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Accessing Quality Center

Quality Center must be installed on the users machine prior to continuing. For information on installing Quality Center please contact
Note: Quality Center is compatible with Internet Explorer Windows Browser only.


"o access Quality Center you must be on the #ncor Network and ha$e nternet %&plorer open on your machine. The URL is: http://odchptwpapp0 :!0!0/"c#in/start$a%&sp %nter your 'ogin Name (format is '($)irst*a+e$)irst,LettersLast*a+e e&. )*+,ohn+-o! and your password (default password is: password!. #nly .assword is case sensiti$e. Click Authenticate. f authenticated correctly/ -omain and .ro0ect $alues will self populate. -omain is -ncor and .ro0ect is .R/$,0 ,$00012. Click Login.

! )!

Changing .assword
1sers can change their password at anytime by accessing the Customi2e option under "ools. ! 3elect Tools and Custo+i3e4

Click -5 and the bo& closes. . Test .assword and fill in information in dialog bo& pop up. Click Return button in the top right corner of page to go back to homepage.lan "est .lan also.lan is where all scripting of "est 3ets and "est Cases will be generated. 3teps to e&ecute each test case will be scripted in "est .! Click Change .

n the right hand panel select the 6esign /teps tab and click the 7ootprint icon shown to add steps. .lan. From the dropdown select Test . ! 3elect the Test Case that you will be adding steps to. ! Click the appropriate folder to e&pand and display e&isting Test /et folders ("3+44! and Test Cases ("C+44+44!.! 3elect Testing tab from the left column.

Click the Test /et. From the dropdown select Test La#.lan to "est 'ab when testing begins. .Test La# "est 'ab is where all "est Cases will be e&ecuted. 5our test lead will mo$e o$er all the tests from "est . ! 3elect Testing tab from left column. ! Click the appropriate folder to e&pand and display the Test /et.

. 3elect the Test Case you want to e&ecute and click Run.! n the right hand panel/ select the Execution 8rid tab to display the Test Cases.

screenshots! to document. )! 6 new pop up bo& displays the Test Case and all the steps re7uired to e&ecute the test. (anually select each step and designate it as passed: 7ailed: or add/delete a step with the 7ootprint icons displayed% 6dd a description under 6ctual 8esults for failed steps. Click 9egin Run to start testing. Click the s"uare #utton to end the test. 6ttachments can be added (i. .e.)! 6 pop up bo& displays the Test Case and information.