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Simple diagnosis and fast repair: ECU diagnosis for trucks

KTS 800 Truck: The professional solution for commercial vehicles

With the KTS 800 Truck and the software package ESI[tronic] 2.0 with Info type Truck the commercial vehicle workshop gets the complete solution for the diagnosis of trucks, light utility vans, buses and trailers.
Mobile complete system  K TS 800 Truck: Diagnostics for immediate use Control Unit (DCU 130) and mobile KTS Truck module Two lithium-ion batteries enable mobile deployment of the DCU 130 everywhere in the workshop or even during a test drive Mobile work over long periods Inclusion of two identical lithium-ion batteries One battery is sufficient to continue operation in the workshop If required, the batteries can be replaced without inter ruption during regular operation (hot swap function) Testers in line with workshop needs Easy handling of the DCU 130 with integrated handle  on the back of the device Sturdy housing with 13.3" touchscreen monitor Recessed USB connection to enable protected  connection of a dongle Conspicuous features of the vehicle can be document
Complete system for commercial vehicles

ed with the integrated camera and the required spare parts can be photographed Modular concept with the Diagnostic Control Unit Especially for deployment in the workshop, the sturdy DCU 130 controls all testing and diagnostics systems from Bosch, for example the FSA 500.
Product KTS 800 Truck DCU 130 Order number 0684400800 0684400130

KTS 800 Truck

KTS Truck 0684400512

Tablet PC with touchscreen and KTS Truck Module Part number 0 684 400 800

Integrated handle

Recessed USB connection

Hot swap function

KTS Truck: The modular solution for commercial vehicles

KTS Truck is the ideal entry-level solution for commercial vehicle workshops that already have a PC.
Optimized and mobile diagnostics solution  K TS Truck module for trucks, light utility vans, trailers,  and buses  Can be connected to DCU 130, PC or laptop  Integrated Bluetooth connection with large range,  up to 100 m  Bluetooth USB adapter included in equipment supply  The USB interface means KTS Truck can be connected  to all common PCs or laptops  Sturdy housing

Technical data PC board Display

DCU 130 Intel Merom 1.06 GHz DualCore processor, Operating system Windows 7, 2 GB main memory, 250 GB hard disk capacity 13.3" WXGA color display with resistive 5-wire touchscreen, resolution 1280 x 800 dpi

Equipment Multimedia, integrated camera min. 2 megapixels, Bluetooth class 1 and 2, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n. Ethernet 10/100 Mbit Status indicator Interfaces Lithium-ion battery Housing Dimensions Via 4 LEDs: On/O, hard-drive access, WLAN, Bluetooth 2 USB 2.0 1 USB 2.0 integrated as recessed 1 RJ45 10/100 Mbit 1 MIC IN 1 connection for headset 2 lithium-ion batteries 14.4 V, 32 Wh. Batteries with charge status indicator Sturdy housing, IP 54 (IP 65 at front) 355 x 262 x 42 mm (W x H x D without handle)

Modular concept with Bluetooth connection

KTS Truck

Operating temperature 0 to 40 C

Modular solution Part number 0 684 400 512

Integrated digital camera

Status LED display

USB Bluetooth

ESI[tronic] for Truck : All information and functions for commercial vehicles

Vehicle information

ECU diagnosis

Everything at one stop Alongside control unit diagnostics, the ESI[tronic] for Truck software also contains technical information such as circuit diagrams, service and repair instructions as well as system information. Also available are Bosch spare parts catalogs, including the catalog data of the Bosch cooperation partner ZF Services, also with service information and installation instructions for products of the Sachs, Lemfrder, Boge, and ZF Parts brands. ESI[tronic] for Truck provides all the necessary information
Technical data

for the execution of reliable diagnostics, complete maintenance, and efficient repair. The software package features high market coverage for trucks, light utility vans, trailers and buses common on the European market. Vehicle information Basic information regarding commercial vehicles that is also included in the software such as model series, power output, engine designation as well as axle configuration forms the basis for a sound diagnostics in the commercial vehicle workshop.

