eraltationd Youcouldalsomakeit vith the sameaquaregiaif instead d the sublimated Mercuryyou tookthe sameamountof gum and mercurial as oil that is ertrac'tedwhen makingthe Mercury of life. and proceeded abovetill your Solbecame volatile, fm it is in this that the vhole secretof
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your solartincturein this vay, you thisoperation consists. After ertractinS get vill ahead evenmore to 3 partsof thisvolatilegold I part d by adding with revivifyingsalts. Thusyou Mercury of the same luminary, ertracted the effects of whic.hare soverefn and vill obtain a perfect medicine, infallible for all diseares.
SADOXTFIC GOTD Makean aquaregiain the usualway. antl in this vater dissolvegold leavesor filings,or goldin small laminae. Thenpour uponit, drop by drop, your solutionof a fiae oil of tartar madeby the dissolution of its salt. All at vill arisefrom the union of these two liquids. onoe,a great effervesoence This shovsthat your oil of tartar mustnot be pouredon in one Bo,but only each time. drop by drop, as we have said, making small effervescences Continue in this vay till the materiano longerbubblesup. Put the oontainer with your materiain a cold placefor a while, and your calcinedSun vill precipitate to the bottomd the vessel.Vhen you seeit in this state,pour atl vith varm vater. the water off, gently,by inclination, andwashthe residues After that, dry them in the heat of the sun or in a dryrng closet,in such a vay that the materiacannotburst into flames,because, being dry, it is as easily ignited as guo povder, not only by the least bit of heat but even simply by motion. This happensat the bottom,cootrary to gun povder which pushes upvard. This is so muchso that if you srere to put somed this povder on a very thicl pieceof vood and set fire to it, it would mate such an effort that it vould pierce the sroodcompletely. Therefore, ooe could do vonders vith it, if it T'ere easy to carry it without it Boingup in flames, whic,h it doesby simptyberngdisturbed. Suchis the solar materiawith which the philosophers teach us to great oompose the vhich they call BurningColdandvhich they use Sudorific vith precaution aad in the folloving m4nner. Take 4 or 5 grains of your goldcah, put it in a silver spoo filled vitfi a fine spirit of vine. Thereafter, set fire to it vhile keepingthe spoonquite straiSht. By overing it with a bell-sbapedglass,sublimateyour Sun. During this sublimationyou vill observea smallnoiseand a smatldark cloudaroundthe glass. Seeing this, put somemorebrandyon the samepowderandcontinue asbeforerepeatinS quantity of the saoe operation for a vhole day, so as to obtaia a reasonable your sublimatedSun,vhich vill be of a very subtleoonsistency and skyblue. Screpe it with feathersrnd preserve it carefully. If you give 2 m 3 grainsd it on sugaroniam or in a suitableliquid, you will purgethe sie.L in perspiration, an ertramdinaryway by a thick andunctuous vhich vill drive avay all kinds of putrid feversand pestilenoes, and eventhe moststubborn andlamentable diseases.
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I have severaltimes observedthat this gold povder, before being sublimatedand vithout any preparationother thatr that d beins simply precipitated vith oil of tartar,is an incredibleremedyfm pestilenoes, if one givesa fev grains2{ hoursafter berngattacked. It drives avay the poison providedone rests in bed throughthe perspiration, and is quite suooessful, and doesnot mone. the greateffectsof this solarczh and the ease Besides, if you oonsider you will perhaps vith vhic,hit catc,hes fire, thint that it would be suitableto makethe Philosophical Fire.vhich the Trevisan(Bernardof Treviso)valued so much,andvhich he kept soseget. PARGANYE GOT.D Takesone oil madeof equd parts of purified aatimony, sublimatcd Mercury,aad oil of salt ertractedin the usualsray. Put them togetherin with the Art. then distill them,aad put somegold into the liquid acoondance tbat you enract from them. Youvill seeit dissolveall of a sudden. This liquid, or solutionof the Sun,is mired vith a little sugaror somegoodtastingjam,andit vill do admirable works if you give of it at your discretion aocording to the ageand the strengthof the sick. If tfie liquid of this Sold solutionis drawnthroughthe alembic, a povder will be left at the bottomof vessel. the As it retains the mercurial virtues of antimoay and the sublimate,it cao be given, either io substaace or as aa infusion, as a purSative medicine, after it hasbeensveeteaed. precipitate you 0r, if Oe vhole solutionioto coldvater as soooas it is prepared, you vill makeof it a coagulate that is much m(re erellent than the usual ooes,because it vill omtah the gold ca|r. Having been made milder by various ablutions, it vill be a great purgativeremedy,vhether you give it ia substaaoe or asan infusionvith somesuitableliquid. 6OLDOFITFE vith I part of pure gold and { parts Goldof Life,or Life Cold,is made of Mercury, amalgamated aad dissotvedtogether ia ommoo aquafortis, in that vater and the Sun is precipitatedinto because Mercury dissolves powder. Now distill the aquafortisto dryrn*s, so that everything may precipitateto the bottom. Put fresh aquafortisoo the dry matter, distil to again,and repeat this ts'o tr three times. Finally, pile t[is substance of the aquafortis. calcineit completely. To drive aa/ay all the sharpness vash your calr first with springrrater, then rrith fine braady,and you vill precipitate.If you give of it oaty one tr 2 drams,with 2 havea miraculous
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drams of essence of aloe and as much essence of myrrh, separately ertracted, and one dram of essence of theriac,you vill drive array the plague, perspiration, inducing abundant andyou vill mate a purgativeand sometimes emetic. a mosteroellent If onevishes,onecan ertract a salt or a very fine essence from this precipitate solar if, after softeningit by several ablutionsvith common srater,one puts it to digestfor sometime in vinegar. You can preparean ercelleatmedicine from it. After precipitatiag it with oil of tartar- as must be doneto ertract its essenoesoftenit yet morevith commonwater, and goorl ftnally vith spirit of wlne. YEGETADTE GOI,D Take I dram of goldfilings or goldcalcined in any way you lite, and 3 dramsd luaarfilingsor lunarcah, l2 ozof Mercuryof common sinns[a' sr of cinnabarmadeof aatimonyandsublimated.Put everythingtogetherin a big retort, and after stopperingit only vith cotton, put it on a fire of moderate heat. Youvill seeyour materiagrowfrom day to day in the form of leavesm sheets, andit will happen in lessthan 3 weeks,andvill giveyou as muchpleasure asanazement on seeing it. Youvill be ableto turn it into a fine composition for health. CA I CIIUEO Pfl TT, OS OPIT TCA T. GOT O Amalgamate I ozof goldwith 7 ozd well purifiedMercury, stir them vell on the fire vith a stick,and after removingthe materiafrom the fire, continuestimingit for a quarter of an hour. Then throw it into a bovl of old vater. After this,vash your materiavith vinegarand Trater,Oen dry it in a cleancloth,andfinally put it into I lb of gold aquafortis, keepiagit ia gold your a retort abovetfie fire till the Mercuryis dissolved and fdls to the bottom as calr or impalpablepovder. Put tbe latter in anotherretont vith vine8ar and boil it tbere for 6 hours. After that, pour the vinegar off and replaceit with vat€r which must again stay on the fire to sweetenyour substaae. Continueputtiag fresh vater m it till dl the spirits of the aquafortis areout. Thereafter, mir your povder vith 6 oz of goodprepared oommon salt,put it in a crucibleovered by anotherpierced cucible, andset it in a smallfurnae filled with live ooal.Keep it there ft Z1hours,thea let t[e fire die abovethe cucibles. Finally, seperatethe salt vith several ablutionsof boiling water, and your gold vill be left pure and clean, preparedaodcalcined according to the method of the philosophers.

I{ere you have several good methods ol eilractiag the spirits of gold tad fic tiactarc4 and to larn tlem iato I potrble cssence. Ye could give yoa several farther descriptions uhicl tre contaiaed ia the vritings of your tulrtor, uho faev (as he hiaself ttys ia his letrade) aore thaa 50 aethods, but ve vill aerely preseat these hcre, vith the promise thet ve vill soon iafora yoa ol the otherc.

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SII TEN A GOOD PREPARA n2llr OFIAI(A FORfHE DISEASES OF nIE DnAIIvI Chapter III To preparethe Moonand to maf,ed it a suitableremedyagainstthe vorst diseases of t[e brain, lt must be calcinedphllosophically and then power dissotvedin fine oil of Clprus, vhich aloaehas the to liquify perfect metalsvithout the help of saltpeter. Vhen you have dissolved the Moon, evaporate on distill half of the di$olved materiaand put the rest in a oold plaoe, vhere smallpieoes of Mooncrystds vill form. Youcan dissolve them illnesses in oil of sage, and usethem for mentalderqngement and other d this nature. ATWNTER PREPARANOil A oertainphilosopher friend of mine and a great personalityprepares an erelleot remedyvith the Moonin the following vay: He calcinessilver laminaevith sulphur,puttingthemlayer uponlayer ia tvo crucibles, careful that t[e sulphurdoesnot ignite. To male t[e sulphurbecome blaet as coal, he separates it from the Moonfitiags vith fiater, aad aftervards finds his filin8s black calcined and ready to turn into a subtlecalr vhen groundin a mmtar. Vhen he has preparedthis calr, he puts it in a retort and pours tome vater over it. Thenhe distills and cohobates severaltimes. He says that io this way the spirit of the Moongoesover partly vith the vater, aod if only a few spoonfuls d this vater are given to patients sufferingfrom (depression) mentel troubles,melaacholy or other infirnities of the brain, they providevonderful relief. ilO0l,l Oil, Tate laminaeof the Mooncut into small pieoes, and dissotve them in aquafortisrectifiedvith salt of tartar or oomposed of the samesalt. Vhen your Moonis dissolved in this wlter, pour somegoodbrendy on it end then let it staodtq 24 hoursin a cold and humid place. Duringthis tine, sone smallcrystalswill form at the bottom. ln addition,take somevhites of egg. distifl them, and in this distilledwater digestyour crystalsft 2 or 3 days.
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Thenput everythiru into an alembic, distill in the Bath,and at the bottomof silver oil vill be left. the vessela very precious IfiOOTII ilERCART in various vays. Sometimes longand TheMoonMercury;isertracted tedious triturations of oommon Mercury vit[ Oe Mooa are used till everythinSpasses through a c.hamois leather in the form of quicksilver. silvercalr is used, made vlth common Sometimes Mercurylnbibed with oil of tartar andvinegaranimated vith sal ammoniac.It is afterqrards revived by the hot vater that separates the the saltsfrom the Mmn cah, causitrS Mercury to appear. This method is much better than that of the putrefactionsperformed by others in the reviving salts, which they sublimate aftervards. Actually,the MoonMercurycanvell be ertractedin this way but only in very smallamounts. To ertract Mercury more easily from silver, take very thin silver put them in a retort andpour on them a plant resuscitator laminae, calcined (fired a&ati) to vhiteness, and on this put some Flying Eagle and sal ammoniac.The proportionis such that on 3 oz of Moon laminaeenough plant resuscitator is put to coverthe laminae, also3 oz of FlyingEagle and I ll2 oz of sal ammoniac.Put everythingin an earthenwarepot on a fire vhich you must coatrol aocording to the Art. You will find at the bottom your completelycorrodedMoonwhich vill have left you 2 oz d liquid Mercury.or at least I ll2 oz,if you vork regularly. CATCTT{A NOT{ OFI.UT(A AmalgamateI oz of cupeledLuna filiqs on sheetsvith 8 oz d purified Mercury. C'rindthis with oomnon salt preparedin one hour in a woodenmfftar, then renove the saltwith ablutioas d common vater. This grind the samemateriaagain done, fon I hourvith very cleansimplevater. After that, put salt in the vater and grind this amalgam againfor I hour. Repeatthe samething vith vater alone,then vith salt, ontinuing this pro€ss up to 20 times. Thelast time,leavethe salt and put everythingin a big crucibleoo live ooal,stirriry andgrindingthis mirture cootiaualty till the Mercury is ompletety erhaled from it. Finally, wash the is6qining with warm water to purify the salt, and you will find at the substance bottomd your vessela very subtleMmn cah,very vhite, and suchas must philosophical be the clar d metals.

- 24-

n0il OFIXOI,I CAIIED CROCAS ilAnnS PXEPARA Chepter I V andpour urine or oommoo vater TaIe steelfilings or very thin sheets on them. In a shorttime rust vill form over the matter. As soonasyou see it appear, throw your steelinto boilingvater vhich vill attractall the rust if you stir the vater for sometime vith your haads,as by such stirring you vill separate vhat is mostsubtle. Dothis severaltimes to renove a good amountd the rust. Nov tate this materiaandput it in a cruciblein a vindfurnace,and suddenlyyour Mars vill get red. It vill be very easy to dissolve it in an aquafortismadeof 2 partsof vitriol, I of mmmonsalt,aad2 of bole. If you leaveyour red steel in this water for { or 5 days,it will dissolve completely.lf you separate the water from it vith the alembicand raisethe fire at the end,your salt vill vithout fail sublimateand, put in a humid place, vill turn into a very precious red oil. REGAf,AS Of MARS The Reguluscan be prepared in various rrays, but this one is onsidered the best Ta&e4ozo| horse-shoe nails,put them in a crucibleon a fiercefire to bnng them to a red heat,then pouron them 8 oz of antimony vith a little saltpeter,and all this vill easily melt iato vater vithout the additionof tartar, as is usuallydone. Nov break tfie crucible,and you vill find the Regulus at Oe bottom. Melt it oncemorevith I ozof saltpeter, t[ea you melt it againtvice, and vill find { or J oz of very fine Regulus vhich vill bearthe impression of the star of Mars.

ril{cranF oFMAns
Trfe sone of the doresaid Regulus of Mars, my quratity you life, and with Btampessand or pumice stone,preparedin the way ste have put layer upon layer in a luted crucible. Then put it to alreadyindicated, calcineoo a reverberationfire for 24 hours. Vhen old, powder all your materiaand pour gmd vhite vinegarm it to ertract its tincture- vhich vill
- 25-

mafe your vioegarbright red andthe mostbeautifulin the vmld. Giveone spoonful of it in bouillonto womensufferingfrom leuforrhea 6 the flur of Baternal blood. This sameremedy is also usefulfm stoppingall tinds of hemorrhages and overflowingsof the blmd. Vith this Mars Regulusall metalscan be adjustedto ertract their tincture according to the method vhich we have prescribed, so as to mafe of it a remedy for an infinite aumberof diseases. SATT ORCfTSTAtrOFMARS Takesome clinker,povderit assubtlyaspossible, then reverberate it gooddirtilled viaegarto ertract the salt or tt 2l hoursandpouron it some the crystalfrom your mrteria. Vhen your ertractoris oolced, pourit off by inclinatiooand replae it wit[ somefresh. whea you have eaoughtinged viaegar,distill it to dryness, andyou vill find a yellovish substane at the bottomof your vessel, which is the desiredsalt. Youcan,if you vish, make it asvhite assnov by againpouringfresh vinegaron it and letting it digest and distill as befone till your salt is quite vhite and crystAlliine,and tfte vinegarcomes out astasteless asx/ater. If you give I or 2 spoonfuls of this r/ater and about 5 or 6 Braiasof this salt,you vilt produoean incredible effect against jauadice,dropsy, cacheria (geaeral debility), chlorosis or greensickoess, and other similar diseases. Vhat appears to be most wonderful is t[at t[is operationis dooe without violenoeand does not manifest by any othereffectthan that of the urine.

