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Governor Visit Mandates Role For Mines

Mike Stone voiced gratitude to schools like CSM Ritter responded: “By being a lead-
Staff Writer because they are leading the future ing energy research facility as Mines
industries with new discoveries ev- is. It is important to keep up good
The Colorado School of Mines ery day. relations between these facilities and
band played the school fight song Ritter expanded on the subject, state offices.”
and a breeze blew across the crowd saying: “The Energy Budget is both Ritter also responded to a raise in
of nearly 200 spectators. a National Security issue and an Eco- higher education funding question put
Governor Bill Ritter finished his nomic Security issue. Colorado can forth by Casey Morse, Student Body
tour of the Colorado School of Mines become a leader in changing our de- President.
and gave a speech pendency on car- “If Colorado were to put forth all
to the students, par-
“We determined that bon by setting an the money necessary for every student
ents, and community the world economy, in example for other seeking higher education this year, it
members. states. It is both would cost 850 million dollars and
The address fo- the future, will need a national and a frankly, we just don’t have the money.
cused around Colo- great minds in sci- state issue.”
Efforts have
Believe me, we want to, but there’s no
way to achieve it right now.”
rado’s Energy Bud-
get and the nation’s ence and mathematics. already been put Finally, Ritter was asked how
need to expand more The Colorado School into process. Rit- Mines is to get a higher graduation
quickly into renew- ter announced that rate, as it is currently graduating 65-
able energies. of Mines is a perfect “a bill is on its 70% of incoming students.
way to my desk “There is a bill underway to help Courtesy Mike Stone/OREDIGGER
Gov. Ritter started
by offering memories
example of how we that has already such efforts that will get students bet- Colorado Governor Bill Ritter spoke to Mines students, staff, faculty,
of a national Gov- can lead the world by passed the Colo- ter acquainted with college starting in and interested public on Tuesday, March 20. Ritter talked about en-
rado house…that high school and even lower. This way ergy and the role of CSM in the development of renewable energy
ernor’s meeting he
attended a short while
following this path.” will make 20% of we can ensure our future.” resources. He also answered questions from the crowd during the
all Colorado utili- The forum went smoothly and was hour-long talk.
“We determined that the world ties be renewable by 2020.” well received. As a closing, Ritter was first six months of his term, he was tant to the School and to the State of
economy, in the future, will need great After the speech, a forum was given a Mines sweatshirt and blue genuinely attentive and interested, Colorado.”
minds in science and mathematics. opened to the Governor and three Mining Hard Hat. and he made us feel as if his being There is an ongoing invitation for
The Colorado School of Mines is a questions were raised. “I was very pleased with his visit,” here was the most important thing to the Governor to return anytime he
perfect example of how we can lead First, Ritter was asked if Mines said Harold Cheuvront, Vice President him at that point in time. Certainly, wishes to visit.
the world by following this path.” could help in any way with Colorado’s and Dean of Students. “He made the his focus on working with CSM on
Throughout the speech, Ritter Energy Budget. time to come out here within the the State’s energy economy is impor-

To Give, Not Forget

CSM Seniors Contribute To
Their Soon-To-Be Alma Mater
And Tradition With Senior Gift
Lily Giddings donating money, students are helping
Staff Reporter support other students through schol-
arships, internships, and study-abroad
As seniors prepare to say their
final farewell to the Colorado School
Seniors are not the only donors;
of Mines, many loose ends need to be
President Bill Scoggins will be match-
tied up, much paperwork is required,
ing the donations, up to a value of one
and those last goodbyes must be said.
thousand dollars.
One of the loose ends is the senior gift:
Aside from this worthy cause,
seniors are asked to donate money to
seniors will be creating a mural: mak-
on-campus causes, such as the Arthur
ing handprints on a canvas, which will
Lakes Library, or the Mines Fund.
be displayed in an undetermined spot
Few people know that costs listed
on campus. The theme for this year’s
on the tuition bill they receive only
Senior Gift is “Make Your Mark” so
cover a portion of their educational
Courtesy seniors can leave their mark in a physi-
experience. The rest of the money
Marsha Williams cal, as well as conceptual, sense.
comes from generous donations from
Students who contribute at a “lead-
alumni, and the money that comes
Governor Ritter took a tour of ership level” will also be rewarded,
from the Mines Fund.
the CSM campus, met Marvin the Min- with gifts from Book & Brew, the
“We hope that by encouraging
er, and walked away with some Mines gear of Mines Bookstore, and Blue Canyon
seniors to donate money to benefit
his own, including a hard hat. Bar & Grill. Make your donation at
Mines, we are teaching them to be
the Student Activities Office, through
good alumni” says Senior Gift Pub-
the mail, or online at http://www.oia.
licity Chair, Regina Hutchings. By

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Page 2 March 28, 2007


CHINA’s President Hu
Jintao and RUSSIA’s Presi-
dent Vladimir Putin, in
a rebuke of Washington,
expressed their unwilling-
SURINAME’s Trans- Northern IRELAND ness to support the US
portation, Commu- formed a joint ad- in military action against
nication, and Tourism ministration between Iran or North Korea.
Minister Alice Amafo the Democratic
resigned after it came to Unionist Party and
light that she used ap- Sinn Fein, represent-
proximately $15,000 of ing the Protestants
IRAN captured
government money to and Roman Cath-
15 British sailors
finance her 30th birth- olics respectively.
during a routine pa-
day party. Party favors trol along the Iranian
included whisky, rum, coast. The British
food, and decorations. government main-
tains they were not
in Iranian waters.

Goodling to Take Fifth See the Fool’s Gold

“Attorneygate” Scandal Grips DC Section For A
Shaemus Gleason
Editor in Chief Satirical View Of
The scandal that has
been referred to as “At-
torneygate” took an in-
Chief of Staff to the
Attorney General Kyle Mines
teresting turn on Monday
with the revelation that
The Bush adminis-
tration has claimed that
Pg. 18
Monica Goodling, a jus- Miers and Rove do not
tice department official have to testify because
intimately involved in they are protected by
the firing of the eight US executive privilege.
attorneys in question will But Bush has offered to
plead the fifth (protection send them over to have
against self incrimina- a conversation with the
tion) during her sworn Judiciary Committee
testimony in front of the in a closed room, with
senate judiciary commit- no transcript.
tee March 29th. NEW EXTENDED
The eight former
Mrs. Goodling by no US attorneys in ques-
means is the only or most tions are H.E. Cum-
senior Bush administra- mins III from the East- MON-FRI 3-7p.m.
tion official implicated ern District of Kansas, $1.50 16oz Domestic Drafts $1.50 Thin Cheese Slices
in this widening scandal. Kevin V. Ryan from $1.75 16oz Import Drafts $3.95 10 Piece Wings
Others publicly eyed by the Northern District
the judiciary committee 10% Off With Student I.D. *Not Valid With Any Other Special*
of California, Daniel

e S li ce s &
to testify are Attorney

Bogden from the Dis-

H u
General Alberto Gon- trict of Nevada, Carol

i e
zales, Deputy Attorney White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove

Lam From the Southern

n B ig g e r
General Paul McNulty, Courtesy Wikipedia District of California,
Deputy White House Chief David Inglesias from
of Staff Karl Rove and White carried political overtones as to the District of New Mexico,
Ev e
House Counsel Harriet Miers. the motives for the firing, not Paul K. Charlton of the District
Much of the controversy re- limited to a White house counsel of Arizona, John McKay from
volves around e-mails obtained describing some of the US attor- the Western District of Wash-
by different news outlets detail- neys as “loyal Bushies” and sug- ington and Margaret Chiara
2 One Topping Slices
ing exchanges between White gestions for removal of US at- from the Western District of & A 16oz
House officials and officials at torneys who had “chafed against Michigan.
Domestic Draft

the Department of Justice. They administration initiatives,” by

March 28, 2007 Page 3

Safety What’s Your Beef With Mines?
Announcement ASCSM President Casey Morse Answers Your Questions
Beef: through Physics. Just fight has kept admissions at a con- In choosing this world-
The Department of Public I hate Saturday finals! through it and never look stant for the past couple years class engineering institution,
Safety and its members Response: back. because we don’t have the students are typically plac-
would like for everyone to In order to give everyone facilities for more students. ing more emphasis on their
have a good time during their finals, we absolutely This year an addi-
E-Days 2006. Additionally,
Beef: career path than their social
need 5 days. In fact finals go Why are the first two years tional 2,000 life. Fortunately, the school
our wish is for everyone
to be safe while they are on from 8:00 am until 9:00 “weed-out” classes? Why stu- dents does offer many programs
enjoying the celebrations. pm on all 5 days. Due to are more people getting ac- have that encourage social activity
classroom space limitations cepted? ap- through the Mines Activity
For the protection of and the need for graduation Response: Council and our 130+ clubs
everyone, Police Officers on that following Friday, the The first two years and organizations. Addition-
from the Public Safety first day of finals must start
Department will have a
are not techni- ally, we are conveniently
on that Saturday. The stu- cally “weed- located in an area of the
presence at all events.
Ê We will be available to dents worked very hard to get out” classes. country that is surrounded by
assist those in need, and Dead Day to offset the Sat- They are many other higher education
to enforce the law, as well urday finals. Without Dead d e - institutions. For the good
as Campus Rules and Day, we would still have to nature of all of us (males
Regulations, if necessary. take finals either on Saturday and females alike), get
Ê Just a reminder, the un- or on Dead Day.
derage drinking Laws and
out and explore before
Rules cannot be suspend- complaining.
ed during E-Days.Ê We Beef:
ask that each of you be Can’t add money Beef:
aware of and responsible to my Blaster- Why is E-Days
for your actions and those card online not the first week-
of your guests. Always a n y - end in April this
remember to respect the more. year? Also,
rights of others.
why isn’t there
Also, please know that a lacrosse or
the construction sites on rugby game
campus are the private during E-
property of the contrac- Days this
tors and it is unlawful year?
to trespass inside their
designated areas without
proper authorization from
that contractor.

Public Safety Police Of-

ficers are on duty 24/7
and may be contacted by
calling extension 3333,
or (303) 273-3333.Ê Our
offices are located at 1812
Illinois, the northwest Response:
corner of Illinois and 19th We must make
street.Ê Please feel free to sure that E-Days does
stop by anytime. Response: not conflict with Easter
The website used for man- signed to ensure the or the EIT’s every year. It
If you are going to be driv- aging your Blastercard is cur- plied com-
students get a strong grasp has conveniently fallen the
ing to off-campus parties rently not operating. There pared to last year, and there-
and functions, remember
of the required core courses. first weekend of April for
will be a new website soon They might seem like “weed- fore admissions standards are the past several years, but
to appoint a designated
driver in advance. If you that you can use to manage out” classes because the in- actually increasing. that was not possible this
have any questions, your accounts online. formation is not typically all year. The lacrosse and rugby
please contact us right that intriguing. Hopefully, Beef: teams do not specifically
away. Beef: the information you learn Why do the guys keep schedule their games as E-
Physics sucks ass becomes more interesting as complaining about the ratio Days events. Again, that
Sincerely, Response: and the quality of girls here?
Richard Boyd, Chief of
you progress through your was just a coincidence in
I agree. Unfortunately, curriculum, and it offsets the It gets the girls pretty angry! the past.
CSM Department of Public it is required for ABET ac- fact that the courses actually They could have gone to
Safety creditation. The CAPA help get more difficult. As far as another school if they just
sessions are what got me admissions goes, the school wanted to pick up girls.

0 1 0 0 0 0 11 0 11 0 1 0 0 0 0 11 0 0 1 0 1 0 11 0 0 0 11 0 11 0 1 0 11 0 0 1 0 0 0 Correction From
0 0 0 11 0 1111 0 111 0 1 0 1 0 111 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 111 0 111 0 111 0
1110111011100101110011011110111001001100101011001000110101011 March 7 Issue
0011101100111011001010111001000101110011011100110010101110100 There were two factual errors in the article
entitled “FE Meets Biology.” Bioengineering
<< translation >> classes have been offered on campus since
2000 and have been offered every semester

Check out since 2001. None of the bioengineering classes

are taught at Red Rocks. The Oredigger apolo-
gies for these errors.
Page 4 March 28, 2007

