Matching of Horoscopes Part-II In the last article, we explored ready made tables. Depending on various yard sticks used by panchanga makers, the total marks obtained may differ from one panchanga to other. This over simplified x and y-axis matching has brought disgrace to astrology - many good matches are being rejected and wrong matching are made. You might have seen disgruntled divorces saying, "Matching was approved by the Panditji with 25 marks". It is prudent then, to delve a bit deeper and find out the compatibility based on various principles that went into a ready made tables. The birth data should be checked by preparing a full horoscope. We should wade through the shallow interpretations which are at times used for convenience sake and also rich and clear directives. The best way to decide which are dependable and which are not, hinges largely on personal experience - unbiased and inquisitive. "Maa guru garu itla upadeshincharu" principle (my guru preached this) will not go a long way. With due respect to one's guru, the astrologer should set sail to find the applicability, limitations and exceptions with diligence. In North India, Ashta koota method is adopted to match the charts. Each Koota is assigned certain gunas (marks). The eight kootas are Varna koota -1 mark Vashya koota – 2 marks, Tara koota (Dina koota) -3 marks, Yoni koota - marks, Graha Maitri koota (Rashyadipathi koota) – 5 marks, Gana koota- 6 marks, Bha koota or Bhoota koota (Rasi koota)– 7 marks, Nadi koota – 8 marks. The maximum gunas assigned for all these kootas are 36. If more than 18 marks are obtained, the match is considered as suitable. In South India, there are additional four kootas which do not carry any marks! This method is called Dasha koota method which should be precisely called dwadasha kootas. Let us explore the kootas individually. 1) Varna (Jaati) Koota :The unit of agreement carries 1 mark. Varna
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. Vayu tatwa rasis (mithuna. kanya and makara) represent business class. Ravi and kuja are Kshatriyas.The rasis belonging to same varna are given one mark. Moola and Purvabhadra Kshatriya : Bharani. Guru and shukra are Brahmins. the flaw gets cancelled if rasi lord of boy is of higher varna than that of the girl. Vishakha and Shravana Anulomaja (born of high class father and low class mother): Mrigashira. Some consider budha as vaishya. Stars were classified as: Brahmin : Aswini. Purvaphalguni. a soldier. the signs dhanus and makara are not bifurcated and merely the signs having affinity are grouped together. Chandra is vaishya and Budha and Shani are shudras. Vaishya. simha and dhanus) represent Kshatriya. Pritvi tatwa rasis (vrishabha. Magha. In case of mis-match. a servant. Higher varna of girl is not matched to a lower varna star of the boy. Jala tatwa rasis (kataka. Chitra. vrischika and meena) represent Brahmin. tula and kumbha) indicate Shudra. Agni tatwa rasis (mesha. 2 of 5 7/2/2013 1:30 PM . In South India. This confers mutual affection between couple. man intent on learning. Utarrashadha and Revati Shudra: Rohini. Hasta.PST has no relevance to caste one is born. Aslesha. Uttaraphalguni. Anuradha and Dhanista Pratilomaja (born of low class father and high class mother): Arudra. Jyestha and Shatabisha A successful (Eka nakshatra) marriage 2) Vasya Koota: This koota implies mutual love and attachment. Purvashadha and Uttarabhadra Vaishya : Kritika. Punarvasu. The rasis for both the boy and girl should agree with each other. Swati. Pushya. considering natural attraction or repulsion between rasis. The unit of agreement carries 2 marks. The varna koota based on rasis is more prevalent than with the stars. Higher varna of girl is not matched to a lower varna boy. The North Indian method is more accurate in classifying the signs as chatushpada etc.