- 26-

COPPRN OF YET{AS NTE VAT OFEXTnACilT{G NTE YTTRTOT Chtpter V the is coasidered by all philosophers Thevihiol ertractedfrom copper bestof all, as muchfor humanasfon metallicbodies. The method d ertraction requires that ooe ta[e the best copper calcinedvith sulphur, or someverdigris, or 8md tes ustam. One or is put in vinegarto ertract its salt anotherof thesethree preparedcopp€rs the vinegaris evaporated to dryness. The materia andcrystals.Thereafter, left at the bottomof the vessel is what is calledthe vitriol of Venus. its oil is ertracted,vhich is It csa be further prepared. Sometimes c,hiefly usedfor the precipitation d the Mercuryd Venus. Vhen the latter a8ainstall is precipitated. it servesas an ercellentsudmific and bezoardic grains given. pestilences kinds of vhen only oneor tvo are

ilEncanr of IlEI{as
The shortestpreparationof this Mercury is to take I part of the purest and freshestopper filings one cea find, 2 parts of sublimatedsal ammoniac, atrd as much or some more of salt of gold. Thesetiree are povderedassubtly aspossible, andvhen mired are put in a big flask vhich is buried in the sandandgivena doublefire, that is, abwe and under it, till the materiameltslite var. Thenremoveyour flask from the sandand the fire, tftrov it into a vesselfull of fresh Trater,and dl of a suddenyour Mercuryflo*'s in the vater clearandcleanandof a greenish olor. Trte this Mercuryof Veaus,put it in an alembicpot, pour someBood spirit of sulphur or vitriol upon it, keep it digestiagfon sometime, then distill it. Put the distillatebackon your coppermarcand redistill. Cnntinue this operationtill your materiatates on the color of vomies (black). To of the salt by snreeten it andrid it of the impressims mate it moreharmless, proper vaters. If this operationis done vashing it severaltimesvith the agaiast eractly,you will havein handoneof the greatestsudorificremedies the plague,of vhich t[e doseis only a single grain, or at most two, with some liquid. suitable

- 27-

Chagter IrI Specific Reaedy eilrtcted lroa Flovcrs of fia tgtiast Crtaps of tle Vomb

Theflovers of Jupiter mustbe ertractedvith an earthenvarevessel, madeup of severalsmallpots. Put oneon top of the other aad sealthem in sucha vay that they fmm only one body and one tube. Into tfiis kind d vessel tftros' the Jupiter filirUs little by little, to8ether vith pulverized your vesselmustbe brought saltpeter. But beforethroviag this substaooe, to a red heat,and you will immediatelyseethe spirit of the srltpeter rise, vhich vill soondistill ia the lover vessels.If you carry this procedure out acording to the Art, you will causeJupiter to sublimatein the form d flowers, and finally you vill see it distilt in the other vesselsthat are underneath, so tfiat you can erract at least ll2 lb of spirit from I lb of you to 8tl asfar asto ertract Ois spirit, I would not advise Jupiter. Hoqrever, but you shouldrather stop at gatheringthe flovers as soonas they appear, when they seemto be attached to tbe vesselwhite as snov. Do not give them time to nelt, but distill themfrom belowwith the porverof the fire, as in theseflovers Jupiter is preparedin such a vay that its sdt can be ertractedwith vinegar. It can be usedfor maay medicind aad metallic srffks, especiallyas this salt, vhen dissolvedin moisture,turns into a vonderful oil for all femaleillnesses.If you give only 4la 6 dropsin some melissa cmdial,or in any other suitableliquid, you viII immediatelystop all cramps of the vomb. AN EXCEIIEilT POVDEPFOn FIASflIIttG ftIE EYES, P&EPARED VITE nl Beforeusrtrg the particularreme<ly for flushing the eyes,one has to useBeneral onesandvork especially on the removalof the primary cause andthe stopping of the discbarges that fall from the brain on this noble part. Thereafter,bat[ the eyes of tbe patient vith the r/ater vhie.h you vill prepareia the followrngway: Melt fiae tin over a slov fire aad stir it as soonas it is completely melted into calr. This done, tale I oz of this cah d Jupiter, 2 oz d Alerandriantutty (crudezincoride),and2 ozef crystalpovder, mir these3 pourders, aod put them in a cruciblein the oenterof a strongooalfire. Leave it there till the fire hasreached a vhite heat. Thenrem(ryeyour sparkling

crucibleand pour the materia, nov completely lrin<lled, into distilledvinegar aodleaveit there uotil it is completely eninguished. Now pour the vioegar out by inclinationand put the materia into another crucible to make it redhot on the live coal,as before. Finally,quenchit in vinegar,as above. But tate notethat the redness of the seoond ignition mustbe great and that the substance vhich is put on the fire a seoond time mustbe povdered, with the result that it is so dry aad hot as to absonb in tvo times half of the distilledvinegar. As this materiahas been ertinguished tvice, you must nov let it rest fon sometime to let it settleat the bottom. Then evaporate the vinegarfrom lt on a small ash-flre and a pasty substance will be lefi. Pourdev vater uponit, rising aborre it by two or threefingers'breadth. Put it in a vell-luted retort on an ordinarybath, and circulateit It 2 or 3 days. After this time, you vill find a water which is specificand suitablefor all flushingsof the sight,aad this cure is all the morevonderful as it can be donein a fev days. All that is necessary is to bathethe eyes4 on 5 tioes to removethe cause of thosetearsvhich preventthe beautyof their function.

- 29-

TEAD Chryter YII heparationof Saturn vhich is efficientagainst tbe Lepraof human nd aelallic Rodies, and of vhich an oily Solveal caa be aade. Distill a large quantity of gmd vinegar,till you have a caskfull of it, because it is the basisand the foundationof this Vork. To strengthenit more,distill it severaltimes over the feoes, then mir everythingyou have distilled vith as muchother non-dephlegmatized viaegar,and let tfiem go over together, sothat the distillatevill become all the moreefficacious.The dregsthat remain at the bottom are put in a retont over a goodfire by means of vhich onecan ertract an ercellentoil from them,vhich can burn of its ovn anddissolve att kindsof minerals. After preparingthis solvent,take E0 lbs of povdered litharge- and NOTvhite lead or minium of lead calr (oride), as several artists do, especially IsaacHollandus. Take,I say,this lithargeand put it in severalbig and very strong flasks. Pour on it as much of your vinegar that it will overfloatby 6 fingers'breadth,rnd then put it ori en ash-fire. Ertmct the satt of Saturnby a slov digestion, and on the fecesthat are left after the ertractionof the salt and the crystals,pour oncr more the sameamountof meostruum asindicat€dabove.Continue doingthis till all your lithargebas turned into crystalsvhich are,properlyspeaking, vhat the philosophers call prima. the Chaos or tbe metallicmateria Onthis cry3talline substancu, againput for the last time fresh distilled vinegar. Dissolve it over a slov fire and filter it, so as to obtain a perfectly pure andflawlessmenstruum vhich, efter passiog throughthe steam-bath, will leavea substanoe that meltslile var at t[e bottomof the alembic. It hardensin the ooldas it meltsin the heat. Thereafter, divide this melting substance atrongseveratalembics and little by little pour fresh mensruum uponit, asif to feed and vater it only. Dothis by first pouringon only two drops,then three,then five, then seveo, increasing the amountin this vay till the materiadoesnot absorbany nofe. Youvill recognize this vben you seethe solventoomingout as acid as it vas at the beginning. Therefore, vhenever you distill your imbibed materia, teke carethat you continuetill the phlegma is as acid as before,because this is hov the child refusesthe nurse's milk vhen its stomach is full. Vhen the materiahasbeenprepared gum,<ligest io thh vay andoonverted into an ercellentandprecious it io the steam bathfor 30 or 40 days,till it becomes blackand hasa bad smelllike

that of liquid pitch. It is from tbis liquid and black pitcb that you must ertf,act,by the samebath,an ercellentphlegnavhich can serveas a proper menstruumfm ertracting a precioussalt from calcinedearth, as ve will rnite later. Ovitr8to the ontinual distillationthat you vill maked the said pitch on sand,and by finally Swing a strong fire abore aad belo*' through the usualdegrees up to a very violent fire, you vill ertract a red and quite thick oil vhich, togethervith the precedinsdistilatioas,vill constituteas strong and violent a vater as that ertractedfrom vine, aad vill have the sameSreatpover. The philosophers call it vater of life (brandy)of Saturn. Its substane is so pure and subtlethat it must be kept in a well closed vessellest it evapmate. To oomplete the perfectionof this golvent,tftis vater of life d Saturn must be put in a gentle bath, in a long-necked where the purest alembic, spirit of this vater vill rise imperceptibtytill you see the appearance of somelines aad filamentsthrough the glassof the head. It is an infallible sign tbat atl d the spirit has risen, and you must tberefore stop this distillation and ertract this first preciousspirit. heserve it carefully in a mtd plaoeandin a vell sealed @otaioer. After this spirit. a milly phlegma vill appearin a strongerbath. It vill be much better fs6 yashing your calciaed materia than the first of vhich ve spokeabove. Flinally, by a you vill 3till strooger degree of fire and after chaa$ng the reoeptacle, separate aa ardent spirit which will first oone out white and watery, then red end oily, but it will be heavy and lie at the bottom of the re,eptacle. Horrever,if you wish, you can male it go over vith a strongerfire. In regardto the earth or the fecesthat are left at the bottom of the retorts as a black povder. Oey can also be dissotvedwith some fresh distilled vinegar and thus turn into nev lapilli of a sticky and gummy coltsistency, and finally, by means d the above-mentioned digestionsand distillations,into woaderfully active aad burning spirits. There are some who divide this earth into tvo, but although Isaac(Hollandus) himselfadopts this divisioo, I am aevertheless of the opinion that the best and shortest methodis to calcineall t[e earth toge0er and to reverberateit by a gentle yellov flame till it beomes yellow like ochre. Whenthis earth has become phlegmas, to due the cohobation of the the salt can againbe separated from it, amding to the ordinaryrules andoperations of the Art. achieved the ertractim of this rare and precious Havrng salt,take the you first salt vbich have little by little ertracted and vhich you have preserved.Pourit on I oz of the last salt,repeatingthis inbibition till I oz d this salt weighs3 on4 oz endhesreteiaedthe weightof tbe sd rnmmiec d this spirit, tilt finalty the volatile ereeds the fired. If you wmk this prooess enctty, you vill find an ercellenteafth at the bottom. sublimateit glassvessel,andyou vill havethe pleasure in a very clear andvell sealed
- 31-

of a Philsmphical Mercury in the form of a of seeingin it the sublimation you substance. fine talc,which mustkeepasa mostvaluable part I To crovn this vork, take of this Mercuryand add it to { parts of the above-mentioned spirit onto as muchardentspirit to makeof them a imaginedvere solventfor the Sunand the Moon,suchas the philosophers capable of turning them into spirit vithout destroying their bodiesor losing wonderful vorks can be madewith this their characteristics.Therefore, philosophical solvent,both for the health d human and of metallic truly bodies. It can evenbe madevith conaland litharSe,and in that caseyou vill vithout doubt mate the finest and mostharmless of all solvents. ATIIONTER SOI YET{T OFGOTD RT CNTSTATS OFSATARAI Take minium,or better, litharge. Dissolve it tvice in vinegar then filter and oongealit. Repeatthis operationof dissolving,filterin3, aDd conSealing three times. Vhen at the last time you have oonSealed to the consistency of oil, put your congelation in a cold placefon E or l0 days, during vhich time smallice-life crystalsvill form. Remove all their humor gently by inclinatio'nand dry them very near the fire on a pieceof cloth. After that, put the thus dried pieoes of crystalsin an alembicpot vith some goodbrandy,three times rectifiedon commonsalt preparedand melted, each time reneving the same salt or rather passingit over sulphlur or vitriol. Then set everythingto digestin the bath for 3 t 4 days. Finally, distill this brandythus rectifiedover the pieces of crystal of vhich ve have your mat€ria spoken, to the consistency of honeym oil. That done, coagulate gold, a8aininto smallcrystal cubesand crushthem vith calcined that is, 6 veights of ice cubesto I of gold. Norr put everything into a well-closed retort in the Horre'sBelly for {0 days. Theaput your vesseloo an ash-fire to gently distill all the moisture from it. By puttins it on sand afterwards, ertract the oil with much white smoke vhich the philosopherscall menstruals.Ib this by raisiagthe fire amrding to the degrees of the Art. To bring this vork to a happy end, take all the oil and put it in a smallalembicin a very gentleB. M.,first to enract the brandyand secondly vhich you can discernfrom the brandy by the tears that fall the phlegma, into the reoeptacle.Nov take this brandy and pour it on the fees of your oil, and leaveboth thus in the bathfon I or 2 days,till your water is oolored. Thereafter, distill your oloned water,pourit backon the materia,and distill it again. Coritinue distilling and putting your vater backon the fecesof the oil till you haveertrac'ted all the tincture. If the vaters ertractedfrom your oil vere not sufficientfor the complete ertractionof your tincture,put them back in a gentlebath to drasrout one-thirdvhich is to be usedonce more in the fecesof your oil, by for ertracting the rest of the tincture contained
-3 2 -

process.Finally,vithdraw from your bath all your the above-indicated tiogedbrandy (vhich canalvays be useful), andyou vill find a goldenoil at the bottom, elcellent for health vhen flavored vith oil of cinnamonand given vith the specificvaters for the diseases you vish to fight vith its poTrer. OII OFSATANilT Tate lead catr and dissolve it in good vinegar, then filter and for evaporate 3 partsof your vinegarvith a slowfire. Ler the rest @agulate which time the saltof the lead 2{ hours,or in tbe air if it is in vinter, during your vinegarby inclination ict cubes. Thenseparate turns into (crystals) on a smallash-fireto separate themfrom the rest of the andput the crystals you vinegar,vhich may have left. This operationis doneby meansof the your crystals are left cumpletely dry. Whenin this stateput them, bath,tilt after powdering them,in a flask andpouron themfreshvinegarof the same strengthas the previous. Then dissolve, filter, and evaporalg2 of the 3 parts of your menstruum.Finally,let smatlpieces of crystalsform in the cold air or in a cold cellar, as befone. Thereafter,distill the rest of your vinegarin a retort andat a slov fire to beginvith, then at sucha degreeof heatthat a red oil appears.Vhen this happens, take immediately another receptacle, lnd by increasing the flame-fire,you vill ertract rU the oil of Saturn, whictrhasvariousproperties of humaabodiesand for tbe medicine that of metals. AilONTEREXCETIET{T OIT OFSATART{ htract the calcinedsalt of Saturnor of vhite lead aocording to the it with common vater methodof the Art, thea dissolve, filter, and coagulate till it is perfectlydear aadcrystalline.Nov put it to circulatefor sometime in B. M. vith a goodspirit of vine, in onderto makeit purer than it is after ordinary preparations.Finally,it hasto be put backin the samebath vith dew vater and be circulatedas before. The thus preparedsalt turns into a precious oil of which { or 5 dropsonly, mired vith a suitableliquid, are a great very and very poverful remedy for all internal inflamnations, pneumonias, pleurisies, liver omplaints,fevers,andthe lite. Its pox/ersare even greater because they put an end to all inflammetions rod heal even (crude zinc oride). It is if a little of this oil is mired vith tutty ophthatmias ulers. alsoercellentfor all kinds of cankerous
-3 3 -

FIOVERS OFSATARil VITrcITANF A SPECTFIC RET{EDT FOX OPITNTATT{IAS hepare a clayvesselmadeup of 8 or 9 little pots,put one upon the other,as q/e saidin the chapteron tin. After the vesselis red-hot, throv some leadfilings mired vith saltpetcrthroughthe tube,little by little. Then you will seethe spirit of saltpeterdistill throughthe beat d the first pot oountinS from the bottom,andthe sveetness of Saturnvill rise ia the other upper vesselsin the form of flovers, of vhich you can make a salt vlth vinegar. Whenthis salt is turnedinto oil, you will have an ercellentremedy for ophthalmia andall diseases of t[e erye. EXfRACnOItt OFmE ME&CARY OFSAfARil Take2 lbs of minium,such as it is, vhen it can easily be converted into glass.Put it h a crucibleh the midstof a strongfire aad imbibe it 6 tr 7 timeswith goodvinegar. Thenadd to the thus preparedminium an equal amountof cude tartar, and finally distill this mirture of minium and tartar throughthe retort for 12 hours,but tafe careto makethe fire stronSfrom the beeinninB.You vill have 17 oz of Mercury in your reoeptacle rrhich mustbe half filled vith coldvater. At the bottomof the retort there vill be real gold. One can reasooablyimagine that it is the gold vhich tbe philosophers call the fired grain separated from its Mercury,andin fact such a Saturnian Mercuryis muchlighter andbriskerthan vulgar mercury. ANOTHEP ilENTOD OFEXTRACNAIC TEE ilERCART OFSI TARAI Mh 2 lbs of minium vith as much good tartar, and put them in a gland pot piered by smallbolesat the bottom. Put this pot on anothertfiat is neither glazed nor pieroed, and put it undergroundto serve as a receptacle. but only after you havecarefultyluted the ioints and put some fresh water at the bottomto attract the Mercuryand preventthe brea&age of the vessel. Finally, over the pot that containsthe materia vith another yery trghtly luted pot andgive it a moderate fire for the first 5 hours,then a strongerfire for the nert 5, and finally a very strongfire during the last 6 hours- and you will find the Mercury of Saturn at the botton d your receptacle.


