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Building Partnerships in the Workplace
Sooner or later, people have to start doing something differently—they have to start communicating like a coach


An organization’s ability to successfully grow and compete over the long term hinges on leaders having the ability to coach others for improved performance and engage the people they lead in driving results. Leaders who engage their team members through coaching are able to build commitment to the organization’s goal, invite team members to participate as partners in the business, help maintain competitive advantage, and transform the organization in a way that is truly sustainable over the long term. CMOE’s Coaching TIPS2 Workshop is designed to help participants develop the fundamental skills needed to coach others in a way that will drive organizational results. The workshop is based on The Coaching TIPS2 Model, a practical process that leaders can apply to all coaching situations, including improving team member performance, supporting growth and development, and increasing engagement. The Coaching TIPS2 Model is an easyto-understand-and-apply communication road map for leaders at all levels that is backed by extensive and ongoing research. During the workshop, participants carefully examine their current coaching skills and practices so they can understand how to improve and change for the better. Using customized in-class practice opportunities and the Coaching TIPS2 Model, participants learn how to coach to a variety of workplace situations and work on one of their own coaching situations so they can immediately apply the skills learned. The cutting-edge design of the Coaching TIPS2 Workshop gives participants the confidence to use and sustain the skills and principles.

Coaching Defined
Coaching is the ongoing process of building partnerships aimed at continuous improvement. It is a two-way communication process between members of the organization, and is designed to develop and enhance hard and soft skills, motivation, attitude, judgment, and the ability to perform and contribute to an organization’s strategic objectives.

• Apply the Coaching TIPS2 Model and skills to initiate all types of coaching situations. • Coach average performers on opportunities for improvement, resulting in improved bottom-line results. • Coach high performers on growth and development opportunities, sparking creative thinking and acknowledging strengths. • Conduct other developmental and non-performance-related coaching sessions. • Coach in the moment, as well as during formal discussions. • Address performance problems with confidence and improve accountability for performance expectations. • Resolve differences, handle resistance, and minimize defensiveness. • Build a coaching culture with positive and supportive relationships. • Collaborate with and guide coaches in setting goals and creating action plans. • Develop talent by helping others achieve their full potential.

• Welcome to the Workshop • Workshop Objectives and Expectations • Introduction to Coaching • Case Study #1: Assess Your Coaching Skills • The Coaching TIPS2 Model • Video Illustration of The Model • Case Study #1: Review and Analysis • Using The Coaching Planning Guide • Case Study #2: Practicing The Model • Case Study #2: Review and Analysis • Discussion Topic: Coaching in the Moment • Experiential Exercise: Coaching Pursuit • Action Plans and Sustainability • Workshop Wrap-up and Evaluations

• Pre-work Article • Comprehensive Participant Workbook • The Coaching TIPS2 Model (including a pocket guide and wallet card) • Electronic version of The Coaching Planning Guide • Hardbound copy of Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Leading Edge with Synergistic Coaching, by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D. • The Express Coaching SmartPhone Application (optional) • E-newsletter as a skill sustainability tool (optional)

One of CMOE’s strongest capabilities is developing customized solutions to meet each organization’s unique needs. CMOE’s Design Team provides clients with the choice of three levels of customized product solutions, from combining existing content, to creating new content, to co-branding CMOE material with your logo, name, and corporate or chosen colors. Contact us for help deciding which level will fulfill the needs of your organization best.


Partial List of CMOE Clients
AT&T • Abbott Labs • Alcon • American Express • Bank of Montreal • Barclays Global Investors • Bell Canada • BellSouth • Boeing • Cargill • ChevronTexaco • Chick-Fil-A • Church’s Chicken • Delphi • Department of Public Safety • Delta Air Lines • DHL • Ernst & Young • ESPN • ExxonMobil • Farm Credit Services of America • FMC • FedEx • Florida Power Corporation • Formosa Plastics • Gulfstream • Hancock Bank •

The Coaching TIPS2 Workshop is offered in the form of live classroom, virtual classroom, or web-based programs. The length of the course is flexible and depends largely on the delivery method chosen. Experienced CMOE facilitators lead workshops from any location of your choosing. We also offer a Train-the-Trainer service in which we provide the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver The Coaching TIPS2™ Workshop at any time. Clients that choose this option simply purchase the participant materials from CMOE on an as-needed basis once they are certified to teach the program.








