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The Cost of Cameron: 100 ways David Cameron betrayed patients, taxpayers & voters on the NHS

100 Ways David Cameron betrayed the NHS

NHS Treatments
1. 20 Treatments are no longer provided Free At The Point of Use in 100+ parts of England’s NHS (evidence, evidence) 2. In 2012, 28% of Maternity Units shut for an average of 3 days, refusing patients. 12% of Maternity Units cap the number of annual patients (evidence) 3. Treatments are being denied to patients on the basis of their lifestyle (page 28) 4. 73% of GPs say they are unable to refer their patients for further treatments due to eligibility criteria (evidence) 5. Longer Waiting times for Elderly Podiatry Services is leading to elderly having to pay up to £17 to have their toe nails clipped (evidence) 6. 477 GP Surgeries reduced weekend access in 2011/12, a 5% drop (evidence) 7. 52,000 patients were denied patients due to cost considerations in just 1 year (evidence)

NHS Staffing
8. 73% of Nurses report increased stress levels in the last year (evidence) 9. 237,491 attacks on NHS Staff have occurred in 3 years of Tory Rule, an increase of 11% under the Tories (evidence) 10. ¼ of NHS Staff in 50 sampled NHS Trusts were unhappy with the quality of work they were able to deliver (evidence)


The Cost of Cameron: 100 ways David Cameron betrayed patients, taxpayers & voters on the NHS

11. Tories have axed 60,000 of the 400,000 extra NHS Staff recruited by Labour (evidence) 12. NHS Senior Managers Mean Annual Earnings have jumped 28% since June 2010 (evidence & evidence) 13. NHS Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitor Mean Annual Earnings have declined by 3% since June 2010 (evidence & evidence) 14. Number of Medical GPs per 10,000 citizens has fallen 4.3% says Wales Statistics Office (evidence) 15. There are fewer Registrars and Hospital Practitioners in the NHS workforce than there were in May 2010 (evidence) 16. There are 5,500+ fewer NHS Nurses than there were in May 2010 (evidence) 17. There was a reported 2,300 shortage in midwives as Cameron failed to recruit as many midwives as he promised (evidence) 18. The UK now has one of the lowest Doctor to Population ratios in the EU (evidence)

Elderly Services
19. 320,000 fewer patients get social care in 2013 than was the case in 2006 (evidence) 20. 9% of over 75s presented themselves at A&Es for avoidable admissions in 2012-13 (evidence) 21. A 66% increase in the number of 90 year olds presenting themselves at A&Es (evidence) 22. Social Care Costs have climbed £625+ under David Cameron, or 9.3% in 2 years to put it another way (evidence) 23. George Osborne refused to implement the Dilnot Report in full that called for proposals to be funded separate from the NHS Budget (evidence & evidence) 24. 1 million people have had to sell their own homes to pay for elderly care in the last 5 years, thus a problem that began under Labour but continues to worsen under the Tories (evidence) 25. The government have introduced a series of dementia taxes or raised/extra charges on the elderly. Meals on Wheels costs are up 65p per meal & dial a ride transport services have doubled in cost (evidence)

Emergency Services
26. A&E Waiting times climbed to 8-9 year highs in the year to April 2013 (evidence) 27. 50% increase in Patients not treated within 28 days of Cancelled Operation since April 2010 shows NHS England (evidence) 28. 35,000+ Ambulances backed up outside A&E in just 6 weeks of winter says NHS (evidence) 29. 2,500,000+ Patients left waiting at A&Es for more than 4 hours under the Tories (evidence)


The Cost of Cameron: 100 ways David Cameron betrayed patients, taxpayers & voters on the NHS

