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In the delightful atmosphere of Trang Bom residents of being soon awarded the 1 st class Labor Order and 10th foundation anniversar of Trang Bom district !01"01"#00$% 01"01"#01$&' the District (art )ommittee hold a friendl meeting to meet and e*change with the )hairman of the Board of Directors' )+O and directors of the enterprises in this district. On behalf of the district leaders' I would li,e to send m warm welcome and wishes of good health to the leaders of the enterprises present in this friendl meeting toda . Distinguished delegates' ladies and gentlemen' Trang bom district was founded according to the -overnment Decree no ./"#000"1D%)( dated #1"2"#000 on the basis of being separated from the former Thong 1hat District and now comprises of 13 communes' 1 town and was officiall in operated on 01"01"#00$. The population is over #/4 000' with 1.0 000 at standard age of wor,ing' ma,ing up 3.5. The district is located in the ,e economic regions of the 6outh' ne*t to Bien 7oa )it and near 7)8) 9 which are big centers of socio%econom and science and technolog in the province and the countr . Being situated in the place which has Tri :n La,e' the important traffic a*is with highwa s' railwa s' and e*presswa s creates a favorable condition for doing business' and manufacturing of the enterprises and factories as well as for developing tourism' especiall ecotourism. The total area of the district is 0#3.1$0 hectares' including #4 000 hectares of agricultural land and some minerals used for producing building materials' propitious land to grow perennials' short%da crops and industrial crops such as rubber trees' coffee' pepper' rambutans' durians and so on. ;ith the above advantages' Trang Bom district has changed from an agriculture%oriented and underdeveloped district to one of the top districts in Dongnai province after 10 ears in official operation. It has reached the annual economic growth rate of #1.25< its -D( per person has grown at $#.1// million dongs< it has promoted econom restructuring towards industr %service%agriculture' as industr densit is /0.0#5' service densit is ##'.05' agriculture densit is /.045. =evenue state for budget area is over%fulfill norms set b the province. There are $ industrial >ones !7onai' 6ong ma ' Bau *eo' and -iang dien industrial >ones&' mar,ing off land for 3 industrial group' 0 of which are now in operation. There are 14$4 domestic and foreign factories and enterprises with 100 43# wor,ers. The commercial districts' ban,s' mar,ets' restaurants and hotels highl develop. Infrastructure of technolog and telecommunications is moderni>ed and t pes of service are graduall developing especiall renting rooms' and industrial serving. +cotourism has also made its first step such as -iang Dien waterfall' Da han waterfall' and so on. Together with developing in industr and service' trang bom district also speeds up investing in industrial crops such as coffee' pepper' blue dragon fruits and so on with modern science technolog application. Land was mar,ed for livestoc, farms in Thanh Binh and )a -ao communes covering 030 hectares' and for # slaughtering places in 6ong Trau and 6ong Thao communes.

-oing together with fle*ible policies to help the econom overcome difficult times' Trang Bom district attaches special importance to ensure social securit and maintain political secure. 6o far' there have been 10 national standard schools' 1/ out of 1/ town and communes reach the standards of health. The rate of poor families has reduced at 1.#45. Than,s to the efforts of the (art organi>ations' the government' the residents as well as the contribution of the enterprises that Trang Bom districts got those economic and social achievements. On behalf of all the district leaders' let me conve m appreciation of our vital contributions to fulfill the achievement together with us celebrating the 10 th foundation anniversar of Trang Bom district. Ladies and gentlemen' In the coming term from #010 to #014' Trang Bom district are going to focus on these brea,through fields? @irst' Improve the Aualit of administrative reform' maBorl conduct the administrative reform effectivel and create good relationship with residents. Cpdate the information on the district website more freAuentl . 6econd' invest on industr ' build up firm agriculture< especiall booster the advancement of infrastructure of rural societ and econom < raise intellectual standards of people' awareness and standards of farmersD lives< set up brand names of some agricultural products' as well as fulfill the aim of building new rural areas. Third' attract investment' encourage service development' especiall high Aualit service and industrial service in order to raise the densit of commerce%service in -D(. ;e thin, that the development of industrial groups and >ones will surel create the best conditions for the service to develop. @ourth' booster the wor,ersD housing construction' strengthen the approaches of var ing wor,ersD cultural lives' which definitel create the most favorable conditions for the enterprises to build up campus for wor,ers such as @eng Ta ' (ousung' 6alim and so forth. Lastl ' prior to improve infrastructure and other facilities to save the environment' s nchroni>edl utili>e the wa s of protecting biodiversit ' preventing pollution ris,s and environment recession. ;ith the determination maintain the stable economic development growth and guarantee social securit ' as well as the fle*ible policies in guiding and e*ecuting ' so in the coming time our district do need the approval of the residents and the enterprises to achieve the target of social and economic growth. On the coming of 1ew EearDs +ve' wish all of ou good health and new achievements. Than, ou ver much.