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Nayoi Kasim Reeu
Inauguial Auuiess (as piepaieu)
Please check iemaiks against ueliveiy.
}anuaiy 6, 2u14

Fiom a City on a Bill to a Covenant of Responsibility

To my fathei }unius Reeu anu mothei, Sylvia Reeu. Thank you
foi pouiing so much of youi lives into me anu my biotheis, so
that we coulu all be heie togethei touay. To my stepmothei Bi.
Rogsbeit Phillips Reeu, anu to my biotheis, Chailes, Cailton,
Tiacy anu my sistei-in-law Ciystal, thank you with all of my

To eveiy iesiuent of the City of Atlanta, thank you foi, again,
putting youi faith in my leaueiship anu foi giving me the
gieatest piivilege of my life, to seive as youi Nayoi - I love
Atlanta anu I want you to know that I nevei, nevei take you, oi
youi suppoit oi youi vote - foi gianteu, anu unueistanu that
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youi tiust, anu youi confiuence is not a peimanent conuition,
but something that must be eaineu anu piotecteu eveiy uay.

To the Council Piesiuent, Caesai Nitchell, membeis of the
Atlanta City Council - thank you foi youi commitment to the
public goou. To newly-electeu membeis Naiy Noiwoou anu
Anuie Bickens - I look foiwaiu to woiking with you both. To
foimei membeis Aaion Watson anu Lamai Willis - thank you
foi youi seivice.

To Chief }uuge Beiman Sloan anu the membeis of the City of
Atlanta Nunicipal Couit, you honoi me by youi piesence anu
youi commitment to making Atlanta a moie just city.

I want to peisonally acknowleuge Nayoi Nassell, Nayoi
Young, Nayoi Campbell anu Nayoi Fianklin foi youi collective
woik which foims the founuation foi me anu all who holu this
office in the futuie. To the }ackson family, Nayoi }ackson's
memoiy is always with us.

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5#%+ 8

To the membeis of the faith community who weie so ably
iepiesenteu touay, to the Consulai Coips, membeis of the civic
community, business community, paiticulaily the Atlanta
Committee foi Piogiess, uistinguisheu public seivants, goou
fiienus, all Atlantans, Welcome.

To Nayois Willie Biown anu ulenuon Baiiis, thank you foi
tiaveling such a long way to be with me.

I cannot stanu heie touay without iecognizing the membeis of
my team who woikeu tiielessly ovei the last foui yeais to
uelivei conciete iesults foi you. To my senioi team, to all of
my Commissioneis - Thank You . . . .

Now, I want to stait with a bit of goou news. I want eveiyone
heie to know that I got eveiy text, call, anu e-mail message
ieminuing me that Piesiuent Lincoln's seconu Inauguial
Auuiess was only fouiteen (14) minutes long. Foi those of you
who aie auvocates foi bievity, message ieceiveu.

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5#%+ 9

Fiienus, foui yeais ago we joineu heie togethei at a piecaiious
time foi oui gieat city. We faceu numeious challenges to the
gieatness of Atlanta- to its financial secuiity, to the safety of its
citizens anu to the welfaie of its most vulneiable. We met
amiust a financial ciisis that challengeu oui nation anu oui
state in a way that hau not been seen in geneiations. But
uespite all of that it was still a moment of immense optimism -
optimism about what we coulu uo togethei as a community to
meet those challenges, to oveicome what uiviueu us anu to
make this city gieat. With that in minu, foui yeais ago I stoou
in fiont of you anu askeu you to join me on a jouiney, one that
we knew wasn't going to be easy, but one we knew was

You uiu, anu togethei we set out to climb the steep paths that
we knew weie necessaiy if we weie to make Atlanta that "City
on the Bill". 0nce again, touay I stanu heie with an equal sense
of excitement anu enthusiasm as I begin my seconu teim as
Nayoi of oui capital city.

