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Info regarding IPCC, ATC and IPCC Registration

by Kumar on 27 July 2009

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Hello Guys,

Hope you are doing fine.

Today I went to ICAI, Vishwas Nagar, New Delhi, for my IPCC registraiton, but I had to
comeback empty handed because of the lack of information.

I don't want this to happen again, to anyone here.

As far as I know I did not find any organized stuff regarding the registration process for
IPCC. I will try to share the information that I came across, regarding IPCC, ATC and
Regisration Process.

Lets save IPCC Regisration Process for later. Lets talk IPCC & ATC and their difference first.

IPCC (Integrated Professional Competency Course):

IPCC has two groups - Group I and Group II. As you guys know, Group I has four subjects -
Accounting, Law Ethics and Communication, Cost Accounting and Financial Management,
and Taxation. Group II has 3 subjects - Advanced Accounting, Auditing and Assurance, IT
and Strategic Management.

If you get registered for IPCC on or before 31st July 2009, You will be eligible for IPCE held
in may 2010. It is completely up to you guys whether you go for Group I only or both the
groups. Along with this, You have an option to get registered for ATC (Accounting Technicail
course). Accounting Technician course or ATC is for those who don't want to or who feel that
they can not complete CA (because of some constraints or obligations or personal choice).
For ATC, Clearing group I of IPCC is enough. In order to get ATC Certificate, you need to
undergo one year practical training after clearing Group I of IPCC. In case if you intend to go
for CA & ATC Certificate, your articleship period would be increased by an year. That means
you have to under go one year of training for ATC Certificate and 3 years articleship for CA.
If you get registered for group I only, now, you can appear for group II during your

And one more confusion I observed is regarding the fee structure with/without articleship. If
you apply for IPCC with articleship it going to cost you 2000 bucks extra over actual fee for
IPCC. Please note that making articleship fee payment in advance is an option at your
convenience. You can also pay that articleship fee during your registration for articleship after
you pass your IPCC. So, Don't worry about it.

In order to be eligible for IPCE held in may 2010, you need to complete an orientation
program, where they teach you personality development, leadership and stuff like that and the
other one Information Technology Training or ITT.

Clearing Group I of IPCC is a must to get registered for Articleship.

IPCC Regisration Process:

You have to get registered for 3 things in order to be eligible for May 2010 Exam.

a) IPCC Regisration
b) ITT Registration
c) Orientation Course Regisration

a) You can get the IPCC prospectus and Registration from the Institute's sales counter on
paying 100 bucks.

Documents that you need along with IPCC application are

1) Attested copy of 10th Class certificate. Please note that this serves as a proof of date of
birth as the date of birth will be mentioned in the certificate.
2) Attested copy of 12th Certificate.
3) Photocopy of the CPT Result sent to you by the institute. You better get it attested too. ( In
case, If you haven't received the CPT Result letter from the institute yet, just take a print out
of the results availabe on, get it attested. That serves the purpose (I have not
received mine, yet))
4) Draw a DD as mentioned in the fee structure. Its like 8K for Group I of IPCC only and 9K
for both the groups. Check what amount that is applicable to you and make a DD for that

Submit the Registration form and get the books ( They are definitely gonna scare you. Ohh!
Don't forget to carry an extra bag... like a picnic bag to carry your books. Otherwise you are
in trouble.)

b) ITT Registration:

You have to fill a form for ITT (Check out ICAI Website). Training will be given of First
Come First Serve basis. So, Hurry Up ! You need to draw a DD for 4000 bucks against the
details mentioned in the form. ( Be careful, Its definitly not against The Secretaty, ICAI.
don't do this mistake.) . They will give you the dates by post, I Guess.

C) Orientation Program.
Shell out another 3K for this 7 day or 35 hour program. ( End result will be that you are the
toughest person to crack. This is what we call Brain washing :)... I wish it is not boring. ).
Donno much about this, but definitely its 3K for this program.

They advised me to apply for orientation after few days as the classes are going on for IPCC
students whose attempt is due in november, this year. (This is only applicalbe for Delhi

I think I had put down everything I was told there at the Institute.

Please let me know If you guys have any questions. I will try my best.

Have a great time folks.

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