Histor-E-Days What Resides Beneath

Chris Phillips
Business Manager
Over the years, E-Days grew into
what CSM knows it as today. E-Days Geophysics Professor Supports Students
hosted Career Day for a number of When asked what
E-Days is coming up in a couple years, but this changed as “beer” and Zach Aman most enjoys about
of days, and it has been noticed by “E-Days” became better and better Editorials Editor his department, Dr.
several members of the campus com- friends. Also, the exhibits changed In the catacombs of the Green Olhoeft said; “We
munity that no one really knows the into activities such as the mining Center resides Dr. Gary Olhoeft, cited have a lot of really
history of E-Days. As several students competitions, Oil Field Olympics, and as one of the most experienced minds good people here.
so aptly put it, “I never really thought various building contests (trebuchet, at Mines. The faculty is very
about it.” c a r d - “He’s one of the most brilliant experienced. They’ve
The first
E-Day was on
Definition: E-Days – Short for b o a r d instructors I’ve ever had,” said an gone out and worked
b o a t , anonymous student. “I truly enjoy and they bring that
Jan. 29, 1927 Engineering Days. Weekend ev- etc.). learning about his experiences and experience back and
and was put on ery year in late March or early There listening to his lectures.” share it with the stu-
by the various is some dents. We’re a small
April when the Colorado School In an interview, Dr. Olhoeft said;
mystery “While I was at the USGS, I always department that has
and classes. of Mines’ community comes s u r - had one or two students from Mines lots of opportunity
T h i s d a y , together for a weekend of fire- rounding that worked with me. I’ve always been for one-on-one con-
though, was
far from the
works, comedians, events, and the Ore teaching, even though that wasn’t the tact.”
Cart Pull job title I came over here with. One Additionally, Dr.
E-Days cel- other sorts of all-around “good” t h a t i s of the things I like here is that I learn Olhoeft takes a very
ebration that fun that will be remembered held on as much from the students as I teach unique approach to-
many students Friday ward communica-
know and love
(sort of…) for years to come. them.”
Zach Aman/ Oredigger
morning. Instead of focusing on which tion with his students.
t o d a y. T h e The ear- “When my students Communication and experience help Dr.
facts and figures he’s conveying to
events included speakers given by liest record that was able to be found need me, they can get Olhoeft to be admired by his students.
his students, Dr. Olhoeft stresses;
engineers from the Colorado Engi- of a reference to this was sometime “It’s the process that I’m interested a hold of me – they
neering Council, tours of campus, a in the late 1970’s. This tradition has in teaching.” have my cell phone, home phone, and tion he’s visited, New Zealand is his
varsity basketball game, and a dance continued through the years, and is As a professor in the Geophysics office phone. The instructions are: favorite; “It’s a lot like Colorado but
hosted by the sophomore class. traditionally where student body elec- Department at Mines, Dr. Olhoeft ‘when you need me, call me.’ Every with an ocean.”
The first E-Day proved to be a tion results are announced, especially teaches both undergraduate and gradu- problem can impact when a student Other than his work in geo-
tremendous success. when E-Days falls ate-level courses, including Materials graduates and we’ve got to be able to physics, Dr. Olhoeft occupies his
State legislators asked “Another Ore Cart later in April. Another of the Earth, Advanced Electrical help them.” time with garden-scale trains and
for a presentation at Ore Cart Pull tradition and Electromagnetic Methods, Near Dr. Olhoeft is an alumnus of both photography. When asked about the
the state capitol, and Pull tradition that has that has fallen to the Surface Field Methods, Advanced the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- single largest area of improvement for
CSM decided to at- wayside is the “first Electrical and Electromagnetic Ex- nology and the University of Toronto. the current generation, he said; “Com-
tempt to have one the fallen to the wayside is cup of beer.” While ploration: Ground Penetrating Radar, “I’ve been lucky – I’ve traveled all municate with each other. Most of the
next semester. E-Day the tradition was still and Advanced Electrical and Elec- over the world,” he said. “You name problems people have are failures to
#2 was originally the ‘first cup of beer.’” active, the governor tromagnetic Exploration: Complex it, I’ve done it.” Dr. Olhoeft also communicate.”
scheduled to be some- would end his proc- Resistively. reported that, of every world loca-
time in late October

Chocolate Beer?
lamation by drinking
1927, but did not occur until Decem- the “first cup of beer” for that year’s
ber 9 of the same year. This E-Day E-Days celebration. The Oredig-
was unofficially marked as a “failure” So, with a new sense of what E-
due to the weather and the fact that the Days was in the past, the Oredigger ger wishes you
students lacked spirit, but the tradition invites you to drink a glass of ______ Chris Phillips taste (very surprising based on the
of having an annual E-Day had been (insert beverage of choice) and help
a safe and fun Business Manager smell!). As the pitcher emptied, I no-
established. carry it into the future. Have fun and
E-Days! Golden City Brewery (aka “Gold-
ticed that the hops flavor diminished
significantly. The raspberry was an

Army and Air Force ROTC

en’s Second Largest Brewery”), undertone that overcame the taste of
currently has a Chocolate Raspberry the hops in glasses from the top part of
Lager that they are serving. I recently the pitcher. This flavor became the first
went down to the brewery with a flavor as you got towards the bottom.

Reserve Officers Get Paid To Go To School friend for a pitcher of this interestingly
flavored beer, and I have to say that I
Furthermore, the chocolate served
as a slight undertone throughout the
was pretty impressed – here’s why: beer, and it became more prominent
after graduation. leadership skills, while the physical
Konrad Klett training pushes your mental and phys-
Appearance – This beer looks as the end of the pitcher neared. The
Army ROTC has Military Science
Science and Tech Editor differ- aftertaste
ent than Quick Facts:
I and II on Monday and Wednesday ical ability. Twice a year they have a
and Leadership Laboratory on Thurs- Field Training Exercise (FTX), during was mostly
The Reserve Officer Training any la- Brewer – Golden City Brewery
days. Physical training takes place which the cadets go to the Air Force hops and
Corps, or ROTC, as it is commonly ger I’ve
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Academy and campout while shooting chocolate.
known, is a college based program s e e n Style – Lager
6am in the Field House. M-16’s and attending obstacle and Mouth-
which produces sixty percent of of- before
Army cadets go to something called confidence courses. feel – It
ficers in the armed forces and seventy because Alcohol Content–6.2% by volume was lightly
five percent of all army Basic Training during the summer be- The Air Force program has AF
of the carbonated
officers. “Until the 1960’s ROTC tween I and II on Tuesday and Leadership color. It’s dark brown in color with – nearly perfect for a lager-style beer
Laboratory on Thursdays. Physical
The Army, Navy, and
Air Force all have ROTC
was mandatory at many col- junior a n d training takes place at 4pm on Mon-
a dark raspberry red that can be seen (at times I thought it was too much,
in the edges. The carbonation looked
programs. The Coast Guard leges for all male students; senior days and 6am on Tuesdays. but others too little). It was also very
light to medium, and the beer poured chewy for this style, but still very
has only a Junior ROTC but the changing view of war y e a r . The Air Force also has Basic Train-
with slightly over one finger of head smooth and not heavy.
program. While the Ma- A i r ing but between sophomore and junior
rines do not explicitly have
in the US, especially dur- A s - year. In addition, cadets can attend
(even with little to no glass tilt) that Drinkability – Definitely drink-
disappears after about a minute.
a ROTC program, they ing the Vietnam War, caused s a u l t shadow during any summer programs able. I would have another (my friend
Smell – You can definitely smell was so impressed that he bought a
are a part of the Navy and ROTC to become completely ( r a p - in which they can shadow a preferred
the raspberries in this one. I also got growler to take home with him, in
they also have an officer pel- career in the Air Force.
training program during the
voluntary.” ling Once a semester, cadets do a mock
semi-sweet chocolate in the smell. fact). This beer should appeal to many
The hops were very light in the smell people, and the taste will depend on
summer. The Marines do out of employment. Service requirement for
– almost non-existent. when you drink it – so it’s a good
have a booth on career day for more helicopters) or Airborne (jumping both programs is four years active and
Taste – The taste of this beer de- group drink that you can have. I may
information. out of planes) as well as Army intern- four years inactive reserve or guard.
pends on where you are in the pitcher. go down and have another pitcher
ROTC started in 1862 with the ships may also be attended during The following is summary of the
At the top, the taste of the bittering sometime today…
Morril Act. The first Air ROTC summer. monetary assistance offered by being
hops is definitely present with the first
began between 1920 and 1923 at ROTC is intended to hone you a part of ROTC.
Berkeley. Of course since Colorado
is land locked, we have Air Force Army
and Army ROTC but not Navy here Freshman: Full Tuition, $250 per month, $450 for books per semester
at CSM. Until the 1960’s ROTC was
mandatory at many colleges for all
male students; but the changing view
Sophomore: Full Tuition, $350 per month, $450 for books per semester
Junior: Full Tuition, $450 per month, $450 for books per semester
Senior: Full Tuition, $550 per month, $450 for books per semester
of war in the US, especially during
the Vietnam War, caused ROTC to
become completely voluntary.
Students in either Army or Air
Air Force
Freshman: Full Tuition, $250 per month, $400 for books per semester
Sophomore: Full Tuition, $300 per month, $400 for books per semester
Force ROTC are known as cadets
during their school years but become
Junior: Full Tuition, $350 per month, $400 for books per semester Please send Poetry Corner submissions to
Senior: Full Tuition, $400 per month, $400 for books per semester
second lieutenants (the lowest officer
ranking) once they start their service
March 28, 2007 Page 5

Geek Week
Too Much Science? of
Try Creative Arts the
some, because there’s nothing quite
...Renee Francese, Freshman
Christina Perry
Staff Reporter like the feeling you get when someone
unwittingly walks up to your own
It’s rare to find a club in the myriad artwork and says; “Holy Cow. That’s Lily Giddings
of organizations at Mines which pro- good.” Staff Reporter
vides any sort of outlet for the good Creativity is not a quality which
remains bottled up for long, and the Renee Francese is a freshman in
old right brain, but the Creative Arts
CAC has undertaken many endeavors the Geophysics department. What
Club is one such rarity.
around campus throughout the 4 years makes her special is that her birthday
Where reason and logic are king,
they have existed here at Mines. is on March 14, or pi day, and she has
the club is a much welcomed oasis
In case you’re wondering who’s a tattoo of pi on her back.
to those of us here at the engineering
been painting on the wall outside the [Oredigger] What is the geeki-
school who actually like to express
Physics lecture hall in CTLM this est thing you’ve ever done?
ourselves through creative writing,
year- that would be the CAC. The [Francese] Well, I have a tattoo of
music, sculpting, painting, and other
gigantic ‘Orediggers’ graffiti on the the Greek letter pi on my back.
fine arts, instead of finally working
wall of Steinhauer Fieldhouse? Yep, Why?
out the challenge question on LON-
that’s the CAC. Because my birthday is on pi day.
And if you’ve been to the Hall of Plus, it’s a really cool number.
The CAC was created in 2003, and
Justice sometime in your daunting What is the geekiest thing
is the embodiment of loose creativity,
career as a student at Mines, the 3-D you’ve seen at Mines?
not holding regular meetings, but in-
mural there is yet another trademark Wherever you go on campus, if
stead holding one very informal meet-
of the club. you just listen to the conversations
ing at the beginning to each semester.
The CAC is certainly not left out of going on around you, everyone is
As far as clubs go, it doesn’t require
E-Days as well, for where there is fun, talking about a crazy math problem,
much commitment, just an interest in
there’s creativity. Last year they made or their different classes. That’s re-
the arts and a willingness to be social
a “Dartboard” complete with paint- ally geeky.
once in a while.
filled balloons to entertain passersby, How do you feel about the
While the work required to main-
and you can be sure they’ll be around ratio?
tain a membership in the CAC is next
campus during E-Days to come. I t ’s p r e t t y g r e a t f o r m e .
to nil, the benefits are many - includ-
If you’re interested in a club to *laughs*
ing museum trips, outings to concerts,
exchange ideas, practice your fore- What is your best geek joke? Lily Giddings/ Oredigger
gallery openings, and a free member-
shortening technique, or to just let A chemist, geologist, and physi- Maybe the best thing about Pi Day is the Pie! Renee cer-
ship to the Foothills Art Center.
out some steam with, then check out cist are asked the question, “What tainly thinks so, and her tattoo remindes her.
Also, if you fancy yourself an art-
the Creative Arts Club’s webpage at does 2 plus 2 equal?” The chemist
ist, you can submit your handiwork answers, “Exactly 4.” The geologist you know?
to the CAC where they may exhibit Mines?
gan/crarts. answers, “About 4.” The physicist Not very many; maybe 10 deci-
it around the school. This is perhaps Lon-CAPA hands down. Red
closes the door, draws the blinds mal places.
the most appealing part of the club to boxes are detrimental to my health.
and whispers, “What would you like What is the best thing about

Just Peachy
What do you do, outside of
it to be?” having your birthday on pi day?
school work?
What is the best science Eating all the pie, of course! My
I play a lot of music. I play viola
“thing”? mom made it for me last year, but I
for the Jefferson County symphony
String theory: I don’t actually had to make it for myself this year.
and the CSM orchestra. I play bass
believe it, but it’s a pretty cool idea. What is your favorite kind
Konrad Klett and cheese wontons or eggrolls. Tea drum for the band, and the violin for
It throws a complete curve ball to the of pie?
Science and Tech Editor is, of course, complementary, along the string quartet. That’s about it.
way we think. Strawberry Rhubarb.
with the aforementioned appetizers. How many decimals of pi do
What do you like least about
The New Peach Garden is a quaint As expected, the portions are not huge
little Chinese restaurant with every- but not puny either.
thing you would expect from a typical The quality was very good. Spicy
place such as this. This establishment actually means spicy and the water is
is definitely a little cleaner than aver- never empty. I had Kun Pau Chicken
age, however, and manages to be very with egg drop soup and cheese won-
bright and cheerful despite being liter- tons so if you had that combination
ally underground. you can take my word that it was up to
Unfortunately, I was in a hurry par. Entrees are around five dollars for
the last time I went and had only half lunch and closer to ten for dinner. If
an hour, but the staff had me in and you start from Mines, go down Wash-
out of there very quickly after I told ington Street towards the “Welcome to
them I was in a hurry. It starts with the Golden” sign and look to your right,
usual choice of three different soups you’ll find the New Peach Garden.