CMOE provides organizations with training programs that are practical, with an emphasis on developing how-to-skills. Our strategic objective is to partner with clients and provide solutions for their training needs as they arise. As a training partner, CMOE assists clients in defining and providing customized training needs. We don’t fit you into a box; we help you design the box. CMOE was founded in 1978, and is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah—our global headquarters. Through a commitment to ongoing research and consulting, CMOE has developed numerous skill-based training workshops, books, materials, and experiences that address the specific needs of leaders, team members, and organizations.


Hershey’s • Hillenbrand • HP • Iomega • JBS • John Deere • Johnson Controls • Kaiser Permanente • Kellogg’s • L-3 Communications • Lennox • LG • McKesson • Motorola • Omnicell • Pacific Gas & Electric • Pepsico • Pilgrim’s Pride • Pfizer • Police Corps • Principal Financial Group • Procter & Gamble • Sauer-Danfoss • Siemens • Tesoro • Texas Utilities • T-Moblie • Turner • Welch Allyn • Wells Fargo

OTHER BOOKS: The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge
by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D. This book is about the coaching process and the skills, behaviors, courage, and values leaders need in order to evoke employee commitment and motivation. The Coach will also help leaders turn what is typically an uncomfortable and often avoided or mishandled task into a productive, one-onone experience for the leader and team members.

Leading Groups to Solutions: A Practical Guide for Facilitators and Team Members

OTHER WORKSHOPS: Applied Strategic Thinking
As strategy skills continue to be in greater demand in the workplace, leaders and individual contributors need to develop the skills to have a broad perspective about their work and how they can make a strategic contribution. This engaging and dynamic workshop helps participants develop this important skill set so they become strategically minded and can ignite positive change.

by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D., Joel McCausland, and Stephanie S. Mead, MBA. This book is about the collaborative process among team leaders and team members when building consensus, creating synergy, and harnessing collective energy to create innovative solutions.

Strategy is Everyone’s Job

Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Leading Edge With Synergistic Coaching

by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D. This book expands on the concepts and skills contained in CMOE’s Eight-Step Coaching Model, explores the learning relationship, and teaches how to create synergistic solutions to life’s challenges, at work and elsewhere.

by Steven J. Stowell Ph.D. and Stephanie S. Mead, MBA This book is about the role of leaders in taking responsibility for strategic opportunities and navigating strategic shifts so the part of the business they are responsible for is better positioned for longterm success. Readers also learn how to execute their own strategic direction that aligns with and supports the organization’s overarching strategy.

Exploring Teamwork

This workshop is an experience-based learning journey that helps participants learn how to build and sustain a highperforming team and develop teamwork skills at the individual level. It can be delivered in an experiential classroom setting or combined with outdoor experiential activities to provide an unforgettable experience in team growth.

OTHER SERVICES: Customized Design
Our talented and experienced training curriculum design team is prepared to create an experiential workshop around a specific topic or develop a curriculum using a combination of topics of your choice.

Leading Groups to Solutions

Ahead of the Curve: A Guide to Applied Strategic Thinking

by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Stephanie S. Mead, MBA. This book is about how managers and individual contributors can develop the ability to expand and exercise greater strategic influence over their work and life and make a strategic contribution to their organization.

A highly interactive facilitation workshop designed to help leaders and managers develop the insights and skills necessary to create a unified climate, maximize team member contribution, gain consensus, and develop solutions to organizational challenges when working in groups.


Courageous Conversations

The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible

An organizational assessment process that will produce a unique and comprehensive picture of what is going on in your organization. Connexus helps leaders understand how the organization ticks and how to tune it up.

by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Stephanie S. Mead, MBA Whether it’s two people, a department, or an organization, teams are the means by which great things are accomplished. This book explores the inner dimensions of how groups of people become teams and how group dynamics can be managed.


Our professional speakers and trainers are available to make presentations, from a few minutes to a full day, for conventions, conferences, or other meetings. Book us for a presentation your group will not forget!

Leaders face an assortment of daunting responsibilities. The ability to carry out direct and constructive conversations is a pivotal skill to have. Courageous Conversations™ is designed for participants to grapple with real organizational problems as they learn the dynamic concepts and skills of communicating with others, especially when engaging difficult, non-routine, complex issues. By learning to actively surface issues and test their thinking and the logic inherent in their views, participants can tackle problems that may otherwise go unaddressed.

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