A ilEftTOD OFT{AKITVG NTEGtrASS OFSATARI{ Saturnis a metal vhose effectsare so great and vonderful for the health of humanbodiesthat it can not only do great things in the state in vhich we have just preparedit but also if it is vitrified by means of glassis calcinations amrding to the rules of the true philosophy. Because the ertreme deSree and the ultimate perfectionto vhich all things can be brouSht by the Art, you musttherefore not doubtthat the glass of leadhas in itself not only a very pure substance but, in addition,an abundance of greater salt,even than can be found in any other metal. This is so because Saturnabounds so muchin salt that the other tvo Principles, which are the liquids and the sulphurs, disappear oompletely, with the result that usually only the pure salt is left behind. fften it erceedsthe veight of the metal from vhich it is ertractedby moreOan half. That is vhy the philosophers who seekthe Mercuryand the Sulphurof Saturncry out so loud, "Cevele, ctvele a vittltcatione "(ber/areof the vitrification). Tnis kaches us that all metalswhich contain tnore Salt than the other tvo hinciples can be entirely vitrified. Amongthesethereis Saturnwhich,beingbetter provided with Salt than vith Mercury aad Sulphur,can easily turn into glass. This doesnot meanthat the other metalscannotalsobe turned into glassby the leagth andthe powerof a oontinual fire. The erceptionis gold,vhich, berng of a moreperfectnaturethaa the other metalsdueto the great equality aad combination of the Elements it contains, can in no way be turned into glass, because it is so richly composed of Water,Barth,and Air 1611 lslhing can produoein it any alteration of rust tr aorruption,and even fire cannot impressany change on its mass. This is all the more so as it is of a fiery nature andthat insteadof beingdestroyed by fire, it is rather preserved by it, amrdrn8 to this ariom d Nature:All lite thiags lovc aad preserve t.heir li*cs. In regardto iron, it is not absolutely impossible to vitrify it, alt[ough it can only be turned into Blass vith great difficulty. This is so because it containsmuchmoreSulphur. vhich has a fiery nature,than Salt which , as we havesaid,is the basisof all vitrifications. Satthavingan earthy oature, is purified by the continualpover of the fire and caneasily turn into glass and a pellucidandtransparent nature. hardly It is lessdifficult to turn silver into glassthan iroo, because it is of r very fired substance, lod it only oocurs if it is partly driven to this perfectionby the additionof saltsand Oe lengthd strongfires. BVen then glass it doesnot become real but rather a stoneof a hyacinth color. The violence of the fire vill have causedit to lose its orrn sappphirecolor, of silver. because fired lil,e the substance it is volatileandnot completely
-3 5 -

But let us return to our Saturnvhich is the fouddatioa for matiag all tiads of art[tcial stones, after the artists have turned it ioto small (crystals) pieces of ice vith the help of the acidplant solvent(vinegar). Nov then,the glass asfollovs: of Saturn is made Take{ partsof minium,I part of Btamps sandor smallvhite river pebbles, well calcined.Put themin a crucibleover a strongfire, andyou vill promptly makeglassthat is yellov in colonand of a transparent aature, give good which can ingressto medicines that are too fired and too dry, deprivedof their inoeration. @nsequently of a mirture of Notethat t$is glassof Saturnls in no r/ay composed pebbles elsethat couldbe added or of anything to its vitrification, but that it the metallic is suchby its ovn nature. To prove it, do as follovs: Restore put naturethat it hadbefone, andvithout calcining it at all; it, all lead that it or a potter. After ig,in a tightly luted cruciblein the furnaceof a glassmaker grindvhat hasnot vitrified the first time,and put it your materia, removing back in tbe furnaceto be reverberated agaitr. Continue doing this 3 or { your you times,and will find that Saturnhascompletely turnedinto a very guite suirable for mating precious beautifulglass, stones. If you vish to your oateria sooften,you haveonly to put it in the fire of avoidpulverizing glassmater, and at the end of the 5 or 6 days that it has beenin this the vitrified just as vell as by any other fire, it vill not fail to become oontinual method. I thint that if one srere to sublimatethis glassof Saturn vith sal ammoniac, it could be melted vith a candle and thus be turned into transparetrtTrar. Also, if this sameglasssrere first povdered and then or amberor vith someother resin on sulphurousand mired vith camphor gum, var from it, transparent oneoouldmate beautifuland pellucidsealing vhich would in truth only be suitablefor Lords,as it vould be ertremely oottly.

-3 6 -

Chapter YIII PAilFICA NOTV OFMENCART Mercuryand dissolve it in aquafontis madeof Takegoodsublimated your parts When calcined vitriol andsaltpeter. Mercury equal of moderately put the solution iato a smallalembic to separate the three is vell dissolved, partson a small ash-fire. After that, unoover your curcurbit and put it completely unoovered in a bovl filled x/ith water to the rim of the materia. put Then everythingin a very ooldand very humid cellar. At the end of 5 days,you will find your Mercuryvhich vill mostly have turned into small pieces of (crystals) ice. The rest vill remainseparate in the form of a black earthvhich is nothingbut the slagandthe usel$s feoes. AilON{ER PAilFICANON OFI(ERCART Trke common Mercuryandsublimate it l0 times, but the selt rnd the vitriol mustbe renevedeae.h tine, aad it must alsobe well vashed with leiling vater after eachsublimation.All foreigntbings attacbed to Mercury Ttill thereby be dissolved, vitriol and salt. In addition, suchas the spirit of this vater vill cleanse it of its poisonousness and blackness. As a result, after thesel0 sublimations and l0 ablutions it vill become ereedinSlypure andflavless,andoonsequently suitable fonall beautifulchemical operatioos. SARTTMA NOAI OFMERCARY Tate somegmd stf,ong Mercury,quite flawlessand carefully selected, mortify it with aquafortis andturn it into smallpiees of crystals(ice). Put 4 lbs of thesecrystalstoget[er vith 2 lbs of salt and .l lbs of either Hungarian or Clprian vitriol. Vhen everythingis well mired togetherand the Mercury put it into tvo goodearthenvarepots,tiBhtly cao no longer be discerned, fitting endelrefully lutcd,of which the upper must be piercedebove. After and furnace,give fire by degrees, they are well installedon a sublimation vhen the matterno longererhalesany phlegma, it vill be the signthat all d the MercuryT'ill rise. Youvill rem8nizeit otr an iron knife or a mpper foil. Thenstopperthe holevith somepaper,stir your coalfire and mate it very
- 37-

strongfor E or t hours,aodfor 3 hoursaftervardsmaf,ea flame-firevith wood. At the end you vill have a very fine sublimate, a white flour vhich vill haverisento the highestpoint,anda liquid Mercurythat hasrevived. Separate them andthencalcinethe liquid Mercurytogethervith that vhich has risen like vhite flour in fresh aquafortis. Imbibe also the sublimatevith fresh aquafortis. Finally,take everything and mir it vith freshsaltandfresh crudevitriol, in the sameproportio,n as above, then put your materiabacl into the sameearthenvarepots as before and give fire throughthe degrees of sublimation. At last,taf,ethe sublimate, the onethat you will find hard andfirm, andalsothe one in the form of flour or a vhite povder,crushbothvith an equalamount of vitriol, vhich mustbe prepared in such a vay that after berngdephlegmatized and imbibed vith its ovn phle3ma by repeated distillations, it finally turns into philosophical coloothar (caput mortuum or death's head). Vhen this sublimate aad this colcothar are well miled, they are put togetheriato a glass bottle,or better,into a very big flask, and buried in the sandin a sublimation furnace.Nov inctease the fire so muchthat the vessel wtll finally be red-hoL and in 6 or 7 hours your Mercury will rise very beautiful and very crystalline, carryingwith it the best essenoe or the best sulphur of vitriol. Contiauetbus till your Mercury doesnot absorb aoy more,vhich you will recognize by the veight of your sublimate: After it has been completelyprepared,it no longer increases as before,because until thenthe sublimate, absorbing the spiritsof vitriol and salt,hed increased in weightby 2 oz,or at leastby I I 12 oz. Tate noteof this, asit is the true weight and the true measure of the philosophers andsages, vhicb they nevervished to reveatand alvays kept secret. AIIIOfiIER SABIIMA nOI{ OFME&CAXY vitriol over a very slow fire, on better, take Calcine 2 lbs of Roman Hut4arianvitriol. Put this vitriol into a glazedearthenvarebovl, alvays stirring it vith a spatula,lest the drying vitriol adhereto the sidesof the graduallypourit into I tb of SoodMercury bovl. Vhen it lookslike a paste, of cinnabar throug[ a linen cloth,andblendeverythingso vell togetherthat the Mercurycanno longerbe seea.Thenaddto it I lb of preparedommon salt,grind everythingwell togetheroa a marbleslab,and put this mirture into tvo bovls. Givethe sane degrees of fire aswe have saidin regard to the preeding sublimation, and you vill mafe a very fine sublimate. Nov add fresh materiato this sublimateand resublimate it as above,up to 7 times. It ls not neoessary to add salt to the last sublimations, it berng yitriol, that is, imbibed vith its sufficientto add philosophically desiccated
-3 8 -

phlegma by several distillations. In this srayyou vill makeoneof the finest in the world. and mostperfectsublimates PRECIPITA EXCEITET}IT TESOFMERCART To mate an ercellentprecipitateof Mercury, tlke 2 parts of oil of vitriol or sulphur and I of Mercury, cinnsls3, on silver. Dissolvethem togethervith a slov heat,andvhen you have dissolvedll2 lb of Mercury in I lb of oil, add 4 oz of sea salt or colcotharsalt, accordingto some of softenirig the alchemists, or of salt of tartar,which is the only onecapable spnng aquafortis and'thesharpspiritsof vitriol. By addingsomecommoo precipitated vater, the Mercury is to the bottom in the form of a fine coagulate. Nov it is vashed vith as much soft vater that it becomes pleasant to the taste. Then adda stimulating trrater, andfinally somebrandy precipitate vhich is to be burnt over it- andan ercellent will be left. Others, pour into after addinsoneor anotherof the saltsof vhich ve have spoken, it springrrater distilleclto dryness. They reoer/ t[ese distillationsseveral timeswith common water,andvhen the materiais dry at the bottomof the alembic, they sublimateit, because the Mercury attracts in this sublimation the sbarp spirit of vitriol, so that it cannotdisappearin any distillation. Consequently, it is held in suspicion by the medical doctorsaad is dangerous for the sick. Therefore they pass it throughthe whites of egg. Hovever,the precipitates first nethod of these seems to meto be the best. There are others vho pass the aquafortis frequently over the vith the turpeth mineral of Mercury,asve vill erplain later in connection (Hollandus?) I vould prefer to the Flemish As far as I am oonoerned, sublimateMercuryby precipitating it vith the oil of sulphurand puttinSon it preparedseasalt,so as to let the Mercurybe saturatedvith the fire of Abture. Then,vith the samevater, that is, the Mercury of Luna, I vould mate of ny true Mercuryof life an ercellentremedyfor the pores,scofula, aod all other deplonable diseases. TE OFTTERCART COMPOSED ATVD AI{ONTENETCETTETIIT PRECIPITA ASED DT NTESIEARDETA YTOT,ETTE DissolveJome Mercury ia a very specialaquafortis made of true garnetsthat are andthosesmallHungarian Huntarianvitriol, goodsaltpeter, the water 3 or l times orrerthe fees till it tekes full of solarsulphur. Pess witl tbe sulphurof hyacinthandis saturated on the colorof a highly-coloned garnets srhen you throv your Mercury into this because, the aforesaid $rater,it attractsthe solarsulphurof thesegarneb,and in this way you vill mate of it an eroellentremedy,vhile it vould otherwisebe moneharmful
- 39-

than useful. The Mercuryto be precipitated must necessarily be that of cinnabaror d aotimony. Dissolve it in this aquafortistill it is completety changed into vater. Now precipitateit in spring f,rat€rin which you have previously dissolvedsome preparedcpmmonsalt, or better, the salt ertracted Youvill suddenly from the oolcothar. seeyour Mercuryooagulate pour off the clearvater by inclinationand vash at the bottom. Thereafter, the ooagulate vith as muchsoft vater that no sharpness is left. Now boil this soft cah vith coralbrandy,then vash everythingvitb desrvater, aod gmd spirit of vine overit, burning whenthe materia is quitedry, poursome it on the matterto dryness.The same vhite calr oathe samecoagulate can be mades'ith commonaquafortis, then precipitated into salt vater, and precipitate finally softened and dried. This last can be usedfor cancerand etternatulctrs,but I vould not give any of it ioternally,unless it were first sublimated andresublimated severat times. precipitation Thebest of Mercuryis made with the oilsof common salt or nitre, or vith the aciditiesof sulphur and vitriol, vhich are the true aouataia viaegars vbose effects, evenwhen joined to thoseof Mercury, are not as harmfulor emeticas thoseof sal ammoniac or distilledvinegar, vhich can only be removedvith difficulty, even if they are vashed by severalaod different ablutions. Therefore, if you vish to precipitatethe Mercury of cinnabaror antimonywith the above-mentioned oils, take 2 partsof oneof theseoils to I part of Mercury,put every-thing in a flask on a slowfire till all of the Mercuryis dissolved and hascompletely turned into water. Thereafter,first pour on it 3 or 4 oz of gmd preparedsalt, and your Mercury into a vhite secondly,spring vater, so as to coagulate you oagulate. Then softenit as muchas can by passing it severaltimes throughstimulating watersand finally throughbrandy,and thus you vill mafe an ercellentprecipitate of Mercury. Thereare somevho sublimateit prepared on saltandthe softsublimate, andthusget a very usefulpurgative from it. r8 OFtttERCARr yIftIOAr PRECTPITA AQAAFORT$

Take quicksilver and gold, make an amalgamof them as the goldsmiths the Mercuryas much as possible do, then separate through a pass leather.Put the matterthat did not in a flask vhich, sealed or not, is put in aa athanorvhere your materiavill sooorise to the top of the glassand will grrdually beoome red. Take care not to increase the fire, lest the Mercury evaporatebeforeit is completelydigested. In this vay you vill pos'ersarevoaderful and quite havea Mercuryprecipitated by gokl,Trhose numerous.Tbe mainonesaretbe folloving:

First,this povder is ercellentfon the cure of gout,if you give oncpa preserve monthhalf a dramwith 2 oz of bugloss in the form of pills. It is alsovonderful fm venerealdiseases, because if you give only 4 ot 6 grains preserve you vith some or vine for 8 days, vill completely curesyphillis. of goldvhen natrng your amalgam, If you usesilver instead and you give { grains of it together with betony or melissapreserve,you will (depression) assuredly cure mentatderangements, aad even melancholy providedyou addto this precipitate epilepsy, somepeonywater. NEDPNECIPTTA TE OFrt{ERCART DT MEAT{S OF 6OTD TaIe 6 parts of Mercuryof cinnabaror someother, I part of calcinedgold. Amalgamate them togetherand put only l ll2 oz in each flask on a continuous athanorfire. They must not be hermetically closed, to allov the of Mercuryto evaporate.In three veeks at mostyou will seethe humon mostbeautiful red precipitateand the most useful for health that can be inagined. REDMERCART PRECTPTTA rED e y MEANSOFQAICKIII{E Vith the help of quicklimethat has only been ooarselygrouad ooe day,it is possible to makean ertremelyred precipitate of common Mercury. The methodof makingit vell is to put common Mercuryin an alembicand uponit enough of this nev lime to ooverthe Mercuryby { fin8ers'breadth. Givefire by degrees, to mate it oomeout into the reeptacle half filled vith vater. The Mercury vill leave a portion of its substanoe iatermired vith that of the line. Thentake what has passed into the reoeptacle, which you vill find muchpurer and moreflavlessthan before. Vipe it cleanandput it backinto the alembic, in sucha vay that i1 sinksto the bottom,vhich vill easilyhappenowingto its heaviaess. Raise the fire further by degrees and 5 or 7 times,for the moreyou repeatit, the better the repeatthis operation resultvill be,because Mercuryvill alvays decrease in veight. Finally,tate it in a this matter,that is, the lime at the bottomof the alembic, and dissolve bis bovl of vater, stimingit by handand makingthe lightestpart comeout, your lime will way as miniumis prepared. ablutions in the same By several passfrom one eartheawarepot to another,s'ith the result tbat at the bottomd your bowl only the Mercuryprecipiteted by the spirits of the lime will remainasred asfield poppies.