Salute to America
Chase Hoffman 9/11-like disaster. Rodgers eventually
Asst. Editor-in-Chief surrenders to police and later is fatally
shot on the steps of a courthouse.
Superheroes have died in com-
For over 60 ics before,
years, Captain only to be
America a.k.a. resurrected
Steve Rodgers later. Mar-
fought evil vil- vel Editor-
lains like the Red in-Chief,
Skull, Hitler, and Jose Que-
Communism on sada says
that flimsy paper. this time it
Recently, Marvel is different.
Comics killed off “All I ask of
this beloved hero in my writers
the now notorious is if you’re
storyline, “Civil going to
War.” kill a char-
The storyline is acter off,
an intentional alle- please let
gory about current that death
event issues like have some
the Patriot Act. In meaning in
the comic, Steve Zach Aman/ Oredigger t h e o v e r-
Rodgers defies the Captain America as known to Marvel a l l s c o p e
superhero registra- comics is now just a ghost. of things,”
tion act after a hero stated Que-
tragically sets off a sada.
Page 6 March 28, 2007

More Than Social Commentary DVD Releases

March 27th

Stranger in a Strange Land Both Thought-provoking and Stunning -Children of Men (R)
-Happy Feet (PG)
-Night at the Museum (PG)
was finished in 1960 by Robert A. is not mocking modern govern- as close to home: “stereovision” -The Pursuit of Happyness
Heinlein, one of the “Big Three” ments, especially since the barbs (very close to TV) is a ridiculously (PG-13)
of science fiction at the time (the aren’t terribly subtle. But he takes enormous part of many people’s
other two were Isaac Asimov and the time and has the skill to avoid lives, and the saturation of society April 3rd
Arthur C. Clarke). Just that ought stereotyping: some of the initially with commercial brand names and
to be enough to get a science fic- most offensive characters come out advertisements would be comically -Black Christmas (R)
tion fan started: this book is really to be some of the best. absurd in the novel if it were not so -Death of a President (R)
a must-read on the long list of good Heinlein, by using Mike, who painfully apparent in our current -The Good Shepherd (R)
sci-fi novels, and it ranks at the very is very intelligent and possesses an culture. The most pointed example -Volver (R)
top. In fact, Stranger in a Strange extremely powerful mind due to his of this – Heinlein could not have
Land is considered by many to be Martian upbringing, is able to bring meant it any other way – comes
Heinlein’s magnum opus, and with human nature and society into an near the end, as an important scene,
the scope of topics and plots covered
by the novel’s roughly five hundred
unusual light. Everything - from eat-
ing with a fork to kissing to laughter
viewed by the reader on a “stereo,”
is repeatedly interrupted by idiotic
CD Releases
pages, it is easy to see why. - must be explained to the young advertising. It was infuriating, but
March 27th
Stranger in a Strange Land is the man. Mike then spends a great deal fittingly ironic all the same.
story of young Valentine Michael of time attempting to “grok” what It must be noted that Stranger
-John Butler Trio
Smith, mostly called Mike. He is he has been told. Grokking is a Mar- is not totally comprised of parody.
Grand National
a human who, through various curi- tian practice; it is closest, really, to Heinlein clearly had many strong
-Various Artists
Image Courtesy ous and tragic circumstances, was the Buddhist idea of Nirvana - you opinions about the world, notably
Now, Vol. 24
Sara Post born on a spacecraft headed from grok to totally comprehend, accept, in the fields of human sexuality and
-Kaiser Chiefs
Copy Editor Earth to Mars and was also the only cherish, and absorb your surround- religion. And there are obviously
Yours Truly Angry Mob
survivor of the journey. He is raised ings. Or whatever you happen to be many contextual observations to be
-Elton John
It took me almost two years to by the Martians and then sent back grokking. At least, that’s the sense made, noting the fact that Heinlein
Rocket Man: Number Ones
finally start Stranger in a Strange to Earth when the next ship full of I can actually describe it in. You’ll wrote this book in the late fifties.
Land. With nothing but a promise pioneers arrives on the Red Planet, have to read the book and grok your But, in the end, what matters the
April 3rd
that I would like it, it was hard to roughly twenty years later. own definition (it’s a fun word to most in a novel is what the reader
find the dedication to really get The novel begins with his ar- use, admit it). takes away from it. I do not exag-
-Black Sabbath
started. It’s not really that hard of a rival on a futuristic Earth, a world It was hard to believe, while read- gerate when I say that this book
The Dio Years
book to get into right away; the first governed by the Federation in ing the book, that Heinlein wasn’t in affected me deeply, and proved both
two and a half chapters are fairly the wake of World War III. It is a possession of some window into the thought-provoking and worth two or
mind-blowing. Just don’t allow believable place, the Federation future; a Christian sect that calls three more readings. So please, if
yourself to stop until you’re about having a role not unlike that of the itself the Fosterites reminded me so you have not read this book already,
Vena Sera
eighty pages in, because it gets a bit United Nations, if the latter were much of the ever-more-prevalent and you’d like a good way to spend
-Fountains of Wayne
complicated fairly quickly, and it’s significantly more powerful. It is a megachurches of modern suburban a day or two of your precious free
Traffic and Weather
difficult to find your place again. mess of bureaucratic red tape and society that I had to put aside the time, read Stranger in a Strange
-The Almost
That said, the book as a whole rampant self-advancement, and book for a moment to laugh. Some Land. You will not regret it.
Southern Weather
is almost impossible to put down. It it is hard to believe that Heinlein of his other descriptions strike just

The Oredigger

Chinese Democracy

Still Waiting for the Next GNR Disc

MONDAY, APRIL 2 Charlie Frost anticipating studio renditions of these even told Rolling Stone magazine that
AT 7 PM Staff Columnist musical numbers on the new LP. “people will hear music this year.” It
COLORADO CINEMAS Concert promoters had even pre- was quite a claim from someone work-
OLDE TOWN Axl Rose. We all know him as the ing on the same album
PICK UP TICKETS pompous front man with the distinc- for nearly seven years.
AT THE DESK AT tive snarl from Guns N’ Roses. Over Despite natural skep-
THE STUDENT CENTER. the years, the man has had enough ticism, the man made
You must be at least 17 years of age
to receive a pass.
balls to kick cameras out of the hands a point. Three demos
RESTRICTED. Under 17 Requires
of concert-goers and challenge Kurt from Chinese Democ-
Accompanying Parent Or
Adult Guardian. Cobain to a fist fight. Obviously, this racy leaked onto the in-
Passes are limited and will be distributed
on a first come, first served basis while
supplies last. No phone calls, please.
kind of behavior will leave a rock ternet and the band (once
Limit one pass per person. Each pass
admits two. Seating is not guaranteed. band teetering on the edge. Egos clash, again reformed with new
Arrive early. Theatre is not responsible
for overbooking. This screening will be
monitored for unauthorized recording. songs take longer to write, and the members) was playing
By attending, you agree not to bring any
WARNER BROS. PICTURES PRESENTS audio or video recording device into the
theatre (audio recording devices for musicians get fed up. live shows for tens of
In the mid-1990s, the band had
credentialed press excepted) and consent
to a physical search of your belongings
and person. Any attempted use of thousands of people in
recording devices will result in immediate
dealt with enough of Axl’s crap and

removal from the theatre, forfeiture, and
may subject you to criminal and civil New York City and Lis-
liability. Please allow additional time for
heightened security. You can assist us
by leaving all nonessential bags at home
decided to gradually unravel. Once bon.
or in your vehicle.
Slash left the group, the future of GNR People were, in fact,
IN THEATRES THURSDAY, APRIL 5 was very uncertain. Axl decided to hearing new music in

Fun With Turtles

keep moving and began writing new 2006. But by the year’s
Image Courtesy
material on his own. end, there was no album
In 1999, the band (reformed with pared a Chinese Democracy tour in in sight. In December, Axl made up
new members) rose from the ashes 2002. The tour got off to a rough some excuses for the album not be-
Konrad Klett characters are what really make this. and released a single for the Arnold start. Axl was showing up late to the ing finished and decided to announce
All four of the turtles are very colorful, Schwarzenegger movie End of Days, scheduled performances and riots an actual release date for the first
Science and Tech Editor
but I would have liked for Donatello a song intended to be a teaser for an from GNR fans ensued as a result. time. March 6th, 2007 was the target
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is and Michelangelo to have bigger roles. upcoming Guns N’ Roses album. Was The tour was canceled and the band date posted in Axl’s statement. It has
something that many of us grew up with, Casey Jones from3.5"Xthe old4movies was it really true? Was Guns N’ Roses disappeared yet again. since been scrapped and postponed
and is regainingWARNER
much of BROTHERS
its previous "
cooler. This Casey does take himself less actually going to release a brand new By 2004, Buckethead was tired yet again.
popularity. It beganTHE as aOREDIGGER
comic book seriously, so that’s fun too. I thought the album? of Axl and abandoned the group. Now, we stand today scratching
in 1984, became a cartoon series in the Apparently so. The LP, tentatively However, one important factor was our heads wondering when this album
new Master Splinter would be a disgrace
late eighties and early nineties, a movie to the old one, but he also came across titled Chinese Democracy, was sched- still present in this awkward situation: will see the light of day. Sources have
trilogy in the nineties, a second series very classically. As per the PC trend, uled to be completed shortly after the fan enthusiasm. reported that all of the recording for
in 2003, and most recently a computer April is no longer the lame damsel in movie’s release. Fans eagerly waited. In the same year, Geffen Records the album is finished and that the
animated movie named simply TMNT, And then, they waited some more. released the Guns N’ Roses “Great- band is in the post-production phase
distress but a “warrior” as well. This is
a sequel to the first
JL three live action a fun JL movie, a cut above something like Chinese Democracy was nowhere to est Hits” compilation and it has since of polishing it up. There is no official
flicks. Not surprisingly, the movie is Starship Troopers but by no means some be seen. However, the band had not gone three times platinum. People date of release at the moment, and at
aesthetically appealing and everything kind of Braveheart. New turtles fans disappeared. were still hungry for Guns N’ Roses. $13 million in production costs and
looks completely badass in that comic In 2000, eccentric guitar virtuoso Fans were still excited about poten- nearly a decade of struggle, it is the

1 1
will like it if they keep an open mind,
book hero sort of way. Before you see but old turtles fans will be downright Buckethead joined GNR and appeared tial new material. Everyone was still most expensive unreleased album
this though, or even if you already have, giddy. If you have not yet had a taste in several live performances, includ- waiting for the Chinese Democracy ever recorded.
remember that it is not to be taken too of the magnificent retardation that is ing the “Rock in Rio” festival in 2001 album. So, Axl, there’s only one question
seriously. It is cheesier than the turtles’ TMNT, at least sample it, or you will and the MTV Video Music Awards in Early last year, Axl began making left to ask. When in hell are we going
sole form of sustenance. It is a decent be missing out. 2002. While the band played several surprise appearances in the press. He to see some Chinese Democracy?
story for a comic based movie but the new songs on stage, people were still
March 28, 2007 Page 7

Shooter Hits Target

Andrew Aschenbrenner
Reel Geek
A Film Geek Writes About Geeks on Film
Mark Wahlberg, coming off his
Entertainment Editor Oscar-nominated performance in The
Departed, does a great job portraying
Bob Lee Swagger is not just a Ma- Swagger, the main character from the
Jen Schneider the weight of the Hollywood star’s movie. Kate Winslet was great, too,
rine sniper, he’s one of the best snipers book off which Shooter is based, Point
Columnist reputation behind him. He was still and starring in that movie earned her
in the world. After his friend dies on a of Impact by Stephen Hunter. Shooter
pretty much unknown at that point. the cache to make films like Hideous
mission in Ethiopia, is full of action and fast- I was watching The Departed But he delivered in that role, and Kinky (1998), Holy Smoke (1999),
he goes into seclusion, paced, and it delivers a last night, feeling happy at how in a big way. Gilbert arguably made and one of my favorite movies of
only to be found by thrill along with a well- good it ended up being, and com- DiCaprio’s career. It put him on the all time, Eternal Sunshine of the
Colonel Isaac John- done movie. menting to myself that I was glad map: he was an incredibly cute kid, Spotless Mind (2004). So that movie
son. Johnson (Danny Wahlberg plays Swag- Leonardo DiCaprio was making and obviously had the acting chops wasn’t all bad.
Glover) wants him to ger as having honor and movies again. Then I paused. “But, to back it up. DiCaprio then lit up in But still. Titanic so saturated
serve his country one integrity, and the character wait!” I mused. “Did he The Bas- the culture that it was like hearing
last time, using his Courtesy Kimberley French/Paramount Pictures has a unique appeal differ- stop making movies? Or ketball your favorite, undiscovered band
skills and expertise as ent from other characters did I just get so grossed Diaries suddenly make it big on the radio
a sniper to avert a Presidential assassina- in movies with similar plots. Shooter out by the spectacle that (1995), (can you say Gomez?) and you get
tion attempt. Swagger agrees, and has to delivers on all it promises and more. It’s was Titanic that I sort of a n d song fatigue and don’t want to hear
evade a manhunt to prove his innocence two hours definitely worth your dollar. blocked him out of my though it again for a long, long time, and

Poehler Talks Glory

after he is set up. memory?” Shake- it’s as if something special has been
So I decided to check. speare ruined for you. I just never, ever
Where ya been, Leo? purists wanted to see that stupid ship on
Or, rather, did you ever hated it, screen again, or hear that horrible
worst skater of the bunch.” She adds, leave? I think he song again, or—and I can’t believe
Andrew Aschenbrenner See, I’m not too old.
“Now I can ice skate pretty well…but was bril- I’m saying this—see DiCaprio
Entertainment Editor But I’m old enough to
it was a long road.” liant in again. Or at least for a long while.
Amy Poehler is a sixth-year Sat- Amy claims she didn’t base her remember when Leon- the 1996 And, in my defense, he made a
urday Night Live regular, but the character Fairchild on anyone spe- ardo DiCaprio was the bizarro, few dogs after Titanic. The Man in
comedian who jump-started her career cific, instead describing her as an darling of the indepen- p o s t - the Iron Mask (1998), The Beach
with the Upright Citizens Brigade “ice queen,” fine on the outside but dents. If you’re reading modern (2000), Gangs of New York (2002):
improv group has been making mov- a “maniacal crazy [person]” on the this, chances are you’ve v e r - all suckfests.
ies lately, showing up in films such as inside. never seen This Boy’s sion of Then came Catch Me If You
Mean Girls and Envy. Poehler appears A big part of Blades of Glory is the Life (1993) or, one of Romeo Can (2002), which brought back
alongside Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, and skating outfits, and costume designer my favorites of all time, and Ju- the quirky DiCaprio I had fallen
husband Will Arnett in the new movie Julie Weiss went all-out with crazy What’s Eating Gilbert liet. He for in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,
Blades of Glory, coming out Friday. costumes. “We had some super cool Grape (1993), in which Courtesy Reuters p r o v e d and I felt like I was running into an
Poehler plays one-half of a brother/ costumes and we had some really long DiCaprio plays Arnie, an himself old friend, a friend who had gone
sister ice skating team that competes fittings to make sure we could actually autistic seventeen-year-old. We’ve as a leading man in that film, and through a stage where he got really
with Ferrell and Heder’s characters skate in them,” notes Amy, joking that seen good actors go bad trying to also as a potential (if seemingly popular and then turned into a jerk
when they decide to skate together in they’ll hang one day in the Smithson- play autistic or special needs char- adolescent) sex symbol. and did dumb things he’s not proud
pairs competition. Amy says that they ian. She says it was “really fun” trash- acters, right? Uh, Dustin Hoffman? All of which paved the way for of, but now is back to being his old
“had to learn a lot of fancy skating talking on the ice. “We had a total blast Sean Penn, for God’s sake? But him to star in the historical melo- great self, only older and wiser.
moves” and that she was “probably the working on [the film].” DiCaprio did it well, and without drama to capsize all historical melo- So now we see DiCaprio making