Component information

Circuit diagrams


Diagnostics Important functions for the commercial vehicle workshop are included: Reading and deleting error codes, selecting actual values, activating actuators, resetting service intervals, and teaching components. Technical data Support for troubleshooting: component information with setpoint values, output voltage, characteristic curves, etc. Circuit diagrams Fast and simple use because of intuitive operation with dynamic component description. Maintenance Half-yearly and yearly inspections with additional check items can be called up at any time. Spare parts catalog Always accessible: the complete spare parts catalog from Bosch and ZF Services Manual and automatic transmissions Suspension Steering Clutch
Installation instructions Spare parts catalog

Adapter concept Easy Connect for KTS 800 Truck and KTS Truck

Volvo 1 684 463 770

Iveco 3-pin 1 684 463 771

MB 14-pin 1 684 463 772

Renault VI 1 684 463 773

Iveco 1 684 463 774

MAN TG (circular) 1 684 463 775

DAF & Scania 1 684 463 776

MAN Series 2000 1 684 463 777

ABS Modul 1 1 687 463 778

ABS Modul 2 1 684 463 779

Wabco/Knorr ABS/EBS 1 684 463 780

EB+ 1 684 463 781

ISO 7638 1 684 463 782

ABS Volvo Bus 1 684 463 783

ECS Volvo Bus 1 684 463 784

ZF 1 684 463 785

Iveco Daily 1 684 463 786

VW LT/T4 1 684 463 787

Citron/Peugeot Boxer 1 684 463 788

Scania 1 684 463 793

The adapter concept Easy Connect makes connecting from the KTS to the vehicle completely simple.

place the vehicle-specific adapter

and you are ready for ECU-diagnosis.

US protocol 6-pin 1 684 463 789 US protocol 9-pin 1 684 463 790 20 adapter for trucks and light commercial vehicles 2 4

adapter for US trucks cable sets for trailers, buses, trucks

and light commercial vehicles

Cable set for trailers 1 687 001 945

Cable set for buses 1 687 001 946

Cable set for light commercial vehicles 1 687 001 947

KTS 800 Truck and KTS Truck Data and facts

Special accessory
Adapter cables Adapter cable Volvo Adapter cable Iveco (models with year of manufacture before 1993) 3-pin Adapter cable MB 14-pin Adapter cable Renault VI Adapter cable Iveco (models with year of manufacture after 1996) Adapter cable MAN TG (circular) Adapter cable DAF & Scania Adapter cable MAN Series 2000 Adapter cable ABS Modul 1 Adapter cable ABS Modul 2 Adapter cable Wabco/Knorr Trailer ABS/EBS Adapter cable EB+ Adapter cable ISO 7638 Adapter cable ABS Volvo Bus Adapter cable ECS Volvo Bus Adapter cable ZF Adapter cable Iveco Daily Adapter cable VW LT/T4 Adapter cable Citron/Peugeot Boxer Adapter cable Scania (models with year of manufacture before 2004) Adapter cables for US Trucks Adapter cable US protocol 6-pin Adapter cable US protocol 9-pin Cable sets Cable set for trucks Cable set for trailers Cable set for buses Cable set for light commercial vehicles 1 684 001 944 1 684 001 945 1 684 001 946 1 684 001 947 1 684 463 789 1 684 463 790 1 684 463 770 1 684 463 771 1 684 463 772 1 684 463 773 1 684 463 774 1 684 463 775 1 684 463 776 1 684 463 777 1 687 463 778 1 684 463 779 1 684 463 780 1 684 463 781 1 684 463 782 1 684 463 783 1 684 463 784 1 684 463 785 1 684 463 786 1 684 463 787 1 684 463 788 1 684 463 793

Order number

KTS 800 Truck

KTS Truck

Convincing advantages for the workshop


Carrying case with vehicle-specic adaptations for simple, rapid connections with no risk of confusion. Cable set for truck

one direct connection cable plug connections fast and non-interchangable adaptation and intelligent multiplexer control communication pin selection



on vehicle
Simplified Software-controlled

1 684 001 944

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For over 125 years, Bosch innovations have been keeping vehicles on the road and getting people to and from their destinations while improving safety and peace of mind along the way. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket oers workshops and retailers a comprehensive portfolio of products that is unmatched worldwide: Ecient diagnostics Innovative workshop equipment Quick, reliable delivery  The worlds most comprehensive range of spare parts including both new and remanufactured Workshop concepts to meet every requirement Comprehensive training Targeted sales and marketing support 24-hour online workshop services Aordable leasing services for workshop equipment and software From parts to scheduling, organization and results, our solutions are combined with additional services to ensure your needs will be perfectly met, helping you to maximize your potential.
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Workshop tip: With its expertise from original equipment, Bosch offers the truck workshop a holistic range of workshop test equipment, software, training and know-how. For guaranteed repair business today and in the future.