ME&CART PTECTPTTA TEDIN ALT KIIUDSOFCOTORS Mercury can be precipitated in any oolor one vishes if, after you throv into it all the thingsthat canprecipitate dissolving it in aquafontis, andcolorit. Thusyou vill makeit vhite as milk if you throv seasalt in the aquafortisthat has dissolved it. You vill make it quite red if you throv urine iato the sameaquafortis.Youcan makeit tan-oolored red by pouring quite green by putting on oil or salt of tartar, andyou will makeit become some saltof Venus(oopper) into it. In short,you can metamorphose it into you wish vith tbe varioussaltsvhose propertiesare taught by all the colors philosophy. DIAPflONENC AT{DFTXED PNECTPITA TEDAENCANY First you must makean aquafontis d saltpeter, alum, and vitriol, I ll2 oz of each. After it is vell dephlegmatized, dissofvein 2 lbs of this water I oz of antimony; of talcum, cinnabar, and sulphur I ll2 oz each;of the sublimate, the verdigris,and the cocus Martis ll2 oz each. Vhen everythinghasbeensoatingIq 24 hours,removeall the vater vith a very strongfire till all the spiritshavepassed.After havrngvell dephlegmrtized it, dissolvevery good Mercury in it, vhich vill precipitate at the {th distillation,andif you raisethe fire for the last,you vill find your Mercury at tbe bottomof the alembic, turned into a very red andfired povder. You cansoftenit vith severalablutions of freshsrater,andif you wish to makeit vonderful for the health and even fm chemical vorks, pour up to 9 times tartarized brandywer it, till it @mes out insipidor soft. Instead of ommon Mercury,some ta&eMercuryof cinnabar whichthey revivify or elseveaken with sulphur,resuscitating it aftervardsvith brandyor brandyof tartar. AiIOftTERDIAPTTOREilC AI{D FI.TEO PRECTPITA TEDilEfCAf T You tnust vell purify the amount of Mercury of antimony on of cianabarthat you vish to ta&e,then precipitate it all by itself by putting it good glass, on the fire ia a flask of hermetically closed, letting it thus geotly boil ia so athanorfc 20 or 2J days,or the time neededto precipitateit oompletely.After that, dissolveit in twice distilled vinegar,pourlngfresh distilledvinegarorrerthe precipitated mercurytitl it is completely dissolved. you put glass When bavereduced it to this oondition, it in a bovl vith a flat and quite smoothbottom,so that it settlesio the oenter quite congealed,


vhich are not discardiruaroundit the evil-smellingercrements and scoriae homogeneous. rectify a gmd oil d the Green In the meantime, Lion and passit three times throughthe beak of the of the vessel,togethervith its spirit. The fourth time, passthe oil alonethroughthe alembicvith a moderatelyhot ash-fire,and what will stay in it is the germ on the salt d the oil, which is quite suitablefor ertractitrgthe spirit of Bold. Vhat has comeout is the phlegmavhic,h ve need to softea our Mercury. This phlegma,or this rectifiedoil, is put on the purified Mercury,soasto float over the materiaby on a moderate alembic 3 fingers'breadth.Thismustbe donein a smallglass and temperateash-fire. Keepyour vesselsn it fq 7 hours,then separate your oil by distillationamrding to the degrees of the Art, andyour Mercury vill be left congealed in vhitenessat the bottomof the vessel. Put the sameoil back on the congealed Mercury,distill it again,and ontinue doin8 this till the oil has lost all its pover. Vhen this has happened, strengthen Oe stomac.h d the 0strich vith somefresh liquid of the Green Lion,digestine it asoften asyou did before.andrepeatthis till the rectifiedMercurybecomes bloodred. This done,tafe this rubified Mercury and povder it subtly in a hermeticallysealedflask of very strong glass. Keeprng it in an athanmon a suitable fire, you vill havea fired Mercuryin 7 days,vhich can be calledthe true diaphoretic Mercuryand can be used as greatdiseases. an eroellent remedyfor several MTNERAf,TAfPEil{ Tate Mercuryof cinnabartr antimony,put it in a flask, pour on it enoughoil of vitriol to overfloat it by 2 or 3 fingers' breadth, and leave everything in the cold till the Mercury turns into caE. Distill this cah to a pour somemorefresh oil of vitriol liquid throughthe retort on the alembic, on it, then distill. Nov againpour somefresh oil on it aad distill onoemme. Do this 4 or 5 times, and you will find a yellov povder. After it is vell vater to remove its acrimony,then dried, wash it carefully with oommon finally add somespirir of vine aad distill. If you vish to make it more harmless and perfect,pour somedev water on it and distill it lite the spirit wine. of Thusyou vill have an ercellentturpeth,of vhich the doseis 6 to l2 grainsat most. AT{OfiTET ilIT{ERAT TARPEN] the gold in Tale I ozof rolledgoldleaf and t 2 ozof Mercury,dissolve aqua regia and the Mercury in common aquafortis. Unite these tl'o

solutions, and an Bclipse with result. Thereafterdistill by degree,and increase it at the end as muchasyou can. Breakyour retort, pulverizethe precipitatedsubstance at the bottom, put the latter back into an another pour retort, and all the vater that you have distilled 3 or 4 times over it. The last time, incease your fire to make everything rire that can be sublimated.Take only vhat is at the bottom,povder it and put it in a ctucible over live oal to erpel the spirits of the aquafortis as much as possible.Takethis povder, triturate it vell on a Darble slab and then in a glassmfftar, poundit vith common distilled rrater, and you vill see some grease povder. your floatingover Pourit out and preserveit. Repeat this ablutio'n with fresh vater till nothinggreasyfloats on top and your vater comes out as soft aswhen you pouredit on. Thisvater is suchthat it you touchcaaterousor syphillitic ulers vith it, it vill oonsume the deadflesh by prickingthe live a little, andwill oertainlycurethem. In regardto the remainingpovder, take careto vash it vith cordial vaters and finally with the theriacalvater of Paraoelsus, vhich he makes povder your vith theriac,myrrh, saffron,andbrandy,because vill drav out their fra8rane andvill become morerestorative because of it. This povder is usedto causea mild vomitin8,which is necessary for the treatment of syphillisand the pores,andit will causeat least7 or I movenents of the you grains preserves. bovel, if in substance vith somerose Bive 6 or 7 Oeasionally, its action continuesto the follovi4 day, and therefore the second dosemust not be given til the third day, as the latter vill not only purge till the folloving day but sometimes for three or four days more. you mustnot admiaister Accor<lingly, while any it is working and must$'ait vith the third dosetill the purgation of the second is over,at s'hich time you can confidentlygive the third, vhich vill plurge for many days. By this (cholera) metfiodthe Naples sickness is cured,even if it vere acompanied by a thousaad uloers, for eventhe first dosestopsall pain,andthe otherscut the root of the illness. AI{ONTER T{II{ERAT TARPEfiTRT A FI.ETTISI{ PITTSTCIAT{ He mateshis mineralturpeth by precipitating Mercuryinto a gmd oil passingthis oil tvie or three of vitriol or sulphur,rrell dephlegmatired, times over the Mercury. To soften it greatly, he vashes it vith various vaters and turns it as he pleases either into a purgativeor a sudorific. To mate it purgative, he mires it vith scammony or someother czthartic,and he givesonly a fev grainsof this mirture. To male it sudorific,hovever, he fires it by the additionof saltpeter vhich he ignitesandvashesvith several ablutions.Theordinarydoseis lE grains, andthe elraordinary I scruple, which is givento thoseonevishes to perspirea greatdeal.

ESSEIVCIFIEO MEfCAf T purify it vell beforehand Takeoommon Mercury, by distillingit 3 or { times through the retort vith crude Montpelliertartar. Then ma&ea precipitate vith aquafortis, oohobate it three times,the last tine giving a strong fire to drive out all the spirits. Nov dissolveit in vinegar, and pouringfresh on till the matteris completely oontinue dissolved.[b this on you an ash-fire,vhere vill finally distill the vineSarto dryness. Uponthis dry matterpour cxlmmon srateranddistill it. Repeat this 4 times,eachtime reneving the vater, then distill it to dryness and put your dried materiafor tvo weets to digestwith spirit of viae. After this time, separate this spirit by distillation,but be carefulnot to openthe vesselbeforetvioe 2{ hours, beczuse during this time the matter vill dissolvecompletely. Crystalswill form at the neckof the retont,and at the bottomof the retort you vill find an ash-colored oil in vhich you can dissolve the cah d t[e Sunacconding to tbe Art, that is, I part of the goldcalr in 3 partsof oil. After that, it congeals into a red povder in an atbanorsrithin 20 days. ff this povder one gives the dose of l ll2 grains in wine. It purgesfrom belov and through perspiration, andonecancuresyphillis,dropsy,andseveral other illnesses. MENCANTAT BRAAIDT Tate 4 oz ol antimony, some tin and somelead,of eachhalf a pound. Melt the tin and the lead in a cucible, then add the antimony,aod vhen everythingis quite hot, add I lb d tartar and I lb of saltpeter. Pulverize and mal,ea Regulus. Vhen old, castit into an ingot,pulverizethis materia and put it in a retort with a sand-fire. Add 2 partsof sublimate.Nov attach a bg reoeptacle and increasethe fire, so that nothing can come out any longer. Notethat there vill be somerevivified antimonyat the bottom of the reeptacle,whic.hyou must separate.To gather the mercurialbrandy, onehasonly to pour utater into the receptacle, and it will immediatelyturn pot. aad after your flovers vhite. Pour everythinginto a big earthensrare pour this vater off and havesettledat the bottomandthe rrater hascleared, replaceit vith fresh one till it becomes tasteless. Then your mercurial brandy is ready. It caa eveo be better prepared for the sick by cookineit for 3 on4 daysin a hermetically closed flask on very hot sand,thea burniag on it 7 q 8 times very carefully rectified brandy. (ordinary brandy, Not mercurialbrandy). The doseis from 2 to 4 graiasin somepreserve, and is givenfon scrofula, syphillis,ulers. worms,andother iltnesses.

NTERMER AT{O CAR I AT aRAI{DT Make an oil of Mercury after the mannerof the gum of mercurial brandy, and purify it by severaldistillations. In addition,tate a dram of goldleaves and ll2 oz of goodpumioestone. Put them for 15 hours in a your materiaand put crucibleluted vith a reverberation fire, then pulverize pour upoa it7 oz of your oil d Mercury,t[en give it in a retort. Gradually it into fire over andunderit, anda clearblmd red oil vill distill. Precipitate precipitate water, and it vill be vhiteish-yellov. Vhen lhis has beenvell put it in a hermeticallyclosed softenedby severalablutionsvith x/ater, glass providedvith a very goodlute and buried in the sand. Giveit vessel, athanor fire till the powderis coloredred. If 2 to 6 grainsof this are given you vill dovondersfor the cureof variousillnesses.It is in somepreserve, you will somevhat emetic, but if you addit, or mir vith it, sone purgative, makea restorative remedyof Nature. SOFT(ORSVEEN OTTOFrt{ERCAiT Sal ammoniacmust be fired with quicklime,as vill be shovn it vith vater and elsevherein our Paatcea Brtract the salt by dissolvins coagulating it, then dissolvethe salt in moisture,vhich will happenia a short time. Add to the dissolved salt as muctrsublimated Mercury as is paste, put to dissolveit into a and everything to8ether in a necessary suitableglass into in the cellar. Thesublimated Mercurywill easily dissolve water by meansof the liquid of the sal ammoniac. If it vere not well dissolved, add someof the liquid of your salt, so as to bnng about a true purify it in B. M. for 2 dissolution.Vben nov this mirture is vell dissolved, days,and after it is purified,separate a phlegma from it ia the samebath, but madehotter. Vhen it is oold,you vill be left vith a substance vhich vill congeal of aystal. This substanoe in into small pieces is then dissolved phlegma moisture,digestedand separated from its as before. Then it till the matterno longercoagulates. Thus,by these coagulate aad dissolve and dissolutions, repeated coagulations it vill alvays stay fluid, and it is by (gveet) process its this soft of its ovn. But to increase that it vill become pover, cohobate by it vith a goodspirit of vine vhich you must separate the bath, and you will be left vith a soft (sveet) oil of Mercury,vhose propertiesare ercellentfor the cure of ryphillis and scrofule. Only2 drops are given in someliquid. It causes strotrgperspirationas vell as 4 or 5 bovel moveoeots,purgingthe venomand purifyin8 all the bloorl. It cures the mostinveteratesyphillisandporess'ith only 12or I J doses.

ATWN{EREXCETLEilT SOFT(ONSVEEN OTTOFMErCAir Take somegum of Mercurybrandy,saturated as much as possible vith the fire of Nature.Disti[ and purify it just onoe.Vith this clear,heary and mercurial liquid vhich coagulates in the oold.into cystals, mir some previously eroellentspirit of salt circulated vith gmd spirit of vine. Then your separate it from ehilledmercurial till it is completely materia dissolved andno longerfreezes.Vhen it is in tbis stale,take this mirture andput it to putrefy in B. M. or ln the Hotrse's Betly for 42 days, vhich is ooe philosophical month. Duringthis time you will seewondershappenvith the olons. Thus your pungeat materiawill beome soft (sn'eet)through the coajunction of the spirit of salt and the digestion in heat,and it will of itself becomea Breat and sovereignmedicine. As it is aot emetic, it is very ercellentfon health. The normaldoseis 2 or 3 dropsin any suitableliquid, preserve. m mired vith somesyropor pleasant MERCARIATVA TER grind, TakeI lb of goodsublimated Mercury, 12 ozof oude antimony; mir, and put everythingtogetherin a retort on ashes, in a fire of degrees, you and vill distill a substance like milk. Distillthis milk separately andyou will ertract a dear vater. Put this water in an alembicaad remove its phlegma in the bath. Thenyou vill find at the bottoma mineral mercurial T'at€r vhich dissolvesall bodiesand causes the Sun to passthrough the alembic. Insteadof crude antimony,take sone Regulus, and you will do better. AilONTENMERCAilAT VA TER Take I tb of goodsublimate, I lb of sublimated sal ammoniac, mir pouring them. sublimate them 4 or J times,eachtime the sublimate back (ryer the feces, then grind them together. Rememberto mate the sublimation in a big retort attacfted to a fairly brg iar fon receivingthe sal ammoniac and everythinSthat Boes oyer. Keepthis materiamoist in order to dissolve it, andwhenit is dissolved, distill it as an aquafortis.Thentake the feces,pound them and resublimatethem with a quarter of the sal ammoniac.Keepit moistagainand distill it, then add the vaters of vhich you vill havea largeamountandvhich arereally mercurial vaters.

-4 7 -

MERCARIATFATER OR TIIRGIT| S MITK OFSAEI,IMATED ANONTER ilERCART vith vitriol in the vay s'e have TakesomeBoodMercurysublimated it in aquafontis taught. Dissolve madeof vitriol and saltpeter,distill it to dryness,and then give a good sublimationfire. Take what has been sublimated, dissolve it againin fresh aquafortis, distill and resublimate it immediately.Continue doingthis till there are no morefecesat the bottom. the latter,and by t[ese repeated and Youmustatvaysseparate dissolutions sublimationsyou vill prepare a sublimate that is very beautiful, vhose fecesare as beautifulas the sublimate. transparent, andcrystalline, process you vill obtain a quintessenoe of Mercury. Somemakeit in By this anothervay by sublimatingthe Mercury7 times vith salt, vithout using aquafortis. I find, hovever, that the Mercury always takes the spirits of vitriol avay, becoming abundantly saturated vith them,andthis is vhat you have to watch out for as the mostimpontant thing. Vhen you have turned put it in a hermetically this sublimate into sucha quintessence, sealed flask in an athanorfire or a fire that doesnot eroeedthe heat of the sun, and calcineit for 20 days. Thereafter,put the thus calcinedpovder in an alembicin a steambath, making sure that the vater doesnot touch the alembic.Yoursublimated Mercurywill dissolve and distill into a mercurial vater or Virgin'sMilk, with vhich the spirit of vitriol vill goo\rer,which is a vonderful solvent.


Co n r e n r s Al{T I ll0l{Y CHrprenI X
of A ntimony. El i xi r Essen ce of A ntimony. An o the r E ssence of A ntimo n Y . An ti m ony P recipitate. of A ntimony. Sud o r ific C r ocu s or S ulphur of A ntimo n y of A ntimo n Y . M i xed Tincture Flo we r s of A ntimony. R eg u lu s of A ntimony. of A nt.imony. Cr ystals Salt of A ntimony. Oil o f A ntimony. Ano the r OiI of A ntimony. M e r cu r y of A ntimony. Page 51 52 52 53 53 53 54 54 54 55 55 56 57 57

(He p a r A n t imo n i i ).

V I TRI0 LCHe p r e n X
The Magistry of Vit,riol. Separation and Conjunction of the EIement,s of vitriol for a Universal Medcine. Extraction of Vitriol from alI Metals. Extraction of t,he Sulphur of Vitriol. Crocus I'lartis of VitrioI. An Excellent Oil of Vitriol. OiI of Vitriol and Salt Together. Sweet OiI of Vitriol. Another Sveet Oil of Vitriol.

58 58 59 59 59 60 60 61 61

Sovereign Balsam of Sulphur for Flowers of Sulphur. Mortification of the Sulphur. Tincture of Red Sulphur. Oil of Red Sulphur for the pest. Another Oi1 of Red Sulphur.


L u n g Dis e a s e s .

62 62 62 63 63 63

TREAT I SE OII III I{ERAL IiED I CI 1{E Conrenrs AllT I ll0t{Y Cnnpren IX
El i xi r of A ntimony. Essen ce of A ntimony. Ano the r E ssence of A ntimo n Y . Anti m ony P recipitate. of A ntimony. Sud o r ific S ulphur of A nti mo n y or Cr o cu s of A ntimon y . M ixe d Tincture A ntimony. Elo we r s of Re g u lu s of A ntimony. of A ntimony. C r ysta ls Sa lt of A ntimony. O i 1 o f A ntimony. An o the r Oil of A ntimony. M er cu r y of A ntimony. Page 5I 52 52 53 53 53 54 54 54 55 55 56 57 57

(He p a r A n t imo n t i ) .