Arriving Shor tly

dramas: James Cameron’s 1997 The Departed, and Blood Diamond,
Titanic. I hated this movie before and he’s brilliant again. He has
it even appeared on the screen. Its finally managed to age a little so he
hype was so over the top, the story doesn’t look as if he’s seventeen,
so hackneyed, Celine Dion’s voice and his abilities have widened, so
so seizure-inducing, that I thought he’s not just playing the petulant
Chase Hoffman two stars are capable of, but the plot different I would vomit just shelling out the little troublemaker anymore. He’s
Asst. Editor-in-Chief isn’t strong enough to support more Impression: The ten deadly plagues five bucks for the matinee ticket. a convincing “rat” in Massachusetts
than a handful of good figure skating are pretty crazy and all, but this movie But I shouldn’t have been so law enforcement, a compelling
and gay jokes. will be pretty bland. Expect to see worried. Really, I liked the movie, mercenary in Africa, and I can’t
March 30th some fancy special effects for the a little. I wrote a report in the third wait to see what he does with the
April 4th plagues and watch Hillary ride out her grade on the sinking of the Titanic, adaptation of Malcolm Gladwell’s
The Lookout success from her Oscar.
Miramax Films so I had a nerd’s interest in how the Blink. In short, the boy is back,
Are We Done Yet? whole thing would be portrayed, and making really good movies and
Drama Revolution Studios April 6th
Rated R also (though the critic should never playing really good parts. Except
Comedy admit such a thing), I have a teensy, he’s a man now. And, for that, we
Rated PG Grindhouse tinsy little crush on old Leo, so it was should all be glad.
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dimension Films
Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode sort of okay to see him in such a big
Starring: Ice Cube, Nia Long, John Action
Directed by Scott Frank C. McGinley Rated R

Rockin’ Irish
Summary: Chris (Gordon-Levitt) Directed by Steve Carr (also di-
suffered a near fatal head injury that rected Dr. Dolittle 2) Planet Terror
causes him to have bad memory so Summary: Nick (Ice Cube) wants Written and Directed by Robert
he relies heavily on his notepad. He to move into a fixer-upper in the up- Rodriguez (also responsible for Sin
gets caught up in a heist of the bank per suburb. However, Nick sucks at City)
he works for as a janitor, but things fixing things and the local contractor Starring: Rose McGowan and Hilary Brown and child/ And to all there is no end/
go screwy. (McGinley) has bizarre methods of Freddy Rodriguez Features Editor Another day in perfect Hell.”
Impression: Some people business. Summary: Cherry and Wray are Throughout most of the songs, equal
expected a Memento inspired heist Impression: Ice Cube should the last hope for a town soon to be Embracing a combination of tradi- emphasis is placed on both traditional
movie, but you won’t really get that probably have his man status audited consumed by a flesh eating zombie tional Irish music and ballsy punk rock, instruments (tin whistle, mandolin,
here. It might be kind fun to watch, because I can hardly believe he did virus. Wray drives the chopper while Flogging Molly strikes an uncanny fiddle, accordion) and modern instru-
but you should save yourself for Are We There Yet? Now, there is this Cherry fights them with her leg that balance between the folky harmonies ments. The songs have singing melo-
Grindhouse. piece of crap. Please don’t see this, I happens to be an assault rifle. of the mandolin and the driv- dies juxtaposed
beg you. Impression: Ode to B-movie, hom- ing power of electric guitars. with sonic walls
Blades of Glory age to senseless sex, violence, and Within a Mile of Home (2004) of choruses.
Paramount Pictures rock and roll. My friends, we have an is the band’s most recent The fusion of-
April 5th
Comedy honest representation from the trailer installment to its unique dis- fers a template
Rated PG-13 of what to expect. The reason it’s cography. that piques the
The Reaping
Warner Bros. Pictures called Grindhouse is the whole thing The CD embraces tra- listeners’ atten-
Starring: Will Ferrell, Jon Heder is over 3 hours long, hardly any of it ditional subject matter and tion.
Directed by Josh Gordon and Will for plot building. more modern themes. “To- From a brief
Rated R
Speck bacco Island” is a narrative listen, it is clear
Summary: Chazz Michaels (Fer- Death Proof of Irish Catholics who were that Flogging
Starring: Hillary Swank, David
rell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Heder) shipped to Barbados as slaves Molly is a band
Morrissey, AnnaSophia Robb Courtesy
tied for gold in figure skating men’s Written by Quentin Tarantino (also by Oliver Cromwell in 1659. that translates
Directed by Stephen Hopkins (also
single competition in the World wrote Pulp Fiction) “Screaming at the Wailing Wall” is well to live performances. The Mines
directed Predator 2)
Championships, but got into a fight Directed by Eli Roth (also directed an indictment of the Bush administra- campus will have the opportunity to
Summary: A small backwater
and were stripped of their medals and Hostel) tion and its war on terror, claiming decide for itself when Flogging Molly
town in Texas has been experiencing
banned from Men’s Singles competi- Starring: Kurt Russell that “I’ll liberate your peoples’ fate/ performs during E-Days.
biblical plagues. Katherine (Swank),
tion. Using a loophole, they both get Summary: Psychotic Stuntman Spoke the Burnin’ Bush/ But the song Go Download: Tobacco Island,
a professor known for debunking
back in the Olympics, competing as Mike (Russell) stalks and kills beau- of beasts/ Grow with oil soaked teeth/ With a Wonder and a Wild Desire,
miraculous events, has come to try
the first all male pairs team. tiful women with his car. That pretty Their dollar is mighty and true/ Now Seven Drunken Pirates
to explain what has been going on,
Impression: We know what these much sums up “Death Proof.” the eagle soars the sky/ Over refugee
but finds these ten events are much
Page 8 March 28, 2007

Wikipedia The IMAX Experience

Adam Freeland
Staff Writer
virtually no excess peripheral
vision, you get absorbed into the
Do’s and Do Not’s for the Modern Day Library of Alexandria “See More, Hear More, Feel
The Screen’s greatest feature
More,” a catch phrase that is
is actually hidden out of sight.
backed up by some of the latest
The main frontal speakers are
Bruce Bugbee is factual and correct. With Chris the other day and he technology coming together to
tucked away behind the screen.
Sports Editor this level of accuracy and called me fat. I felt that the make the IMAX Experience.
The sound literally comes from
the ease of the Wikipedia in- appropriate response was to IMAX theaters use a 70mm
the immaculate image you see.
Wikipedia is the online terface, tracking down even spend an hour of my time film that is
community encyclopedia the most obscure informa- creating a Wikipedia page about ten times
that is quickly becoming tion only takes a few clicks. “documenting” his life and the size of the
the go-to destination for While Wikipedia shouldn’t his subsequent rise to being standard the-
information ranging from be your only stop for infor- a jerk. The page contained aters 35mm
chemical reactions to char- mation, it should be one of very comical depictions of film, allowing
acters from Lost. Wikipe- the first you make. his childhood, his hobbies, the true detail
dia was launched in 2001 his relationship, but mostly of the film to
by founder Jimmy Wales Don’t Get Caught Edit- contained comments about be seen. Film
and is powered by a com- ing Your Own Page his mother. this big requires
munity of volunteers that This page went over very some of the
do everything from article If you ever find your- well with all our friends most advanced
writing, editing for gram- self in the public eye for (whom I emailed a screen projectors ever
mar and punctuation, to any reason, chances are shot of the page itself to) built. The bulbs Photo Courtesy of The Denver Museum of Nature and Science
providing citations. It soon you will have a Wikipedia but not so much with the that power them
evolved from a narrow- page. Even though Wiki- Wikipedia administrators. can be up to
Coupled with the other clusters
focused experiment into a pedia invites everyone to I got the page deleted four 15,000 watts. Using projectors
at the rear of the theater, this 44-
worldwide phenomenon, contribute, they highly dis- times in an hour which is that take this large film requires
speaker 16-amplifier 12,000-Watt
translated into 250 different courage people from editing more a testament to the large cameras. The cameras
puts you right in the action.
languages. Now that Wiki- articles that have an inher- Wikipedia editing process that film on this detailed film
Some IMAX theaters have
pedia has become such an ent conflict of interest, so than anything. After the can weigh up to 100 lbs and are
domed ceilings that reach over
integral part of modern cul- that makes editing anything fourth deletion, I received rugged enough for virtually any
the awesome stadium style seat-
ture, there four things that about yourself a big no-no. an email stating that I have filming environment.
ing, allowing a reclined viewing.
every college student needs Recently, members of both been banned from ever All the effort put into the
Some films are available in 3D
to observe in order to get the the Senate and House of contributing to Wikipedia detail of the film would be lost
at the IMAX. 300 was recently
most out of this modern day Representatives have had again. While the thought without an equally impressive
released, and all those who have
Library of Alexandria. their IP addresses blocked that I can not help out with screen. Some IMAX theaters
had the chance to see this master-
by Wikipedia, since they this great user-driven proj- have screens that approach 80 feet
piece at the IMAX were tempted
Don’t Use Wikipedia in were having their aides edit ect any more is somewhat tall. These massive screens are
by the previews for Spiderman
Research Papers information about them- saddening, I take great pride not a flat wall like at a traditional
3. The special effects of this pre-
selves and post inflamma- in the fact that somewhere theater, they have a unique curve
view make even non-Spiderman
With Wikipedia’s mete- tory information about their in the world there were that comes towards the audience
fans want to come back for the
oric rise in popularity over rivals. Even Wikipedia’s people who had to read my and fills their field of view. With
the past couple years, an de- founder, Jimmy Wales, was article and now think that

Paper Clip Plays Music!

bate has been created over caught editing his own page my buddy Chris was raised
the validity of using Wiki- and was promptly spurned by pimps and prostitutes.
pedia in academic papers. by the online community Regardless of my own
While recent studies have that he helped create. actions or any other oddi- Konrad Klett placed the buttons on the first model.
claimed that Wikipedia is ties that take place within Science and Tech Editor The new model also had ten and
as accurate as most other Don’t Use it for Re- the pages of Wikipedia, it is twenty GB for the same prices as the
The first iPods came out in 2001
encyclopedias on average, venge still a great tool to use when previous units respectively. January
with five gigabytes (GB) for four
many professors still frown used properly and can be a of 2004 saw the first iPod minis.
hundred dollars or ten GB for five
upon using Wikipedia in This point is a bit of great aid in any endeavor— The minis had four GB initially but
hundred dollars. The little music
papers. There have even advice that I could have even getting back at that later six and cost two hundred fifty.
players have come a long way since
been reports of professors probably used. I got into an jerk Chris. In September of 2006, the nano was
then, now taking photos and playing
dropping students a letter argument with my friend introduced with one, two, and four
videos for less money and with more
grade for each Wikipe- GB capacities and ranged from one
memory. The iPod was first born
dia reference they use in hundred and fifty to two hundred
when specific members in Apple’s
their papers. Luckily one and fifty dollars. The latest ones cost
development team were unsatisfied
of Wikipedia’s strengths is the same but come with two, four,
with either the large size of so called
its citation practice which and eight GB. The first shuffle had
“portable” devices or the relative
makes it easy to find 512 MB for one hundred dollars
uselessness of smaller units.
the original source and one GB for one hundred fifty
The name iPod came from
that the information dollars. The latest shuffle is a one
freelance copywriter who
came from. GB paperclip that plays music for
exclaimed; “Open the pod
eighty dollars. While the regular
Don’t Ignore bay door, Hal!” in refer-
iPods have internal hard drives, the
Wikipedia ence to the movie 2001:
shuffles and nanos have flash drives.
A Space Odyssey. Apple
The latest standard iPods, called
While a lot already owned but had
the Video iPod, come in sixty and
controversy sur- never used the name
eighty GB for two fifty and three
rounds the valid- iPod. The ease of use
hundred dollars. After the purchase
ity of Wikipedia can largely be attributed
of an iPod, there are further ways
as an academic to Pixo, a company that
to burn money on the excessive
source, the com- iPod outsourced for user
number of accessories. Among the
munity of vol- interface. Steve Jobs, co-
more useful accessories are car
founder of Apple and CEO
unteers that runs chargers, various cases to prevent
of Pixar before Disney’s
Wikipedia has done damage, and car adapters. BMW
buy out, directly oversaw the
an excellent job in was the first car company to offer
development of the user inter-
making sure that the iPod connections followed by many
face. Although just about any
information on the site others such as Ferrari, Acura, Audi,
music format is acceptable to the
Honda, Renault, Mercedes-Benz,
iPod, Microsoft WMA is not allow-
Volvo, Scion, Nissan Alfa Romeo,
able and songs must be converted
and Volkswagen. The iPod now
to “itunes” to be played. In July of
comes in several different colors
2002 the touch sensitive wheel for
and can even be ordered with a name
controlling the iPod’s functions re-
engraved on it if bought online.
Mythbusting the School of Mines
Popular Television Show Visits for E-Days

Aside from the great hit show Mythbusters. cement truck explode even taking questions
fireworks, amazing Belleci began his ca- to painting a room from CSM students on
bands, hilarious come- reer working on movie with dynamite. Saturday at 6 pm in
dians, and the general models for the likes of Apart from working Bunker Auditorium.
debauchery that com- The Phantom Menace, with the rest of the Admission is free to
prise E-Days every Attack of the Clones, Mythbusters crew to all CSM students,
year, the E-Days Starship Troopers, and debunk urban leg- faculty, employees,
committee brings in the last two movies of ends, Belleci spends and guests but seat-
a special educational the Matrix trilogy. He his time working on ing is on a first-come,
event every year that then moved on to his his own independent first-served basis.
sometimes flies below current role as resi- movies. One of his With explosions and
the radar. It is dif- dent pyromaniac on productions was re- destruction being a
ferent this year since Mythbusters, a show cently released at favorite past time of
the educational event that uses a mix of en- the famous Sundance many CSM students,
won’t be a boring lec- gineering prowess and Film Festival and also seats are sure to go
ture or slide show, but backyard destruction shown on the Sci-Fi fast so make sure to
rather an appearance to debunk popular ur- Channel. get there early so you
by special effects wiz ban myths. The show Belleci will be show- don’t miss any of the
Tory Belleci from the has tackled topics casing unaired footage best educational event
Discovery Channel’s from how to make a from Mythbusters and to hit CSM in years.

