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Niveau: Intermediaire

(By Walid Boukraa) 1/ SPEAKING:

Lesson (5): At the Post Office

What do you usually do at the post office? 3. efficient places? 8) What do you think of the job of a postman / mailman / postwoman / mailwoman? 9) How has the post office survived e-mail? 10) What postal services do you use most? STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show to Student A) 1) Do you think postal services will disappear soon? 2) Would you like to work for the postal service of your country? 3) How important is the postal service in your country? 4) How different was the postal service in your country 20 years ago? 5) Why is it a zip code in the USA and a post code in other countries? 6) Do postal workers in your country ever go on strike? Do you think they should? 7) What are the advantages and disadvantages of opening a savings account with the post office? 8) Have you ever sent or failed to receive a letter that got lost in the post? 9) Do you get excited if you see the mail delivery person at your door? 10) What impresses you most about the postal service? . Was it crowded? How long did you have to wait in line? STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show to Student B) 1) What do you think of the postal service in your country? 2) Do you think it’s better for postal services to be in private or government hands? 3) How has the Internet changed the postal service? 4) How often do you get real letters – those that are in envelopes and delivered to your door by the postal service? 5) Do you think sending a letter is cheap or expensive? 6) Do you send virtual birthday cards or real ones? Why? 7) Do you think post offices are friendly. What did you do there? 5. Which post office do you usually go to? Why do you go to this one? 2. When did you last go to the post office? 4.Discussion Questions: 1.

Canada I'd like to send this parcel to . please? How many would you like? How many are there in a book? I'd like to send this to .. please Could I have a (book of) First/ Second Class stamp .Postal services How much is a First / Second Class stamp? I'd like an envelope / a packet of envelopes / a jiffy bag . Brazil How much will it cost to send this letter to ..the US? Can you put it on the scales. please? I'd like to send this letter by Recorded / Special Delivery Where’s the postbox? What’s the last date I can post this to the UK to arrive in time for Christmas? I've come to collect a parcel Other services I'd like to pay this bill I'd like to send some money to Poland /India … Do you sell postcards / birthday cards / Christmas cards …? I'd like to get a TV license I need to renew my TV license Can you fill in this form.. please? Do you have a photo booth / photocopier …? Things you might see First Class Second Class International Airmail ....

c) She does not remember 5) How late are large post offices open? a) 4 o'clock b) 5 o'clock c) 6 o'clock .O. how much is a postcards to Europe? a) 1 dollar b) 2 dollars c) 3 dollars 4) Do people send mail from home in Hong Kong? a) Yes. who did she write letters to? a) A pen pal b) A cousin c) Her grandparents 2) Why has she stopped sending letters? a) She has no time b) She calls instead c) She sends e-mails 3) From Hong Kong. you have to go the P. everybody does b) No.2/ LISTENING: Post Office 1) When she was young.

so. Laura: Well. Laura: Well. My cousin in Norway has been my 5. finally arrived about 2 months after they sent it. so for a smaller one. or do you. Yes. to Asian countries. . I wrote quite often to my pen pals. Todd: Yeah. pen pal • overseas • parcel convenient • instant 1. it depends on the size of the post office. noodles. Yes! Todd: OK. but right now. Well. it costs about two dollars. For large one. How much does it cost to send a postcard in Hong Kong overseas? Laura: Well. OK last question. for years. we have to go the post office in order to send letters or parcels. instead of sending a letter I usually send my friends e-mails. Todd: Yeah! Me.. To European countries it costs about three dollars.Todd: OK. and when you send mail in Hong Kong. when I was young. Laura. they work longer. OK. because it's so convenient to use the e-mails or instant communication or telephone. 3. no. Todd: OK. It is more to shop on the internet. All we have in the house are 4. too. What time do post offices open and close? Laura: Well. Todd: Really. calls are much cheaper now than in the past. from nine to five. or just sending letters. do you send it from your house. How often do you write letters? Laura: Well. I'm going to ask you questions about the post office in Hong Kong. OK! Cause it's so crowded in Hong Kong that. two Hong Kong dollars. The 2.. Like from nine in the morning until six.. and in Japan do you receive a lot of mail? Laura: Right now.

"you can send it priority with tracking if you want to see when it gets there. But if things get more complicated than that. the clerk asks me.. 3/ Why was the man disappointed in the last part of the text? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. you'll have no problems." he said. "What can I do for you?" "Well. and then stepped back up to the window. things never go very smoothly at my local post office. "Sorry." he said. When I finished filling out the form.2/ READING: Going to the Post Office For me. I've learned that if you want to mail a letter. "I need a book no. "Uh. I was waved aside to fill out my form. well. I waited patiently until the gentleman being waited on in front of me was finished. I waited my turn in line. make that a roll of stamps. what do you recommend?" "Well.. "Next in line!" the clerk called." I said. "I'm on break now. DESTNATION EXTRA SERVICE(S) ." "Then step aside to fill out the insurance form. She can help you at the next window. And I need to send this package priority to San Francisco. you can send it insured if the contents are valuable. or you can do both." "Okay. "and bring it back up to me when you're finished." With that. 1/ Fill in the table below with information from the text: TYPE OF MAIL 2/ What did the man buy? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. and when I get up to the window. I don't know." "You want insurance with that?" he asked me. I'll take the insurance." the clerk said. watch out! Yesterday I went there to mail a small package and to pick up a book of stamps." Maybe it would be quicker just to drive my package to San Francisco.

4/ WRITING: Write about the last time you went to the post office. When and why did you go there? Were you satisfied with the service? … .