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Diploma in International Call Center Training & BPO Management

What is Call Center?

Call Centers are comparatively a recent introduction to the world of career option in India. The career avenues
provided by the call centers is one to the best-suited and growing option which even a fresher can opt for. With the
opening of the Indian economy and the advent of globalization more and more companies from abroad are basing
or outsourcing their call center services to India, a trend started by GE when it established a call center near New
Delhi in 1988.

A Call Center is a service center with adequate telecom facilities, access to internet and wide database, which
provide voice based or web-based information and support to customers in the country or aboard through trained
personnel. Call centers exist in all sectors of business including banking, utilities, manufacturing, security, market
research, pharmaceuticals, catalogue sales, order desk, customer service, technical queries ( help desk),
emergency dispatch, credit collections, food service, airlines/hotel reservation etc. the wide area of services
provided by the call centers make it a lucrative career with a range of opportunities.

Traditionally, call centers meant only voice based customer support. But now most call centers are more of a
contact center, offering e-CRM services, which include voice, based customer support as well as e-mail response,
web-based text-chat services and other customer interaction channels.

The call center services can be ‘inbound’ where in call are received from customers enquiring about a service or
product that an organization provides. The call center services can be ‘outbound’ where in calls are made to
customers to sell products or collect information/money etc.

Call center services can also ‘specialized’ say in business processing where in calls are made from one company
to another company.

Some call centers stick to only domestic businesses dealing with customers within the country called domestic call
centers while others such as an International call center mainly deal with clients from abroad say from US, Europe,

There is a great scope for call center in India, with a large population of educated English speaking people and the
comparative low cost are encouraging more and more companies from abroad/inland to base or outsource their
call centers in India.

The wide range of opportunities, comparatively well paid jobs for the minimum qualification it requires and the
facilities the companies provide like to and fro transport subsidized meals and medical facilities makes call centers
a good option.

A very good communication over English language is the main skill required. Fresher have to undergo intense
training to make them suited for the job.

As the global marketplace expands a new branch of English learning related to ESL has become very intriguing.
This field is often called Accent Neutralization or Accent Reduction. The main cause of this trend towards accent
neutralization/reduction is the demand created by outsourcing.

Outsourcing is generally defined as the transfer of components of large segments of an organization’s internal
infrastructure, staff, processes or applications to an external resource.

Accent neutralization/ Accent reduction comes into play when these workers speak to North Americans who have
difficulties understanding their accents. Of course, the English spoken is excellent. The problem that rises is that
many customers have difficulties understanding accents other than their own; hence accent neutralization or
reduction becomes important for customer satisfaction.

Spoken English builds oral English skills through student-centered, discipline practice pronunciation using
high-frequency words from their fields of study. Class work consists of actively practicing the public speaking and

Diploma in International Call Center Training & BPO Management

interpersonal communication techniques.

The method of consistently putting learners into real-life communication situations, recording the resulting speech
on video or audiotape, and systematically analyzing the factors which made the communication successful or not.
In each course, this practice is based on different speaking situations. Courses include practice in pronunciation.

What is Call Center Training?

The Call Center (Communication Aids for Language and Learning) provides specialist expertise in technology for
children who have speech, communication and/or writing difficulties, in schools.

The qualification that one requires to get employed in a call center is excellent communication skill. Call center
training focuses on enhancing the communication skill, where fields like voice and accent, grammar, speaking,
listening, telephone etiquettes, slang, time management, stress management, marketing, and types of call centers
is given.

The call center works to support pupils with Additional Support Needs, especially those with speech,
communication and/or reading and writing difficulties, and the staff who work with them.

The Call Center Training Program, a 16 week, full-time, industry focused program, provides extensive training,
education, and assessment of skills development to those participants eager to meet the challenges of tomorrow's
integrated multi-channel customer contact center (CCC).

The purpose of the Program is to provide hands-on technical training to develop the high-level skills demanded by
today's leading customer contact centers, to enhance opportunities for recruitment and employment in this
exciting, growing sector, and to provide occupation specific training that mirrors the industry.

The training program continues to anticipate and evolve to ensure the Contact Center Representative graduates
possess the current and emerging skills, knowledge, and competencies required to succeed in the diverse,
multi-media, multi-customer touch point, contact center industry now and in the future.

The Call Center Training Program is a leading edge contact center industry trainer and resource. We have
developed and delivered training to clients and public and private corporations for the past 10 years. We have had
the advantage of witnessing first-hand the explosion of the contact center industry in numbers as well as applied
function, and as a result have incorporated the significant knowledge and substantial expertise amassed into our

Our team of Instructors and Trainers possess successful backgrounds in human resource management, adult
education, training and development, business, and social service.

Communication skills are very important for a successful career in customer service and sales. This is especially
true in a call center environment. Call centers can be high pressure, fast-paced environments where you may have
to deal with hundreds of people in one day. That is why it is so important to fine tune your communication skills.
This course will examine handling different personalities, questioning skills, and telephone skills. These skills are
essential to help you to communicate effectively and professionally with your call center customers.

Why to take up this course at NHIT?

At NHIT we give in-depth training for Call Center Training focusing on the enhancement of communication throwing
light on fields like Voice and Accent, MTI reduction, Slang, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Complete BPO
management, Call Center Terminology, Telephone Etiquettes and Marketing.

Diploma in International Call Center Training & BPO Management

At NHIT, we give ON JOB TRAINING which exposes the students to real time practical session. This gives them a
fantastic opportunity to talk for the first time to International Customers using VOIP technology. This gives an
immense excitement to students who get a fabulous chance to interact with the International customers.

At NHIT, we give 100% job guarantee to students, subject to they pass the examination and obtain their very
valued certificates awarded by NHIT. We also place our outstanding students with BPO companies like

NHIT is one of the multinational companies which have set its foot in Trichy. NHIT the multinational company
having its head office at USA and UK. NHIT is the first and the only multinational company to start the Indian
Corporate office in Trichy.

NHIT’s core business is BPO, also provides Education and Finance. NHIT the largest international BPO and call
center in Trichy, with the state of art equipment and highly qualified and trained staff serves various companies
around the globe round the clock.

The education division which always has been the talk of the town for its high quality education and courses now
offers various job-oriented Diploma courses like International BPO management and call centre training, Medical
Transcription, Spoken English and Personality Development, Web Designing and Development, Advance Diploma
in Maya Animation, Diploma in Software Testing, Diploma in J2EE, Advance Diploma in PHP and many more

In the education division most of the classes are taken directly form USA and UK through the video conferencing
and using Interactive White Boards. NHIT is the only institute to wire itself with 24 hours video conferencing
through out the world with the world’s best trainers and faculties.

With the perfect blend of scientifically prepared high quality courses, latest and start of art technology, superior
coaching, friendly and efficient counseling, bonanza job guarantees, NHIT’s education division headed by various
high skilled professionals has become household name in Trichy and has established a brand name.

Course Content
- Introduction to BPO, Call Center
- Accent Neutralization
- Grammar
- Listening
- Spoken English
- Slang
- Time management
- Personality development
- Marketing
- Data Entry
- Basic of computers
- Call center terminology
- Complete BPO management training
- Process training and live call training

Duration : 60 days

Fee Structure : Rs. 8,989 Criteria : Completed +2, Any Graduation