Photo by Chase Hoffman/Oredigger

African Breeze
Single File in the Lineup
See The “100%

Aside from the annual fireworks display, the concert that call themselves Single File. These three hail
Correct” E-
Days Schedule
Cocktail Recipe
Ingredients: 50 mL amarula cream liqueur, 25 mL or-
is put on every E-Days is arguably the most anticipated event of from Denver, Colo. and have been playing
the whole weekend. With big names such as Blink 182, Eve
6, Unwritten Law, and Everclear playing this show in the
together since they were in junior high. On The Next ange liqueur (cointreau, grand marnier, etc.).
After finishing their higher education,
past, there is always a big set of expectations to satisfy
when putting on the concert. This year the E-Days
Single File decided to return to music.
Through rough patches and band
Page Cover rim of glass with brown sugar, fill with crushed
ice. Pour orange liqueur into glass first and amarula cream
committee has gone above and beyond expectations rehearsals over the phone, Single second. Add garnish if desired.
with the booking of two amazing bands—opening File has managed to produce three
act Single File and headliner Flogging Molly. great albums, self-book and perform six
Flogging Molly is a feverish punk rock
national tours. They recently played channel
band integrated with violins, tin whistles, man- (The Oredigger does not endorse underage drinking)
93.3’s Kegs and Eggs in downtown Denver and are
dolins, banjos, and accordions. They not only going on tour with The Fray later this summer after
have great music but an excellent live show. The finishing their new record, which will be released on
rock septuplet promises high energy with every Warner Brothers/Reprise Records.
show. “We’ve developed a really unique sound,” The sheer magnitude of this year’s concert has
says King, lead vocalist, of his seven-piece outfit. spurned the fastest ticket sales in recent memory. All 1000
“The first time we all got together to play, there was student tickets and a good portion of the 1400 non-student
an energy in the room that I’d never experienced in any tickets were sold out within the first two days of being on
other band I’d ever been in… and it wasn’t due to any single sale. Limited supplies of tickets are still available through the
ingredient, instrument or individual. We started playing in a Student Activities office and will be sold at the door of the con-
bar and just played and played and played. We’re a live band. cert if any are available. The show is at 7:00pm on Friday at
We’ll always have that.” the Steinhauer Field House with doors opening at 6:30pm.
This year’s opening act is the group of three guys who

E-Days Engineers
Each year the departments on campus are asked to Lindsey Quinlisk, Civil Engineer;
select one outstanding senior to be recognized during James A. Shuss, Petroleum;
E-days. Those selected are collectively known as E-days Jessica Fusher, Chemistry and Geochemistry;
Engineers and recognized individually in the E-days Matthew Wisniewski, Geophysics;
booklet. The winners also receive a personalized goldpan Rachel Johnson, Environmental Engineer.

Get Your Comedy On

with their name and major engraved in it. During the
ore cart pull, the E-days Engineers are recognized on Check out this year’s booklet for the winners’
the steps of the capital and given their awards. It is a bios and be sure to congratulate them at the ore
great honor to receive this award because the professors cart pull!
select the student.
This year’s winners are:
Justin Chichester, Chemical Engineer; The annual comedy show The second performer
Daniel Steele, Economics and Business; is one of the most anticipated for the show is Owen Smith.

Swing That Trebuchet

Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Math and Computer events for E-Days every year. Smith has been noted as a
Science; CSM has played host to some of brilliant observationalist with
Josef Spalenka, Physics; the best and brightest comedians an ability to be funny without
Sarah Lynn Rickard, Geology; in the country and this year is no being too vulgar. Some of his
Eirik Antero Pyhtila, Metallurgical and Materials The Tau Beta Pi Trebuchet Contest has quickly risen in different. The E-Days committee experiences include perform-
Engineer; popularity, and has joined the Oilfield Olympics and Mr. Big has worked hard to bring two hi- ing on Comedy Central’s
Katherine Muterspaugh, Mechanical Digger as an integral part of the annual E-Days experience. larious gentlemen together on the Premium Blend, BET’s Def
The Trebuchet Contest pits independent teams against each same stage for what will surely be Comedy Jam, NBC’s Friday
Suu (Mike) Nguyen, Electrical
other in a competition of wits, resourcefulness, and engineering an amazing show. Night, and the prestigious
prowess. Each team builds a trebuchet, based off of an ancient The first comedian for this Montreal Just For Laughs
medeival siege weapon, following a loose set of guidelines. The year’s show is the ever-funny comedy festival.
goal of each team is to be able to launch gallon jugs of water Pete Correale, pictured above. With these two comedi-
across the field at a cardboard castle. Teams win points based Correale has appeared on MTV’s ans performing on the same
on the distance launched, accuracy, and damage done to the pre-Super Bowl special in Hous- stage, this year’s E-Days
castle. ton, performed on The Tonight comedy show is sure to be one
This year’s Trebuchet Contest is set to be the biggest one Show, Comedy Central’s Pre- for the record books. Tickets
ever. The contest will be held on the south IM fields during mium Blend, Last Call with are five dollars and will be

the field events on Saturday. There will be a viewing area so Carson Daly, and Tough Crowd sold at the door. The show

r -
that everyone can watch the destruction safely. As an added with Colin Quinn. He also is the starts at 8pm on Saturday

f a
bonus, Ryan Balchuk will provide traditional bagpipe music co-host of a weekly radio show in Bunker Auditorium but

Sa ys
that will be played throughout the competition. on Sirius Satellite Radio with the seating is limited so get there
Half Baked star Jim Breuer. early so you don’t miss out

on one of the funniest shows
to hit CSM in ages.
Official E-Days Schedule
Thur sday
This is • 9 PM: Fireworks Show
(Brooks Field)
the final
schedule. • After Fireworks: Kickoff Games,
DJ, Swing Dance (Student Center)

Fr iday
• 9 AM: Orecart Pull
(Meet at IM Fields)

• 2-7 PM: Field Events

(IM Fields North)

• 4:30-6:30 PM: Pig Roast & Free Food

(IM Fields North)

• 7 PM: Flogging Molly & Single File

(Steinhauer Fieldhouse)

• 9 PM: RHA Event

(Student Center)

Satur day
• 8 AM: BlasterBlast 5K Run
(Kafadar Commons)

• 10:30-12 PM: Cardboard Boat Race

(Clear Creek)

• 11-4:30 PM: Car Show

(Elm Street Near IM Fields)

• 12-4:30 PM: Field Events

(IM Fields North)

• 1:30-4 PM: Charity BBQ

(IM Fields North)

• 6 PM: Mythbusters
(Bunker Auditorium)

• 8 PM: Comedians Pete Correale and

Owen Smith (Bunker Auditorium)

• 9 PM: RHA Event

(Student Center)

Dear Students, the fun! 85% of the events at E-days are

free including the presentation by Tory
field Saturday. No tickets are neces-
sary, if you didn’t get one, just bring
prepared to move with the music!
I would like to take this opportu-
home. They have done more for the
students this semester than you can
Safar-E-Days is unprecedented. Belleci of Mythbusters, the fireworks, your donation. We will sell Comedian nity to thank my committee for all the see on the surface.
In the first two days of selling mer- swing dance, DJ dance, kickoff games, tickets at the door for $5 until we fill hard work that they have put in since
chandise, we sold out of 1000 dis- RHA’s bingo and poker nights, card- the auditorium. As for the concert, we November to make this event happen.
counted student admission tickets board boat race, orecart pull, pig roast, are going to have a packed house! Get If you see one of them in a red shirt on Sincerely,
to the concert and 650 merchandise and field events. Bring $1 to the char- there early to buy merchandise from the field or at an event, please thank Kris Illi,
packets. There are many of you who ity Bar-be-que to support children’s Single File and Flogging Molly, and them yourself for bringing a break to E-Days Chair
were unable to pick up a packet, but AIDS relief through the Children’s then get a good place to stand for the the students and a fun opportunity for
you don’t have to miss out on all of Miracle Network and get lunch on the concert. It’s going to be exciting, so be us to welcome the community to our
March 28, 2007 Page 13

Student Clubs
Astronomy Club MSEC
Ever watch the sky? Come join the Materials Science and Engineering
Astronomy Club and learn basic as- Club meets Friday in HH 202 at
tronomy! Our meetings are Thursday noon. Lunch is provided for members,
at 7:00 pm. Contact Mark Gefreh at and guest lecturers will be speaking. All majors invited to join.
Campus Ministry International. Deal- Newman Group
ing with life’s tough questions. Sexu- Catholic Newman Group. Meets every
ality, Relationship, Ethics, Spirituality Monday at 7pm in the Ted Adams
and more. Monday nights, 7:30 p.m. Room of the Green Center for faith
SC-C. For info based discussion and community.
or (303)499-9965 for more info.

Campus Crusade for Christ. Thurs. @ Outdoor Rec. Center. Recreation,
7 pm in SC-C. Everyone welcome. equipment and lessons. Visit ORC
next to C3 store in Mines Park. Hours:
Circle K Mon. Wed. and Fri. from 10-6, Tues.
Circle K is a volunteer org. helping and Thurs. from 12-6. 303-273-3184
people. Got tons of projects, just need
you! Contact PreMed Society
We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of
Dance Team every month at 5 pm in HH211. Con-
Interested in dancing? Offers both tact
beginning and advanced classes
in: jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and tap. SCA
Times & directions, for info contact

Students for Creative Anachronism. Fencing meets Thrus. 7-9 in the Field
House. Belly & court dance Tues. 7-9
FCA in SC.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Wed. meets at 7:30 Student Cen- Sigma Lambda
ter Ballrooms D&E. All welcome. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of Every Month in Library Boettcher Room. EV-
French Club sexual, transgendered & allies.
A social club where Francophones
have an opportunity to speak to
Sober Drivers PARKING 19&FORD
each other, celebrate French events, Student Discount $30/Space/per month. 3 month minimum.
promote French culture on campus. Need a ride home on Fri. or Sat. night
between 9 pm & 3 am? Kappa Sigma Limited Quantity. Dalk 303-494-7800.
If you are interested, please send an
email to Sober Driver Program 303-279-9951.
Must be within 15 min. of campus.
ISEE 4 bedrooms and 2 baths
International Society of Explosives SEB
Engineers. Contact jgresham@mines. Society of Economics and Business. 1180 Terry Street, Golden, CO 80401
edu. 6pm, 3rd monday of each month, Meetings are held bi-weekly in EH
exact date and location TBA (email 211 with guest speakers from the Great House close to Mines (5 minutes east of campus by car, about 3
for details). We have monthly meet- working world. The speakers talk miles). 1300 sq. ft. on main floor and 1300 in basement, 4 bedrooms, 2 full
ings with speakers from many differ- about their experience and give insight baths, large living room, plus large family room. All appliances (+washer
ent industries. All students are wel- into the real world of business. Food
and dryer) and all window coverings, there is a 2 car garage, plenty of park-
come to attend meetings, www.mines. and drinks are provided at the meet-
ing and a fenced back yard. Possession is May 15 and the lease for one year
edu/academics/mining/csm_isee ings. Questions? Contact Sarah Casias
at $1700/mo with one year contract, deposit is $2000. For pictures and floor
plan email Or call Greg at 303-257-1486 or 303-690-
Juggling Club SWE 2269
Meets Thursdays at 5:30pm on the Society of Women Engineers. Hear
Kafadar commons. The CSM Juggling from speakers in industry, universi-
Club is dedicated to advancing the ties etc. on topics affecting women &
juggling skills of all its members. We students at Mines. Weds. 12 CO 209
teach our members everything from a
simple three ball cascade, to club pass-

Fall Leasing 5 Min From CSM

ing, and then encourage them to learn
upwards of nine balls. If you’re inter-
ested, show up to a meeting, or contact
Michael at

Karate Club
Meets every Moday and Wednes- Houses: 4-5 Bedrooms
day Night, from 6:30 to 7:00 pm in
the gym wrestling room. All levels $1350-$1995/month
of experience, from beginner to
advanced, are welcome! For more
information, contact Jason Dardano
Cottage: 1 Bedroom
at $695/month
Kendo Club
Where: Field House
Aptmnts: 1-2 Bedrooms
When: Wednesday, January 25, 2005
8:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.
Anyone who is interested should at-
tend; we will provide all the informa-
All Available 8/2-8/16
tion necessary. Practice is open to all
skill levels, no experience necessary.
1 Yr. Lease
A great opportunity to exercise, im-
prove coordination, and have fun.
Call Dalk 303-494-7800
Shown: 1006 13th St.
Page 14 March 28, 2007

CSM Softball Streaks Past Competition

Oredigger Women Beat Fort Hayes and Adams State; Improve to 14-13

Mike Stone/Oredigger Mike Stone/Oredigger

Katie Kocman throws a strike in an impressive weekend showing with two wins. CSM women regroup during the game against Adams St.

