On a mountain of Perion, there stood three heroes, destined to save the world from evil and pollutions. Their names were Sapphire, Zack and Robin. Each of them had powers, the best in Maple. Sapphire had the power to control ice, Zack had the power to copy one’s power. And Robin was the most skilled Mapler in using stars like Tobi’s, ilbi’s, steely’s, subi’s and hwabi’s. Each of them were a different job. Sapphire was a mage I/L , Zack was a warrior but was born with a special power and Robin was an assassin but now, he’s a hero. They were on a mission to fight a Mapler, very selfish, and causes heavy cyber pollution. The criminal was on the escape, his name was TheNoob. TheNoob, has a reputation of misusing his mage powers on unwanted stuff for example, the trash can. His mage powers are very unique and rare as only a few mages in Maple have the same power. This problem has cost many Maplers their live. TheNoob would generate his powers from a dynamo, causing heavy pollution and global warming like typhoons, tsunami’s, earthquakes, flash floods, lost of habitat’s and many other disasters. The three heroes, standing brave and focus, reach The Lake Of Doom which there lives their target, TheNoob. True to his nickname, Buffalo Noobie, his body size was more than obese.(I mean, you cant even see his face properly and his hand is still stuck in the engine of a car which was used to conquer him during their last battle.) “I see, you guys again huh?” TheNoob’s booming voice thunders. “And this time, your gonna be dead!” Robin replies. (Both the parties charge at each other) With much determination, Robin, Sapphire and Zack overcome the obstacles during their challenge in fighting with TheNoob . The first obstacle was to overcome the trash cans thrown by TheNoob (Robin used his assassin skills to melt the metal). Next, rubbish was thrown by TheNoob . Robin slipped once, but was alright, with Zack’s warrior powers, he recycled all the litter. Amazingly, each time when the litter was recycled, TheNoob would go all emo and cry (nooo! My baby cyndra! Daddy will save you!) (I mean, it’s only litter..) They managed to corner TheNoob but by then, there was already a huge cyclone in Myanmar. With environmentalfriendly powers, Sapphire froze the cyclone as well as TheNoob. Luckily, the cyclone was in the mist of tearing down a house full of trees. The three nature lovers, used their teleporting device and teleported to one of their friends, which could turn back time. As Zack touched nicknev’s sleeves, Zack gained power and turened back time. But because of the sudden touch, nicknev had a heart attack and did not make it, therefore, his powers remained with Zack. The cyclone was then rewind and Sapphire froze the cyclone before it started.

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