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Dear Terence


(Before reading further, use your PhotoReading skills to prepare, PhotoRead and postview this
email before activating with super reading and dipping, skittering, or rapid reading.)

Hello PhotoReader!

There has been a lot of interest in the "Direct Learning" component of PhotoReading, because
with it you can download the brilliant work of others and have it automatically increase the
quality of your thinking, feeling, and behavior.

It involves spontaneous improvement in skills such as tennis, golf, racquetball, piano playing,
typing, public speaking, and home improvement,to name a few.

And the best news: you can use Direct Learning without having mastered Activation.

Here are the steps, which are presented in both the PhotoReading and Natural Brilliance books:

1) Know what behavior you desire.

2) Select several books that speak
authoritatively about the subject.

3) PhotoRead these books.

4) Direct your mind through mental simulation to generate the behaviors.

Then, notice the results. Most people report detecting improvements the very next day.

When Win Wenger and I created the Genius Code course, PhotoReading and Direct Learning
quickly became an important part of the course. It
helped bridge the gap to the Image Stream, which is that constant stream of images and
messages that your brain sends you.

But, more to your immediate benefit, three of the Genius Code techniques have proven to be
superb activation aids. The techniques are simply mental exercises you can do in a matter of a
few minutes.

Let’s touch on the three:

1) Leaping Over the Wall. Here you gain greater skills for problem solving and activation. By
using elements and speed and surprise, you may be able to outrun the "editor" function of the

Do this after PhotoReading books by that master. IQ.instead they slip away. making activation easier. and you will increase your ability spontaneously activate the books... In closing. Your brain continually sends messages that could dramatically and easily change your life.. 2) Borrowed Genius. You may also find additional Activation benefit in my Genius Code course. I’ve reprinted a letter below that describes Genius Code in more detail. Sincerely. This. You might find it fascinating. It involves generating an endless supply of creative solutions by imagining a space/time transporter and visiting an advanced future civilization that has already worked out the problems. Mind development pioneer.conscious mind. Win Wenger. and learning capacity. too. To follow is that letter on Genius Code that I promised: Dear Friend. Paul R. including memory. quickness.S. He believes he can guide you to condition your own mind in the same way. Years ago Win began to make sense of his own flow of inner images and thoughts. 3) Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder. Ph." . You can open vast channels of insight and communication with your inner mind through the technique of "putting on the head" of a master in any field. has research showing that the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority. See how to use those secret messages to make your life extraordinary. is phenomenal for activation. He called his flow of impressions the "Image Stream. But most do not register with you.D. You can improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability. find a skill that you would like to improve and use Direct Learning. Scheele P.

Use it. more confident. Tesla. and happier than you do at present! Take it farther. First they teach you how to Image Stream and then they teach you amazing mental exercises to help you figure out what the messages mean. and it is easily within your reach." This outside-the-box course transports you to the edge of the cutting edge of personal development and headlong into the mystery of the workings of your wonderful human brain. You use these exercises to "crack your genius code. such as Galileo. exciting.Have you been ignoring your own valuable inner messages? Win's work led to his discovery that the Image Stream is the bridge to using the super power of the brain like great thinkers. Paul Scheele. ****** "Amplify your genius and increase your intelligence ****** This groundbreaking Image Streaming process opens a secret passageway to the dynamic resources of your brain. and feel brighter. calmer. clearer.even when you do it for just five minutes. da Vinci. They help you explore your Image Stream in useful and practical ways. Edison. Fun. and Einstein. and ripe with unlimited possibilities. It really does not matter what you know or what work you do. teamed up with Win Wenger. Accessing your Image Stream holds universal benefits for each and every one -. From the beginning you will find it infinitely easier to * Make your 6th Sense as available and expedient as your other five senses * Attain absolute self-confidence in all you do * Solve any personal or professional problem with startling creativity * Accelerate the speed of learning anything . and achieve greatness. In our new Genius Code Personal Learning Course. developer of PhotoReading and other breakthrough learning programs.

* introduced you to someone who could have benefited* Achieve your goals using your own immense support * Experience every moment as perfectly rewarding //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// // Order "Genius Code" today // Save $40! // Mention Customer Code = CPWD706 // // Click on: http://www.. Such as.learningstrategies. only to learn later that it could have * made you a lot of money.asp // // or call 1-888-800-2688 // // or email Genius@LearningStrategies. or * initiated other extraordinary consequences? Have you ever been stuck for ideas at work? Because your brain is designed to send you messages. //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// ****** Have you ever made a decision that turned out to be a disaster? ****** Have you had a hunch that you did not to have // more information instantly emailed to you.. you can direct it to send particular kinds of messages to solve problems or give you insight. Have you ever wished you had had an idea that would have made a fortune in the dot com boom? .