Mike Stone win in the third game. Mines lost the The second game was much more season to “great leadership from tional. They worked hard for a record
Staff Reporter first game to the Grizzlies 4-2. decisive when Mines won over Fort seniors Beth Skidmore and Brianne of 5-3 on the trip beating teams like
Kocman also swung the bat well as 10-1. Kocman pitched this game and Brennan.” The coach went on to say; Bethany 11-2 and Benedictine College
The CSM women’s softball team she went three for three at bat in the guided Mines to victory after only “We’ve been working and practicing 10-0. This was an out of conference
is in mid-season swing. The Oredig- first game, with one RBI. Margie Cone allowing six hits. One of the biggest real hard for the competition.” tournament that put Spring Break to
ger women are currently sitting at led Mines in the third game, hitting in assets of the day was senior Beth The women’s softball team had good use.
14-13 with about half of the season three runs and going a perfect three for Skidmore, who got two runs and four their first ten games of the season There are still 24 games left in the
left to go. three at bats. RBI’s versus Fort Hayes. cancelled due to weather, but in the season for the women’s softball team
CSM had an impressive showing CSM also had an impressive set of This year’s women’s softball team opener, they creamed Colorado Col- and ten of them are at home. This
this past weekend by going 2-1 for the wins last Thursday in a double header is led by Head Coach Mark Roberts. lege 30 to nothing. The women’s gives the perfect opportunity for all
series against Adam’s State. versus Fort Hayes State. The Oredig- 2007 marks Mark’s eighth season as team didn’t allow a single run on the you fans to see how well women’s
Pitcher Katie Kocman came away gers came out on top in the first game, head coach. In 2002, he received the day as they even beat CC 6-0 on the softball represents Mines Athletics.
with two wins on the three game winning by a slim 5-4. Pitcher Taylor RMAC’s Coach of the Year Award Night Cap. The Orediggers’ gets back to ac-
series. She led her team to an 11-1 Cayou led the first game allowing only after a season record of 22-26. Coach Over Spring Break, the women’s tion on March 28th at 1pm and 3pm
victory in the second game and a 8-0 ten hits and striking out six. Roberts accredits their success this team traveled to the Tucson Invita- at Regis College in Denver.

March Madness Surprisingly Predictable

Mike Stone - there’s always hockey!
Staff Reporter Going for the Record Books... Several other key events happened
this year. One included the absence
For something called “March of Duke in the “Sweet Sixteen.” The
Madness,” it is not that mad in 2007. The University of Florida Gators are trying to become the only Blue Devils lost to VCU in the first
In years past, basketball playoffs are a other team besides the ‘91-’92 Duke Blue Devils as repeating as round 79-77. Losing to VCU meant
time for upsets and big wins. No such the first time Duke had lost in the first
thing this year. Yes, games are good
the NCAA Division I national champions. round since 1996 and it broke a 9-year
and nail-biting at times, but there’s streak of appearing in the “Sweet Six-
no snap! There’s no pop! There’s not teen.” This was the second longest in
even any crackle!
Of all the teams that made it to the
There is No Joy in Durham... NCAA history.
The next big thing on everyone’s
“Sweet Sixteen,” the lowest ranked mind is whether the Florida Gators
Duke University is in a transition from being one of the premier can repeat a National Champion-
was UNLV at seed 7. All the number
one seeds are still in the game. All the tournament teams in college basketball to being on the tourna- ship this year. If they can pull it off
number two seeds are still in the game ment bubble. This year Duke was handed their first first-round against UCLA and the winner of the
except for Wisconsin, because they Georgetown-Ohio State game, they
lost to UNLV! There’s excitement loss since 1996 by 11-seed VCU. will become the first school to repeat
and anticipation, but there’s just no as champions in 18 years. The only
excitement or anticipation! other team to win back-to-back cham-
Last year, number three seed pionships in NCAA history was Duke
Florida won the Championship over in 1991 and 1992.
number two UCLA 73-57. This was was the main focus after several upsets If you’re not a fan of basketball, it’s filling out their NCAA brackets as No matter how excited or upset
Florida’s first win in university his- as a number 11 seed. This was a team alright, because this doesn’t happen in RANDOMLY as possible trying to you get this year, it will all be said and
tory. Anyone can tell you that 2006 that no one expected to go anywhere ANY sport let alone NCAA Division predict the next big underdog. No done on April 2nd when four of the top
was a great year for the Gators, for and yet, they beat number six, Michi- I Basketball. George Mason ended up such luck this year. This year’s Final ranked teams in the nation will battle
basketball and even for Cinderella gan St., number three, UNC, number losing to Florida. Four includes number 1 seeds Florida it out in what is sure to be a couple of
stories! seven, Wichita St., and number 1, Fast forward to 2007 and fans, and Ohio State and number 2 seeds games for the record books.
In 2006, George Mason College UConn to make it to the final four! coworkers and Facebook addicts are UCLA and Georgetown. Looks like
A number 11 team in the final four! you lost the pool, buddy. But, hey
March 28, 2007 Page 15

RMAC Conference Woes Indoor Track Stars Earn

CSM Dead Last in Division; 9-16 Overall All-American Honors at Nats
Jason Fish 10th went unanswered for a win and a affair for a win. First baseman Mike Courtesy CSM Athletics straight year Beresford earned All-
News Editor series sweep of CSM. Deal and third baseman Aaron Grem- American honors in the mile run
After three days rest, the Oredig- mer went 5-8 combined, contributing Colorado School of Mines se- as she was the runner-up in 2005
Baseball at the Colorado School gers stayed in town for a non-con- 5 runs to CSM’s 8-6 victory. nior Larry McDaris earned a pair of and 2006.
of Mines is in full swing. The Oredig- ference game against Metro State But Nebraska-Kearney took the All-American honors, while senior McDaris ran 4:06.62 in the mile
gers spent Spring Break with a full University on March 14. nightcap 6-2 and decisively claimed Heather Beresford also earned All- and 1:50.69 in the 800. His time in
schedule. Six CSM pitchers kept the Road- the Sunday match-up with a 15-6 American honors at the 2007 NCAA the 800 was less than a second be-
As many students headed off for runner hitters unproductive while victory. Coming out of the week-long Division II Indoor Track and Field hind champion Nick Lara (1:49.73)
vacation, CSM started a four game fanning 10 batters and allowing three affair, CSM dropped its conference National Championships at the Reg- of Adams State.
conference home series on Friday, runs. Lefty Chad Baudendisel (1-0) record to 3-8 and 6-15 overall. gie Lewis Center contested Friday Beresford ran a 4:47.86 in the
March 9 at Darden Field against one-hit Metro in the fourth and fifth Taking the week to recuperate, and Saturday. mile. She also competed in the
Colorado State University at Pueblo. innings to take the win. the Orediggers regrouped to start McDaris placed third in the mile 5,000-meters and finished 13th in
This series marked the first time Meanwhile, the Oredigger offense the weekend with a four game away run and the 800-meters to earn his 17:18.77.
these teams have faced each other handed out 15 hits and tallied 9 runs. series against Colorado Christian All-American status, while Beresford The meet concluded the indoor
this season. The top of the lineup was the main University. was third in the mile run. It is the third season for CSM.
The Thunderwolves took the force behind the victory with the first Kicking off the first of two con-
opener 6-3 behind pitcher Justin Crow four hitters each having three hits to secutive double-headers on Friday,
(2-1) who pitched 5 1/3 innings for combine for 12-17. March 23, Chris Rogers bounced back
the win. Running up an 8-0 lead into the from his loss to CSU-Pueblo, allow-
The Oredigger offense was spear- fourth, CSM walked out of Darden ing only one run while scattering 9
headed by redshirt freshman catcher Field with a 9-3 win. hits over a strong 8 2/3 frames with
Anthony Siderius who went 2-5 with
two runs and two RBI. Freshman
The last weekend of break, Mines
headed out to the University of Ne-
one strikeout.
The CCU Cougars also sent the
CSM Golf Finishes Tenth
hurler Chris Rogers took the loss, al-
lowing six runs over 7 2/3 innings.
braska-Kearney for another four game
series on March 16, finishing up just
nightcap to extra innings with a run
in the seventh, but the Orediggers
at Mustang Invitational
A double-header continuing the in time for classes to resume. tacked four runs on in the eighth to
series on Saturday, March 10, ending Unfortunately, the conference secure the win. Courtesy CSM Athletics Vallee who tied for 19th place as
with two more wins for CSU-Pueblo, problems followed CSM west as the Saturday’s twinbill centered on he shot a three-round total of 228
6-2 for the opener and 16-4 (5 innings first game was dominated by the UNK offense. CSM dropped the opener The Colorado School of Mines (74-76-78).
due to rain) in the nightcap. Strong Lopers 11-2. While the Orediggers in a slugfest 17-13, but took the golf team placed 10th at the Mustang CSM will return to action on
pitching from the Thunderwolves struck first, gaining a 1-0 lead in the final match-up 9-4 behind freshman Invitational hosted by Western New Apr. 1-2 when it hosts the CSM
quieted the Oredigger offense in both opening inning, the home team came redshirt catcher Anthony Siderius, Mexico on Monday and Tuesday at the Invitational. Teams will play 18
outings. back with 4 runs in the second and who went 2-4, knocking in five runs. UNM Championship Course. holes on Apr. 1 at Bear Creek
The final game looked to favor never relinquished the advantage. Overall, Mines took 3 of 4 from the Teams played 36 holes on Monday Country Club followed by 36 holes
CSU-Pueblo with an early 4-1 lead. Saturday’s double-header saw a Cougars to finish off the road trip. and concluded the tournament with 18 the next day at Buffalo Run Golf
But Mines came back with runs in the glimmer of hope for the Orediggers The Orediggers are now 9-16 holes on Tuesday. Course.
third and fourth innings to capture the with a strong performance by relief overall with a 6-9 record in conference CSM was led by senior Mark
advantage 5-4. The Thunderwolves pitcher Matt Thome, who hurled 3 play. They resume games Tuesday,
soon tied and the game was drawn 2/3, silencing the Loper bats. Thome March 27 against Metro State Uni-
out into extra innings. A three-run allowed no runs, struck out four, and versity at home.
burst by CSU-Pueblo in the top of the only allowed two hits to cap off the
Page 16 March 28, 2007

Editorials Policy

The Oredigger is a
designated public
forum. Student
editors have the
authority to make
all content decisions
without censorship
or advance approval.
Shaemus Gleason, Editor-in-Chief Chase Hoffman, Assistant Editor-in-Chief Sara Post, Copy Editor Zach Aman, Editorials Editor
Hilary Brown, Features Editor Bruce Bugbee, Sports Editor Konrad Klett, Science and Tech Editor Jason Fish, News Editor
Chris Phillips, Business Manager Andrew Aschenbrenner, Entertainment Editor

Impact of the Blogosphere

How the Internet Has Revolutionized and Destroyed the True News
Zach Aman rificing sentience for a cup of coffee and journalist does not enjoy
Editorials Editor convenience. Perhaps, in spare fifteen min- the same luxury. Unfortu-
a world ruled by the al- utes to page through nately, blogs are not re-
So often, one is encap- mighty chronograph, different snapshots quired to carry disclaim-
sulated by the novelty it would be healthy of the human condition; ers on this basis.
of an emerging tree. In to sit down with what’s more, it might be While these internet
its birth, the surround - enlightening. sources may be more
ing forest can sometimes This judgment by no sensational than tradi-
vanish and render the means invalidates the tional avenues, one must
beholder helplessly inquire as to why. The
alone. fact remains that inter-
The emergence net companies are easily
of the blogosphere created and easily de-
has set in motion a stroyed – an income sheet
chain of events that hangs in the balance. If
have led to the col- sites have no traffic, they
lapse of the classical have no income.
newspaper. Whilst this Thus, the need for sen-
may be of no importance sational internet journal-
to some, it has, and shall ism is self-perpetuating
continue to, tremendous- in the blogosphere. Ironi-
ly impacted the way in cally, we realize that true
which citizens access and r i g h t snapshots of the human
understand information. o f a n condition are typically
As with the emerging i n t e r n e t m o n o t o n o u s . Tr u e i n -
tree, these new channels journalist to formation, such as that
of information have cap- a n o p i n i o n . found in an engineering
tured the interest of the R a t h e r, l e t textbook, is anything
average reader and si- i t b e s t a t e d but stimulating. As such,
multaneously reduced the t h a t m a n y traditional newspapers
importance of the printed i n d i v i d u - a r e i n t r i n s i c a l l y d i s a d-
news. Across the country, a l s , i n vantaged when it comes
newspapers have been t h e i r to competition for read-
eliminating staff and haste, fail to ership.
reducing distribution pause and consider As America progresses
to establish temporary the information that into the twenty-first cen-
economic stability. such opinions are based t u r y, she must be ever
If the emerging on. The blog- watchful of
channels were equal in ger may con- “Americans are her informa-
quality to the printed s c i o u s l y no longer paying t i o n s o u r c -
news, we would call this choose es. Internet
progress. Unfortunately, to cite
for on-demand in- blogs may
Americans are no longer i n f o r - formation in dol- be fascinat-
paying for on-demand m a - ing, but if
information in dollars, t i o n
lars, but rather in citizens are
but rather in sense. By or em- sense.” searching
going to internet blogs pirically for that old-
for news and opinion, s u p p o r t c o n - fashioned integrity in
they are inherently equat- c l u s i o n s ; the news they read, they
ing the flippant outlook a p r i n t don’t need search any
of partisan scribbler to further than their local
the informed reporting newspaper.
o f a n e s t a b l i s h e d j o u r-
nalist; they are sac-
March 28, 2007