VITRI0L Cnrpren X
The M a gistry of V itriol. Se p a r a tion and Conjunction o f t h e E le me n t s of vitriol for a Un iv e rs a l Me d c in e . Extr action of V itriol fro m a ll Me t a 1 s . Extr action of t,he S ulphur o f V it rio l. Cr o cu s Martis of V itriol. Oil of V itriol. An Excellent O i I of V itriol and S alt T o g e t h e r. Swe e t Oi1 of V itriol. Ano the r S veet Oil of V itrio l. 58 58 59 59 59 60 60 61 61

S U LPHUR Cxlp r r n XI
Sove r e ign B alsam of S ulp h u r f o r a I l Flo n e r s of S uIphur. M or ti fication of the S ulp h u r. Ti nctur e of Red S ulphur. O i l of Red S ulphur for th e p e s t . Ano the r Oil of Red S ulphu r. L u n g Dis e a s e s . 62 62 62 63 63 63

ARSEI{ I C CHr pr pn XI I
Pr ep a r ation Su b l i mation of of the A rsen ic . the A rsen ic . 64 64

C I i l l { ABAR CHr p r e n XIII
M in e r a l Cinnabar. Extr a ction of Mercury Cin n a b ar of A ntimony. from Co mmo nCin n a b a r

65 65 65

P R E C I ( )US ST 0 ]{ ES Cn r p r e nXIV
Esse n ce of D i ssolution M ag istry of Esse n ce of Esse n ce of Esse n ce of Cora1s and P ea rl-s . of P earLs wi t h V in e g a r P earls and Co ra ls . Medicinal S ton e s . Hematite. Hyacinth. of S a t u rn . 67 67 68 68 68 69

C R Y ST AL CHn p r e n XV
Oil of Crystal for Calcu li. 70

T AL C CHlp r e nXVI
Pr ep a r ation of Talc for Re d u c in g An o the r Oil of Talc. An o the r E xcelIent Oil of T a lc . it to a n O il. 7L 7I 72

S P E C I AS L ECRET C S u lp r e n X V II
The The The The The (anti-gout) Authorrs Antipodagral Water. True Laundanum or Nepenthe of the Author. Authorrs Elixir of Mercury of Life. Authorrs Panacea. Gr eat Panacea of the Polychrest Anodyne of Montanus.

74 75 76 77 80

COT{PIIANOIV of the mostprecious andraresecrets, takenfrom the manuscripts of the late Monsieur Du Sieur Chesne, de Violette, la Officer and Physician in Joseph ordinaryto the King. Pa r is. l6 4 l

N{E PRTNTERTO THE READEP The esteemin which all of Europeheld the late Sieur de la Violette, whosevritings makehim immortal as long as science has credit, has made me believe absolutely that vhat came from his hand could not be investigatedwith too much care or receivedu/ith only general approbation. Heavendoes not perform miraclesevery day, nor does Nature bring forth suchgreat menof geniusto vhom sherevealsher secrets.Hereis the rarest she has, and I can say without boastinB that nothing can be addedto this compilation, asvell as othervritings issuedfrom this samestudy,if you on your part evidence as muchinterest in this book as it has merits and as I haveeagerness to serveyou. Farevell.


|NEA NSE OI( TTIVERAI TEDICIIUE ATffTHOilT Chapter l.{ ETI.UR OFANNMOIVr Antimony is hermaphroditic, male and female,of both natures. Sulphurand Mercury, fixed and volatile,the first-born of the metallic nature,middle substance betveen Mercuryand metal,the only natural solvent andnaturalfire vith vhich all thingscanbe mired,the Dragon and the devouring Lion,the solventand the coagulant.In this substance are erpressed the juice and the blood,because it is the Red Lion of vhich Paracelsa.rspeaks, vhich is nothing elsebut this precious materia of vhich pure a susbstance is ertracted by separating all its impurities, both by the operations that follow the trails of Natureand by variousablutions, as we will showin the GreatTriadof Paracelsus. Therefore, in order to carry out this Work, you must first of all separate the Regulus, add as little saltpeter as possible, melt this Regulus, pulverize it andvash it as oftenvith its r/ater that no blackness is left, so that,r/hen you poundit again, it staysheavy,quitevhite andflavless like silver,because vhen it is in this stateit can be amalgamated vith the perfect bodies. TakeI part of this Regulus, 2 partsof goldgonethroughantimonyin prepared the normalmanner, 4 partsof sublimated Mercury, asit is shown prepared in the chapter on Mercury.It mustbe sowell and sowell purified of its saltsand all its arsenical spirits,that you couldgive someof it orally vithout any inconvenience. The gold must be mired with the melted Regulus, asin this way it vill be calcined by a philosophical calcination. Add alsothe sublimated single of Mercury. Makeone body thesethree vell purified and cleansed substances, a triad or chemicalconcordance.By you vill turn thesethree into one and the samesubstanc,e, sublimation because, as Arnold of Villanova says:...vhich is done by repeated sublimations, in which consists the vhole semetof the ancients: but the moderns, like Paracelsus, addto it the astronomical concordance of the vine. great Thusis made a Elirir anda universal medicine for the healthof human bodies.


ESSENCE OF ANilftTOilT It must be calcinedby itself, in an earthenvare pot over the fire, alwaysstirring it \iith an iron spatulaand taking care that it doesnot melt beforeit turns greyish-white.If it vere to curdle-vhich must be prevented - it hasto be povdered againand immediatelycalcined, as muchas possible part of the antimony vill as in the this u/ay the arsenicaland poisonous povder it subtly and extractits salt vith vanish. Takethis calxof antimony, very strongvinegar. Whenyour menstruum takeson a hyacinthcolor,pour it off by inclinationand add fresh one, and c,ontinue doing this till it is no more colored. All thesetincturesmust be put in an alembicon an ash-fire till they are evaporated to dryness.Regarding the materiaor the salt which left the extraction vinegar, wash is over after of the it with distilled r/ater to softenyour materia as much as possible. If it is put togethervith hardboiledwhites of egg,it vill immedicately be convertedinto an oil suitable for the cure of all rodentand cankerous ulcers. But ve must proceed further and pour someexcellentspirit of wine on this materiasoftened by ablutions, vhich will become red like a ruby in which you vill makeof it. Pour so the course of the digestion and distillation much spirit of wine back on the materia that vill not attract any more tincture. After its perfectcalcination, separate the spirit of vine, and you will be left vith a red powder that is vonderful in its effects. Give 7 or 8 grainsof it to purify the massof the blood,renew and restorethe person, cure lepra,the poxes, scrofula, in short,the physicaland spiritual (mental) diseases, epilepsies, dropsies, etc.. To go even further with the same remedy, take some of this red powder and circulateit immediatelyin a Pelican vith a very good spirit of vine, then heateverythingon a very strongfire. A quite red oil will be the result,endowedvith greatervirtues than the powder vhich has nov been separated from its impurities. The oil is quite spiritual,quite positive,and quite active. ANON{ER ESSENCE OF ANTMONr Subtly pulverize I lb of antimony and incorporateit with 8 oz of saltpeter. After this, calcineit in a crucibleover hot ashes, taking care that pound the fire doesnot touchit. Then it againvith 4 oz of saltpeter,calcine proceeding it againover ashes, thus up to three times. Now that it is subtly pulverized,pound it in a glazedbowl vith very hot water vhich you must remove by filtration. Continuein this vay till it no longer csmesout salty, and you vill find your nor/ vhite antimony.![hen it is dried in the sun,put vith goodspirit of wine. it for 4 hoursin a long-necked flask on slow ashes,


Repeat this digestion and infusion5 times,till the menstruum has attracted all the essence of antimony. EVaporate all your spirits of vine in B. M., and you will have at the bottoma powder,salt,or essenc€ of antimony,of vhich vill do wonders.0therstake all this povder only I grainwith rosepreserve and reverberateand fix it for 24 hours to make a medicineof it, but the vithout vomiting.The secretlies in it purges essence is muchbetter because vithout the fire touching the materia. the calcination on ashes AiTflMONT' PfrETIPTTATE Takeoil of salt,madevith bole Armeniac, and digestit for a few days vith some crude antimony or a Regulus of antimony,then distill vith a strongfire. You vill obtain a red oil vhich vill comeout in a rather large amount. If you put this oil in springr/ater, it vil precipitate into a povder (Note: as vhite as that of Mercuryof Life brandy is called,literally, Water of Life). If you give 6, 7, or 8 grainsof it, it will purgewithout vomiting.

Nrffi{ot{f s aDoR IFIC OF,4
Take I lb of antimony, 2 lbs of saltpeter, mix everythingvell and put it gradually into a red-hot crucible. Immediately, take the materia at the bottom of the crucible, weigh it and add the sameamountof saltpeter, then put it backinto the crucibleas before. Do this 3 times. Washyour materia very carefullyseveraltimes,and a white powderwill be left. Softenit and mix it with an equalamountof saltpeter. Put everythingback into the redhot crucible, as before, and finally vash your materia very well and edulcorate it. Take I scruple of it, vhich you mustinfusefor one night in the water of holy thistle herb, and you vill obtain an excellentsudorific. This powder is sufficientto make severalinfusionsvhich can still strongly affect the perspiration. ORSATPHAR OF ANNMONT CROCAS Take equal parts of antimony and saltpeter,mix them well, then gradually throv this povder into a medium red-hot crucible. Make of it lfeparor .Liver of Antiaony,pulverize and boil it in water till the latter turns red. Run it through brown paper or filter it other wise, then pour either simpleor distilledvinegarinto it, and suddenlythe tinctureor the red sulphurwill separate and precipitate to the bottom. The thus preparedand great dry sulphurcan serveas a remedyfor purifyingthe mass of the blood, and even as an ercellentpurgative.Mr. Wolfius,physician in ordinary to His SereneHighness PrinceMaurice, of Hessen,madean interesting Lanclgrave young girl who had galls(skin sores| erperimentwith it in connection with a


on her legs,so ugly and trying that he wonderedif it was not somesort of lepra.By rubbingthemwith Sulphurand Mercury, the gallsdisappeared but cameback later. To achieve a complete recovery,he madeher take someof this crocusof antimonyfor one month,mixedwith a diureticertract, only in the proportion of 6 or 7 grains to I dram of diuretic,which she took in the morning. Sometimesshe had 2 or 3 bowel movements,vithout any or vomiting - due to the aforesaidmixture. After taking this disturbanc€ remedyfor one month,shewas completely cured. This erperience has made him praise all remedies made of antimony more than those made of Mercury. MLTED NNCTURE Of AilNrtf?ilT Take antimony glass,pulverizeit, and mir 2 oz of it with 1 oz of candiedsugar,add to it someexcellent spirit of wine, set it on fire, and stir it with a spoontill it is completely what is most clear ertinguished.Separate pour somemorespirit of vine on it, light it, and let it go out. by inclination, Do this severaltimes,alwaysseparating the clear materia. If you give one spoonfulof the resultingliquid, vhich is an oil of the sugar impregnated you will causetwo bowel movements with the tinctureof antimony, vithout vomiting,and two spoonfuls will cause four. To prepare it in another way, the tincture of antimony is first exkactedvith spirit of wine. Then add to it as much sugaras is necessary, and setfire to it to turn it into oil, vhich will be better impregnated in this T/ay. FIOFERS Of AlVilMOtVf Make the flovers of antimony in the samer/ay as you make thoseof tin and lead. An ercellentpurgativeis madeof theseflovers in the amount of 6,7, or 8 grainsinfusedin wine, or in substance, vithout any vomiting. vith its phlegma But you must distill acidspirit of vitriol together over these flovers, severaltimes - then dry everything. REGAI tls OF A l{fil'{Otv I' To makea Regulus, llermes puts { oz of horseshoe nails in a crucible. Whenthey are red-hot,he adds8 oz of antimonyand somesaltpeter,melts everythingvithout tartar. He lets it cool, then finds the core of the Regulus, melts it still more,addingthis time about I oz of saltpeter. He lets it cool again, then melts it again tvice by itself, and extracts 4 or 5 oz of this Regulus, vhich has the impression of Mars,vhich is excellent. Readabout the propertiesof this Regulus in the chapteron iron. But to make a still


prepared remedy of it, talce as above, moreexcellent 4 oz of this Regulus pulverize everything, it andput meltit andaddto it I ozof the Sun.Calcine enough of anexcellent spiritof saltuponit to float over it in a flask,pouring bright-red, due breadth. In a few hours it will be tinged it by 3 or 4 fingers' you gold. vill Whenthis solution be to the dissolution of the is evaporated, vithout causing vomiting, effective is wonderfully left with a povderwhich, when given either by itself in in the evacuation and purgation of bodies but without substance or as an infusion. It is givenvith somepreserve of 4 or 5 drops separating it from its menstruum. in smallamounts Given deplorable mixedwith someliquid,it is a sovereign remedyfor several diseases.

(T I'srA r S OFAl{ril{Ot{f
Take3 oz of Regulus of antimonyand 4 oz of goodsaltpeterof three waters, calcinethem togetheraccording to the Art, at the end giving such a strong fire that your materiaturns white, then pulverizeit and let it reverberate your materiaon a for E or l0 daysin a hermetically closedflask, Pulverize marbleslab,then put it in a flask, pouringsomespirit of guaiacum on it, which shouldfloat over it by 4 fingers'breadth. Put it to digeston an ashfire, let the materiaboil for 3 or { days,then removeyour spirit of guaiacum vith part of the salt of antimony.Put the rest in a damp place, impregnated and it will turn into crystals vhich you mustseparate vith a piercedvooden spoon.Now evaporate one-thirdof your spirit,put it in a humid place, and it (small you will turn into lapilli stones) which mustcollectas before. When you have a good amountof theselapilli, dry them gently on the ashesto perfectdryness. It is an excellent purgative, the dosebeing 8 or l0 grains, vithout it causing any nausea or vomiting. SAI T OF A/VTMOi{f Powder someantimony as finely as possible, dissolveit in its ovn water vhich is nothing but the aqua regia. Put this solutioninto a bovl glazed over hot ashes, vhere it vill evaporate till your povder is quite dry. Boil it in rain vater for 2 hours, then, after it has settled,empty it by inclinationand put fresh vater on it till it comesout very soft and clear. glassvesseland calcineit on a Whenyour powderis dry, put it in a spotless small fire till it takeson the colorof cherries. Keepit on such a fire for I powderon a marbleslab,put it in a month. Thenreduceit to an impalpable flask with vinegarvhich mustfloat over it by 2 fingers'breadth,and boil it in B. M. for I day,addingfreshvinegarasthe previousdiminishes. Now pour this vinegarinto a glass retort and let it evaporate, or clistill povder it, till a vhite is left at the bottom. Pourfresh vinegaron the latter,


and when it has boiled for 2 hours,let it rest for I day till the vinegar quite clear. Nov empty it into a retort, pour fresh vinegar on the becomes fecesand proceed as abovetill it is well dissolved.Distillall your vinegarsin B. M., and you vill find your white salt at the bottom. Boil it in rain u/ater for 2 hours,then,after the r/ater hasrestedfor I day, empty it into a retort vithout disturbingthe fecesat all and without any of them flowing into the vater. Afterwards,removethe water by the bath, and you will find your perfectsalt at the bottom,which is calledPhilosophical Salt and can serve as a noble medicinefor all diseases of the human body, both internal and etternalones. OTT OF A/VilMONT put it in a long-necked glassflask Takesomesalt prepared as above, hermetically sealed and very well luted, lest it break and the virtue evaporate.Then calcine it with the fire of the athanor. To begin,give it a fire vhose heatis equal to that of the sun in March. Let it standthus for I days,then increase the fire so that your hand can stand it during 8 more yellov, increase days. When you see your materiabecome the fire by I degreeand leaveit thus for another8 days. It vill bec,ome tanned like a greater chestnut.Keepit in this or a slightly heat till it turns scarlet. Leave it thus for 8 days,and you vill seeits color become half black and half red. Nov give it the strongestpossible heat, and be not afraid of giving it too your salt is fixed and fire couldnot harm it. After this, let it much,because cool. To turn it into oil, pulverizeit subtly and filter it throughthe sieveof the cordialpowders. Whenthis povder hasbeenmade,put it into a flask vith vinegarover it, dissolveit in B. M. for 4 days, then let your materia rest for I day. Thereafter, drain off what is mostclearof the vinegar,put fresh on for the 4th time,and stir your materia4 timesa day. What is left at the bottomis useless for medicines, but take your three solutions, distill the vinegarin the retort, and you vill find at the bottom a povder which you must put in a glassalembic vith its receptacle, vell luted to its headin cold water, lest the spirit escape. Givea smallfire for 4 hoursand keepit thus till you seethe spirit rise red as blood. Nov makethe fire as strongas possible, and keep it thus for I hour. When you see that your alembicbeginsto be full of snow, make a fire till it becomes as clearas before. Wheneverythinghas cooled, the Bood perfect. oil of antimonyvill be It is incomparable for the cure of human bodies, especially for lepra,pestilence, and all the other deplorable diseases.