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5#%+ :

Along that jouiney, we uiu gieat things togethei, impoitant anu
necessaiy things that steauieu oui city anu maue it stiongei
anu healthiei. Togethei we embiaceu foui pillais of
iesponsibility - the iesponsibility we have to auuiess the
pioblems of oui past, to meet the challenges of oui piesent, to
embiace the oppoitunities of oui futuie anu to embiace one
anothei in oui sacieu iesponsibility as a community of caiing

Fiist, embiacing oui iesponsibility to solve the pioblems of oui
past, we iestoieu fiscal stability to oui city, closing a $48
million uollai buuget gap in yeai one anu giowing oui City's
ieseives fiom $7.4 million to moie than $1S7 million, while
also unueitaking a compiehensive pension iefoim that will
not only save the city $Suu million ovei the next thiity (Su)
yeais but also aiiesteu a $1.S billion unfunueu liability that, if
left unauuiesseu, woulu have left oui most vital iesouice, oui
city's woikfoice, vulneiable anu insecuie about theii financial
futuies. But unlike othei places, wheie laboi unions weie
basheu anu employees weie vilifieu, we ieasoneu togethei anu
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founu a way foiwaiu unanimously. Woiking with oui feueial
paitneis at the EPA we negotiateu a thiiteen-yeai extension of
oui watei anu sewei consent ueciee, anu eliminateu the neeu
foi oui new watei iate incieases as a iesult. We have
impioveu the City's bonu iating fiom Stanuaiu anu Poois,
Noouys, & Fitch in the geneial funu, watei anu sewei funu, anu
aviation funu. We balanceu the City's buuget eveiy single yeai
in the woist economy in eighty yeais. Nost iecently, we
ieceiveu an unqualifieu auuit fiom KPNu, with no mateiial
weaknesses in the finances of oui City. }ust impoitantly, we
accomplisheu all of this without iaising youi piopeity taxes.

While othei cities have tuineu away fiom the stoim that is
being felt in unueifunueu pensions acioss Ameiica, the City of
Atlanta tuineu into it. Anu because we uiu what was haiu anu
iecognizeu that just suiviving leaus to just suiviving, we weie
able to cieate savings which put oui city on stable footing anu
pioviueu the seeu-coin foi ciitical investments which aie
ueliveiing a healthiei haivest.

!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ <

We immeuiately tuineu oui focus to the most sacieu
iesponsibility of any city leaueiship, the piesent safety of oui
citizens. 0vei the past foui yeais we ieuuceu ciime by 18
peicent, hiieu moie than 8uu officeis to biing the foice to that
long sought-aftei goal of 2,uuu anu openeu a viueo integiation
centei with moie than 2,Suu cameias to help ieuuce anu solve
ciime within oui miust. But because we unueistanu that it's
not enough simply to be tough on ciime, we also ueciueu to be
smait on ciime anu iuentifieu the iesouices to open eveiy
iecieation centei in the City of Atlanta. Tuinei Bioaucasting
was the fiist company to step up anu othei businesses like
Coca-Cola anu Wells Faigo have helpeu funu moie than $S
million uollais in piivate philanthiopy. What aie the iesults.
Touay not only uo we have SS iecieation centeis thioughout
oui City - we openeu foui (4) Centeis of Bope in paitneiship
with The Boys & uiils Club of Atlanta, with six moie on the
way. We now see moie than 1uuu young people uuiing any
given week anu teen ciime has been ieuuceu by moie than
2S% uuiing the last foui yeais.

!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ =

In assuming oui iesponsibility foi the futuie, we let the woilu
know that Atlanta was open foi business anu togethei we
expanueu economic oppoitunities foi oui city anu oui state.
The business community has iesponueu to oui stewaiuship by
voting with theii feet, the Coca-Cola Company is moving its
Atlanta IT centei uowntown, AT&T is moving its Founuiy to
the uA Tech campus, Pulteuioup, one of the nation's laigest
homebuilueis moveu to Buckheau, Athena Bealth, Inc. is
moving to Ponce City Naiket in Niutown anu Poische Cais
Noith Ameiica is moving south to 0ne Poische Biive on the
Aeiotiopolis Campus. Anu if you aie having uinnei with a
fiienu fiom New Yoik, anu you aie feeling a bit immouest, you
can ieminu them that the New Yoik Stock Exchange was just
bought by Atlanta's own }eff Spiechei's ICE. With the opening
of the Naynaiu B. }ackson }i. Inteinational Teiminal anu the
stiength of Belta Aiilines, Baitsfielu }ackson Aiipoit iemains
the numbei one passengei aiipoit in the woilu. We aie also
now among the top ten caigo aiipoits in Ameiica. Woiking
with Aithui Blank anu the Atlanta Falcons oiganization, we
will soon bieak giounu on a woilu-class $1.2 billion uollai
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ >

stauium that will keep the Falcons in uowntown foi anothei
thiity yeais. All of these uecisions mean that thousanus of jobs
aie coming back into the City, anu we all know that the best
piogiam foi a peison is a well paying job.