J u s t S t o p Ta l k i n g . . . Duffy’s Corner
Republicans often describe Gonzales’ personal views. The problem is, he used Kevin Duffy to plummet, especially in the 18 to
Andrew Aschenbrenner running of the Department of Justice as the “immoral” claim to back “don’t Staff Writer 25 year old demographic that Idol
Entertainment Editor “incompetent.” Apparently, it is also an ask, don’t tell.” General Pace, you can targets. One school of thought argues
extension of the White House, where think whatever you want, but when you The students of the Colorado this phenomenon as the, “American
Once again, this is in no way sug- hypocrisy reigns. Enough said. criticize homosexuality as “immoral School of Mines have the privilege Idol culture,” that our society has
gests that the people mentioned have So sad is the state of the GOP that behavior” in a work environment, you of casting a vote in the ASCSM slipped into. Public spectacle and
no right to say what they said. Free Time magazine ran a picture of a cry- are hurting your troops. There are tens
elections this week. The privilege sensationalism rule the day, leaving
speech is the greatest element of this ing Ronald Reagan behind the headline of thousands of gay and lesbian soldiers
“How the Right Went Wrong” for their in the military, and it doesn’t help any derives from the ability to choose, people with little time for serious
country, and all forms must be allowed,
however threatening. March 26 issue. Lawmakers, both of them serve the country when you to participate, to effect change in contemplation.
Recently, the Department of Jus- Republican and Democratic, have sug- denounce them as people. It also doesn’t the institution we call home. With Sure Idol delivers a certain en-
tice/Antonio Gonzales prosecutor-fir- gested that impeachment is possible get you anywhere with millions of other this ability to choose comes great tertainment value that CNN may
ing scandal has taken over politics, when confronted with the administra- potential GLBT soldiers. Over 10,000 responsibility. While the turn-out arguably not. Nevertheless, your
and it has spelled more bad news for tion’s view that they are all powerful. troops have been discharged since “don’t of this years election has yet to be participation in a civil election de-
Republicans. Just what the GOP needs, Senator Chuck Hagel, R-NE, said; ask, don’t tell” went into effect in 1994, tallied, traditionally around 30% of cides considerably more than who
another top-level embarrassment to “This is not a monarchy.” Most notable many of them specialists such as Arabic the student body will cast a vote. As goes on to the next round of karaoke.
follow Walter Reed, Jack Abramoff, has been the formation of the American linguists. Now, when your military needs
active members in the CSM commu- You decide the direction of your
Mark Foley, Iraq, Valerie Plame, the Freedom Agenda, an alliance of four your support, is not the time to alienate
conservatives, including former U.S. them. Nice job, General Pace. nity we have an obligation to stand community.
Hurricane Katrina response, and Hal-
liburton. It doesn’t help Mr. Gonzales Representative Bob Barr, a chairperson Finally, we have the Pope. Looked up and let our voice be heard. The Mines community presents
that he worked for President Bush as at the American Conservative Union. to by millions of Catholics for inspira- Political apathy plagues the mind us all with the unique opportunity of
his lawyer before becoming Attorney The group’s website (www.american- tion and guidance, he heeded the call with thoughts of insignificance. political and civil participation. The
General. First, Gonzales insisted he states part of their Saturday with an alarm for Europe. Many are content to sit on the side- school is small, the campus is small.
was not involved, and then proof mission as restoring “the Constitution’s Benedict XVI warned against losing lines and refuse to participate; simply In turn the issues are real and the
showed that he was. Since the contro- checks and balances as enshrined by the faith, risking economic growth, and because they feel their right to be decisions affect us all. The students
versy started several weeks ago over Founding Fathers.” It also notes; “The dropping birth rates. Those are all fine, heard will be denied. However the of CSM have more say in what hap-
the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys, constitutional grievances against the but he also warned against “dangerous
problem facing participatory gov- pens on campus then many realize.
internal DOJ memos have showed White House are chilling, reminiscent individualism.” Uh, yeah. I understand
of the kingly abuses that provoked the that he was a Hitler youth, but that’s no ernment seems to run much deeper. Complaints and observations we
the firings to be politically motivated,
and have also put Gonzales on the hot Declaration of Independence.” Those are excuse to reintroduce Fascist ideals to Politics of any sort seemingly carry joke about between peers are often
seat. White House assertions that they some strong words. Ultimately, we are the world. Maybe he’s referring to ego. no interest in today’s culture. the birth of school-wide changes. We
had nothing to do with the firings have where we are today because the monkey Either way, a speech effectively calling The said reality is that more can never allow ourselves to fall into
been falsified by certain memos. One in the Executive Branch has decided that individuality dangerous is not a good people could tell you the names of the trap of belligerent inaction. Only
email from the DOJ in 2005 advocated he is the decider, thereby insulting all of sign. Too bad, things were going so well the last four contestants easier than when we contribute to the dialogue
keeping prosecutors who were “loyal America. with Pope John Paul II. they could the last four American do our concerns become valid.
Bushies.” Sorry, Mr. President, but Turning from the massive train I guess I’m glad that people say Presidents. In fact, American Idol So the straightforward question
this is NOT your playground. The wreck that is the Bush administration, dumb stuff. Sure, it causes pain and dis-
presents the bizarre paradox of becomes, will you be voting this
bottom line is, the Attorney General is we find Chairman of the Joint Chiefs comfort, but it makes things interesting.
of Staff Peter Pace in the news. Pace It’s fun when you mix things up. A sense voter participation. The show regu- year? You, the individual, the Colo-
supposed to represent law in the U.S.
Antonio Gonzales has been nothing called homosexuality “immoral” two of humor is a must, because it’s usually larly reaches over 30 million viewers rado School of Mines scholar, have
but a White House pawn, and trivial- weeks ago, and received a pretty vocal the people who take things too seriously sending in upwards of 75 million the ability to voice your opinion and
izing the laws of this country in the response. As for me, I don’t much care that need to just stop talking. votes per episode. All the while voter shape the progress of your commu-
name of politics is unconscionable. what Pace thinks when it comes to his turn-out in real elections continues nity. Exercise your right.

Thoughts from Yesterday

It was the summer of 1959
and most of it had been spent
Band, freshman physics, Dean
Burger, the clay pits, The Beta
Letters to the Editor
Dear CSM, has; the facts are that marijuana has our mouths it is evident that we do
on the end of a 70 pound Hawaiian party complete with
jackhammer participating in a truck load of sand shov- I am personally outraged at a half-life of 28 days. The THC that not blend with the bland brained.
the “birth” of I 95 in Bangor, the positive marijuana references gets you high stays in your system Einstein had his hair and you have
eled into the cellar of the old
within the February 21st issue of and builds up with repeated use. your rolls, whatever!
Maine... And I was about to long gone Barn, hog tied and
our Oredigger. It is bad enough that You may not feel high the next Just KNOW, you are not going
begin an experience that would dumped on the Quad of the pot has found it’s way into main- day, but the fuzz is with you. It’ll to get a sexy brain sitting in front
be even more difficult but a Air Force Academy in ROTC stream media, but we do not need skew your calculations, short your of your damn TV smokin’ the ganja.
lot more rewarding than the attire, a bit of Mines football, to be advocating getting high at our safety factors, and you can’t fake You’ll only prove ‘stupid is as stu-
pounding of pavement I had a rollover courtesy of a Saudi University = Place of Learning. At the grades forever. Forget about pid does’ and, to anyone that mat-
withstood for more than three friend driving us back from minimum, marijuana has no place pg 15 on how to dress to get a girl. ters, fade away like yesterday.
months. a beer blast in Clear Creek within engineering. Really! ‘Let’s (Except the teeth brushing and Sincerely,
September 01 arrived and Canyon, and I must not forget get high and build a forty million showering stuff, that’s muy mucho Pretty/Smart
soon I was off for the Bangor dollar space craft and crash land it importante.) (A female CSM student)
into Mars because we screwed up You want a girl? Don’t smoke
airport… a diminutive terminal One of the many particu-
our unit conversions.’ Even better, weed! ‘Pot head for life’ is like ----------------------------------
on an endless runway shared larly rewarding experiences ‘let’s smoke up and do fuzzy math being dependant on your parents
with Dow Airforce Base. The from my days at Mines was like Bush.’ forever. That’s where your money
aircraft of the day was a DC 3 the opportunity to serve as edi- Soon, you too, will be looking will go, you’ll have shady friends Dear Pretty/Smart,
that made it to New York City tor of The Oredigger… there for Weapons of Mass Destruction when your college connections end, I will agree that marijuana is
and the awaiting Lockheed wasn’t much time for the TV up your butt, finding yourself six- and no respectable women is going a bane of our society, but let me
Super G Constellation and a that did exist and the Mines trillion deep in a deficit. Come to want your dumb baby from your point out a few things. First off,
non stop flight to Denver…. student paper got plenty of on people! Two cool references numb sperm. Pot heads aren’t good lowering sperm count would pre-
legal age at that time was 18 in to weed in one Oredigger section, providers and you’re s-l-o-w. I per- vent unwanted pregnancies, slow
attention…Some called those
totally unnecessary! A parallel: sonally want someone witty, who population growth and make the
New York and a Bud seemed to of us at Mines technologi-
The 40 Year Old Virgin; It must get’s up off their video game butt rest of us with a “full count” look
make sense for someone from cal barbarians… supposedly be a mines geek classic. Totally and takes me to the CSM geology better. Also, if more people were in
a small town in the woods because of the concentration hilarious, but had random Rasta museum. I want to laugh at geek a state of induced “stupidity and la-
of Maine about to take on an of engineering courses… they references, why? jokes and look at rocks. I want to ziness,” society would have a lower
educational experience without doubted we could even write, Take those mini scenes out of talk about changing the world and crime rate and reduced incidences
equal. spell, or publish a regular stu- the movie and it is still the same you Google some crazy philosopher of domestic violence.
And an education it turned dent paper… they just didn’t freaking funny movie about a geek to show you care. So you are a total In all seriousness, you seem
out to be… one that did not get it, and those of you who do who finally gets it on and he’s a nerd now and I can’t be seen with stressed and I think you might have
come easy... but with the seem- stud. And remember, he’s the one you in public. Of course you don’t suffered heartbreak that involved
so today, continue a tradition
who passes on the doobie late in look like Matt Damon, but if you your significant other using drugs
ingly endless hours of study of getting it done with a sense
the movie. But, for some stupid were a cool brain like Will Hunt- illictly. What you need is to sit
came rewards that could only of pride and understanding for reason, they glorify pot just like ing, I’d make sure you’d hit hot, down, take a deep breath, hold it in
be found at CSM and in Gold- what a real college education our Oredigger Editors. Studies by showering with you everyday and then let all the smo...air out of
en. entails….. show marijuana isn’t mega-physi- and licking your teeth clean every your lungs. Relaxing and slouching
It all started with the hike cally dangerous like alcohol or night. Who cares what alignment while you munch on cheese balls
up Lookout Mountain with a Go Get It ! crack-cocaine, but pot does lower your shirt stripes are when your and watch cartoons from the 1950’s
10 pound rock for the annual sperm count, induce stupidity and shirt is off! You culture a beautiful should put you mind and ambitions
white wash job, the gauntlet, Sincerely, laziness, impair decision making brain and I’ll start dressing you at rest, if only for a moment.
surveying up “repeat hill”, abilities, and kill brain cells (which right. Besides, we’re all geeks here
John Feeley, Met. E
never regenerate). Does anyone do (with few exceptions); we were Sincerely,
Duds and the Ace High, sum-
their engineering homework high? never mainstream fashion, so why Chase Hoffman
mer courses, the Staggering M Anyone who has smoked recently start now? The minute we open Asst. Head Editor-in-Chief
Page 18 March 28, 2007