30. Ambulance Response Times have worsened since Jeremy Hunt became NHS Boss (evidence & evidence) 31. 420,000+ patients left lying on trolleys in Emergency Wards under the Tories (evidence) 32. A piloted study of NHS11 showed 40,000+ waiting longer than 1 minute for their call to be answered (evidence) 33. Ambulance Trusts have made large cuts to their staff and fleet since April 2010. For example, EMAS has cut staff by 20% and its fleet size by 100 (evidence) 34. 32% of NHS Walk In centres either closed or downgraded says NHS Regulator (evidence) 35. NHS Direct was axed and replaced by a for-profit botched NHS111 service (evidence) 36. 61 Ambulance Stations were axed as Ambulance Response times increased ( here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here & here) 37. There has been a surge in the number of private ambulances being used in the NHS, sometimes with catastrophic consequences (here, here, here) 38. The Government scrapped Labour’s 98% target for A&Es but were still unable to reach their new 95% target, and have failed to do so for more than 150 days (evidence & evidence)

Wasting Taxpayers’ Money
39. In 2009-10 £1.1bn was spent on Agency Staff but that has risen to £3.9bn for 201213. (evidence p.20 & evidence p. 193) 40. NHS Spend on outside consultancy has climbed from £468m in 2009-10 to £596m in 2012-13 (evidence p.20 & evidence p. 193) 41. Redundancy Payouts had cost the NHS £850m by December 2011 with confirmation that the figure had climbed to £1.4bn (evidence & evidence) 42. 3,621 NHS Staff were rehired within a year of large redundancy packages being paid out as a result of the Tory NHS Act says the Commons Health Select Committee (evidence & evidence) 43. Tory NHS ‘reforms’ have so far wasted £1.1bn of taxpayers’ cash and that some is rising says National Audit Office (evidence) 44. Clinical Negligence Pay-outs have climbed £500m & 63% under the Tories (evidence) 45. 40% of NHS Trusts failed to achieve their QIPP savings (evidence) 46. The National Audit Office was unable to confirm £2.4 billion of the Savings the NHS claims it delivered (evidence) 47. £1,500,000+ of the NHS Budget was not even spent last year. This was an increase of the under spend the previous year. (evidence)

Funding Cuts


The Cost of Cameron: 100 ways David Cameron betrayed patients, taxpayers & voters on the NHS

48. Spending on Cancer Services declined 3.6% in real terms under the Tories (evidence) 49. Funding for Clinical Networks on Chest, Heart & Stroke were cut by 12%+ (evidence) 50. £943m cut in GP Funding under David Cameron says the Royal College of GPs (evidence) 51. Tories have cut NHS Spending in Real Terms, contrary to what they promised says Nuffield Trust (evidence) 52. The North East of England was completed ignored when extra cash was apportioned to deal with the A&E Crisis (evidence) 53. Half of Acute Hospital Trusts predict they’ll record a deficit in 2013-14 up from just 8.5% the year before (evidence) 54. The adult social care budget has been cut by £1.8 billion since the election (evidence)

Waiting Lists
55. 700%+ increase in the number of patients left lying on trolleys for more than 12 hours in Emergency Wards this year compared to last (evidence) 56. 10,500 Urgent Operations Cancelled under the Tories (evidence) 57. 180,000+ operations cancelled under the Tories, up 20%+ per quarter compared to 2010 under Labour (evidence) 58. Average wait from referral to treatment is higher in 2013-14 than any year in the previous 7 years (evidence) 59. Bed Blocking is now costing the NHS half a million pounds a day (evidence & evidence)

NHS Closures
60. 19% of Overnight Beds have been axed under Cameron says the Nuffield Trust (evidence) 61. 7,968 Hospital Beds Cut & Overnight Beds cut by 19% says NHS & Nuffield Trust (evidence) 62. The UK has already one of the worst Hospital Bed to Population ratios in the world and it is falling further still (evidence) 63. 16% of A&Es all types have closed since 2010 (evidence & evidence)

64. £12bn of NHS tendered to private health says NHS Tender Website (evidence) 65. Tories passed the NHS Act that opened up the entire NHS to private competition (evidence)


The Cost of Cameron: 100 ways David Cameron betrayed patients, taxpayers & voters on the NHS