ANOffTER OTT Of ANilMOlYf Powder,very subtly, I lb of antimony,such as it comesout of the mines. Put it in a largecrucibleglazed insideand saturateit vith a goodoil of tartar till both are vell incorporated. After this, dry your mixture on a slov fire for 2 or 3 hours, then immediatelysoak and dry it till it has absorbed as muchas its veight and you have 2 lbs of materia.Nov subtly pulverizeyour antimonyimbibedwith tartar and put it in a big glassflask vith somegoodbrandyvhich must standover it by 4 fingers'breadth. Now your flask with another(flask) and lute it hermeticallyso that nothing close can enter it, set it in a dung-hillfor 4 days,and you vill find that your water is of a lemon-yellowcolor. Pour it off by inclination,and immediately replaceit by fresh vater. Proceed in this vay till it is no longer colored. This done,distill by the bath all the strainedmateriathat you havekept, and put the water backvhich must distill up to 7 timesover your feces.The last time, the oil vill be quite red, thick, and very sveet. It curesall cancers, neoplasias, vith goodbrandy,is an admirable and vhen circulated remedy for all internaldiseases of the humanbody. MERCARI'OF ANNMOilT Extractthe Regulus of antimony,then turn it into Mercury with resuscitating saltsby means of ordinarydigestions and sublimations. To this powder, end,reducethe Regulus or the cinnabarof antimonyto a very fine then mix it with as much Hungarianvitriol and some salt in order to sublimateit according to the Art. You will obtain a beautifulFlying Eaglein the form of sublimated Mercurywhich you can revive into liquid Mercury, just as the common sublimateis revived. However,the cinnabar of antimony cannot easily be converted into liquid Mercury without sublimating it. This is doneby mixing it with its weight of half-calcined tartar,or quicklime, or half-burntbreadcrusts, and somesal ammoniac. For the rest, follow the rules of the Art, distillineby the retort with fire and in the same way asyou makethe antimonial cinnabar.Thusyou will ertract a doubleMercurywhich will flow in the receptacle filled with cold water, and you will have a most excellent Eagle which can truly be called the Philosophical Mercury.


Cltapter ,Y

rHE MAGISTERr OF IryTRrcI vitriol, distill thephlegma, andoil fromit by the retortin Take spirit,
??? fire. After that separatethe oil from the phlegmaand the spirit by vhich do according to the Art. Better still, add to 3 or 4 lbs of distillation, vitriol t /2 lb or moreof povderedcoral and 5 or 6 oz of seedpearls. From the powderedcolcothar, vhich contains the calx of the coral and the pearls. ertract all the saltsvith common r/ater distilledarcordingto the Art. This again several vith the phlegmaof the salt is times dissolved and coagulated vitriol, till it becomes white and transparent as snov. Put the spirit and the oil on this salt in a hermetically closed flask, to digestand circulatein a hot B, M. for severaldays. In the samebath, or on ashes, distill all the liquid vhich vill leave all the spirits with its ovn salt, and it vill cnmeout of it almosttasteless.Keepit nevertheless, to give I spoonfulof it to feverish patientsand to useit for red spotson the face,and manyother troubles. Nov reducethe magisteryleft dry and as a salt at the bottom, and keep it as a very preciousremedy for all obstructions, Beneraldebilities, dropsies,hypochondriacmelancholies, and an infinite number of other given proper disorders. It is by itselfwith the liquids. To make a greatermagisteryof it, however,distill the tartar crystals in our vay. When the fetid oil is separated from them and the liquid is purified by redistillingit with the colcothar you vill ertract all and the coral, the salt from the fecesaccording to the Art. Add it to the liquid, digestand circulatethis liquid in the bath, and then distill it. It will leave a magistery and general in the form of salt, vhich doeswonders for all obstructions debilities. But if it is mixed,vhile liquid, with the liquid of the vitriol impregnatedu/ith its own salt, and everything is digestedand circulated together, it will become the magistery of magisteries. SEPARAn2N AND CONJUNCUONOF fi{E ErEt{EilrS FOR A ANI IIERSAI MEOI('IIUE OF I'ITRIOI

vitriol, as much as you like. Dissolve Take Hungarian it in common vater in a varm spot,filter it through paper and coagulate what you have the vitriol between filtered. Repeat this 3 times,then calcineand coagulate it 3 the yellow and red color,then dissolve it in vinegar,filter and coagulate you times, as did vith the vater, or till it leaves no more fecrs. Nov calcineit to a goldencolor. In a coagulate it in the bath, and immmediately glassretort distill the spirit with a sand-fire. Pulverizethe Death'sHead,


pour its or/n spirit backon it, and by distillingit with an openfire, you will get vater and oil. Repeatthis by cohobating its spirit 3 times. Always pulverizethe materiaand put its spirit back on it. Thereafter, ertract the salt from the feces vith vinegar, filter, coagulatethe filtered salt and dissolve it immediately,Filter and coagulate 3 times,and when the Elements vay: been unite them in this have thus separated, Take 3 parts of spirit, 2 parts of oil, and I of salt. Put all three in a glassmortar to digestin the athanorfor 30 days. The result vill be a Stone, paralyses, palpitations, of which I grain only vill be enoughfor spasms, disorders of the r/omb, as alsofor epilepsyand all hopeless diseases of the humanbody. EXTRACNOil OF IryTRIOTFROT{ATT fifETATS Vitriol can be extractedfrom all metallicbodiescalcinedby sulphur vith distilled rain or snow water, because by calcination these bodies are with the vitriolic spirit of the sulphur,vhich is the only means impregnated of extractingthe vitriol. Othersdistill the phlegma, the spirit, and the oil with goodvitriol, then vhich they mir vith 3 lbs they take 3 oz of thesethree combined together, of distilled water. Into that they put the calcinedmetal from vhich they wish to extractthe vitriol, till this liquid has attractedit. When the liquid can atfiact no more, they separatetr/o-thirds of it by distillation. When cold,the vitriol is coagulated, and they finally separate it severaltimes. But to do better, more water would have to be consumed, till it becomes variouslyaccording thick in the end,which happens to the stateof the vitriol. From I lb of coppermore than I I /2 lbs of vitriol are ertracted. all the more so as the water that is added coagulates and increasesthe precious veight. Very oils for health are extractedfrom these metallic vitriols. Othersreduce all metalsto vifiol, after calciningeachin its proper way. Then they imbibe them with spirit or oil of vitriol, vhich has the peculiar quality of turning catcinedbodiesinto its own nature solely by imbibitionsand digestions. Beautifuland greatoperations can be madevith it for health. EXTRACilON OF TflE CUIPIIUF OF YTTRTOI Takevitriol, the greenest andfinest of Hungary.Crushit and erposeit to the summersun in bowls,stirring it twice or 3 times a day. When it has been bleachedby the rays of the sun, dissolveit in water, and you vill separate from it an ochre,or rather a sulphur,which stays at the bottom. the rest in vitriol and set it againin the samesun to blanch. Wash Coagulate


vaters,andyour sulphur it in several vill separate. Continue this procedure till almostall your vitriol has turned into sulphur and sertledat the bottom. canbe madevith this sulphur. Pain-killers CTOCT,IS MART$ OF T|ITRTOT You have only to rubefy the vitriol in all its parts and to pour on i1 springvater, then to mir this materiawith a stick in an earthenr/are vessel. Leaveit therefor 3 or 4 hours till the vater is clear. Pour it off and repeat this procedure till the r/ater is sveet, At the bottomyou vill find a purplish powder,vhich is the Crocus Martis. Somecall it ochre,but it is the true Philosophical Crocus Martis. AN EXL'ETTEilTOil OF T|TTRIOT Takevitriol and distill it in the ordinary vay to extract its phlegma, spirit, and oil. Extractall the vhite salt from the colcothar with hot vater. pur you Upon this salt (purified vith its phlegma, wish) if rhe phlegma, spirit, and oil back,then set everythingto digestin B. M. for severaldays. Drive the pure avay vith the impure,and after a fairly long digestion. distill the moisture. AII the virtues,both of the oil and of the spirit, will combine and mir vith the salt,of which give a fev grainsin bouillonor in wine or in any other suitableliquid,for all obstructions and for severalother diseases. OIT OF I4TRTOTAND SAIT TOGETfi{ER If you cannotfind any goodglassvessels that can stand the fire, the oil of vitriol and salt can be made better and more easily by drying the vitriol to a yellov color,and the salt to decrepitation, and by putting 2 parts of subtly pulverizedvitriol togetherwith I part of salt and 2 of coarsely mushed bole. Process them vith a srong fire, and the salt vill help the vitriol go over, and you vill obtain more liquid suitablefor ertracting the sulphurfrom marcasites than you vould get vith ordinary aqua regia. To separate both spirits,put everythingin a boilingbath. The oil of the salt will comeout first - of an acidtasteand suchas if you had distilledit alone. The oil of vitriol, slightlyacid,vill stay heavierin its full strength. It is suitable for vhat it is ordinarily used. The oil of vitriol can be dephlegmatized and purified so as to dissolveLuna. I vould use this vater to precipitate Mercury,as it is neither as corrosive nor as harmful as others.


SWEETOTT OF IryTRTOT, to 12 oz of Youcanertract the oil of vitriol if you take I lb of phlegma put everythingin a hermetically colcothar, closed flask, buried betweentvo pots filled with ashes, lute, and placeit in an athanorto digestslowly for 8 days. At the end of this time,your materia is purifiedand digested, so that put glass it turns into a kind of mudpie. Now it has to be lute and into a distilledwith a reverberation fire. Fromthe beginning, I or 2 oz of sweetoil vill be distilledfor every poundof colcothar.It is a sovereign remedy for polyps,and caruncles. fevers,dropsies, and evenfor painless inflammations, you will distill a very If you changereceptacles and increasethe fire, pungentand violent oil, in the quantityof 3 to 4 oz per pound. It is suitable for precipitating Mercury,taking l/2lb of Mercuryto I lb of oil and, after it is well dissolvedin vater, pouring on it 4 oz of salt extractedfrom the colcothar vith commonspringvater. Thereafter, boil the water fast in the alembic, vay oil and in this the acidsulphurof the of vitriol vill rise. If you renew the water severaltimes and distill them, you will separateall their acidity. ANOftIER SFEET OTT OF YTTRTOT The oil of vitriol can alsobe madeas sveet as honey and capableof perfectly dissolvingthe Sun,in the folloving s/ay: Take as muchvitriol as you lilce. Add to it l/4 of its veight of Mars filings, mir everythingaccording to the Art. Put it for I hour on an ash-fire, and the oil vill becpmesveet. Thereafter, filter this oil through a cloth, and in this way you vill obtain an erc€llentoil for dissolvinggold. Othersdissolvein oil of vitriol as muchsalt of tartar as it vill dissolve. and immediatelyredistill the oil over it, then repeat this dissolutionand goldleaf or calcined gold. redistillationtill it can dissolve For calculi,redistill the oil of vitriol over crystal. To stop bleeding, clistillthe oil of vitriol over the Crocus Martis. As a tonic, distill the oil of pearls. vitriol, over coralsand There are somewho add I lb or | | /2 lbs of coralsto 2 or 3 lbs of vitriol and distill everythingtogether, for vhich coralsare vonderful.


SATPflAN Cttapter .f,I SOYEREIGN AATSAT| OFSATPITTIR FORATI TTIAIO DTSEASES Take I oz of flowersof sulphur, or cotnmon sulphur,3 oz of oil of put tartar, everything together in a big flaskon an ash-fire, or bringit close to the fire to boil the oil till all the sulphuris dissolved. Thisis achieved provided withoutthe addition vater, of hot the oil of tartar is not usedup too much.When the sulphur is vell dissolved in the oil,remove it from the fire and let it cool. Avay from the fire, pour vhite vinegaron it little by little, because of the bubblingthat will occur togethervith very evilsmelling fumes. Thenlet everything settleand a curd vill form at the bottom.Remove the vinegar by inclination, andpourso muchhot water on the curd that all the spirit of vinegarcomes out. You will be left vith a put sveetcurd. With the tip of threefingers as muchof it as you like in pulmonary someegg,andyou will seevondersfor asthma, consumption, andulcers of the lungs. FTOVERS OFSATPHUR Takesulphur, alum,andsaltpeter, I lb each.Puteverything in a very glass give strong vith its head, alembic fire by degrees in an athanor, anda waterwill come out r/ith vhich you canprecipitate Mercury.Whenthe floversbegin to rise,put on a blindalembic andincrease the fire, andyour flowers will rise.FromI lb youvill alvaysget l2 ozor more. MORUFTCA NOil OF THESALPHAR It hasto be pulverized and mixedin a retortvith good brandyfor 6 hours,till it is dissolved over hot ashes.Then,after drawingthe vater off pourmore by clistiltation, waterbackon it, anddo this up to 3 times,so that your materia staysblack. Thenwashit asoftenwith horvater in a glazed bowl till it comes out sweetand quiteclear. No\r,after well drying your put it in a vell luted crucibleand keep it in a materiaon hot ashes, reverberation flamefire for { hours. Whenit is cold,you will find that it is vhite. Putit backinto another big crucible to reverberate it still more, and you will find it yellov. When you have immediately pulverizedand reverberated it in another muciblefor 4 hours,you will find it red like cinnabar, andfired. It is vonderfulfor health, according to Paracelsaswho prepared it as above.Others ertractthe tincturewith brandyby the same process used to ertractthe tincture of antimony.


NNCTAREOFREDSALPflUR it in oil of turpentine.To this solution add Takesulphur anddissolve alvays stirring till the materia becomesdry and like some zsrieback, powder.Put this povderin a flask,our goodspirit of wine on it, whichwill the oily part at the bottomwith the ryieback. atlractits red tincture, leaving OTTOFREDSUIPflTTfr FOfr TflE PEST Put 2 oz of spirit of turpentine in a vessel on hot sandand dissolve there, times, 9 drams of floversof sulphur.Youvill be left vith at different goodspirit of vine on this mass, a mass as blackas pitch. Poursome then put it on an ash-fire, andin 4 hoursyou vill extractthe red tincture. Put some freshspiritof vine on it, somuch thatit no longer attracts the redness. Distillall your spiritson the sand in an alembic, anda very red oil will distill. perspiration. It is chieflyused for pestilence, through andit operates ANOftTEROTI OFRENSUTPIT{IR Makea vessel of glass or Beauvais earthin the form of a lute. To givea very small begin, vhich you haveput in it in fire to meltthe sulphur smallpieces, miredvith asmuchpumice stone, vhich is a wonderful means for activating all things. It can neithergive the materiaits quality nor impress it on it. Notethat lateryou mustgive a strong fire (because this is gumsdistill). About{ oz hov sulphur, resins, and all oily and sutphurous vill comeout of I lb, sometimes a little less. Thisoil dissolves both Luna jar. andthatwhichis extracted by the bell



Arsenicresembles Mercury,both in its peculiarquality of whitening and in the occultvirtues of i1snature. That is vhy Paracelsas repeatsin vhat he said about Mercury and all its his Librum de A urora preparations, purified of all its and takesin its placevell preparedarsenic, purify prepare impurities. To and it as the Philosophers do,take equal parts powderthem and put them of crystallinearsenicand goodvulgar sandarac, in a retort wit[ someqcmmonwater. Give distillationfire till the water has goneover and taken with it all the blackness and impuritiesof the arsenic, and everything that can sublimatehas risen. Then,vhen you open your retort,you vill find that the sublimate is nothingbut fake vhite flour, vhich is all the impurity of the arsenic. At the bottom you vill find all the good substance in the form of a beautiful crystalline Regulus. Having been preparedin this way, it can sublimate vith antimonyand vitriol insteadof sublimated Mercury,and thus makethe Triadof Paracelsus. Arseniccan be prepared ways,for someseparate the floury in several substance by sublimating it vith Mars or soap. Othersuse other means,as we haveindicated in our Bmk on the Spagyric Preparation of medicaments. SAAITMA ilOl{ OF AfrSENIC Take very good arsenic and fix it by calcining it vith saltpeter according to the Art. Take 6 oz of this calcinedarsenicvith as much good sublimate, and 4 oz of common salt, prepared or decrepitated. Put everything in a sublimationfurnace or in a proper flask in an ash-fire, and when the moisture has completely vanished, stopper it vith cotton, continuing and increasingthe sublimation fire till the sublimate has completely risen into the neckof the vessel.It wil happenin 12 hoursif you manage the fire correctly. Finally,expose the phial or the flask to the air, so that it breaks of its ovn and you can then separateyour materia all the better. Take this sublimateand resublimate it another3 or ,{ times with fresh materia. This is to give it a coagulative impressionand the vhite tincture of arsenic, vhich is a great semet.When this sublimatehas been preparedin this q/ay, mir it with half the powderedtartar, adding some vinegar and alvays proceedingas is done in the reunification of cinnabar. Thusyou will preparea Mercuryvith this sublimate vhich, vhen cleanand purified,is preferable to the vulgar in all kinds of chemical operations.