Alcohol FreE-Days Delicious
By Adam Freeland
Historian Ordinaire
showed any support
for the old Safar-E-
Days. With this lack
of party cohesion, By Adam Freeland Montalbán himself.
The Safar-E-Days theme has
SMCFP has stepped Le gustan tacos y burritos Taco Bell knew that making the
proven to be less of a hit than was
in and won the day. greatest taquitos ever wasn’t enough.
desired. This, coupled with major
Alcohol Fre-E-Days They went above and beyond by pro-
dissatisfaction on the package pric-
is now a reality. The On Super Bowl Sunday, Taco viding the most delicious sour cream
ing and limited quantities has lead
school has returned all Bell released what has come to be dipping sauce. For all the inferior
the E-Days committee to officially
money that Coors has the pinnacle of non-hamburger re- peoples of the earth, they have even
re-designate this year’s festivities as
donated and replaced lated fast food dining. It has brought offered salsa and guacamole.
“Alcohol FreE-Days”
its sponsorship with Taco Bell back to the height of its Just like every great prime rib
The idea has been proposed nu-
a group of various glory years, those of needs its wine,
merous times in years past. The group
Root-Beer companies. the “Yo Quiero Taco these taquitos need
MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk
In a last ditch effort, Bell” Dog. a liquid compan-
Driving) proposed the idea about
Coors has petitioned These Taquitos ion. That liquid
eight years ago to curb the copious
to have its “Near- are no ordinary run companion is none
alcohol consumption that has tradi-
Beer” be served at of the mill frozen other than Moun-
tionally been tied to E-Days. It has not
the events. Ortega taquitos. tain Dew Baja
succeeded in years past due to over-
With this drastic They are grilled Blast, available
whelming support for other themes.
change, the student fresh from real flour only at Taco Bell.
Last year MADD gave up, and has
body’s reaction is tortillas with steak This blue wonder
since been boycotting our fair cam-
still unknown. It is and cheese. The re- liquid flows plenti-
pus. This led a small group to break
believed thought that cent lion commer- fully from the foun-
off from MADD and form SMCFP
the Coors Short Tour Adam Freeland/Oredigger cials have lead to tains to quench the
(Segregate Mothers and Concubines
rates will go through the roof as the Set and Sober, this student is widespread rumors thirst of those that
For Prohibition), in order to push their
campus goes dry. SMCFP has dubbed ready to party hard, well at least that each one is hand truly know what it
radical ideas.
those who will attend the short tours he can try. wrapped by Ricardo is to dine well.
This year is different. No one has

School Institutes New Companionship

Center, Applications Up 5000%
By Bruce Bugbee and local brothel Madame Kimay’s House Prostitute Services group (MAPS), ing on Making Prostitution Sustainable,ministration is confident that the project
Chris Phillips of Pleasure and the EPICS Department recently said, “It is just a horrible idea! Legal, and Profitable (PIMPSLAP), will be ready by the beginning of the
Resident Ho-xperts that will allow students the chance to My son goes to Mines to study, not for Fall 2007 semester. The Sexual Wellness
“This is really the best idea to hit the
participate in the change and earn EP- girls! He is only 23. He is way too young state legislature in decades. Who wouldCenter will be open to all CSM student’s,
The Colorado School of Mines ICS II credit. to be thinking about sex.” have thought that a proposal favoring faculty, and employees. Accordingly,
proudly announced the next step in their The name of CSM freshman applications have
multi-year campus revitalization plan the center will jumped 5000% over last year’s
this week with the unveiling of the first be changed from numbers.
state-owned brothel in the history of Weaver Towers Apart from normal carnal fare
Colorado. to the more fitting that can be expected at a brothel,
The Colorado School of Mines cam- “Sexual Well- the Sexual Wellness Center will
pus has been torn apart by construction ness Center”. The employee staff trained to cater
for the past couple years as part of the building will be to the unique needs of many
administrations plan to improve campus divided into three of the CSM student body. This
life. The most glaring project undertaken sections with the includes full body masseuses
by the school is the construction of the main lobby acting that are masters of Physics I
new Student Recreation Center that is to as the booking and and II CAPA problems, tantric
be adjacent to the Ben Parker Student reception area, the yoga instructors with a working
Center. This project is designed to alle- West tower act- knowledge of Quantitative Lab
viate the congestion faced at the current ing as the “Classy procedures, and role-playing
athletic facilities of Volk Gymnasium and Victorian” section, school girls that have level 67
the Steinhauer Field House. and the East tower Night Elf Rogues that will tease
The Recreation Center has come housing both the and help students through World
under fire as of late due to the seemingly “S&M Dungeon” of Warcraft dungeons.
continual pushing back of the opening and the “Gutter Due to the anticipation of an
day due to construction problems and Tramp Central” ar- extremely high usage level from
bad weather. Instead of waiting for the eas. This is to play the student body, the administra-
Rec. Center to be complete, the school off of an already tion is authorizing students to
administration recently announced plans present attitude work at Sexual Wellness Center,
to convert the aging Weaver Towers that the East tower earning both work-study money
residence halls into what they are af- is a lot dirtier than and PA credit.
fectionately dubbing a “companionship the West tower. The completion of the Sexual
center.” The adminis- Wellness Center will be the first
No major construction will take place tration’s new plan in many steps by the CSM admin-
at Weaver Towers, with the exception of Weaver Towers Residence Halls at the Colorado School of Mines. istration in revitalizing the campus
is not going into effect without a much
minor interior redesign to accommodate anticipated debate being sparked. Local life of Mines. For more information
various poles, video camera mounts, hot activists and crazy people alike feel that Regardless of the limited local outcry, prostitution would be the issue that ends please see the project coordinator at the
tubs, mechanical bulls, and vibrating the idea of a state-sponsored brothel will both Republicans and Democrats are the partisan bickering that has been go- corner of Colfax and Wadsworth between
heart-shaped beds. somehow degrade the moral nature of pushing the project through the state ing on.” the hours of 11pm and 2am. Meeting are
The renovations will take place this the students and the community. Pam budget committees. Andrew Ernings, the With the project being fast-tracked by walk-in only and require a driver’s
summer after classes release and will ac- Goodwin, leader of the Mother’s Against spokesperson for the Politicians Insist- through the legislature, the CSM ad- license and twenty dollars.
tually be apart of a joint venture between
March 28, 2007 Page 19

Top 10 Rejected Lacrosse Spring Break
Themes for E-Days Trip Ends in Scandal
By Mike Stone his van, drove them to the beach and Hunter’s side and will do so until any
Scandal Aficionado told them: “Get to work, ladies.” evidence is shown that he is guilty. If
The two under age girls reportedly he is indeed guilty of these charges,
10. Benito Mussolin-E Days Head Coach of the Mines Men’s
Lacrosse Team was arrested while on
ran off and found the bike police. After
getting a statement, the bikers chased
we’ll probably abandon him in his
time of need.” Dan Hunter’s court date
9. Faulty Memor-E Days a Spring Break Trip to California with
the team. On the night of Mar. 15th
the coach down. It was noted that Dan
Hunter screamed: “The Hunter is now
is April 9th, 2007.
If you want to catch any of the ex-
8. Plausible Deniabilit-E Days Dan Hunter was arrested on suspicion
of pimping.
the hunted!” during the chase. After a
thrilling pursuit, the bikers tackled and
citing follow up to this story, come to
Mines Lacrosse’s next game, Friday,

7. Herp-E Days “These charges are ridiculous,” shackled Hunter in front of a 3rd grade Mar. 23rd at 6pm at the IM Fields.
stated Hunter. “I was merely walk- Sunday School class.
On bail of $3000,
6. Let’s Get Swirve-E Days
ing on the beach and
the police picked me Hunter is unable to
up.” Dan is in his third leave the state of
5. Potpourr-E Days year of being the head
coach of the club la-
California. An infor-
mant on the lacrosse

4. Illegitmate Bab-E Days crosse team.

Police reported
team stated Hunter
will spend the time

3. Bourgeoisi-E Days that the 27 year-old

Hunter had picked
until his court date
panhandling in front
of the local In-N-Out
2. Pay Your Alimon-E Days up some 16 year-old
girls at a local Taco Burger.
Team President,
Bell after impress-
1. Be Thankful You Aren’t an ing them by taking S c o t t O ’ C o n n o r,
released an official
2nd place in a Grande
Ampute-E Days Meal Challenge. He statement saying;
“The team stands by

Veggie Monster?
then invited them into Mike Stone/Oredigger Mike Stone/Oredigger

Spring Break or
Spring Death?
Anonymous Tip association, the health of children. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
Unknown Credential On the Sesame Street Web site, little taught Elmo to exercise -- jumping
had changed. There was Cookie Mon- up and down. In another, Sen. Hillary
First PBS announced that “Sesame ster, in all his blue furriness. He was Clinton and the small red monster
Street” would kick off its 35th season holding a plate of cookies. He was discuss the various textures and tastes
this week with a multiyear story arc chomping on a cookie. He still looked of foods.
By Mike Stone about healthy habits. No problem the same. But, as we all know, looks “Even Cookie Monster is learning
there: childhood obesity rates are can be deceiving. to control his cookie cravings,” Frist
Chief Documentation Engineer
soaring. Then I learned of changes Dr. Rosemarie T. Truglio, the told me by e-mail. “His sage advice
Over the past 30 years, “Spring over-dosing on alcohol. The truth is that turned my “Sesame Street” world show’s vice president of research and opened our eyes to the simple joys of
Break” has grown from a traditional that they were pushed or poisoned upside-down. education said the show changes every a tasty cookie and now reminds us
festival of relaxation and sleep to a by secret government agents. These My beloved blue, furry monster -- year, focusing not just on teaching that moderation is the key to healthy
party hard, accident ridden, drunken were the same agents used in the who sang “C is for cookie, that’s good numbers and letters but also emotional living.”
debauchery. Is this the natural pro- cover-up of the Kennedy assas- enough for me” -- is now advocating and physical health. With the rise in Cookie Monster was not available
gression of generations of college sination. eating healthy. There’s even a new childhood obesity, Truglio said “Ses- for comment.
students? Or is it a government If anyone reading this article song -- “A Cookie Is a Sometimes ame Street” is concentrating on the “We are not putting him on a
conspiracy designed to control the seeks proof, just ask the friends Food,” where Cookie Monster learns need to teach children about healthy diet,” said his spokesman, Truglio.
population due to large increases around if they drank over Spring there are “anytime” foods and “some- foods and physical activity. “And we would never take the posi-
in illegal immigration? It has been Break. If the answer is “Yes” then times” foods. This season, each episode opens tion of no sugar. We’re teaching him
discovered by the recent release of they are in the middle of the largest Television producers worked with with a “health tip” about nutrition, moderation.”
old government documents that this government conspiracy that anyone health experts and politicians to cre- exercise, hygiene and rest. The furry one also plans to try dif-
is the case. has ever seen on the face of this ate a place where Cookie Monster Truglio said “Sesame Street” also ferent kinds of cookies rather than his
Initiated by the incoming Presi- planet. does care about his health, and by will introduce new characters, such just staple, chocolate chip.
dent, Jimmy Carter, the plan was as talking eggplants and carrots, and But will he still scarf his food?
simple: cause regular, unsuspecting offer parodies, such as “American Yes, plus the occasional object,
college students to drink more and Fruit Stand.” Even guest stars will Truglio said.
more until an “accident” occurs, address healthy activities, such as But isn’t that unhealthy?
after which there is no hope of future Alicia Keys talking and sing- Her reply: He’s still Cookie
life. With college graduate numbers ing about the importance of Monster.
decreasing, the population would physical activity. Cookie Monster ap-
remain stable and the American Even politicians have pears to be happy with
work force would have better job gotten into the act, film- the new “sometimes
security. ing public service an- food” song, be-
Fast-forward 30 years and the nouncements with cause at the end
initiative has more power than ever. “Sesame Street” he warbles: “Is
Whether a Republican or Demo- residents. In sometimes
cratic President, steps have increased one taping, now?”
with each term. It is estimated that
over 500,000 illegal immigrants pass
into the United States every year,
and alcohol related college deaths
have increased by thirteen percent
every year.
College students in Florida and
Mike Stone/Oredigger
Cancun are “accidentally” passing
Direct evidence of one of the biggest conspiracies in U.S. History
away by falling off of balconies or
or just party favors from a shin-dig in Puerta Vallarta?
Champ Shirt Design Contest
E ver wan ted to
Rec Sports design the hottest
is hosting a
design con-
shirt on campus?
test for next Contact
with questions. All designs must
year’s IM have IM (or Intramural) Champi-
on 2007-2008 somewhere
Cham- in the design. Winner
pion will receive $50
to the CSM Book-
T-Shirt! store and the
first shirt of
the year!

Designs are due by Friday, April 13

Mines Dominates Basketball Tourney Upcoming

Congratulations: Zack team from the University win.
Akin (captain), Bryan
Carruthers, Sam Coo-
of Missouri. The game
was close throughout.
The third game of the day had
Mines facing the champions from
Club Sport
per, Pete Gronewoller,
Mike Landers and Nick
Mike Landers last second
shot rimmed out forcing
the University of Nebraska. This
game went back and forth and Games
Landers for their strong overtime. In overtime would again come down to the
showing at the National it came down to a last wire. With the score tied and
Intramural Recreational second shot again. This 5 seconds on clock, Nebraska Thu. 4/5 7pm
Sports Association (NIR- time, Mike’s shot banked missed a free throw. Bryan Car-
SA) Region 5 Extramural in as time expired giving ruthers came down with the
Basketball Tournament CSM a 2 point win. rebound, raced down court and
on March 16 - 18 at the The second game, banked a shot in before the
University of Missouri, Mines squared off against buzzer sounded. After the of-
Sat. 3/31 2pm
Columbia! the champions from Ar- ficials reviewed the play, the Men’s Rugby
In the first game, Mines kansas Tech. They were basket counted and Mines pulled
matched up against the no match for us, as Mines out another 2 point win.
second best intramural cruised to a 36 point After very questionable seed- Sat. 4/14 10am
ing, Mines matched up against
Mizzou’s championship team
Women’s Rugby
that featured an ex-varsity
player. This game was also very
close throughout! Unfortunately,
Sat. 4/14 2pm
there were not any last second Men’s Rugby
heroics as Mines fell 55-54.
We had little respect coming
into the tournament, but we Sat. 4/21 12pm
earned everyone’s respect be-
fore we left.
Women’s Rugby
They did a fantastic job rep-
resenting our school at the
tournament, so please help me
Sat. 4/21 2pm
in giving them well deserved Lacrosse
Courtesy of Rec Sports. congratulations!
Front row (kneeling) Left to Right: Mike Landers, Bryan Carruthers, Sam Cooper.
Back row (standing) Left to Right: Nick Landers, Zack Akin, Pete Gronewoller, John Howard.

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