****** Have psychic experiences! ****** Another mental exercise of the Genius Code is the "Psi-Pothesis. You only have to do the exercises a few times to receive automatic and permanent value. Win and Paul will also help you connect to the Image Stream during sleep and use dreaming as a means to creative insight and rapid personal development. This is not like the eternal work of building your muscles where you have to keep pumping three times a week forever. You can get solutions to problems before you consciously recognize them. Thankfully. These clever exercises make problem solving nearly effortless and automatic and their outcomes wise and successful. That's right. you can revisit the exercises when you need especially sharp insights to challenges that crop up in your life. The result is like installing a high-speed DSL line to access the web.“Thresholding" and "Over the Wall” -- to see answers in advance of the conscious mind. And. ****** Clear communication channels to and from the inner mind to improve problem solving and increase intuition ****** For many people the impressions of the Image Stream are cluttered with static such as what you might see on TV. You can use two -. near-psychic abilities.****** Gain mental power by using speed and surprise to outfox your conscious mind ****** Earlier I mentioned mental exercises. two other mental exercises called "Hidden Question" and "High Think Tank" get the noise and interference out of the communication lines between the conscious and the genius mind." which stimulates provocative. (Are you beginning to see how this course might help you bypass limitations while increasing . This stops your logic from sabotaging what is best for you. It improves problem solving and increases the speed of getting intuitive and creative insights.

" With PhotoReading you tap into your brain's ability to process large volumes of information at fabulous speeds. co-founder of Learning Strategies. Image Streaming turbo-boosts this direct learning application of PhotoReading. for those of you who already PhotoRead. If you ever think. Borrow the genius of Chunyi Lin to help heal others… of Tiger Woods to play better golf… of Brian Tracy to become a super salesperson… of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to handle a crisis… of Itzhak Perlman to appreciate and make music. Beyond reading for knowledge -.) . such as * Improve productivity at work." can stimulate mighty bursts of creativity. or any other hobby.your reach to greater levels of sharpness. so you immediately can apply direct learning to a skill you want. opportunity. There is no limit to what you can do and be. Talk about breakthrough perspectives! Borrow the genius of Paul Scheele to read with lightning speed. Paul teaches the basics of PhotoReading in Genius Code. insight. Inevitably. developed the "PhotoReading Whole Mind System. Dip into the Image Stream and learn virtually any skill through simply PhotoReading can read to learn skills. "I can't possibly do ______. And on and on. * Increase sports performance such as tennis and golf. gardening." use this exercise." You can get into the head of an expert or a genius in any field you want and view your problem. cooking. or situation from the expert's point of view. * Refine woodcarving. * Build communications skills. This mental exercise gets you thinking outside ofany box! ****** Supercharge your PhotoReading with Image Streaming ****** Perhaps you know that Paul Scheele. "Advanced Civilization. you will discover how to do it. (And. and overall intelligence?!) ****** Borrow Genius from others to make leaps in your performance ****** You'll love "Borrowed Genius. Image Streaming can be a great activation tool. A related exercise.

//////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// // Order "Genius Code" today // Save $40! // Mention Customer Code = CPWD706 // // Click on: http://www." Paul. "You have to do something to make his processes practical and useable for everyone.learningstrategies. I have been a great fan of Win's since I learned of his work more than ten years ago.. and found keen benefit in my experiences with his techniques." I told I could barely think straight. Paul and Win created a course that even goes beyond the genius of Win's book. "But. the course not only exposes you to the strategies of genius that exemplify the great minds of all times but also leads you to interpret the messages of your Image Stream to . When Paul first came into my office to ask my opinion about collaborating with Win Wenger on a new program. I got so excited.asp // // or call 1-888-800-2688 // // or email Genius@LearningStrategies.. but their collaboration led to a learning breakthrough that necessitated the name Genius Code. listened to his tapes. The Einstein Factor. Beyond the Einstein Factor. succeeded. You have astounding brain potential waiting to be tapped. in all of his brilliance. ****** You are brighter than you think. We considered calling the course. //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// ****** Genius comes down to this. I have read his books. You to have // more information instantly emailed to you.