all comforts and a long life. This seems to 3 of 5 7/2/2013 1:30 PM . it is considered as good in South but rejected in North. The number of units of compatibility assigned to this koota is 3. If the star of girl is Rohini and that of the boy is Hasta. one should know whether chandra's position is in first half or second half of that sign. If the remainder is 2. 8 or 0 [Note: 27th star though gives zero when divided by 9. Matching vice versa or taking average of 2 of them lack the sanction of classical works. the 27th. the count gives 10 and when divided by 9 leaves 1 as reminder and hence no agreement. In South India totally different groups are grouped together as follows: For Mesha . For Vrishabha Kataka and tula are vashya rasis. if the rasi is is dhanus or makara. The matching should be done only from girl's star to boy's. Vrischika is keeta rasi while simha is vanachara rasi.PST Chatuspada rasis are: mesha. makara is vashya. For Dhanus . Nara rasis are: Mithuna. For Kataka . For Simha rasi Makara and kanya are vashyas. tula and first half of dhanus. That is to say.Kataka is vashya rasi. whereas if boy's star is Kritika. 3) Dina koota [Tara koota in North India]: Dina Koota is supposed to ensure healthy partnership. second half of dhanus and first half of makara.Meena.Vrischika and Dhanus are vashyas. kanya. vrishabha. kumbha and meena.Simha and Vrischika are vashya rasis. For Makara -Mesha and Kumbha are vashya rasis. 4. It is supposed that 5th and 7th lords' dasha / bhukti are supposed to be bad (which is not so in actual practice). Jalachara rasis are: Kataka. For Vrischika . mesha is vashyarasi and for Meena. I do not see any reason to reject 27th star. then this agreement gets 2 marks. If both rasis fall into the same group. For Kumbha. For Mithuna . The star of the boy is counted from that of the girl and is divided by 9. it is rejected in North India] the agreement is considered as good.Kanya is vashya rasi. second half of makara. 6.

When the stars are the same. Hasta. 4th pada. The dasha results depend on ownership. 1st. ekanakshatra does 4 of 5 7/2/2013 1:30 PM . Uttarashada. Aswani. only 1st pada should be rejected. if it is 19th star. In cases where the two stars are same. When the rasi is same. Instead of depending of this koota 7th. When the star of both girl and boy are same. some astrologers recommend that girl's rasi should be prior to boy's. for both chandrastama (chandra in 8th from rasi) happens at the same time and also they may be experiencing the same dasha. Revathi agree. placement etc. Purvashada stars also agree but are somewhat stand second. if it is 7th star. Another school of thought stipulates that if the birth star of boy is 10th from girl's. However. 3rd pada. the navamsha interpretation is not in practice now. Chitra. it is good that the signs of the boy leads that of girl. the transit effects are intensified on both the partners at the same time. Krithika. At times the 2nd star falls in 12/2 position in rasi. then Dina koota is not matched. and such periods of 5th and 7th lords need not be bad. Some astrologers consider that Rohini. Ekanakshatra janana vichara: If the birth star of both boy and girl happens to be the same. If it is 5th star. Mrigasira. depending on the dasha balance at birth. Pushya. Arudhra. rest can be admitted. Example: Girls should be of vrishabha and boy should be of mithuna when the star is Mrigasira. Sravana.PST be reason for this interpretation. Maka. Much importance need not be given to 7th star (vadha tara). there is obviously no marks under dina koota.. such match is rejected. Remaining stars are considered as mismatch. 2nd and 4th houses in the charts should be examined. This disposition causes obstacles in the married life. 3rd and 4th padas are rejected. Uttarashada. If the boy's star is in 88th navamsha (in 10th house) or 108 (the last pada of previous star). In my humble opinion. Vishaka. When the stars are the same. Punarvasu. Uttara. both boy and girl belong to the same rasi or have 12/2 relationship with each other's rasi.

If both boy and girl are level headed. they can go ahead with marriage but they should be appraised that they suffer moods swings at the same time. I do not subscribe to good or bad ekanakshatra school of thought. the role of the planets in dasha depends on the lagna in individual charts and not on rasi. Further. Provided other considerations are compatible. 5 of 5 7/2/2013 1:30 PM .PST not call for rejection. One should not forget the good effects of transit are also magnified when the star (only when they fall in the same rasi). 12/2 position of rasis can be matched.