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2013 Crisis Communication Phase One: Inception In this phase, I was first trying to confirm any and all rumors about my high ranking employee, Gus Fring. I was not willing to release any sort of statement or bit of information that I was not 110% positive to be completely true, whether it be internal or not. As I had experience in the public relations sphere, I chose to be our spokesperson. Not only did I have the experience, but I believe that in any sort of crisis management situation, the CEO or owner of the company should be the spokesperson, even more so if they do have the experience. It was my company under criticism and it reflects directly on me and my employees. In order to refute or confirm allegations of Gus Fring using confidential information about our customers, I first interviewed all my employees that would have had access to our customer’s information and reviewed the log that showed who signed into the mainframe for that information. I also reviewed the security footage and followed other leads and possibilities. Phase Two: Resolution At this point, it was confirmed after three days of investigations that Gus Fring had released and used the personal information of six of our clients for his own gain. He used their information to access their bank accounts and purchase various items for himself and his family. After Gus Fring had admitted his guilt, we took the necessary steps to prevent any sort of incident like this from happening again. In order to further protect the customers that have

entrusted us with their personal information, I had to let Gus Fring go and tighten all of our security measures around accessing any sensitive customer information. Access will only be granted under my consent. Our company made it a priority to give compensation to those customers that had been affected by Gus Fring’s actions and assured them that nothing like this will ever be able to happen again. The proper authorities were notified and were entrusted to seek justice to the full extent of the law against Gus Fring. Our company has always been open to the public and remained so. The press and public were invited to join me and my company for a press conference so that all of their questions and concerns could be addressed. We remained open and receptive to the public and press. We released statements regarding the incident as often as necessary with all of our relevant internal updates. I was available for questions and comments at any hour of the day. We wanted to remain as transparent and as forthcoming as possible. Without the trust of the public, we cannot function to bring them the best service available. Phase Three: Reputation In The Aftermath At this point, our mission was to regain the public’s trust. We wanted to assure them that any sort of infraction on our part is heavily looked down upon and it is something our company’s mission and ethics would not stand for. We were, and still are, highly disappointed in Gus Fring’s actions, but we vowed to make it up to the public. Our company has always been grateful for the trust the public has placed in us over the years and we did not want to do anything that would jeopardize or harm that trust. As any other neighborhood company, we would do anything to ensure our customer’s happiness and continued peace of mind. We have remained transparent and open in our efforts to heal our relationship with the public and will continue to do so. I also remained open for questions, concerns, and comments. We created ten new different college

scholarship opportunities for the public as supporting our youth is in all our best interests. We also made sure to compensate those who were directly affected by Gus Fring’s actions and offer them a free lifetime membership with our company, if they chose to stay with us. We will continue to foster a prosperous relationship with the public as we only aim to serve their needs.

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Papion, Ltd. announces the creation of ten new college scholarships for local musician youths
Austin, Texas (November 4th, 2013) – Papion, Ltd has just confirmed that they have created ten new college scholarships for local musician youths, each worth $50,000. They can be renewed each year of school as long as the students retain an above 3.8 average and graduate within four years with a music oriented degree. These new scholarships will be open to the public to apply for starting in January of next year and will remain open until April 20th, 2014. To find out if you qualify to apply or want more information, please visit before the deadline. This comes just weeks after now former employee Gus Fring allegedly hacked into the company’s mainframe and accessed the bank accounts of six customers, resulting in almost $100,000 in damages. Since then, the company has heavily tightened their security measures and paid for the damages of those affected and offered other compensation to them. About Papion, Ltd.: Papion, Ltd. is a local company that first opened it’s doors in 2003 and handles the financial plans of people in the music industry. ###