too. you might be familiar with the Sound & Light machine. And while saving a few thousand dollars on a house or fixing a washing machine may not seem extraordinary. intriguing. and I am sure you will. but you usually ignore them. This program is a treasure box of childlike techniques that most anyone can master by simply flowing along with Paul and Win at the helm. the messages are always there. using Genius Code positively emits realizations again and again. Would you like something more exciting? Did you ever hear how the inventor of the sewing machine dreamed of savages throwing spears with holes in their tips? He woke up realizing that a hole in the tip of the needle was the key to making an automatic sewing machine. a businessman or a scientist. the plans were in error. one of our coaches. it would have been too late to fix the problem without huge expense. and more enjoyable. And also smart. Or. faxed. You see. Had my message gotten to them two days later. The course is as wise as it is profound. Upon waking one morning. in the way that great things explained often are. a housewife or a retired grandpa. He immediately saw images of springs bouncing out of the machine. I had several "aha" experiences while playing with the techniques. It is even as easy as daydreaming. I immediately called. Is it complicated? No. a store clerk or an auto mechanic. A couple of weeks later the machine quit working. you can benefit from playing in your own Image Stream. noticed a spring on the laundry room floor and thought nothing of it. solutions like that certainly make life easier. It does not matter whether you are a high school student or a Rhodes Scholar. responding to your inner messages becomes commonplace. which led him instantly to the cause. By using Genius Code. and fun. it is simple.actualize your own desired outcomes. and emailed the contractor. plus some really practical results: ****** How I saved thousands and why this course may be one of the best investments you can make for yourself ****** I am building an earth-sheltered home in the country. less stressful. . Dana Hanson. as a self-improvement enthusiast. Those are two mild examples of responding to inner messages. While everyone has had similar instances. I suddenly realized that the builders were using outdated blueprints. Sure enough.

You can be the first to come up with new ideas. conceived the idea while Image Streaming in a workshop with Win Wenger back in 1977." //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// // Order "Genius Code" today // Save $40! // Mention Customer Code = CPWD706 // // Click on: http://www.. These scientists tapped into something essential..The inventor. Darwin's Origin of Species was published merely weeks ahead of another book on that subject.learningstrategies. Creativity and successful timing involve using your Image Stream. Paul and Win call this "genius-level Dr. The eighth includes a special Paraliminal learning session . ****** You receive all of this. ****** Genius Code comes on eight CDs. you will find yourself consistently performing at higher levels. maybe ideas that make you a fortune. //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// ****** Beat others to the finish line ****** Alexander Graham Bell submitted his patent only hours ahead of another inventor. When you 1) develop your Image Stream and 2) unlock the code to understand what the messages mean. and so can to have // more information instantly emailed to you.asp // // or call 1-888-800-2688 // // or email Genius@LearningStrategies. Have you had an idea and later seen it on TV or in a store? With Genius Code you can come up with ideas and develop them quicker. Denis Gorges.

out of the thousands of people I have taught to Image //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// // Order "Genius Code" today // Save $40! // Mention Customer Code = CPWD706 // // Click on: http://www. is a must for anyone wanting to improve visual thinking skills as well as for anyone who says. "I cannot visualize!" Visual thinking has been touted as an undeniable key to success.learningstrategies. You get this explicit mini-book free with your course when you order in the next few days.oh. every person has succeeded and thus enjoyed the benefits of visual thinking.asp // // or call 1-888-800-2688 // // or email Genius@LearningStrategies. It is the ability to see things in your mind's eye. ****** Bonus mini-book to help you learn to Think Visually ****** Win writes. Visual Thinking.that Paul created to make it easier to learn the course. use the processes.I was one of those who absolutely could not until I used the following methods to get pictures for myself. and wellness ****** . new skills. "For years it was cited as a scientific fact that one American in three was unable to visualize." This mini-book. And -. and reap the to have // more information instantly emailed to you. …Since then. yes -. wealth. The 56-page course manual gives you an inventive guide and quick resource to ensure the course provides value to you forever. //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// ****** The SECRET to better grades.

But. Go for it.S. My personal best. You'll get a special price. We will rush your new Genius Code to you right away. try it now." ****** If you have the sense that you have yet to tap your full potential. If you are at all intrigued by Genius Code. and I. if it is not for you. Pete Bissonette President P. get your Genius Code today.Use the Genius Code to see yourself making immediate progress toward what is important for you. Order on our website or call us right now at 1-888-800-2688. Win. and I know that it will help anyone who wants to get more out of life. if you want to do more than dream. And. ****** "There is a flame that burns brightly in the human heart. effective. Try it. along with the entire staff of Learning Strategies. It works well with all of our programs. return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Can you imagine accessing your genius mind? What power! What possibility! Paul. I know the genius that Paul and Win put into it. and a course that will tantalize your mind and revitalize your life. intriguing bonuses. Genius Code is cool. Seldom am I so excited about a new program. You have to experience Paul and Win's unique creation. Order today on our secure website or call us now at 1-888-800-2688. . if you think there might be a powerhouse raging inside you. you might stay up all night when you first get the course. But be forewarned: if you are interested in exploring the edge of personal development. and practical. A flame that allows us to dream and reach out beyond where we are now. Paul and Win are absolutely convinced the secret to getting what you want lies in the messages your brain sends you every day. encourage you to step out and pick up the phone.