CIIIIVASAN Chapter NIII i{INERAI CIArIVABAR the mineralis alvays the best,and ve find a very 0f all the cinnabars, where there is a excellent one of this kind near Marburgin Germany(FRG), quite red cinnabar,the most beautiful in the vorld. A liquid mine of Mercuryis extractedfrom it vhich gilds silver, and this Mercury is easily quantity. If you add to I lb of this pulverieed ertractedand in an adequate you vill extract at least l/2 lb of liquid cinnabarjust a little quicksilver, Mercury. It is of a nobler nature than the vulgar, because it subtilizesthe gold, metalsso very much that if it is amalgamated vith the Boldsmiths to muchby it. cannotuseit to gild because the goldis softened FfrOI'f COMN'fiOIV EXTRACNON OF MEf ACRT" CTTUNASAR Take commoncinnabar,as much as you like, and after turning it into povder, mir it vith half of its veight of pulverized laflar. Pound it very strongly, then put everythingin a big retort vith very sharpvinegar,enough to standabovethe materiaby 3 or 4 fingers'breadth.When the vinegar has beenremovedby a slow distillation, and half fill take it from the receptacle the latter r/ith clmmon vater. Add it to the retort which has previously been put on the furnacr and buried in sand. Make a goodfire underneath, and tovard the end alsoabove,and you vill seeyour liquid Mercury distill in a large quantity into the vater of your receptacle.Thereafter,separateit from the water,and after you havevell dried its moisture off, keep it to use it for makingyour precipitate Mercuries and other things. Notethat crushedquicklimecan be usedinsteadof tartar to revivify the cinnabarinto liquid Mercury,iust as sublimated Mercury,if it is mixed vith it in the samequantity as the tartar. The thus preparedMercuriesare of quite anothernature than vulgar mercurywhich, because of its coldness and crudeness, in no r/ay agrees vith hot and boiledthings,suchas are the perfect metals,the Sun and the Moon. CTI{I{ABAR OF ANNMOT{f Take equal parts of mude antimony and sublimatedMercury, mir them well and put them on a sand-firein a retort adaptedand luted with its receptacle. Ertract from it, by degrees, a gum vhich is the butter of antimony, andvhen the gum has stoppeddistilling,make a fire both above and underneath it, andyour materiavill all sublimate at the sidesas vell as


of antimony'In this r/ay you cinnabar at the neckof the retort,asbeautiful of antimony' cinnabar a beautiful will make


PRECIOAS STOIVES Chapter .tr[f ESSENCE OF COTATSANN PEAilS Corals are calcined with saltpeter, then their essence can be extracted with brandy. The latter must not touchthe saltpeter, but shouldit do so, I do not think that it could do any harm in viev of the ercellent remedy that is obtainedfrom saltpeterreducedto glassvith sulphur. Nov, to carry out the calcination of corals,they must first be pulverized,then mixed vith three times as much saltpeter, and set on fire till the calcination is perfect. Youcoulddo the samevith pearls, but it is better to dissolve thosevith the acid solventof dephlegmalized sulphur because, althoughit stays mingled with the essence, it canonly be very usefulfor it. DTSSOTUflON OF PEARIS VIfff TilE IryI'|ECAR OF SA TUfrN

Distillthe vinegarsaturated vith the sveet salt of Saturn,and dissolve the pearlsin it. Then distill the vinegar over the pearls,and vhen it has and give a slow fire. First you will see a vhite Boneover, changereceptacles and very etherealspirit comeout. After that, increase the fire somewhat, andyou will obtaina reddish liquid. Takeall theseliquidsand put them in a smallretort on a piercedplate,sothat it canreceivethe hot steamof a bath. The white and etherealspirits can thereby separate from the others vhen the receptacle is changed, and a red, oily, and sulphurous liquid vill be left at the bottom. If then you pour a fev dropsof the vhite spirit of Saturnon the thus dissolved, you will seehov the body of filtered,and purified pearls, your dissolved pearls coagulateswith the menstruum into a very transparentsubstance, almost like oriental pearls, quite suitable for the embellishment of womenand the strengthening of all the noble parts of the humanbody. When the fiery oil with all its spirit has beenextractedfrom litharge or minium,it must be rectified acrordingto the Art. First distill the pure and true fiery mecurialspirit,then a reddishand oily u/ater,and finally the salt in the form of a corrosivevinegar,vhich is the phlegmawith r/hich the pearlsare dissolved.Because of the added mercurialspirit, they coagulate vith their acid phlegma.The samespirit,which has the coagulative virtue, in it and broughtit close to a lightedcandle, would ignitewithout your finger feelingit. 0n the contrary,you vould feel your finger colderthan r/armer, although it vould be completely inflamed.


OFPEARTS AND C'ORATS MAGISTERT' with vinegarandspirit of of pearls andcorals is made Themagistery dissolved bothin vinegar andhaveadded tartar. Afteryou havecompletely r/ater by in spring a fev drops of oil of tartar,that is,saltof tartardissolved giving putting4 ozof saltin 2 lbs of vater, thus tasteto makeit it a strong (otherwise go penetrating the essences would the bottom and turn to more your pearlsfrom your menstruum, yellov there),separate then sveeten good themvith several ablutions, andyou canmake useof themin different vays in medicine. (eye If the magistery of pearls waterof euphrasy is miredvith some bright)in theform of a liniment, it removes the spots thatcoverthe pupil of the eyes,providedthey are not too deep-seated and are not coveredby a membrane.
OF MEDTCINAI STONES ESSENCE The essence of eggshells, shells,pebbles.sponges, and slonescalled lynceus and judaic stonesis ertracted in the sameway as we have just taught. Suchessences have a wonderful power for dissolvingand driving calculi out of the bladder. But the essences of the Judaicstone and the lynceusare incomparably moresuitablethan the others,because if you give only 2 grainsof them with white wine or somesuitablewater, you will give a diureticwhich causes a patientto urinatealmostto urinateblood. Insteadof vinegar,I think one couldtake the acid spirit of vitriol or sulphur,and if they r/ere processed as abovewith the tincture of the salt of the Judaicstone,an equally powerful diuretic could be made of them for dissolvingcalculi,providediniectionsinto the bladder were made with it, using a syringe and the y/ater of the whites of egg or, after dissolvingthe said stones in vinegar,they were dissolved onceagainin hardenedwhites of eg8.

The essence of haematite(iron ore) can easily be ertracted vith pumicestone,as ve have said in severalplaces, or with vinegar prepared with roses. Of this vinegar impregnatedvith this stone,one can make a syrup with the iuice of red-cumantsor plantains,or a kind of a specificand very suitable potion for those vho urinate blood. If you do not find any haematite,t'ake corals or CrocusMartis, and prepare it iust like the haematite.


ESSENCE O,F f{TACTilftT (thegem)that you canfind, powderthem Takethe puresthyacinths subtly,calcine them 3 times vith flovers of sulphur,then extracttheir vith the spiritof saltby means of a digestion in the bath essence or tincture or the Horse's diseases, if an Belly. Thistinctureis vonderfulfor nervous given every two weeks. The experience adequate doseis of it has been patient vith vho vas completely being made a cured, tr/ice or three times purgedvith this remedy,because it has the property of purging and in fortifyingat the same time. Youcanextract the essence from otherstones r/ay. the same


CRTSTAT Chapter ,{}' OTI OFCRYSTAT FORCATCAU Pulverize the crystaland heatit several timesred-hotin a crucible, then slakeit in vinegar. Repeat this calcination and slakingseveral times, the morethe better. It wouldevenbe good to reverberate it a little longer in a furnaceand thereafter to steepthe red calxseveral timesin vinegar. Nov pourfreshvinegar on the thuscalcined crystal, 4 fingers' breadth above it, to ertractthe salt. Thenseparate thevinegar from it, andthe saltwill be left at the bottom, the colorof leeks. Put this salt on a marbleslab,to be dissolved in a dampspot. Givea fev dropsof this liquid for calculiin a suitable vehicle. glassslakedseveraltimes in spirit of vinegar and vell Venetian povdered property hasthe same ascrystal, evenmoresofor the hardening of calculi. especially asit also contains alkaline salt.


Chapter XYI IT TO OTI PREPARAilON OF TATC FOR RED(4CTI{G Take povdered talc, tartar, and saltpeter,in equal amounts,and is white. Then calcinethem in a strong fusion fire till your substance remove the salts,and the talc r/ill be left over calcinedand reducedto a white powder. Finally,ertract the salt from it vith very goodvinegar on a digestion fire. Nov put thesevinegarssaturated vith the salt of your talc to into an alembicto be distilled to dryness. Put the remainingsubstance resolve in a damp place,and in this vay you vill obtain oil of talc - if it is true vhat they say that the vinegar attracts the salt of the talc as vell as that of other minerals.As far as I am concerned, I vould distill it to half or tvo-thirds and let small piecesof ice form in the cold, and the resolution would be donesooner. ATVOTflER OIT Of TATC Pulverize talc or crushit as muchasyou can,put it in an earthenvare pot r/hich must be neithercooked nor glazed.Lute it exactly,and put it in a reverberationfurnacefor 8 hours to calcinecompletely. Nov put it in a small bag of new linen,tie it well and crumpleit a long time betweenyour hands,so that the materia can easily passthrough the sieveof the cordial powders. When it has turned into a povder as subtle as flour, put it in a glassretort and bury it in the earth in a cellar,vith its beak turned upvard and coveredvith parchment. Leaveit thus for 20 days,vithout touchingit. Duringthis time your talc vill be reduced to a paste. When this is done,put your retort on the furnacein an earthenvare bowl, over 2 fingers' breadth of sand,u/hich must cover it all around to the top. Nov add the receptacle and give it a smallfire, graduallyinmeasing it till a white tiquid comes out, then a red, and finally a tan-colored.Thusyou vill seevarious colorsand different and viscoussubstances comeout of one and the same materia. The first, vhich is completelymedicinal,is called Earthby the alchemists because of its moisture, and the second, Fire because of its subtlety. Thereafter,pile your remainingfeces and boil them in a boiler or a pot vith well water. Filter it and keep it apart in a well closed phial,just as the other oils. This last vater blanchesthe whole body, cures the svellings of the legsand scabies, and vhitens the handsand cleansthem of all spots softens if they are vashed in it several times. But this liquid not only removesspots but alsor/arts, scars, and other marks,it vhitens the teeth and removesthe


wrinkles of the face forever. If you give 2 drops of it to drink in wine or bouillon,it drives away bad breath due to putrefaction. In addition, it fortifies the body, arousesthe appetite,and correctsall the defectsof the stomach. OTT OF TAIC AAIOTHER EXCETTENT speciallypreparedwith 4 lbs of Roman Take 4 lbs of goodsublimate, vitriol, 2 lbs of prepared commonsalt, and 2 lbs of Mercury of cinnabar vhich has previouslybeen mortified in salt and vinegar for 5 or 6 days. Filter this through a linen and squeeze it out little by little into your vitriol previously and salt materiavhich you have melted on a medium coal-fire and half-dried. Nov grind everythingtill it is reducedto povder and the Mercurycan no longerbe seen.Thenput your materiaon a marble slab and pound it till everything has turned into an impalpable povder. Put it betveen two glazedearthenware bovls and sublimateit. Thereafter, take this sublimate,somecolcothar, VenetianBlass, and preparedcommon salt. Put everything back to be sublimatedas before,and the sublimatemust again be resublimatedwith as much talc as it weighs,and as much salt prepared6 times. Always mix the fecesunder the sublimatedsubstances, eachtime pounding them togetherand putting one finger'sbreadthof fresh preparedsalt over them. In this vay you vill make a beautiful,crystalline sublimate, well stripped of its poison, vhich is suitableboth for health and the beauty of the face. Regarding the left-over feces,dissolve them in vater to separatethe perfectly salt, and you vill have a beautiful and philosophically calcinedtalc vhich can be dissolvedin this state and converted into oil with spirit of vine. It is wonderfulfor improvinga person's looks. So take I lb of this sublimate,2 lbs of very fine crystalline salt of tartar madeby severaldissolutions, additions, and distillations with brandy, put and mix everything vell together, then it to dissolve in the cellar Brind on a glassplate. After that, dephlegmatize it in the bath, and finally distill it on ashes.All your Mercurywill turn into a precious and transparent vater, vhile your salt of tartar vill stay in the retort and be much better than beforefor identicalvorks. Evenby itself this oil vill give a lustrous surface to yellov pearls. If mixed vith the proper rraters, it is one of the beautiful decorations of Nature. But to prepare of it the true and sovereign oil of talc, take the remainingcalcinedtalc and saturateit on a marbleslab or in a glassvessel vith doubleits veight of your oil, put everything back in the bath to digest for E days,then passit through the retort, and part of the talc mired vith the oil of Mercury vill go into the receptacle.At the bottom the talc vill be left in the form of lamen pertarua (Light of pearls, or pearly light.),


vhich dissolves of itselfin all kindsof liquids. It is the true andadmirable oil of [alc, sihich whitens vonderfully. nourishesthe complexion, and preserves beauty.In addition, all spots from one's it removes andblemishes the skin, rids the face of red blotcheseven if they are natural, and a scarlet complexion. immediately blanches



SPECIAT SECNETS Tfie Author's Aatipodegril (tati-goat) Ftter

of 8 quarts of river The basisof this remedy is a water composed (slaked)l5 times4 small steelballs,each water,in which are ertinguished veighing I lb, and I ball of copperweighingl/2lb. Thereafter, infuse into 2 quarts of this water l/2 oz of antimony glasstor 24 hours. In the other 6 quarts dissolve2 oz of precipitated Mercury. When thesetwo vaters have prepared, beenthus mir them in a flask to be usedaswe will erplainbelow. Prepare precipitatedMercury in the ordinary vay, but to 4 oz of Mercuryand as muchaquafortis add I /2 oz of pulverized sulphur, dissolved in water beforeaddingthe Mercury. After this, evaporate the aquafortis to you precipitated will obtaina dryness, and Mercuryasvhite as snow. There are others,suchas Rulandus, who preparea remedy for gout with a decoction madevith leavesof dwarf elders (bloodwort),the inner bark of elders,flowers of chamomileand melilot (sweet clover), and the right amounl of water l,o which iron nails have conveyed a certain proportionof rust, or with old farrier's water, or water in vhich you have severaltimes slakedred-hot copper. Thereafter, they add to eachpoundof this decoctionI /2 sxuple of sublimatedMercury. They make this water more or less tart, in proportion to the dissolvedcopper or sublimated Mercury which they add. The physicianmust adjust the doseaccording to the conditionof the disorderand the stateof the patient. For the samedisorderothersuse aquafortis in vhich silver has been separatedby a decoction of melilot, to which they add some sublimated Mercury. Thereare othersvho preparea specific remedyfor this disordervith the phlegma and the spirit ertracted from vitriol, and chiefly from the acidity of sea salt, vhich they apply with varm bandageson the painful part. 0thers successfully use the water into vhich they have several times gold,and silver, after they had melted them. Finally, thrown lead,copper, they infuse and mac€rate in B. M. litharge, antimony, minium, and marcasites of gold and silver. Still others prepare a remedy vhich they considerremarkable for pains that cannotbe controlledby anodynes(pain-killers)and paregorics (tincturesof opium used especiallyto relieve pain). They make it vith quicklimefor l0 or 12 days, then commonwater in vhich they macerate boil in it florfers of vhite budsof elders,add somecolcothar, or fecesof aqua to the nature of fortis. They use this compound in variousr/ays, according the disorder.


