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Everett School Board Superintendent Dr.

Gary Cohn Everett School District Biographical Sketch: I have lived in Everett since my Father bought my family a house in a neighborhood by my Alam mater Cascade High School in 1967, prior to leaving for Vietnam. When we were 24, my wife Jill (who I met in the first grade at Emerson Elementary) and I bought a little home in the Madison community where my son Paul spent much of his childhood until we moved to the View Ridge area where we were blessed with the gift that is my daughter Emma. We continue to make our home in this beautiful area of Everett and I have been an active member of my community and a positive influence on the education of children my entire life. In some ways I have never really grown up, and as irritating as that may be for some, this aspect of my personality helps make me keenly aware of the needs of all children, regardless of abilities, and it has served me well in all of my time as a teacher and child advocate. I have had many jobs in my life, but none as rewarding as the 16 years I spent as a secondary classroom teacher in the Everett School District. After I left the classroom in 2011, I started a non profit called The Mentorship Project that is intended to bring supplemental mentoring and teaching to children that, for whatever reason, are not able to excel in their current environment. It is small and lacks any kind of current physical address or financing, save for my own, but I have been very successful in this endeavor, helping one child at a time. I also serve on the City of Everett Human Needs Committee. Statement of Interest: I am driven to do what ever is necessary to help all children learn and succeed in life. I passionately seek the appointment of Everett School Board Director so that I can bring my unique skill set and experience with children to the current board of directors in order to compliment and help them in all of their efforts. Affectionately Yours,

Cristopher Larson 4321 Ridgemont Drive Everett, WA 98203 425-244-0657