66. In particular, EU Competition Law applies to the NHS and has already resulted in private health firms taking cases against the NHS (evidence) 67. One in three hospitals is now run by the private sector as £2 billion of NHS Hospitals are handed to multi-nationals (evidence, evidence, evidence & evidence) 68. NHS Referrals to 2 major private health firms has grown 500% from 17k to 100k in 2 years (finished consultant episodes) 69. 912 parts of NHS Community Health England were forced out to private tender under Any Qualified Provider status with private health winning two thirds of the contracts (evidence) 70. About £1 billion of taxpayers’ money will now go directly to profit of firms winning NHS contracts (evidence, eg. evidence) 71. Blood Plasma services were sold to a US Hedge Fund (evidence) 72. Private Firms running our NHS are avoiding their taxes (evidence) 73. The 6 major private health firms have failed to gain a clean bill of health in more than 50 Care Quality Commission Inspections in the last 2 years (use CQC search bar to confirm) 74. Proportion of GPs on CCGs falls to just 43% as doctors walk away from the bodies that the Tories said would place GPs in control of the NHS (evidence) 75. NHS Trusts are now making nearly half a billion a year charging patients, this is a rise of 11% since 2011. It is also set to rise by a further 10% this year (evidence) 76. The value of the Private Healthcare industry has soared to £40bn under this government (evidence) 77. Patient Records (anonymised) are now on sale to private health (evidence)

Patient Safety
78. Patient Complaints about the NHS climbed 8% in 2011-12 and a further 2% in 201213 (evidence & evidence) 79. 18% of the Care Quality Commission’s Staff were axed after 2010 preventing them doing their job properly (here, here, here) 80. NHS Patient Satisfaction went from record high, to a record fall in 1 year (evidence) 81. Suicide Rates have climbed 8% in just 1 year says ONS, this at a time when 1,406 mental health beds have been cut (evidence) 82. NHS Clinical Negligence Claims rise 49% under Cameron (evidence, evidence, evidence, evidence) 83. 46,000+ of NHS111 callers in 1 pilot study were unhappy with the way their call was dealt with & 73% of NHS111 staff had no clinical expertise (evidence) 84. Warm Homes Health People Fund saved lives; David Cameron scrapped it as 81,380 people have died of "Winter" under this government say the Office for National Statistics (up 29% last year) (evidence, evidence, evidence & evidence) 85. NHS ‘Never Events’ rose from 57 (2009), to 139 (2010), to 294 (2011), before easing slightly to 272 (2012) (evidence) 86. 17 NHS Hospitals are no longer providing safe staffing levels warns the CQC (evidence) 87. 22 deaths or serious injuries were caused by failures in the launch of NHS 111 (evidence)


The Cost of Cameron: 100 ways David Cameron betrayed patients, taxpayers & voters on the NHS

88. The Tories were elected on a series of NHS Promises that they broke. See page 45 of their manifesto here (evidence) 89. The Chair of the UK Statistics Authority judged Jeremy Hunt to be dishonest in his claim that NHS Spending had increased (evidence) 90. The Chair of the Information Commission, and a Judge at a Tribunal ordered the Tories to publish the NHS Risk Register but they refused (evidence) 91. A High Court Judge & an Appeal Court Judge both found Jeremy Hunt to have acted improperly in downgrading Lewisham Hospital (evidence & evidence) 92. A High Court Judge found the privatisation of NHS Children’s Services in Devon to have been carried out illegally (evidence) 93. 744 Donations totalling £20 million have been given to the Tory Party by individuals or organisations that are in some way linked (past or present) to private health. This entire issue lacks clarity (evidence) 94. 36% of the GPs in charge of CCGs have financial interests in for profit private medical firms (evidence) 95. The Tories have handed billions of pounds of NHS contracts to private health but exempted them from the Freedom of Information Act (evidence) 96. Lobbyists’ links to the government are too close. Government appointments come from Private Health firms now winning NHS contracts (evidence) 97. Tory MPs earn cash, shares, directorships and more from Private Health firms profiting from NHS privatisation (evidence)

An Era of Smear
98. Despite Jeremy Hunt blaming immigrants for being health tourists, this report proves Health Tourism claims wrong (evidence) 99. Tories used unreliable hospital mortality to smear Andy Burnham and the report’s author felt he had to apologise to Andy Burnham (evidence & evidence) 100. The former head of the CQC warns David Cameron about wrongly smearing Labour Health Ministers (evidence)