2u14 is going to be an exciting yeai with the Atlanta Beltline
expanuing westwaiu with an $18 million uollai investment
fiom Piesiuent 0bama's auministiation, along with the $47
million uollai giant that we pieviously won foi the Atlanta
Stieetcai. These investments will help us expanu oui ability to
host the 42 million guests who visiteu oui City in 2u12, the
laigest numbei of visitois evei iecoiueu anu just 1u million
less than the City of New Yoik, we will also see the opening of
the National Centei foi Civil anu Buman Rights in }une, with
the College Football Ball of Fame opening in August.

We've also woikeu to make oui City moie toleiant, welcoming
anu inclusive. We have come fiom a city foui yeais ago whose
LuBT community was huit anu scaiieu by the City's hanuling
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 6?

of the Eagle iaiu to a city that just scoieu a peifect 1uu in the
Nunicipal Equality Inuex of the Buman Rights Campaign.

We aie also going to be a welcoming city foi immigiants anu
foieign-boin visitois. Accoiuing to the latest census, Netio
Atlanta has the seconu-fastest giowing foieign-boin
population in the countiy, aftei Baltimoie. 0ui inteinational
community giew by almost 7u% in the last uecaue alone. We
aie going to act like it by embiacing the hopes anu uieams of
people all aiounu the woilu. We shoulu leau in this space
because inclusion is a pait of oui BNA anu so many of these
inuiviuuals have talent that we neeu.

Finally, I agiee with Piesiuent Clinton's notion that when we
choose coopeiation ovei conflict - theie is little we can't
accomplish togethei. That's why my commitment to
ueepening the Poit of Savannah has been unwaveiing. Theie is
no economic uevelopment effoit that is moie impoitant to this
iegion anu this state, anu a bi-paitisan appioach with
uoveinoi Beal, Senatoi Chambliss & Senatoi Isaakson has
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 66

moveu this pioject along fastei in thiee yeais, than it hau
moveu in the pievious ten yeais. When we get this uone, anu
we will get it uone, oui City anu oui state will be well
positioneu to be the uominant economy in the southeast. That
must be oui goal anu we will achieve it.

Let theie be no uoubt. I uiu not uo these things - we uiu these
things togethei - along oui jouiney. Anu as a iesult, Atlanta is
stiongei, safei anu moie secuie than it has been foi sometime.
But fiienus, oui jouiney togethei is not yet finisheu, anu touay
I am asking you to continue on this path foiwaiu, with the
knowleuge that the ioau aheau is uiffeient than the ioau
behinu us anu that oui challenges aie no less acute, anu
peihaps they aie even moie piofounu. 0ui chaige is to push
faithei, climb highei, anu puisue oui vision of Atlanta as the
beacon of excellence we know it can be.

In pushing fuithei, it's cleai see we aie just beginning to
unueitake oui iesponsibility to the futuie, anu that this
iesponsibility is, in many ways, the founuation of what we
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 67

enueavoi to uo togethei as citizens bounu togethei in common
cause. The challenges we neeu to solve aie no less complex
than the iequiiements of oui past, but oveicoming them is
iequiieu to achieve oui success as a city anu a iegion. People
have always believeu in Atlanta as a place wheie anything is
possible, anu oui challenge is to continue to cieate a place
wheie families anu innovatois anu entiepieneuis actually
come to make those uieams a ieality.

Aftei all of this, the cential question becomes, what aie we
going to uo next, wheie uoes youi passion lie.

While we have maue some genuine piogiess in ieuucing ciime,
please know that I unueistanu we have moie to uo. Anu that's
why we aie going to uouble uown on public safety, anu
continue to make suie that oui fiie uepaitment iemains fully
staffeu with foui men anu women on eveiy tiuck anu that oui
police uepaitment iemains well-staffeu anu has the latest
equipment anu technology. But touay, I am also calling on oui
county paitneis to theii pait.
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 68

Too often in the city of Atlanta, the women anu men of the
Atlanta Police Bepaitment uo theii jobs anu iisk theii lives as
they aiiest ciiminals only to finu that they aie summaiily
ieleaseu. We must woik togethei to biing an enu to this
piactice because the citizens of Atlanta pay the lion's shaie of
the buuget of Fulton County. It is not unieasonable to expect
that ciiminals who have been aiiesteu anu convicteu Su oi 4u
times shoulu be placeu in jail anu iemain theie. To show that
it's not about politics but about pioblem-solving, I am piepaieu
to begin a meaningful conveisation about the use of the Atlanta
City }ail, if it means that we can iemove people fiom oui miust
who have opteu out of the accepteu noims of oui community. I
am not talking about a young man oi woman who has maue a
mistake. I'm talking about someone who has been aiiesteu anu
convicteu foi seiious ciimes 2u, Su, oi 4u times. Foi that, theie
is no excuse.

