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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary

Disease (COPD) Prognosis
Better information sooner for better decisions

(COPD) Prognosis www.COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is not contagious. In fact. It is a major cause of death and illness throughout the world.both in the United States and worldwide. it is the fourth leading cause of death .com .ipgdx.

com . debilitating.COPD is a chronic.ipgdx. (COPD) Prognosis www. progressive disease of the lower respiratory tract in the lungs.

chronic . (COPD) Prognosis www.It is the persistent obstruction of the airways occurring with emphysema. or both disorders.

(COPD) Prognosis www.Difficulty with breathing that slowly gets worse over time is the hallmark of this .

which can be fatal.If you have COPD. (COPD) Prognosis www.ipgdx. If the lungs are severely damaged. you are more likely to have lung . the heart may be affected as well.

Over time the condition worsens it can be treated only to improve the symptoms. but there is no . (COPD) Prognosis www.ipgdx.

(COPD) Prognosis .COPD results from Emphysema and Chronic obstructive bronchitis.ipgdx.

especially with exertion. an ongoing loose cough that produces large amount of mucus • Wheezing and chest tightness (COPD) Prognosis www. • Daily Morning Cough • Shortness of .Symptoms of COPD include.ipgdx.

com . fatigue. symptoms are related to a lack of oxygen in the blood).And as the disease advances. Altered mental status.ipgdx. dizziness. especially around the mouth in the extremities. confusion. anxiety. (COPD) Prognosis www. and cyanosis (blue tinged coloring of the skin.

5. Familial and hereditary factors may also predispose a person to COPD.Causes of COPD 1. 2. Occupational involving exposure to dusts or noxious gases. Tobacco smoking is the most common and significant cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (COPD) Prognosis . A rare cause of COPD is a hereditary condition in which the body produces a markedly decreased amount of the protein alpha1-antitrypsin.ipgdx. Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). 4. Environmental exposure to severe and persistent pollution 3.

The Course of COPD As there is no cure and the disease progressively worsens the patient is faced with continued . More-so as breathing is impacted anxiety results and activity is shunned from fear of difficulty breathing. Symptomatic relief and prevention of aggravating factors can benefit patients with COPD. (COPD) Prognosis www.

ipgdx. (COPD) Prognosis www.COPD Prognosis Using PrognostiCheck® PrognostiCheck® illustrates where the patient is on the trajectory of the progression of COPD and shows the ‘Burden of the Illness’ the patient is .

For instance if the normal Scoring value for the patient is 7 and their value is 5 the loss of 2 is the burden of disease experienced by this patient.ipgdx. family and physician can work to see how to improve the score or to stop the score from lowering as . By learning these numbers the patient. (COPD) Prognosis www.

com . exercise and improve their nutrition. The scoring results provide an objective and accurate means to make controlled end-of-life decisions. (COPD) Prognosis www.The score can help to motivate the patient to comply with treatment and go the extra effort to be more active.ipgdx.

com .The PrognostiCheck® ‘Biometric Scoring System for prognosis based upon a noninvasive diagnostic test that objectively. (COPD) Prognosis www. accurately and immediately illustrates how serious a disease condition is .ipgdx.

ipgdx. (COPD) Prognosis www.It provides clear illustration of the patient’s condition right now and over time as treatment ensues and disease .

hepatitis and . diabetes. It provides better information sooner to make superior healthcare decisions in any disease condition including cancer. heart disease. pulmonary disorders. (COPD) Prognosis www.The system is based upon the discovery that the health of cell membranes reflects the overall health of the patient.

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