0thersadd to the recipeof f ulandcalcinedquicksilveror quicksilver reducedto salt vith a sufficientquantity of aqua fortis. When Mercury is thus prepared, it is like a ferret and penetrates to the rootsof the disorderto resolvethere the tartars,the salts,and the gypseous substances at the joints, great pains, which cause such because it checks and tempers the great acrimonyand stopsthe flov of fresh substances which normallyfall on these parts,so that it can rightly be called the specific remedyfor arthritic pains and the greatdissipater of the gumsthat accompany them. Not only doesit providedit is remedythe painsof gout but alsothoseof smallporand nodes, only appliedexternallyand is very vell and correctlyprepared,and not at all crude, such as apothecaries are used to prepare in their ointments, plasters,and poultices. One can also distill the waters in vhich the Mercuries havebeencalcined and dissolved, and use thesec/aterssaturated with their essence as a very powerfulremedy. It is, therefore,not vithout reason that some metallic or mineral substance is addedto all antipodagral waters, all the more so as they all containsomemercurialsubstance. The latter is the true refrigerantvhich drives away the inflammations and the acrimonyof the substances held in the ioints. And this is not doneas do the oxycrats, the plantain iuices,and the ordinarynarcotics vhich stop the pores, clog the @arsehumorsand the gums, hardened and consequentlyaggravate the disorder instead of alleviatingit. Quiteto the contrary,because of the mercurial salts vhich they impart to the waterswhere they are infused, they temperthe acrimony of the fluid substances, dissipate,attenuate,resolve and consume the gypseous gummatous and ones,and simultaneously remove the co-existing causeof the disordervhich brings aboutthe pain. Consequently, they cure gout totally and radically, together vith all its pain. The vay to use this antipodagral vater is to soak a cloth in it in the form of a sling. Tie it above the sick spot, and it vill drive the trouble dovnward. Graduallylover the bandageto follov the ailment till it has completely disappeared. ftIE ffrUE IA AOANthl,I Of IUEPEIVft{EOF n{E A Aft{OR The preparationof this remedy requires as its base the narcoticof vitriol and the Moon. To preparesucha remedy,one hasthereforeto take 4 oz of vell rubefied vitriol and the veight of l0 ecus (old French coin) in calcined Luna. Mix them togetherand put them in a glassretort in a violent ash-fire,after previouslypouringvery gooddistilledvinegar over them (half a "septier"or 4 quarts). Distill this vinegar7 or 8 times over your materia, and it vill be left viscous and sticky at the bottom. Note that for such distillations it is necessaryto have a big receptacleof vhich the neck openingand the beak of the retort must fit into eachother up to the knob, so


that nothing can enter or get out, In addition,the ioints must be luted and must be cooledr/ith a wet cloth. when these the head of the receptacle are finished,pour the last one over your materia. Then remove distillations them all pure and clear,put them in an alembicon a very gentleash-fireto that stays at the bottom is the separate the vinegar. The sticky substance true narcoticand the true baseof which ve have spoken. Asidefrom this, preparesome oil of gold and silver, that is, that of the Sunwith oil of juniper, and that of the Moonvith oil of sage. Moreover,preparea large amountof tincture of coral, and thus you vill have the foundationand basevhich you require for this great and admirablesecret. imbibe the sweet sulphur of By severalsprinklingsand ersiccations vitriol with at least its veight of the tincture of coral,vhich is vitriolic and in which you have previously dissolvedsome goldleaf. When I oz of this with gold, add | /2 sulphurhas absorbed I /2 oz of this tinctureimpregnated it oz of the magisteryof pearls,madein our vay and as ve have described of the oil of the Sun and the Moon. Make,as said above, I in our Panacea blackerand thicker than | /2 drams. Add to this mirture,vhich vill become pitch, the essences of balsam, theriac, and mithridate, confectionsof of of each l/2 drams;essences alkermes,and hyacinth,and sandalvood, earth, carabusand camphor,of each I scruple;real bezoarand bezoardic prepared deer horn, unicorn (!!l) and sigillatedearth, of each I scruple; pepper, cloves, essence of saffron,2 drams;oils of cinnamon, nutmeg,mace, of each 12 drops; oils of anise,sveet fennel and lemon peel, of each 20 r/ith oil over pasquefloverand strengthened drops;liquid sulphur,distillecl of sage, essenc€s of amber and musk,of each I /2 scruple(note 2 scruples; that for r/omen neither musk nor amber must be added). Pour over everything I oz of the vater vhich comesout first from the coresof the deer vesselfor 30 days,the better closed horn, and circulateit in a hermetically make the conjunctions. You will obtain the best Laudanumin the world, of vonders without afly narcotic,for vhich the doseof 2 grainsvill accomplish pains gout, epilepsy, and other weakening diseases, of syphillis, all etc.. stomach troubles, nephritides, continuing fevers,congestions, the vorks of the authorwhere you will find more Readon this subject of the admirable effectsandvirtues of this Nepenthes. ampledescriptions ftTE A {/N{OR S ETT.UR ORT{ERC{/NI' Of ITFE (MERCARTRRAIIDT) by several fusions and ablutions till Purily the little King (Regulus) you see it rid of its blackness and have madeit quite heavy and starred. somesublimatedMercury,especiallyprepared Take part of this substance, parts. with salt,2 Distill everything,and if it doesnot all go ancleclulcorared Mercury,redistill as before,and everythingwill over, add more sublimated 76

go over as Brease.Set the receptacle vith the greasein a cellar for a few days, and your materiavill becomeliquid, or rather a heavy mercurial vater. Thereafter,put this water in B. M. to purify it, then calcineand precipitate and in one instantyou it in the water knovn by the Philosophers, precipitate as white as snor/. will obtaina Asidefrom this, you vill seethe spirit of vitriol suddenlydissolve. Now separate the s/ater and replaceit vith fresh water as often as is necessary to remove all acidity. Make the by distillation, so that the distilledvater leavesan ercellentspirit separation of vihiol for epilepsyat the bottomof the vessel.As to the sweetcalx at the bottom, dry it vell and sublimateit vith your vitriolic sulphur. Then circulatethis substance vith a good spirit of wine to make an ercellent remedy of it. Better,take 3 parts of this white calx,2 parts of the Regulus with which you had melted the gold and silver (because in this way your part materia will more easily sublimate) and I of vitriolic sulphur. Sublimateand resublimateeverythingtvice or three times and as long as there is blackness.You will obtain a sovereign remedy vhich will have a great and vonderful effect on epilepsyif you Bive of it a doseof 4 grains. But to do better still, circulate everythingwith spirit of vine and then distill. ft{E A UftlOR:I PANA CEA Take I part of sal ammoniac, 2 partsof quicklime, mir them vell and put them in a glazed pot,or better,in a big glass earthenu/are flask,the knob of which must be completelyluted. Surround it vith fire, bringing it gradually closerto the fire. Finally,cover it vith the fire. After the fire has lastedfor 4 hours,let it cool,and you vill find sal ammoniacat the bottom. Separate and dissolvethe cah, filter and coagulate acrordingto the Art, then poundit and mir it with doubleits cah. Put it in a flask on fire, as you did the first tine, and at the end of this operationyou vill find it at the bottom of the vesselconsiderably inceased and firer than it vas before. Dissolveit again,filter and coagulate it as before in a glassor earthenr/arevessel of Beauvais. Repeat this operation 3 times. Finally, take your fired sal ammoniacand melt it in a cast-iron pour it into ingotssuchas melalsafe castin, grind it and put it on a crucible, glassin the cellar vhere it will dissolveinto a vhite r/ater as clear as crystal. Youvill seeit happenin a fev days. Dephlegmatize this water in an alembic in the bath or on an ash-fire, and take care that insteadof dephlegmatizing it, you do not removeall its moistureand thus bring it back to its first form of salt. Take 2 or 3 parts of this dephlegmatized water, put it in a small alembicand heat it. Nov add I part of sublimatedMercury, reducedto powder,and vith a slov heat,you vill seeit dissolve in a quarterof an hour. This done,take brovn paperfolded into small pieces, and let it absorbthis

vater of salt and Mercury. Put each such saturatedpiecein a retort or in all the water, then distill on a till the paperhas absorbed anotheralembic, sand-fire. Your mercurialspirit vill comeout of the vesselsliehtly red, due to the paperand the strongfire vith whichyou havedriven it out. If this is and it vill become clear,beautiful,white, so,rectify it throughthe alembic, that of musk. This is your solventof sveet, and of a smellalmostresembling pearls, etc.. If givenby itself,it can serveas an excellent sudorific. curals, pearlsin this menstruum, take I oz of the If now you vish to dissolve put them in a small vash them well and pulverizethem, then mostoriental, alembicof vhich the neckis only I inch wide. Stopperit vith a glasscover and put it on a very slow ash-firevhere the pearlsdissolvein one hour, vhat is mostclear of your leavingblack fecesat the bottom. Nov separate solution,distill it throughthe alembic,and you vill get a solventthat can at the bottom,distill good still be usedanothertime. As to the dry residues spirit of vine 3 or 4 timesover them,then distilledvater, by which you vill vhich may havebeenleft in the dissolve all mercurical spiritsof the solution solution materia. In this way you vill turn your pearlsinto a philosophical that smellsas sveet and delicious as musk. Notethat you must let the solutioncool as soonas it is done. Then filter it through a brovn paperconeput in a funnel. When everything has your menstruum beenfiltered, separate to drynessthrough the alembic,as you alreadydid above. This mercurial spirit not only dissolvespearls but also the Crocus Martis. An ercellentred tincture can be ertracted from the latter which, when it is separated from its solventlike the pearls,can be usedfor health and chiefly for the liver. It not only rectifies it but cures its greatest illnesses, suchas dropsy,and the mostobstinate dysenteries. Nov take someRegulus of antimony,saturatedwith the spirit of 7 metalsand of sublimatedMercury,equal parts. Poundthem togetherand put them in a retort to distill in the form of grease or a congealedoil. Threafter,throv them into boiling water in which you vill first seeyour oil precipitateas a white povder. Washthis 7 or 8 times vith cold vater to make it sveet and vithout tartness. Aftervards rectify it vith spirit of wine. After you have preparedand vell dried this povder, mix it vith as muchcrystallinesaltpeterand flovers of sulphur,and throw everything into an iron crucible or mortar, then light the fire with a glowing coal, and the saltpeterwill ignite and leaveyour materiacalcined at the bottom. Takethis calx and dissolveit in hot water to extract the salt from it. Put somefresh saltpeteron the remainingpovder and ignite it again. Repeatthis procedure poisonof the antimony vhich is what 4 or J times,to drive out the arsenical povder your makes vomitive.


Whentheseflovers of sulphur are well dried, dissolve them with the pearls, samemercurialsolventas is usedfor folloving the vhole process of of pearls. If the solventdoesnot dissolvethem completely, the dissolution usecohobation. Take orientalsaffron,the best you can find, drav its extract from it with very fine spirit of vine, in acrordance with the Art. Separateit by your distillation,then distill saffron 2 or 3 times vith c'ommondistilled water to attract the scentof the spirit of urine and the saffron,which some find unpleasant.Whenyou makethe last distillation, take it to dryness,so as to dry the essence of the saffronso thoroughly that it can be pulverized. Take some essenc€ of pearls,essenc€ of flovers of antimony, and essenc€ of saffron,as muchof one as of the other, mix them vell, and pour an ercellentspirit of vine over them by two fingers' breadth. Nov digest everythingin B. M. for 24 hours. Finally,distill the spirit of vine, and your medicine is ready. Smallchildrenare given 3 grainsof this remedy,the 15-year-old 5 grains,the aged7 grains,and strong persons9 or 10, vith a little vine or someother suitableliquid. Onedoseof this medicine can operate l0 times perspiration, imperceptibly through vithout in any r/ay altering either the constitutionor the temper. That is vhy it is justly considered one of the most excellent remedies for all deplorable diseasesand chiefly for pulmonary consumption,general decline, dropsy, hectic fever, general debility, and fevers;in short,it is a generalmedicine which not only drives awayall the disorders of the humanbody but alsopreserves health. Give l5 to 20 consecutive sniffs to uprootthe most rebelliousdiseases, because the property chief of this remedy consistsin the restoration of the radical balsam. Sometimes I addedto this composition someoil of the Sun,vhich goesinto our Nepenthes, and someof my tinctureof salt,wich did vonders.


AIIIODTNEOF iIONTANTS ftTE GREATPANACEA OF ftTE POLTCTTREST (fHE MtU UPIE-PURPOSE PA ItY-t'MEfil The preparationof this remedy consistschiefly in tvo factors,which of gold. are sulphurand vitriol, and the true essence vitriol or rather take Roman To preparethe vitriolic sulphurcorrectly, r/ater in a boiling B. M., till a crude vitriol of Hungary. Cookit in cnmmon pour a fev dropsof oil of tartar on smallskin is found on the surface.Then it to force the sulphur of vitriol to the bottom,vhile you are pouring the rest into a woodenvesselby inclination,addinga fev wooden sticks to allow the vitriol to coagulate and the sulphur to go to the bottom. When the vitriol that adheresto the sticks is dried by a slov fire, it turns into a yellov powder. Dissolve it againin water and boil it as before till it developsthe little skin, upon which pour at once a fev drops of oil of tartar. In short, vith this procedure asyou did the first time till all your vitriol has continue turned into sulphur. Finally,circulatethis sulphur severaltimes vith an excellentspirit of vine till it is perfectly sweet. Thus is made a great remedy which, vhen philosophically calcinedwith an alkalized spirit of wine, turns into a liquid that is suitablefor all generaldebilities,dropsies, intermittentfevers,dysenteries, stomachaches, and especially for pestilence. Regarding the essence to of gold,vhich gives the name "polychrest" this panacea, it is madeasfollovs: philosophical vhose Take vater made of niter and sal ammoniac, preparation s/e haveindicated elsevhere. In 6 oz of it dissolveI oz of gold, distill. Then distill 3 oz of this new vater over the gold calx,and repeatthis water is 3 times. Thus, to dissolve I oz of gold, I lb of philosophical required. When your Sun is dissolved, distill the vater on ashesin an alembic that is narrover belov than above, because in this vay the gold vill go over better and more easily. Takecare not to distill to drynessbut only to the consistency of honey or syrup, and to rener/ the philosophicalwater each time - 3 or 4 oz, as ve have alreadysaid,till at last you seeyour gold rise togethervith its solvent,and only a vhite, somewhatgreyish cah is left at the bottom. This done, take the receptacleinto which your gold has filtered togetherwith its solvent,and pour on it 3 times as muchcommonvater as your solvent veighs. After well miring everything, pour on it 4 oz ot Mercury of 'cinnabar to I oz of the Sun, and this vill first result in an ECLIPSE. Keepit in the cold for 24 hours,during vhich time the Mercury will amalgamate r/ith the r/ater. Pourthe latter off by inclination, eachtime severaltimes. Thereafter, addingenoughspringvater to washthe amalgam


out and put into the rest of the r/ater which you the Mercury is squeezed have pouredoff by inclination. It is doneto see if it has not retained any of so that you do not loseany of the goldvhich the Mercurytook and attracted, your gold. Nov take this vell squeezed amalgamand pile it in a small earthenr/areand fire-proof bowl. You vill find a vonderfully attenuated gold cah, quite red and quite suitablefor dissolving in juniper oil for the composition of our Nepenthes. For the preparation of this polychrest,however, dissolve it in an excellent dephlegmatized spirit of vitriol, extracted, if possible,from vitriol. That of Cyprusvould be better still, because Hungarian it has the sapphirecolor. Note,by the way, that the vitriolic spirit, just as much as soaking up only the tinctureof goldor of Boldsulphur,by vhich it is colored like a ruby. The thus tinged menstruum can be used as a universaland sovereign medicine for all deplorable diseases. The doseis 3 or 4 dropsvith you must bouillonor anothersuitableliquid. But to preserve the polychrest, separate the spirit of vitriol impregnated only by the tinctureof eold???? It vill haveleft a white bodywith r/hich you can make something else,as I have shovn in my book Spagyrica praeparal, the chapter on the tincture of gold. For the composition of this polychrest take I part of our sulphur of vitriol and I part of the tincture or essence of gold, vhich we have just prepared. Mir everythinewell and circulateit with an ercellent spirit of vine by meansof severalcohobations.Thus you will assuredlymake a remedy of a uronderfulsveetness, because the tincture of gold will greatly sveetenthe sulphur of vitriol, making it better than before,vhich vill be due as muchto its own virtue as to that of the spirit of vine. After miring these two substances, separatethe spirit of vine in the bath to the consistency of honey. Whenyou haveobtaineda red and very sweet-tasting substance, take 2 ozof it, l/2 oz of essenc€ of saffron,2 drams each of the (the preparationof vhich ve shoved magisteryof pearls and that of corals preceding panacea). in the Mir these three substances together,and the resultvill be a greatgeneralmedicine for the cure of all ailmentsas well as the preservationof health and the prolon8ation of life. physician great Reutzius, a of Pomerania, assertsthis vonder of it, i.e.,that the merefragrance of this greatremedybindsthe spirit of the brain so muchthat it inducesfirst a sweetand pleasant sleepand, what is more, suddenlyassuages all sortsof pain. For the cure of the greatestdiseases one gives grains, never more than the doseof 2 dissolvedin vine or in any other suitableliquid. Not only is the patients's naturefortified in this way, but his radicalbalsamis also doubled, so that one can really say that it is the only polycrest, the only panac€a, and the true medicine for all ailments- to say it purges, and in onevord, the GreatArcanum, vhich incises, erpels,cleanses, fortifies all together,the ercellentElirir, and the sovereignmagistery,vhich


to the marror/of the bones, rener/sthe r/hole body by penetrating and by partsof unitingr/ith all natural, vital, andanimalspiritsfreesthe principal from the humanbody from all greatevils that can attackit, especially paralyses, palpitations, epilepsies, apopleries, contractures, syn@pes, and pains andfeverish sensations and from all strange of heat,as alsofrom all - in obstructions caused by cacheries, dropsies, hystericand like sufferings short, it is the universal medicine andthe greatest vhich can afterthe Azoc, cause evengreater wonders if oneaddsthe tinctures of coralsand the allanimating salt.