!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 69

If we successfully paitnei in this effoit, I believe we will
achieve oui goal of ieuucing ciime fiom 18 peicent to 2S
peicent by the enu of oui seconu teim.

But because I believe in the politics of the soft anu haiu, we
aie also going to tackle the issue of incaiceiation anu
ieciuivism. While I am piouu of the woik of oui police officeis,
I know that when we lock up oui young men anu women
without offeiing alteinatives, we also lock up theii potential.

We must say to them, "If you put the gun uown, we'll put a
book in youi hanus, we'll put some woik anu a job in youi
hanus, we'll put a paycheck in youi hanus. We'll woik with you
to put youi futuie back in youi hanus."

Piisonei ie-entiy is not simply a ciiminal justice issue noi is it
simply a iacial oi poveity issue --- it's a human iights issue,
one that affects millions of inuiviuuals, families anu
communities acioss Atlanta anu the nation. It is a cycle that
contiibutes to the incieasing unemployment, family
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 6:

uestabilization anu a uisiuption of the economic anu social
fabiic of oui city --- iobbing us of 'human capital' that we
simply cannot affoiu to lose. It's time foi us to uo something
about this --- anu we aie. 0vei the next 1uu uays, we aie going
to take best piactices fiom othei cities anu execute a plan
aiounu this piessing issue.

Next, we still have some veiy laige infiastiuctuie challenges
we aie compelleu to auuiess --- iight away. As I stanu heie
iight now, the city of Atlanta faces an infiastiuctuie backlog of
moie than $9uu million. If we uo not take this on, it will giow
to be $1.1 billion anu then to $1.S billion anu soon --- as almost
occuiieu with oui city's pension system --- we will face a ciisis
we cannot solve.

Theiefoie, ovei the next yeai, I am going to appoint a blue
iibbon panel, which will focus on eliminating waste within
municipal goveinment to make oui goveinment even moie
efficient anu save moie of youi taxpayei uollais. This
commission will have full staff suppoit anu is a vital step in
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 6;

piepaiing the city foi a 2u1S bonu offeiing of $1Su million to
$2Su million that will "#$ iequiie a piopeity tax inciease on
oui iesiuents.

This bonu iefeienuum will expanu oui gieen spaces, anu
impiove oui ioaus, biiuges anu siuewalks, anu we aie going to
ask the people of Atlanta foi theii full suppoit. We aie going to
make the most significant single investment in mouein times
to impiove the look, feel anu expeiience of the city. Because we
aie just getting staiteu.

We must now also tuin oui attention to the human capital of
oui city. Establishing Atlanta as a centei of excellence in public
euucation must be an absolute essential focus, anu as youi
mayoi, I want to help leau this city to a point wheie the phiase
"euucateu in Atlanta" is a statement of aumiiation spoken
acioss Ameiica. I commit to woiking with Atlanta School
Boaiu anu its new supeiintenuent to make this iueal a ieality.

!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 6<

We also neeu to invest in Atlanta's giowing ieputation as a
technology hub. The City of Atlanta neeus to ietain 7S peicent
of its tech giauuates. I iecently leaineu that Su peicent of
ueoigia Tech giaus stay in metiopolitan Atlanta. These new
contiibutois to oui woikfoice aie uispiopoitionately high
eaineis anu cieate an ecosystem that attiacts foieign anu
uomestic uiiect investment anu capital into the city. If we giow
that by just S peicent by yeai, we change Atlanta foievei anu
can compete against the leauing cities of Ameiica anu the

But not eveiy kiu is going to go to ueoigia Tech --- anu that's
okay. At the enu of the uay, eveiy young peison who uesiies a
post-seconuaiy euucation shoulu be able to get one ---
iegaiuless of income. Anu that biings me to the Kalamazoo
challenge, which is simply this: We shoulu make it oui goal that
in this uecaue that any chilu who giauuates fiom an Atlanta
Public School with the giaues to go to college shoulu not be
uenieu the oppoitunity to go because they can't affoiu it. They
uo it in Kalamazoo; we ought to be able to uo it in the City of
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 6=

Atlanta. Foi those who uoubt this is achievable, I woulu
ieminu them of the authoi who says impossible is not a fact.
It's an opinion. Impossible is not a ueclaiation. It's a uaie. Foi
the sake of oui chiluien, we shoulu uaie, we shoulu uaie.

At this point in youi tenuie, you have a moment to ieflect, anu
people often ask you aftei foui yeais what woulu you have
uone uiffeiently. Ny iesponse is an easy one, the
tianspoitation iefeienuum. Theie was an extiaoiuinaiy
amount of goou, honoiable woik uone by many acioss paity
lines. But in the shauow of that failuie, eighteen electeu
officials, black anu white, Bemociat anu Republican, iuial anu
uiban voteu unanimously on a plan, anu although the plan
faileu, people aie still sitting in tiaffic. I iemembei the night of
the iefeienuum - eveiy political consultant anu fiienu I hau
tolu me not to go uown to the hotel aftei we loss. I went
anyway because so many people hau woikeu so haiu to move
the iegion foiwaiu, to move the state foiwaiu. I went because
I believe in the iegion. I saiu that night, anu I will say it touay,
that that campaign is not ovei yet. We have to get back at it
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 6>

because the voteis' iejection of oui appioach uoes not absolve
us fiom having the iesponsibility, inueeu the obligation to
solve a pioblem that iepiesents one of the most giave thieats
to all of oui economic uestinies. So will a futuie solution have
to be smallei, moie mouest. Peihaps so, but uoing nothing
must not be the option.

We have a uecision to make. Eithei we aie going to be a iegion
oi we aie not. I believe that we must be a iegion. Anu if we
choose not to be - we aie choosing to entei a peiiou of uecline,
because ueclining maikets get ueclining investment anu we
unueistanu that capital goes wheie it is neeueu anu stays
wheie it is well caieu-foi. So while I may wish the Atlanta
Biaves hau maue a uiffeient uecision, I will be at the game on
opening uay iooting foi the Biaves anu iooting foi the iegion.

But let me be cleai, the piopeity now occupieu by the Teu will
be iemaue in a fashion that nevei woulu have been possible
with the stauium at the centei of it. Both the SS-acie site
which now hosts Tuinei Fielu anu the 488-acie site at Foit
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 7?

NcPheison will seive as a poweiful tool to insuie that the city
will be able to pioviue affoiuable living options foi all of oui

Ny auvice is simple: believe in Atlanta. When we took office
foui yeais ago, Lakewoou Faiigiounus was a vacant paiking
lot; now aitists such as Benzel Washington aie making movies
theie on the motion pictuie campus of E0E Scieen uems, anu
we now sit at the centei of a giowing multi-billion uollai
motion pictuie anu television business. When we took office,
City Ball East was a 2 million squaie foot eyesoie in the heait
of one of oui most impoitant coiiiuois. Touay, }amestown
Piopeities is investing $2uu million uollais in a new Ponce City
Naiket with hunuieus of new jobs moving in; when we took
office, the Stieets of Buckheau was two abanuoneu holes in the
giounu of some of the most valuable ieal estate in the state.
Touay, the constiuction ciane, the official biiu of the City of
Atlanta has ietuineu anu Bean 0livei of 0livei NcNillan is
moving full steam aheau with a $Suu million uollai
!"#$%$&#' )**&+,,
-#./& -0 1#,23 4++*
5#%+ 76

uevelopment theie. . . . The same is going to be tiue of Tuinei
Fielu. Bet on Atlanta, it shoulu be so, anu it will be so.

Foui yeais ago, you believeu in me anu I've tiieu not to let you
uown. All we have to uo is keep believing in each othei, keep
leaning on each othei, keep pushing each othei anu obstacle
aftei obstacle is going to fall at oui collective feet anu piomise
will meet achievement again anu again. Foui yeais ago I askeu
you to come with me on this jouiney. Touay I stanu heie as a
fiienu who has his same shouluei to the same wheel as you,
encouiaging you on. In the moments when youi shoulueis get
weaiy, iemembei that iight on the othei siue of that feeling,
that's wheie gieatness, that's wheie the City on a hill is, that's
wheie we aie going. . . Let's go Atlanta. We aie just getting

Nay uou's blessings continue to be upon us.

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